Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 5, 2022

Democracy Institute

Some thirty years ago, I founded the Democracy Institute in Washington DC and to this day we are still convening great events, conferences and we bring people together in order to work on all aspects of building our Democracy here in our own country, yet also in order to strengthen Democracy for the global arena of conflicting political systems of Governance.

As of now the Democracy Institute has assembled a lot of support for our Campaigns but it also has enabled us to foretell the future in ways great and small.

Methinks that coming out of this war we will have to develop a new system of Stability mechanism and a Dynamic Equilibrium system of a community of Democratic nations that will provide Peaceful Power levers to augment Democracy’s reach into the future of People’s lives throughout the world.

In that regard the United States must lead as the beacon of Democracy and organize a group of Democratic parliaments in order to preserve this experiment we call DEMOCRACY for our children and for all those People still suffering under the boot of tyranny throughout the world.

We ought to do this because their liberation is intertwined with our Liberation and thus we might have a chance to preserve Government by the people, for the people and from the people for a few more years to come.

I envision this style of a Democracy Institute group of parliamentarians from the Great Liberal Democracies of the West — coming together in seasonal Conferences like the ancient “Delphi Alliance” of democratically inspired nation states.

And they will be a strong force made up of determined democracies acting as a group of active parliaments from the world’s liberal democracies coming up to the stage as the Group of Ten, “DI-10” followed by a larger group with smaller nations as a group of 20 [“DI-20”] and then a group of thirty “DI-30” and so on so forth.

These groupings will foster great strength through unity in enhancing trade alliances, economic cooperation and defense agreements, as well as giving a healthy dose of competition to the totalitarians and the fascists across the globe.

Amongst the group members will also develop mechanisms that will allow the Democracies to rise up to the highest grouping by enhancing their own Democratic processes at home and making contributions to the project of the Democracy abroad.

This is the objective of the Democracy Institute, for all of us who would be thrilled to be working together in order to expand Democracy; in order to raise economic opportunities for democratic states, and in order to stop the treat of war stemming from the Totalitarian states who seek to control and oppress our world.

And in God’s good time, one day — these groups of Democracies acting in unison, they will see the threatening clouds of war coming from the advancement of the fascists who always use the tools of “division and conquering” they will be stopped by our forces of Good fighting the Evil who is always bent in their hope of destroying Democracy.

We see this tragedy unfolding within our country, these Democratic United States of America, when we observe our enemies who seek to destroy us by sowing internal division, discord and internecine strife — hoping that it will lead to a civil war and our complete destruction.

We see this in many countries across the globe, where we see border incursions, criminal activities, cyber warfare and naked warfare stemming from the fascists who seek to undermine the whole project of Democracy across the globe, and not just the Democratic countries that are their daily target as they seek to satisfy their uncouth and illicit appetite for rape & pillage, for domination & division and for hate and death.


Dr Churchill


Please reach out to me if you wish to become a volunteer, and a supporter of the “DI” because in these trying times — I cant see anyone amongst us wouldn’t want to become a member of the Democracy Institute, working to save our country from totalitarianism.

And if you want to spread Democracy in our own country — join me here too:


Indeed, we have experienced headwinds — yet it appears that whatever event occurs, we could pause, reason, and then respond, for the good of the People and Democracy itself.

Most importantly — we should not react from emotions un-tempered by reason.

Because although our emotions or judgements may be flawed and not based on reason — we cant help ourselves but be affected seriously by them.

And in these times of trials — we are mindful that we are also based on modern evolutionary biology and thus we have “built-in” and pre-programed instincts for survival and reproduction…

Therefore, most often these emotions are not helpful in today’s environment where the stresses of life, pandemics and war, cause all of us to freeze, fight or flight.

Methinks, we have to pause before we react and apply reason and respond based on our principles, our own truth and our personal virtue.

And then we see that we solve problems instead of connecting with more issues.


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