“What is bad for the hive, is bad for the bee, is bad for the Queen”

–Dr Churchill

Seems that we are off our rockers with this new faddish thing of getting all Transgender-phobic people, in our pants, in our bathrooms, in our Sports, in our nurseries, in our children’s minds, and in our closets — because once again it proves that the saddest day in our nations history, was the day people figured out they could monetize hatred.

Especially politicians…

Now, if you please follow the money…

Do that and soon enough you shall get to where Alice is going down the rabbit hole, and as a good friend of mine often tells me — let’s kill this rabbit as we take a medicinal swig of his flask of “Dead Rabbit” Irish tonic water.

Sorry my friend Bugs-Bunny, the rabbit in question was killed for scientific purposes alone and not just for wetting the gullet with a urine colored libation.

Whats up with this?


Dr Churchill


Yet as perilous as it is to date any person from Capitol Hill — it is even more perilous to date Lady-boys, because they are undetectable till the morning after, and there is no pill that would fix that.

As a Public Health Doctor — trust me, I know…

“What is bad for the hive is bad for the bee”

–Marcus Aurelius

The damned hyperbole, the damnable smugness, and the profiteering of Artificial Intelligence cheerleaders in their pathetic attempts to sort out our lives – makes for a gripping tale of little, littler, and littlest horrors…

Cutting the Gordian knot of all the newness, novelty hype, the conflicting interpretations, the flood of hysteria, the frenzy of fear-mongering about AI, make this another DeZaVu moment of comical reality.

And when it is known that the founders and the investors of AI are attempting to create a movement based on fear, we know who profits from these silly yet catchy viruses of imagination. Billy G., Elon M., and the Googlers, along with the Microserfs, and all other hapless Geeks smoking the “peace pipe” all day long, as they fantasize about wha new horrors to unleash on Humanity. Unsexed geeks all the way down, and all the way up.

Turtles all the way up and down and as above so bellow.

Remember Y2K ?

Bill Gates’ viruses unleashed by Microsoft to sell new versions of their awful software just to fix the back doors and the security viruses they had created and spread in the first place?

Look at the smart morons of today who are making money from your gullible enthusiastic and largely prevailing attitude towards the ChatGPT and the leading AI class of newly minted products finessed by prepubescent CEOs, who are claiming that the “sky is caving in” like chicken-little, in a sad masked theatre chorus stolen from an Ancient Greek Drama, and performed in front of your very eyes.

Only — you can’t see the shitty play, because you are being played and you don’t even know it.

Why else do you think that the founders of the leading AI companies continually remind us of the fearsome risk of AI-Robots overtaking our world and diminishing our lives?

These “chicken-little” mouthpieces of the weed-induced stupor, are stoning away while sprouting nonsense about the imminent demise of human civilization, and the awful existential risk of using AI for writing a Zen koan…

And maybe that’s the question we need to ask those cheerleaders of AI, in a moment that they enjoy their Doritos as they wake up from being wasted in a cloud of pot smoke.

Yet, because of 420 giving access to Kush for all of America’s frat-boys, they are causing a stampede of blinded rage, where all young truants are going around hyping AI even more than the instigators who yelled “Fire” in a crowded theatre of people suffering from the mental anguish of the interminable lock-downs, and the Covid scare along with the vaccine dementia and their ilk.

War, horrors, famines, catastrophes, climate change, genocides, and extreme poverty in our country, and all around the world are taking the back seat to this ultimate first world non-problem, so that the avocado boys can make some more mullah to spend on expensive weed.

What a crock of horseshitte…

Yes, we all know that this few iterations of AI are problematic in their technological applications, because like every new innovation, it is inherently destabilizing across many industries, across many types of employment and its effects are accelerating daily…

I get that and so do you.

Yet in my HO, and also according to the tech firms that provide AI, the solution to the problems presented by ever-increasing AI power is to use more AI to cure the AI that needs more serfs to be streamlined, informed and controlled.

That is the same paradox that drug makers, drug dealers and even the all too willing arms dealers rely on, in order to spur sales of weapons.

Much has been written about the AI arms race between Microsoft/OpenAI and Google, and also about the AI arms race between adversarial nations, but it’s all a bunch of baloney.

Because much less has been said, about the fact that the adoption of AI by one company in an industry will eventually cause every competitor to adopt AI, thereby replicating the pattern of escalation across every industry, every job function, in every part of the world, all at the same time.

This is not happening right now, because I do not think we are ready for this kind of rapid destabilization, and yet I also do not see a way for any one company or government to either be able to start, maintain, or even stop the downwards spiral, from sucking everything down the drain, simply because everyone concludes that they must get on the bandwagon instead of pretending its not there or making any serious attempts to stop it.

So, when the CEOs of the AI companies describe the potential for existential threats emerging from their products, they incite a primordial fear that demands a response. And for many people, the natural response to that kind of deep fear is to freeze, fight or flight.

And for some who choose to do something, to take some kind of action, or just scream like Munch’s painting — the obvious reflex-action is to adopt AI proactively, thinking that this way they might get ahead of their competitors in this new arms race, that inexorably leads to catastrophic Thermonuclear war, where there are no hostages — just dead people.

And if everyone has that impulse, then it’s easy to imagine how most countries will rush to adopt AI and accelerate their deployment of AI in all militarized fields of international conflicts.

This is a remarkable feat of tech marketing hype.

Stoking fear to spur mass adoption of a new product that, by all accounts, does not work reliably yet, is a great marketing ploy, but what these errant boys tend to forget is that Karma is a self fulfilling bitch, and its going to bite them in the ass sooner rather than later.

Mark my words, and I am betting you dinner and a movie, that this too shall pass.

So this is intended as a tool for better decision-making, cool headedness, calm and fvck-all ballsy perspective about AI and its ass-naked cheerleaders, because I wrote this book in order to help you arrive at a clearer understanding of what is happening. During the past three months, I found myself constantly whipsawed between extremes of elation/excitement/curiosity and fear/dread/uncertainty. It is very difficult to make sound decisions when your emotional state is turbulent. And people rely upon my advice to make decisions. So I needed a better way to attain some clarity about the rapid introduction of AI tools and consumer-facing AI. Now I have it. 

I set out with a list of 8 to 10 dynamics that seem to be specifically relevant to artificial intelligence (especially the large language models that are the focus of the current hype wave). These are lenses that I used to bring the topic into focus and to dispel some of the fog of hype.  

Because there is a lot of hype, ranging from extremely optimistic scenarios to incredibly dark scenarios. However, these are all, very low-probability potential outcomes. For those who like to devote energy to fretting about extreme edge cases and low-probability events, this stuff can be a fulfilling intellectual exercise, but for the rest of us it may be a waste of time. 

Paranoia is dysphoria.

That’s because there are real problems in our world today, and there are also some opportunities and real issues today that stem from the tech in its current immature form. This is where we can all benefit from some careful thinking. 

Let’s start with the problems. We don’t need to raise the specter of existential threats to humanity to galvanize concerns about AI. There are a significant number of real issues and problems with artificial intelligence in its current state, today, right now. The focus on the low-probability future scenarios has the unfortunate side effect of diverting resources and attention away from the current problems. 

These problems include: algorithmic discrimination; bias baked into large learning models; the tendency of AI to favor increasing returns to already-rich tech companies; the tendency to reinforce existing disparities and inequalities.  

Those problems are unlikely to fix themselves; if we do nothing, they will probably become entrenched and get worse as AI is further integrated into the software that we use for business, communications and socialization. For that reason I think it’s necessary for all of us to come to a clearer understanding of what the real, current issues are and what might be done about them. 

Thrilling or scary future scenarios are a distraction from the mundane but important real-world problems, and that seems to me to be a major flaw in the hype cycle and the press coverage of generative AI. I think some balance is useful. 

Ditto with the opportunities. There are many exciting opportunities afforded by the current generation of not-quite-ready-for-primetime conversational AIs and generative AIs. Even though these tools are in their infancy, they can be useful in certain ways particularly for creative people and writers in every discipline. 

it is exciting to envision new kinds of companies and organizations that are built from the ground up to leverage artificial intelligence. We will see a lot of that kind of innovation this year. Likewise, things like Auto-GPT and domain-specific LLMs, and chain-of-reasoning seem likely to lead to some real breakthrough innovation and unexpected outcomes. The fact that developer are now messing around with and mashing up LLMs outside of the AI research labs is also very creative and probably likely to lead to some surprising outcomes. I am also seeing the emergence of a new kind of social creative process that is different from social networking. This stuff is new and exciting. 

That said, these AI tools do not work reliably enough today to displace any workers (Even though the fear mongers at Goldman Sachs will tell you that 300 million people are likely to lose their jobs, there is zero evidence to support that today).  

Examples: nobody today is going to replace a trial attorney with an AI. No intelligent marketer is going to replace their copywriters with AI. No movie studio is going to make a film written solely by AI. While it is possible that AI will automate some aspects of software development, the output is still unreliable. And even when the performance improves, it is most probable that the human experts in these fields will make use AI to be more productive and work more efficiently. So it’s not really “AI versus humanity” but “AI plus humanity.” 

I am aware that there is no shortage of experts who will argue about that, because they prefer to inflame the imagination with worst case scenarios of mass unemployment. But what they cannot show you is any evidence of widespread job loss due to ChatGPT or StableDiffusion. Remember, this is happening at a time of very low unemployment.  

And we need tools for increased productivity urgently, because of a fundamental demographic problem. 

Globally, humanity approaching a demographic inflection point because of low birthrates. 

Most countries on the planet have a very low birthrate, far lower than previous generations, and below the “replacement rate” that will keep the overall population numbers steady. Korea, Japan, China in particular have extremely low birthrates, and it is beginning to make a dent in the size of those nations’ populations. Most other nations are on the same path, including the US.  

The only reason the US does not have negative population growth is immigration, and the harebrained conservatives in the US are doing everything they can to stop that. I say “harebrained” because it is self-defeating. The entire economy of the US is predicated on the assumption of continuous growth and expansion. If population stalls, or declines, the economy will contract. Intelligent conservatives grasp that… 

This is not a complicated phenomenon: when people move to cities, they have fewer children. In a rural environment, more children = more free labor. But in an urban environment, more children = more cost. 

Urban families cannot afford to have lots of children, and that is why, in country after country, around the globe, as populations urbanize, the birthrate goes down. There are few exceptions to this trend, mainly in sub-saharan Africa, but they will probably follow the same path in one generation. 

Why am I talking about demographics? Because when we view the advent of AI, automation and robotics from the lens of demographic trends, we can see that it will be necessary to automate a huge percentage of white collar work very soon. There simply won’t be enough people to do that work. Every nation on earth needs a big productivity boost. 

Yet they only fret about their military might and the armed race to make Super Soldiers from bleeding edge research and development into BioEngineering, Genetics, and Robotic AI.

In sum, if we want to solve real world problems, with big audacious thinking, while we also maintain and grow our current living standards, we need to find ways to automate a big percentage of the work that is currently done by humans.

This will not occur overnight, so there is no reason to panic about it.

Managed insightfully, it might work out well for society. 

AI is really helpful for all of us … and it also is Anthropophobic too, so let us embrace the good, and throw away the bad.

Anyway, even if the developments of new AI models were paused (which will not happen), the current versions will continue to improve themselves, theoretically exponentially, yet in reality within the boundaries of available computing, dataset storage and energy power.

According to the research cited in this video, this process of self-improvement appears to be accelerating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SgJKZLBrmg

The authors of the Reflexion paper wrote: “We hypothesize that LLMs possess an emergent property of self reflection” and then they showed how it happens.

GPT-4 has demonstrated that it can self-correct and improve itself. This kind of recursive improvement is not limited to the software, either. AI is also helping Nvidia design better chips, including the H100

This short video summarizes the findings of five recent research papers and other news about recursive improvement in artificial intelligence.

Tesla now holds the mantle of Moore’s Law, with the D1 chip introduced last year, so I had to update my favorite graph and see where they lay.

This shift should not be a surprise, as Intel ceded leadership to NVIDIA a decade ago, and a further handoff was inevitable. The computational frontier has shifted across many technology substrates over the past 122 years, most recently from the CPU to the GPU to ASICs optimized for neural networks (the majority of new compute cycles).

Of all of the depictions of Moore’s Law, this is the one I find to be most useful, as it captures what customers actually value — computation per $ spent (note: on a log scale, so a straight line is an exponential; each y-axis tick is 100x).

And what do we see… Humanity’s capacity to compute has compounded for as long as we can measure it, exogenous to the economy, and starting long before Intel co-founder Gordon Moore noticed a refraction of the longer-term trend in the belly of the fledgling semiconductor industry in 1965. Spooky. Like it’s on exponential rails.

In the modern era of accelerating change, it is hard to find even five-year trends with any predictive value, let alone trends that span the centuries. I would go further and assert that this is the most interesting tech growth graph ever conceived, as you can see from this post on its origins and importance: https://flic.kr/p/qS3HU4 and it reflects badly for our short sightedness because it does not account for any externalities.

There may be dragons out there…

Now, let us ask why the transition within the integrated circuit era, from Intel losing to NVIDIA for neural networks because the fine-grained parallel compute architecture of a GPU maps better to the needs of deep learning.

Indeed, there is a poetic beauty to the computational similarity of a processor optimized for graphics processing and the computational needs of a sensory cortex, as commonly seen in neural networks today.

Whereas a custom chip like the Tesla D1 ASIC, is optimized for neural networks as it extends that trend to its inevitable future in the digital domain, well beyond its current functionality and tasking.

Of course that predicates, that further advances are probable, possible, and welcome, in the space of new chips, yet to be designed; that are analog-in-memory-computational devices. These new chips have yet to be designed, let alone being manufactured, and I sense an opportunity here to ideate a novel design of a biological analog-in-memory-computational chipset, with a Mother board specifically designed to be the operating system platform for brain software…

Let us do this because that is an even closer approximation of the human cortex a pure effort at quantum chips computing asa Biomimicry exercise.

As for money making — the best business planning assumption is that Moore’s Law, as depicted here, will continue for the next 20 years as it has for the past 120 years, but we all know how easy it is to upend predictions of such ilk.

War and total destruction will be with us all, and always, since it is the father of us all.

Tesla AI Day video: https://youtu.be/j0z4FweCy4M?t=6340

and summary: https://electrek.co/…/tesla-dojo-supercomputer-worlds…/

And although this hashing out of these cool ideas, is already too long, my friends and longtime followers know that I tend to use my “Bleeding Edge Blogs” a place to thrash out my mind’s throughput process in public, because I enjoy working through ideas with smart people by getting a variety of opinions and perspectives thrown into the mix from all of your comments and PMs.

And since you know me that I outsource, I open source and I delegate my “own thinking” to the hivemind for development by that particular type of lumpen proletariat’s free labor of the factoid mindhive working hard to make the Royal Jelly and the humble honey for the ideafactory. 

That’s what I call Brain Software development, crowdsourced and debugged in an extreme form of coding by many, for the many, and from the many brilliant minds all around me.

Thank You


Dr Churchill


One day, a man was walking along the beach when he saw a boy throwing starfish into the ocean.

The man asked the boy why he was doing that, and the boy replied: “The tide is going out and the sun is getting hot.”

“If I don’t throw them back into the water, they’ll die.”

The man looked at the miles and miles of beach covered with stranded starfish and said: “But there are so many. You can’t possibly make a difference.”

The boy picked up another starfish, threw it back into the ocean, and said: “I made a difference to that one’s life.”

The Man was Augustine of Hippo, a famed orator, pagan worshipper and Senator for the Roman city of Hippo in North Africa across from Sicily, and this was his Paulian moment of belief… through the revelation of the Meaning of Life, at this instant by the angel throwing starfish right in front of him.

The child was a three year old boy, appearing as an Angel of God to bring the reality of the Great Divine Spirit to this great orator who went on to become an apologist for Christ and the now known as the Great St Augustine whose treatises on “Politics” on “Just War” and on “Living a Just Life” make all the sense in this topsy turvy world for all of us who try to understand what is real and what is not, in order to be righteous people in service to humanity with kindness and levity of our Souls.

And please do not worry — AI will never have any of that.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 19, 2023

Mother’s Lament

Most American, AngloSaxon and European peoples, rely massively on Western Allopathic Medicine and its myriad of drugs, therapies, advancements, compounds, medical devices, medicines and surgeries, many times and at various points in their lives, in order to combat sickness, heal from disease and even postpone death.

But despite medical advances, lifespans are shortening, cancer rates are skyrocketing, and rare diseases are becoming more widespread.

Simultaneously, cutting-edge medical research is no longer seeking to address these alarming concerns. Instead, our current medical science, pharmacology, and health care sector are all focused on making us “better rather than making us well” and thus our Societal focus on making us “stronger, faster, and smarter” certainly fits with the paradigm of “lean, mean, and dumb machine” that humans quickly become, based on the abundant usage of AI, Computers, Cellphones, TV and all other “tools” that make us “fools” and certainly cause Human Intelligence to become redundant.

And in this age of accelerated technological advancements, when we find projects, technologies, teams, communities, opportunities and connections that we resonate with, and then we come together to harmonize and amplify our voices — our potential may only truly be limited by the limitations we arbitrarily place upon ourselves collectively.

Because that is where the marriage of “Cadmus and Harmony, or Ariadne” truly comes together…

Consider that we already have space tourism, flying cars and motorcycles, artificial intelligence that can program itself, hyper-realistic generative digital realities, digital twins, decentralized finance, blockchain, quantum computing … and then think about what can happen when these begin to come together, with innovative and empowering business models and community-driven ‘governance’ tools that allow the RoboCops of New York and San Francisco become obsolete…

Between no-code/low-code, open-source code, dynamic equity models, equity crowd funding, accessible AI, drag-and-drop builders, and all that jazz — the excuses to not be building or helping build something that will make our world a better place are becoming fewer and farther in-between.

Let us take as awn example the stuff that you are working on:

Feel free to please comment about it — because I’d love to connect some dots for the best brains amongst us.

Because now that we have “AI that can program itself, such as the nascent efforts on GitHub where there’s currently a python product available called AutoGPT that can work autonomously without human agents, it becomes apparent that AI no longer needs humans to prompt it, and it can solve complex programs on its own.

Furthermore, there’s another resource on GitHub called ChatGPT4all that let’s users create their own version of gpt without many of the restrictions and they can also train their AI with their own data sets.

And in case that you don’t know what to do with the code from GitHub, you can ask CHATGPT, or Google Bard, or ChatSonic, or just “old school” google/YT it, about what is the best use for old code that sits in buckets waiting to be utilized again…

You could easily do that, or find a programmer to work with, and again, this New World is all about collaboration and about sharing in order to amplify the future versions of our reality that we want to manifest in our world.

As far as I am concerned — lately I’m focused on Medicine, Pharmacology and utilizing AI for Bioengineering as well as UBI, the shared economy, coaching and providing resources for web3 creators to build and scale, and to do it in an eco friendly and sustainable fashion.

To that end, I’m delighted to share an amazing project: Shareitt, that’s live in Israel and now launching in Brazil, that is “Shop Without Money” because “Shareitt” is keeping things off the garbage heap, off the assembly line and out of the third world landfills, while promoting environmentalism, recycling, community and by the way ushering in “The Collective Shared Economy of AntiConsumerism.

Please tag all your friends in Brazil because they can join today using code 151123 as it is an invitation project on Beta schedule for now.

And of course I encourage everyone to follow the page of shareitt and ask for an invitation to join — because a new paradigm is arising and it promotes the 3Ps that I coined ages ago, at the Environmental Parliament: “People Planet & Profits”

And of course this method supports the Environment along with our Unity, Collaboration, Good Health, Eco-friendliness, Abundance and Joy.

Another free resource in the AI spa is here: https://theresanaiforthat

Go visit and you shall find a free repository of thousands of AI tools spanning a wide variety of applications and use case scenarios.

Worth checking in and please share your success about what you find.

Cheers to all the Mavericks, the Visionaries, the Innovators, the Builders, the Doers, the Dreamers, the Chasers, the Collaborators and even the Operators of all of our achievements, because the future is giving us so much to be Thankful for and yet it is robbing us of our innate intelligence, courage and strength.

Our faith is diminished or excised from our lives and our reliance on our own healing powers has become a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, our own Brain cavity is decreasing in size, for the first time in our long journey as Human beings, and that can’t be good news, unless we are married with the machines in a moment of stupendous stupidity of Singularity and intentional debasement of our own Species.  

Extinction should not be far behind…

Indeed the new medical innovations like the MRNA vaccines, the CRISPR that heralds gene editing technologies at will, the IVF reproductive technologies, along with the longevity innovations and their ilk that are promoted as the future of Human Health — have been a constant disappointment, because not only have most of these experimental processes, products and devices failed; but they have also resulted in irreversible harm to the people they’ve been tested on. 

So, methinks that we ought to examine these claims carefully and situate ourselves at the center of the debate for the Future of Human Health.

As a matter off fact we have an ongoing dialogue in Oxford University where I gather with a slew of Dons, Doctors, Public Health professionals, University teachers, Biologists, Technology experts, Philosophers, Preachers and Zeitgeist popular culturalists, Epidemiology experts, Religious Faith leaders and certainly Bioengineering and Biotechnology industry experts, in order to examine what the present promises and what the Future actually holds in store for all of us…

Delving deeper than any other BioEthics Conference, for the past 21 years we have examined these issues and disrobed the moral and ethical questions surrounding these technologies, asking not only whether the pursuit of extreme off the reservation scientific advancements, like creating “Minnie-Me” babies in China for a Hundred Grand, is possible, plausible, and achievable — but if it is desirable.

Does this type of “progress for the sake of progress” really moves Civilization forward by creating a genetic convenience for us as a species, or are we merely unwitting victims of medical experimentation and runaway technological nightmares that shouldn’t be pursued in the first place? 

That’s the Question we want to answer this year at OXFORD’s 21st BioTech, BioEngineering, LifeScience and Environmental Cybernetics Conference.

Please PM me for submissions of your Abstracts and Posters if you wish to speak and participate.

Thank You


Dr Churchill


Pay it forward if you know a worthy researcher, a professor or a candidate, for speaking and sharing their cuting edge advancements, and their bleeding edge research for we are keen to hear from you all…


A never ending source of Humor:

Please allow to replay because it has a certain cadence of sound & fury…

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>French President Emmanuel Macron was stabbed in the forehead with an egg. <a href=”https://t.co/bLKHbNrnNb”>pic.twitter.com/bLKHbNrnNb</a></p>&mdash; Spriter (@Spriter99880) <a href=”https://twitter.com/Spriter99880/status/1648780877999005696?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>April 19, 2023</a></blockquote> <script async src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js&#8221; charset=”utf-8″></script>

Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 13, 2023

Chance V Change

In the early days of NASA their headquarter building had a poster hanging by the front entry way — picturing the pollinating bees that read as follows:

Aerodynamically a bee’s body is not made to fly; the good thing is that the bee doesn’t know it and she does fly unbothered by the “facts.”

In smaller print and subsequent to this headline — NASA engineers wrote on the poster that the laws of physics state that a bee cannot fly, because the aerodynamic principle says that the breadth of its wings is too small to keep its huge body in flight, but a bee doesn’t know it, and she doesn’t care at all about physics or the human logic, and just flies anyway.

Yet, later years careful observation revealed that a different approach to the issue can be ascertained and the smart engineers looked at the drawing designs of Michelangelo, and saw the birth of a helicopter, and by combining the two thoughts, they understood that bees are designed by nature to fly; that’s why they have four wings…

In fact it was the NASA engineers that designed the first four propeller helicopters, in an effort of Biomimicry and that is why the two sets of propellers at different heights were instrumental in giving the heavy twin set of props helicopters a bee like flight…

And that is following the Root of Change to its natural conclusion, regardless of the “scientific facts” of the day, or the fashions, or the accursed experts of the “field” — any field. Because all the naysayers are the ones who kill other people’s dreams instead of having any of their own.

So, go ahead my young Grasshopper…

Go ahead and dream big…

And then go out there and actualize your dreams.

You shall fail and fail again but in the end you will succeed to change things and make a better world for all of us.

And do not worry about the naysayers, because the Geriatric Gestapo” will always seek to rob you of your rights, kill your dreams and destroy your very own capacity to breath.


Dr Churchill


And by the way, with the rebirth of Spring and New Life coming onto the world — his is what we can all do:

Let us go fly.

Fly, hover, land and take off a zillion times.

Fly, lift up your loads and prevail in every moment of difficulty in this Life.

Do this in the face of any difficulty and in any circumstance despite what the naysayers say.


Dr Churchill


Let us be bees.

Hardworking, and yet feasting on delicious Nectar, to bring back to the Hive, Love Goodness, Nourishment and Hope.

Fly like a bee, no matter the size of your wings.

Let us all take flight and enjoy the Nectar of life.

Do this because it is an extraordinarily good thing not just for you, but for the whole “hive” of Human Civilization.

Do you hear me?

Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 6, 2023

Hag Same’ach

Springtime is a Season of Joy, Peace, Renewal & Celebration — all the good things at this time of the advancing Light…

And so is Passover that is our festival of EXODUS and the memory of our ancestors journey to freedom from slavery as we all need some reprieve, rebirth and liberty from all those things and people who enslave us.

Yet, we ought to recall that memory is not about nostalgia.

It is about aspiration and courage, because we do not live in the past; we live in the absolute present of this moment in time — yet we also carry the past with us, as we envision and create the future.

So each and every year we close the Seder dinner with the words: “Bashanah Haba’ah – Next Year in Jerusalem.”

Our Jerusalem is not a place but an ideal, its not history and geography, but a point of reference and a moral compass to follow our true North.

Jerusalem has been at the heart of our concern during the tumultuous past few months when Israelis have demonstrated to protect the democratic values of justice, equality, and peace enshrined in our prophetic tradition and in Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Passover’s story of liberation, the Haggadah narrative reminds us, did not happen just once. It happens in every generation when we are called upon to be protect the freedoms we can easily take for granted, whether as Jews, as Americans, or as citizens of the world.

May the Festival of Passover, in confluence with the Christian celebrations of Holy Week and Easter, and the Muslim observance of Ramadan — usher the main three blessings of joy and health of the Abrahamic faith and the change of the Seasons for rebirth to all of our families and friends.

May we all find strength in unity, peace and harmony within our nation;

May we gather freedom and peace for Ukraine, for Jerusalem, for America and for Eretz Israel, and all who love to bring hope, prosperity, and renewal to this beautiful world.

And let us remember that we can always choose to be Wise or Foolish, and respectively to seek Wisdom or

Here is an ancient tale equally shared amongst the ancient Hebrew nomadic shepherding & trading people and amongst the ancient Greek seafaring navigating shipping people, who often found themselves together because it was always the Greek Sea Captains who carried the Jews, their trade goods and their finance — far and wide in this bountiful world full of opportunities for business, commerce and culture exchanges that have created what we today call Civilization…

And perhaps that is what joins these two people together, the seafarers and the desert dwellers in their common destiny to spread their seed far and wide in this Good God’s Earth.

And because both People believe that we always have a choice of how to proceed in our Life — the ancient Philosophy of Freewill and Goodwill; we best believe that story if we want to see and live in Peace and Prosperity through Learning, Wisdom and Sharing the fruits of knowledge — or we choose to go to war and rape & pillage by falling down into our primitive state of being at war, constantly and forever attempting to steal from each other, to enslave and to destroy, instead of sharing as equals in from of the eyes of the Lord…

So the ancient story goes as follows:

Around this time of Spring, Pascha, Passover, Ramadan, Renewal, Rebirth and the Coming of Light — the Mother of the World delivered, at the end of her pregnancy; twins.

A beautiful boy and a serene girl, that looked alike each other but with a vastly different disposition.

She knew what their names would be for a long time now — and she announced to the world that she had brought forth the Goddess of Wisdom and the God of War, as her children were destined to fulfill these two important roles.

And as they both wanted to nurse at the same time, she was blessed with plenty of milk for both of her babies and her twins grew fast and furious till they were able to reach her breasts themselves and spend their time nursing there, sitting onto her lap and making sense of the world as they built their own strength..

But as it happens — they both wanted to be in their Mother’s lap all the time and staring fighting with each other in order to get to be there first and if possible to nurse alone from both breasts, because as their need for milk increased — their Mother’s milk diminished.

So here we have a conundrum and while her twins were fighting the Mother of the World gave in to their bickering, and said:

“I can’t put both of you on my lap and keep on nursing both of you at the same time because you have grown too bog and too demanding for my breasts — so we will play a little game and whoever wins, gets to sit first on my lap and nurse from my breast…


The children agreed hastily because they were getting hungry again…

So the Mother of the World continued:

“Go now — go travel around the world, and whoever comes back first, will get to sit on my lap and nurse first from my teats.”

Immediately, the God of War, jumped on top of his great black horse and rode away trotting as fast as he could…

Yet, his sibling, the Goddess of Wisdom (SOPHIA), didn’t move an inch.

She continued sitting at her Mother’s feet, and waited until she heard her brother’s horse hooves retreating into the distance.

Then, she got up, bowed down to her Mother, went around her Mother three times, and then climbed up and sat on her lap, to start suckling Mother’s milk from a grateful set of teats

Peace ensued…

For a while…

Hag Same’ach!


Dr Churchill


Happy Ramadan, Happy Easter, Happy Passover and Happy Spring to one and all of my friends of the Abrahamic faith, as well as all others such as Buddhists, Jainists, Hindi, Shig, Native pagans etc — including atheists, agnostics and expedients, who all together make up the mosaic of this Humanity that we are all such a small part of.

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Trials & Tribulations make us, not break us…

Right after the local Anglican Episcopal Church on Palm Sunday let the congregation out, some folks got together to break bread and share a communal meal at the Heyday; the brunch spot on the Mount Baker neighborhood in Seattle…

That’s when the most fragile and elderly lady in the world, got up to say Grace and had the attention of everyone as her faint voice echoed from the congregants following her words and repeating her gospel…

After thanking God for another day on this Earth this ancient brown paper skinned human started saying things that made no sense…

And especially when she starting talking about cookery, saying “Lord, I hate buttermilk — Lord, I hate lard.” Now the pastor was growing concerned, and Lord, you know I don’t much care for raw white flour.”

The congregants and the Pastor glanced around the room and saw that they weren’t the only ones to feel uncomfortable, because the whole restaurant had stopped chewing their food, put down their silverware and were staring openly at the old lady’s mouth listening intently for here every word…

Then, after a long pause — she added:

“But Lord, when you mix them all together and bake them, I do love them warm fresh country biscuits, so Lord, when things come up that we don’t like, when life gets hard, when we don’t understand what you’re saying to us — help us to just relax and wait until you are done mixing, because it will probably be even better than fresh hot biscuits with a bot of butter…”


And that’s when the whole restaurant cried out: “Thanks Be to God.”

And since this Sunday after church, the day had simply started and it was already 2 in the afternoon and I called a friend to go for a walk on Alki before evening comes.

James and Sid joined me at the local Starbucks and we walked the promenade like old friends do on a Sunny Day.

And yet this Sunday had barely arrived and the thoughts of Monday’s work were clouding our thinking, because before you know it — Passover is here and then it’s already gonna be the end of the week and we’ll then start all over again…

and the month is already over.

… and the year is almost over.

… and already 40, 50 or 60 years of our lives have passed.

… and we realize that we lost our parents, our lovers and even our friends.

And it is then that we realize it’s too late to go back…


– Talk to you later.

– I’ll call you later.

– See you later.

We’ll walk later.

– I’ll tell you later.

We leave everything for later, but forget that “later” does not belong to us.

Later, our loved ones are no longer with us.

Later, we don’t hear them and we don’t see them anymore.

Later, they become just memories.

Later only the grief remains.

Later we don’t even remember how their eyes looked at us…

For me grief is simply love that has nowhere to go, so let us lay down our grief now, and Ghazal will be in my heart for now and for always, and later it will still be there, and I know that one day after a thousand days it will be less heavy.

But today, let me choose love.

And so should you.

Choose Love and Let’s love abundantly.

Let’s love freely…

Let’s love bravely…

And let’s love truly, because that is what Ghazal wanted of me, and although I am all the more broken for it, I hope and pray that you do the same. And maybe, just maybe, we all become better Human beings having lived with such ferocious and fearless Love as we did, and hope her spirit up in Heaven is the Soul that mates with mine every waking moment of my sad sojourn upon this Earth without You.

Rest for me darling — till we meet again.

Thank you my love, and now I turn around and pay it forward and can’t do anything but offer my Love to all, to each and every one of you, and to the children yet to be born.

Love each other. Do that, because later, the day becomes night, our dreams become helpless, and by the Grace of God, we remember the dawn yet we never see it again..

That simple “later” is what makes the smile frozen stiff, the beautiful face become a grimace, and soon life itself becomes death and death overtakes everything.

Yes “later” becomes “too late.”


Let’s try, despite everything else, to really LIVE the remaining time we have upon this Earth.

Let’s keep looking for Love and love that we have…

Let’s put some color in our grey…

Let’s smile at the little things that put some balm in our hearts.

Because despite everything, we must continue to live with serenity this time we have left.

Let’s try to eliminate all the “afters” such as these few instances of “Afters” that steal our life as below:

I am going to be doing the right thing “after” I first make a lot of money, get married and have a big old mansion, and also accomplish this, that and the other …

I’ll share my Love with you “after”…

I’ll let my truth out right after it is safe to do so…

I’ll think about it “after”…

So sad to have to leave everything behind on our sleepwalk]king to the cemetery…

We leave everything for later like as if we know that the Great Hereafter is ours.

Yet, what we don’t understand is that there is no “after”

There is no afterwards… for us.

We dopant even know what the Great hereafter is all about — nobody knows.

All we know is that after a while — our tea gets cold,

our food is inedible.

Afterwards, all of our priorities change.

Afterwards, the charm is broken,

Afterwards, our health goes away.

Afterwards, the kids grow up.

Afterwards our parents get old and die.

Afterwards, all of our promises are forgotten,

Afterwards, the day becomes night.

Our sinews are weak.

Afterwards life ends,

and then of course it’s too late for doing anything.

So many important people lying in the cemeteries with unfinished plans, projects and responsibilities.

Because all these “afters” that lie in the cemeteries with us, are still waiting for the right moment to do what matters the most.


Let’s leave nothing for later,

because while waiting to see what comes later — we can lose life’s best moments,

we can lose the best experiences,

lose the best friends,

forget the best of family…

So, please do make sure that you know today is the day;

this moment is the moment.

And life in in the now.

And since we are no longer at an age where we can afford to postpone what needs to be done right away — best we go out there and meet our purpose for being on this Earth.

Only then and after our Purpose is served we shall find the whole sum total of the Meaning of this Life too.

Our meaning, that is.


Dr Churchill


Methinks that within that prayer there is great wisdom for all when it comes to life’s hard times, and the complexities of our daily situations like what we are experiencing going on in the world today.

So, it seems that the Good Lord is mixing things up, and showing us that although we don’t really care for, or even detest the things that are happening to us along the way — something even better is going to come when he is done “baking” our biscuits to feed us for our future.

Courage my friends — Courage.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 24, 2023

Mind over Matter

I believe each one of us gets in Life what they deserve.

I do not for a moment believe that each one of us is a financial genius that is asleep and just waiting to be awakened…

Yet the fact that you are asleep, is evidenced by the reality that most of you work like a drone in a no-end job waiting for the day that they will give you the plaque and the gold fob watch and send you home after some weak livered cocktail party, sprinkled with some inane speeches and a bunch of backslaps from the yellow teethed mouths of the well-done-jolly-good-fellow crowd, and the wishing well-cards from all those who couldn’t make the party, because they actually had better things to do with their time, such as hit the pub, have dinner, or even do actual gainful and useful work now that the old fogies are on the slow march towards the Cemetery.

Not a bad place to rest as a matter of fact, because in Seattle and in London, both cities with inclement weather — there are many whores of both sexes and of some third unidentified sexual persuasions; that ply their lovely trade of fucking for money in the cemeteries, like the High Gate in London and many ancient churchyards, and the famed Wasseli in Seattle laying next to Aurora Avenue where the beautiful and the ugly whores congregate for a cheap fuck or a quick blowie to relax the Uber-stressed and overcaffeinated Seattle crowd of both sexes.

Damn you Starbucks…

Nothing speaks Seattle, like a romp on top of the wet & cold marble tombstones while sipping a Grande Mocha Latte, with cinnamon and a vanilla blue pill, all stirred inside by the obliging Coffee Barista up the hill from the famed Waseli cemetery where Bruce Lee, his son and many other greats, mostly ordinary drones — take a respite from the hazards of the mortal coil.

And of course there are all kinds of benches strategically located amongst the bushes for those stout souls who don’t need to lay down in order to get laid.

As for the rest of you — like most yahoos looking for a good time on your birthday, on your marriage anniversary, on your special occasion because your football team won or lost, or just to celebrate TGIF, or those days of the week that end in “y” — you could give your business to any of the multitude of cheap motels and hotels along the old Highway 99, that soon will be renamed Highway 69, if my friend Dow Constantine the king County Executive who drives up and down Hi 99 each and every day of the week to find the most average looking hooker and give her a ride for a “Benjamin” in exchange for her vote.

Dow has taken his skillset of serving his people to a new high, and in his honor I dedicate this piece, because he is an old West Seattle friend and neighbor and he deserves to be remembered in history through my writings since his lackluster career as a public servant is — shall we say politely, fairly “shitty,” steeped in corruption, white supremacy, racism, non meritocracy, abuse of power and the requisite money laundering for friends and family.

So to fuck under the rain above Bruce Lee’s resting face, is not a bad way to regain your Ninza powers.

And indeed this type of fucking has curative powers for all who dare tussle with the Dead on any other day of the year as they wrestle with a random meth & crack addled Sexy Hooker.

Apologies for I misspoke, since in Seattle we only have Sex Workers, because the Seattle & King County residents cannot be called prostitutes, hoes, nymphos, unsatisfied house wives, beer tenders, grave sweepers, hausfraus, chicks with dicks, trannies, teakettles, fluffers, todger-dodgers, Catholic school girls, sperm collectors, birth containers, Coeds, Krakens, baby mamas, drug czars, heroin chicks, Seahawk Queens, Doggies, Quarelles, Qualudes, mamachitas, Chicarones, Cabrones, Curvas, Germans, etc.

You simply have to familiarize yourself with the term SW (Sex Workers) and with my friend Dow Constantine, providing full employment for all of them with his daily sperm & Ben Franklin donations.

And he is a fount of support for all those SWs, because later on in life after many years of faithful service he also provides valuable recompense by employing all of these semiretired hoes in the King County established bureaucracy, so that the meaning of speedy service in the King County building takes a whole new life as a “Quickie” because my dearest friend Dow is a premature ejaculator and that is what we call a “Seattle Minute”.

It must be the coffee.

Damn you Howard and your evil Starbucks.

From now on I shall only frequent the naked baristas of Seattle Opera and the ballet. Or is that the topless and usually bottomless baristas, of your local Queen Bee drive through?

Don’t exactly know, nor do I remember, because I am a little confused with so many coffee places in Seattle that you’ve got to get up really early to catch that rare bird that serves coffee, croissants and 69 inside the Waseli cemetery off Aurora Avenue, in Seattle’s most scenic neighborhood.

May you get lucky to get there someday for a long nap…

So that’s what life in Seattle’s fast lane is all about, but enough with the dead and dying. We shall get back on that subject of the Cinco De Mayo, that is mixed up with the Dios De la Muertes, because drinking too much tequila will surely bring on the other most important Mexican holiday of the dancing automobiles operated by tiny men with facial tattoos driving like little old white ladies. No wonder they call themselves Latin X…

I would surely be confused as well, so I call myself Mr X — in my case X stands for Grande, X-large, hell, XXX-Large. I am only speaking of my “Special Starbucks Coffee Cup” of course.

But getting back to the subject of Death and Dying on top of a Hoe, shaking the meat atop a cold marble cemetery slab — Le petite Mort, is what the Francophiles call it — you cannot but think of the Public Health statistics, or rather the Public Unhealth actuarial statistics, in order to recall that the average Civil Servant (an overwhelming majority” keels over and dies within 12 months, or less than a year after they get the gold watch, and told to go fishing…

I suspect that it is those loving wives that put arsenic in the tea of the home bound hubby, whom they love well and much, as long as he is at a healthy commuting distance from er Home. “Ich lebed Ich” darling: Off you go into the gas chamber…

So, it appears that the majority of us who always live in order to work and once we are done — our culture makes define ourselves as useless sods and therefore, we keel and die, hopefully on top of a Hooker “inflagrante” right in the cemetary so there is great savings to be had by not transporting the dead corpse via Uber back and forth. At the end you best start and stay at the cemetary where you get your carnal pleasures in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, that is how our advanced societies lead us to believe and educate ourselves into believing the wrong things about the purpose of work, the purpose of sex, the meaning of life, the reason why we work, and our incessant quest to make more money and buy more garbage to consume endless useless and tiresome things, instead of supporting our SWs as my Good West Seattle BFF (Best Friend Forever) Dow Constantine does each and every day.

Yet, above all else, we have to combat the erroneous fact that our work defines who we are, instead of the other way around.

Sadly — we are taught from an early age to define ourselves by our employment position and by extension to be good employees and work for money, maintaining the existing Status Quo by never rocking the boat.

Even your parents have always taught you that. Go become this or that and the other, and work hard at. a career for the Government, the armed forces, the fire fighting brigade, the Cop shop around the corner that unleashes pigs who suppress the unruly citizens, and all the other vermin type of life time commitments.

But not all of us fit that mold.

And some of us have chosen (after trying the old path) becoming anything, such as Professors, Teachers, Musicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Soccer players, and all other usual stuff — we wake up and walk away from the herd and choose to rather be circus performers, stunt men, like Evel Knievel, or his equivalent in serial Entrepreneurs, Start Uppers, VCs, and Professional Investors like us who dare to dream and follow that dream all the way to the hospital or the grave.

So here’s to the Hi-Wire walkers who walk with a balance stick, across a great chasm of this Earth, a valley, or high mountain peaks — walking gingerly on the stretched wire that resembles a clothes-drying-line in your backyard, except that it is connecting the top floors of two skyscrapers in downtown Chicago, or New York or whatever other Metropolis you call home.

That’s what I do every single day and instead of working for money — I make sure to have my Money work for the betterment of all of us, fully trusting (Not knowing) that eventually the world will reward me with their measures of success, because I always offer far more value than what I expect to receive back.

And in case you have forgotten your basic Economics classes — the simplest yardstick of success the world give to those deemed worthy of providing measurable value — is recognition, money and fame.

Nowhere is there a gold fob pocket watch described as a measure of success in my Economics textbooks, but maybe we are taught different things on this side of the pond.

Yet, what I learned from a lifetime of risk taking and high tight-rope wire walking — is to not worry too much about the measure or the yardstick, but only about the value of my work product and service to those who absolutely need it.

And this is not like the rest of you, who choose to not worry for your financial future because your spouse, your company or your government will do that for you, and there will be a solid pension plan to protect you for the whole of 12 months that you might live past retirement age…

Sadly, the message about money we’re taught from a very young age is that to survive — you must work hard, earn money, spend it, and when we run short; we go out to the Banks and borrow money, and then use our credit cards to borrow some more, and if we pay it back on time — we get a good mortgage and a decent auto loan and a solid College loan for our kids to go to a good Ivy League school.

I guess that more than 99% of the Western world subscribes to the above dogma, simply because it’s easier to find a job and work for money, than to make your own way and build your own business and thus create multigenerational wealth.

Because, all those who buck the trend — we hear, how they died in the poorhouse, or in jail, or in something in between, like the genius Tesla

Yet, we have all kinds of ways to awaken our financial genius in ways great and small, but always profitable and full of energy and the desire to live a meaningful life — not a drone’s existence.

Things like that is what I want to share with you; when I speak in my world tour of Excitement and Glory.

But I’ll give you here a tidbit and that morsel is that first you’ve got to Find a Reason.

If you ask most people if they want to be rich, they say “yes.” But then reality sets in. They realize it’s a lot of work to become rich. There is no getting rich quick. Facing these obstacles, they throw in the towel and take the easy route — getting a stable & steady job that pays the bills, and then whatever is left over after the job’s job is done — they hand it over to a pathetic broker who might lose it all because the Government every decade readjusts the game levers and steals all of your money like a Las Vegas casino does when you win too much in the Roulette wheels…

Yet, there are clearly those in life who don’t take the easy route.

And there are those who are wildly successful where others aren’t.

Yet that question needs to be asked:

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful?

The answer is found in Reason.

Because REASON is not your reason for doing what you are doing — but it is simply the combination of “wants” and “don’t wants.”

For example — my own reason for becoming wealthy, began with seeking to be of service to the world and therefore following my DREAM, I had to focus on my “don’t wants,” that in turn defined my “truly wants.”

Add to the SERVICE QUOTIDIEN, another reason; and that is that I don’t want to work for anyone else’s dream.

I simply couldn’t care less about your dreams if my objective is to actualize myself…

And indeed I don’t even want what my friends, college classmates, colleagues and social aspirants, aspired for. Namely, job security, their college sweet heart, a Tesla automobile, a full bank account replenished regularly each and every month, and a house in the suburbs with the requisite 2,3 children, to keep Social Security from going bankrupt.

It is not that I don’t like being an employee — but it is that I simply hate to take orders from people who are clearly inferior to me, I want to have my own Timetable, Life goals, Work commitments, Travel obligations (Yes – for me TRAVEL is an innate obligation) and I also don’t want to be the Corporate Man that I see playing the Pachinko machines, drunk on rice wine, sake, and cigarette smoke — all the while, eating stale sushi, and talking trash about underage prostitutes dressed like school girls that populate the Ginza district’s after work “Pub like” establishments for those Corporate men whose job highlights include a quick blowie and a standing up fuck with a schoolgirl in the ladies’ bathrooms downstairs, from the dirty swept nightly black & white tiled floors, full of emotionally absent, half drunk, or completely blotto Corporate men & Corpo-women (now), who always work to make money, avoid spending time with their spouse and kids, and simply make the ends satisfy the means.

As I am concerned — I want nothing to do with that kind of Existence. I want to live — not to simply exist. I want to not pass my time until the end of my life in meaningless pursuits.

Instead — I want FULL TILT MEANING and WONDER in my LIFE jumping over a long line of buses on my motorbike like Evel Knievel did, and still does in the videos from his era, that little kinds today have no idea what the big deal ever was, to have a brave man jumping over twenty-seven buses stacked end to end, while riding his little motorcycle, that wheezed and sped its way up a ramp and down another…

Yep, that’s what I want and the earlier stuff is what I don’t want…

And out of these “don’t wants,” I have slowly developed my “I wants.”

I want to be free to write, to speak, to help people in need, to offer medical services and good medicines to all the people who have a need, to travel the world and to live the kind of lifestyle of Service and Love that I love…

And I want to still be young when I do all this, and of course it takes a shitload of money to do that — so I always wanted to be free financially.

I basically want control over my time and my life.

Therefore, I want money to work for me.

I don’t want to be a “master of the universe” and say whatever I please to anyone without fear of being fired or looked upon as an outcast — but well, you know that it takes a whole lot of “Fuck You Money” to be me.

And since money is one way to get me there and insulate me from all the dependence crap out there — I’ll take it as one of a multitude of rewards that shape my portfolio of appreciation from my Community, because most all of the rewards that I receive are always intangible and rather difficult to be quantified in things that you would understand.

Personally, I’ve faced many setbacks in my road to riches.

I’ve lost a lot of money and made a whole lot and more back again.

And every time I built back better,

Of course, I’ve seen many Startups fall, crash & burn, like the planes in the Battle of Britain during second world war, when the Messerschidts and the Spitfires competed for control over the skies of England but in reality just tried to shoot each other out of the sky.

Kinda like the competition in the Tech Startup world today, where “Monkey see monkey do” and you have to wade through a Sargasso Sea of “Me Too” look alike companies to get through, to the IPO.

Yes, most all of them die — but the ones that survive make you a Billionaire twenty times over.

I wanted to be financially free by the ripe old age of 27, but it took me until I was 19, with nary a learning experience along that short road.

That all came later.

By the way, the learnings, came in spades and having been a Billionaire three times on paper — I know how to be Uber-rich and also how to be Uber-poor, because whenever I have a spare Billion, or two, or ten — I always give it away by building a Great Cathedral. By Cathedral, I mean an institution that will help people toady and forever (?) throughout the world, for a long time after I am gone back to being recirculated molecules of air.

But throughout it all — it has always been my baby face, my charming yet obtuse personality, and my COURAGE that gave me the strength to always follow my irrational and illogical REASONS, that pulled me through, and helped me to reach the finishing line, whatever that may be…

And to tell you the Truth — its never just the IPO. Thats just the beginning of a Great Journey ahead, like scoring a seat on the Concorde.



Dr Churchill


Today is the day to determine your reason for getting rich.

Make a list of your “Don’t wants” and your “I wants.”

Make sure that your reason is strong and determined.

And stay fecund my young grasshopper, because you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your princess.

But if you find the right reason — and that’s a huge “IF” — then I promise you that you will find a way to not only get really wealthy, but to get laid to your hearts content with the girl of your dreams.

Because ultimately, all that we do — we do it for LOVE.

Yet it all starts with you, searching diligently and finding your OWN REASONS for giving meaning to your LIFE.

Good Luck and God Speed.

Birth your dreams… my Angel.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 21, 2023

Vernal Equinox

A man and his pup were walking along a winding country lane.

The road was long and the sun has risen at his highest, heating up the two travelers.

Both man and dog, were enjoying the scenery, when the Man suddenly remembered that he died in an accident, while driving with his dog in his lap…

It occurred to him right then and there, that he must be dreaming, since he could not be dead, and walking with his dog in this nice shady country lane, that looked like a place he had visited many, many moons ago…

But then, he remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him was killed in the accident and he died in his lap too.

But then again he was enjoying this constitutional walk, because it seemed like he was floating, and not even exerting any effort at walking. His dog walked beside hi without a lead to hold him, and that is when they both stopped and stared seemingly as if to wonder where the road was leading them.

Not exactly knowing — they kept walking for another hour or so, until after a while, they came to a tall white stone wall along one side of the road. It looked like fine marble. At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight.

When the traveler and his puppy were standing before it — they saw a magnificent gate with a beautiful overhead arch, that looked like it was made from abalone (mother-of-pearl), and the street that led to the gate looked freshly tarred, perfectly clean, and shining like gold as it reflected the brilliant sunlight.

Duly impressed the traveler and his pup walked toward the gate, and as they got closer, they saw a man sitting at a desk inside an air-conditioned cubicle, acting as a security office, on the right side of the door.

When the traveler was close enough, he called out:

Excuse me sir — do you think that you could tell us where we are?

This is Heaven sir, the man answered.

Then the traveler asked: Would you happen to have some water?

Of course, sir.

Come right in, and I’ll have some ice water brought right up.

The man gestured, and the gate began to open.

The traveler asked: Can my friend, gesturing toward his dog, drink some water too?

I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t allow pets in Heaven.

The man thought for a moment, appraised the situation and thanked the man, as him and his pup turned back toward the road and continued the way they had been going all along.

The traveler was quite comfortable with his companion, and wouldn’t dream of being separated from him, any more than the dog would even dream of being separated form his human.

After another long walk, and at the top of another long hill, he came to a dirt road leading through a dirt road to a horse gate that was hanging from her hinges and looked as if it could never be able to swing forth, let alone to close.

There was no fence.

As he approached the homestead, he saw a man, sitting down with his back leaning against a big mature shady tree, reading a book.

Excuse me, he called to the man: Do you have any water?

Yeah, sure, there’s a pump over there, come on in.

How about my friend here?’ the traveller gestured to the dog.

There should be a bowl by the pump.

They went through the gate, and sure enough, there was an old-fashioned hand pump with a bowl beside it.

The traveller filled the water bowl, he carefully gave water to his pup, and then he slowly took a long drink himself.

When they quenched their thirst, the Traveler and his pup, walked back toward the man who was standing by the big leaf shady tree.

Then, the traveller asked:

What do you call this place?

This is Heaven; he answered.

Well, that’s confusing, said the traveller.

The man down the road said that was Heaven, too.

Oh, you mean the place with the gold street and the pearly Arched gates?


That’s hell.

Doesn’t it make you mad for them to use your name like that?

No, we’re just happy that they take all of those folks, who would leave their best friends behind.

For us, as it is for you — pups are family.


Dr Churchill

Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 12, 2023

Three Years

People all over the world, wherever you are, I know it’s not easy for you right now …

Still, I’m an old man, I’ve been living for a long time and I still live with optimism.

Today — I want to share this prayer about other old people that you might have in your life.

People amongst your family or friends who have fallen ill, and might find themselves needing to be dependent for a time; to someone who might care for them when they are ill, terminally or not, or when they feel infirm and aging…

That is when you could shine as a human being…

If its old age — please let them grow old with the same love that they would have let you grow …

Please let them feel at home in your humble abode, because hospitality is the greatest gift you can offer to a person sick or dying.

Allow them to speak about their feelings and how they see their future and pay attention as they tell their stories. Please listen with the same patience and interest that your parents showed, when they had to hear your stories a million times over, when you were a child …

Always help with their illness, and let them overcome their disease, like so many times when your parents helped you overcome … your childhood ailments.

Give them plenty of chicken soup, even if they are vegetarians. The Dalai Lama himself eats chicken soup always when he is ill. So, let them enjoy their soup and their friends just as your parents let you …

Help them enjoy walks and talks with your children, or grandchildren because they see you in them … and let them enjoy living among the objects that have accompanied them for a long time, because they suffer when they feel that you tear pieces of their life away …

And above all else — let them be wrong, like so many times you have been wrong and they didn’t embarrass you by correcting you …

Let them live amongst loved ones, and try to make them happy the last stretch of the path they have left to go; give them your hand, just like they gave you their hand when you started your path!

I appeal to desperate young people to do this too, because that way you shall be liberated…

Believe me ..

In the Old Testament, there is a story about a leader with prophetic flow, a Shaman, who in time of dire straits for his tribe when the whole community was suffering from a persistent drought that killed the crops, and caused widespread famine, so that even the cattle, and the people were dying — he said to his people to stop feeling sorry for themselves and go out and “Make ditches.”

He admonished them to dig deep rain ditches, acquires, and small dams everywhere there was a slope in order to harvest and store the water from the coming deluge.

“But there is no rain, the people said.”

He insisted: Dig ditches and the rain will come.

All of you unbelievers will say that this is nonsense…

Okay, believe what you want…

This is your rational thinking… but mine is the irrational thinking like Noah’s who listened and when the floods came — he was prepared with his giant Ark.

Believe, because after these last three horrible years — I think rational thinking is not working right now.

Irrational, subconscious thinking is what is needed …

Like when I was little, I dreamed of being what I am now..

Maybe I had a vision, I don’t know..

I didn’t expect much, but what I dreamed and fantasized happened to me..

And now I I believe we can draw the future to us..

Let us draw Health, Happiness, and Inspiration upon us because this is what the world sorely needs right about now.

Still, whatever you decide to do, believe it.

If necessary — act as if you totally believe it, even if you are undecided.

Yet, believing is Gold, because that is the only true power we have to accomplish SuperNatural Thinking & make these thoughts a reality.

Thoughts to things. Now, that’s the kind of POWER I can get behind…

Whoever, whatever and wherever you find yourself in your journey of life — BELIEVE — believe even if you are an atheist, an agnostic, a spiritualist, or anything else – just believe and the rain will come.

Just get started on the journey to recovery and the whole Universe and God incarnate will conspire to fix you up better than before.

Do that because over the last three years we have all suffered mightily.

And as we now learn that the Wuhan Coronavirus was an engineered pandemic causing Biological warfare agent, we learn that for two months before lockdowns came to the United States, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was broadcasting the lie that its Wuhan lockdowns had killed the SARS-CoV-2 virus and had eradicated the disease that it caused Covid-19.

Control the people, they said, lock them up, prohibit all human movement, and do it brutally for as long as it takes, and the virus called SARS-CoV-2 would be suppressed and eliminated.

The CCP began its global campaign with preposterously fake videos of people collapsing in the streets from sickness, as if this common respiratory virus kills quickly like the one in the movie “Contagion.”

It was a campaign of terror, or, as Robert Malone likes to call it, 5th generation warfare.

No one should have believed it, especially not trained virologists. Lab leak or not, the trajectory of all viruses must follow evolutionary law: that which is very severe will not become prevalent and the reverse is also true. In addition, every virus that has ever come into existence always exists, save the only two which have been eradicated.

There was never a chance for zero COVID. It was always the case that this virus would circulate until there was herd immunity. Getting rid of freedom accomplishes no public health goal. It only wrecks society. It ends the world.

China’s COVID was a creation of theater, both the virus behavior and the response. It’s astonishing that most of the world believed both. The bought-and-paid-for World Health Organization (WHO) sent a delegation of dupes to Wuhan to observe the great achievement. With the CCP as the tour guide, mucky mucks from the United States and UK, including Fauci’s own deputy assistant, believed every word.

And the WHO produced a report dated Feb. 20, 2020, and signed by everyone there, that celebrated the great achievement. Donald Trump himself praised the wonderful job that Xi Jinping had done in taking on the virus. The Department of Defense, the National Security Council, and the entire “pandemic planning” biosecurity state was activated. By Feb. 28, 2020, the plans were in place.

All that remained was a campaign of fear to warm up the American people as to what was coming. Fauci himself revealed it first to the actress Morgan Fairchild, whom he instructed to tell her followers the closures were coming. A week later, the conference called South by Southwest was canceled by executive edict by the mayor of Austin, Texas. This was the first hardcore deployment of extreme authoritarianism in the United States.

But it was just the beginning.

The frenzy built quickly over the next week, and every news outlet was tagged. The New York Times published wild fear-mongering content daily. Rumors of mass quarantines and lockdowns were everywhere, to the point that the governor of New York had to repeatedly deny that he was about to lock down. Even then, it was clear what was happening.

On March 11, the NBA canceled its season, much to the shock and anger of players and fans. Many people supposed there had to be a good reason, which only increased panic. On March 12, Broadway closed its doors. That evening, the president announced a block of all travel from Europe, the UK, and Australia. By accident, he said this would also include a block on goods imports. The stock market crashed the next day as the White House scrambled to clarify.

These were the grimmest days because the lights were going out on everything called civilization. Everyone in any kind of governing position was in panic mode but it was always unclear about what precisely. Everyone says today that it was panic about the virus but it was also a tremendous fear about what was happening in the realm of policy. The two fed on each other to create a loop of fear.

We know now that the virus had long been in circulation in the United States, probably since October of 2019. We just didn’t have a name for it. People were coming down very sick but the press was paying no attention any more than the mainstream media pays attention to vaccine injury and death today. What is amplified and what is buried is an editorial decision, not a reflection of reality.

On March 13, the HHS released a secret document that transferred policy authority over the pandemic response from the CDC to the National Security Council. Within government circles, the military footing and quasi-martial law became official. All that was left was to get the president to greenlight the lockdowns. That took a weekend of counsel with Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci, Jared Kushner and his friends, plus Scott Gottlieb from Pfizer.

Just do what Xi did, they said, and all will be well. He did it, and so should you. Tragically, Trump reversed his earlier judgment that this was just another flu, an opinion that Fauci too had held, one that turned out to be true. As a result, we got the tragic press conference of March 16 in which the White House issued an edict that goes down in history: “all indoor and outdoor venues where people congregate should be closed.”

The entire workforce was divided between essential and nonessential. The hospitals were closed to everything but COVID and various other emergencies. Travel was out of the question. It was even difficult to get from state to state. Regular citizens became the Red Guard of lockdowns, ratting out neighbors for holding parties and shaming anyone out and about for nonessential reasons.

What about law and liberty? The Bill of Rights? Commercial freedom? Religious freedom? It was like those suddenly stopped being a concern. The entire country was windswept within days. And as if to entrench the panic, the modelers started coming out with their “flatten the curve” analytics, predicting total doom if you should leave your house. And the media ate it up, and so did large technological companies. For the foreseeable future, we would all huddle at home if we could, and make the workers and peasants deliver unto us our sustenance.

How long could this go on? They talked Trump into another 30 days. Congress allocated trillions to pay everyone off. The Fed cranked up the printing press. The U.S. Treasury dropped thousands in our bank accounts. All this largess guaranteed that the schools and businesses would stay closed. The goal was to wait for the vaccine, which just so happened to appear days after the election in which mail-in ballots and hence voter fraud became the norm. So Trump was swept out of office in the sketchiest presidential election in U.S. history.

In the end, the vaccine flopped, as everyone now knows, and the virus mutated again and again until it became endemic like it was always fated to do. We were left with the wreckage. Biden could have stopped it all once he was elected but he did not. He went further with mandatory masking and extremely cruel vaccine mandates that forced an untested gene therapy on millions at the pain of losing their livelihoods.

Just how severe was COVID? Nowhere near as severe as they said. The average age of death around the world was slightly higher than the average lifespan. The young were never in any danger and neither were healthy adults. And yet what of the wave of death that began in the Spring months of 2020?

To this day, it is still unclear how much resulted from panic and neglect of early treatment and how many actually died of COVID as such.

What if every state had followed the way of South Dakota and essentially ignored the federal government?

We’ll never know for sure but the United States could look a lot more like Sweden, which has the lowest excess mortality in Europe between 2020 and 2022.

No question that the lockdowns killed.

And as the chaos unfolded, we saw Chinese videos showing how people were partying in Wuhan, and sending out these videos to the world, same as they had with the fake ones with people dying. In some sense, this was the greatest achievement of the CCP.

It trolled the world to end the world as we knew it.

And today, we are surrounded by the resulting disaster: young people with lost education and acute sexual dysphoria, adults with job insecurity, public health with a complete loss of trust, and institutions all over the country and world having collapsed.

The recent Bank failures are just the prelude to the main attraction and we best be prepared to act…

Built your Ark, because the floods are coming again.

After these floods we will reconvene and count the living amongst the dead…

The recovery will take decades.


Dr Churchill


We had no idea just how fragile civilization was.

And we had no idea just how stupid and evil our leaders are.

We cannot count on them to rebuild.

That is up to the rest of us.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 11, 2023


I have something to ask you…

Please give me an answer here:

Do we have the right to bring a child into such a world as this one that we live in now?

Zaira was surprised; her face darkened; she opened her mouth to answer, but I put my hand on her lips and stopped her.

Shut up and let me speak, because I am a man, and it is difficult for me to speak my mind on this subject that goes straight against everything that I believe in, since I want my seed to propagate on this Earth and yet because this earth is so full of terrors that sometimes it feels like if you touch your children — they are so frazzled and fragile, they will go to pieces…

Don’t ask me what and how, even if you want me to prove it; but I know for sure that this world and all its people are going off the cliff, and it seems like the bus that we entered in Peshawar driving into Afghanistan and the bus-wallah, was driving along the edge of the rim of a Rocky Mountain, taking a tight hairpin turn at full tilt, and the explosion shook us up into a cloud of dust..

Still, you held my hand into a tight white knuckle ball onto your heart, where your breast throbbed — knowing that there is no escape, but a crashing death in a river of blood and then we will drown in the swift waters beneath…

Woe to the children to be born.

Still as you crossed your arms, I remember that moment of serene slow time when the bus had lost touch with the earth and gravel of the skinny road and we blew-up and then plunged sideways into rumbling rolling nothingness, with nary a scream to be heard from anyone.

Nothing else.

Nothing else.

Not even a prayer to be heard.

Yet, before you left, I wanted to tell you these words, just so you know…

I wish our children had been born; instead of sheltering into your womb that was crushed in that crash.

Afterwards I was staring at you still smelling your perfume — but you had changed, and your face was now sharp, crooked, like steel. Your lips were sloppy, yet stretched straight out like swords; blending small puffs of blood, and your eyes were looking far away, behind my shoulder, without tenderness.

I reached out for your hand, and slowly caressed one by one your piano fingers made for pleasure, but best suited to hard tasks. And I curled up in that wreck, as if I wanted to become a serpent, and carefully without breaking any of your shattered bones — I embraced the whole of you, wanting to bring you back. But you remained still, far from caresses and cares of this world.

Still I stayed there, even though the stench of death had started to offend my nostrils; and promised as I kissed your bleeding mouth; we will fight on.

We shall fight on to make a better world for other people’s children.

We won’t let the world get lost, we will do our best to restore the virtue that is gone, and that’s why you should not leave me.

But don’t ask me why I didn’t ask you to leave … at the beginning of that journey.

That is my debt.

I’m not lonely, as many are in the world hurting. A world hurting like me, has many scattered souls, who don’t know, they are lost…

I will find them, and gather them together; the good and honest, same as the dishonest have gathered with the bad guys …

And we will organize ourselves too, and we will not leave the world drowning in blood again.

And that’s why I’m leaving too.

I waited for you to speak; but you had sealed your lips and your eyes were still and hard.

And that’s why I’m not leaving.

Perhaps thats why you don’t dare to tell me to leave.

Zaira darling — stay with me and we will work for our son, for the sons of all the people; we will work for them to live in a better world…

Why aren’t you talking to me?

We are quiet for an eternity together.

The last eternity.

The last embrace.

The last goodbye.

And in a little while longer — we shall meet again:

I don’t want to live and yet I don’t want to leave you.

That’s my curse of indecision.

I put her face on the pile of dusty sleeves, slow and with both hands as she held my gaze with the steely eyes of the dead, strongly.

I wrangled myself free from the wreck and got off the bus touched by Evil and yet left unscathed except from the blood trickling from small wounds caused by the breakage of the windows.

The thick drizzles of blood that had fallen, had coalesced into dark stains of earth and showed patches of colored countries on the map of an unknown earth, separated through borders of different people’s blood, whose DNA had marked the soil without fixed borders; soil-sweet, on a harsh earth, yet, full of tenderness, mercy and liberation from the mortal coil.

Still, behind the roofs of the mountains, surrounding this river, a cry was heard beating the heart against the land and groaning.

My mind was sweetened; as I looked over the dead, softened with immense compassion, as I saw more than any man can imagine — and it was then, that I just felt tired.

I collapsed and felt the weight of the world and trauma washing over me like a curtain of snow driven by billowing winds making their way through screaming willow forests.

So this is what death looks like.

Many neglected bodies, of people who could no longer live, nor die, and committed suicide … by allowing their souls to escape the pained, mangled bodies of our earthly existence.

Still, no noise… but the rush of wind and chimes of pack animals distant and far.

Woke up seeing the setting sun, and gathered strength by feeling my limbs and legs akimbo.

And as I was leaving upwards, and still weighing the best way to reach safety — I stopped and turned back and reached into the bus for her hands, and stood with her long after the dark, kissed and caressed her face hoping that she would open up her arms into an embrace…

Somewhere in my mind — I heard her say: “My child’s gonna be in heaven with us” and she squeezed me to her chest with untold affection.

I had died that moment.


Dr Churchill


From my upcoming book: “Allah-u-Akbar — Memoirs of an Accidental Tourist in Hard Places.”

Chapter 3: “Disrupting people’s lives has always been the Empire’s only use.”

“And if all others accepted the “Lie” which the “Governing Party” invented, imposed, and spread out, and if all the “records” told the same tale, and if we all believed the mouthpieces of the government, the talking heads, and the organs of the state Police — then the lie would pass into history and become the truth.”

–George Orwell

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