Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 7, 2022

History of a Life

When this olive was born, some 4,000 years ago in the Eastern Mediterranean region of Europe – someone was discovering bronze, and the last mammoth was being hunted by humans.

At the same time, the seventh dynasty of Egypt had ended; and in Crete’s rich culture – King Minos had began construction of the palace complex that would inspire the myth of the labyrinth and its Minotaur.

During the same time this tree germinated — our species discovered the existence of glass.

In its long existence, this tree saw humans progress from the Bronze Age to the Atomic Age — and silently observed, listened and nourished people and this earth up until today and maybe for a long time to come.

This olive tree saw the world change many times over, as she saw kings, despots, politicians, poets, warriors and prophets come and go as all people are born, rise, create a life, spawn and then die.

It is a beautiful cycle of Life and Love, if we are able to understand it as such.


Dr Churchill


And if you feel that our present day troubles are immovable and overwhelming — perhaps we ought to remember that this tree went through countless seasons of wars, upsets, and climate changes – and yet it still keeps giving us olives, olive oil and “peace wreaths” every single year.

What an honor.

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