Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 3, 2023

When blood runs down the street …

The unique season we are in is an incredible opportunity to get better results in all areas of life; your job, your business, your health, and your relationships.  

Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs started great businesses in the middle of a recession and went on to reap bountiful rewards… 

Winter makes us pause and evaluate. 

Winter sharpens. 

Winter gives us an edge to create the future for the upcoming Spring.  

And winter presents an open door to innovate, pivot, and make things better than they were before. 

The key is using the pattern, not letting it use you.

Understanding that — allows us to engage in useful pattern recognition, reshuffling, & new habit creation…

And this is where it gets critically important to change your life.  

Because all of a sudden you have super powers that assist you to get from being someone who’s trying to manage their circumstances, to remembering you are the creator of your life, and actually taking control of your destiny. 

And since there are things you can do to change your life no matter what’s happening — this season of expectations is a better time to change what doesn’t work anymore, and replace all the patterns that end up causing you pain, failure and loss, with new patterns that will lead to recognition, happiness and ultimately greatness. 

You could start by finding out what patterns you have or you create, in order to bring you more purpose, worthy human relationships, greater honor, unequaled abundance, new vitality, fresh passion, warranted success, and plenty of meaning in your life.  

As an example — you ought to ask yourself this:

“What daily habit that has you leaning into stress could be replaced with a habit that elates you with joy?” 

Answer this for yourself, because when you understand that, you can create new patterns — you clearly have a super power that allows you to accomplish incredible things, without having to wear a cape and external underwear, to prove your super powers as a caped Hollywood crusader… 

So maybe now in the dead of winter, when frostbite is a clear possibility when you take your usual walks in the woods — let us get out of our old “autopilot” made up of old habits, patterns and externalities; and begin some NEW intentional habits, because these new pattern creations are all we have that distinguish our habit breaking and new habit forming selves and thus make us better, more resilient, and winter-proof, if not failure-proof, and greater, Human Beings. 

You have a Choice each and every day, to do and be, the best person you know.

So, why not try?

You are worthy… and I believe you can change everything about your life if you choose to.

And if you want some assistance — I am happy to work with you because I develop leaders in my daily life and that gives meaning to my Life as well.


Dr Churchill


If you know the rest of the headline — email me the rest, and you will win a special gift from me, in honor of your intelligence.

And who knows … maybe we will work together too, and that will make you an unquestioned Great Leader in Business, in Life and in Love.

What more can you ask for?

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