Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 24, 2023

Genesis to Greatness in five simple StartUp iterative steps…

My Startup teammates are always wondering what my Secret Sauce for success is, and they think that it is some Special Super Secret Formula, like the Coca Cola Super Secret unregistered Trade Secret recipe for the surup extract that gets transported around the World with Specially armed couriers who deliver it to the hands of the Managers of each and every Coca Cola factory in order to infuse it with water, sugar and colorants, in order to make the Coca Cola we drink as an identical product regardless of where the local bottling plant is located.

Please keep in mind that there are some 900 different bottling plants all around the world, spread out amongst some 225 countries, all producing identical flavored Coca Cola, through the same surup extract Secret recipe, that makes up this deep red colored, & heavilly sugared, pick-me-up energy drink.

Yet unlike the Coca Cola secret recipe for their basic surup extract, that is slated to remain secret — I will reveal herewith, my secret sauce for HOW TO CREATE GREAT COMPANIES.

And I shall also reveal how to go from zero to hero, in five easy steps.

So, let us explore in detail why some companies thrive in uncertain and challenging conditions while others do not, and consequently fail and due- off.

Obvioualy — I arrived at this level oc wisdom by methodically documenting my far too many varied and far fetched failures, that qualify as personal defeats, and also by examining the few great victories, and indeed the very cases of some of my companies that have greatly outperformed their competition in difficult conditions.

So after more than fifteen hundred Startups– I can safely 🙏 say that the ones that excel, survive and thrive are not very different than the ones who don’t.

Exceptionally successful Companies survive and thrive in the length of time, for the following fundamental secret recipe ingredients that are embedded within the DNA of these StartUp Survivors, who find LOVE in the marketplace and become the Darlings of NASDAQ on Wall Street and the LSE in the Citi.

Please read and then give me your rather valuable feedback via email along with hour desire to join my Experiential MasterClass or not… :

  1. Great companies are not born, they are made: greatness is not a result of circumstances or luck. Greatness is a result of conscious choice, discipline, and perseverance.
  2. The 10 – 15 year Marathon 🐌 is nothing more than the Patient & Inexorable March to Victory. This is the basic discipline of consistently meeting your monthly, quarterly, and yearly self-imposed performance goals, and Company wide iterative performance benchmarks. The idea is to pace yourself and maintain a consistent level of performance, even in uncertain and volatile conditions.
  3. Fanatic Discipline: which is a combination of self-control, consistency, and rigor. Fanatic discipline means staying true to your core values and sticking to your plans, even when it is difficult.
  4. Empirical Creativity: Great companies do not rely on luck or intuition to make decisions. They base their decisions on empirical evidence and data-driven analysis. They are willing to take risks, but they do so in a disciplined and thoughtful way.

5. Focus on Iterative Reality: Great entrepreneurial Startup Founders, and wise leaders — always iterate and augment their reach by providing teachings, learnings, valuable insights and practical advice; for all those colleagues who work diligently, creatively and honestly, because these employees are the only ones who aspire to build great organizations that achieve exceptional results.

Please ping me if you want to join my Experiential MasterClass.

Thank you. 😊


Dr Churchill

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