Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 6, 2023

What is the fabric of America?

What is being an American?

Is it our language, our ethnic makeup, our family heritage, our geographical location, our education, our religious belief, our mercantile republic, our Democratic values, our military might, or our exceptionalism as defined by our inviolate Trust in God?

Today being January 6th — I reflect on how these ingredients add up to make America.

As an independent Democrat and rather liberal — I face constant hate, misanthropy, anti-semitism, threats and violence from White Supremacists and many other mentally misaligned haters.

Having suffered two assassination attempts that hurt me severely — I still pray for our Country to “keep it together.”

And while praying I understand, feel, and comprehend deeply, the fact that not many others are willing to accept our mosaic of faces that make up this individualistic country.

Because indeed there are some very simple conservative individuals, who are unable to realize why some Americans stand for the National Anthem, some place their hand on their hearts, some tear up, and some keep seated, while others bend a knee.

But you and I, know that although we can bring all Americans together, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, ideology, dogma or ethnic and national origin, into the cocoon of our Compassionate & Considered Cooperation with one another, regardless of our individual beliefs — we could never unify our voices simply because we are pioneering exceptional individuals and not ants living in an anthill.

Of course, we know that close cooperation in America, commonality of purpose, and unification, has happened many times and at different intervals within our short history as a nation, and to name a few instances when we were all together fighting for the Common Good, so we can surmount our FUDs, [Fears, Uncertainties, & Doubts] in order to defeat our enemies — we only need to recall the Revolutionary War of Independence, the Civil War (one sided Union), WWI, WWII, and 911.

These are great examples…

But the discourse of the two opposing forces is always healthy dialogue, as long as it does not erupt into a fight… as we have seen in the time of the Civil War, where it was “Money” the root of all evil that split the country apart. Free labor offered by the many thousands of African American slaves, was the economic engine of the plantation economy of the South, and their refusal to abandon that and accept proper accounting and renumeration of the production costs of cotton and related agriculture.

The Declaration of Independence and the preamble to the Constitution clearly state that Slavery is evil and illegal, however long it might take for society to catch up to that Commandment.

“All are created equal” is my version of that command.

Yet, I wonder, is it only in times of crisis when the enemy is not American, that we awake as a Sleeping Giant and fight together?

What about the enemy within?

As Seneca said: “The enemy sits inside the walls.”

I concur: “The Barbarians have clearly breached the walls and are spreading hate, dishonor and discord, inside our very own House.” –Dr Churchill

Back in the days of the Civil War we fought against each other and saw our Greatest President being assassinated, and still took years to regain a semblance of comradeship in the Country.

But We did and became a stronger Country for it.

What is our Common Denominator?


But what exactly is Nationalism?

To most Americans it is a Love of Country, devotion, duty, and sacrifice if necessary, to the country not just of one’s birth, but the Country of one’s choosing to live in, to make a family, to work, to serve with Honor & Distinction, and also to be buried in its fertile welcoming soil.

The fact is that this is the only real instinct that we all have toward nationalism, and in our days it is getting stronger in all the 215 Countries of this earth…

The Germans, are more German, the British are more British, and the Americans are increasingly becoming more American.

Yet, us Americans we are different from all the rest because we are a young country after all, and that fact gives us a strong assertion that what makes US different from one another, can also provide the impetus to make US antagonistic toward those differences.

Why is it at this time that the Conservatives are distrustful and downright antagonistic toward those that do not agree with their personal ideology, while the same is on the mirror image of the Liberal plurality.

Maybe because we protect our personal bent on America as if our truth is the only truth, and choose to attack those that disagree with our opinions?

Or is it because at this time we can’t just agree to disagree, without the theatrics as we always have in the past, and instead of jaw-jaw, we choose war-war?

Or is it because we have allowed so many unwilling to assimilate illegal immigrants to come into our Country, without us making an effort at indoctrination into what it means to be an American. Naturally those few who do not want to assimilate into our culture and want to change our culture into a simulacrum of their original state of being in their old countries?

Do we see immigrants with agendas to change or destroy America?

No, clearly not.

Yet assimilation is the backbone to True Immigration in any Country that is wise enough to educate all new comers that it is vital for the new arrivals to learn, accept and remain true to our roots and principals while contributing to the tax rolls, seeking the American Dream, and enlarging our work age population.

We need that because immigration has always been the backbone of our country since its inception, but unlike the last few decades, and especially in the past twenty years, immigrants came here to become Americans, to speak the language to enjoy the freedoms and customs of America and to make families that can be unfettered by Tyranny and Terror.

People come here following the breadcrumbs that lead to the American Dream that no other place on Earth offers.

People come here in fact, to become Americans.

Yet, today, many immigrants do not wish to even make a modest effort to assimilate, they do not try to learn to speak our language, they do not want to enjoy our customs, they care naught for our freedoms, they disrespect our flag, our traditions, our American Dream, our Special Way of Life.

And instead of blending into our melting pot, some of them simply wish America to become a carbon copy of the country they have just left for the very reasons that could turn your hair white, overnight. Terror & Tyranny.

Sometimes then — I have to wonder, why have they left their home country to come seek a new home in America?

Because simple me reckons, that if your Country is so wonderful — why leave?

Maybe there is an ulterior motive?

And is this the very reason America seems fractured right now?

If in fact these differences drag us apart — then what is it that brings us together under the cocooning umbrella of our Charter of Independence, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our American Law and the Optimism that imbue us with more Freedoms than any other Country on Earth?

Is that what brings us together?

For very many strong reasons, I think YES.

Yes — but I truly believe that what brings us together is our Love of God, our Love of Family, our love of Liberty, our compassion for the underdog, the weak, the very old, and the very young, and all the other Good Deeds that we perform daily.

Offering random and small acts of kindness towards strangers — is ingrained into all Americans regardless of their sex, race, ideology, and ethnic origin.

This is the Glue that binds us all together as Americans!

Truth, Honor, GOD and Family, is all who we are.

And if we also learn to cherish our Native Heritage — then we shall be way better, because the Native philosophy of Life is far more powerful than anything we have today.

Have a look at what I mean herewith from a wise & wizened old Native American Tribal Indian:

“We Indians know about silence.

We aren’t afraid of it.

In fact, to us it is more powerful than words.

Our elders were schooled in the ways of silence, and they passed that along to us. Watch, listen, and then act, they told us.

This is the way to live. Watch the animals to see how they care for their young.

Watch the elders to see how they behave. Watch the white man to see what he wants. Always watch first, with a still heart and mind, then you will learn.

When you have watched enough, then you can act.”

Charles Eastman – Ohiyesa, later in life Charles Eastman–Ohiyesa–states in The Soul of an Indian: “…

silence-the sign of perfect equilibrium.

Silence is the absolute balance of body, mind, and spirit.

The man who preserves his self hood ever calm and unshaken by the storms of existence…

is the ideal attitude and conduct of life. What are the fruits of silence?

They are self-control, true courage or endurance, patience, dignity, and reverence. Silence is the corner-stone of character.”

The Lakota elder continues:

“With the white people it is just the opposite. You learn by talking.

You reward the kids who talk the most in school.

At your parties everyone is talking all at once. In your work you are having meetings where everyone interrupts everyone else.

You say it is working out a problem.

To us it just sounds like a bunch of people saying whatever comes into their heads without listening to others.

Lakota elder continues regarding the sensibilities of traditional First People: “

You don’t convince anyone by arguing.

People make their decisions in their heart.

Talk doesn’t touch my heart.

People should think of their words like seeds. They should plant them, then let them grow in silence.

Our old people taught us that the earth is always speaking to us, but that we have to be silent to hear her.

I can understand all the trees.

The wind.

All the animals.

The insects.

I can tell what a color of the sky means. Everything in the natural world speaks to me.

Teaching our children well.”

This Lakota elder continues:

“I watch TV and every ad I see tells me something is new.

That means I should get it because what I have is old.

There’s no reason to get something just because it is new.

Your way teaches people to want, want, want. What you have is no good.

What you don’t have is new and better…

White people have an endless hunger.

They want to consume everything and make it part of them.

Consider consumerism.

Things and Food.

Credit card debt & obesity in this country have become epidemic.

This Lakota’s words echo many Native writers throughout decades:

“The native American has been generally despised by his white conquerors for his poverty and simplicity.

They forget, perhaps, that Native religion forbade the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of luxury.”

He continues: …

“The love of possessions has appeared as a snare,

and the burdens of a complex society a source of needless peril and temptation.

Thus the Native American kept his spirit free from the clog of pride or envy…”

In Profiles in Wisdom, Lakota elder “Grandfather William Commanda” concurs:

“Dominant society has forgotten their Creator. It’s the money that rules today, even though God in their book tells them you cannot serve two masters.

Either you serve Creator or you serve the money.

So who are they serving?”

Regarding possessions, he continues:

“It was our belief that the love of possessions is a weakness to overcome.

Therefore, the child must learn, early, the beauty of generosity.

He is taught to give away what he prizes most, and that he may taste the happiness of giving. If a child is inclined to be grasping, or to cling to any of his little possessions, legends are told to him, teaching of contempt and disgrace that fall upon the ungenerous person.

Also, public giving,

known as give-aways,

is an important part of any ceremony.

Families give-away much of their treasured possessions in honoring weddings, funerals–yet,

Another example of Partnership model of society, is the “potlatch” (potluck) that brings people together and redistributes the wealth in the community…”

Great admonishments from these First people that occupied this land.

And though the idea of Noble Savages is a very western mirage — being our brother’s keeper still is a necessity, and the utmost call of direction in our country.

Yet on this anniversary of the January 6th assault on Democracy, we are terribly divided and pushing our country through the straits of great peril…

Today marks two years since violent extremists stormed our nation’s Capitol intent on sowing chaos and subverting the democratic process of certifying the presidential election. On January 8, 2021 — two days after that deadly attack — ADL called on Congress to launch a bipartisan commission to investigate what happened on January 6, as well as in the days and weeks leading up to the insurrection, in order to hold those who sought to undermine our democracy accountable and ensure this never happens again.

Two weeks ago, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol released its findings confirming what the Lincoln party has long warned us about.

Namely, that extremist groups and individuals, fueled by former President Trump’s false claims of a stolen election, his embrace of extremists, and his incitement to action — all converged on the Capitol alongside thousands of other malignant forces nested in our country, and provoked a violent attack on our democracy.

This marked the first time in our history that an American president refused his constitutional duty to peacefully transfer power.

We deeply appreciate the Committee’s tireless and diligent work under the exemplary leadership of Chairman Bennie Thompson and Vice Chairwoman Liz Cheney. And we are proud of the part that the Lincoln Party played in aiding the investigation, alongside the Anti-Defamation League, as is cited several times by the Committee, responding to the attack, which could only happen here in our Country…

In addition to submitting written testimony to the committee from experts from the Lincoln Party and the ADL Center on Extremism, we offered recommendations to both the Justice Department and Congress in the wake of the attack.

Further, we offered a comprehensive policy agenda and recommendations, the PROTECT Plan, to mitigate the threat of domestic terrorism while protecting civil liberties, calling for a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach.

ADL is also serving as co-counsel in a federal lawsuit by the District of Columbia to hold the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers accountable for the role they played in planning and carrying out the January 6 attack.

After two years, the reverberations of that day continue to echo throughout our country, which is experiencing escalating incidents of antisemitism, extremism, and hate. Misinformation, conspiracy theories and extremist rhetoric all continue to pose a threat to Jews and other vulnerable communities, and to our democracy. The fight is not over.

Please take action in your community and stay informed with these Lincoln Party & ADL resources, reports, updates and tools.

  1. The January 6 Effect: An Evolution of Hate and Extremism
    This report maps out eight of the most concerning ways in which extremism and hate have grown and changed since the insurrection.
  2. ADL Joins Lawsuit Against January 6 Insurrectionists
    ADL joined as co-counsel in D.C.’s lawsuit to hold Jan. 6 insurrectionists accountable for their actions. Learn more about developments in this lawsuit as we work to secure democracy and combat extremism.
  3. Hate on Display™ Hate Symbols Database
    This database provides an overview of many of the symbols most frequently used by a variety of white supremacist groups and movements, as well as some other types of hate groups.
  4. PROTECT Plan to Fight Domestic Terrorism
    ADL developed the PROTECT Plan after the events of Jan. 6 to address the overall increase in domestic terrorism, driven by domestic violent extremism, while safeguarding civil rights and civil liberties.
  5. Extreme Measures Toolkit
    This resource package provides background information, examples, approaches and strategies that adults can use to support young people in understanding and resisting domestic extremist recruiting efforts.

Thank you, as always, for your attention to these important matters and for your support for the Lincoln Party and ADL and for all of our All American work.

Happy New Year!

Sincerely Yours,

Dr Churchill


Indeed, methinks that we can go both ways as a country…

We can do well together and prosper, or we can split apart and suffer the ravages of a conquered people.

And that is clearly our choice.

We can easily destroy this edifice that we have built called America…

Or ?

I don’t know any other options that we might have.

But going forward facing the Sun and avoiding the FUDs is my call, because for now — I hope and pray that we keep it together, and continue the long arduous path towards Reconciliation, Recovery, Renaissance and Growth.

Let’s now take the choice to travel on the high road and listen to the better angels of our Hearts, on the way to the sunlit uplands that surround the shinning white City of our Dreams.

Lets do that,

Because that is not the only way to create a more Perfect Union, but it rather is the only way to save yourselves and your children from a New Civil War.

Just remember January 6th…

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