Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 19, 2023

Mother’s Lament

Most American, AngloSaxon and European peoples, rely massively on Western Allopathic Medicine and its myriad of drugs, therapies, advancements, compounds, medical devices, medicines and surgeries, many times and at various points in their lives, in order to combat sickness, heal from disease and even postpone death.

But despite medical advances, lifespans are shortening, cancer rates are skyrocketing, and rare diseases are becoming more widespread.

Simultaneously, cutting-edge medical research is no longer seeking to address these alarming concerns. Instead, our current medical science, pharmacology, and health care sector are all focused on making us “better rather than making us well” and thus our Societal focus on making us “stronger, faster, and smarter” certainly fits with the paradigm of “lean, mean, and dumb machine” that humans quickly become, based on the abundant usage of AI, Computers, Cellphones, TV and all other “tools” that make us “fools” and certainly cause Human Intelligence to become redundant.

And in this age of accelerated technological advancements, when we find projects, technologies, teams, communities, opportunities and connections that we resonate with, and then we come together to harmonize and amplify our voices — our potential may only truly be limited by the limitations we arbitrarily place upon ourselves collectively.

Because that is where the marriage of “Cadmus and Harmony, or Ariadne” truly comes together…

Consider that we already have space tourism, flying cars and motorcycles, artificial intelligence that can program itself, hyper-realistic generative digital realities, digital twins, decentralized finance, blockchain, quantum computing … and then think about what can happen when these begin to come together, with innovative and empowering business models and community-driven ‘governance’ tools that allow the RoboCops of New York and San Francisco become obsolete…

Between no-code/low-code, open-source code, dynamic equity models, equity crowd funding, accessible AI, drag-and-drop builders, and all that jazz — the excuses to not be building or helping build something that will make our world a better place are becoming fewer and farther in-between.

Let us take as awn example the stuff that you are working on:

Feel free to please comment about it — because I’d love to connect some dots for the best brains amongst us.

Because now that we have “AI that can program itself, such as the nascent efforts on GitHub where there’s currently a python product available called AutoGPT that can work autonomously without human agents, it becomes apparent that AI no longer needs humans to prompt it, and it can solve complex programs on its own.

Furthermore, there’s another resource on GitHub called ChatGPT4all that let’s users create their own version of gpt without many of the restrictions and they can also train their AI with their own data sets.

And in case that you don’t know what to do with the code from GitHub, you can ask CHATGPT, or Google Bard, or ChatSonic, or just “old school” google/YT it, about what is the best use for old code that sits in buckets waiting to be utilized again…

You could easily do that, or find a programmer to work with, and again, this New World is all about collaboration and about sharing in order to amplify the future versions of our reality that we want to manifest in our world.

As far as I am concerned — lately I’m focused on Medicine, Pharmacology and utilizing AI for Bioengineering as well as UBI, the shared economy, coaching and providing resources for web3 creators to build and scale, and to do it in an eco friendly and sustainable fashion.

To that end, I’m delighted to share an amazing project: Shareitt, that’s live in Israel and now launching in Brazil, that is “Shop Without Money” because “Shareitt” is keeping things off the garbage heap, off the assembly line and out of the third world landfills, while promoting environmentalism, recycling, community and by the way ushering in “The Collective Shared Economy of AntiConsumerism.

Please tag all your friends in Brazil because they can join today using code 151123 as it is an invitation project on Beta schedule for now.

And of course I encourage everyone to follow the page of shareitt and ask for an invitation to join — because a new paradigm is arising and it promotes the 3Ps that I coined ages ago, at the Environmental Parliament: “People Planet & Profits”

And of course this method supports the Environment along with our Unity, Collaboration, Good Health, Eco-friendliness, Abundance and Joy.

Another free resource in the AI spa is here: https://theresanaiforthat

Go visit and you shall find a free repository of thousands of AI tools spanning a wide variety of applications and use case scenarios.

Worth checking in and please share your success about what you find.

Cheers to all the Mavericks, the Visionaries, the Innovators, the Builders, the Doers, the Dreamers, the Chasers, the Collaborators and even the Operators of all of our achievements, because the future is giving us so much to be Thankful for and yet it is robbing us of our innate intelligence, courage and strength.

Our faith is diminished or excised from our lives and our reliance on our own healing powers has become a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, our own Brain cavity is decreasing in size, for the first time in our long journey as Human beings, and that can’t be good news, unless we are married with the machines in a moment of stupendous stupidity of Singularity and intentional debasement of our own Species.  

Extinction should not be far behind…

Indeed the new medical innovations like the MRNA vaccines, the CRISPR that heralds gene editing technologies at will, the IVF reproductive technologies, along with the longevity innovations and their ilk that are promoted as the future of Human Health — have been a constant disappointment, because not only have most of these experimental processes, products and devices failed; but they have also resulted in irreversible harm to the people they’ve been tested on. 

So, methinks that we ought to examine these claims carefully and situate ourselves at the center of the debate for the Future of Human Health.

As a matter off fact we have an ongoing dialogue in Oxford University where I gather with a slew of Dons, Doctors, Public Health professionals, University teachers, Biologists, Technology experts, Philosophers, Preachers and Zeitgeist popular culturalists, Epidemiology experts, Religious Faith leaders and certainly Bioengineering and Biotechnology industry experts, in order to examine what the present promises and what the Future actually holds in store for all of us…

Delving deeper than any other BioEthics Conference, for the past 21 years we have examined these issues and disrobed the moral and ethical questions surrounding these technologies, asking not only whether the pursuit of extreme off the reservation scientific advancements, like creating “Minnie-Me” babies in China for a Hundred Grand, is possible, plausible, and achievable — but if it is desirable.

Does this type of “progress for the sake of progress” really moves Civilization forward by creating a genetic convenience for us as a species, or are we merely unwitting victims of medical experimentation and runaway technological nightmares that shouldn’t be pursued in the first place? 

That’s the Question we want to answer this year at OXFORD’s 21st BioTech, BioEngineering, LifeScience and Environmental Cybernetics Conference.

Please PM me for submissions of your Abstracts and Posters if you wish to speak and participate.

Thank You


Dr Churchill


Pay it forward if you know a worthy researcher, a professor or a candidate, for speaking and sharing their cuting edge advancements, and their bleeding edge research for we are keen to hear from you all…


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