Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 19, 2023

Human Intelligence Redux as Art of Life

1. Think positive, summarize your targets, start your journey towards them.

2. Prioritize your goals ruthlessly and do good on them.

3. Focus on Excellence and deliver on your promise.

4. Play the long game of Life: Live & let live. Love & be loved. Work and reward all those around you.

5. Pray to God, so that you recognize the people as the angels they could be … and allow them to deliver goodness.

6. Remember your good name is ahead of any and all expressions on every interaction.

7. Spend time thinking “on” the business of Life.

8. Elicit information, knowledge, & wisdom, in all your interactions.

9. Find the truth, out of the so called facts.

10. Live the talk, walk the walk, and since God always observes everything we do — put on a good show…


Dr Churchill


This is what Art of Life looks like…

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