Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 13, 2023

New Day – New People


If you reach home from work daily, being exhausted but deeply contented, and grateful for your people and their contributions — wouldn’t it make you feel more charged to follow your vision?

Leading others is a rare enjoyment and a great responsibility.

Leading others in an era when people are quitting their jobs en-mass, in search of quite lives, new environments, and personalized employment where they feel valued, heard, respected — is an act of revolt against there alienation we all feel when we know that we don’t belong, some place or other in drone-style jobs.

Finally, many young and old people decided to not sacrifice their well-being for a paycheck — and this is a whole new ballgame, as People search for meaning and purpose in their work life which constitutes the 90% of the definition of well being.

So that is why Conscious Leadership is today’s greatest necessity.

In 2021, a study revealed that 82% of senior leaders finish work feeling mentally & physically exhausted, and without getting a sense of Purpose and Meaning in their work — a full three quarters of these senior leaders are considering resigning from their jobs and taking up something else like farming, physical employment, blue collar jobs and the like.

Clearly ALIENATION is a Big Thing. 

Yet, if we want leaders to act as caregivers and have the emotional agility, the strength, the vulnerability, and the resilience to add value to the organization’s business & people — we must give our Leaders a clear vision that will jive with their sense of mission, and that in turn could become their purpose, thus adding meaning to their lives. 

Obviously, the future of work is for all of us, and especially for the leaders amongst us — is to treat our team members as our own people and not as ‘expendable assets,” because today’s mindless Corporate Drone Leadership, is the very root cause of the ‘Great Resignation’ that is gripping the business landscape across the world.

Conscious leadership has key concepts such as servant-leadership or mindfulness with key qualities like awareness, authenticity, empathy, purpose — thus making it a niche space to grow all individuals’ leadership potential, at any place in the Corporate ladder of success.

And while this may not have a quantifiable ROI — the point of this practice is to create sustainable business practices and workplace cultures.

And here is how all working people benefit from this style of Conscious Leadership: 1) People build self-awareness in themselves and in all of our people. 2) CL instils integrity and Accountability. 3) CL creates Cooperation and Trust. 4) CL fosters Authenticity. 5) CL cultivates a culture of intentional listening. 6) CL Elicits Inspiration. 7) CL spreads emotional agility and intelligence. 8) CL positively impacts performance and boosts productivity. 9) CL causes productivity increases and 10) As a consequence of CL, profits rise.

So, how do You become a more conscious leader?

It’s about self-awareness and living your life aligned with your values. This allows you to show up authentically and intentionally.

Dedicate yourself to your inner work: Get clear on your personal values and live them. 

Cultivate a growth mindset.

Leverage your ability to see many perspectives.

Make everyone inclusive for synergy and growth:

Being conscious and aware of how you’re showing up in the workplace defines your actions and impact you have on your people.


Dr Churchill


Remember that being conscious is a choice, and the leadership that follows through this is of substantial consequence.

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