Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 4, 2023

Follow your Destiny, because that is the cure for whatever ails you…

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love.

Trust, it will not lead you astray.”


“Seek to find this “Strange Pull” of your heart, because this way it is not your passions that you follow — but your true calling when the stars are aligned to guide you to your destiny.”

–Dr Churchill


Dr Churchill


“Our biggest fault is our failure to see and understand the patterns leading, forming, and dissipating, at all times and in all of our lives that uncover our future, our destiny, and our ending.”

–Dr Churchill


“Choose RIGHT over MIGHT every day of the week, and every time you seek; because TRUE POWER rests upon doing right, and if “RIGHT,” we keep right, YET if WRONG we set it RIGHT.”

–Dr Churchill

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