Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 21, 2022


A bridge full of toys… 

Romanian Mothers, assisted by the border police and many ordinary citizens, have turned the pedestrian bridge linking Ukraine with Romania at “Sighetu Marmației” into a bridge full of toys and displays of happiness for the young refugees streaming through into the seemingly safe heaven, for now. 

Each child who comes from Ukraine can take a toy from the bridge, in order to enter the country with a gift of a toy and a happy thought about their new homeland, that these displaced people will have to live in for the foreseeable future.

What an experience this must be for the young children who do not know when, if ever might return home.


Dr Churchill


Foreign Policy experts, government leaders, intelligence and espionage agencies around the world, as well as all the leaders of the contiguous warring states and their patrons, NATO diplomats, Newspaper journalists, Mass Media mavens, political commentators and Television journalists are all trying to fathom Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions, his next moves and to understand the aim of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

But anyone who truly wants to get a handle on Putin’s worldview and the geopolitical vision that underlies his political and military moves in recent years, including the Ukraine campaign, would do best to look at the story of the Russian revolutions and the effort to stem change over the last two hundred years as we wrote in the previous article herewith. 


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