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The Pandemic Is Widening The Racial Wealth Gap in the United States.

September 18, 20205:01 AM ET


Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic's economic impact.Nicole Xu for NPR

Joeller Stanton used to be an assistant teacher at a private school in Baltimore and made about $30,000 a year. In mid-March, when the pandemic was just starting, her school closed for what was supposed to be two weeks. “Up to that point, we were under the impression that it wasn’t that serious, that everything was going to be OK,” Stanton recalls.

But as schools in Maryland switched to virtual learning indefinitely, Stanton was let go from her job. She received her last paycheck in March. “I had about $300 savings that was basically gone by the end of March,” she says.

She says she applied for unemployment but was denied initially. And by April, she had no money to pay for rent and utilities, and was struggling to put food on the table for her two children.

Stanton, who is Black, is caught up in a huge wave of economic stress hitting Americans, especially people of color.Article continues after sponsor message

Coronavirus in America: Families In Crisis

Sixty percent of Black households are facing serious financial problems since the pandemic began, according to a national poll released this week by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. That includes 41% who say they’ve used up most or all their savings, while an additional 10% had no savings before the outbreak.

Latinos and Native Americans are also disproportionately affected by the pandemic’s economic impact. Seventy-two percent of Latino and 55% of Native American respondents say their households are facing serious financial problems, compared with 36% of whites.

“The thing that immediately struck me was how large the gap was by race for the people who said they were facing serious problems,” says Valerie Wilson, director of the Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy at the Economic Policy Institute.

The pandemic’s disproportionate financial impact on communities of color reflects — and is worsening — existing racial disparities in wealth, she adds.

Struggles with income, housing, food

“The three groups that are being just ravaged by this epidemic are reporting unbelievable problems of just trying to cope with their day-to-day lives,” says Robert Blendon, professor emeritus of health policy and political analysis at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who oversaw the poll.


About 1 In 5 Households In U.S. Cities Miss Needed Medical Care During Pandemic 

Thirty-two percent of Latino and 28% of Black respondents say they’re having problems paying rent or mortgages. About a third of respondents in both groups were struggling to pay credit cards or other loans. And 26% of Latino and Native American respondents say they struggle to afford food, while 22% of Black respondents do. 

Among households that reported they lost income, survival is even more of a challenge. For Black respondents, 40% say they’re struggling to pay rent or mortgage, and 43% say they’re having trouble paying utilities. For Latino households that lost income, 46% say they’re struggling to pay mortgage or rent. About a third of both Black and Latino respondents who lost household income said they’re struggling to pay for food.

The fact that many minority groups are also experiencing higher rates of coronavirus infections makes it even harder for them to cope financially, Blendon adds.

“You have people who don’t have savings, they can’t pay bills,” he says. “And then you’re going to tell them, ‘Well, somebody in the household tested positive, nobody can go work.’ How are they going to keep their lives going?”

Stanton’s sister, who works for the city government, got COVID-19 earlier this year and had to isolate in her basement. “She had a cough, and she couldn’t eat because her taste buds were completely gone,” Stanton says. “I would cook meals, and I would take it to the basement, put it down on the floor for her.”

Luckily, she says, no one else in the family — including her 82-year-old mother and her 7-year-old son, who has asthma — got infected.

But Stanton says she has lost a sister-in-law to the disease and had a friend in coma for six weeks on a ventilator. She knows of many others in her community who have died. 

And most of her co-workers and friends are out of work.

Worsening existing disparities

Even during the economic recovery of recent years, minority groups were lagging behind, says Wilson of the Economic Policy Institute. “There were significant racial disparities in wages, significant racial disparities in unemployment, significant racial disparities in the kinds of jobs people held.”

Black, Latino and Native American workers were more likely to have jobs that were lost during the pandemic, Wilson says. A Harvard University analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Pulse Survey, released in July, found that 58% of Latino and 53% of Black households experienced loss in earnings early in the pandemic. Wilson’s own research has shown that Latino workers have been particularly affected by job losses during the pandemic.

Wilson adds that people in these groups are also more likely to have jobs that didn’t allow them to work from the safety of their homes, therefore putting them more at risk of getting infected. And they’re also less likely to have substantial savings. As a result, it makes it harder for them to weather times of economic downturn, she says.

Wilson says she worries that the pandemic is worsening racial disparities.

“We’re going to see coming out of this pandemic an expansion of the racial wealth gap,” she says. “We saw the same kind of thing in the Great Recession in 2007-2008 — in particular then with the extensive foreclosures in communities of color and the loss of housing wealth.”

“You just pray”

The pandemic forced Stanton to give up her rental home back in April. But she says she was fortunate not to end up homeless, thanks to her sister.

“My sister helped me get a storage unit,” Stanton says. “I moved my furniture into a storage unit. And I moved in with my sister, me and my two kids — my 11-year-old daughter and my 7-year-old son.”

She is grateful to have a roof over her head, but money, she says, is still tight.

She now gets $280 a week from the state of Maryland as unemployment, but it doesn’t go far.

“The first thing I buy is any personal hygiene items me or my kids need,” she says. She buys food, above what food stamps get her; she pays her phone bill and covers her sister’s utility bills. “That’s my only way of telling her, ‘Thank you,’ to show her that I appreciate what she’s doing.”

What little she has left, she buys a treat or two for her children, who have mostly been stuck indoors since the pandemic began: “Just trying to keep them happy,” she says.

But she’s far from happy herself. She hasn’t been able to find a new job because of the nature of remote learning. “They don’t need an assistant right now because the kids are not physically in the building,” she says.

And even if she did find a job, she worries she’d have to use pay to cover child care. Her kids are now also learning virtually from home and need constant supervision.

Stanton says the only way she copes with her daily struggles is through faith. “A lot of prayer and a lot of patience,” she says. “I try not to let things bother me because I don’t want to become depressed. So, you know, you just pray. I hope this is all over soon.”


Dr Churchill


The above is an excellent article from NPR and as such it is mashed up here in its entirety for your edification.

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Why Hate?

In case you have been sequestered for far long in house incarceration and you feel that you are under the heaviest rock in the world — let me alert you to the fact that we live in a time of incredible political division.

Most all of us have had the experience of talking to someone whose idea of reality seems to be completely different from our own.

As a matter of fact, today in all places and segments of society, family 7 community — it becomes difficult to have an argument in the traditional sense.

People with differing opinions are often no longer even working from the same commonly-accepted set of facts. It’s a problem that has a lot to do with changes in how we receive and digest information, especially through the news media.

During our lifetimes the core commercial strategy of the news business has changed radically, and that contributes to the division, hate and toxic poison that we all experience at the local, state and national level — because the news companies have moved far and away from trying to attract a big all inclusive audience and appeal to all Americans, and are now trying to divide our countrymen, in order to identify, capture and secure their niche small audiences that they treat and even call informally “Slaves” to their news fix.

Kind-a-like the typical slaves to the needle… that are littering the sidewalks of all metropolitan cities of America and beyond.

Yet in terms of a fundamental shift for the News Networks and for the major Mass Media corporations, this means that the press has gone from reporting a clean from emotion reality, steeped on journalistic principles and following the “Five ‘W’s” — “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,” and “Why,” because when referring back to the Five “W”s helps journalists address the fundamental questions that every story should be able to answer, and thus steer clear of their personal biases and ideological leanings.

And that was the principle of all cable companies journalism departments as well as all the newspapers, periodicals and radio & television businesses who wanted to be perceived as being acceptable to a broad audience.

Yet today, they seem to be selling simple straight up hate & division, because for technological, commercial, and political reasons this instinct of segmenting and dividing our Society has become far more profitable with a captive audience of “mental Slaves” and thus as a business practice it is now far more exaggerated and thus snowballing all of us toward the dysfunctional state of HATE & RANCOR that we have found ourselves in, today.

And here is a story that illustrates how the old system worked as it involves the first major national news broadcast, the CBS radio program anchored by the legendary Lowell Thomas.

History buffs will know Thomas.

His was the iconic voice on those old WWII newsreels:

Thomas began doing a national news program in 1930 and noticed something right away.

Years later he explained, “I had quickly discovered that my evening program was a perfect way to make listeners angry. You could step on millions of toes at the same time.”

Thomas had a creative background, having been an adventurer, explorer, and actor who’d toured the world doing one-man shows. He was excited about the possibilities of radio and wanted to find a way to capitalize on its provocative qualities, planning on publishing a book of listener letters called Making Millions Angry.

Thomas’s sponsors balked. One, the magazine The Literary Digest, asked him instead to “play things down the middle.” His publisher made him change Making Millions Angry to the lifeless title, Fan Mail.

Thomas committed to the “down the middle” strategy. His news show announced that it sought the widest possible audience through its famous introduction, “Good evening, everybody”:  

Thomas kept his feelings out of things and let audiences supply the emotion. He later called this “letting your listeners make up their own minds.”

We’d call this the “objective” style of reporting today, and it’s important to understand, this was not about ethics. It was a commercial strategy. The news made its money by attracting the largest possible audience, then allowing advertisers to court that audience. The thinking was, once you started injecting politics into the show, it reduced the number of potential customers who’d be susceptible to advertising.

This would the template for news for about fifty years. Anchors from Thomas through Dan Rather and Jessica Savitch delivered information in a reserved monotone. Print journalism was written in an even, unemotional, third-person voice.

Beginning in the early nineties however, several major changes altered the news & journalism business forever, to the point that now we are all hating the mass media because they are interpreting events instead of reporting them as they come…

So now we have the haters reporting news in a way that fits their own rose tinted or blue tinted eyeglasses and thus all the mental slaves who follow the news are afflicted by the appropriately colored malady of madness at the other side, the opposing team, or the few poor souls that happen to be Independents and thus unaligned free people…

So here are some additions to the Five Journalistic “W”s as imagined by the New Yorker magazine who put out this list as a serious dig at its established counterparts in the world of News Media.


In journalism, the “Five ‘W’s” are “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,” and “Why.” Referring back to the Five “W”s helps journalists address the fundamental questions that every story should be able to answer. Recent events, however, have shown that traditional journalistic practices might not be working as effectively as they used to. As such, here are a few additions to the Five “W”s that will surely come in handy for today’s journalists.

The Two “A”s

“Are you fucking kidding me?”
These days, journalists will often be asked to report on things that sound like sick fucking jokes. As a reporter, you should always confirm that the event you’re covering is not a tasteless prank, misguided attempt at performance art, or some kind of depraved clown show in a demented carnival of vulgarity.

“Am I dreaming?”
When confronted with strange, unsettling events that seem to proceed according to their own unfathomable logic, reporters should also make sure they’re not having some kind of fever dream. What you’re seeing could very well just be a nightmare, but believe it or not, it might also be an actual event that is actually happening in the real world we actually live in—a reality from which there’s no escape.

The One “S”

Journalists should always look the person they’re interviewing in the eye and ask, “Seriously? You’re seriously saying that to me with a straight face?” (This question can be repeated as often as necessary.)

The Three “H”s

“How did this happen?”
This question used to be about making sense of the chain of events leading up to an incident, but now it’s more about how we all need to take a good hard look in the mirror and think about how the choices we’ve made brought us to where we are today.

“Have you no shame?”
The answer to this question is probably going to be “no,” but you’ve gotta check.

“Holy shit.”
True, this isn’t a question, but it’s an important perspective for journalists to keep in mind.


How Will Americans Vote During a Crisis?

The One “I”

“Is there no respite from the madness?”
This is a pretty basic question, which is relevant whether you’re reporting on global affairs, business, sports, or even just writing restaurant reviews.

The original Five “W”s can also be repurposed to greater effect. For example, instead of asking “What happened?,” a journalist in 2017 might ask “What kind of God would allow this to happen?,” “What the actual fuck?,” or “What’s the point?” Similarly, instead of asking “Where did this event take place?,” you might ask “Where did it all go wrong?” In lieu of “Why did this event take place?,” try “Why do bad things happen to good people?,” “Why do we live in this benighted, fallen world?,” or simply “Why . . . Why . . . Why?” These are the questions that people want answered.

It’s also now safe to discard one of the “W”s: “Who.” As in, “Who is responsible?” The answer to this question is the same in every story—it’s all of us. We all did it.

No one’s hands are clean.


Dr Churchill


So, to recap:

In journalisms and in mass media, we now have Five “W”s, Two “A”s, One “S”, Three “H”s, and One “I.”

Keep these in mind, and you can be confident that you’re covering every angle of a story.

Sure, compared to the original system it’s vastly more complicated, confusing, and borderline incoherent in a way that seems to perfectly exemplify this bewildering new era in which the truth seems to have little meaning.

But that’s just the way we live now.


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Jesus Saves

As a Rabbi, as a Healer, and as a truly divine person — Jesus always cared for the poor, treated the infirm, and saved the invalid… And he did this far more often than he cared for anyone else, such as the rich & powerful or the politically connected to the two main parties of his day, the Saduccis and the Pharisees who were as corrupt and as evil as the Republicans and the Democrats are today…

Proof is in the pudding as always of course and that is why both the Pharisees and the Saduccis conspired together, in order to arrest, torture, and assassinate Jesus, in a monkey trial that they produced, staged and choreographed on the eying of the fateful Sabbath — a day of rest…

So in this story of Luke, it was not an exception that Jesus went to the aid of a poor and afflicted with deadly illness slave woman, at the invitation and behest of a Roman Centurion, who although was a wealthy and powerful man who sought his help — he was a foreigner and unclean as his Slave woman lover, or commonplace whore, was as well

And indeed it was this loving Jesus who went ahead and responded to that strange plea for mercy from a stranger — a Roman centurion who was at that moment stationed in Capernaum in what is today Israel, yet back then was the Jewish state of Palestine.

And because it was the Centurion who asked for the saving grace of Jesus “laying of the hands” upon his terribly ill slave lover hoping for a healing — this story is especially relevant today.

And it is a story of Faith above all else.

Because Faith is h is the true shibboleth.

It is the only qualifier to be a good Christian faithful person, and it does not distinguish between Jew, Greek or Gentile, nor is it distinguishing between rich, poor, slave or freedman.

And a Gentile Roman who asks for forgiveness for his Slave whore or his Lover owned woman, is not any less or any more important than any High priest and Rabbi at the temple of Solomon for Jesus.

That is the message here.

We all deserve Salvation and Faith and are promised the healing now and forever.

So now that Luke tells us how Jesus responded to the invitation by the Roman Centurion whose name is lost to history but whose fame remains eternal, it is Jesus that surprises by going to the assistance of an oppressor of the Jewish people.

And seeing as Jesus was prophetic enough and thus knew what would befall him at the hands of the Roman soldiers before long — it is far fetched even for Luke as the supreme story-teller and gospel writer who gave us a living, breathing and intimate account of the famous Physician, the magical healer and the great lover of all people, that Jesus Christ of Nazareth to glorify him as he truly was, and still is today, and will be so for evermore, bringing light into all of our tomorrows…

And although Luke is an awfully clear truth-teller, this is admittedly a difficult story to believe, because at the time, Capernaum was too small a city to even have a military garrison, let alone a Roman encampment that numbered in the hundreds of souls considering that the hundred Roman soldiers were assisted by many more hundreds of men of all classifications, such as armor bearers, blacksmiths, medicine men, doctors, iron workers, horse minders, aides de camp, slaves, whores, cooks, logistical support gage train attendants, camp followers, realties of the people attached to the force, wives & children, foragers, baggers, merchants, victualers and weapons makers.

And that constitutes a complete city on the move… that was in need of a healing that nobody could provide except the Great Healer Jesus of Nazareth.

This story is so unusual that we will not question how come that Capernaum at the time of the early pre-Jewish rebellion interstitial years, warranted a Centurion as a leader, as it is also unorthodox in our military history of the Jewish rebellions and the intervening years, because according to the Roman historical record, there were no Roman forces stationed in the territories of Herod Antipas.

So we have to accept it as an anomaly because at the time, although Herod Antipas had his own Jewish armed forces — he had recently lost most of his army in a failed conflict with his estranged former father-in-law, and that would have been enough reason for the Roman legions to be there and thus for the Centurion and his armed forces to be in Capernaum at the time…

You see Israel was always seating with trouble as it was awfully divided early on in its history, and the territorial troubles, disputes & divisions, had been simmering in that much maligned land, for thousands of years.

All the same, this is a fascinating story about the Christian generosity and the trust of faith that crosses and diminishes all the social, economic and political boundaries known to man.

Then this story is about the “slave.”

Who was that slave?

As we now know — she was indeed the beloved of the Roman Centurion.

So it is here that Jesus seeks to heal the officer’s lover.

And this is where Jesus oceans of compassion cross yet another major boundary … the firm wall of the “Caste system” of the time when the slaves where untouchables and this constituted a serious apartheid against them, so that since they were considered “unclean” — no self respecting Jew and especially a Rabbi, would ever deign to touch them.

Yet in this story of Luke, it is the message of Jesus who willingly went forth to heal the ‘Slave” right after he had finished his speech and announced within earshot of the people, that he would enter Capernaum to heal the “Salve” because the Roman Centurion (army leader) living there, had a slave whom he valued highly, and who was ill and close to death.

So, according to Luke, the story goes that when the Roman Centurion heard about Jesus speaking to the poor people near the City — the Centurion sent some of his friends who were indeed Jewish elders to Jesus, asking him to come and heal the slave woman.

And so when the elder Jews went to Jesus — they appealed to him in earnest to come and save the live of the slave by saying: “He is worthy of having you do this for him, for he loves our people, and it is he who built our synagogue for us.”

And thus Jesus bidder the people to guide him to the house of the Roman Centurion and he went with them… toward the city center.

Yet when he was not far from the house – the Centurion sent his friends to say to Jesus this: “Lord, do not trouble yourself, for I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; therefore I did not presume to come to you. But only speak the word, and let my servant be healed. For I also am a man set under authority, with soldiers under me; and I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes, and to my slave, ‘Do this,’ and the slave does it.”

When Jesus heard these words — he was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd that followed him, said: “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.”

And indeed soon thereafter — when those who had been sent returned to the house, they found the slave in good health.

–Luke 7:1–10


Dr Churchill



If you want to help the Liberation of all of our People suffering from mental slavery today — please join up and contribute to the Lincoln party that still works on the Emancipation values of our great 16th president Abraham Lincoln.

And if this ugliest election on record the 2020 contest between dumb & dumber — moves you to join the Independents of America and even to volunteer to work with us for real change you can live with and to Emancipate all of our People once again — here is where you’ll find us:

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The roaring 60s & the Chinese Cultural Revolution…

On August 19th of 1966, a massive wave of communist ideology imbued and nearly hysterical young Chinese students, launched the Cultural Revolution under the direction of the old Chairman Moo Zedung.

It was meant to be a fight for social justice, and a fight for the rights of the many people still oppressed in China.

And since it was widely believed that the ‘patriarchal system’ in China had been created by the 1% and held down women, minorities, and the working class — the students cried out for a revolutionary change, and consequentially launched the infamous Chinese Cultural Revolution.

All the young students put a red bandana around their arm or around their head, with written slogans, and went into the streets to stand in solidarity with the oppressed and called for a change of all the old ideas that they called the FOUR OLDS.

The Four Olds were: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.The movement was supported by the Chinese media.

Rioting followed with mass demonstrations and looting by the students, and mass arrests and torture of the targeted “intellectual elites” ensued.

Also many old statues were torn down.

Buddhist monasteries were looters and burned with all the BUDDHIST ARTIFACTS BURNED AND DESECRATED.

Tens of thousands of monks and hundreds of thousands of nuns were hung and many more found themselves in re-education camps for the rest of their lives.

Chinese architecture was destroyed.

Classical literature and Chinese paintings were torn apart and burned.

Temples were desecrated.

The Cemetery of Confucius was attacked.

The corpse of the 76th-generation Duke Yansheng was removed from its grave and hung from a tree.

Wealthy homes were attacked and destroyed.

Many families’ long-kept genealogy books were burned to ashes.

All of history, in short, was to be removed and replaced.

This was the central meaning of Cultural Revolution: That China was going to destroy every trace of its bourgeois (privileged) past and replace it with a new culture built on the principles of Maoism and Marxism.

Communist leaders like President Liu Shaoqi were taken out of power and replaced with men Mao believed were not critical of his reign.

Public leaders who were considered to be oppressive were tried by angry mobs and vigilantes.

Three days later, August 22, 1966, a central directive was issued to stop police intervention.

The police were disbanded in the city and the students formed a community solution called the RED GUARD.

The RED GUARDS policed the communities and punished anyone who did not agree with their ideas.

Even people that supported the movement, but had bad thoughts (“wrong think”) could be punished.

Though many Christians supported the movement in the beginning, they quickly became the number one target of the RED GUARDS and public trials were held to condemn them to death.

Many of those that were on board with the cause of the rebellion, in the beginning, saw that it was not really what they had signed up for, but by then it was too late.

The power that the Red Guard wanted had already been given.


Dr Churchill


More people died during the cultural revolution in China than any war, famine, or natural disaster in the history of man.

During the years of the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, an estimated total of 30 to 50 million people were killed.

Are you listening?

Seeing this ugly electoral period that we are going through now, and seeing as Joe Biden is the frontrunner — a man who has been responsible largely for building the largest prison system in the world over his legislative and executive career — I cringe for the looming injustice and the present inequity that affects all of us.

Yet, when I say looming injustice — I speak of the real situation of true absence of social justice today that is going to be fully exacerbated after these bipolar & binary elections — no matter who wins amongst the two evil candidates put forth by the the two sad major parties…

I simply say so because I have indeed come to realize that through Liberation Theology we can only find our path to healing our divide and cure the ills of our society.

Because indeed the true measure of our commitment to justice, the true character of our society, and the true nature of our commitment to the rule of law, to the sense of fairness, and to true ethnic, racial and gender equality — cannot be measured by how we treat the rich, the powerful, the privileged, and the respected among us, but by how we treat the weak, the racially unprivileged, the dispossessed, the ultra poor, the disfavored, the accused, the incarcerated, and the condemned.

And that is the ultimate test of our Humanity that we have been constantly failing as a Nation and we are set to fail more, now that the passions have boiled to the point of rebellion, where the instinctive reflex of the Police and the State will be revealed to be the jack-booted thuggery of the oppressors putting the knee to the neck of the oppressed, and asphyxiating them like the police thugs who lynched George Floyd in Minneapolis in broad daylight, with hundreds of witnesses who simply stood by, walked by, milled about, always looking away, and NOT interfering in any way to even attempt to stop this very public lynching.

We are all Evil when things like this happen, because we are all implicated in the vast system of injustice, when we allow other humans to be sacrificed like the sacrificial lamb of God as they suffer the ignominy of lynching in front of our eyes.

We are all Evil when we allow others to suffer racism.

We are all Evil when we allow others to be denied justice.

We are all Evil when we allow others to be mistreated by the police.

And indeed, we are all Evil when we allow others to be lynched, murdered and not allowed to breathe under the boot of the jack booted thugs in broad daylight.

Because it is at this moment that our absence of compassion makes us complicit in this murder…

And it is precisely this absence of compassion that removes any shred of decency and pretense for justice from any person, any community, any state, because it debases each one of us and the whole nation in its entirety.

And indeed this systemic racism is the fault of our society as a whole, because due to the complicity of our government as given to us by the two major parties that are far more interested in power and control, in their lust for supremacy and money — that they have architected our very racist system of living our lives as a nation around the vast police & prison system that the Democrats and the Republicans have been building in tandem over the last fifty or so years.

And indeed, as it was during the period of the stop of the Reconstruction and the Jim Crow laws that followed the 1876 elections compromise that the two parties have already agreed for this 2020 election also — it has been largely the fault of the leaders of the Democratic party who have decided to bring all of us “to heel” as the unforgettable verbal threat that was expressed as the national policy tenet of Joe Biden, Bill & Hillary Clinton and of course Obama, and now Donald Trump…

And if you think that anyone of these oppressors of the people, is going to change their stripes at their old age — you ought to urgently be seen by a Doctor, because you are delusional and suffering from severe hallucinations.

Yet, all magical thinking aside — some of us have come to realize that the closer we get to the tenets of this “Bring-Them-To-Heel” policy as expressed first by Joe Biden and repeated ad infinitum by Hillary and Bill Clinton, the policy of support for the racist Police System of “We-Must-Bring-Them To Heel” is pure and unadulterated EVIL.

“Bring them to Heel” figures large in Joe Biden’s internal policy as well as the mental construct of the “Cop” he has chosen as his running mate, the renown top cop of San Fran, Ms Kamala Harris… []

And because it was this “Top Cop” Ms Kamala Harris who incarcerated unjustly and prematurely upwards of twenty thousand black folks and countless other brown peoples during her tenure as Attorney General in San Francisco, this smacks of the hypocrisy of the Democratic party candidate uncle Joe Biden who has never met a cop that he did not like, and a black or brown person that he did not dislike. []

“Bring them to Heel”is the Democratic party’s standby policy and it is not going to change because it is convenient for this party whose origins as the Southern plantation owners party, have never left its DNA, and also because this policy serves the power hungry and money lusting Democrats, since this policy refers first and foremost to disenfranchising the Black & Brown people that Biden and his ilk have sought to suppress, control & segregate throughout their careers in politics.

Of course it is not an accident because this blatantly racist policy also refers to all the rest of us, such as those of us, that are slightly “different” and especially those of us who are strangers to the Bipolar and Bipartisan system of injustice, oppression and outright murder.

Yet this is exactly what Biden and Trump represent and what will certainly bring to you — regardless of which one of them wins, because they are both pawns, products and spokespersons of the vast Systemic Racism, of the unchecked Police brutality, and of the unbridled mass incarcerations and are the direct beneficiaries of a Society that thrives through the extreme levels of punishment inflicted upon the lesser ones.

In conclusion, the more we see of this inopportune lack of choice in our elections — the more it is necessary to recognize that we all need mercy, we all need justice, and most importantly we all need some measure of unmerited grace.

Yet in my humble opinion — methinks that we also need more choices….

So this is the time to rebel against the awful binary and bipolar evil choice of the upcoming elections and stop thinking strategically to go vote for the lesser evil because there is no such thing.

Evil is evil and there is no way to distinguish one evil person like Joe Biden, from another like Donald Trump.

Yet I am here to tell you that you have another choice:

Vote for an Independent and especially for a person that is not on the official printed ballot…

Simply stick it to the “Racist System” and go ahead in an act of defiance and human rights, and simply write the name Dr Churchill at the bottom of the ballot paper and send it in.

Or do the same at the voting booth.




Join me today as I speak at the University of Washington my alma matter about Justice in our country, in our city, in our community, and beyond…

Twelve o’clock at the Red Square in front of the Suzalo library.

Bring your signs for justice and reconciliation.

See you there.

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What the Future looks like…

Traditionally, economies fall into recession and then move into recovery, beginning a new business cycle. But what we’re seeing with COVID-19 is a deep recession leading to a less pronounced but longer-lasting recession that could leave permanent scars on the economy.

Economists are warning about a looming recession within the recession, as more temporary layoffs become permanent and long-term unemployment rises. One economist told Axios “the U.S. economy is transitioning from a depression to a recession and not a recovery.”

Lawmakers were hoping to avoid this by passing the CARES Act in March, but most economists say more help is needed. And the road may stay rocky for a while: 80% of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics say there’s at least a one-in-four chance of a double-dip recession.

Yet the parallels with the Great Depression are uncanny, because if you look at the pre-war period from 1929-1938 — the same thing happened.

After the great crash of 1929 and the subsequent depression it took us a couple of years all the way to 1930 when the stock market recovered all the way to 90% of pre-crash levels, without a fiscal stimulus or quantitative easing of any kind. Only bank support schemes were deployed and large company saving measures…

Then the reality of the true size of the 1929 crash set in, and of the real depression, and the stock market crashed down again.

Pf course there were small rallies, here and there — but the market didn’t get back to pre-1929 heights of the Glorious 20s all the way until the late 1950’s.

The difference here today, is that we have the fiscal stimulus, which however, is primarily going to “friends of the government” and the well connected colleagues and tribal affiliates of the current President and of the Republican administration — same as the past Quantitative Easement that was directed by the Democrats during the last Great Recession, went to their own friends and families.

When are we going to learn the lesson that playing party politics with our Economy will leave all of us homeless and hungry?

And obviously seeing today that the total Q.E. paid out to individual citizens and all other needy peoples is tiny relative to the total stimulus package that has been unleashed by the Treasury under there guidance of the Congress and the Executive.

It saddens me to see that we are saving large conglomerates, we are enriching the super wealthy and the darlings of the Stock market Trillion dollar companies while at the same time — we are intentionally letting our people drown in sorrows and fatigue of the troubled and turbulent waters of our Economic and Social malaise…

Is it any wonder that all the people are now contemplating taking up arms to tear down this bipolar and bipartisan travesty that rules over us like a Dynastic Hegemon?

Look at the signs and then call me a prophet Isaiah or Elizah or even a Kassandra, before you make up your mind about where we are heading…

  • U.S. debt has reached its highest level relative to the size of the economy since World War II, and is forecast to surpass it next year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
  • The casualization of employment is a fact now, and indeed the most terrible thing for all the middle & working class people, regardless of being part of the white or blue collar jobs and regardless of the color of the skin that our folks sport…
  • The off-loading of PPE maintenance and benefits costs has also left far too many people vulnerable to the ills & maladies of familial, social, political & economic malaise during this season of pandemic and pain.
  • Bloomberg reports workers in America’s heartland who are keeping the nation fed are going hungry themselves, with food banks overwhelmed and the number of Americans fighting hunger expected to grow by 45% this year to more than 50 million.
  • It is also important to consider the impact that the economic and health impact has on the mental health and well-being of our society. I see this as the second pandemic. So many older adults and family caregivers are struggling with the burden of stress and uncertainty during this difficult economic and public health crisis. We are working to help guide this population to relevant support and services, but this is only the beginning of a long-term chronic crisis of mental health that is hard to quantify the impact on society.
  • Of course today, our economy is less than 5% agricultural, it was more like 25% in 1929. However, a large part of our economy is services, travel, entertainment, and COVID has probably put a 1.5 to 2 year hole where 25% of our economy has been reduced by 50%. Also, the saving rate has soared, people are spending less in general because of job and income insecurity. It’s not that different, we still have a pretty large part of our economy that is not working and productive. In addition, I think we are early in the economic crisis and the add on effects have not yet been fully realized. The lower savings rate, a second financial crisis, the inability to bring 15% of the economy back online mean a protracted crisis, not a “quick fix”.
  • An excellent – and sobering – piece from Barron’s on the scale of the budget crisis facing the country’s states and #municipalities as a result of COVID-19. States and municipalities are taking a huge hit to their revenues and tax bases, while their expenses remain high. The prospect of reduced spending and layoffs will further impact the economic #recovery. While the politics surrounding the crisis will make it difficult, if we can get a program from the federal government to help states and municipalities, we’ll be better positioned to get through this crisis.
  • A big issue you don’t hear about as much is that higher salary employees are being let go and companies are using the pandemic to get rid of them under the radar. This effects the buying power of the economy more then a lower wage worker being let go in say retail. Senior managers, pilots, and heads of departments like marketing and sales are being let go. Companies will then hire lower rate workers to say money when the time to hire comes. That purchasing power that is lost will keep the economy depressed for longer.
  • There’s no doubt we’re seeing a mental health crisis, just look at what is going on in many of our cities around the nation… It’s just trying to figure out who has the bigger mental health issues, the rioters/looters, or those who refuse to put an end to the destruction of their cities. I’m going with the latter. How can an elected official sit back and watch the carnage and not do anything to stop it? And, they refuse help from the Federal Gov to stop it, but when this ends, they will be first in line to ask for money to rebuild what they allowed to be destroyed.

Trump’s “Super V Recovery” is simply a redistribution of US Dollar fiat into the pockets of the greedy money grubbers on Wall Street. Very little, if any of that money will ever make it to ‘Main Street.’

And while Trump PRAISES the booming Stock Market which essentially robs the ‘Middle Class’ by keeping prices of nearly everything overinflated, & with no proper “corrections”… a major cause of inflation & continually rising Real Estate prices (mostly since 2012). As long as Stock Prices remain artificially INFLATED, so too will the average lemming believe that the economy is prospering very well & good.

And, his actions speak more than a 10,000 word economics explaining the Fed Policy/Actions. Such actions cannot ever lead the USA back to a sound “economic policy” which will ever lead to renewed “prosperity” in America! Not now, not ever! Yet, Trump is using this to take credit for his ‘booming stock market’, which he would have the lemmings believe is a ‘booming economy.’

By the way — Obama did the exact SAME thing!


Dr Churchill


Sadly, this time is a real struggle for our people suffering through a deep recession, depressions and division — while the stock market increases daily with so many wealthy people buying homes & displacing many others to the point that construction trades are booming…

Yet these new homes are not nearly enough for the demand…. with the unhoused peoples and the homeless numbers rising daily — we have an economy of two speeds and two differing directions.

Indeed, there is not enough available housing, bidding wars for the available housing stock cause price increases and yet some cruel folks of the Trumpian persuasion think that this is all a hoax.

We can help them see that they wish to not see, but we cannot make them comprehend the suffering of others, because the Trumpers are fully convinced that the whole thing is a made up fallacy, in the same way like last time when we saw that the doom and gloom economy forecasts by the mass media that didn’t work.

Yet, the first time that the media attempted to downplay the robust economy — when they swore that we would see a W shaped recession since every attempt was made to create panic — now here we go again as the continued attempts to destroy the U.S. economy, are exploding all around us with the Covid pandemic, creating excessive panic and fully realizing the “chicken little effect,” especially around election time.

It is a valid yet cruel argument that comes from a warm breath and a hot hearth with a full stomach — that caused the Trumpers to not care for the other people suffering in this Marie Antoinette socio-political & economic moment, ripe for a Revolution and a clutch of guillotines set up for the proper edification of some savagely wealthy beings…

To them — I’ve got only one thing to say:

May the Good God have Mercy on us.

Thanks be to God. Dr CHurchill

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This is the State of the World Today.

Just read and hear this and give me your thoughts…

Pray – Tell:

What do you think about this?


Dr Churchill


My old friend Bill has gone Ape-Shit again.

Why can’t someone help him to get back on his Meds?

Why is his wife Melinda not supporting him to help him take his medications?

For Shame…

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The only path forward for our Country and for all of us to avoid Civil War — is the Middle Way…

Think about it.

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Dieu Merci

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What do you think about this?

Please go read and hear this, and then tell me what you think about it…

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 8.54.30 AM

You can find the whole video right here at my LinkedIn channel:


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