Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 26, 2022


Is our World on the Brink of a Nuclear disaster? 

As we witness negotiations failing and a fratricidal conflict manifesting in the current military actions in Ukraine, the situation presents all of us with fear, confusion and frustration. 

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, is thrown at us from all directions. Fear, uncertainty and doubt — FUDs — propagated by the media are the modern equivalent of the evil Harpies, Devils and the soul snatchers of yore and must be seen as such, in order to move past their spell.

Of course, it’s tempting to despair and judge one side over the other, and allow this temporal judgement to infect our relationships with those holding the opposite view, but rather than allowing these harpies to activate our passions — we must humble ourselves and realize there’s nothing much we can do to change each other’s views, other than to pray and hope in God’s Providence and Mercy for a measure of Peace and Grace in the warring zones of this Earthly conflict. 

Of course, things are not as they seem and very seldom are as they are presented to us through the media, because all the actors in this scripted and well rehearsed situation, are going to follow their scripts and play their parts in this drama of Power politics and domination. 

Different outcomes aside — we need to stay the course and maintain our cool, lest we blow ourselves up. Because at this point in time we sincerely need to pray that there will be no escalation, no foreign interference and no “Casus Belli” from other countries, including our own, because such “meddling” can cause a nuclear escalation such as we have seen in the events (real and orchestrated) preceding the previous world wars.

Indeed, all the people of Ukraine, and all the nations looking on, need to see that they are only pawns in a bigger attempt to control world events as the goals of the powerful globalists are manifest when they seek to realize their agenda. 

Sadly, there are plenty of similar things going on in our own country and in Canada as well, where all the “blood & gore” drama in the news has distracted us for the moment from the battles taking place right here on our own continent for personal liberty, national sovereignty and freedom. 

Could this war have been avoided?


Truth be told — all of this war and all the suffering that is taking place among the Ukrainian citizenry could easily have been avoided if our Administration, the EU and NATO, had simply acknowledged Russia’s legitimate fears about their national security and sovereign concerns regarding Ukraine becoming a full member of NATO, of the EU and falling under the permanent influence of Germany and Washington. 

Further, if the European Union, NATO and Washington, had conducted themselves with honest intent and not broken their easily gotten promises to Russia over the past 18 years — it would have been easier to defuse this situation without rolling armor streaming into Kiev. 

Still it might be helpful to understand ho the American and European officials lied to the Russians when they asked them to believe that no expansion would be undertaken by NATO forces and the EU in Russia’s borderlands of the ex-Russia allied territories and satellite states. 

Alas, the NATO alliance has nevertheless doubled in size at the expense of Russia, without offering any guarantees of long term PEACE to the Russian people, but only offering the diminishing returns of a territorial influence growing smaller by the day. 

So this continuous building of a NATO nuclear armed missile picket fence around Russia — makes us look like long term aggressors in the area, or at best, as the militants looking to provoke a war, always spoiling for a fight and certainly preparing militarily for aggression. 

After all, the reason NATO was created was to control and contain an ever-expanding Soviet empire in the aftermath of World War II, and now, instead of just focussing on Russia’s current aggression against its ancient “Kievan Rus” neighboring country, who is mainly comprised of Russian speakers and ethnically Slavic Russic peoples — we might look at how we in the West, the EU and NATO have provoked this conflict. 

Because this simmering conflict has been going on for far too long and has finally now been “detonated” via our own long term destabilization efforts, our regime change plotting and aggressive moves against Russia that have been fueled by our own obsession against the Red Menace, since the Red Scare of Senator McCarthy in the mid 1950s augmented by the Russia-Russia-Russia campaign of Hillary Clinton in trying to make herself a better candidate. 

And these are the tail ends of this hoax that divided our country and brought us to the brink of this disastrous conflict that now the Dr Strangeloves of Washington DC and the Pentagon dominated by Chicken hawks, threaten to turn this intramural Russian speaking peoples territorial dispute, into a Nuclear Exchange that will launch all of us and our planet into a Nuclear Winter to end us all.

Your judgement is as good as any presented to you by the Media and I hope that you shall recognize this and start acting in an adult fashion, intelligently and honestly agitating for PEACE and not furthering the WAR games that NATO and the EU, mightily assisted by the Neo-Con US government ‘administrators, and those plotting the course of global disaster while hiding behind president Biden. 

Please no more Russia hoax story, because today, it is important for us Americans to know that Russia is the one backed to a corner totally surrounded by NATO forces and it just called our bluff. 

Will the rational mind prevail or our macho man mentality?

That is the only decision that we need to accept. 


Dr Churchill 


How would we feel if Canada and Mexico were allies of China, and had invited the Chinese military to assemble on our borders and in many cases inside our country? 

Probably not so good. 

Methinks that is so, because in these dangerous times, we must pray that the Mother of God Panagia, places her Protective Veil over us, and that God, seeing our repentant hearts, will bring peace to a world that could well be on the brink of another world war with a nuclear weapons exchange in the offing. 

Now, we must also pray for Ukraine and her people, as we must pray for our country the US and for our President, but we must also pray for Russia, and for President Putin, who in spite of whatever faults he may have — he is certainly resisting the moral decay to which our own country, from top to bottom, has given itself over in a slavish servitude to the fashionable foolishness of “wokism,” the current undeclared “civil war” and the hoax of “Russia Hate” will all dissipate into the folds of reality.

Because all of these tears into the fabric of our country are done by outsiders who wish to misdirect us and point us in the wrong direction making us fight amongst ourselves and against a non threatening “perceived enemy” the Russia-Russia-Russia of the media harpies, in an effort of disambiguation that masks the real danger from the only Communist Superpower today, that of communist China which has become the biggest economy in the world due to our own foolishness and our inability to confront the current biological war we have been subjected to since 2019 when China’s Wuhan laboratory unleashed the awful virus we are all battling today.


Now, what remains is to pray stoutly to regain of our Peace. 

So, please pray devoutly for our country to take the right decisions in order to maintain the peace between the two Nuclear Superpowers that we have strived for and maintained for so many long years since the end of the Second World War.

Please also pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia, and pray for all of the people suffering from this conflict — keeping in mind that the bond between Christians even when they are fighting amongst themselves — will grow stronger during this tumultuous time. 

And please pray confidently that the schism in that country which affects all of Christianity will be healed.

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