Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 24, 2023

“What is bad for the hive, is bad for the bee, is bad for the Queen” –Dr Churchill

“What is bad for the hive, is bad for the bee, is bad for the Queen”

–Dr Churchill

Seems that we are off our rockers with this new faddish thing of getting all Transgender-phobic people, in our pants, in our bathrooms, in our Sports, in our nurseries, in our children’s minds, and in our closets — because once again it proves that the saddest day in our nations history, was the day people figured out they could monetize hatred.

Especially politicians…

Now, if you please follow the money…

Do that and soon enough you shall get to where Alice is going down the rabbit hole, and as a good friend of mine often tells me — let’s kill this rabbit as we take a medicinal swig of his flask of “Dead Rabbit” Irish tonic water.

Sorry my friend Bugs-Bunny, the rabbit in question was killed for scientific purposes alone and not just for wetting the gullet with a urine colored libation.

Whats up with this?


Dr Churchill


Yet as perilous as it is to date any person from Capitol Hill — it is even more perilous to date Lady-boys, because they are undetectable till the morning after, and there is no pill that would fix that.

As a Public Health Doctor — trust me, I know…

“What is bad for the hive is bad for the bee”

–Marcus Aurelius

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