Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 13, 2023

Chance V Change

In the early days of NASA their headquarter building had a poster hanging by the front entry way — picturing the pollinating bees that read as follows:

Aerodynamically a bee’s body is not made to fly; the good thing is that the bee doesn’t know it and she does fly unbothered by the “facts.”

In smaller print and subsequent to this headline — NASA engineers wrote on the poster that the laws of physics state that a bee cannot fly, because the aerodynamic principle says that the breadth of its wings is too small to keep its huge body in flight, but a bee doesn’t know it, and she doesn’t care at all about physics or the human logic, and just flies anyway.

Yet, later years careful observation revealed that a different approach to the issue can be ascertained and the smart engineers looked at the drawing designs of Michelangelo, and saw the birth of a helicopter, and by combining the two thoughts, they understood that bees are designed by nature to fly; that’s why they have four wings…

In fact it was the NASA engineers that designed the first four propeller helicopters, in an effort of Biomimicry and that is why the two sets of propellers at different heights were instrumental in giving the heavy twin set of props helicopters a bee like flight…

And that is following the Root of Change to its natural conclusion, regardless of the “scientific facts” of the day, or the fashions, or the accursed experts of the “field” — any field. Because all the naysayers are the ones who kill other people’s dreams instead of having any of their own.

So, go ahead my young Grasshopper…

Go ahead and dream big…

And then go out there and actualize your dreams.

You shall fail and fail again but in the end you will succeed to change things and make a better world for all of us.

And do not worry about the naysayers, because the Geriatric Gestapo” will always seek to rob you of your rights, kill your dreams and destroy your very own capacity to breath.


Dr Churchill


And by the way, with the rebirth of Spring and New Life coming onto the world — his is what we can all do:

Let us go fly.

Fly, hover, land and take off a zillion times.

Fly, lift up your loads and prevail in every moment of difficulty in this Life.

Do this in the face of any difficulty and in any circumstance despite what the naysayers say.


Dr Churchill


Let us be bees.

Hardworking, and yet feasting on delicious Nectar, to bring back to the Hive, Love Goodness, Nourishment and Hope.

Fly like a bee, no matter the size of your wings.

Let us all take flight and enjoy the Nectar of life.

Do this because it is an extraordinarily good thing not just for you, but for the whole “hive” of Human Civilization.

Do you hear me?

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