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Tube Alloys & Winnie the Pa…

May 8th 1945, marked the start of the Armistice that we still enjoy to this day.

Indeed to be proper & correct, we must admit that we live into the arms-race-peace otherwise known colloquially as “detente” that was created back in the end of summer of 1945.

Yet, as new people who haven’t lived thought the war — we fail to understand the benefits and certainly forget to treasure this wondrous & overlong “moment of peace” that has held strong, up to this very day…

But that is another matter altogether…

We enjoy the Peace and have become accustomed to the fruits of it — largely forgetting that things are not always static and are seldom evident as they appear…

In large measure we owe this ignorance to the length of the present moment of Peace, because we are transcending and confusing the continued peace with something rather exotic that is the absence of war.

War that has been the father of us all, and that was originally won in 1945 through the use of a far reaching and innovative weapon that was originally called “Tube Alloys”

“Tube Alloys” as it was described in unassuming and unthreatening parlance — was the secret weapon that was derived from the incredible power unleashed by the chain reaction of smashing variable atoms together…

And that weapon, the “Tube Alloys” was used well after the celebrations of the Armistice day which was commemorated as Victory day at the end of the seriously devastating Second World War in Europe in the midst of 1945 — died down…

This “Tube Alloys” were deployed from the clouds and rained down on Japan spreading a wind of instant death and a cloud of destruction, unalloyed by any mitigating factors or circumstances.

And this “Tube Alloys” weapon, finally brought a tremulous peace, a not quite fully baked resolution of the ravages and instabilities of the Second World War, because as we were still fighting all over the various Asian & Pacific fronts for several further months after Armistice Day in Europe — there were still millions of lives that were lost till the final bitter end of the bloodiest and the nastiest war we’ve been through as humans on this Earth.

And although this significant V-E Day Armistice, and the resultant cease fire was signed by the European combatants — the war was still several months away from the final end, and instead it was just heating up as the development of the “Tube Alloys” was rushed to conclusion through the Manhattan project.

It was a strange time to be still fighting Germany’s allies, well after Germany’s complete capitulation. Still the Soviet declaration of war against imperial Japan, and the massive Soviet military invasion of Manchuria coinciding with the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were both three months ahead on the calendar. Mainly, because they wouldn’t take place until the 9th of August 1945, when the Russian forces attacked and routed the Japanese occupying Manchuria and China, thus resulting in the Japanese retreat to the home islands…

This was the day of the finessing of the first of two American atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan. One atomic bomb was dropped by the bomber “Enola Gay” over the city of Hiroshima on August 6th. This bomb’s fissionable material was U-235, (Uranium-235) the half-life of which is 700 million years, and yet it killed almost immediately approximately one hundred thousand people. The second nuclear atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki and it killed almost half than the one hundred thousand people who perished in the first atomic blast over a population center. That second bomb used in Nagasaki, employed Plutonium 239 as the fissionable material and it had a smaller kill rate. Keep in mind that the half life of Pu-239 is 24,000 years, and that this type of radiation, once it enters the ground — will be there for a very long time.

During the final stage of World War II, the United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively. The United States dropped the bombs after obtaining the consent of the United Kingdom, as required by the Quebec Agreement.

The Quebec Agreement was an agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States outlining the terms for the coordinated development of the science and engineering related to nuclear energy, and, specifically nuclear weapons. It was initiated by Winston Churchill and signed by him and Franklin D. Roosevelt on the 19th of August 1943, during the height of World War II, at the Quadrant Conference in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, when both Churchill and Roosevelt felt that the development of this new weapon “Tube Alloys” would be the deciding factor for the Second World War, and thus, they had to develop it faster than the Germans and the Russians ever could.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 12.25.58 PM

The Quebec Agreement stipulated that the US and UK would pool their resources to develop nuclear weapons, and that neither country would use them against the other, or against other countries without mutual consent, or pass information about them to other countries. It also gave the President of the United States a veto over post-war British commercial or industrial uses of nuclear energy. The agreement merged the British Tube Alloys project with the American Manhattan Project, and created the Combined Policy Committee to control the joint project. Although Canada was not a signatory, the Agreement provided for a Canadian representative on the Combined Policy Committee in view of Canada’s contribution.

British scientists performed important work as part of the British contribution to the Manhattan Project, and in July 1945 British permission required by the agreement was given for the use of nuclear weapons against Japan.

The September 1944 Hyde Park Aide-Mémoire extended Anglo-American cooperation into the post-war period, but after the war ended, American enthusiasm for the alliance with Britain waned and the status of nuclear cooperation went out with it, because of leaks, fear of espionage, and illegal technology transfer to the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapons development program.

Finally, the “McMahon Act” ended technical cooperation through its control of “restricted data” after the theft of Nuclear Technology that found it’s way to the Soviet Union through the Rosenbergs who were convicted of playing a central role in an American spy ring that passed secret data concerning the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union during and immediately after World War II. The Rosenbergs were executed for their part in the nuclear energy and atomic weapons espionage, that came to light when Klaus Fuchs, the German-born physicist who was imprisoned in the 1950’s in Britain after being convicted of passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union was first arrested and interrogated. The physicist Klaus Fuchs was first arrested in Great Britain in the early 1950s and then he cooperated with the authorities for a reduced sentence, whereas the Rosenbergs fully denied their treasonous espionage against the United States.

And that was the practical end of the Quebec Agreement, that was superseded by a “Modus Vivendi” which was a working agreement, starting on the 7th of January 1948, that allowed for sharing of technical information between the United States and Great Britain; with Canada being the junior observer of the agreement.

In the summer of 1945 the agreement was in full force, and thus upon the passing of the torch from the recently deceased FDR who died on April 12th of 1945, the decision also passed to the new President Harry Truman, who fully engaged in the consultation of the Anglo-American Allies, in order to decide the timing of the Japanese bombing to coincide with the declaration of War by the Soviet Union against Japan…

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 12.28.41 PM

Thus after careful consultations between the new American President Harry Truman and the UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, came the two atomic nuclear bombings over Japan, which arguably brought the closing of the Second World War in the Pacific, through the massive killing of between 130,000 – 230,000 people, amongst the two cities — most of whom were Japanese civilians that were simply going about their daily lives in the two cities.

These were the tentatively named new weapons called “Tube Alloys” a name given to the nuclear weapon for reasons of subterfuge by none other than Winston Churchill  who was a not so subtle master of disguise…

Thankfully, the development of the “Tube Alloys” and the subsequent atomic bombings over Japan’s cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki remain to this day, the only ghastly reminder of the unleashed nuclear atomic energy weapons as the only wartime use of nuclear weapons against population centers — in the history of technologically advanced warfare.

And through the strength of this devastating demonstration in Japan, came the terrible Detente — that meant that these “Tube Alloys” also kept the Peace between the Cold War adversaries for more than Seventy years now…

Yet back in the final months of the war, the Allies prepared for what was anticipated to be a very costly invasion of the Japanese mainland. This undertaking was preceded by a conventional and firebombing campaign that destroyed 67 Japanese cities. The war in Europe had concluded when Germany signed its instrument of surrender on May 8, 1945. As the Allies turned their full attention to the Pacific War, the Japanese faced the same fate. The Allies called for the unconditional surrender of the Imperial Japanese armed forces in the Potsdam Summit’s Declaration, on July 26th of 1945, with the alternative being the unleashing of “prompt and utter destruction” on the home islands of Japan.

Sadly, the Japanese imperium, the military government, and the emperor — along with the devoted citizenry — all rejected the Allied ultimatum and instead doubled down on their vicious fight, so that the war continued unabated in the Pacific theater of conflict with the Allies looking at millions of casualties, if they were to storm the Japanese home islands to depose the military government and force the surrender of the Imperial cabinet, so that a cease fire can be introduced, and a democratic government can be installed…

Yet, by August 1945, the Allied effort at the “Manhattan Project” had produced two types of atomic bombs, and the 509th Composite Group of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) was equipped with the specialized Silverplate version of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress that could deliver them from Tinian in the Marianas to the Japanese home-island territories. Orders for the atomic bombs to be used on four Japanese cities were issued on July 25th by President Harry Truman and the Pacific command.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 12.30.20 PM

On August 6th, the US Military’s warplane “Enola Gay” a specialized Silverplate version of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, flew above Japan’s skies and zeroed in to the target where it dropped the “Little Boy” a uranium gun-type bomb on Hiroshima. Three days later, on August 9th, another Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber dropped the “Fat Man” a plutonium implosion-type bomb on Nagasaki. These two bombs immediately devastated their targets and spread nihilism over the whole of Japan. Over the next two to four months, the acute effects of the atomic bombings killed 90,000–146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000–80,000 people in Nagasaki. Roughly half of the deaths in each city occurred on the first day. Subsequently, large numbers of people continued to die from the effects of burns, radiation sickness, and other injuries, compounded by radiation illness and associated diseases, blamed on the nuclear fallout, for many months and years afterward.

In both cities, most of the casualties were civilians, although Hiroshima had a sizable military garrison, which was mostly deployed elsewhere at the time of the nuclear bombings. Naturally the nuclear fallout continued for many months and years afterwards and to this day, we study and learn from it’s radiation related effects and meta-effects.

It was after this bomb attacks and the declaration of War by Soviet Russia against Japan that caused it to announce its surrender to the Allied forces on August 15th, six days after the bombing of Nagasaki and the Soviet Union’s declaration of war.

On September 2nd, the Japanese government signed the instrument of surrender, effectively ending World War II. The various ethical and war-conventional legal ramifications for the bombings, are still debated to this day, although a firm precedent has by now been established for it’s use in the pursuit of Peace.

Collectively these three actions initiated by the United States and by the Soviet Russian Union against Japan — brought a swift end to the Second World War in the Pacific on September 2nd of the year 1945, when Japan was forced to surrender unconditionally…

It is worth noting that by the time of the Japanese surrender, there was in the works an Allied Coalition that had been subscribed by almost 60 nations, amongst all those that had jumped onboard opportunistically, and were thus arrayed against the Axis powers of Evil at the very glorious end — but like all things great and small in history — it had all started with One Man:

Winston Churchill.

And then through his courage, persistence and love of Freedom, he traveled great distances and overcame incredible odds to find his first potential ally … and then to cultivate this relationship, in order to built a working friendship.

And that first friend of Winnie, was none other than the leader of the Soviet Union, the young seminary student from Tsiblishi, the bank robber of Georgia, the October Moscow terrorist, the bloody purger of men and whole peoples — none other than Marshal Joseph Stalin.

And now we had two men arrayed together against Evil.

It would be two years before these two men became three…

Because that was when the American President deigned to join the English people in order to fight against fascism — when FDR had clearly seen the opportunity to shine by joining the ones who were going to stand firm against Hitler.

FDR wanted to be opportunistic and wait until one or the other of the two great combatants would emerge victorious and then he would make a deal with the winer, but Churchill and the ensuing events did not allow him to maintain his opportunistic stance, his gambling mindset, and his zero-sum game of many ancient nation’s existence. Instead he was drawn pell-mell into the great Allied partnership of the three leaders — where the always opportunistic Franklin Roosevelt, had to contend with the honorable gentleman Winston Churchill, and with the bloody tyrant Joseph Stalin, as an equal partner, of the alliance that had emerged as the forces of LIGHT that were prosecuting the war in Europe and the Pacific agains the forces of DARKNESS in this ancient bloodletting ritual.

Indeed, these three men were vastly different in substance, in upbringing, and in political beliefs, and just as surely, they were always in some state of disagreement. Yet they were also kept on good terms with each other, through frequent dialogue, very many exchanges, and through Summitry. Summitry was a word developed by the attendants of the personal summits that were organized always and forever by Winston Churchill — the unalloyed Architect of Victory in the Second World War.

Led by Winston Churchill’s enduring spirit — these Summits that some people say that he invented — brought these three Leaders together, so that they changed the course of history for the Good and in Service to Humanity.

Indeed their summit exchanges were remarkable, and oftentimes stormy, as can be seen by their messages, telephone calls, and diplomatic missives and even by the personal letters that were exchanged between the three world leaders over the course of their remarkable friendship.

Their personal lives, became intertwined and their individual and joint battles — won and lost — forged these three men into a valiant and unified force, in the service of Liberty and Light.

And as they shared the spotlight and the hot seat, for the decisions that brought victory to our alliance during the biggest war of our history — their interwoven and remarkable tale of friendship, proves a fascinating study of Statesmanship and Courage in the face of adversity, that might be necessary reading for all those who are in Public Service, or aspire to become Great Leaders.

Many of these letters are now available to the researcher and the historian in a collated form from the British Archives and the British Library where yours truly delved into them…

And for those of you who remember Winston Churchill’s speech after the Battle of Britain, dedicated to the many fallen pilots of the British Royal Air Force — “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” — now, You would agree that this sentence perhaps more aptly applies also to himself and to the other two allied leaders, who engineered the V-Day triumph in the Second World War, because it was all a closely run thing…

And it was the stark threat of fascism engulfing this Earth from both ends, that became the catalyst for this improbable friendship between an Anglo-American romantic warrior knight, and a crass slavic tyrant who had come up the ranks of the Communist party as the bloodiest comrade of the Russian Communist Bolshevik Revolution.

These two men were later to be joined by the wealthy & opportunistic New York City social butterfly and ersatz Democratic party reformer — Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was more dependent on his mother and her inheritance, than on himself, or on his cabinet, or even upon his wife and personal family…


Dr Churchill


Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 12.29.24 PM

Yet the tube alloys keep on going and multiplying up to this day, when each and every potentate and petty tyrant upon this earth wants to have one or more to saber rattle his neighbors and imagined enemies and friends…

And we constantly fight to keep the peace as we measure our stance and resolute calm against those that seek to arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction and atomic war. North Korea, Iran, Turkey, and many others nuclear weapons claimants, come to mind, and we need to address these present and future enemies of Peace at each and every turn of the dial…

And if we need to bomb them to stop them — so be it.

But we also have a responsibility to keep the Peace at the face of War and Adversity.

So in defense of Peace I must say this:

Since the beginning of time, we have been inspired through the use of arms, fire, brawn, tools, weapons, and war technology, to maim, kill, enslave and subjugate people throughout the world.

Yet at the same time we have developed our intellect through great teachings that guide us, as we discern how best to navigate our way through this beautiful Green Earth…

Yet it is this creation which You have shared with us, and with all creatures who share this magnificent place with us where there is one teaching that says we human beings are created in Your image…

And what we do on this earthly plane manifests You and your plan into this world.

Therefore, we know that You, in Your mysterious ways, have the power to unleash great destruction on this planet and that we can be the instrument of that fire and brimstone…

Indeed, You can cause the earth to tremble with such violence and force that buildings collapse and whole cities are buried with millions of people underneath leaving barely a trace…

You can make the rains to fall with such speed and volume that small streams swell into wild rushing rivers, causing rivers of mud that swallow our houses and those who live in them…

And You can send bolts of lightning hurdling down to the earth, setting forests on fire, destroying every tree and bush, every fawn, bird, and tree frog that had once lived there…

Is it this destructive side of You Lord, that you want us to make manifest in this world that you have created, that you have so generously shared with us, and with all of the other creatures who share this space with us?

Do you want us to use the tremendous intelligence and skill with which you have endowed us in order to build bombs that can unleash great destruction wiping out whole populations and innocent and blameless creatures, leaving wide swaths of civilization eviscerated in a matter of seconds?

Do you want us to use the creative force that pulses through us to develop weapons of mass destruction that have the capability to end life at such a pace and speed that we cease to see the humanity in the faces of those whom we mow down and are no longer able to recognize the humanity in the faces that stare back at us in the mirror?

Or maybe something else?

We pray from the depths of our hearts and souls, that you help us choose to manifest not your destructive forces, but rather, Your goodness in the world

And we beseech you to help us to see that the loving kindness with which the mother caresses her son is the human quality we embody, and that the same loving kindness instilled in us, is the force with which we care for those who are innocent, vulnerable and dependent, on our loving and protective care.


Let us be strong and help us see the grief of the mother lamenting the loss of her son upon the cross, in the same grief as is found in us, when we are our brother’s keeper and we forget our duty to choose life.

So, we opt to choose Life.


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The Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address…

This year on November 19th was the 155th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, which is a rare example of brevity and impact from one who understood rhetoric and the value of principled oratory in service to the public good.

Here is the text:

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.

We are met on a great battle-field of that war.

We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract.

The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.

It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from this earth.”

–Abraham Lincoln
November 19th, 1863


Dr Churchill


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Australian Gun Restriction & Confiscation Laws update…

Australian Gun Restriction & Confiscation Laws update:

Here’s the true story from Officer Ed Chenel, who is a police officer in Melbourne Australia:

“Hi Yanks,
I thought you all would like to see the real figures from Down Under.

It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own
government, a program costing Australia taxpayers
more than $500 million dollars.

The first year results are now in:
Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!

In the state of Victoria:
lone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.
Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not
and criminals still possess their guns!
While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.
There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.

Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns….’

You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.

However, this Australian experience speaks for itself.

Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens.”

Dr Churchill

Take note my fellow Americans — before it’s too late…

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Happy Thanksgiving & a loving tribute to our national symbol…

“Barbara Frietchie”
–By John Greenleaf Whittier.

[Poem written and first published in 1863]

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 12.24.05 AM

“Up from the meadows rich with corn,
Clear in the cool September morn,

The clustered spires of Frederick stand
Green-walled by the hills of Maryland.

Round about them orchards sweep,
Apple- and peach-tree fruited deep,

Fair as a garden of the Lord
To the eyes of the famished rebel horde,

On that pleasant morn of the early fall
When Lee marched over the mountain wall,—

Over the mountains winding down,
Horse and foot, into Frederick town.

Forty flags with their silver stars,
Forty flags with their crimson bars,

Flapped in the morning wind: the sun
Of noon looked down, and saw not one.

Up rose old Barbara Frietchie then,
Bowed with her fourscore years and ten;

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 12.53.26 AM

Bravest of all in Frederick town,
She took up the flag the men hauled down;

In her attic window the staff she set,
To show that one heart was loyal yet.

Up the street came the rebel tread,
Stonewall Jackson riding ahead.

Under his slouched hat left and right
He glanced: the old flag met his sight.

“Halt!”— the dust-brown ranks stood fast.
“Fire!”— out blazed the rifle-blast.

It shivered the window, pane and sash;
It rent the banner with seam and gash.

Quick, as it fell, from the broken staff
Dame Barbara snatched the silken scarf;

She leaned far out on the window-sill,
And shook it forth with a royal will.

“Shoot, if you must, this old gray head,
But spare your country’s flag,” she said.

A shade of sadness, a blush of shame,
Over the face of the leader came;

The nobler nature within him stirred
To life at that woman’s deed and word:

“Who touches a hair of yon gray head
Dies like a dog! March on!” he said.

All day long through Frederick street
Sounded the tread of marching feet:

All day long that free flag tost
Over the heads of the rebel host.

Ever its torn folds rose and fell
On the loyal winds that loved it well;

And through the hill-gaps sunset light
Shone over it with a warm good-night.

Barbara Frietchie’s work is o’er,
And the Rebel rides on his raids no more.

Honor to her! and let a tear
Fall, for her sake, on Stonewall’s bier.

Over Barbara Frietchie’s grave
Flag of Freedom and Union, wave!

Peace and order and beauty draw
Round thy symbol of light and law;

And ever the stars above look down
On thy stars below in Frederick town!”

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 12.16.23 AM


Dr Churchill


For more background information about this poem — please go see this documentary below:


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What is the secret to happiness?

The secret to happiness is freedom…
Yet, the secret to freedom is courage.


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In Memory of the fallen veterans in wars past and present…

On this Veteran’s Day we ought to recall the bravery of all those fallen to keep us strong…

“Sail on, oh ship of state,

Sail on, oh Union strong and great,

Humanity with all it’s fears,

With all their hopes of future years,

Is hanging breathless on thy feet.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.24.11 AM

And as we commemorate the fallen veterans and thank them for their selfless sacrifice of all they had to give — we should also recall those who gave some of what they had…

But for those that gave up all of their tomorrows for us to have long days of Peace — we are eternally grateful and promise to not let them be forgotten.

And when our time comes to give up all in defense of our State — may God grant us the strength to be as strong as you have been and let our actions be equally virtuous.


Dr Churchill


“The Building of the Ship”

“Build me straight, O worthy Master!
Stanch and strong, a goodly vessel,
That shall laugh at all disaster,
And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

The merchant’s word
Delighted the Master heard;
For his heart was in his work, and the heart
Giveth grace unto every Art.
A quiet smile played round his lips,
As the eddies and dimples of the tide
Play round the bows of ships,
That steadily at anchor ride.
And with a voice that was full of glee,
He answered, “Erelong we will launch
A vessel as goodly, and strong, and stanch,
As ever weathered a wintry sea!”
And first with nicest skill and art,
Perfect and finished in every part,
A little model the Master wrought,
Which should be to the larger plan
What the child is to the man,
Its counterpart in miniature;
That with a hand more swift and sure
The greater labor might be brought
To answer to his inward thought.
And as he labored, his mind ran o’er
The various ships that were built of yore,
And above them all, and strangest of all
Towered the Great Harry, crank and tall,
Whose picture was hanging on the wall,
With bows and stern raised high in air,
And balconies hanging here and there,
And signal lanterns and flags afloat,
And eight round towers, like those that frown
From some old castle, looking down
Upon the drawbridge and the moat.
And he said with a smile, “Our ship, I wis,
Shall be of another form than this!”
It was of another form, indeed;
Built for freight, and yet for speed,
A beautiful and gallant craft;
Broad in the beam, that the stress of the blast,
Pressing down upon sail and mast,
Might not the sharp bows overwhelm;
Broad in the beam, but sloping aft
With graceful curve and slow degrees,
That she might be docile to the helm,
And that the currents of parted seas,
Closing behind, with mighty force,
Might aid and not impede her course.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.38.19 AM

In the ship-yard stood the Master,
With the model of the vessel,
That should laugh at all disaster,
And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!
Covering many a rood of ground,
Lay the timber piled around;
Timber of chestnut, and elm, and oak,
And scattered here and there, with these,
The knarred and crooked cedar knees;
Brought from regions far away,
From Pascagoula’s sunny bay,
And the banks of the roaring Roanoke!
Ah! what a wondrous thing it is
To note how many wheels of toil
One thought, one word, can set in motion!
There ‘s not a ship that sails the ocean,
But every climate, every soil,
Must bring its tribute, great or small,
And help to build the wooden wall!

The sun was rising o’er the sea,
And long the level shadows lay,
As if they, too, the beams would be
Of some great, airy argosy,
Framed and launched in a single day.
That silent architect, the sun,
Had hewn and laid them every one,
Ere the work of man was yet begun.
Beside the Master, when he spoke,
A youth, against an anchor leaning,
Listened, to catch his slightest meaning.
Only the long waves, as they broke
In ripples on the pebbly beach,
Interrupted the old man’s speech.
Beautiful they were, in sooth,
The old man and the fiery youth!
The old man, in whose busy brain
Many a ship that sailed the main
Was modelled o’er and o’er again; —
The fiery youth, who was to be
The heir of his dexterity,
The heir of his house, and his daughter’s hand,
When he had built and launched from land
What the elder head had planned.

“Thus,” said he, “will we build this ship!
Lay square the blocks upon the slip,
And follow well this plan of mine.
Choose the timbers with greatest care;
Of all that is unsound beware;
For only what is sound and strong
To this vessel shall belong.
Cedar of Maine and Georgia pine
Here together shall combine.
A goodly frame, and a goodly fame,
And the Union be her name!
For the day that gives her to the sea
Shall give my daughter unto thee!”

The Master’s word
Enraptured the young man heard;
And as he turned his face aside,
With a look of joy and a thrill of pride
Standing before
Her father’s door,
He saw the form of his promised bride.
The sun shone on her golden hair,
And her cheek was glowing fresh and fair,
With the breath of morn and the soft sea air.
Like a beauteous barge was she,
Still at rest on the sandy beach,
Just beyond the billow’s reach;
But he
Was the restless, seething, stormy sea!
Ah, how skilful grows the hand
That obeyeth Love’s command!
It is the heart, and not the brain,
That to the highest doth attain,
And he who followeth Love’s behest
Far excelleth all the rest!

Thus with the rising of the sun
Was the noble task begun,
And soon throughout the ship-yard’s bounds
Were heard the intermingled sounds
Of axes and of mallets, plied
With vigorous arms on every side;
Plied so deftly and so well,
That, ere the shadows of evening fell,
The keel of oak for a noble ship,
Scarfed and bolted, straight and strong,
Was lying ready, and stretched along
The blocks, well placed upon the slip.
Happy, thrice happy, every one
Who sees his labor well begun,
And not perplexed and multiplied,
By idly waiting for time and tide!

And when the hot, long day was o’er,
The young man at the Master’s door
Sat with the maiden calm and still,
And within the porch, a little more
Removed beyond the evening chill,
The father sat, and told them tales
Of wrecks in the great September gales,
Of pirates coasting the Spanish Main,
And ships that never came back again,
The chance and change of a sailor’s life,
Want and plenty, rest and strife,
His roving fancy, like the wind,
That nothing can stay and nothing can bind,
And the magic charm of foreign lands,
With shadows of palms, and shining sands,
Where the tumbling surf,
O’er the coral reefs of Madagascar,
Washes the feet of the swarthy Lascar,
As he lies alone and asleep on the turf.
And the trembling maiden held her breath
At the tales of that awful, pitiless sea,
With all its terror and mystery,
The dim, dark sea, so like unto Death,
That divides and yet unites mankind!
And whenever the old man paused, a gleam
From the bowl of his pipe would awhile illume
The silent group in the twilight gloom,
And thoughtful faces, as in a dream;
And for a moment one might mark
What had been hidden by the dark,

That the head of the maiden lay at rest,
Tenderly, on the young man’s breast!

Day by day the vessel grew,
With timbers fashioned strong and true,
Stemson and keelson and sternson-knee,
Till, framed with perfect symmetry,
A skeleton ship rose up to view!
And around the bows and along the side
The heavy hammers and mallets plied,
Till after many a week, at length,
Wonderful for form and strength,
Sublime in its enormous bulk,
Loomed aloft the shadowy hulk!
And around it columns of smoke, upwreathing,
Rose from the boiling, bubbling, seething
Caldron, that glowed,
And overflowed
With the black tar, heated for the sheathing.
And amid the clamors
Of clattering hammers,
He who listened heard now and then
The song of the Master and his men: —

“Build me straight, O worthy Master,
Staunch and strong, a goodly vessel,
That shall laugh at all disaster,
And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

With oaken brace and copper band,
Lay the rudder on the sand,
That, like a thought, should have control
Over the movement of the whole;
And near it the anchor, whose giant hand
Would reach down and grapple with the land,
And immovable and fast
Hold the great ship against the bellowing blast!
And at the bows an image stood,
By a cunning artist carved in wood,
With robes of white, that far behind
Seemed to be fluttering in the wind.
It was not shaped in a classic mould,
Not like a Nymph or Goddess of old,
Or Naiad rising from the water,
But modelled from the Master’s daughter!
On many a dreary and misty night,
‘T will be seen by the rays of the signal light,
Speeding along through the rain and the dark,
Like a ghost in its snow-white sark,
The pilot of some phantom bark,
Guiding the vessel, in its flight,
By a path none other knows aright!

Behold, at last,
Each tall and tapering mast
Is swung into its place;
Shrouds and stays
Holding it firm and fast!

Long ago,
In the deer-haunted forests of Maine,
When upon mountain and plain
Lay the snow,
They fell, — those lordly pines!
Those grand, majestic pines!
‘Mid shouts and cheers
The jaded steers,
Panting beneath the goad,
Dragged down the weary, winding road
Those captive kings so straight and tall,
To be shorn of their streaming hair,
And naked and bare,
To feel the stress and the strain
Of the wind and the reeling main,
Whose roar
Would remind them forevermore
Of their native forests they should not see again.
And everywhere
The slender, graceful spars
Poise aloft in the air,
And at the mast-head,
White, blue, and red,
A flag unrolls the stripes and stars.
Ah! when the wanderer, lonely, friendless,
In foreign harbors shall behold
That flag unrolled,
‘T will be as a friendly hand
Stretched out from his native land,
Filling his heart with memories sweet and endless!

All is finished! and at length
Has come the bridal day
Of beauty and of strength.
To-day the vessel shall be launched!
With fleecy clouds the sky is blanched,
And o’er the bay,
Slowly, in all his splendors dight,
The great sun rises to behold the sight.

The ocean old,
Centuries old,
Strong as youth, and as uncontrolled,
Paces restless to and fro,
Up and down the sands of gold.
His beating heart is not at rest;
And far and wide,
With ceaseless flow,
His beard of snow
Heaves with the heaving of his breast.
He waits impatient for his bride.
There she stands,
With her foot upon the sands,
Decked with flags and streamers gay,
In honor of her marriage day,
Her snow-white signals fluttering, blending,
Round her like a veil descending,
Ready to be
The bride of the gray old sea.

On the deck another bride
Is standing by her lover’s side.
Shadows from the flags and shrouds,
Like the shadows cast by clouds,
Broken by many a sunny fleck,
Fall around them on the deck.

The prayer is said,
The service read,
The joyous bridegroom bows his head;
And in tears the good old Master
Shakes the brown hand of his son,
Kisses his daughter’s glowing cheek
In silence, for he cannot speak,
And ever faster
Down his own the tears begin to run.
The worthy pastor —
The shepherd of that wandering flock,
That has the ocean for its wold,
That has the vessel for its fold,
Leaping ever from rock to rock —
Spake, with accents mild and clear,
Words of warning, words of cheer,
But tedious to the bridegroom’s ear.
He knew the chart
Of the sailor’s heart,
All its pleasures and its griefs,
All its shallows and rocky reefs,
All those secret currents, that flow
With such resistless undertow,
And lift and drift, with terrible force,
The will from its moorings and its course.
Therefore he spake, and thus said he: —

“Like unto ships far off at sea,
Outward or homeward bound, are we.
Before, behind, and all around,
Floats and swings the horizon’s bound,
Seems at its distant rim to rise
And climb the crystal wall of the skies,
And then again to turn and sink,
As if we could slide from its outer brink.
Ah! it is not the sea,
It is not the sea that sinks and shelves,
But ourselves
That rock and rise
With endless and uneasy motion,
Now touching the very skies,
Now sinking into the depths of ocean.
Ah! if our souls but poise and swing
Like the compass in its brazen ring,
Ever level and ever true
To the toil and the task we have to do,
We shall sail securely, and safely reach
The Fortunate Isles, on whose shining beach
The sights we see, and the sounds we hear,
Will be those of joy and not of fear!”

Then the Master,
With a gesture of command,
Waved his hand;
And at the word,
Loud and sudden there was heard,
All around them and below,
The sound of hammers, blow on blow,
Knocking away the shores and spurs.
And see! she stirs!
She starts, — she moves, — she seems to feel
The thrill of life along her keel,
And, spurning with her foot the ground,
With one exulting, joyous bound,
She leaps into the ocean’s arms!

And lo! from the assembled crowd
There rose a shout, prolonged and loud,
That to the ocean seemed to say,
“Take her, O bridegroom, old and gray,
Take her to thy protecting arms,
With all her youth and all her charms!”

How beautiful she is! How fair
She lies within those arms, that press
Her form with many a soft caress
Of tenderness and watchful care!
Sail forth into the sea, O ship!
Through wind and wave, right onward steer!
The moistened eye, the trembling lip,
Are not the signs of doubt or fear.
Sail forth into the sea of life,
O gentle, loving, trusting wife,
And safe from all adversity
Upon the bosom of that sea
Thy comings and thy goings be!
For gentleness and love and trust
Prevail o’er angry wave and gust;
And in the wreck of noble lives
Something immortal still survives!

Thou, too, sail on, O Ship of State!
Sail on, O Union, strong and great!
Humanity with all its fears,
With all the hopes of future years,
Is hanging breathless on thy fate!
We know what Master laid thy keel,
What Workmen wrought thy ribs of steel,
Who made each mast, and sail, and rope,
What anvils rang, what hammers beat,
In what a forge and what a heat
Were shaped the anchors of thy hope!
Fear not each sudden sound and shock,
‘T is of the wave and not the rock;
‘T is but the flapping of the sail,
And not a rent made by the gale!
In spite of rock and tempest’s roar,
In spite of false lights on the shore,
Sail on, nor fear to breast the sea!
Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee,
Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears,
Our faith triumphant o’er our fears,
Are all with thee, — are all with thee!

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Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 7, 2018

Our Sublime Covenant with God

Ohhh God,

Please hear our prayer and save our Country.

Because we are on the fringes of eternity and perhaps you would grant my wish that our time is not just yet…

We beseech you because we are well aware that without You there is not life.

And we all now deep within that just as our sailboats need the wind to ply the seas, so us humans need the word of the spirit to direct us, and the breath of God to live.

Yet, in today’s America we tend to forget that the only reason why we are alive having vanquished our enemies — is because we have a Covenant with our Good Lord that grants our wish that we truly are his own children…

That we absolutely need the breath of God to live goes without saying, but that the sublime prayer is our oxygen that keeps us alive, tends to be forgotten in the hustle.


We know that we are the modern chosen people — and still we need to constantly be reminded of that because we forget and fall into awful sin and debauchery becoming part of the animal word and the landscape of terror of the uninformed life the atheists, the agnostics and the muslim infidels occupy.

But to save ourselves form that — we need never to forget the word of God.

Pray and remember God much.

And work it into your mind that the intercession to God never works unless the personal appeal precedes it…

This Godly communication is direct and our inner voice praying brings about the sublime miracle of granting life and healing.

Surely all the trappings of church and faith, such as visual sermons are useful as operatic and hugely dramatic spiritual reminders of mystical and ecstatic moments of the human journey to ascend into the Heavens…

But the cross of the redeemer is one of these visual sermons that is most vivid when covering our hearts.

Passionate statements about how Humanity exists and can be redeemed through its encounter with Nature, are also God’s reminders in an auditory sermon, that allows for an opening in the sky for our prayers to reach the heavens.

Homely and familiar is what we bring to the spirit in our dramatic theater of Life.

The tension between being human and divine, as Lord Jesus places his redemptive blessings upon us to miraculously heal us from the sin of death.

A prayer answered – A prayer asked for — A prayer from his cherished chosen people to Thank him for his intervention in our life.

A prayer that is none other than a grateful thanks that gives us his breath to animate our spirit, and take us to the heavens up above.

This is both our drama and our hope.


Dr Churchill


May now we be granted peace…

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Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 31, 2018

For a New Republic

Given the social state of division that is emerging today in our Republic — I believe that a new political definition of our Democratic Constitutional Republic is needed in America today.

I know that it is a tall order, but we must embark on this process willingly and whole heartedly, even if only in order to reanimate our Republic’s beliefs, to purify its motives, to regulate its movements, to substitute the bureaucracy of political government affairs, with the knowledge of this Republic’s true instincts, instead of its blind instincts, and in total honesty — to bring our divided “national self” together again.

We need to adapt this New Republic as an ideal for a democratic government to fit our current time and place in history. Mainly because we need to modify our institutions according to the present circumstances and the present persons that are exercising this form of self governance. Primarily we need to reassert our men and women, on the orders of the day, because such is the first duty imposed upon those who direct society in our day.

The very reason why republican representative democracy has succeeded in the United States while failing in so many other places, is the careful and considerate Constitutionally based application of the basic functional aspects of our indirect democracy. This is the whole sum of the miracle of this experiment in self governance, in these United States.

Yet, it is all a rather fine balance, because the future of the American Republic’s survival is choke-full of threats to our democracy from without, and many probable dangers of collapse from within. And all the most credible threat are centered around the belief that our democracy has a tendency to degenerate into “soft despotism” as well as pure “totalitarianism” from the Big Government complex of our tendency to dismiss the risks of developing a tyranny of the so-called majority.

And as we observe the tug of war between the two major parties, and also the strong role that religion plays in the United States, due to its separation from the government — we cannot help but wonder if those two main parties have supplanted religion as the divisive force that becomes the evil of theocracy. A blood sport indeed, because the much needed separation, that all parties and almost all political factions up to now, have found agreeable, is limited to the stand-off between church and state and is not included in the much more corrosive relationship between the “Big Government State” and the political parties. That is the most dangerous point of inflection in our Republic, except the cult of Muslim jihadists and their Islamic adherents who see the institution of total Sharia law as the only acceptable outcome of their participation in Society. In that evil tiding, they are of course joined by their natural allies, the extreme fringe of the Socialists and the Communists who espouse the dictatorship of the proletariat, and advocate for the forced convergence of our classically liberal capitalist society, to an institutional equality for all. Basically a big prison to house all voices. Indeed these are the two main minorities that seem to admire the industrialization of human beings, and want to institute fascism in order to force the reduction of people, into cog-wheels of the machine instead of human beings. Of course all of these approaches are antithetical to the United States Constitution and must be rejected out of hand, yet they have sadly gained plenty of traction amongst the know-nothing young adherents from the stoner society, and amongst the young children of the bourgeoisie who are masquerading as AntiFa black shirts, and as Hitler’s national socialist brownshirts…

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 3.36.11 AM

And it seems that the unhealthy antagonism between democrats and the republicans, which relates to the excesses of passion for equality among men, women, and undecided, versus the ideas of individuality as supported by the natural order of variable specimens of humanity, and as found everywhere in nature amongst all the species that are divided in two sexes — foreshadows the balkanization and the totalitarian expressions of the various hate-filled divisions and the rancorous intersectionality promoted by the Democrat as well as by the Republican party of the twenty-first century.

And they both do it, only because they want to keep their flocks of sheeple separate, if they are to reduce their losses to the Free Thinking Independents that occupy the middle ground of the debate, and constitute the vast majority of American people.

Any careful analysis of the politics of our society would bear me out, and also the description of civil society as a sphere of private and civilian affairs that mirror the social paradox of social frustration increasing as social, political & economic conditions improve. Indeed the growing hatred of social, political and monetary privilege, increases in quantifiable ways, as social conditions improve. This in turn leads to the state concentrating more power to itself and the federal government and it’s debt increasing rapidly as well…

Our experiment with democracy in America is still fresh and full of the political acrimony over the abolition of slavery that tore asunder the fabric that held the United States together and led to the first American Civil War. And because the Democratic party always sought control as they were back then, the party of the plantation slave owners of the South, they carried the grudge of the South’s loss in their lust for power to this day. And this has led to today’s polarizing rivalry between the two parties, which has indeed exploded after the Civil War, hoping to litigate their differences in a nasty process of hateful violence that might well lead to another civil war that might have a different outcome or not.

Otherwise a democracy’s equality of conditions, justice and the pursuit of the American Dream, has resulted in some unfavorable consequences, such as the tyranny of the majority MSM media bias over “thought” and the preoccupation with Political Correctness, and the pursuit of material goods, along with the constant effect of isolation and alienation for individuals, who are independent of the majority opinions and refuse to think alike the masses.

Over the previous years the social and economic conditions of most Americans had slowly become more equal and the vast effort at industrialization helped i that respect to maintain the American dream as a gateway to all Americans to join the living standards of the old aristocracy. Yet today as the divisions disappear and as the modern world experienced the beneficial effects of equality — we also have the new moneyed elites, mainly bankers, digital industrialists, and others, that have retracted the development of equality. This has given rise to a number of emerging social strata.

Today’s social strata is not part of the firmly middle class Puritan Founding that established the U.S. democratic social state of equality, but rather it is a newer invention. Mind you the early settler and the founders are egalitarian because they arrived as equals in wealth, in education, and in skillsets, since they were all mostly middle class co-religionists from the old Blightey. In addition, they contributed a synthesis of religion and political liberty in America that was the “seed” of the Federal Constitution, which established the principle of sovereignty of the people in the Fundamental principles contained within the articles and the amendments, simply because this was not found in old England and they craved more Liberty and more Democracy than what they had left behind…

The aftermath of the American Revolution popularized these principles, first seen in the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which developed the institutions that will join the states as well as federally govern and manage the national popular will. While the U.S. Constitution enshrines Liberty at its core — the Athenian Democracy, the Christian Bible, the English mores of the Mother of All Parliaments, the Habeas Corpus, and the Magna Carta, along with the Democratic “habits of mind” of the American people — also play a very prominent role in the protection of freedom in these shores of the New World.

And so today, in light of all that — I’m writing to you, because we are at the throes of a new Civil War, and before we embark on bloody carnage No2 maybe we should recognize that we need to cool our jets and make peace with each other. And since it seems to anyone looking that mostly it is all the conservatives that have been treated shabbily by the mass media, who are trying hard to convince everybody that the vast majority of conservatives are evil — we need to counter that nasty narrative.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 4.34.59 AM

Because you already know that Conservatives, like any other population group, are simply everyday people who want to love & be loved, want to live and let live, and hope that we will all get along.

And yet, every day the poor conservatives hear a steady drumbeat of truly disturbing allegations, from the media which presents all American conservatives as uneducated, jealous, racist, war-mongering, women-hating, gay-bashing, immigrant-despising, evil bigots and deplorable, or despicable hilly-billies… But the truth is, they’re nothing like what’s being portrayed by the folks on the MSM and by all the political leaders on the Left, because first, they are not uneducated hillbillies, and instead most are well educated thoughtful people who’ve read and have a certain functional understanding of many the principles of Liberty & Democracy, through the writings of John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, Robert Nozick and John Rawls.

And contrary to popular leftist Democrat belief, conservatives aren’t single-issue voters nor are they governed by prejudice or any sort of extremism. As a matter of fact, they think about the same issues you do, but they think of them in terms of how they affect families, neighbors, country, the Constitution, the next generations, and only then, the rest of the world.

And while Conservatives, love American society, that doesn’t mean they can’t look at the rest of the world with interest, wonder, appreciation and pity. They actually love to travel, and go on far more trips aboard than the leftists do. They engage by going on international field of mission trips, and they send long-term missionaries to all corners of this earth. Conservatives do a lot of business overseas and they send help and aid to the poor folks outside the U.S. constantly. As a matter of fact Conservative philanthropy extending outside the US is almost five times as much, as that donated by those identifying as Democrats. And because they value the contributions we all make to the world and they also see that what makes America unique in a different way of living, they value things outside of America too. But they love our country and value it’s contribution to the world stage, because they truly see Americans as the saviors of the world.

A pretty big claim, right?

Well, Christian Conservatives think in grand terms, because they know that classical liberals, in the old sense of liberty, individual rights, free speech, self-determination, representative democracy, and constitutionally protected rights — all came from the United States to the rest of the world today because we are this benevolent empire, that likes to share, and this we must accept as our destiny to lead, and as our Exceptionalism — whether we like it or not.

Free enterprise capitalism, is the system all Americans like because it has reduced global poverty in the last 50 years far more so than anything human beings have done in the last 2,000 combined. This free enterprise capitalism married with the system of classical liberal democracy here in our country is the winning lotto, for all of our citizens and we best aim to protect it’s winning streak.

Also the only true religious freedom came from these shores as well as all of the innovations that have revolutionized the world — internet, satellites, space exploration, biotech, bioengineering, and even the earlier ones, like the repeating rifles, the cotton gins, the telegraph, the telephone, the light bulbs, the automobiles, the airplanes, the rocket-ships, and the microchips — they all came from here. And when tyranny threatened the globe not once, not twice, but three times, salvation came from here too.

But as wholesome Americans and conservatives to boot — we’re not blind to America’s problems either. We strive to get better each and every day, because we all know the country’s not there yet, even if we’re not sure where the “there-there” is.

And of course, Christians and Conservatives hate it that America has gotten things wrong in the past, and slavery is never far from any of our minds. But those problems don’t keep us from greatly loving our country on balance. We know America has done immeasurable good and that the world is better off with her leading at pole position, than without her.
And all conservatives are pro-woman and never want to marginalize women, because on the contrary, they value women, but the way they value women looks different from the way leftists value them. Treating them differently from men is a sign of honor, not disrespect. We all think it’s fine for women to work if they want, but we also know the woman’s role as mother in the family is irreplaceable from either a creationist or evolutionist point of view.

We believe in traditional gender and sexual roles, again, whether you ask creation or evolution, those roles are what we seem to have been dealt, and all conservatives and Christians, are very, very cautious when it comes to modifying the natural order. Seems to me that in any field other than sex, all Americans seem to applaud that idea.

But being cautious doesn’t mean to hate gays or transexuals. What the conservative Christians hate is the sensation of being forced to accept an idea solely because someone else values that idea. I know very few conservatives who dislike gays as people. I know a great many, however, who intensely dislike the pressure society is under not just to accept gay people but to approve of everything they do as well. None of us approve of everything our own fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, or daughters do. Why would we then, ask or even avail ourselves to afford other people’s infinite approval when even our own families don’t get that?

And of course, conservative Americans don’t despise immigrants, foreigners, or other countries. From what I see, conservatives actually love seeing new people come to America if they come legally, and they love America and also if they want to live in this country as Americans.

And you would have to admit that this is not wrong. Because we’ve put a lot of work as a People into this society, and we’d like to see it augmented and perpetuated, and if not, we would at least like to see it preserved.

Important to note that conservatives also don’t hate minorities. It really saddens me that even needs to be said. Yet sadly, it does…

Think about that for a second.

How many of your neighbors are conservatives?

Or work associates?

Or family members?

Do you really think that conservatives go home at night, discard the suits and dresses, and the rest of their civilized facades, and then don hoods, so they can go out to find others and talk about how much they despise people just because their skin is different color from theirs?

Do you really think that?

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 11.21.53 AM

Please tell me you don’t, and please hear me when I say conservatives aren’t those people. Sure those people exist, but they don’t hide their racism, and they don’t find any quarter within civilized conservative society or inside any churches on American today.

We used to call these people Ku-Klux-Klan and we used to run them out of our towns as soon as we find them, and we seem to remember that it was the Democratic party that founded that organization to control the so called “Blacks” that the Conservatives had liberated from the Southern Democrat plantations during the Civil War. And now the Dems seem to want to re-litigate this Civil War for version 2.0 of the same old bloodshed. But as far as I’ve seen from my perch in America, conservatives actually don’t have much of an opinion at all about individuals, regardless of race or religion. Yet the Democrats and the Left have a judgmental opinion about everyone else, especially about those that are different than them, and about the Independent thinkers.

But there are things that raise the conservative hackles too.
And what they do view very suspiciously is the process of Society’s balkanization at the hands of the Left and the Democrats. That is the process of the grouping of individuals based on unique traits, including racial traits, and sexual choices, and then pitting those groups against each other. And that suspicion turns to downright hostility if those balkanized groups are then galvanized with rhetoric that is divisive and downright dangerous to fundamental American and Western values, whether it’s inter-sectionalism, transgenderism, black nationalism, white nationalism, Marxism, Islamism, gayderism, or transnationalism.

And this is where so many conservatives are genuinely misunderstood as bigots, because although they couldn’t care less what color, religion, or sexual orientation anyone else is — they care deeply that all those who self identify as “other” also support the basic American values such as freedom, the centrality of the individual, the worth of every man, the rule of law, equality under the law, rugged individualism, capitalism, freedom of speech and the press, religious freedom, government subject to the people, and common decency — that ultimately define all of us as Americans.

And many conservatives like Donald Trump, because they actually have good reasons for liking him. When people look at Trump they see someone who’s actually a winner and “rough metaphor” of the personification of the American dream we all love and want to live in. Because of course he is coarse, simple, strong, speaks the warrior language, and he is proud of what his country has historically stood for. Trump also puts the American people’s interests first, and refuses to back down to threats, as he always tries to solve problems with diplomacy before war. There are many examples of all of these personality traits of Donald Trump, but you really already know that, and one can only wish that you’d think about those reasons honestly before you dismiss them out of hand.

Christian conservatives see in Trump an effective leader because he’s getting done what people always wanted done. Rebuilt our Economy. Focus on regulatory rollbacks that make entrepreneurship the lifeblood of American easy again. Provide honest federal judgeships. Take strong stands against currency manipulation from our friends, our frenemies and our trading partners. Destroy and re-negotiate all lopsided trade deals. Secure America’s borders, and repeat ad infinitum, his passionate pursuit of pro-business policies.

No conservative sees in Trump someone who’s racist. As far as anyone can tell and certainly as far as anyone said before 2016, he has always been racially agnostic. In Trump no conservative or Christian sees a bigot. Instead we see a man who has been extremely pro-gay rights, and who doesn’t hate trans people, although he does believe in using biological terms to officially describe people — hardly a position worthy of controversy. Indeed in the face of our Commander In Chief, we simply don’t see a sex criminal, but a strong family man who enjoyed the company of women as a serial monogamist.

Of course one can also see, a man who’s made some pretty terrible moral decisions regarding sex in the past, but who hasn’t done that and been there? And from everything everyone has said, those decisions were all fully consensual and libertarian. He never forced women to let him grab them. He said women let him do it because this is what this type of women (Hollywood vixens) do with famous people… There’s an enormous difference. And we all know this type of women, so there is no big thing “there-there” when you talk about hoes, hookers, pole dancers, starlets, playboy strippers, or porn stars with an enormous “treasure chest.”

As for the popular lullaby of “Russia-Russia” conservatives don’t see a Russian stooge in our President, but instead see the hoax and the conspiracy theory run amok, by a sworn Democrat acting as special prosecutor, perpetuating a witch hunt. As a matter of fact, in the eyes of our President, we see a man with far too much personal pride and yes, a great deal of arrogance and a whole lot of distaste for his opponent the crooked Hillary, who paid for that opposition research that came to be called the salacious “Trump Russia dossier” that started this whole thing and keeps bedeviling our Republic plunging all of us into the second Civil War.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 2.33.55 AM

Trump is strong and that makes it rather improbable and perhaps impossible for him to be anyone’s stooge, and we further see someone who’s beating Moscow into the ground, intentionally and repeatedly on the international and national scene, every chance he gets.

Finally, nobody sees someone who’s mentally unstable at all. We know he’s got a temper. We know he abhors disrespect and disloyalty. We also know he makes incredibly strategic decisions on everything from how he handles international policy (NK, Iran, NAFTA) to the manipulation of a hostile media. By our lights, there’s zero evidence of his being mentally unstable in the sense he’s accused of. Mercurial, yes. Unstable, no.

I could go on and on. The point here is that while leftist Democrats have counterpoints to everything Conservatives examine here, still they desperately wish that the Liberals of today and their leftist adherents, would at least consider the fact that all others including the Independents, have their own legitimate reasons to believe what they do, and that they are not evil because of that.

There are currently more than a few hundred threats against President Trump going live on Twitter this very minute as I type this. And according to Mashable, one month after being sworn in, Trump faced 12,000 assassination tweets. Maybe that is why conservatives are now used to being careful and well armed, when they are constantly attacked and told to go crawl in a hole and die.

That started out as baffling to me too because after all, if what I wrote above described you and a bunch of people wanted you to die just for thinking those things, wouldn’t you be a little confused too?

But over time that bafflement has transformed into defensiveness and is now giving way to deep-seated anger over the hatred directed at us because of the simple values we hold.

What’s happening can’t continue. You can’t keep allowing your fellow AntiFa leftists to beat us up, and the MSM to say that those who disagree with them are the embodiment of evil, and the local leftist police to stand down and not arrest the perpetrators of that violence.

You cannot evade the repercussions of your actions for ever, and assuming that we will survive as a Republic, at some point you will be arrested and tried for your crimes.

And again, you cannot demonize and dehumanize those who think differently than you, because that’s the very definition of stupid. But you cannot do that also because we are not evil, and also because some desperate, mentally ill person on your side will believe that, and do something that makes shooting up a synagogue look like Mickey Mouse using a pea shooter and a water pistol at a party.

Conservatives can’t let those accusations get to them or goad them into responding physically, because some “conspiracy nut” will do something a lot worse than sending pitifully made “plastic bombs” to prominent liberals to provoke pity and sympathy for their cause.

As you might recall — it only took a snowball fight to spark the Boston Massacre in 1770.

Methinks that it pays to try to avoid that bloody massacre from occurring again.

But to do that we have to stop this hateful rhetoric now, and if your leaders carry on speaking like that — you have to question both their leadership capacity and the state of their mental health.

For starters, every time you hear someone in the media attack Conservatives, Christians, the sublime deplorables, or those others who voted for Trump, or the libertarian supporters who mistrust the big government, or even the regular independents thinkers like me — stop for just a second and try to remember that all of us are plainly decent people, and that these Ad-Hominem attacks target good, decent, loving people that are your neighbors and colleagues and you might know them personally.

And the personal connection will bring a fresh air of civility to your mental interior discussion, and a sense of abhorrence, when Hillary Clinton says that the conservative supporters of Donald Trump  belong in a “basket of deplorables” and that they hold “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” views. Indeed this statement came to become a singularly descriptive statement about her, and about her supporters, because she persisted saying: “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Clinton said: “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.” She kept digging her own grave by saying that the other half of Trump’s supporters: “feel that the government has let them down” and are “desperate for change.”

Yet you are smarter than that, and you can distinguish the wheat from the chaff, so that you can now start thinking of the Conservatives and the Christians as different versions of yourself, and as the regular folks living across from your home, or even down the street from your house, or working in the next cubicle, or even sitting across the table with your family sharing a Thanksgiving meal — and then maybe you see them as simple humans and you stop demonizing them, and then suddenly you find yourself being unable to call them by those choice names of deplorables and sexists.

Do this and see if you can find the thinking and quiet space over Thanksgiving holiday to speak about all and sundry, and speak about anything else exclusive of politics. Please avoid talking politics over Thanksgiving so that we can give ourselves the time and space to heal and reflect, because all that divides us is rhetoric. And in these times of trials and tribulations, we need to find all that which unites us.

And by refraining from the steady crammed diet of 24/7/365 awful and hateful news on the MSM and all the channels of TV, we might regain control of our brains. And if we stay away from the political rhetoric we may also win a measure of Liberty from Hate, and the Pain that goes with it. Because if we do that, we might find a way to make this awful person Hillary who fully expected to divide the American people by hurling insults — go away for good and melt away like the bad witch riding her broom in the rain.

And for your mental health, I was hoping that some of the people who were going to either be offended by Hillary, or those who were going to go vote for her — all shall get schooled soon enough. Because these epithets she hurled against all Americans, came back like boomerangs to bang her on her empty noggin.

But to be sure, if any of your close relatives and close friends are found to be a bit conservative — I invite you to think and examine if these people match all that crap that you’ve been told by the mass media against them. And then consider the reason that these people were offended by crooked Hillary, after hearing her comments and her insults hurled against all conservatives, and realized that there was a really good reason that they didn’t vote for her.

And now go further and ask yourself this: Do these folks truly match what you yourself are telling other people about conservatives?

Do that and see how quickly you’ll arrive at the truth.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 8.49.22 PM

So instead of using dehumanizing rhetoric to turn President Trump and all Conservatives inane Independents into some kind of boogeymen, why don’t you stop demonizing everyone else but yourself and your faulty leaders, and instead choose to stand with other Americans and fight alongside them, in order to better our country?

God knows, we have enough enemies all around — isn’t it time to get together?

Indeed this is the only solution.

And it would be much better for our country as a whole, today and tomorrow to accept that we need various voices and opposing opinions to support our argumentative democracy, instead of only one accepted point of view.

And this is what America means for me.

This messy argumentative Republic full of opinionated people is what I like about our country, but I also like the way that we know how to pull together and help each other, to make progress for all of us, and also manage to find some succor for our compassionate hearts.

Because love goes a long way and although we all know that magnanimity is the way to a Man’s heart — this is easier said than done. As for now we need to remove the fear and to heal the hatred and the divisions, that threaten to tear us apart.

And although we all hear people saying that all politicians are liars and haters, and we have a sense of that being the case many times — we also have decent ones that stood the test of time and have done the best that they see fit.

We all hear the harpies telling us that corporations are greedy and the system is rigged agains the little guy, and we =know that to be true sometimes, yet most of the time it isn’t true. And if you feel compelled to believe all the negative stuff, then you have bigger problems to solve with your therapist than the political incivility that your mama Hillary ushered in…

But what America is to me is that we can say all these things and remain free & unmolested by the secret police, because our Republic allows us the voice of reason and sometimes the voice of treason too…

But to be able to question and argue and challenge the Status Quo; this is uniquely American way, and I wouldn’t trade it with anything else, because here we can make up our own minds in an unwritten social contract that says that when only one official “truth” prevails — everything is broken.

And when we start saying that one leader is a monster and that other person is our savior — we are on the road that’s called Tyranny.

And that would be a real pity for all of us…


Dr Churchill


Methinks that if we stick together, we can do well in this country together, but we need to work together to accomplish this, because if that doesn’t happen, the streets will eventually run red with blood, and your hands will be the cause of that bloodshed in another Civil War that will make the old one look like children’s play…

And nothing could be less American than that.

So because of all that and because our Nation has been going down on a rather dangerous path since I was seriously wounded by a would-be assassin in 2017 who identified with the Antifa terrorists — from today and going forward — I am committed to using my voice to speak out against this hate and division that threatens to tear our country apart.

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Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 30, 2018

The Agony of Hope

Revisiting my old dogeared copy of the book by Alexis De Tocqueville, on his observations about “Democracy in America” of 1830s — I was once again surprised to find more nuggets of truth that he shared with the world when describing America as a messy rabble-rousing nation with a new found form of government called Democracy, that was resurrected by the Founders from the ancient Athens and from the fecund minds of the willy Greeks that invented it.

And yet it also harkened back to the English parliament the mother of all parliaments, that had been operating well near eight hundred years at the time that Alexis De Tocqueville wrote these words in his book Democracy in America, in 1835 — shy of a couple of hundred years earlier than today’s stories of violent trouble makers and vicious malcontents, bloodying our people.

Indeed Alexis De Tocqueville a French aristocrat, found, our Great American Experiment, full of stumbling blocks, weaknesses and failures. Yet Alexis managed to see a bit more in our broken world, and he admitted that we are not ever going to get all that we want from our system of Governance, but we will be enterprising enough as a nation, so that we can manage to make a comeback…

He was hopeful on our behalf, and about our prospects.

And so am I. Because today, and for the first time — I allow myself to speak a bit more openly about my personal journey as a person singled out with a sentence of death for being an Open and Independent Thinker and a Voice of Reason in an America that is sorely divided in the throes of a Civil War.

Because as I found out — my purpose and my journey’s deliverance is that I’m here to agitate for healing and a measure of hope for our country and for our people, and maybe through my speaking out, I can signal the start of our National Journey towards Reconciliation.

And to guide our steps towards that glimmer of a sunlit horizon, that I call, our Journey to Hope.

Because in my prophetic flow from my prayers, that is in a nutshell, our National Journey to be.

Indeed, I would agree with Alexis, that we are a People of Hope.

And there is rich irony here too, because the fact that we always revert to crass brutality, banality of evil, and violent tidings, at the slightest sign of conflict — and yet somehow we are saved & delivered each and every time.

This indeed, causes me much agony.

Because even if we are returned to our true compass bearing, that of Hope, it is always through the agony of assassination that takes away our best leaders, our best people, our top most Thought emancipators — and then we are left bereft and scared to death, so that we choose to lay down our arms, and perhaps come to parlay for peace terms and much much later, we might get together and renounce the fruits of violence, and this all too un-civil war.

And it is always those in command who dare tell the people to engage in incivility and somehow they are believed because hate has a way with words and it get to be more believable than the few world that love has to offer.

But I ask you this: Do we always have to have this bloody sacrifice in order to appease the Gods of Civil War and brotherly hate, once again, or can we dispense with these pagan things, the ritualistic sacrifice of our betters, and accept the true God of Love and Compassion, as the God of America that will guide us to out true North without spilling anyone’s blood.

It comes to me, that every time that I remember Abraham Lincoln’s assassination at the Ford theater, after he gave us all the measure of his greatest gift — the brotherhood of men in equality, and then as I recall JFK’s Dallas assassination from the bullets streaming at his head from the grassy knoll, or those that shot MLK dead while gazing from the balcony of his motel for a night that became his epitaph, and that of his spirit brother RFK, whose assassin’s bullet lodged in the back of head at his hotel victory party — all these bloody memories ended for ever the era of discord and somehow ushered the era of Love. Yes it took time for the Vietnam war to end, but we always knew that we had come to the end of our resources of hate, and violence. Cause, we surely knew that only when thoroughly exhausted and bereft of any decent leader, is the point that we surrender to the better angels of our hearts and we stop fighting.

Sadly it is then, right then when we stop fighting because we mange to conquer our inner Demons at the last breath of life escaping our throats, and finally surrender to these better angels of our heart, so that we get to remember how to be our brother’s keeper, and hopefully with the good Lord on our side, we revert to Hope and rebuilding our ravaged nation.

Yet until we take all the risks, until we finish the fights, and until we fall off of our feet, truly and fully exhausted, as men dead-tired after much fighting, and after wrestling with God and suffering through our personal and our communal agony — we can finally come to rest and wallow in the bitter tears flowing from the eyes that have seen perhaps entirely too much.

This is the feeling that describes the true Agony of Hope.

And this bittersweet fruit of great expectation, fully convinces me now that America will bounce back from this spate of wanton and scurrilous violence we are going through — if we allow her to HEAL these self inflicted wounds we are all nursing alone and collectively as victims of this undeclared Civil War that we are going through as you read these lines.

Monsieur De Tocqueville spoke with assurance that “WE” as Americans always find our way to return to that State of Hope, and this is what I found doubtful in my last couple of years of pain and anguish…

But I feel like I can talk about it now. Much therapy has transpired with good people at my pillow and with unnamed friends holding my hand when my soul was not there in my lifeless body. And that is where both my prophetic flowing, my “mind reading” and my dreams start flowing from as well, when I talk about the need to gather together to perform the miracle of healing for our National Psyche.

Apparently all good things require someone’s sacrifice.

And I aim that my sacrifice become the Light that I can bring to bear in our situation today as a nation of much expectancy and yet much impediment along the way.

But because America has been always the beacon of hope to all the nations across this God’s green earth, I have to be gingerly about my resourceful criticism. And because I know that our national dreams and our national hopes are the very aspirations for all others that are struggling against the scepter of Tyranny and are hoping just like me to get out of the darkness, in order to see the cathartic light of day again.

And maybe this is a selfish pursuit, because I also want – need – a measure of hope, just to get out there, away from the fog of war, and tell my story hoping that somebody cares deep enough to stand by me and repeat it ad infinitum so that others have no reason to go through the same and thus our nation can be saved from tearing ourselves apart.

And maybe because I know that there have been too much suffering and too much agony not just for me, but for the many others, and in my heart of hears, I know that we need to lift them up, and save them from violence, well before anyone can kill them — we need to summon the sun to rise up again. Summon the sun to rise and offer the light and defeat the darkness that is at it’s bleakest just before sunrise — and that I felt so viscerally and for so long since my assassination attack at the hands of the Microsoft AntiFa fascists back in February of 2017.

Please indulge me for a moment.

Indulge me because methinks that my personal agony, is hope. And if you want to understand my journey — I had simply to look upon the goodness of God in my life to have the expectation that my Brain Surgery would succeed, and that against all odds, I would be resuscitated and hopefully survive in a reasonably healthy state of being.

Yet pain was to be my companion for life, and that is my journey…

What is then my journey to Hope?

I want to tell you a little story, which might — just might — contain a tiny grain of truth that resonates also with you, about the challenges before us now, and what it takes to meet them. It is a story all too common in America today. It is a bloody story that makes me angry every time I attempt to retell, and yet it is cathartic to attempt the journey of a Survivor in the public stage.

And now, please imagine that you are me for a while…

And then further imagine that you get attacked with the intent to be killed by a Mob of militant assassins who manage to get a “go at you” and beat you up so thoroughly that they transport you to the threshold of death. And the reason for all this hate and violence is because they do not like the words that come out of your mouth, and they hate your political prospects, and they dehumanize you and figure that it is OK to want to deprive you of your Life.

And that is that…

It goes like this:

Indeed one would think of me as indestructible. And as the illegitimate grandson of a great man — I must be about the same… But we are certainly not indestructible, because we are made of blood and sinew, of fragile bones holding the flesh, and of a cranium that contains a well traveled brain. That is all.

And yet the same frame and the meat-suit, can be quite serviceable as it is often said of myself who have in my own times survived a few falls, crashes, and singularly dangerous near misses, and an Assassination Attempt or two…

The most recent violent attack against me for Political reasons was the assassination attempt against me, that took place inside the Microsoft headquarters near Seattle, in the Redmond company town — when I was giving a speech on the 28th of February of 2017. Post election violence by the Muslims, the Liberals, and the misguided AntiFa Anarcho-Democrats has reached a crescendo.

Seeing as the Democratic party and their Mass Media mouthpieces, are now sowing the seeds of a New Civil War, by whipping up the population in a frenzy, and guiding them to take up arms and start shooting against their fellow citizens and their representatives, it becomes likely that we will launch ourselves in a new era of brotherly bloodshed and mayhem — very much like the time of the Democratic party instigating the Civil War as they sought to preserve the institution of Slavery for the exploitation of humans.

And with every liberal attack against people and the Constitution, with every hateful broadcast against the President, with each and every fake news atonement of the DNC crimes, corruption, and plantation politics and their excuses — these people cause the fabric of our Constitution, our Liberties, and our Union; to be torn asunder. They put tears amongst us, as they seek to divide us. They put tears in our Union, and they put a heavy strain in our Compassion for each other by teaching contempt and hate for each other and for all that we hold dear.

They do this because they want this country to fail and fall, for the benefit of our Enemies. And here is where Abraham Lincoln comes again to remind us: “Both parties deprecated war; but one of them would make war, rather than let the nation survive; and the other would accept war, rather than let it perish. And the war came… Fondly do we hope — fervently do we pray — that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away.” –Abraham Lincoln – 2nd Inaugural Address – March 4, 1865

Since time immemorial, Leaders gather their people around them and speak to them of their dreams and aspirations, of their beliefs and principles, and of the future we want to build together — in order to lead our Community, our State, and our Union towards a better tomorrow. This is what I was doing inside Microsoft on a regular blustery Tuesday evening this last day of February the 28th. And that is when an unruly crowd of Microsoft snowflakes, liberals and Islamic haters, who broke-up my speech into a riotous and ridiculous attack, and then ushered me into a dark corridor, where they kicked & fist cuffed me, and banged my head against the solid post and against the wall a couple of times. Over time the blunt head trauma and concussion, have resulted in a serious hematoma, on the left temple on the outer brain, that is leading to a serious condition that has incapacitated the left side of the head and face, and continues to weaken the whole left side of my body. The possibility of paralysis and death is imminent. Yet what what keeps me up at night now, besides this grave Medical condition, and what has become my priority — is to speak up and make every effort to heal the rifts in our country so that we don’t destroy our Union and we do not become victims to hate and malice.

Let us listen to the better Angels of our heart and let them guide our Actions towards Compassion and Love, for each other, even though, much as any family we at times have to fight. Yet now we need to stop our petty quarrels, and silence our lips, lest we cause this fight to blossom into a civil war. Now we have to come together. We have to kiss and make up. Because not only we have to do this for our sake and for our peace — but we have to do it, if we want to keep our Republic alive. Still we must do this in earnest — if we want to keep our own lives, and those of our children, because we truly know that a new Civil War today, will be so much more devastating, and many more souls will be sacrificed to Evil, than those lost in the First Civil War.

“At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”
–Abraham Lincoln – Lyceum Address – January 27, 1838

Now this traumatic condition of mine, requires some special form of brain surgery to remove the blood clotting and compressing the brain — but we will manage this to the best of our ability and with whatever help my good Doctors can provide. Yet God willing and with your prayers we shall overcome. We shall overcome because we have work to do and we will not stop until we succeed in our pursuit of the United States election for the Senate seat on behalf of the Washington State. We will wrestle that seat away from the control of the corrupt liberals and will restore it to the Conservative majority that is at this moment making this country Great Again.

But first we have to alleviate that brain hematoma condition soonest, because otherwise I might get reduced to a situation similar to that of the Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking who is on a wheelchair immobile and having to speak through a tube that translates breath to words…

As a matter of fact, Divine Intervention and Godly fortune might have saved me that awful day, when I was set upon by the ‘rabid dingoes’ of the Islamic liberals of Microsoft…

And indeed fortune smiled upon me that day, because the blunt trauma to the head resulted to an immediate concussion and a contusion, and I slept for almost 24 hours straight between bouts of vomit and lethargy. But I gather that fortune was upon me because my first visit the Doctor did not detect the Concussion and no X-Rays were requested although I was not very ambulatory and thus had to stay in bed for days and weeks on end. And only when my face started fully dropping and my eyes could neither open nor close — I sought specialist Doctor’s advise and Emergency Care.

This is the end of the devious fortune that smiled upon him and I wish to not have any more of her supine charms anymore. Yet it is my Responsibility to lead my people and that is what I shall continue doing. “Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves. LET US HAVE FAITH THAT RIGHT MAKES MIGHT, AND IN THAT FAITH, LET US, TO THE END, DARE TO DO OUR DUTY” AS WE UNDERSTAND IT. –Abraham Lincoln – Cooper Union Address – February 27, 1860

Same as old grandpa Winston, enjoyed this diffident Fortune that she blessed us squarely upon the head, (literally) and put us into a comma. He from jumping from the bridge to escape his pursuers, and me escaping running into a dark corridor to escape the head pounding from my pursuers — both of us running for our life.

It is thus his Life and mine that were spared many times over, from destruction, and from certain yet untimely death. A good break if you can catch it. But the blunt trauma to the head makes me now look like the Quasimod or the hunchback of Notre Dame de Paris — but that is Life.

Here is my ugly mug as it looks today, after this dastardly and treasonous Microsoft organized politically motivated and racist attack by the subhumans and by the CEO of that silly company an Islamist named Satya Nadela who is coming as a simpleton and a hateful snowflake engineer, who migrated from the horrors of Mumbai in the old Raj subcontinent of India.

Look and weep:

Yet sad as this might seem — we have hope for recovery after a long treatment period and a certain type of brain surgery….

Yet to allow this assassination attack to take place inside the global headquarters of Microsoft because the Microsoft CEO Mr Satya Nadela refused to offer any form of Security to this Candidate for the United States Senate Dr Pano Churchill, for his official speech is unconscionable. And to go after the attack and further injure the leader of the American Political party — the Lincoln Party — is criminal. Because all of Mr Satya Nadela efforts today are at hiding this terrible attack under the collective power that Microsoft’s wealth and Public Relations propaganda machine can buy along with the buy out of the Redmond Corrupt Police department. It’s a nice job to have to be a CEO of a powerful and extra wealthy company that hides it’s wealth in international tax heavens and hates our President all the while pretending to be a good guy whereas in reality they are a daft champion of Anti-Americanism and are full of Hate for our Liberty and Democracy.

Because what else do you call those hate mongers, the Islamists, and the misguided Socialists, who rule Microsoft, but clueless and haters? And what about the infamous MicroSerfs that attacked me in order to stop my speech, and in order to silence this defender of Liberty and the staunchest Supporter of our own American Constitution in this State?

They are all sadly lost to us because they believe that hate and violence might solve anything today and want to divide our country to pieces. They sincerely want to finance the sedition effort of the five Western States, and think this idiotic plan will succeed. All because their candidate didn’t manage to steal the elections…. Sad tools and daft binary individuals with out a trace of imagination or innovation amongst them.

Yet this is the leadership of Microsoft today and hope that somebody from the Board of Directors is listening because this is actionable intelligence to fire the CEO and all his minions and start from scratch with honest hard working Americans unwilling to become the Slave Farm that Microsoft has become with the thousands of contract workers form the subcontinents. That is how the Islamist have taken control of this company.

Perhaps time to change that… and maybe the IRS should also look into their nefarious tax avoidance practices and the Homeland Security and the Immigration Service ought to look into how they break all the Immigration laws customarily and that is why they fight the President’s Immigration Executive Order.

But the violence they loosened upon me at the time of my speech in their headquarters will surely be their undoing because we have watchful Leaders in command of our country and our Justice department is now getting ready to attack them and the corrupt Redmond Police department with a strong investigation.

And my advise to the snowflake Mr Satya Nadela is to be careful because Americans are just and honest people and things change fast here just like the changeable weather of Seattle. And as soon as the American people find out that their preferred Conservative yet Independent US Senate Candidate for the State of Washington, has been gravelly injured and yet remained alive and is fighting — they will flock to my defense.

Mr Nadela, methinks that your days sabotaging our country are coming to a swift end…

Count my words little man of Microsoft, and well paid protector of assassins.

And I have no doubt that honest to goodness American people will start a massive boycott of Microsoft and cause the end of that terrible regime of Islamic fundamentalists within our country. All in the cause of Liberty and Democracy and while I was giving a political speech bout Innovation having being invited under false pretenses by this Microsoft company leader, who does not tolerate the American Constitution that guarantees our basic human rights, our Freedom of Speech, and our basic freedoms.

In the hands of these fools I suffered a betrayal and a dastardly attack against my Life. But for the Grace of God I would by now be dead… Yet providence summoned me and saved me, and I only have God to Thank for my being alive today. And I have the Good Doctors to also thank for a good survival outlook, and a positive prognosis. As for the future — we yet don’t know what it holds for this new Guardian of another “Thermopylae” today — but I assure you that I will run for the United States Senate position of the Washington State this elections of 2018 and we will win. Count on it.

Because if anything I am a fighter and as long as have a breath of Life inside of me — I will fight to win and to represent the American people and all the Washingtonians fully and well. Honest Politicking is what we need and not more corrupt politicians like Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell that all they do are to say Yes to a corrupt DNC and their lobbyists that line up their pockets with ill gotten gabs that make them store bought politicians like so many that we need to eject form the Capitol in order to drain the swamp…

And I promise you that I will fight on, because very much like my grandfather Winston — I am made of stern stuff and of a strong disposition. And of a certain temerity that allows me to withstand these barbaric attacks from the Asiatic forces of darkness, even when those hateful forces are located in Redmond Washington and are part of the Leadership of a famous company called Microsoft. A company that has certainly lost it’s way, it’s rudder, and it’s compass, in the hands of an Asiatic simpleton who is just a leader of the horde and who has no relation to our American values, nor any understanding of our Constitution, and certainly no respect for our Liberty.

Indeed it is a terrible thing to witness the distraction, and the loss of direction, of an once proud company like Microsoft. What a shame…

Yet my fortune to be alive today after suffering such an attack is the unique and special connection, between grandfather Winston Churchill, and grandson Dr Pano Churchill, above all else. Our long term survival against all odds… unites us firmly, and our resilience against assassination attempts from our haters and those Nazis, Islamists, or Communists, unites us even further into the fabric of Democracy and Liberty amongst this group of select Patriots that guard the Republic willingly giving our own blood to nourish the tree of Freedom for all Americans and indeed for all Free people of the Free world.

Of course Winston Churchill encountered death up close and personal many times, same as me, but his “times” were far more graphic, involving horses and men, bullets whizzing overhead, and swords swashbuckling, and due to length of time passed since — they also have become a lot more impressively public, because his secrets can be revealed today, since the Official Secrets Act only lasts so long… but in his time it was always his battles against the Muslim barbarians that were the most graphic in wanton violence that this aberrant cult of Hate and Dishonor, inflicts upon people. Same than as it is today that they threaten our cherished Union seeking to break us apart by sowing the seeds of hate and discord amongst us. But let me warn all of our Enemies using the words of an immortal Leader: “When the people rise in masses on behalf of the Union, and the liberties of their country — truly may it be said: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against them.”” –Abraham Lincoln – Rebuttal to Governor Morton – February 11, 1861

Old honest Abe died because of his beliefs and because of his victorious work in keeping the Union alive. Yet, he was larger than life. But I have survived, same as my grandfather Winston Churchill, who dodged bullets grazing his head, hitting his tent when asleep, or even hitting his horse, and his comrades – and yet he always seemed to escape with his life. Because he had not accomplished his purpose yet. It was towards the end of his Life that he came to accomplish the great deeds that he was scheduled to achieve in the first instance. He survived, and lived, not exactly unscathed, but certainly he survived the wounds and the betrayals. Still he always said that he was always wounded more deeply from those betrayals small and large, arising from those errant friends, or those amongst his intimate circle of friends, and trusted colleagues and even his family — than from any of those wounds that the enemy had inflicted upon his body.

Same as me now that I reflect on the dastardly betrayal of my Microsoft colleagues who ambushed me by guiding me unsuspecting, and without any security, into the trap they had set up for me. A trap full of venomous snakes of the human variety. This is the biggest betrayal there is, and the deepest wound against my mortal coil… and against my psyche, and my loving human nature. Because I believe in the innate goodness of all human beings and when I see this level of wickedness — I am astounded at the depth of darkness and barbaric idiocy, these silly folks can dive deep into…

Indeed Winston same as yours truly — hated betrayal, more than any other vice in life. And he did so because he had felt the sting of betrayal far too many times, during his multifarious life…

And so I have come to hate this betrayal at this instance where I was lured to give a speech inside Microsoft Headquarters under false pretenses, only to be betrayed and driven to bear my cross up to my personal “Golgotha” where my persecutors sought to nail me upon the metaphorical cross, of a slow and painful death, due to blunt head trauma that acts like a delayed fuse bomb in the brain.

What bastards and losers can live inside the skin of seemingly ordinary Microsoft employees that are all MicroSerfs, self haters, and zombies against Liberty… in the placid and green campus in the little company town of corrupt Redmond city, next to Seattle… is beyond belief.

Amazing betrayal of public trust.

And the fact of the matter is this gets worse because the Redmond Police department is steeped into this corruption like a drunk with his head n the toilet. Being a company town Microsoft dictates to the Police department all of their actions and of course it causes them to cover this thing up and to not even arrest the named attackers some two months after this dastardly assassination attempt occurred inside Microsoft headquarters.

Maybe now the new FBI director will get involved to solve this and maybe the Justice department will handle this delicate matter of an assault against the heart of our Democracy…


But at least the prognosis is not of an imminent death… Not yet… Unless … the fortune withdraws her protections and God figures he don’t need me anymore. But I am sure that is not to be the case yet.

So stay strong my friends. State strong, and keep me in your prayers.

As for the Doctors here is a view of my current state of affairs:

As you can see I have serious enemies not only because I am a legend in my time, but because I run for the position of United States Senator on behalf of this State of Washington that I have chosen to make my home since the time I went to the local college here the University Washington.

Now please imagine, that somehow I have managed to survive all these incredible attacks emanating from the sore losers of the Democratic party apparatchiks who fashion themselves to be fascists like the criminals that run North Korea across the Pacific today.

And it is a fitting metaphor because North Korea targets Seattle with nukes, and yet we have to remain defenseless without even a simple Civil Evacuation Plan. We have to wait the nuclear bombs in our homes because the faulty liberals that run this State as a Soviet state for the last fifty years have decreed that we should have no protection from Nuclear Armageddon lest we anger our North Korean friends.

Imagine that… We have no escape plan, and certainly no evacuation plan, nor any defense plan — because the Dems have passed a stupid law that forbids us from making any public plans for this eventuality…. claiming that any defensible plan against a nuclear attack form North Korea, will be a detriment to Peace.

This is how crazy and mentally unstable as well as violent, the various mobs of liberal haters have become…

As a further example of liberal hypocrisy and violence, here is a story today about a Tennessee woman, who was apparently discontent with her congressman’s remarks at a town hall held at the University of Tennessee-Martin, did what any normal, curious and courteous constituent would do to have her followup concerns addressed — she chased his car down, forced him off the road and started screaming and banging on their windows. You guessed it. The congressman, David Kustoff, is a Conservative. And indeed a full on Republican. And for Conservatives as well as for Republicans, all over the United States, it is open season and it is getting positively dangerous out there. This particular story ended with Wendi Wright, 35, being arrested and charged with felony reckless endangerment. And the specifics of her charges come down to this: She allegedly chased Kustoff and his aide, Marianne Dunavant, in her car as they drove from the town hall event, ultimately intimidating them to the point that they pulled into the driveway of somebody they knew. That’s when Wright got out of her car, approached theirs, and began to scream and rant, pound their windows and, at one point, reached inside their vehicle. She also stepped in front of their car to prevent the congressman and his aide from leaving, police said. Wright ultimately left the scene — but was apprehended after she posted details of the incident to her Facebook page. And it’s that little facet of the story that seems most remarkable. Think about it: Ms violent snowflake Wright was so proud of her behavior that she put it out there for the world to see. She felt no shame; no need to hide her actions. The question we need to ask is this: Is Wright demented? Or just an average Democrat in the Trump era?

Certainly, the atmosphere in the country has turned much more accepting of violence as a form of leftist political protest in recent months — since the rise of President Donald Trump, in fact. College campuses are filled with angry, ignorant students influenced by politically progressive and Marxist professors who don’t mind tossing a rock or two at building windows whenever a conservative speaker comes to town. The streets are filled with anarchy-minded individuals who seem to take whatever cause of the day — women’s rights, for example, or climate change — and turn it into a vicious anti-Trump drumbeat that ends with cars ablaze, people injured and general mayhem inflicted. The congressional halls of Democratic offices are filled with calls to impeach Trump, finding an actual impeachable offense be danged. And the media, the ever complicit media, don’t mind rising from the mud, when opportunity presents, to join the anti-this, anti-that fray as well.

Just a few days ago, police in West Virginia’s Capitol arrested a journalist, Daniel Ralph Heyman, who they said was “aggressively breaching the Secret Service agents to the point where agents were forced to remove him a couple of times from the area,” ABC News reported, citing an officer. Apparently, Heyman was also allegedly “causing a disturbance” by yelling questions at Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price — stupid questions, no less. Heyman, in a followup interview with the Associated Press, said he was “arrested after he repeatedly asked Price about whether domestic violence is a pre-existing condition under the Republican health care proposals and got no response,” ABC reported. Hey, Heyman: You probably got no response because there was no response to give. The question was aimed at inciting an emotional backlash; it had no basis in logic or fact. Heyman, of course, has now become the cause celebre for the media to talk about the First Amendment — from an anti-Trump point of view, of course. The whole fiasco could have been easily avoided. Price, just a short time later, held a public news conference where he fielded journalists’ questions. In other words: Heyman could’ve waited his turn. He just wanted to stir trouble. All this, meanwhile, comes on the heels of an appeal by a Huffington Post editor-at-large for leftists to simply hound those of the pro-Trump camp by following Republican politicians to their places of work, places of dining, places of living, and stand outside and protest and demand answers. Answers to what? Apparently, to why they’re Republicans, refusing to vote Democratic.

Yet this is the tone and atmosphere of the country right now. And it’s one created and fueled solely by the left. So what’s a good Republican to do to stay safe?

The easy answer, of course, would be to hide and go underground — to keep quiet, to cower and run. But this is what the left wants. And why should they win? The voters, after all, have spoken.

No, what’s called for in the face of these bullies is to fight harder. Bullies don’t back down unless they’re met with a force that’s to be reckoned with. And how do you best fight lying, deceptive, argumentative, angry, irrational, violent socialist-minded partisans with intent on corrupting the Constitution and destroying the greatness of America? With truth. With courage. With the full armor of God — including the breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, and sword of the spirit.

In the face of such power, the permanent and indefensible evil these lunatic leftists represent — can only flee in panic. After all snowflakes melt under the scrutiny of the Sun and the strong warm light of day.

And so do buttercups… and assorted vermin.

They all scurry and melt away when the light shines upon them…

In another story today, the sense of a divided America, is growing as do the attacks against us from the violent haters who masquerade as Democrats and Socialists, or Islamists and Feminists… because that is what represents my Microsoft experience where the attackers have continued their harassment against me even after their violent physical attack. And to this day they still attack me with various cyber attacks against my servers and websites, and they besmirch my good name through Libel that is directed by the all powerful Microsoft PR and legal machine. Imagine a large public Company attacking a candidate for the United States Senate and using Libel by sullying my good name through various libelous attacks and through their stopping the investigation of the Redmond Police department which they fully own and control. And by spreading malicious rumors about me and even using their wealth to buy my legal reps, and cause them to betray me, they cause further harm, and injury to me, same as they do through their spreading of misinformation against me. Indeed Microsoft has spread so many nasty rumors against me in an effort to discredit me, and cause me further loss of face, and business value, that they publicly libel me even in places and venues where I have speaking engagements scheduled for the future. Of course as you would expect, this brazen and systematic hateful libel action, against an incapacitated victim of a violent attack inside their Headquarters will not go unpunished. Because as soon as I recover some of my strength – we will report them to the FBI and to the Justice department. And we will also start a boycott against this nasty Company because they have been inimical to Justice and the American way. And that is why I call upon all of you, to pass this bit of news forward; so that we can alert the American public to their barbaric hateful ways, of libeling the brave amongst us — hoping to bring us down to their sorry level of slithering snakes and venomous haters.

Sadly here in Seattle it is a world full of wickedness and hate, that we have to live in -amongst these passive aggressive bipolar and hateful liberals who are always under the influence of the marijuana that is the legal herb today. And all the weak snowflakes smoke, vape, inhale and ingest cannabis in myriad different ways of getting seriously stoned and mentally jacked-up to the point that they go crazy and are violent and totally unaccountable of their actions. And indeed all of Microsoft is a big Cannabis factory where just walking out in the green grass amongst the buildings, you can smell and even taste the weed, and you get an instant contact “High” just by breathing the air. Because nothing else is emanating in that Corporate Campus besides the smell of mental rot that cannabis smoking represents, and the liberal mindset of militant Islamists and America haters. Never mind that its a felony to be smoking marijuana in public — the Redmond Police department is owned by Microsoft and they never arrest anyone there. As a matter of fact they are also probably stoned and the Police people there really don’t give a damn. So keep on smoking MicroSerfs — you are really getting smarter by the minute… But as you are lost amidst the smoke of thousands and thousands of puffers and losers out there like your CEO please keep in mind that there is Justice at the end of the Rainbow and as the Arc of the Universe tends towards justice — your time for you just deserts has finally arrived.

As for the CEO Satya Nadela, he is a crooked person just as his Presidential candidate Hillary is, and just as corrupt. Clearly the fish stinks form the head on down in the company town of Redmond where the Mayor and all the City Council as well as the head of the Police department are all in the payroll of Microsoft in ways direct and indirect… Never have I seen a greater case of public Private Corruption that this nasty swamp of Microsoft and Redmond City and Police department. Time for the new head of the FBI to come around and clean this smelly stable, full of bullshit.

Yet I chose to go speak there willingly, because I did not Know any of these things In advance. When I agreed to speak at the Microsoft headquarters, I was fully expecting that a regular Microsoft Security detail and Redmond Police department security detail would be present to prevent just such an event from happening. But apparently the security detail was turned down and neither Microsoft Security, nor the Redmond Police department deployed anyone to protect me. The company failed in a series of ways to protect me. instead the CEO of the company Satya Nadela chose not only to place me in danger because he knew that I am a VIP candidate for the US Senate, and a person that is known to be a strong Speaker for the Constitution, that attracts tons of fanatics — but he also held back any Security personnel from attending my speech inside his Headquarters Campus. And although I am known to be a person that attracts all the “moths” to my high intensity LIGHT emanating from within — the CEO of Microsoft Mr Satya Nadela failed me intentionally, because apparently he wanted to teach me a “lesson” that I will not forget since he is a supporter of my opponent corrupt Ms Patty Murray. Worth noting the Senator Patty Murray is well known because her nephew is the accused pervert Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray, a sick person that has been accused by dozens of men as having molested them when they were mere children. This is the openly gay Mayor Ed Murray, who is not only a nephew of Senator Patty Murray that has put him there through her nepotism, but is also the Mayor who has perverted the youth of the city through his devious sexual ways. And Satya Nadela, the CEO of Microsoft, being himself a snowflake who supports Patty Murray and the Mayor Ed Murray, are all peas of the same pod. and this is what I hear from people near the matter, and around the office of the CEO Satya Nadela of Microsoft. Allegedly the CEO of Microsoft, is also a weed smoker, an islamist, and a snowflake, and as such he doesn’t give a damn about anything other than his personal pleasures and his own libelous behaviour.

So I took an outsized risk without knowing the depth of idiocy prevailing that Company’s leadership and the risk backfired, and I got fully beat up. Yet I take the blame and the obviously heavy injuries from it — because the reason why we take Big Risks is for the support of our Cause. And I am willing to take any amount of risk in the cause of Freedom and Democracy. This is because these things are really worth it. And because I live a Life of principle — in defense of our Republic — I am willing to take all these extraordinary risks, even against my own Life. But I am always heartened by the admonition that through my example millions of others will follow and join the fight on the right side of History, by openly and unashamedly speaking up for Freedom and Democracy, wherever we are called to give a talk, or asked to speak up and exercise our First Amendment rights.

This practice indeed, makes us even more human, than the opposite, and elevates us to a position far above that of our attackers who occupy the slimy underground. And we will win in the end after all the attacks, because this is our path to Victory, and their path to defeat…

And as Gandhi always said:

“First they laugh at you, then they attack you, and then You win.”

And let’s also remember Winston Churchill’s permanent admonition:

“When you are going through Hell — keep on going.”


A case in point of how good risk is always taken, is worth remembering, that President Trump has taken an outsized risk by running and wining the Elections of 2016…

Yet crazy people today in this divide country are calling for his assassination like this woman in the story bellow. One has to wonder if enraged liberals are simply unaware that calling for the assassination of the president is a federal crime?

I’m starting to think that might be the case, considering how many are making this very foolish mistake. But, then again, maybe they’re just that dumb…

Joining the bandwagon of what liberals seems to think is an acceptable form of protest, a Kentucky woman over the weekend urged anyone listening and able to assassinate Trump.

Taking to Twitter, Heather Lowrey wrote: “If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate” On e has to wonder if the violent liberal snowflakes are simply unaware that calling for the assassination of the U.S. President is a federal crime?
Same as it is to try to assassinate a US Senate Candidate. It is a federal crime, and not just a local crime…
Yet, I’m starting to think that the Liberals ad their Enablers, the local Democratic politicians that allow them to cause this much unrest, are all totally crazy, considering how many are making this very foolish mistake like the dodos of Microsoft. But, then again, maybe they’re just dumb, stoned, and stupid — due to their voracious consumption of the chronic stoner wed.
So joining the bandwagon of crazy ideas, that liberals seems to think is an acceptable form of protest, a Kentucky woman over the weekend urged anyone listening and able to assassinate Trump — to do so. Taking to Twitter, Heather Lowrey wrote: “If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate”

This Heather clearly a demented and violent snowflake, brought upon her head immediately some severe consequences, in addition to Twitter shutting down her account. First, Heather Lowrey was fired from her job at the burlesque company “Va Va Vixens,” which released the following damning statement against her: “Please, know that we, at Va Va Vixens, do not condone the behavior of Heather Lowrey. She was dismissed the moment we were informed of this incident. We have a zero tolerance policy for such. It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a divided nation. With so much hate and anger in the world, our hope is to be a sanctuary that welcomes all walks of life with open arms. We do not condone hate by any party and will not partake in it. We in no way support negative behavior or malicious intent from anyone.” Second, she received a very scary visit from the Secret Service, which will now investigate her threat. Liberals need to understand that they might not like having Trump as their president, but threatening to kill him is not an acceptable means of protest. Unless they are purposely trying to get thrown in jail, for their troubles…

Yet, as political leaders we expose ourselves to considerable risk daily, because risk taking, is what made Donald Trump the President of the United States today, and risk taking is what propels me to seek the Untied States Senate position, on behalf of the great State of Washington in 2018, same as I have tried in 2016… with great results.

So join me to make our campaign for 2018 great and you can also drive those liberals and their islamic militant brethren deep underground where they belong…

“I leave you, hoping that the lamp of liberty will burn in your bosoms until there shall no longer be a doubt that all men are created free and equal.”
–Abraham Lincoln – Speech at Chicago, Illinois – July 10, 1858



Dr Churchill


You see back in 2016 I was trying to help rebuild a democracy, you see, and so I’d been invited to speak and tour America — where I had developed since childhood, a soft spot for among other things, the American Dream and the American Way, which in a nutshell is Independence, Liberty, Freedom, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Ironic, then, that I ended up with a mere — broken head in early 2017 as I was giving a speech inside Microsoft’s Headquarters on the last day of that horrible February as it was turning to March, and I was visibly reminded of Caesar’s “Ides of March” …

Of course, there were those who found this strange assassination attempt comforting and even soothing for their political beliefs and still do today.
But I want to hope that these people are a minority in our country and are not very much human after all.

Those attackers of mine are sub-human because they clearly don’t understand yet the error of their ways, nor do they understand that violence never solved anything. And that haters never changed any society for the better.

Never, ever.

And that if they hate me for my admiration for these grand, perhaps hubristic, American ideals, so be it… Yet, even these sub-people serve a purpose, because their actions sanctioned by the powerful “Hillaries” of our Society and given free rein to commit violence by their Bosses at Microsoft, all point out the absurd contradictions that lie therein Political Violence for the purpose of shutting people’s speech and disallowing their voices from been heard inside our Democracy. But what they fail to see is that makes this country an AntiFa Hillary dictatorship, just like China, who claims that freedom is a bad word, and espouses war after war as they gear up for the next one. And they send tens of millions of people to slavery, segregation, re-education and death, without much thought.

Indeed these people say that the American way is a lie.

strange to say such a thing. Or perhaps you know exactly what I mean.

The people who were trying to build a society, from the ashes of colonialism, genocide, devastation, war, and ruin have to figure things out for themselves. Nobody teaches you how to do a revolution at school. Or at least they didn’t back then at the Founder’s time. And those that think they teach today’s activist theories for AntiFa “Resistance & Revolution” and such other drivel as they do now, they’re terribly wrong. Yes it is crucial for all to spend some time understanding a little here and a little there of what the early founders had to learn from…

Some of you might find this intriguing, some of you, strange, and some of you might suppose that our vicious fall as a country, at the hands of extremists, authoritarians, and big government fascists — was inevitable.

But I had to understand it early on, because while other kids played hide and seek, I learned, by the strange, sequence of events, what a dictatorship is, and what a deficit of freedom means, and what a junta is, and what a parliamentary system, or a royal versus a presidential system is, or socialism, communism, and capitalism are, and so on…

And this is when I understood that it was only Democracy, that had began to be the fully aspirational self governance. A method of personal governance that is full of hope for all the people.

My thoughts, though, were different, because I wasn’t wedded to a specific ideology — but what arched above them, the way a bridge spans the river. It seemed to me that I could understand things better if I didn’t accept all of anyone’s dogma. And perhaps that would allow me to also see the hypocrisy, the superficiality, and the blindness of people that was caused by their own strict adherence to faulty ideologies, particular circumstances, and unexamined lives.

I reasoned that anyone can talk about Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Hope and the Pursuit of Happiness, but not many bothered to truly understand what those words really mean. And even fewer people had made it their live’s purpose to defend those ideals, as I had chosen to do for my Life’s labors.

Of course, they are simple ideals.
But that doesn’t mean they’re theories.
Anyone can debate them as if they are pages from a book.
But not everyone knows what they truly are.

Yet to me what they mean is my life’s purpose.

Because this is what they mean to me.


I am what they mean, too.

Let me put it like this.

There is a test of these things going on now:

The question is not whether we are for freedom, justice, and equality.

Almost everyone will say that they are — save the most reprehensible and foolish.

Tyrants and dictators through history have said they were acting in the cause of freedom, to deliver justice, to promote equality, after all. The question is whether we are for Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness substantively, genuinely, and authentically, or not?

Are we in this game of life, full of meaning and purpose feeling it in our bone-marrow as we embed-it in our habits and in all of our acts, and not just in our words and our sentiments?

Yes or No, seems that now you are getting it…

You see, these things are ideals.

Which is to say that in this imperfect world, they are ever imperfect, unrealized things.

What I’m trying to say, is that even in America, these ideals have not been fully realized, they have not been made flesh, nor have they come to be true today any more than what they were in the past…

Yet we are always striving to get closer to them. Each and every day…

But the time is neigh…

The time is nearing, that all of them will become things that we can touch and feel and this will happen only through Hope. Because that is how thoughts become things. And that my friends has been proven to be true.

And yet, it is the tension between ideal and reality that is the ancient struggle of how to mature and expand democracy itself.

Yes, still today there are many more people that are still subjugated under totalitarian dictatorships than are truly free under Democratic rulers…

Yes, indeed. Many more people are oppressed and are viciously kept under the heel and the boot of the old, foolish ways of Despotic rule.

Yes, and even in places like America, violence and stupidity rules at the street level — and maybe they would rule forever, or at least as long as the Evil Democrats want to control people fully.

But those are the shortcomings of the Democratic system.

Yes, the critics were perfectly right.

But they were also perfectly wrong.

Democracy is the worst system of governance bar none. But it is also the only one that gives people Hope and Grace, and that makes it the best system of all, because ti provides Meaning & Purpose to the People of this land.

The ideals of Democracy provide something like a great and shining beacon in the dark, dark night, guiding all lost souls home. If, that is, home is where they wanted to go — instead of further out to a rough and heaving sea.

Remember when I said that politics was something more like a journey of lost souls seeking their way home — than some arid, strategic, partisan debate?

That is what I mean. I’m not sure that I can put this feeling into words, precisely — so I think by now, either you understand me, or you don’t.

The question before us, in this troubled age, where every kind of regression and folly is rising, is whether these ideals are guiding us home. Whether we are wise enough to understand that just because freedom, justice, and equality have not been perfectly realized yet is no reason to give up on them, sneer at them, scorn them, or turn them on their heads — it is a reason to redouble our pursuit of them.

Giving up on Democracy’s ideals — as shared and authentic things — just because they have not been realized well enough, fast enough, or wholly enough, after all, is the spark of today’s strong-woman authoritarian movements.

Democracy, in other words, is not really what we think it is. It is not a state, a set of rules, or even a legacy. Nor is it just a set of institutions and structures and codes. It is an attitude, a mode, a way. An attitude, as in a predisposition, an inclination, a struggle of a certain and very specific kind.

Perhaps it is the most difficult attitude, the worthiest and greatest struggle, of all. It requires us to hold two deeply contradictory thoughts, emotions, beliefs — not just for ourselves, but for all.

No, we have not realized freedom, justice, and equality perfectly. Perhaps we never will. For precisely that reason, we must not give up on them, at the very moment we find them lacking, short, deficient, or even wholly absent.

We must instead hone-in on them. We must focus like a laser on seeing them fully for what they are. We must sharpen them like a blade. We ought to speak about them and describe them if we are to reveal them to others like a sunset or even a sunrise, for the early birds, and we should carry them tenderly in our hearts like the memory of a lost child. We must water their thought and tend tp them like flowers and rosebushes in our garden.

Because we must always be working on freedom, justice, and equality. Always working, always working — because it is at precisely the hardest moments of all, when it feels like they have never meant less — that they have never mattered more.

Yet it seems that we are going the opposite direction, because you’d have to be either asleep or on Mars not to notice that, well, political violence is on the rise. Political violence is a violence of a very specific sort. It is the one that brinks down the walls of the edifice of our Democracy just as surely as the trumpets of the Jews brought down the walls of Jericho.

Now, if you’re not concerned by all this political violence of our times — you’re clearly not thinking hard enough, because these are the politics of chaos…

Let me spell that out for you very simply: In the absence of democratic order, it is those who can threaten the most violence who rule.

That is the law of the jungle, the animal law, the law of the Mobs, the law of AntiFa, the law of the Marauders, and indeed the animal law of the jungle.

And it seems to me that this is where we are headed today.

What is happening in the world today?

Ultimately, beneath the scandal, outrage, and drama, the essential problem is straightforward.

Political violence from the Left, has left far too many people feeling cheated, if not shattered and ruined. The other problem is that the groups offering remedies, are snake-oil salesmen: extremists, fascists, authoritarians, whose cure is worse than the disease. Orthodox liberal Capitalist and classical conservative parties are not really offering much when it comes to the failure of our Democracy, because mostly, they offer more violence as the remedy for too much of it.

Hence, In the absence of new model for social order, people are reverting to tribalisms of various kinds. The hard biological tribalism of fascism, the safety and triumphalism of authoritarianism, the sanctity and false piety of theocracy, and so on.

What do all these tribalists share in common?

The person that is sitting atop a hierarchy of violence — and to stay atop it, she must be the most violent of all. Hillary Clinton’s banal statement that Civility will not return to America until the is declared President is telling, as is Erik Holder’s words admonishing people to kick their opponents, and all the other Democrats that want to extinguish the life of their political opponents like the Brownshirts did during Krystalnacht, and beyond in fascist Germany under the Socialist Adolf Hitler.

Beneath the “Hillaries” and her AntiFa “death squads” there are the slightly less violent, then the less violent, then the merely cruel, and so on — until, at least, we cross the threshold of the nonhuman.

Because the other thing that societies founded upon violence need is a population of people who are not humans at all, to conduct that violence upon, and therefore, establish the hierarchy of strongmen.

Do you see how all these things are related?

Democracy, truly understood, is precisely the opposite — equality, not heirarchy, and consent, not violence. If you understand just this much, then you can see why violence is spreading across the globe today suddenly.

Now. Let’s translate this into the terms of the rising politics of chaos. What do we see today’s strongwomen doing? They threaten violence in two ways. Either they do it directly, like calling the press enemies. Or they create imaginary monsters, which which to frighten people — whether mobs or immigrants, or both — monsters who are not human, but possess all kinds of frightening, preternatural powers, who threaten to persecute and eliminate the strongman’s tribe. Therefore, quite reasonably, the strongman can now say — get them, before they get you.

But see what is really happening here: Hillary’s words that Civility will return once she is the president, is a classic con game. The strongwoman is running a protection racket on society — “I will protect you” from the very monsters I have created. So the first kind of violence — abuse that defines a new social hierarchy — establishes them as powerful and dominant. The second kind of violence — defines some as nonhuman — creates the need for safety from them, the need for purity, for decontamination, for expulsion, for, perhaps a “final solution”.

If you think all that — creating the threat who one then rescues the threatened person from — is precisely how an abusive mind works, you are not wrong.

The politics of chaos, which are likely to define this age, are centered on violence, and have three features. The rise of strongmen — whose primary duty is violence, both to create dominance, and to offer safety. The creation of imaginary monsters of all kinds. And the resultant frenzies — collective manias — among the movements that they lead.

Now, I want you to note the grim irony here. People are fleeing the chaos of collapsing society, because they simply cannot survive it — life expectancy falling, incomes shrinking, savings blown through, and occasionally having their heads bashed-in. The Independents have nothing left to turn to, really. So they are turning to strongwomen for a sense of order and belonging and safety instead. But the strongwomen are only creating more chaos.

What else would they do?

Remember, a protection racket is only any good when people are more frightened of the criminals than they are of the mafias. So the strongwoman cannot give her followers what they are really after — an ordered world. If she was to do that — who would need a strongwoman?

Hence, chaos across the globe is rising, not falling — and it is not likely to fall anytime soon. It is in the interest of the strongwomen who are the new leaders of an age of chaos to keep the world as chaotic as possible, for as long as they can.


What kinds of chaos are we likely to see?

The answer is, that’s probably the wrong question. Would you have imagined AntiFa fascists beating people in the offices of Microsoft just a few years ago?

Probably not.

So let’s decode what that means: There are ways to flout rules, to flaunt power, to shatter democracy like a fist through glass, or a baseball to the head of your opponent — in order to publicly demonstrate the impotence and humiliation, the castration, really of democracy.

In three specific ways: juridically, culturally, and socially.

First, public violence demonstrates who is above the law — and therefore, also, shows publicly what justice in the age of the strongwoman is. It is not the court or the tribunal or the jury — it is the mallet of the fascist and the nail studded gloved fist of the AntiFa.

And who has the biggest fist?

The strongwoman, Hillary and her tribe of assassins, of course.

Second, public violence demonstrates the lines which cannot be crossed anymore.

Before this Hillary’s PC rebellion, it was acceptable to criticize, to be dissatisfied, to belong to this party or that party, to be Independent, to wear those hats in different colors and in differing lettering — but now it is a recipe for a public beating. Violence establishes the cultural norms of an authoritarian society in this way — because now every decision is haunted by a kind of fear.

Third, public violence makes an example and teaches a lesson. The goal is deterrence — which is what every bully wants, really — for everyone, especially those who challenge them, to conform to his whims and wishes. In this way, public violence declares the values of an authoritarian society — we do not value education, thinking, reflection, ideas, refinement, reason, imagination. We value the saw, cutting through bones, the fist, smashing the flesh. Public violence teaches everyone, very quickly what the triumphant values of the new order are — greed, egotism, delusion, paranoia, and reflexive lashing out.

Shoot before you think.

In all these ways, public and political violence is perhaps the final wave towards undoing a Democracy.

Because it tells us that a society’s mind is broken now — and only its limbs still reflexively work.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that a society where violence is rising is also often one in which people now have beliefs that cannot be reconciled with reason — precisely because some of those beliefs are not reasonable to begin with. If you do not believe that a little baby in the womb is a human being just because they do not speak the same language as you — well, my friend, the problem is not the baby — it is you.

If you further believe that you have every right to kill this fully formed baby in your belly — the problem is you, because this is murder.

But abortion and it’s nuances is not what this is about. This is about dehumanizing the political opponent and making them a Non-Person. This is what the AntiFa Democrats are doing to all of their opponents by hounding them everywhere and depriving them of a Life until they get re-educated and re-join the herd of sheeple.

Very much like in 1984, or in Brave New World, and the Animal Farm — we see this at play, the Double-Speak and the Double-Think of today goes like this agains the political opponents that are falling victims to the other extreme of political violence that of “Mental Slavery.” Because the “Hillaries” are the plantation managers that decide to “change” you — and because you are not amenable to change they must send you back to re-education school to teach you how to think, what thinking is, what it means, how it is done — before anyone can try to reason or debate or sympathize with you at all.

That is how you become a Non-Person in this era of Cultural Revolution.

But a society of violence, which is also one that resorts to it precisely because it now has irreconcilable beliefs, is usually also a place full of just such broken minds.

So a society which is using violence to settle it’s disputes, isn’t just one in which democracy is troubled, or even one in in which it is unwell — it is one which democracy has reached its limits.

Becuase Democracy, you see, requires us to agree on basic facts. We are equals, and we deserve equivalent portions of freedom and justice for just that reason. But the societies the strongwomen are building now, follow precisely the opposite logic. And that is the tribal logic with says: We (non-persons) are not equals, and we do not deserve anything at all.

Of course in this list, the strongwomen at the top, and the other ones at the top deserve the most respect and obeisance, because they can threaten the most violence, and so on and so on, all the way down the line, until we reach the threshold of the non-humans, to which all the violence the strongwomen threaten must be done, so that they can prove that they are as strong as their Men counterparts…

Do you see the terrible logic at work here?

The politics of chaos, then, go like this: Authoritarianism and fascism replace consensual democracy.

Big government bureaucrats and their strong women replace the Democratically elected leaders of the olden times. Their studiously divided tribes, ordered by who can do the most violence, replace societies of equals — or at least, if we are generous, societies which hoped people would one day be equals. Therefore, violence replaces civilized behaviour, thinking, rules, codes, norms, values, conduct — everyday, sometimes in barely noticeable ways, sometimes in great and gruesome obscenities.

And so the age of political violence chaos is also the one where violence bleeds from every crack in every sidewalk — or at least threatens to. That is the world we are entering, my friends. And if you don’t like it, well, I suggest you use what little time you have left to vote, and make it a little less of a reality.

Perhaps that is why democracy is such a difficult thing to hold onto, or to even attain it for long, if history is any indicator…

And to last it needs to be watered often with that special grow-agent, the strange plant-food, the flesh & blood of the patriots, and their wish to let their souls go mingle with those souls of the long ago dead fighters for Liberty’s sake. And from them high sunny uplands of the Elysian fields, may the souls gaze as Angels upon our still simmering fights for learning how to live in a Libertarian Democracy that the ancients spoke of…

Government by the People, fo the People and from the People, shall not perish from this earth — if we understand it, so that we can keep it.

We need to educate each other, not just because Democracy needs educated people, or good information, or even trust in one another. But because it requires us to deny ourselves, and allow all other voices to be heard — even those that speak against it — without rancor, malice or hate.

And because it wants ourselves to be able to grasp this terrible and beautiful paradox — allow the enemies of it to speak — and learn how to “parlay” and debate, and then defend it with arms if need be, and maybe understand it this way a little better, and thus also hold it a little closer. Hold it closer each and every day.

Do you now see what I mean when I say the test of us is now?

Perhaps yes, perhaps not.

Maybe my story has just been a bittersweet tale.

Let it be.

I thought I understood something of all this then.

And yet, somehow, I’m still learning the lesson of that day I spent sparring with my attackers and fighting for my life, because they had weapons and sought to kill me.

Their wish was not to just deprive me of Life and Liberty because of their faulty ideology, but it was to simply terrorize all other people in our country who might be Independent minds and strong voices…

Yet, I survived and am here to tell you my Truth and hope that you will bear witness to my Agony of Hope because my hope is that we will live through this tragedy as Americans together.

And to do that we ought to have a measure of Compassion for ourselves and for each other. Because when we lose that, we ache, we are pained, we are sore, and we lose whatever it is that each one of us holds sacred in our heart of hearts.

Because deep inside I agonize why it was that day, when I began to know the purpose of my struggle and also the meaning of God’s awful grace…

That’s the agony of hope…

And it is that agony of hope, that still keeps me alive even though the God of Freedom has not seen fit to free me from the bonds of the people that hate & engage in mental slavery of my attackers, and from the fog of war that our beloved country wades through today.

Yearning for a New Day for my Country is my Hope and the agony of not seeing it coming past the horizon is what is so painful to me today. And if my life fails me, and I don’t get to see the promised land — I still yearn for my people to see that one day.

Because my longing is not for my eyes to see, since I have dreamt the promised land far too many times and I have bled for it — but my all consuming yearning is that my people will get there one day, and that the next children’s generation will keep the dream alive in the land of the living.

Dr Churchill


For Hope is my Savior — painful as it is…

And agony is my motivation to keep my dreams alive.

Yet it is “Meaning” that guides my footsteps away from the assassin’s aim to kill me or make my life so distasteful that I would kill myself, to escape the vagaries of hurt and paralysis.

And it was Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” that kept me alive through my journey in the Valley of Death where one misstep gets you erased from the face of this earth. And it was these dark moments that my family removed any sidearm — reading my sentiment correctly that suicide was in the cards to avoid the constant pain…

But here we are out the other end of this dark valley of Death and speaking about this, because I managed to find meaning in my Life and thus my purpose became to conjure-up some measure of hope.

And that is now my new dream: Give our Country HOPE.

Give our nation a measure of HEALING, and the undivided attention to building HOPE in a very real sense. Because our hope is not to be found in the bitter hatreds fermented by power hungry people.

Our Hope is not for personal rescue, but our hope in in God keeping our Republic alive. The essence of rescue for our nation is the Hope that God will show up before we tear ourselves apart,

And that is my dream, as I await for the Lord to call me in his presence.

So, because our Nation has been going down on a rather dangerous path since I was seriously wounded by a would-be assassin in 2017 who identified with the Antifa terrorists – am committed today to keep using my voice to speak out against this hate and wanton violence that has pitted us in a Civil War against each other, under the command of faulty strong-woman leaders that derive their power from hate and are only concerned about their lust for more power in their search to dominate and enslave their followers…

And because there is no purpose greater that the meaning of our dreams, I’ll keep speaking out for as long as I can, and to all those who are still open ended to hear an independent voice.

May your dreams are also to keep our country united and may the good God helps us keep all of our people along with our dreams inviolate, intact and sacrosanct.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 21, 2018

Why should anyone care about the midterms?

Now, why should anyone care about the midterms?

Maybe because we are addicted to the blood sport called Politics?

Or maybe because we are at a critical junction as a country?

Or even because we find ourselves at a hugely important time in our history?

Or especially because it is these days when literally every single vote cast in November can drastically and dramatically change the country we perceive as America today?

Either way you see it — these times are the ones that make grown men cringe…

But don’t take my word for it, as this video comes from my personal story of surviving an assassination attempt as a Politician while giving a speech inside Microsoft HQ in Redmond WA —

Instead, you can listen to another survivor who was shot with a Kalashnikov rifle, by a deranged Socialist Democrat following the violent dictums of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders — to kill off your political opponents…

These beacons of violence and incivility tend to exist only for their own gratification, and for their persoanl self aggrandizement, and lust for money & power, and not because they want to offer any kind of usefulness or public service to our Constitutional Republic, or in order to serve our country and our people whom they despise as they call them deplorables or worse…

And if you want to hear an opinion about our current state of affairs from another Senator – here is Lindsey Graham, who advises us about which way to go as a country.

Senator Lindsey Graham urges voters to reject the Democrats’ “Mob Rule” in the midterm elections, and he is advising all Americans to act in this way to uphold their country by refraining from reaching out to the demented Dems: “Please don’t give these people power.”

US Senator Lindsey Graham said that the midterm elections simply come down to mob rule. He was saying that if voters elect Democrats, they’ll be rewarding mob violence and evil behavior by the party of the DemonRats who care far more for the animals of the MS13 than for ordinary Americans.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 8.21.44 PM

The South Carolina Republican Senator will indeed be campaigning in 13 states over the course of the next 12 days, ahead of the November election, and he speaks openly about the errant attacks against men who choose to be conservatives.

Mr. Graham said that if the Democrats get any sort of power — they will move to impeach the president and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. That is if they gain control of Congress — whereas if Republicans keep control or augment it, they will surely continue to keep the economy moving forward and will defend the United States border and territory…

He went on: “If you elect Democrats to run the house, you know exactly what you’re going to get.”

Mr. Graham said. “You’re rewarding mob rule … don’t give these people power.”

He pointed to the harassment of Republican lawmakers like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Ted Cruz, who were both shouted at and driven out while eating with family in normal everyday restaurants with their wives, and Sen. Susan Collins who has faced death threats during the Kavanaugh confirmation process.

“Name one Democratic leader who stood up to these thugs,” Mr. Graham challenged.

Now methinks that this is why we should all vote for Independents and Conservatives this November because we cannot reward the mob violence behavior and the incivility that is the only solution offered by the Democrats.

And this was seconded by Lindsey Graham as he travels across the United States spreading the gospel of “Getting Along” as Americans ought to be doing…

And now, let us hear the personal story from another House Representative who like me is a survivor of a recent violent political assassination attempt, Congressman Steve Scalise.

Steve Scalise represents Louisiana’s first Congressional district and serves as the Republican majority whip. On June 14, 2017, he was shot by a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter while practicing with fellow Republicans for a Congressional baseball game. He nearly died, and underwent multiple surgeries before returning to the House on Sept. 28, 2017, to bipartisan applause.

“When Eric Holder, other Dems call for violence, that’s a direct threat to our democracy” –By Rep. Steve Scalise

Speaking in New Hampshire, former Attorney General Eric Holder says his decision about 2020 will come in early 2019, but for now he simply advocates violence — “kick them in the teeth” speaking against his political opponents while following the line that came down from Hillary Clinton and from the rest of the Democrat party leaders.

This summer, California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters called on her supporters to harass cabinet officials. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that you “cannot be civil” with members of the Republican Party. And Wednesday, videotape was released of former Attorney General Eric Holder telling a Democratic audience at a campaign rally in Georgia on Sunday that they should “kick” Republicans when they perceive them as “going low.”

Despite the continued reports of politically motivated threats or violence, Democratic Party leaders have worked to keep this anger burning and incite even more harassment and violence.

Beginning with my own near-death experience at the hands of a deranged shooter who sought to assassinate a baseball field of Republicans, there is a growing list of violent or threatening actions taken against conservatives by Democrats.

Ashley Kavanaugh, Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s wife and his daughters received multiple credible threats.
Dana Loesch, NRA spokeswoman, received death threats against her children on Twitter.
Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., received such a threatening phone call that the man has now been indicted.
Jamie Gardner, wife of Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., wife, received a text of a beheading after the vote to confirm Justice Kavanaugh.
Several Republican Senators had their personal information, including home addresses, posted to Wikipedia for threatening purposes by a Democrat House staffer.
Congressman Clay Higgins (R-La.) received threatening phone calls that led to a man’s arrest.
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kent., and his wife Kelly Paul have both received credible threats that have led to arrests.
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife, as well as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, were chased out of restaurants.
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was confronted by protesters and harassed out of a DC restaurant.
Rudy Peters, a Republican California Congressional candidate, was nearly stabbed while campaigning.
My office has continued to receive threats against my life that have led to arrests.
A female pro-life activist was violently assaulted by a man that has now been found guilty of eight counts of assault for this and similar incidents.
And this list goes on. The threats and the violence have not let up and instead of seeing my Democrat colleagues calling for an end, there have been calls for their supporters to keep going, to do even more to threaten Republicans.

In America, we win battles at the ballot box, not through mob rule or intimidation.
As a survivor of a politically motivated attack, it is tragic to think this is an acceptable state of political discourse in our country. I refuse to stand for this and I will continue to call for an end to it. A healthy, strong democracy is not possible if anyone lives in fear of expressing their views.

If this is going to stop, it must start with Democratic leaders, who need to condemn, rather than promote these dangerous calls to action.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.48.55 PM

In America, we win battles at the ballot box, not through mob rule or intimidation. While it’s clear many Democrats refuse to accept the election of President Trump, if they want change, they need to convince people with their ideas and actually win elections, rather than call for violent resistance, harassment, and mob rule.

As I see, working in Congress every day, it’s possible to agree without being disagreeable and address political differences in a civil manner. That’s an example leaders need to continue to set.

Instead, when Democratic leaders like Eric Holder call for violence, that is a direct threat to our democracy.

I hope he and others think long and hard about the world they are creating and the impact they are leaving on this country.

As the oldest democracy, our country has long been heralded as the freest country in the world. It doesn’t feel so free if anyone lives in fear for holding or expressing a differing opinion.

Let’s end this violence and return to civility before someone else gets hurt.”

That was Steve Scalise’s take on these elections.

Wise words.

As for me….

Most people I know are sick & tired of politics, and only want to see babies and puppies on social media, grill and chill on the weekends, and live life as if they deserve it all. After all, people went crazy in 2016, and many Americans are just fed up with all the fighting.

I get that.

I really do.

However, there is also this thing called ‘reality’.

Reality is coming in November. The outcome of the midterms will decide the course our country runs. What the people who are fed up with politics don’t realize is that our midterms are just as important as the 2016 Presidential election. The times we are living in now are similar to a time in America’s history not long ago. A tipping point if you will, when Americans were divided.

In 1776, brave men drafted the Declaration of Independence, declaring America’s freedom from an oppressive tyrannical government. What most people do not realize is that we as Americans are again at that level of importance in our history, and our willingness to engage and stand up and fight, or our apathy from our daily lives of luxury will define us as the generation who either saved America or let her die.

When we all reflect on that awe-inspiring letter declaring that all men are created equal and we are endowed certain unalienable rights by our Creator like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, we feel inspired by those men. Their courage to risk their lives in order to stand bravely in the face of the most powerful monarchy of that day, and pick a fight with their King that would become a war that would change everything gives rise to our own courage.

Their willingness to sign that letter, revealing their very identities as traitors to the Crown, and refusing to obey the King’s overbearing demands is an act that many Americans nod their heads in agreement with and imagine they would do the same if they lived in that day.

Here’s the cold hard truth for you. Most of you wouldn’t do a damn thing.

You would not have signed that precious document that led to America’s freedom. By signing their names, these men knew what they were risking. Being a traitor to the crown was a crime that was punishable by death, and not a quick one at that.

The executioner would first cut their stomach causing their bowels to fall out. Then hang them, but not for long enough to kill them. Next, they would be drawn and quartered, ripping their limbs from their bodies. Lastly if they were still alive, the executioner would chop off their head, finally ending their horrific agony. The brave men that signed that fateful letter to the King understood and still risked everything.

However, many of the colonists were not that brave of heart, just as it with many Americans today.

If we had lived in that day, most of you would have been annoyed with the young men who threw the tea into the Boston Harbor. Maybe you enjoyed your tea-time and the break it gave you from your work day. It took months for the tea to arrive in your ports. How reckless it was of those young men to disrespect the King and the company who had shipped the tea. You would have been irritated that now you had to wait for the next shipment that could be weeks to months away.

You might have also argued with your neighbors and co-workers who annoyingly discussed how they wanted to stand up against the King. You had a good life in America now, and a war would disrupt everything, especially business and making money. All the discussions and the fighting about how to handle the King’s policies would be stressful to you and you just want to enjoy dinner or parties or your day off. The last thing you would have wanted to do would be to risk your life, home, family, and job over politics!

Sound familiar?

It should because this is where we are today just the same as it was in 1776.

The truth is that in that time in our history, when the brave men we all look up to and respect took a stand against the biggest and strongest military in the world. Nearly half of the colonists did not want to fight and wanted to stay loyal to the King of England.

Let that sink in.

Over twenty percent of the colonist agreed with the politics of the King of England, which was directly the opposite of freedom of every kind, and the remaining 30% or more remained neutral, not wanting to get involved. It is estimated that only 40-45% of colonists supported a war. Half of the colonists just wanted to live their lives exactly the way they were living and did not want any part of their lives disrupted with politics or a war to change the status quo.

Does that sound familiar?

It should because that is exactly the climate we are living in today.

In November are the midterm elections. America’s two dominant political parties have become so divided that whichever party wins control of Congress, that party will impart its values and goals on America. The Democratic Party desperately wants to regain control and erase all things Trump. If the Democrats gain the majority of Congress it is likely that any forward momentum of the Trump Administration will be stopped and the daily news will be nothing but 24-7 impeachment hearings.

The Democratic Party has also shifted further left to a more Socialist-leaning ideology. They have voiced their opinions against a border wall, against ICE, against the new Tax Cuts Plan, and against free market healthcare for almost two years now. They preach about open borders, tax increases, for a new costly socialist style health care policy, abolishing ICE, and reducing America’s military and power position in the world.

Democrats are also against Trump’s peace deal with North Korea, ending the Nuclear Deal with Iran, and forcing other countries to treat American companies fairly in trade. This is only the tip of the iceberg and says nothing about the social policies that liberal Democrats embrace, like abortion, 16 different genders and the idea that masculinity is dangerous.

If we elect Conservatives and Independents in order to keep the majority control of Congress, and Senate in the hands of sane people — or even strengthen our control, we can be assured that President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda will continue.

Although not all Republicans or Independents agree with Trump in all matters, the Republican party is uniting under him as his policies are proving to be successful and as Americans get a feel about WINNING again.

Winning is all about the sentiment of the People and of the Markets and the expectation of further wins. And because as of now America is boasting a thriving economy, record high employment numbers, lower taxes, defeating ISIS, ending a NK nuclear threat, fighting a war on opioids, record high human trafficking arrests, and tightening border security — general optimism about further winning is at an all time high.

These Trumpian results show that electing a businessman was exactly what America needed.

Which takes us back to treating our long term politicians as a liability and not as an asset.

And that makes the case for strong term limits in all positions for all of our representatives a much needed reality, because the brave men that led our colonies into a Revolutionary War that led to our Independence and to our Constitution — they were all common men, and certainly not career politicians of any Establishment.

Like it or not, we are at a time in history where we cannot afford to be complacent. Our voices and our votes matter greatly.

And the biggest truth that we all must remember is that we have been born into the blessing of the freedoms we possess. But with this gift comes great responsibility, since each and every generation must fight to preserve our freedoms.

We each have a choice. At the end of the day, who will we be.

Will we be the random citizens of America that do not want to be inconvenienced with politics?


Will we be that Patriot who stands in front of the firing line unashamed and unabashed?


Dr Churchill


That is the challenge facing us today.

Which way we go, surely will define us forever.

And what path we shall follow as individuals, will color our perception and our reputation for evermore.

And that is the grave difference between the two paths opening up in front of all of us.

Because a Patriot is a strong loyalist to our Constitution, and a Freedom fighter, who will risk it all, and even chance his life & limb, in order to defend our freedoms and our national Liberty.

Whereas a vanilla soy latte, liberal, is a slave of fashion and fads, following Group Think, and Group Action. He is just another snowflake wearing the leotard of leftism socialism and dementia sprinkled liberalism, dressed in black & masked as an Antifa, and going out to break people’s heads on Demo day with wooden clubs — once in a while — whereas the rest of time he is just another plain stupid stoner, eating Doritos from the 10 pound bag, couched in front of a video game console and a big monitor TV screen wasting his life away.

And you?

Who are you?

Perhaps who you are is defined by how you vote and by where do you stand on these issues…

Do you know where you stand?

I for one — know where I stand.

I stand for Liberty and I’m never on my knees.

I choose to fight.

I choose to speak and write and I refuse to be silent.

I organize and I also choose to help campaigns and protest what I see as threats to our Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I stand for political office.

I choose to vote Independent and Conservative of the Lincoln party.

I refuse to be part of the stupid generation that lost the gifts of freedom and the fruits of Liberty that were handed down to me — in exccahnge for a bag of weed and the right to get stoned stupid.

I refuse to be that idiot…

Because that would be a tragedy that I could not bear to carry for ever…

I could never look my children in the eyes, and say I was just too busy to care about politics.

Therefore I choose to fight.

I am a fighter like these beautiful American men and women who put the fright on the hearts of our enemies…

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 8.18.22 PM

What about you?

Who do you choose to be?

And perhaps more importantly — what future do you want to see for your children?

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