Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 2, 2023

AI for the hoi-poloi

There is seemingly nothing a human can do — that AI can’t do better.

At least according to the current paradigm.

Yet, the current thinking is false; and, you are spot on with the importance of identification of individual uniqueness.

Automation of speciality is an oxymoron; the very nature of such process reduces the value of speciality to mere commoditization, as we can see this phenomenon taking root as industrial brands reach down to feed, clothe and house the hoi-poloi and the ungrateful masses, along with the few rentiers and the idle wealthy classes.

Still, I’m grateful that AI is forcing humans to think more about what makes us unique, different, special, and worth keeping around…

So perhaps we need to reeducate ourselves on how to differentiate ourselves from the AI enabled machines, because academia is not the only one that is going to be in a serious crisis, since the vast problems arise not only with AI used by students and the challenges of grading, test taking, writing assignments etc, but with the real AI that manages and delivers all the education that we seek…

And because academia is largely constructed on a false pretense of objectivity and all meaning is built up the same way — we now know that everything is subjective and relative, same as all mental health issues are reducible to biochemistry and environmental pressures, everything else is reducible to zeros and ones, so after decades of creating this postcolonial approach to understanding what it means to be human, academia and social scientists must now think differently in order to justify their own existence…

Because if all knowledge is pattern recognition and there is nothing unique about being human, as the current paradigm suggests, then there is no need for academics and social scientists… and therefore, there is nothing a human can do that AI can’t do better, at least according to the current paradigm.

Of course, I don’t believe this…

I believe there is tremendous power inside each of us.

Limitless creative potential waiting to be unleashed.

We are just at the beginning of a new era.

Where we can use technology to augment and fully realize our true potential.

And as this happens, there will be a reckoning for academia and the social sciences.

A reckoning that is long coming.

It’s time to smash open the doors of perception.

And embrace a more holistic, inclusive, mystical view of what it means to be a full human being.

One that fully integrates insights from quantum physics into our understanding of the nature of consciousness.

One that fully integrates insights from ancient mystical traditions and deeper understanding of the subtle energetic body that our Mortal Coil is made of.

One that reveals the true potential within each one of us.

It’s time to awaken and manifest what is hidden inside each one of us.

It’s time to consciously evolve into the divine seeking meaningful entity that our higher self represents…


Dr Churchill

PS: As long as we don’t see armed robots on the streets — we might be safe from AI…

Unfortunately the idiot City Leaders of San Francisco are right now deploying such robots on the streets of their City…

I simply ask this:

What could go wrong?

What do you think?

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