Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 13, 2022

Be the light to guide them safely home…

Dear Friends,

Please leave the light on…

People’s mental health challenges, depression, bipolar, trauma, PTSD and the resultant suicides, represent the biggest pandemic after Covid.

Because all of Covid attacks on our body, mind and psyche — have brought us to weakest point of mental health in our history since all of us suffer from some form of psychological suffering and in need of assistance in order to deal with this tragic outcome of this pandemic.

Let us get together in order to #SuicidePrevention 

So, if you think someone may be considering suicide — please remember the following:

🔸Many people think about suicide at some point in their lives and they tend to execute that plan when they are suffering and in distress.
🔸Suicidal thoughts and assorted ideation, planning, and carrying out suicide preparation behaviors are all signs of severe emotional distress – and we need to assist all the people around us to grow stronger, because these modulated behaviors of self harm are not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of brokeness, a sign of an SOS transmission and a definite sign of fragility of our own nature as human. beings.
🔸We must know that all the suicides are preventable because it is possible for the people to get better through proper care, therapy and support.

Lets give them that and that is why we founded the B company i-Freud, in order to deliver all the goodness of new therapy protocols that solve the root problem of all emotional, mental and behavioral imbalances through therapy coupled with new medicine that is going to be approved by the FDA next year.

We want to save people’s lives and that is why we encourage understanding about this difficult and terribly divisive issue.

And we sponsor everyone to try the new Meds and Therapy on an experimental clinical trial level, because we need to create hope through action.

And we need to #BeTheLight for all the people including ourselves and our children who have suffered plenty of trauma during the pandemic and still continue to feel the pain that sometimes becomes unbearable.

So its up to you to receive the trainng to be able to help us deliver this critical help to the many people who suffer from Suicidal ideation.

You can start by signing up at i-Freud and joining us as a volunteer or staff member herewith.

Be the light to guide them safely home.


Dr Churchill


Leave the light on…

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