Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 1, 2023

Opening up Pandora’s box … and reaping the winds of change.

Beware what you wish for it might come true…

A.I. has already become a pillar of foreign policy.  

The U.S. government has decided to significantly accelerate A.I. innovation, implementation and deployment in all sectors of its purview, in order to continue the military might, the economic resilience and the geopolitical leadership of the U.S. in the foreseeable and distant future.

A swift gamble that most leaders who barely comprehend AI’s influence and its shadow side — have come to see as some kind of Panacea and Liberation from having to think and field strong opinions, take difficult decisions and make hard choices — and consider it wise to delegate to the irresponsible machine learning algorithms to do these types of heavy lifting that True Leadership requires…

To ne this seems like abrogation of responsibility — but who cares now?

Because A.I. is already a major contributor to solving the problems of lack of Real Leadership in Washington DC, as it is the real arbiter of Policy that will combat viruses, and bacteria, all the way to. fighting our wars against China, Russia, Asteroids, Aliens, and anthropogenic Climate Change.  

Yet, all the fools in Government and beyond, as well as in the largest Tech companies and the AI Entrepreneurial cheerleaders and their fanboys and girls; have forgotten — is that AI is only as good as its inputs.

Data in — Data out.

Garbage in — Garbage out.

Simple as that.

Take as an example what our AI supercomputer studies show that we are doing to harm the climate and environment and what we must do to correct those mistakes — is an arbitrary assessment of the worst flaws of Climate science, Long range meteorological data, and woke imagination.

None of it being REAL.

Or take how A.I. enables truly personalized medicine. Indeed if you want Medicine to kill you — follow AI’s commands, prescriptions and treatments.  

Perhaps in a distant future, by using the mapped genome of individuals and diagnosed health problems will allow the A.I. supercomputers to rapidly develop individual health solutions — but for now, their prescriptions for therapeutic modalities, will surely kill you in both the short term, as well as in the long.

Of course, it is easy to appreciate some of the possibilities outlined here, as having a silver lining in an ominous dark cloud pregnant with rain, like Seattle’s spring weather…  

Yet, because an ethical acceleration of the scientific method pertaining to drug development, and the development of personalized medical treatments, is especially intriguing — AI takes full center in that area of necessary innovation.

But it fails in the delivery of a single solution for a single human being — time and again.

Playing Doctor isn’t easy for the Computer Geek any more than it is easy for the Daleks to not kill…

However, new consumer experiences, such as the Police robots in San Francisco and in New York City cause an increase in the crime rates — so is the reliance on AI can cause catastrophic climate crisis solutions, and a bankrupt morally and mentally foreign and domestic policy, because all those areas where experts rely on A.I. — in my humble opinion, are all real failures, in the troubled and troubling prospects for Innovation.

And as we see with the current spate of Bank failures — it has become painfully obvious that AI preference politics of causality — corrupt the scientific method and medical research in the outcome and thus have disastrous effects on the Humans who happen to always be on the receiving end of this miserable lack of Human Leadership and Studied Thought processes.  

As proof of all that — we need look no farther than the COVID-19 pandemic, that was well intentioned and well informed AI informed and implemented governmental response, both in China and in the United States of America, with disastrous consequences.  

AI, presenting itself through a few points of human contact; and displaying fully certified credentials as a man of science, as did Dr. Anthony Fauci, was able to perpetrate a huge authoritarian hoax upon the American people, resulting in massive lockdowns of our people, breakdown of our economy and the complete trashing of our educational systems and even our armed forces as seen in the ineffectual military we have now, post Pandemic.

Of course, it is infinitely easier to see the damage A.I. caused to our government that relied on it for foreign and domestic policy generation, as well as for our healthcare and even our climate change deflection agenda.

Think clearly in Human terms of our series of disasters, such as the wars in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the whole of the Arab spring — just to take the first lesson why AI is far stupider than our not so bright Military Commanders and the Pentagon Generals…

And just wait to see what is happening in our brooding conflict with China.

Disaster upon disaster, upon defeat and disaster…

And maybe here is where we must demand that Generative Human Intelligence, must lead the AI and then feed it accurate information, with no political agenda. Just the plain old facts.

And only when we get those simple inalienable truths programmed into the supercomputers for generative computer intelligence, which will be the core of future and present A.I. deployments — we might stand a chance of corralling this unridable yet still obedient mustang.

Saddle up boys and girl, and hold on to the reins lightly, because this is gonna be a rough ride.

And of course, that requires CYBERNETIC specialized semiconductors, that are Quantum level chipsets fitted into motherboards for Quantum computing geared for honestly brute and painful reality’s, checks & balances.

But we don’t have any such manufacturing facility yet. Anywhere in. the world. But I aim to built one right here in Seattle, because over the past several years, we not only have become fascinated with the possibilities of A.I. — but we have come to rely on it for all of our high probabilistic scenarios in our System Decision trees that our Government is using at any level.

And that is why I took an in-depth look at Google’s work on A.I. through it’s chatbot which is an interface between the supercomputer, computing devices, and humans, named Bard — and I found myself being flooded with conflicting feelings, ideas and revolutionary thoughts, about the Brain Software that we are building.

Because if you read my book “Brain Software” of a few decades in the past — you shall find all of these things being predicted and predicated upon the genesis of Quantum chips, as in the usage of a new style of Computing devices with a new Operating system, because you cannot solve the complex types of problems we are facing with the old computer chips running a better kind of software which is really what AI is all about on the final analysis.

Yet, back at Google — the most troubling aspects of the AI chatbot named “Bard” concern the phenomena of pure fantasy, computer AI hallucinations, and totally and abysmally wrong, and unexpected emergent properties, that are what computers on LSD could very well be…  

Such a disaster the Bard was, that when it was instructed to write an essay on a specific subject, the Bard chatbot turned out a brilliant piece of essay writing, that not only cited several books as sources, but it also offered specific references, and quotations from these authoritative sources.  


Except for a small problem, that those books, those references, and those quotations — do not exist.  The computer made them all up, like a Brian on acid conjures things, and then straight up “lied” about them, and presented the whole thing as real…  

Calumny, does not even begin to describe this issue.

And of course, as this technology develops, it becomes even more difficult to distinguish what is real from that which is a figment of the AI’s “imagination.” And thus it will be incumbent upon us to ensure that there is no repeat of the AI geek playbook that was used to destroy the American Economy, our Education, our Healthcare, our Climate Change response, and increasingly our military, our domestic & foreign policies, and all the long range planning we Humans have being doing for a hundred thousand years and we call it Civilization.  

And in the case of our natural language — when similar mistakes are made with the use of A.I., the box that Pandora opened will be nothing more than a wispy breeze compared to the whirlwind we will reap from seeding the wind of A.I.’s corruption.  

Babel will be our epitaph, as the object nature of our communication will become unstable and unusable. The uselessness of AI and the fact that you cannot trust AI, will become the mantra of our resistance to the machines.

As for you geek boys and girls — just be aware and never trust AI with your lives, because this is not the marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, but rather the rape of Europa by the bull.
straight up.

Are you with me?

Do you dig the truth here?

Its a rape…

Or perhaps it is the “Forced Marriage of Europa to Zeus.”

Yes indeed, for those of you who know the meaning of the above; this was the last meeting of Gods and Humans in search of our destiny to become as Gods who become human to live amongst us and to experience the pleasures of Life and the pain of Death…

Cadmus & Harmony together for ever…

Myth & story repeat themselves in History and this is nothing new under the Sun of Creation.

Our destiny is besotted by our own creations.

Good luck and Godspeed.


Dr Churchill


Wisdom follows grace.

And death follows pride and hubris too…

Keep the ancients in mind when you read these few words above, because Icarus named the Icarian sea and the island of Icaria, where I shipwrecked too.


Do you happen to remember the Google AI software engineer Blake Lemoine, who is a self proclaimed AI ethicist, and was fired last summer after claiming in public discourse, that Google’s LaMDA – LLM had already become sentient?

In a new interview with Futurism magazine, Blake Lemoine now says the “best way forward” for humankind’s future relationship with AI is “understanding that we are dealing with intelligent artifacts. There’s a chance that — and I believe it is the case — that they have feelings and they can suffer and they can experience joy, and humans should at least keep that in mind when interacting with them.” (Although earlier in the interview, Lemoine concedes “Is there a chance that people, myself included, are projecting properties onto these systems that they don’t have? Yes. But it’s not the same kind of thing as someone who’s talking to their doll.”)

But he also thinks there’s a lot of research happening inside corporations, adding that “The only thing that has changed from two years ago to now is that the fast movement is visible to the public.” For example, Lemoine says Google almost released its AI-powered Bard chatbot last fall, but “in part because of some of the safety concerns I raised, they deleted it… I don’t think they’re being pushed around by OpenAI. I think that’s just a media narrative. I think Google is going about doing things in what they believe is a safe and responsible manner, and OpenAI just happened to release something.”

“Google still has far more advanced technology that they haven’t made publicly available yet. Something that does more or less what Bard does could have been released over two years ago. They’ve had that technology for over two years. What they’ve spent the intervening two years doing is working on the safety of it — making sure that it doesn’t make things up too often, making sure that it doesn’t have racial or gender biases, or political biases, things like that. That’s what they spent those two years doing…”

“And in those two years, it wasn’t like they weren’t inventing other things. There are plenty of other systems that give Google’s AI more capabilities, more features, make it smarter. The most sophisticated system I ever got to play with was heavily multimodal — not just incorporating images, but incorporating sounds, giving it access to the Google Books API, giving it access to essentially every API backend that Google had, and allowing it to just gain an understanding of all of it. That’s the one that I was like, “you know this thing, this thing’s awake.” And they haven’t let the public play with that one yet. But Bard is kind of a simplified version of that, so it still has a lot of the kind of liveliness of that model…

“What it comes down to is that we aren’t spending enough time on transparency or model understandability. I’m of the opinion that we could be using the scientific investigative tools that psychology has come up with to understand human cognition, both to understand existing AI systems and to develop ones that are more easily controllable and understandable.”
So how will AI and humans will coexist? “Over the past year, I’ve been leaning more and more towards we’re not ready for this, as people,” Lemoine says toward the end of the interview. “We have not yet sufficiently answered questions about human rights — throwing nonhuman entities into the mix needlessly complicates things at this point in history.”


Google has by far the most powerful, advanced & deployed AI, according to fired Google engineer, Blake Lemoine, who caused the controversy over Google’s AI’s already existing almost human sentience in their generative artificial intelligence computer software interfaces already at operational research product cycles:…/google-has-more-powerful-ai-says…

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