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American Angels

Angel Investment is scary business:

Are You Ready to Become an Angel Investor?

But the scare is manageable too…

As for your fears, the uncertainties, and the doubts — Freudian psychologists are a dime a dozen and it might help to find one and start paying up to have someone listen to your freaking out self…

I  personally recommend a Jungian one.

That is if you can handle the sexual innuendo and the absolution of your Mother from all the blame you pile upon her for your Life…

But if you can go on without safe spaces, snowflakes, and if you can handle micro aggressions and politically incorrect behavior and talk — you’ve come to the right place.

Come and Get it.


Dr Churchill


So now if you’ve got balls — join us.

Join us if you want to cut your teeth in Angel Investing, or if you have already run some rodeos on this field, and now You really want to strengthen your chops.



Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.03.46 PM

In Seattle’s Pioneer Square, same as in the Tenderloin in San Fran, and the Meatpacking district of New York — there is a junkie, a wino, a hooker, and an entrepreneur, all stationed around in every corner.

It’s like a Taliban roadblock, and if you escape one, there is no escaping the others. And the thing is that all of them are selling dreams. Dreams out of a bottle, out of a baggie, out of a business plan, or out of a pvssy. Either way they all are in the Dream Big, and in the Big Drama business.

And yes indeed, they all walk down the street at different paces, all day and all night long. And a new one is always taking up their place when they shove off to do their appointed rounds seeking their particular dreamscapes.

And if you look carefully — you ‘ll invariably see that all of them are always speaking to themselves, or talking to an earbud, or maybe having an interesting discussion with the voices inside their heads. Either way they prefer to look busy and gainfully engaged in some ethereal conversation — all the time. Of course the winos who suffer from the trash-talking syndrome known as Turrets, have the most interesting conversations out there, but the other ones are also not easy to follow…

And the scantily dressed sexy & over curved chick who’s talking to a John, while smoking a  doobie, and looking around for a “safe” place to turn a trick behind a dumpster — is probably pitching her New StartUp. Amid the hassle and the hustle, further down the street and the alleyways, there is somebody who’s slipping some serious folding green cash to someone in a hoodie for a baggie of shit. That’s better than going to the wall to get some cash. This is hot commodity dealing and more cash exchanges hands between drug dealer and the “client” than most Startups will ever see in their entire lifetime.

Of course this could also be an investment from a hyper focused and hyper stressed out local VC to a budding entrepreneur who wants to be the next Suckerberg… and who dreams of nothing else but of connecting all of us in this uber-local and massively viral social network that will allow us engage in some new form of fornication through virtual poking — if only we could give him twenty gazillion dollars to build this fabulous new Mobile App that will kill it.

Really – Really Kill It…

Silicon Forest, Silicon Valley, and Silicon Alley, are all places where there is an entrepreneur, a dealer, a druggie, a wino, and a hooker, lurking in every corner. Nobody’s missing from this scene except the rabbi, the Catholic priest and the Virgin Mary.

Now the hooker we all know what she sells, and if you don’t know then this blog is not for you, and you should immediately turn back to your Mommy and ask for the pacifier.


As for the junk dealer — we also know what he sells and best stay away from him — but you are big boys & girls and how you find your dreams and get fucked up is your own business.

The Jesus freaks they also sell salvation but it’s difficult to use this salvation n the current lifetime so we reserve this in the compartment that smells of death and we only invest in it when we are thinking of mortuaries and funerals and cemetery plots. But till then we focus on more earthly things…

Like the new you-sit-at-home-naked-while-i-do-your-shopping mobile app that we get pitched about every week. Or the next dating up that will get your Pornhub addiction satisfied with a flashlight and a maximum dildo that is remote controlled through your I-phone in a smart looking Mobile App that allows you to vibrate wildly inside your panties while taking these boring company meetings — and nobody’s the wiser.

That’s why I remove everybody’s phone and devises in all of my meetings, in order to avoid the unintended female orgasms in the midst of the presentation pitches. Or when the troll demos are going on…

And this is the StartUp Entrepreneurial scene all over.

This is true of all the big Silicon hubs, around the world and especially in the United States, where only a handful of companies, are actually trying to do the real things that will have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. And even fewer are the ones that make the effort to built the strong organizations that carry a true vision in order to solve real problems, and advance human progress by pushing History’s wheels forward.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.38.09 PM

And then there are the other ones. The few nutters, the madmen, the totally crazy ones, who are audacious enough to want to put a dent in the Universe….

These folks are truly mad, and generally timid — so they go underfunded, and generally unnoticed. Because they are hidden from the glare of the spotlight of fame and fortune that often times shines down to the Kardashians amongst us and the crooks like the Elizabeth Holmes of Thanatos Inc. and the many Minnie Men of Steve Jobs, or Mark, or Bill, or Uber Kick the Can down the Street.

Now I have to ask you question:

How many startups define their mission just well enough to discover an avenue to revenue?

And how come most of them don’t even want revenue?

How come they just want users?

Because the current illogical thinking goes something like this: Always user acquisition trumps reason, because in Silicon Valley they say that users are better than cash when going in to talk to the VCs for another round of funding.


Most of these startups die within the year, and most people will forget their names long before then.

As for those Stock Options and under water promises — phooey goes the smoke form that pipe of medical Mary-Jane you’ve been smoking.

But if you ask the real questions and your honestly want to answer them — You’ll know that building any business is hard.

It is an all-consuming process, frustrating at best, and fraught with danger, privations, lack of sleep or personal edification, sacrifices, and loads of personal challenges.

And it comes as no surprise that when a founder is a Tourist, a Tramp, or an A-hole that is strictly “opportunity driven” it’s too easy to quit at the first bump in the road.


Yet when the founder is “mission driven” — he or she will do whatever it takes to make an impact in the market they serve, and will keep persevering whatever the startup trends of the month.

Therefore I encourage entrepreneurs to find real problems to sell to me and then go ahead and tackle these hard problems, even if it makes fund raising more difficult, even if they look like the man from La Mancha, and even if their life gets in danger when both he Girlfriend and the Dog leave them.

Now these are the folks I like. The Great Unwashed. They are the ones that are truly killing it. Because the other ones are far less likely to succeed and they present no competition to the driven and mad as hell Founders we back. We like the ones who are Crazy AF, and willing to show it.

I’ve been guilty of backing small thinkers too. Yes, I’ve made money from these Me-Too Mobile Apps. Yes I’m finding the Light belatedly too. Yes, I’ve launched my own products and services that were idea buyers of others and were there just to spin them off the the Private Equity boys for quick M&A activity. Yes, I’ve done every easy StartUp in the book, and they were indeed fun to build, and a great hoot to sell them off or morph them into a big company, or make an IPO run and a Billion dollar exit.

Sure all of these companies were received well by the tech community, by the good folks at Geekwire, by the other Silicon Valley folks that run the major tech blogs, and even by WSJ and Fortune, Forbes, and the other big “F” the Fast Company.

Yet for me the only “F” that matters is Focus. Say that three times fast: Focus, focus, focus — and soon you start sounding like an Irish crazy man from County Kerry asking for a fvck… but never mind.

And the chorus goes on, and all the analysts, the VCs, the Private Equity sharks and the millions of users were singing our praises all day long and vying to be the first to use our next iteration.

The front page of the Business section of the paper is a great place to be, same as the Forbes Innovation Summit was an interesting place to speak at and all the other Silicon valley conference like CODE and RE-CODE and the Google or the Apple shindigs. My ego was being stroked at maximum efficiency, and the swag kept coming. And throughout all that, I knew I was building things just because they were easy to do and the people would use them to gratify and ingratiate themselves…

Yet all that jazz doesn’t matter the least bit if whatever you are building makes no difference. If your Mobile App doesn’t improve people’s lives in a measurable way.

Don’t talk to me if you don’t have meaning in your life and your Startup company doesn’t have a purpose of being.

Raison D’Etre is all there is.


Dr Churchill

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.04.23 PM


But I’ve had my Damascus moment and saw the Light.

Now I seek more meaningful things and reason that if you’re going to start a new venture — at least learn to care for whatever the fvck you are building.

Go out there and see the world and really observe. Seek instead of see. Go find some measure of meaning and maybe you’ll stumble upon a problem and a people, that you really care about.


Go ahead and focus solving that problem and only pursue that dream.

Even if the likelihood of success is slim, put your head down and go.

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Have you seen how the Markets love The Donald?

Making America Great Again has started in earnest.

This time around it is the Markets that are hitting record highs after the election of Donald Trump as the next president of these United States.

You might recall the scaremongering that was going on before the Elections lest the American people choose their President as a Strong Pro Free Market Capitalist Republican, instead of the choice of the Corporatists, the wet dishcloth sponging the behind of all the rich and powerful dictators of the world and of the marketplace, who contributed to her personal foundation.

And how can you blame them, when after the most anemic recovery from a deep recession / depression, micromanaged by the hapless Obama administration through the ministrations of a Banker-Wankers government — everybody was scared witless. Indeed we have experienced so many years of slowing earnings growth and little in the way of excitement for simple ordinary investors or even for the biggest ones, and certainly for all the Wall Street analysts who make their living by observing the Market swings — that we are all forgetting what it is to see a roaring market.

However since the elections gave us this New President Donald Trump, many Wall Street analysts and pundits are now very hopeful that President-elect Donald Trump will finally make things not just interesting — but outright GREAT.

Now we see a roaring market all over again.

Making America Great Again is no small potatoes and starting from the liquidity markets is a great place to give hope and money to the people.

And the recent Market expansion drives the point home top all those sour pusses out there that predicted gloom & doom from the get go about the Trump Presidency.

So when collecting data from the Goldman Sachs Group’s Analyst Index — a proprietary measure of growth across different sectors of the S&P 500 — the firm included a question this month, on what the election of Donald Trump might mean for the industries covered by those surveyed.

Turns out, all the analysts at Goldmans are rather optimistic.

“This month, analysts commented on how the results of the U.S. election will affect companies in their respective sectors,” the team of Goldman Sachs analysts wrote in their new note. “While their responses suggest that there is still uncertainty about the sector-level impact, the majority of sectors are anticipating favorable effects,” they say, adding that expectations of lower tax rates and economic stimulus are among key reasons for the favorable outlook.

Goldman Sachs certainly isn’t the first to hail the potential benefits of a Trump presidency. The quantitative analysts at JP Morgan Chase and Co, also wrote that many of Trump’s policies would be “pro-growth,” even while uncertainty about specifics remains high. They further wrote this week that if the campaign promises that have the potential to stimulate growth get implemented, the S&P 500 could see as much as $20 in additional earnings-per-share growth over the next few years.

Still, “it is difficult to overstate just how wide the range of possible policy outcomes is currently,” they said. “While the majority of President-elect Trump’s policies are pro-growth for equities, parts of his more populist rhetoric could significantly disrupt the economy,” they add, pointing to the promise of stricter trade policies. The strategists’ skepticism that all the former real-estate mogul’s campaign promises will go through means they stop short of incorporating the effects into their base-case earnings forecasts.

Of course there’s no suggestion that all industries will benefit alike: Goldman’s analysts expect some to miss out, and some even to suffer under Trump. Some respondents said they expected the election outcome to weigh negatively on their sectors; among those were autos, aerospace, clean energy, and agribusiness. Concerns regarding the outlook for business activity stem from potentially more restrictive trade policy, notably for clean energy and agricultural industries, and higher inflationary pressures…

Dr Churchill


So all of the Goldman analysts surveyed are optimistic, and so are the majority of the independent dealers, brokers, and market makers.

Yet as always I also tend to believe the optimistic scenario here & now, because for the next 3-4 years we are going to be in a grateful mode, that will surely keep growing jobs and incomes in America.

That’s How We Make America Great Again.

Giving Confidence to the People and Keeping the jobs at Home.

And God willing with Trump winning a second term — then we can balance the books too.

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Abraham’s Thanksgiving

Where did Thanksgiving really come from?

It’s a relatively simple civics question, but an episode of American history that, sadly, few can answer.

As we gather together to celebrate this most reverent and solemn holiday, I hope this short piece informs and enlightens enough, so that you share it far and wide, because this is something that all Americans need to know.

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday but one whose origins we’ve lost sight of.

Children’s stories of pilgrims and Indians having a meal together are nice, but not accurate. Much like Santa Claus we have a hard time believing past the age of three, although we know that there is some basic truth to the stories of Saint Nickolas, they are far from the man living on a North Pole village, and all year long manufacturing toys that are then dropped as gifts down chimneys from a flying sled pulled by flying reindeer…

So are the romantic stories about the Good Indians and the Great pilgrims, who were starving and found each other as help to further their mutual designs, so they can survive, left alone to live and prosper so they can continue to fight another day.

In reality this Thanks-Giving holiday was solidified as an annual event as a result of a Presidential Proclamation issued by our nation’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, on October 3rd, 1863.

In decreeing that as a nation we set aside the final Thursday of November as a “National Day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heaven.”

This is how Lincoln visualized and created, and then oversaw America’s first Day of Thanksgiving.

Lincoln’s Presidential Proclamation is brief, just a few paragraphs, and is one of the most beautiful literary works you will ever read and behold.

And in case you’ve never read it — you have no idea what a true American jewel you are missing.

The entire thing, Presidential Proclamation #106, can be found as written in Lincoln’s original pen on our National Archives website here: Proclamation 106 – Thanksgiving Day, 1863.

For ease of reading, I have reproduced that document below. If you have read it, I hope you’ll re-read and share it with family and loved ones this week. I read this amazing, heartfelt piece of American history every year and every year ask the same question – what chance would this great man have of being elected today?


Dr Churchill


On behalf of myself and of the Lincoln party, I would like to offer my blessings and sincere wishes, for a Happy Thanksgiving to One and All.

May the day and the hour remind us all of what we are Grateful for, in this Life of ours.

God Bless.

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Quality jobs

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful.

Being Grateful is like having an Open Heart – a supple heart that allows all that is good, and all that is great, to come inside.

Because sometimes we just have to be wise enough to open up, to go with the flow, awaiting without expectation, without letting up your work, always allowing for good things to come to us.

In fact we have to put our trust in life and let the current of life carry us on to the big river that will lead us to the Ocean where we all shall meet again…

That doesn’t mean we should take our focus off where we’re going, or that we should stop swimming hard. If anything trust in God and keep up with our hand over hand in continuous strokes and keep our feet pushing…

That’s swimming.

And in our Public Life we need to be always swimming with the flow if we want to get quality jobs for the American people.

We need quality jobs and that is what got Trump the victory before anything else. Trump won the White House addressing our need for quality jobs.

Good jobs for Good People.

Not the crappy Walmart or Amazon stocker, warehouse kind of jobs, but QUALITY JOBS that fill houses in middle class streets of cities and towns full of happy people.

And on the basis of that promise more than anything else, Donald Trump an astute observer of reality, and a keen reader of the public sentiment, came into the White House for a sea change.

Of course many others have spoken about it before Trump, because it is hardly a secret, or an original observation, and in fact Trump’s very predecessor in the White House, a man best remembered as Barack Obama, the husband of Michelle — had made this case for quality jobs back in 2010. And then he went back to puffing his medical maryjane and allowed the wall street corporate lobbyists to translate this all too human desire for good jobs to the Franken Trade Agreement called TPP and TTPI that actually would kill almost all the American Quality Jobs in exchange for a Global Scheme of imaginary surpluses that would turn Americans into beggars same as all the other 6 Billion beggars around the Globe living on $2 a day or less.

Clearly Obama’s pitch and tone are far different than Trump’s, who is focused on fixing all the shortfalls in the nation’s trading relationships by tearing up the old Democrat and Globalization induced unbalanced so called free-trade deals and starting over from a clean slate.

If you look for specifics, Michelle’s Obama had called in his 2010 State of the Union address for doubling exports by the end of 2014. This, he said, would create 2 million jobs, and they’d mostly be good-paying jobs in manufacturing. In other words, it might have made America great again, but of course it didn’t because in the White House, they were all busy French kissing their doobies.

Logical trade experts who questioned Obama’s plan, noting that such a dramatic change in a short period of time would require disruptive changes in exchange rates between the United States and its trading partners — were shunted aside and shut down. The cloudy thinking of the Michelle Obama administration went on to say that this method would be punishing those US companies operating overseas, and making untaxed profits keeping them abroad, and therefore it would be counterproductive for the expensive lobbyists of the scofflaws. And they further scared Michelle’s little boy in chief, by claiming that if we were to engage in “Buy American” incentives, we would invite retaliatory measures by China and others. So the big pussy in chief, went back to hiding in his cloud of phat oily smoke — inhaling deep on his doobie — and thus any measure of change towards creating quality jobs — went up … in smoke.

All clearly thinking and logically imbued human beings looking at those over the top Obama manifestations, thought that these guys must be smoking something really good. And probably something rather powerful. Something that was probably illegal.

And they were right.

The Obamas were puffers of excellent quality weed, and thus the Clear Thinkers were justified.

By the end of 2014, US exports had risen just 28.2% compared with 2010 levels, according to Census Bureau data. That was far short of Obama’s goal, which was 100% growth. Even exports of services, which included tourists traveling to the United States, just rose by 31.9%. Exports of goods & products manufactured in the United States, were up just 26.6%. And in fact US exports have actually declined since then, with the pace of exports through the first 10 months of 2016 just 8.3% higher than during the same period in 2010.

So where are the jobs?

Forget Quality Jobs. We are now fighting for jobs of any kind…

Of course the one thing that frustrated Obama’s goal for exports was the continuously and artificially strengthening dollar —- something the president can’t really control, and perhaps shouldn’t even try to do although we know that our major trading partners are rigging the game to their advantage. When the Chinese drop the value of the Yuan drastically in order to sell more plastic bathtub toys and weapons to the world — the dollar appreciates sharply against the Reminmbi and by a snow gal effect against all the other currencies. Thus by starting in 2014, as the Federal Reserve began to wind down its aggressive monetary stimulus plans and investors anticipated higher interest rates in the United States, the dollar strengthened and American exports became more expensive in comparison to other nation’s product and thus our jobs tended to decline. Imports became cheaper, and the trend became self feeding on a never ending loop, that took jobs away from America instead.

Imports have risen by the same portion that exports have fallen since 2010, which means the overall trade deficit of $500 billion at the end of 2015 is now the same as it was in 2010 and growing.

Donald Trump, correctly saw this and promised that as the incoming Republican President, he will hammer away at America’s trade deficit during his Administration, correctly saying that China and Mexico have been stealing American jobs. If his smart appeal for Quality Jobs for Americans, works in the same way that brought out the masses of voters in the Rust Belt states — we are in a good way going forward.

And as you can see in all the states where Quality Jobs have evaporated, such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio, who have struggled to hold onto blue collar jobs that have helped put Trump over the top in these elections — they are going to be the biggest beneficiaries of Trump’s Trade Imbalance Correctional Policy.

The shortfall of good blue-collar jobs—several has been seen but not spoken for. It was observed by many smart economists, ordinary workers out of a job, and regular people for many years. But nobody from the Clinton or the Bush administration, or even the Michelle Obama presidency had bothered to do anything about it yet. The earlier we address trade imbalances — the earlier we can fix them. But if they are left unchallenged — they get to fester and become cantankerous cancer sores.

So had Obama or anyone else before him bothered to actually create some quality jobs, we might not have been in today’s dire straits.

Still the lesson shouldn’t get lost on us.

Because now, the failure of Obama’s and his predecessor’s export plans should serve as a well read cautionary tale for incoming President Trump too.

But above all, it should serve us a lesson to us.

Do what you promise like a man and not like a pussy…


Dr Churchill


The incoming president says he’ll “get tough” with trade partners like China and Mexico, negotiating new terms that are more favorable to the United States.

His overall goal is to create 25 million new jobs within a decade. But there’s no reason to think Trump will be any more successful than Obama at manipulating an immensely complex part of the global economy to America’s advantage.

Presidents tend to come into office thinking they can pull the levers of the economy more effectively than their predecessors.

They often leave chastened. And Trump has promised a lot more than those who came before him — but something tells me that he can and he will deliver on all of his promises.

That little something is not a little birdie but the rising and record breaking American stockmarket that has seen and has conquered the highest peaks, ever.

And that simply on the news of Trump coming in as the New President.

Imagine what will happen when he actually takes the reins of power…


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Donald Trump is now our Julius Caesar and We Better Love Him For It….


When one travels around Washington DC the capital of the United States cannot fail to notice the NeoClassical character of her buildings that look like copies of the Parthenon and of the other ancient Athenian buildings. And this architectural style is not accidental but rather evocative of the Great Minds that built this Republic, through their adherence to the ancient Code of Philosophy that saw it’s greatest manifestation in the vibrant Democracy of the Golden Age of the 4th century BC in the Athens of Pericles. It is indisputable that the ancient Greeks gave us this “Architecture of State” that was defined by this Philosophy, but we also see it metaphorically in the “Four Columns” that we used to construct the House of our Western Civilization and the Nation State of these very United States of America.

Yet, through the Founders and especially Thomas Jefferson, the Greeks and the Romans form a couple of Millennia away — they also gave us our Reason of Being today: The Free Will, the basic Liberty that is the Freedom to Be, the very basic element of what makes us fully Human, and Christianity was the adherent of this Doctrine, that makes us  very different than the ones that perceive themselves as slaves bound in other religions of submission like Islam and even worse slave creeds. And that variable ancient Greek custom that was later embraced as Christian and traversed the ages and conquered the Roman empire through the Book written in Greek — the Bible that is the most popular book of all times —  is the true Free Will belief that constitutes the very Roof of our edifice we call our Republic and our Civilization that is the true Soul and the very “Home” of these United States of America.

This is truly our Reason of Being and our greatest strength as FREE PEOPLE to persist in the face of all odds having as our “Raison D’Etre” the free will of Man, that hidden force that allows us to live and progress as Free thinking, and freedom loving Human Beings. This is the indisputable universals force — recognized as such, all the way from the days of the philosophers of Democratic Ancient Athens, to the Enlightenment, and the reintroduction of Democracy from the Renaissance to today. And the thing with this universal Human Force the so called “Yearning to Be Free” is best manifest here in the United States of America and it will be maintained as long as Patriots are willing to fight for that “Right” and as long as they are willing to shed their precious blood to water the tree of Liberty.

And it’s up to all of us to make sure that we don’t screw it up — so that we can keep it until tomorrow, and for as long as we can keep this Republic steeped in our beautiful Experiment in Democracy, alive. And to that end we have Cato, and Cicero, and Socrates, the three great Stoics egging us on.

The Founders loved no other source of intellectual strength more than Cicero’s wise and virtuous writings on citizenship and Cato’s history. Especially the Virtuous Citizen of Cicero was the indispensable support to the debates that our founding fathers engaged as they debated and planned in order to establish the American Republic. The Framers of our Constitution and the Founder son our Republic engaged in this interminable debate about the kind of State they wanted to build because they were all rather intelligent and intellectually endowed with plenty of Gray Matter and dense space between their ears, inside their necktop computers we call brains, and thus through the cauldrons of intellectual fire, New Ideas emerged. Yet these new ideas had their origin in the ancient past and then the American Innovators offered drastic political innovation on top of that based on the many centuries of imagining what a great society would look like.

So this adoption of ancient Greece’s Democracy along with Rome’s Republicanism was indeed like the marriage of Cadmus and Destiny — all the more remarkable because challenges such as the pragmatic political theory of Machiavelli, the political upheaval of the Reformation, and the Enlightenment were all known to them, and yet they chose to ignore them during the gigantic effort undertaken towards the creation of this Enlightened Republic of the United States of America.

These innovative political theorists and practitioners, shied away from the early Reformation’s rejection of the use of pagan authors, and instead made the Greeks and the Romans Leaders and Authors of antiquity really relevant to the Western ideals of the day of the creation of the New Republic.

As always the proof is in the pudding, and from what we see to this day, this adoration of the ancient knowledge — served them rather well.

When the American founders attempted to articulate a vision of a good society and of an active life of virtue in politics, they turned in the same direction as Petrarch did over four hundred years before. Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1825 that the ideas of the Declaration of Independence came not only from John Locke and Algernon Sidney, but from Aristotle and Cicero.

In 1803, John Adams could admiringly quote Cicero’s description of the true public servant: “Such a man will devote himself entirely to the Republic, nor will he covet power or riches. He will adhere closely to justice and equality that provided he can

Indeed the four cardinal institutions of Western Civilization come from Greece. And the roof of our edifice, is this incredible belief in Freedom. It is almost a religious thing. And these are the same stone pillars that support our Neoclassical American Empire, as the same four principles of Civilization that the Romans made their own, as they took over from the Greeks. Our Justice System, our Logic & Rational Thinking that leads to Science and Scientific pursuits, our Freedom and Free Will enshrined in our Constitution and in our Religion too, and our Democratic principle of All men are created equal and have the obligation and the right to participate by always voting and by standing for Elections as Electors, as Tribunes, as Representatives, as Senators, as Consuls, as Magistrates, or as other office holders, even as Augustus — always having a single vote to offer towards the pursuit of honest representative government — from the people, by the people, and for the people. But above it all is the Liberty that is remembered as the Lady that greets us in the harbor of New York City holding her light aloft to guide us always and forever to this distant shore of Goodness and Godness.

Simply put, these ancient Philosophical innovations are the cornerstones that allow us today, to have a rood over our home while being Free Americans, and while living inside the Best Constitutional and Democratic Republic the world has ever known. And again these are: Justice, Reason, Free Will, and Democracy, all capped with Liberty as a Divine Right and enshrined as a uniquely human trait — only within our precious Christian Religion.


To recall, these five principles are the direct Greek descendants of the Innovations taking place in Athens for many years brewing in the underground caves of the hill of Pnyx, where a group of men conspired and dreamed for thirty five years with the dream of instituting a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. And these rebels came out of hiding and stormed the citadel of Acropolis and took over power from the Oligarchy under the guidance and the leadership of a strong man named with the nom de guerre “Isocrates” meaning Equal-State as a proto-Democrat (Greek =Democrates). Isocrates (no relation to the philosopher Socrates),  saw that the institution of Democracy be given a structure that will allow it to persist against time’s erosive powers. And that was how this nascent experiment came to be the pinnacle of the ancient Athenian empire under the influence of Pericles as the best embodiment in public governance of Free people, of Free Will, and of Free Choice — all working together for a Free Government.

That these ancient Greeks bequeathed these lofty innovative ideals to the Romans, and the fact that all of the best Roman Citizens and the Rulers of the Glorious Age of Rome — spoke Greek. And not only spoke Greek but they had studied Philosophy and had also studied the Art of Oratory and Greek Rhetoric. Speaking Greek in the Roman Senate was a requirement and a privilege because the Romans treasured Classical Education as their most important educational tool, to help them advance into the world of Leadership.

Julius Caesar himself the first elected Emperor by anyone’s account, had studied Greek under a Greek tutor, in the island of Rhodes in Greece, for a whole eight years, in order to master this ancient art of speaking and leading the People, before he returned to Rome to begin his public service and his famous works of strengthening and enlarging the Roman Republic that in his lifetime changed to the Great Roman Empire.

Caesar was a truly Masterful Leader and he used the Art of Rhetoric to the advantage of his cause. A Greater Rome. His language was powerful and his use of the Art of Rhetoric emphasized the Future Glory of the Roman Republic and the Coming of the Empire of Rome. He always sought Justice of the People of Rome from the commonest Citizen to the greatest Patrician without discrimination and he instituted the beginning of the shared equity of all the people living under Rome’s border, in Italia, and by giving them the gift of Roman Citizenship as the “Latin Right” to all those outsiders living in conquered lands,  a right that eventually led to the Full Roman Citizenship, under the reign of Emperor Caracalla some two centuries later…

Yet it was the same ancient art of rhetoric and oratory, that allowed for the opposite of Justice to sometimes occur. And it is exactly what the Greeks gave us plenty of instruction for — through their most eloquent tales of downfall of Great Men and Women, and through the stories of the lives of their Leaders, and the stories of their philosophers. And this is why they also warned us about carefully applying Good Free People’s governance in what was good honest government during the classical period of the Athenian Empire. A period of highly educated and honestly informed Citizenry, where Demagoguerry was punishable by ostracism. Yet this led to Rome’s demagoguery practicing professional liars of the day, and all the way to today’s fake PR newspaper hacks, to the Media pretenders, and all the way to TV partisan Journalists.

You’d be surprised to hear that the ancient Greeks had broadsheets of their own that didn’t look very different than the front page of today’s newspapers. The “papyri” were just what a public paper of record like the New Pork Times, and the Wall Street Journal are and it was what brought the news first thing along with the Public Announcements that were read form the papyri at the Agora of the ancient city.
And it was always the publisher of this morning Paper to be read at the Agora (Public Marketplace), under strict observance of the Anti-Demagoguerry laws and the publisher knew that if He failed to report the news and instead knowingly reported lies — they were to be liable to become ostracized and to have their property become the nationalized and themselves to have to leave the City for good.


And we all used to know Greek and Latin, and we all had studied the ancients carefully for some glimpses of wisdom, and we tended to remember these stories and some of us even could recite the Iliad and the Odyssey till the end of Life, because like all the well educated people throughout the ages, and those Greats coming before us, namely leaders like Julius Caesar, Richard the LionHeart, Winston Churchill, and today yours truly, we all studied ancient Greek language, the Iliad, the Odyssey, and Latin poetry, language, and customary laws, along with the whole cannon of the history of ancient Greece, Athens, and Rome.

And apparently there was a great and a good reason for that, and that’s also the same reason why it’s a bloody shame that our leaders and our public servants and our demagogue newspaper people are constantly failing us, since they stopped being properly educated and try to get through life with a half ass law degree or even worse… The reason why History and the Classical lineage of knowledge was always important is because there are no New Issues under the Sun. And if we have known how things played out i the past iterations of Historical precedent and if we can make the system analysis of situations work for us in that context — we are bound to be Great Leaders and be the kind of people that push the wheel of History in the right direction and eventually be the good leaders history is made off.

Because it’s not just that history holds important lessons, but it is that we are all products of our education, and the complex calculus of decision making is pivoting upon that platform of data rich brainscape. Knowledge is Power. Real deep knowledge gives us that special super power we need to execute our Leadership and our decision making daily.

Therefore our Classical Education is our number one investment in ourselves, and in Society, because the public sphere that we choose to serve demands the best of us.

And at the end of day, the very art of knowledge and wisdom is simply having read and deeply known in earnest the poetry of Homer, and the songs of Virgil, or the romantic poems of Lucan, and the stentorian writings of Julius Caesar on governance and on the Art of Public Service and Leadership.  It is crucial to understand those primary texts as software for your brain entered there from a wise writer who lived through tough times and good times and who took decisions that were judged to be solid and judged to be correct in the historical narrative of the long ago time. Or you can read the words of an incredible geek, the Brainiac Julius Caesar and educate yourself by allowing this brain software to enter your mind. Do the same with those sane words from Seneca, or simply start getting familiar with the earliest of great Roman poetry of Catullus and then Virgil or even Cato himself. Make this effort to improve your Mind by entering the realm of the Brain of these Great Minds that are far superior to whatever our Day has got to share. That is why they are called the Classics.

Even in the Age of the Stupids, and of the Lost Millennial generation — knowing the Ancient Classics and delving deep into this esoteric knowledge, signals that we are still intelligent beings, and that we are still seeking wisdom, begging to be seen as relevant if not merely mentally alive in this boundless and timeless IDEA-SPHERE that is the great rational bubble “built” by ideas of the great men who preceded us, at the Greatest moments of History where the Greatest of the Civilized Societies that ever came into existence amongst Humans in this Earth of ours — thrived for glimpses of momentary brilliance.

That’s what you get with the Classics. Nothing else…

It helps to know that today’s America is a constitutional republic, very much in the mold of ancient Rome and it’s predecessor Democratic Athens and it’s Greek Athenian empire. The people who designed America’s governing ideals, institutions, and DNA — all were first imagined, designed, and bequeathed to us by a number of Greek and Roman citizens of yore. Yet the New American patriots and rebels who earned their Independence, and all of those other leading men of the New American Republic, had studied the history of Greece and Rome, as did the philosophers and writers and statesmen they took inspiration from, and those that these men took inspiration from, and so on all the way to the headwaters of Democratic Innovation of a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

And this created the unbreakable links of a continuous chain of Thought and Action from the past to today…

And tif you haven’t studied the Classics, this democracy we live in today, might seem flimsy, to many of you who have not studied the Greco-Roman civilization in any depth. True it sadly appears like a piece of fiction plucked from the past and laid down upon us. Or it just might feel like a piece of foreign machinery that you are supposed to operate without much integral instruction, and without an owners operational manual…
Well – if you’re not a mechanic, you wouldn’t try to fix your car without first trying to read some sort of instructions. In order to understand how our republic works, we need to understand the thoughts of the people who built it. We have to understand where they were coming from.

The Founding Fathers of the United States, and the Enlightenment philosophers they learned from — again, the people whose machine we are supposed to keep running — were obsessed with Greece and Rome. The reason why speeches from politicians keep referring to America as an “experiment” in democracy, why there is this sense that they were trying something daring and precarious, is because they lived under the shadow of Rome.

The common belief until the American founding was that democracy was destined to fail. A political system that promises formal equality can’t bear the strain of a system that will always have inequalities of status, however you try to legitimize them. In a true democracy, demagogues will win over the people with fatuous promises and showy acrobatics, and accrue enough power to destroy the very democracy that is the source of their power. (Stop me if that sounds familiar.) The reason why they believed this was because that’s exactly what happened with Rome. Hence the saying “A Republic, if you can keep it.”


If we know something about the fall of the Roman Republic, we know vaguely about Julius Caesar, about how he was a popular general who used his support within the military to effect a coup. The coup then led to a civil war in which the strongman who prevailed, Augustus, thought he would do very well with the powers Caesar had claimed for himself.

If we know a little more, we know that Caesar was not just a successful general, but a canny politician, who used his political victories not just to command the personal allegiance of the legions, but to build a populist political power base at home. We might also be faintly aware that by the time Caesar could attempt his coup, the Roman Republic was already exhausted, with a complacent elite fattened by centuries of military victory and the attendant spoils.

But what historians now refer to as the crisis of the Roman Republic had a deeper, class-based component. Like all republics, Rome understood itself through the prism of the myth of its own overthrow of tyrannic rulers and the establishment of a, ahem, more perfect union. Like all national myths, this was only partly true.

In reality, Roman society was divided into two classes, the patricians and the plebeians (words that still carry meaning today, although more faintly so); three if you count slaves, which you obviously should, although they were less active politically than the other two classes.

The patricians were the aristocracy. They were large landowners, in an era where the source of economic power was land. What’s more, while much of Italy was in theory public land, in practice patricians could farm those lands and keep the proceeds as if it was their own property. The fact that the patricians could rely on slave labor to farm this land made it even more profitable for them, even as it squeezed the plebeians out of the jobs they might have had farming. This fundamental equality between a landowning patrician class and the economically insecure plebeians is the most important thing to keep in mind about the history of the late Roman Republic.


What about the political system? Well, as is well known, Rome was run by a Senate, but the Senate was actually made up of patricians. To oversimplify, the Senate was like a legislative branch, which nominated the consuls who ran the executive. Did the plebeians not have a voice? The plebeians were represented by elected officials called tribunes, whose main power was the ability to propose legislation and to veto the Senate. The plebeians were most often wealthy patricians themselves, since it was the only way to be active in politics, but they were patricians with the common touch, and good tribunes, like good politicians, knew how to appeal to their constituencies.

In the late second century BC — decades before Caesar actually rolled around — this crushing inequality gave birth to a political crisis. Two brothers, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, came to power promising to change things and reorient the Republic’s equality moorings to a better place. The Grachi brothers tried to implement various reforms to rebalance the inequality, including redistributing land and distributing grain to the Roman poor. And for a time they succeeded but their enemies were far too powerful and rebellious. And although the Grachi were popularly elected the  wealthy and corrupt Patricians raised a Mob and started riots with paid rioters in order to attack the Grachi Reformers because they wanted to stop the Grachi reforms from taking away their ill gotten wealth and unjustly held popular powers.

Does this remind you of what Hillary Clinton and Podesta’s Corrupt Democrats are doing today against the incoming President Elect Donald Trump?


Are you aware that they are illegally using the money raised for the Elections by Democrats to incite Riots in order to stomp out our Democracy, by inciting rebellion of the stupid and blind masses against the Democratically selected New leader?


Does it compute in your head that these self proclaimed paragons of Democracy and liberal Socialism are destroying the very Democracy that they have vowed to protect?


Do you understand that spending campaign contribution money to paid rioters that through constant mob assemblies and violent riots, gathered through a Media monopoly controlled by few powerful Patricians and Oligarchic financiers like George Soros and a few Banks like Goldman Sachs — the insurgents of the splintered Democratic party are adding Riots, and Violence, and Vitriol, to the reasons for having an Emperor in this New Rome, the United States of America represent today.


And I am sharing this window of History of the ancient Roman Republic and it’s descent into Empire — only so that we might collectively become educated and informed enough so that we can arrest this slippery slope collapse of our Republic and avoid the fate of the original Grachi Reformers, in ancient Rome. And also so that we may regain the Peace and thus benefit from the Reforms of the incoming Trump popular administration today.  Violence has no place in our political discourse within our Society today. End of Story.


And if you disagree with me and this statement of maintaining the peace — you are a fascist and her his where you need to keep on reading… Because the way it ended for the Grachi reforms and for the valiant Gaius and Tiberius leading reformers themselves, is a study of Leadership, and failure of it — in and of itself.  Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus were a pair of tribunes of the plebs from the 2nd Century BCE, who sought to introduce land reform and other populist legislation in ancient Rome. They were both members of the Populares, a group of politicians who appealed to the average citizens and that opposed the conservative Optimates in the Roman Senate. They have been deemed the founding fathers of both socialism and populism. Tiberius Gracchus, born in 168 BCE, was the older of the Gracchi brothers. He is best known for his attempts to legislate agrarian reform and for his untimely death at the hands of the Senators. Under Tiberius’ proposal, no one citizen would be able to possess more than 500 iugera of public land (ager publicus) that was acquired during wars. Any excess land would be confiscated to the state and redistributed to the poor and homeless in small plots of about 30 iugera per family. The Roman Senate was resistant to agrarian reform because its members owned most of the land and it was the basis of their wealth. Therefore, Tiberius was very unpopular with the Senatorial elite. His main opponent was Marcus Octavius, another tribune who vetoed Tiberius’ bills from entering the Assembly and whom Tiberius had previously gotten removed from office. When King Attalus III of Pergamum died, he left his entire fortune to the people of Rome. Pergamum was one of the richest cities in the ancient world, and Tiberius wanted to use the wealth from Pergamum to find his agrarian law. This was a direct attack on Senatorial power and the Senate’s opposition to Tiberius began to increase. With his term coming to an end, Tiberius sought re-election as tribune for the following year. This was unprecedented and his opponents claimed that it was illegal and Tiberius was trying to become a tyrant. On election, violence broke out in the Senate between Tiberius’ followers and his opponents. Tiberius was beaten to death with wooden chairs and nearly 300 of his supporters suffered the same fate. These deaths marked a turning point in Roman history and a long-lasting association between violence and the office of the tribune. Tiberius was succeeded by his younger brother, Gaius Gracchus, who was also a social reformer. He was quaestor in 126 BCE and tribune of the plebs in 123 BCE. He is generally considered to be a more complex and confrontational figure than Tiberius, and he had a much clearer legislative agenda that extended beyond simple agrarian reform. Some of his laws appear to have been directed toward the people responsible for his brother’s death. Gaius Grachus renewed Tiberius’ land law and founded new colonies in Italy and Carthage. He introduced a law that no conscription of Romans under age 17 would be allowed and that the state would pay for basic military equipment. Previously, the soldier had to pay for his own equipment, which was especially difficult for the lowest census class. Like his brother, he also funded state-subsidized grain. Another law passed by Gaius imposed the death penalty on any judge who accepted a bribe to convict another Roman guilty. Gaius’ opponents tried to win away his support and he lost popular appeal by 121 BCE. After a riot broke out on the Capitoline Hill and one of Gaius’ opponents was killed, the ‘ultimate decree of the Senate’ (Senatus consultum ultimum) was passed for the first time. This law gave the Senate the power to declare anyone an enemy of the state and execute him without trial by a jury. A mob was then raised to assassinate Gaius. Knowing that his own death was imminent, Gaius committed suicide on the Aventine Hill in 121 BCE. All of his reforms were undermined except for his grain laws. Three thousand of his supporters were subsequently arrested and put to death in the proscriptions that followed.


The tribunates of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus began a turbulent period in Rome’s domestic politics, and their careers and untimely deaths emphasize both the strengths and the weaknesses of the tribunate. In the following decades, the tendency toward violence became even more clear as numerous tribunes saw their time in office come to an end with their deaths.

After a few years of continuous strife, Gaius Gracchus eventually committed suicide rather than fall prey to lynching by a mob raised up by the patrician consuls that wanted to stomp him down by force.


The failure of the Gracchi, did two things: The first was to re-establish the precedent of using force to settle political disputes. And the second was to entrench the class divisions at the heart of Roman society, since Rome’s complex system of checks and balances (plus the sheer obdurateness of the aristocratic class) couldn’t fix the problem. Of course, Rome’s aristocrats did not believe themselves to simply be defending their pocketbooks. Rome, after all, was one of the world’s most sophisticated civilizations, and its aristocracy was highly educated. It believed that in defending its privileges, it was defending itself from a, well, plebe, that was without a doubt uneducated and coarse, and held beliefs contrary to what it believed to be the values of Rome. In this background, Rome’s government, increasingly implicated in foreign wars and maintaining an empire, had to become more and more militarized and to raise taxes to keep up its expenses.


Because those conflicts were so deeply entrenched, Rome kept lurching from social to political to constitutional crisis year after year, decade after decade, so that by the time a popular strongman came along, the Republic was like a ripe fruit waiting to be plucked.

And that is how the Empire and the office of the Emperor was born…

In Rome’s history we have Roman Emperors and Empresses as rulers of the Roman Empire, wielding immense power over its citizens and military. The empire was developed as the Roman Republic invaded and occupied all of Europe and even Asia, and also great parts of the Middle East, Northern Africa and even Western Asia. Under the Roman Republic, regions of the empire were ruled by provincial governors answerable to and authorised by the “Senate and People of Rome”. Rome and its senate were ruled by a variety of magistrates – of whom the consuls were the most powerful. The republic ended, and the emperors were created, when these magistrates became legally and practically subservient to one citizen with power over all other magistrates. Augustus, the first emperor, was careful to maintain the facade of republican rule, taking no specific title for his position and calling the concentration of magisterial power Princeps Senatus (the first man of the Senate). This style of government lasted for 300 years, and is thus called the Principate era. The modern word ’emperor’ derives from the title Imperator, which was granted by an army to a successful general; during the initial phase of the empire, it still had to be earned by the ‘Princeps’. The term Emperor is a modern construction, used when describing rulers of the Roman Empire because it emphasises the strong links between the ruler and the army, on whose absolute support the ruler’s power depended, and does not discriminate between the personal styles of rule nor the separate titles in the different phases of the Empire.


In the late 3rd century, after the Crisis of the Third Century, Diocletian formalised and embellished the recent manner of Imperial rule, establishing the so-called ‘Dominate’ period of the Roman Empire. This was characterised by the explicit increase of authority in the person of the Emperor, and the use of the style ‘Dominus Noster’ (‘Our Lord’). The rise of powerful Barbarian tribes along the borders of the empire and the challenge they posed to defense of far-flung borders and unstable imperial succession led Diocletian to experiment with sharing imperial titles and responsibilities among several individuals – a partial reversion to pre-Augustian Roman traditions. For nearly two centuries thereafter there was often more than one emperor at a time, frequently dividing the administration of the vast territories between them. Yet it is important to remember that in the eyes of contemporaries the Empire was still one and indivisible. It is false to the ideas of this time to speak of ‘the Eastern and Western Empire’; the two halves of Empire were thought of as ‘the Eastern, or Western parts’ “Partes orientis vel occidentis.” However, after the death of Theodosius I (AD 395), the split became firmly entrenched between Western and Eastern Holy Roman Empire. The last pretense of such division was formally ended by Zeno after the death of Julius Nepos in 480. For the remaining thousand years of eastern Roman history there would only ever be one legitimate senior emperor, ruling from Constantinople and maintaining claim to the increasingly unstable territories in the west. After 480, multiple claims to be the imperial title of Augustus, or “Basileus” for Greek speakers, necessarily meant civil war, although the experiment with designating junior emperors, now called Caesars in order to indicate the intended successor, occasionally reappeared.

The Empire and chain of emperors continued until the death of Constantine XI and the capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire in 1453. The use of the modern terms “Byzantium,” “Byzantine Empire,” and “Byzantine Emperor” to refer to the medieval period of the Roman Empire has been common, but not universal, among Western scholars since the 18th century, and continues to be a subject of intense historical debate today between Greek speakers and scholars and those readers able to speak merely Latin…

Donald J. Trump began his run for the White House by vowing to Make America Great Again. The pithiness of the slogan drove his opponents mad, but it worked. It communicated in just four words the reasons for his presidential campaign. When given the choice between Hillary’s self-centered “I’m With Her” and Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogans, voters easily chose the Right One and went with Trump’s all inclusive Popular Reforms Theme of M.A.G.A. and gave the Trump/Pence Reformers a huge and overwhelming mandate to govern and root out the Corrupt Democrats.


Whether Trump will succeed in enacting policies that increase the standards of living for Americans is obviously yet to be seen. But judging by the response to his election victory, we know for a fact that he’s going to make a whole bunch of stuff great again — stuff that hasn’t been cool since 2008.

Ultimately M.A.G.A. became the winning slogan of the New Caesar of the Empire of the United States.

Make America Great Again is now the official motto of the majority law makers of the United States Senate and House.

I wish M.A.G.A. to you too.

Any Questions?

Dr Churchill


How Donald Trump exploited the rickety foundation of the coalition of Islamists, Obama Social Democrats, Sanders loyalists, and extreme LGBT Gay and Transgender coalition under Huma, and crooked Hillary Clinton, is anybody’s guess, but am sure you all have gotten the Memo by now — that TRUMP won the Presidency of the United States under the banner of MAGA here and now.

All of which brings me to our current situation. Have you noticed the shrinking Middle Class under the last 5 administrations?

Have you noticed the extreme inequalities that have been cultivated in the American Economy with the favored 1% taking all the wealth of the country for themselves.

Have you noticed all the millions of Americans that have left the labor force completely, because they stopped even looking for a job and have gone permanently off the rolls of the unemployed?

Have you really seen that unemployment is at an all time high?

Have you noticed that people without college degrees are increasingly locked out of the economy?

Have you noticed that the Neo-Liiberal Bush Clinton elites are partying it up, while the globalized, so called meritocratic system rewards only their small elite entourage while leaving everybody else behind, outside, and exposed, to the rain without shelter?

Have you seen that the last three Presidents have been the worst President the United States had ever had? And in that deadly sequence they demoted our Republic to the level of a third World country?

Have you noticed that we only start wars that lead to retreat?

Have you noticed that we are always keen to accept Corruption as unavoidable in the reaches of government?


All of the reasons above and many others have led people to believe that maybe Now, is the best time for a Caesar to make America Great again. And that is what is happening in case you are wondering…

A New Dawn for America coming straight from new York. Its this or maybe it is at least time for the Gracchi to appear again under the leadership of Donald Trump and Mike Pence to truly make America Great again.

Because I think that there has been an increase in political violence, as is evident by the Temper Tantrum the corrupt Democrats have unleashed due to their electoral defeat, and that might lead to the army and the national guard, having to come out of the barracks and into the streets.

And while America’s economy is suffocating in it’s lackluster recovery bed, it could certainly be doing a lot better with a strong leader who balances the Military might of the United States with the Trading strength of our world beating Economy.

But the case for a Presidential Emperor parallels is there. Surely there may not be grain riots yet, but that is where Obama’s and Clinton’s miserable economic policies would surely lead to. only caring to feed well the patrician class, and offer wishful thinking of “Going High” and eating “Cake” if only they voted for Queen Hillary, and giving everybody cheap “Medical Marijuana” to medicate the pain of the plebeian class.

So the Social Class Extremes in these times of conflict are definitely at loggerheads. And the inability of the political and economic system too the Corrupt Neo-liberal Bush, and of the National Socialist Clintons, and their Globalistas Sanderites, to deliver an outcome that leaves both classes doing well kept intensifying the conflict of the Minds and Hearts of the American Citizens who sought succor in God and Country and correctly turned and voted for Donald Trump en masse.

Last Tuesday, America rejected a continuation of a corrupt and wholly crooked patrician Democrat who specialized in rigging elections and distorting the public will — and elected a tribune Magistrate led by a strong Republican.

Let that sink in for a moment now that you remember the story of the Reformers Gaius and Tiberius Grachus. Let us imagine how this played out when these Great Brothers tried to help the Common Man, the Plebeian, the Middle Class, and they were cut down while trying their best to stem the tides that led to the horrific seeds of destruction, the cancer of Corruption that grew to become the poison ivy that strangled the Great oak of the State.

Let us know that History intimately, and let’s be careful to learn the lesson, so that we can root out the weeds of Corruption today. Let us cut out the Cancer of Corruption that led to the destruction of the Roman Republic as it has always led to the loss of our Best examples Human Civilization has brought forth, so far.

Because it is up to us now to work hard towards bringing forth, some genuinely Gracchian reforms, and to drain the swamp in the hope that we can work well and fast this time around, before the retrograde Corruptors of the State take power all over again.

We have to absolutely do this together today and in this administration, because if not, I fear that we will see a New Caesar crossing the Potomac none too soon… and his name just might be Orange Julius. And it is up to us to ensure that we have a Republic and not an Empire — as long as we can keep it.

And so that we just recall the lessons of history, I offer you a list of Great Men that led our Historical antecedant, the Democratic Roman Republic and then the Roman Empire that succeeded it — through times of War, times of Progress and times of Peril…

And that is why the Roman army and the need of the seriously catastrophic times demanded the shift from a Tribune and a Senate, to a powerful Emperor… and indeed that was the end of Democracy but also the Rise of the Roman Empire. You simply can’t get an omelet without breaking eggs and as always it was the army that played “Chef” in this kitchen of Historical Transition, that brought forth a New Rome, under a wise and strong Leader whose name was Julius.

Ergo, the Empire was born. It didn’t just happen. It was designed and brought forth by the changing circumstances and the difficult straits of Historical necessity, as we experience today…

Do you care to double think now, who and what historical process is best served by the mobs engaged in constant rioting and by the confusion spreading out in our streets?

List of Emperors from Julius Caesar to Constantine:

Emperor and Time of Reign

Julius Caesar
Born: 13 July 100 BCE: Gaius Julius Caesar
10 January 49: rebelled against the Senate
9 August 48: sole ruler
15 March 44: murdered by mutinous senators
Julius Caesar Quotes:
“I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.”
“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”
“It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.”
“In war, events of importance are the result of trivial causes.”
“I had rather be first in a village than second at Rome.”
“Experience is the teacher of all things.”
“As a rule, men worry more about what they can’t see than about what they can.”
“It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the hungry-looking.”
“Men willingly believe what they wish.”
“What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also.”

Julius Caesar is considered the first amongst equals and in a sense he was the precursor to the Era of the Empire and certainly it’s first claimant to the throne since he was an Emperor in all but name. Yet under his leadership Rome was still a Democratic Republic led by the Senate. In due time the Rubicon was crossed and Julius Caesar became the Emperor in all but in name. And that was his downfall… but equally so the downfall of Rome.

After his assassination, he was followed by the official founder of the Roman empire Caesar Augustus who has the longest reign of 41 years starting from 27 BC to 14 AD. Born by the name of Octavian, he was given the name ‘Augustus’ by the senate as an honour for his great achievements. He went on to avenge the death of Caesar together with Mark Antony, before falling out with him. He defeated Mark Antony together with the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra and thereafter, together with the senate of Rome, created a new constitution for the great empire.
The reign of Augustus initiated an era of relative peace that was known as Pax Romana or The Roman Peace. Yes, there were several wars at Roman frontiers for expansion and a year long civil war too, but after the succession of Augustus into the throne, the Roman world was free of any large scale warfare for more than two centuries. Augustus stood at the head of this empire as the emperor. He used his ruled wisely and built roads, aqueducts and buildings. Not only was Augustus the first, but he was most certainly one of the best emperors Rome ever had.

Augustus (Imp. Caesar Augustus) 27 BC-AD 14
Tiberius (Ti. Caesar Augustus) AD 14-37
Gaius / Caligula (C. Caesar Augustus Germanicus) 37-41
Claudius (Ti. Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) 41-54
Nero (Imp. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) 54-68
Galba (Ser. Sulpicius Galba Imp. Caesar Augustus) 68-69
Otho (Imp. M. Otho Caesar Augustus) 69
Vitellius (A. Vitellius Augustus Germanicus Imp.) 69
Vespasian (Imp. Caesar Vespasianus Augustus) 69-79
Titus (Imp. Titus Caesar Vespasianus Augustus) 79-81
Domitian (Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus) 81-96
Nerva (Imp. Caesar Nerva Augustus) 96-98
Trajan (Imp. Caesar Nerva Traianus Augustus) 98-117
Hadrian (Imp. Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus) 117-138
Antoninus Pius (Imp. Caesar T. Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius) 138-161
Marcus Aurelius (Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus) 161-180
Lucius Verus (Imp. Caesar L. Aurelius Verus Augustus) 161-169
Commodus (Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus) 176-192
Pertinax (Imp. Caesar P. Helvius Pertinax Augustus) 193
Didius Julianus (Imp. Caesar M. Didius Severus Julianus Augustus) 193
Septimius Severus (Imp. Caesar L. Septimius Severus Pertinax Augustus) 193-211
Clodius Albinus (Imp. Caesar D. Clodius Septimius Albinus Augustus) 193-197
Pescennius Niger (Imp. Caesar C. Pescennius Niger Justus Augustus) 193-194
Caracalla (Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus) 198-217
Geta (Imp. Caesar P. Septimius Geta Augustus) 209-211
Macrinus (Imp. Caesar M. Opellius Macrinus Augustus) 217-218
Diadumenianus (Imp. Caesar M. Opellius Antoninus Diadumenianus Augustus) 218
Elagabal (Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus) 218-222
Severus Alexander (Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus) 222-235
Maximinus (Imp. Caesar C. Julius Verus Maximinus Augustus) 235-238
Gordian I (Imp. Caesar M. Antonius Gordianus Sempronianus Romanus Africanus Senior Augustus) 238
Gordian II (Imp. Caesar M. Antonius Gordianus Sempronianus Africanus Iunior Augustus) 238
Balbinus (Imp. Caesar D. Caelius Calvinus Balbinus Augustus) 238
Pupienus (Imp. Caesar M. Clodius Pupienus Augustus) 238
Gordian III (Imp. Caesar M. Antonius Gordianus Augustus) 238-244
Philip (Imp. Caesar M. Julius Philippus Augustus) 244-249
Decius (Imp. Caesar C. Messius Quintus Traianus Decius Augustus) 249-251
Trebonianus Gallus (Imp. Caesar C. Vibius Trebonianus Gallus Augustus) 251-253
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Licinius (Imp. Caesar Valerius Licinianus Licinius Augustus) 308-324
Maximin (C. Valerius Galerius Maximinus Augustus) 308/9-313
Emperors from Diocletian to Romulus

A.= Augustus; C. = Caesar.
Emperor West Reign Emperor East Reign
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Tiberius Constantine C. 574-578, A. 578-582
Maurice A. 582-602

Have you been crying tears of shame because you are an entitled Millennial and your carefully chosen chromosome didn’t get to be the next President of the United States?

Have you been in therapy for some time now and all of a sudden upon hearing the News, you decided to stop taking your medications and run out to let your freak out in the streets?

Have you been depressed because your vajay candidate lost?

Have you been feeling at a loss for words and roaming the streets doing drugs and demonstrating since election night because crooked Hillary is gonna go to the Big House instead of the White House?

Do you blame your Facebook addiction for preventing you to go our and vote?

Have you been breaking shit lately, during the Kristalnacht America, and have you been shooting people in the streets?

Have you been attacking people on Social Media?

Have you been manufacturing stories for public consumption of fear?

Have you been defending Hillary against all odds?

Have you come to terms with the five stages of Grief yet?

Have you recognized that it’s You and the other Crooked Hillary Clinton’s supporters among the media and the elite that screwed your Queen?

Have you come to terms that you didn’t help the democratic ticket much either?

Have you made thew realization that you need to blame all others but yourself in order to escape the inevitable conclusion that you and your incessant establishment Media consumption is your downfall?

Have you realized that this Plantation driver system is alive and well in today’s Democratic party establishment and you need to put the photo copy of your favorite analyst’s cake hole, and of your entertainer’s gnarly mouth, next to your face in the mirror of doom, gloom, & blame, and start crying me a River…. for your complicity in the stupidity of vagina politics, and of the illusion of a female Madame Prez — when her only purpose was to mask your sad state of Slavery.

Have you understood that you are a Slave to your Plantation drivers?

Here is the evidence:

As far as I am concerned, it always struck me as strange that such an unpopular corrupt and crooked candidate like Hillary Clinton could have enjoyed such robust and unanimous endorsements from the editorial and opinion pages of the nation’s papers, TV networks, and all around smart pundits — but it was the very quantity of the media’s gushing enthusiasm for her Vajay Madame Prez entitlement — that really harmed the Democratic party more than anything else.

So now that they are solidly trounced and running away in defeat trying hard to cover their naked ass — let’s hit them over the head with this simple truth: You are the Guardians of the Free and Open Society — next time around, JUST DO YOUR FUCKING JOB and remember the Great Journalists like Ed Murrow and Bob Woodward, and don’t think that you are a PR hack or a melody maker for power, but rather the persons that are supposed to tell Truth to Power, at any turn and at any cost.


Otherwise Good Night and Good Luck.

You are a fucking Journalist, so start acting like it.

Stop being a shill for Crooked Hillary and Podesta, and their other crooked bastards, when they are coming around at the wheel of power and you start thumping your lips, atnd averting your eyes from the face of her Corruption, her Scandals, and her criminality, that make the Sicilian Mafia look like choir boys. Because even the Sicilians have a Code of Honor same as the choir boys of my church — but the Hillary Democrats have none. That’s plantation politics and vagina privilege for you. Is that what you support?

So, stop wanting to sway the voters with the same silly arguments about Matriarchy, repeated over and over again, two or three times a minute, all day long, with all the dissent, all the nuances and all the contrary views and opinions — deleted.

The very act of opening the newspaper under Hillary’s regime of Dowager Queen n waiting, started to feel like tuning in to a Cold War propaganda station, or reading the Pravda nailed on the public paper boards, in the Red Square of the Kremlin in Moscow.

Here’s what kind of gems, the daily papers like the New York Times claimed in big bold lies written large in their daily edition throughout the paper: 1) Hillary was virtually without flaws. She was a peerless leader clad in saintly white, a super-lawyer, a caring benefactor of women and children, a warrior for social justice. 2) Her scandals weren’t real. 3) The economy was doing well / America was already great. 4) Working-class people weren’t supporting Trump. 5) And if they were, it was only because they were botched humans. 6) Racism was the only conceivable reason for lining up with the Republican candidate, and all other kinds of such dribble and groveling Plantation Political Reporting from the drivers of the slaves trying to justify why we need to be slaves for ever to them, and we should be happy about it.

The New York Times gave us an enlightened Democratic slave owner from the South very much like Andrew Jackson the Democratic Party President who lynched more people than any other slave plantation owner of his time. And he went to be President under the same doctrine as Hillary Clinton did. With one difference — Andrew Jackson actually gat to occupy the oval office of the White House and crooked Hillary Clinton didn’t get there, because today the American people abhor Plantation Politics for the simple reason that WE ARE NOT SLAVES ANYMORE.


So how did the whole society of journalists organized crusade to prop up Hillary Clinton failed so miserably?

The fourth estate came together in an unprecedented professional consensus. They chose insulting the other side over trying to understand what motivated them. They transformed opinion writing into a vehicle for high moral boasting. What could possibly have gone wrong with such an approach?
“Put this question in slightly more general terms and you are confronting the single great mystery of 2016. The American white-collar class just spent the year rallying around a super-competent professional (who really wasn’t all that competent) and either insulting or silencing everyone who didn’t accept their assessment. And then they lost. Maybe it’s time to consider whether there’s something about shrill self-righteousness, shouted from a position of high social status, that turns people away.
“The even larger problem is that there is a kind of chronic complacency that has been rotting American liberalism for years, a hubris that tells Democrats they need do nothing different, they need deliver nothing really to anyone – except their friends on the Google jet and those nice people at Goldman. The rest of us are treated as though we have nowhere else to go and no role to play except to vote enthusiastically on the grounds that these Democrats are the “last thing standing” between us and the end of the world. It is a liberalism of the rich, it has failed the middle class, and now it has failed on its own terms of electability.”

Taking Stock
This is not going to be easy to say or read, but there is still hope for you..

We want to give you hope you irredeemable Libtards out there. We also see the regular Crooked Hillary Cuckolds as redeemable too. Even those of you that promised to leave and go to Canada with the Mountie Express — we forgive you. Stay a little longer but better start behaving yourselves. No need to get up and move to the frozen wastes of Canada. Sucks, Cucks, Subs, Noms, Trannies, Confused, and 69 variations of Sadomasochists and gender undecided, along with the Hillary FemDoms and vajay dwellers — You are welcome to stay too. If only because the nice Canadians do not want you, and we don’t want to waste money on your sorry ass, having to ship you up North, and then having to transport you back…

Am sure you understand. So stay, but behave. Don’t confuse the children with your weirdness, and don’t lay hands upon the minors — lest you are sent directly to ISIS in Iraq to explain yourselves according to Sharia and the Koran. Am sure you’ll make plenty of friends there too…

So let me lay down the Law for you Staying here:

First the bad but sobering news: The GOP now controls the White House, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, all appointments to the rest of the federal judiciary, the vast majority of governorships, and the vast majority of state houses.
In addition to President Trump and Vice President Pence (say it slowly to let it really sink in), the GOP has total control of the House and Senate.
Going into 2018, we have to fight a gerrymandered House and defend 25 Senate seats, while the GOP is only defending 8. Of these Democratic Senate seats, 5 are in states that the Republicans have won consistently (IN, MO, MT, ND, and WV) and only one GOP seat is in a state where Democrats have been competitive (NV). Absent a major change, the range of potential outcomes for 2019-21 is likely to be a GOP House and Senate with the GOP in control of 51 to 57 Senate seats.
The Republicans will soon have a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court, with Ginsburg (83), Kennedy (80), and Breyer (78) as the oldest three justices (Thomas is next, but he is only 68). And they control all federal judicial appointments.
There are 34/35 GOP governors (counting Alaska and depending on NC), up from 32 before Tuesday. And 71 of 99 state houses are now controlled by the Republicans (up from 68).
Think about that: in addition to controlling all three branches of the federal government, the GOP now controls 70% of all state legislative chambers and executive offices (and, thereby, the vast majority of all state courts, too)!
It’s going to be very, very hard to change the overall direction of this any time soon.
As a result, those things that we hold most dear and precious (mainly our families, friends, and values) are at risk. The type of country that we have helped to build is at risk. When we all said that this might be the most important election of our lifetimes, we were not kidding; we just didn’t realize how right we were.
As a result, I’m grieving. I’m grieving for our world, our country, our families, and our friends.
But it is true that it is always darkest before the dawn. And, notwithstanding Tuesday’s results, we are winning the hearts and minds of the future of the country.
So, a little hope and a call to action:
As I noted before, this was NOT a repudiation of Obama. Nor was it a vote FOR Trump.
In fact, we saw the same phenomenon before (1994, 2010, 2014): the true silent majority failed to show up at the polls. Clinton received 6.9M fewer votes than Obama did in 2012 (which, itself was down 3.6M from his 2008 total). Think about that: Clinton received 10.4 million fewer votes (rounding) than did Obama in 2008.
The message is simple, when our voters don’t show up, we lose (and we lose BIG TIME). When our voters do show up, we win.
As a practical person, I don’t see much hope before 2020. However, that does not mean that I am giving up hope.
We must continue the fight and start digging out of this hole with big wins in 2018 at the state and local level (less hope at the national level given the make up of the Senate and gerrymandering of the House, but we still have to fight tooth and nail for those seats, too). Otherwise, we will have little hope for 2020.
Fear and anger are powerful tools (just look to the GOP’s approach from Nixon’s Southern Strategy through Tuesday’s election). But we can win if we have the right message and messengers, and we work our hearts out.
So, here’s the positive bit of news: demographics. Millennials (1985-2004) constitute the largest population cohort in our nation’s history (86.0 million!!! vs. 78.0M for the baby boomers (1945-64) and 69.5M for Gen X (1965-84)). Plus, over this period, 40M+ Hispanic immigrants. We are winning these demographic groups. If we can hold on (a big if, by the way; don’t take anything for granted) and have the right message, we can win and right this ship.
In the meantime, we cannot let the GOP steamroll us and our values. We need to do everything we can to fight the deluge that is coming.
Protest, argue,write, lobby, investigate (yes, please investigate and encourage the press to do it’s job).

Do whatever you can, but don’t give up!
Frankly, we have no other choice.

Now for the Good News:
In the afternoon the Captain of the ship wants to go waterskiing. So prepare to pull on the oars extra hard.

month ago I tried to write a column proposing mean nicknames for president-elect Donald Trump, on the basis that it would be funny to turn the tables on him for the cruel diminutives he applied to others.

I couldn’t pull it off. There is a darkness about Trump that negates that sort of humor: a folly so bewildering, an incompetence so profound that no insult could plumb its depths.

He has run one of the lousiest presidential campaigns ever. In saying so I am not referring to his much-criticized business practices or his vulgar remarks about women. I mean this in a purely technical sense: this man fractured his own party. His convention was a fiasco. He had no ground game to speak of. The list of celebrities and pundits and surrogates taking his side on the campaign trail was extremely short. He needlessly offended countless groups of people: women, Hispanics, Muslims, disabled people, mothers of crying babies, the Bush family, and George Will-style conservatives, among others. He even lost Glenn Beck, for pete’s sake.

And now he is going to be president of the United States. The woman we were constantly assured was the best-qualified candidate of all time has lost to the least qualified candidate of all time. Everyone who was anyone rallied around her, and it didn’t make any difference. The man too incompetent to insult is now going to sit in the Oval Office, whence he will hand down his beauty-contest verdicts on the grandees and sages of the old order.

Maybe there is a bright side to a Trump victory. After all, there was a reason that tens of millions of good people voted for him yesterday, and maybe he will live up to their high regard for him. He has pledged to “drain the swamp” of DC corruption, and maybe he will sincerely tackle that task. He has promised to renegotiate Nafta, and maybe that, too, will finally come to pass. Maybe he’ll win so much for us (as he once predicted in a campaign speech) that we’ll get sick of winning.

But let’s not deceive ourselves. We aren’t going to win anything. What happened on Tuesday is a disaster, both for liberalism and for the world. As President Trump goes about settling scores with his former rivals, picking fights with other countries, and unleashing his special deportation police on this group and that, we will all soon have cause to regret his ascension to the presidential throne.

What we need to focus on now is the obvious question: what the hell went wrong? What species of cluelessness guided our Democratic leaders as they went about losing what they told us was the most important election of our lifetimes?

Start at the top. Why, oh why, did it have to be Hillary Clinton? Yes, she has an impressive resume; yes, she worked hard on the campaign trail. But she was exactly the wrong candidate for this angry, populist moment. An insider when the country was screaming for an outsider. A technocrat who offered fine-tuning when the country wanted to take a sledgehammer to the machine.

Listen to President Elect Donald Trump’s victory speech in full, and tell me that you disagree with him.

But listen without scratching your itch…

No matter how painful it might be to stay still without anything up your butt. And I mean without your head up your asscrack — no matter where your mind might be going to. You should get your brain out of the sewer…

Anyway that’s a start.

Crooked Hillary was the Democratic candidate because it was her Vagina privilege and her turn, and her inalienable RIGHT, to become the Madame Prez. And also she thought it was her turn at the controls after Billy goat did such a bang up job and Obama followed through with his bag of weed.

Now we all know how that worked out but because a Clinton victory would have moved every Democrat in Washington up a notch, and the level of Corruption would have been unbearable — the American people said Basta Motherfuckers.

Now tip followers and supporters like you — whether or not she would win was always a secondary matter, because it was something that was always taken for granted. White menopausal Woman privilege, and Vagine Corruption Politics brought it all together. Podesta and Brazile and all their ilk had the idea that winning been the party’s number one concern, and corruption, election rigging, and even a scorched Earth Political campaign was an acceptable driver to Victory and Glory.

How deluded you all were.

On the path of Hillary’s glory — several more suitable candidates who were better suited, people with less scandal and less corruption baggage, and eager and ready to go — were sacrificed at her altar…

There were of course the good ones that were scared off by Hillary’s lap dogs and her pitbulls like Podesta and his killing Mafia Company of Hillary loyal executioners.

Then we had amenable and simple people like Joe Biden, who had a good human touch with his powerful plainspoken style.

And then there was Bernie Sanders. Grandpa Doofus Bernie, an adorable, inspiring, lovely man with a largely scandal-free life and a Santa Claus come Einstein figure that energized the youth.

Each one of them could probably have beaten Trump. And even the thousand of other qualified and potential candidates like Your truly, who could have had a good shot at winning but were scythed down by Hillary’s cronyists and her crooked entourage.

But the thing is that neither of the two top candidates Bernie and Joe, nor the legion of other capable and suitable potential Leaders of the Democratic party, would have ever really cared to serve the interests of the corrupt party insiders — instead of the interests of the American people.

So now in the words of the unimitable babe Ruth: “Suck it up Losers”

And so the very Democratic leaders who are now crying crocodilians tears and are inciting young people to violence. made Hillary their candidate even though they knew about her closeness to the banks, her fondness for war, and her unique vulnerability on the trade issue – each of which Trump exploited to the fullest. They chose Hillary even though they knew about her private email server. They chose her even though some of those who studied the Clinton Foundation suspected it was a sketchy proposition.

To try to put over such a nominee while screaming that the Republican is a rightwing monster is to court disbelief. If Trump is a fascist, as liberals often said, Democrats should have put in their strongest player to stop him, not a party hack they’d chosen because it was her turn. Choosing her indicated either that Democrats didn’t mean what they said about Trump’s riskiness, that their opportunism took precedence over the country’s well-being, or maybe both.

Clinton’s supporters among the media didn’t help much, either. It always struck me as strange that such an unpopular candidate enjoyed such robust and unanimous endorsements from the editorial and opinion pages of the nation’s papers, but it was the quality of the media’s enthusiasm that really harmed her. With the same arguments repeated over and over, two or three times a day, with nuance and contrary views all deleted, the act of opening the newspaper started to feel like tuning in to a Cold War propaganda station. Here’s what it consisted of:

Hillary was virtually without flaws. She was a peerless leader clad in saintly white, a super-lawyer, a caring benefactor of women and children, a warrior for social justice.
Her scandals weren’t real.
The economy was doing well / America was already great.
Working-class people weren’t supporting Trump.
And if they were, it was only because they were botched humans. Racism was the only conceivable reason for lining up with the Republican candidate.
How did the journalists’ crusade fail? The fourth estate came together in an unprecedented professional consensus. They chose insulting the other side over trying to understand what motivated them. They transformed opinion writing into a vehicle for high moral boasting. What could possibly have gone wrong with such an approach?

Put this question in slightly more general terms and you are confronting the single great mystery of 2016. The American white-collar class just spent the year rallying around a super-competent professional (who really wasn’t all that competent) and either insulting or silencing everyone who didn’t accept their assessment. And then they lost. Maybe it’s time to consider whether there’s something about shrill self-righteousness, shouted from a position of high social status, that turns people away.

The even larger problem is that there is a kind of chronic complacency that has been rotting American liberalism for years, a hubris that tells Democrats they need do nothing different, they need deliver nothing really to anyone – except their friends on the Google jet and those nice people at Goldman. The rest of us are treated as though we have nowhere else to go and no role to play except to vote enthusiastically on the grounds that these Democrats are the “last thing standing” between us and the end of the world. It is a liberalism of the rich, it has failed the middle class, and now it has failed on its own terms of electability. Enough with these comfortable Democrats and their cozy Washington system. Enough with Clintonism and its prideful air of professional-class virtue. Enough!


Hillary Clinton’s Celebrity Feminism Was a dismal Failure. Vagina politics have been repudiated

Thank You Podesta…

Her campaign’s reliance on Hollywood endorsements reflected a deeper problem in the Democratic Party, because paying $62 Million US Dollars for Beyonce and her crack dealing husband Jay-Z to help her woo the people and get out the Black Vote was a turd move.

And Crooked Hillary’s superficial progressivism packaged as real social justice really really sucks.

So let me break the news to you, in case you haven’t received the Memo.
“Hillary Crooked Clinton” will not be our first woman president.”

Crooked Hillary will not occupy the White House but instead is heading for the Big House.

This is not a symbolic blow to Matriarchy or to Vagina politics if there is even such a thing.

And it is probably made more painful by the fact that Hillary lost to a raging misogynist and sexual predator. Donald Trump is now set to preside over a unified Republican government deeply antagonistic to abortion rights, marriage equality, and healthcare access. This will almost certainly be disastrous for women, but according to exit polls, 53 percent of white women voted for him anyway.

America’s Repudiation of Barack Obama
Shame on Us, the American Media
How the Terrible, Skewed, Anachronistic Electoral College Gave Us Trump
The “Deplorables” Got the Last Laugh
Republicans Have Pulled the Country and the World Into the Abyss
That’s a departure from pre-election polls, which showed her winning this demographic, but there long have been signs that white women wouldn’t flock to Clinton despite the historic nature of her candidacy. In May, The Atlantic’s Donald Brownstein argued that Trump needed white women to beat Clinton—and that he might very well win those votes:

Democrats haven’t done nearly as well among white women. In modern exit polling tracing back to 1972, the only Democrat to win more white women than his Republican opponent was Bill Clinton in 1996. Clinton in 1992 and Al Gore in 2000 also ran about even with white women. But since then, the GOP has carried white women by solid margins: 11 points in 2004, seven in 2008, and fully 14 for Mitt Romney against Obama in 2012.

Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” tape, the sexual assault and harassment allegations against him, and his selection of anti-abortion, anti-LGBT Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate all bothered college-educated white women, but not their working class peers. White women without college degrees—an educational status correlated to lower income—overwhelmingly supported Trump, enough so that he won white women as a category.

That did not have to happen. But the Democratic Party for years has packaged superficial progressivism as real social justice, and the Clinton campaign’s simpering celebrity feminism ultimately proved tone deaf to the vital women voters who were more concerned about their pocketbook than “grab them by the pussy.”

White working class voters aren’t necessarily committed Republicans. As New York magazine reported Wednesday, many had voted for Obama. And there’s evidence they still feel warmly about our sitting president, who has a national approval rating of 56 percent. That’s a startling contrast with Clinton’s approval rating, which dropped to 38 percent in August and hovered around 41 percent in late October. Trump’s approval ratings have been little better, but he still managed to turn out voters. Clinton, meanwhile, suffered from the enthusiasm gap many had warned about for months.

White working class women weren’t going to vote for Clinton just because Katy Perry and Lena Dunham were.
Clinton’s campaign strategy, especially when it came to appealing to white women, indicates that she and her staffers didn’t quite grasp these dynamics. Her campaign employed a candy-colored brand of female empowerment seemingly based on the assumption that white women’s political priorities are influenced by the pop culture they consume. White working-class women weren’t going to vote for Clinton just because Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, and Sheryl Sandberg were.

These celebrity overtures were out of step with the priorities and concerns of white working-class women. How can you “lean in,” as Sandberg implores working women to do, when it’ll cost you your minimum-wage job? And if you can’t afford HBO, how likely is it you even know who Lena Dunham is, much less care about her political opinions?

Yet Clinton’s campaign relied heavily on these endorsement gimmicks. It saturated its messaging with the same superficial celebrity feminism that anoints everyone from Taylor Swift to Madeline Albright as role models for would-be girl bosses. It assumed that this branding, and Clinton’s bid to make history, would be enough to attract the white women she needed to win. Not only did this tactic fail in that regard, but it alienated some queer women, women of color, and even millennials.

Breaking glass ceilings doesn’t feed families.
Clinton and her staffers should have anticipated this outcome. Breaking glass ceilings doesn’t feed families. Progressive policies will. Though Clinton’s platform was inarguably more progressive than Trump’s, she failed to communicate those policies to the voters who needed to hear it most. Instead, she focused on girl-power anthems and cultivated wealthy celebrity surrogates who were incapable of addressing the grievances that fueled Trump’s campaign.

The Democratic National Committee shares some blame in this. The Podesta emails showed that the DNC is currently run by a tight-knit inner circle committed to the very incrementalism voters rejected Tuesday night. In an anti-establishment year, it promoted a progressivism defined by social liberalism and little else. It balked at adopting popular economic reforms, like a $15 minimum wage and free college tuition. It backed moderates like Katie McGinty. Meanwhile, the party’s historical base has moved on without it: Trump didn’t just split white women. He split union voters, too.

It’s possible that white working-class women wouldn’t have rallied to any Democrat this year. But Clinton’s campaign strategies didn’t help her, and couldn’t make up for the DNC’s decision to abandon progressive populism decades ago. An intact working-class base would have made the DNC less reliant on the whims of one fragment of the women’s vote—and they would have kept at least some of the white working-class women they lost to Trump. This political work must go on outside the election cycle, and it’s certainly not going to be accomplished with parody ads starring Lena Dunham.


This is a long but excellent (and very much worth reading) assessment of what this election meant for progressives and what progressives’ path should be going forward.

Well, after a grueling, inspiring 16-hour day running a voting precinct in Oakland, yesterday evening turned into a wild night and a dark day.

I have some crow to eat, and some to serve.

First, I was wrong. I expected a Clinton victory. On account of election fraud, establishment connections, and the simple demographic shifts over the last two decades that have given the Democrats a solid and growing edge in voting blocs nationwide, I figured that despite fielding a weakened, dishonest, and unpopular candidate, the Democrats would win.

Clinton did win the national vote, and she did win California easily. But our undemocratic electoral college is set to select Trump based on state delegation voting.

Second, I voiced a widely held suspicion that Trump and the Clintons had planned Trump’s run together. Trump’s entire campaign never seemed to have a serious strategy for winning. Well, if this suspicion is true, clearly Trump or the Clintons or someone else changed the terms of their agreement at some point, and for the sake of the current moment it doesn’t matter.

I was wrong about those things.

I am surprised Trump won. I didn’t expect it.

Warning: I know some of you are hurting and despondent, and don’t want to hear what I’m about to say. You don’t have to read on right now. I don’t want it to come across as an “I told you so.” It’s essential however that we understand what happened this year, why the Democrats lost a winnable election. We have to do better next time, and we have to stick together these four years to defend and advance crucial progressive issues. The media will try to get us to think that the Democrats lost because of staunch progressives, or that Hillary lost because she’s a woman. These aren’t the reasons, and I believe that it’s essential we understand this. Still, if you need to grieve, don’t read this now. Feel free to come back and consider later.

My  to you in your journey, wherever you are.

And here’s how Vagina Politics supporters from the Libtard left wing of national socialism rearrange their coloring books and their crayons, with snowflakes melting all around in lubricated tears of shame and self remorse.

And these national socialist vajay boys and girls, have no shame and instead rearrange reality for themselves and expect the whole world to believe tham and start drinking their cool aid too.

So they go on and say things like this, and surprise surprise they send these pieces of drivel to me too:

Read the fvcktard drivel coming from the teary eyed doofus, who is supporting crooked vagina, and Weep:

“If you’re still with me, yes, I am surprised Trump won, but I’m not shocked and traumatized that the Clinton campaign lost, or that the Trump campaign won, as some are. Trump is awful and I expect he will be a very bad president; we will need to fight him on many things. But I don’t have amnesia. Shock and trauma are what took place for progressives in Philadelphia, watching nominally “liberal” political leaders kill off the most powerful liberal movement that has taken place inside the electoral system in my lifetime. We watched the most charismatic and progressive candidate for president in decades be threatened and silenced by these same “liberal” leaders.

If you were in Philadelphia, you know what I’m talking about.

Throughout the primary Clinton had every advantage a candidate could ever hope to get from a political party — thorough media bias, millions funneled to her campaign from party coffers, and superdelegates bestowing her campaign with a gaudy 400-delegate lead before a single vote was cast. A wikileak email even revealed that the order in which the states voted was tweaked to be optimal for Hillary.

Still, when she and Bernie arrived at the convention in July, remarkably, neither candidate had enough pledged delegates to claim the nomination. It was a contested convention, and the DNC had two candidates to choose from: One candidate with a 15-20 point lead on Trump in the polls and wild unprecedented grassroots enthusiasm; and another candidate in a virtual dead heat with Trump who had mere hundreds, sometimes only dozens, at her events.

During the convention the wikileaks coming out revealed all the ways the DNC had rigged the primary, suggesting Clinton was an even weaker candidate than was assumed. Nevertheless, the DNC chose to risk a Trump victory. They nominated Clinton, the less popular candidate, in order to preserve their connections with — and contributions from — Wall Street banks, fossil fuel and pharmaceutical corporations, the largest media corporations, and others.

And now they’ve let a strong thoroughbred Republican take the White House.

They lost a race that was eminently, obviously, clearly winnable.

A major part of Trump’s base — middle and working class people who are struggling and falling behind economically — would have voted for Bernie and given him a 10-15% edge.

Because of the constant and acceptable corruption, the DNC forced upon their party and the American people an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year. They took a huge risk. Not only did it backfire for them as leaders of their party, it backfired for all Americans. We now have Donald Trump and not Bernie Sanders as president.

We need to learn from this. The leadership of the Democratic Party is too corrupt to be entrusted with this country and planet’s future.

Clinton didn’t lose because she is a woman — that was actually her biggest strength as a candidate and generated her only real deep energetic support. Were Clinton a man, she would have had even less core support and no emotionally resonant underlying issue to run on, and she would have lost badly.

The truth is that Clinton ran a weak campaign, as even her altar boy Obama confessed; and she did this in a year in which progressive issues are not even popular with people that actually wake up in the morning and vote.

Yet you would really think, that with all of her scientific election rigging, the DNC, the Dems, and crooked Hillary’s supporters, and her “Podesta mechanics” in the Electoral system switching voters along with the Soros electronic voting machines shifting votes to Hillary “automatically” he still could have and should have won. Her campaign in the end just didn’t inspire many people outside of a few demographic segments who saw something of their own life and struggle in Hillary. Others worked for her not out of inspiration but because they feared Trump.

Meanwhile, many progressive issues won around the country, and there’s a lot to build upon. We just can’t look to the Democratic Party for leadership.

Bernie Sanders would have won this election. Think about that when you’re analyzing the political state of this country right now.”

But of course even the Facebook addicts know that there is a world of REALITY out there that might just conflict with their own closely held beliefs that come out of the TV popular shows and the smoke in their weed stocked pipe full of medical marijuana.

Dr Churchill


I have on thing to say for all Millennials:
Go get some stones: Boys and girls.

Go occupy a job somewhere and ditch your marijuana addiction.

Get rid of your therapist and man up.

Move to middle American and experience how hard working people function and live in harmony with reality. They don’t need medical marijuana, yoga, meditation or even anti-depression medication to go to work EVERY day, to have a family and grow children EVERY day, and the make their reasoned contribution to Society EVERY day. These are the people that are truly Americans and you need to experience some of that.

By the way:

Moving to Middle America, does not include a geographic move. All it takes is just a change of perception, and it surely takes getting a job. A job that pays real money for honest labor. Not some paid Rioter money from Crooked Podesta’s CAP, and the myriad smaller drug dealers associations that hire “volunteers” to cause riots in the streets of Middle AMERICA.

GO OUT AND GET A REAL JOB. Small time drug dealing is not that….

And please keep in mind that Mental health is not medical marijuana.

Anyway — I have a long list of advise for Millennials but I suspect they might not take it kindly, because it is a rough Love kind of thing.

More reasonable voices might also tell them a few things too, like this smart woman opines heredown:

“The one good thing is that if Hillary had won, we’d be in a worse place. I know that sounds weird but consider this:
(1) A Hillary win would have reaffirmed to all Hillary Supporters that they backed the right horse.
(2) A Hillary win would have sent most people back to sleep again: ah, all is good, she can be trusted, I’m going to…yawn…trust her.
(3) A Hillary win would have legitimized corruption as people would say, “I don’t care if she did x, y and z…if she had to do that to win and save us from Trump, then I’m okay with that.”
The ultimate goal is to increase engagement by Americans to a non-stop, thrumming buzz of activity. Even a Bernie Presidency might have resulted in a repeat of Obama 08 behavior (Oh, Bernie’s elected, I can relax now) and he’d have been kicked out 4 years later to the tune of “Democratic Socialism” doesn’t work. In a very real way, this is a swift kick in the pants and that’s not supposed to be easy or feel good…it’s meant to shock us awake and set our veins afire with adrenalin that just won’t quit.
It’s entirely possible that we needed to “hit rock bottom” for real, before we’d have the communal will power to get truly involved and stay involved for the rest of our lives…”

Any questions?

The Seattle Trump protest turned into the Kristalnacht of Seattle last night when Five people were shot by a Black Lives Matter activist, coming from the Democratic party lynch mob, that rampaged through Seattle’s downtown, on November 9th of 2016, the exact day that marks the 78th anniversary of the NAZI party’s destruction of the German Jewish community and the murder of hundreds of people…

And so we get to relive that night of infamy in Seattle circa 2016. Clearly the Nazis are alive and well today i Seattle masquerading like Liberal Democrats and Black Lives Matter racists, and even the Muslim Indian City Council member Ksama Sawant, leading and goading them on, to commit violence and murder.

Well Done Libtards.


Clearly the Organizers of this Mob lynching action, wanted to get the attention of the public, and that is why they organized Kristalnacht Demonstrations across all of America like the Nazis did 78 years ago. But they probably forgot that we found the Nazis back in the day and we beat them too, same as we are gonna do to their Muslim brethren today…

As proof of the complicity of the Pedesta – Clinton – Soros – Move On cartel of Corruption, here is the website where this New Kristalnacht was organized from in order to bring out the flash mob:

And here is a snapshot of their website with they invitation to riot couched in doublespeak and double think propaganda accusing the other side of their own crimes like Herman Goering said to do:


And yesterday this lynch-mob that was organized by the Democratic party leadership of Hillary Clinton’s Seattle peons, and by the morons still getting paid from the coffers of her Campaign Chief John Podesta, and are also funded by the billionaire agitator George Soros, who has also funded the dirty arm of the Dems, in order to get the storm troops out in the streets, and incite violence against Trump rallies and against the President Elect — through the website that is the organization that called the Democratic Liberal Rioters to come out on the streets of America, and to create another Kristalnacht on the evening of November 9th of 2016.

Thank You Podesta.

Thanks Hillary.

Thanks George…

Thank You Seattle libtard morons.

The blood of the innocent is upon your stupid head.

How’s that bloody Karma working for you?

Apparently none of you can either read or write enough, in order to check the calendar, before you choose to join in rioting on the anniversary of the Nazi Kristalnacht…

Even George Soros, that is the son of Jewish parents who experienced the Holocaust, didn’t make the connection of History repeating itself, in order to teach us something that we apparently didn’t learn the first time around.

Thus the idiot organizers didn’t have any collective intelligence amongst themselves, because it clearly escaped their notice that the 78th anniversary of the NAZI party mobs that were unleashed against innocent civilians, small business people, and minorities — might not look so good for the Democratic party of the United States to unleash the same today.

In Seattle we have certain special kinds of criminals that are hiding behind the mask of protest. Here is the video of the Anti-Trump demonstrators, led by this fat bottom girl, screaming with her megaphone and inciting people to violence. This happened at the time that the BLM shooter, shot down 5 innocent bystanders who were commenting on the Demonstrators. Now this person and her co-demonstrators have caused the mortal wounding and the serious injury of the Five innocent bystanders, not more than thirty feet from where Ksama Sawant was screaming and inciting people to violence, at the same time this mass shooting occurred.

Why then Ksama Sawant is not being charged with her Crime of inciting violence?

And Why do we allow these people who continue inciting people to violence, to just keep on pretending that the Mass Shooting perpetuated by the BLM activist, is not related to the anti-Trump demonstration?

Why is this collusion between the local Hillary docile Democrat controlled Media and the Police allowed to exist?

And Why have we forgotten that this obfuscation of the criminal nature of the demonstrators BLM actions and their hiding of the Mass Shooter is still a crime?

So what idiot still thinks that this Seattle freeze against reality is not a threat to human Rights, to the Community, and to the very principles of the Laws of Justice?

Apparently the whole of the collective leadership of this City comprised of uber Democrats like the ineffectual Chief of Police that is a complete tool aptly named O’Tool, and the gay mayor little boy Murray, along with the rest of the silly Seattle City Council enabling them all along to occupy their time with whatever they do for their sexual pleasure and what plumbing pieces go where — but to not do anything much about the Business of running the city.

That is why I am exasperated and I am speaking out here, because the Seattle Police refuses to investigate this crime in connection with the Trump demonstration turning violent and the BLM people encouraging this Hate and Civil War in our downtown of the biggest City of this State of Washington. then again what do you expect from an openly gay Mayor that has raised the flag of surrender in Seattle by making the Gay Pride Flag the Flag that flies on the mast of the Town Hall?

He is just another fudge pack that allows all the city to go to hell in a hand basket so that we only have to care about the many kinds of bathrooms that we have to visit to stick things ups the butt instead of the other way around… What a pity…

So with this kind of dirty leadership, who is going to enforce the Laws here?  Certainly, not this band of bozos. Methinks time for some Real Change here and now.

Who is going to speak for the Human Rights of the people who were shot down no more than 30 feet from where this savage savant woman is screaming and whipping the crowd into frenzy to go out and commit wanton violent acts of terror.

She want to shut down the inauguration of the New President of the United States and the first thing she achieves is to kill and maim some five Seattle citizens. Why can that go unpunished?

You can easily notice from her accent, that she is a Muslim from Pakistan or India, a confused gender fluid Seattle type transgender lesbian, and a Communist to boot. What a combination… and the Seattle morons who elected her, to lead them to murder and mayhem must have enjoyed the blood of the innocent people on their heads, along with the nasty karma that goes with murder.

That nastiness goes far beyond the American Kristalnacht that took place across the land yesterday. Somebody must charge Kshama Sawant for the crime of inciting people to violence and the innocent people that were gunned down and their families may want to sue her pants off, and bring her to “heel” as the Hillary Clinton vajays are fond of saying.

But for the Seattle Police we have one thing to say: Go do your job and charge Ksama Sawant with the crime of Inciting People to Violence in public. Do this Go do your job. Here is the proof:

Yet this Seattle Police Department being the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, failed to stop the problem by allowing the demonstration to take place, and thus helping indirectly to organize this Seattle 2016 #Kristalnacht, on the anniversary of the original Nazi party’s attack to the civilians across Berlina and across all the big and small German cities, on the night of November 9th 1938. That was the night of blood sport, looting and rioting that led to the mass murder and the monstrous mayhem, that allowed the German ordinary Nazi citizens, to get their first taste of blood, and to start liking the particularly addictive blood sport of killing defenseless people. Just like the Kristalnacht that took place in downtown Seattle yesterday — this 1938 Kristalnacht led to the complete destruction of the Jewish population in Germany, and started the Holocaust that eliminated all the Jews form all over occupied Nazi Europe, and the vast machinery of the concentration death camps functioning until the end of Second World War in May of 1945, with the extermination of almost 8 million Jewish people…

Is this what we want for America.

Do we want to slide down this dangerous slipping slope?

We need to stop this madness right now. Put these criminals behind bars and start cleaning the house. And their misguided supporters — we can only offer them education and the hope that they will stop smoking the evil weed and start being citizens instead of stoners and stupids.

Here are the Morons causing the Seattle #Kristalnacht with stupid Sawant at their lead:

As for the Citizenry, we are supporting this strong Law & Order President TRUMP and we remain watchful and ready to stop the rot, but we need the Police to do their job too. Yet it is also important to Thank God for allowing us to have the demonstration on the anniversary of the memory of the Kristalnacht, because that has taught some of us the real lessons of History, so that we don’t have to live through it all over again.

And all that is at the front of the Social Media but is buried by the mainstream Media because the five bullet ridden victims of the violence that was unleashed by this fat ass witch Ksama Sawant, and by the racist BLM thugs, and their Democratic Plantation Masters, working along with the hillary fembots — is a complete repudiation of our Constitutional Principles, and a disgrace to America, as well as a very real existential threat to our participatory Democracy.

Thank God the victims of this racist pig BLM mass shooter have survived, although two of them are still in critical condition — now being treated at the Harborview hospital in Seattle, and we ask for your prayers for their survival and hopefully their recovery.

And we sincerely hope that in the next few days they will be talking to us, and telling us the reality of the Hate crime they experienced at the hands of the stoned BLM mass shooter who was stoked to unleash violence by the criminal Muslim Ksama Sawant, in Seattle.


The 1938 Kristallnacht, also referred to as the “Night of Broken Glass,” took place in major cities all across Germany, on November 9th of 1938, when NAZI civilians, along with youth stormtroopers, and members of the Nazi party’s paramilitary wing SA launched a bloody pogrom, targeting Jewish stores, Jewish homes, Jewish office buildings and their places of worship the Synagogues.

The infamous name “Kristalnacht” comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets of German cities after Jewish-owned establishments had their windows smashed. Estimates of the number of fatalities have varied, but it is known that the pogrom killed at least 90 Jewish citizens, while some 30,000 others were illegally arrested and thrown into concentration camps.

It is also believed that the Kristallnacht paved the way for the Holocaust and the mass killing of the Jewish people by the millions, and the subsequent extermination of all other minorities, and politically different people, by the Nazis.


Let’s stop for a moment and let’s shut down the #Kristalnacht movement of fascist Democrats being upset because of the Election of 2016 that upended America’s corrupt elite establishment. You know this happened because the Elite establishment had rigged this election, for crooked Hillary Clinton — but the American people differed. And we brought in an Exterminator to get rid of the vermin, and help those of us that are fighting Corruption and who are now busy draining the DC swamp and getting rid of the rats.

This time in History will be remembered as the equivalent of the beginning of the Tea party rebellion in Boston, and of the Bastille storm that ushered in respectively, the American Revolution and the French Revolution — marking pivotal moments for Liberty, Democracy, and Equanimity. But we also have to contend with the reactionaries and the slaves of the Plantation Politics that seek to return us to the days of the entitled vajay, the privileged Madame Prez.


But we will persevere and lead to the True Revolution under President Trump on the same way that the French people liberated themselves from the Political Correctness of the cake eating class and chopped some heads to clear the air, and set down to create their Republic under the motto of “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.”  Yet this being America, we use the AngloSaxon language and stick to Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy.

Still No Revolution is complete without martyrs, without it’s own version of Robespierre, and without some blood flowing in the streets. And this will have to happen because it is cathartic and educational, in its crudeness and barbaric sacrificial overtones. Yesterday we had the first victims of this titanic struggle between the forces of darkness and the forces of Light, and it’s only gonna get worse before it gets any better. This is the change that the establishment Status Quo is afraid of and that is why they are trembling and fiercely fight this nasty vanguard action.

It is inevitable that the Losers feel like they need to sacrifice people as an offer to their murderous Non Christian beliefs of a vengeful Allah and a Muslim God that is a disgrace to this Christian nation. So don’t get fooled, this is a pivotal knife fight with the losing Muslim Democrats fighting in order to win the upper hand in this time of trials and horrors.

But the Status Quo and the Elite establishment and their slaves are all now mortally wounded, and are losing power, bleeding to death, and that has taken it’s toll on their capacity to fight. Surely their cover is blown and that is why they are slithering under the most convenient rock, or running to hide in the nearest banana republic, or a desert dictatorial sheikdom, of Muslim fundamentalist, that doesn’t have extradition treaties with the US…

And also the Exodus of the rich and famous actors, entertains and singing canaries, has begun away from America. Starting with the clowns who entertain the Television addicted hipsters and their ilk — the exit from America has started in earnest for the pansies, the pvssies, the metrosexuals, the transgendered, and all those gender-fluid and fully undecided losers, who pose as the idols of entertainment, in acting, in singing, and in comedy, and who occupy the little boxes called TVs, and who show up an the Televisions and the YouTube channels, where people spend an ungodly long part of their lives half asleep and brain washed.

Good bye and don’t forget to write some time. Canada has an excellent postal service but it also has a very restrictive immigration system and strong border police. And the mounties are not Seattle type police pansies, but are real Police. Go get a taste of the law up there and send me a letter to tell me how you like being mounted by the Royal Canadian Constabulary.


As for the journalists who tried to convince us all to vote for Hillary… Well we all know how that went for them. But some time later, we should talk about the “Why” all this brainwashing from the assorted Media hacks didn’t work out for crooked Hillary.

Maybe because of their extreme collective hubris, Smugness, and unbridled Excessive condescending Nanny directions to the Electoral and the fact that they smiled of Corruption and Lying as they do now about the KRISTALNACHT SEATTLE MASS SHOOTING OF THE FIVE PEOPLE LAST NIGHT BY THE BLACK LIVES MATTER SHOOTER THAT IS A BLACK MAN THAT WAS SHIELDED BY THE DEMONSTRATORS THAT WERE PRAISING VIOLENCE AGAINST THE PRESIDENT ELECT.


Maybe because of their incessant use of alcohol and marijuana — that blinded them and they didn’t see the train wreck coming their way.

But a train wreck the Seattle City Democrats, the Mayor, and the Police are in total, because they are content drinking their Kool-Aid and imagining that they have to continue drinking it, or that the people are going to be pacified forever in this plantation they call City Governance.


And then there are some deluded youth who have also drank the Cool-Aid of the establishment for so long, that they have become peons of their puppet masters who use nice words but in reality reminiscent of 1984, they just worked for Free propping up a losing and failing vagina regime of the Democratic corrupt party of the Slave owners who to this day they like to enforce Plantation Politics in this Great land that liberated the Slaves back in the 1860’s but these Democrats of the old lynching South claim that they haven’t received the Memo yet — so they still play Plantation Politics with their own Blacks, their own Minorities, their own poor whites, and with their own deluded and poorly educated youth.

So when they want to unleash their eager beaver young thugs as a lynching party, they do it under the guise of a Demonstration against the incoming Threat. Talk about Orwellian 1984 circular logic. The Stupid leading the Stupid, and in a move worthy of the father of propaganda Herman Goering second in command to Adolf Hitler — the Democratic leadership whipped up the stupids into a frenzy and set them loose upon innocent black or white people, who happen to look different than the marijuana infused Mob of Stoners, rioting in the downtown streets with guns, and with their simmering anger arming their hate against anyone — especially against unarmed innocent bystanders.

What could go wrong?

Get Stoners to disrupt the downtowns of all American cities and ask them to express themselves through violence.

This is what the Democratic party’s dying throes look like.



Yet we all know what happened across American cities and especially in New York city, in Oakland, in Seattle, in Portland and many other places.

But what you saw on TV was half the truth, because the same Media that covered for Hillary are still covering for her and her Mob still today. Nothing has changed yet…

And this is the result of that obfuscation of the Truth.

So let me tell you what happened yesterday in Seattle, when five people got shot in downtown Seattle on the site of the Anti-Trump demonstration organized by the Democratic party mouthpiece under the direction of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta who after getting trounced roundly by the American people in the electoral polls — they SO they unleashed their mobs all around American cities in a show of Riots and Lynching Mobs that brought together the Black Lives Matter racists with the misguided Socialist and Communist millennials that are so hip in America today.

So in the heat of the demonstration in Seattle’s downtown a loser with a gun, got the nerve from amongst his rioting and trashing the city property and businesses and autos in a show of Democratic principles by not liking the election results and wanting to demonstrate and kill people like the other idiots want to do. So he loaded his gun and at the heart of the demonstration started an argument with innocent bystanders and then shot them in cold blood.


Five innocent people went down from the gun of a black racist man, who was stoked and angry as one of the Black Lives Matter leaders who were demonstrating against the democratic elections that brought us President Elect Donald Trump to solve this kind of trouble exactly that America is going through today.

Yet the saddest thing is that when these people got shot the majority black lives matter crowd of rioters and mobsters, stayed on demonstrating and shielding the shooter, so he can get away and they didn’t give any help to the fallen victims that were bleeding on the sidewalk and on the street. The Demonstrators who witnessed this carnage didn’t rush to help the victims nor did they respond to their cries for help that went unheeded from the crowds of Black Lives Matter and the crooked Hillary demonstrators — who had set out to lynch somebody, anybody, as an organized mob of thugs against Democracy, against Liberty, and against Human Rights.

Well yesterday on the anniversary of the NAZI Kristalnacht, they succeeded. In short this lynching Mob was convened by the Democratic mouthpiece and riot organizing website – much like in the days of the Old Southern Democrats who used to go out and lynch people for entertainment and they even hanged several people from the trees, just to vent their anger and to also give an example to other slaves, so they can stay obedient.

Strange human fruit on the Southern Democrat’s trees is exactly what the Seattle human beings splayed & bleeding, on the streets from the bullets of the Black lives Matter demonstrators in Seattle’s Kristalnacht of 2016.


We had thought the Liberals and the Democrats had a soft spot in their hearts for Human Rights but we were deadly wrong as proven in Seattle last night 78 years after the anniversary of the NAZI party’s beginning of the extermination of anyone who had different ideas back in the day when intolerance was celebrated just as much s it is today by the Black Live Matter youth and their sympathizers who hid and shielded the “Shooter” from the Police and even from some helpful bystanders who were not afraid to give chase…

The downright gentle and polite Seattle Police try to downplay this incident and claim that it had nothing to do with the Demonstration because the Shooter was black and part of the Black Lives matter demonstration, because they had their own agenda to appease and not cause racial divide waves, or anti-democrat sentiments.

Who would have thought that in so called civilized, and so called progressive, but in reality — passive aggressive and depressed Seattle — these thugs of the Democratic party and the Black Lives Matter racist mob, could unleash their anger and enjoy the blood sport of LYNCHING, and randomly kill people along the way of their demonstration, just so they can destroy our American Democracy.

Here is a video by a bystander who witnessed the mass shooting perpetuated by the BLM person that was hidden by the Mob demonstrating against PRESIDENT TRUMP and against the innocent bystanders:

All this hate, anger, and human blood spilled — just because they didn’t like the Election results they wanted, and then their Plantation Masters, just told them to go out and lynch some people for sport.

There is no excuse for that. We saw young Demonstrators screaming on the TV journalists that they want to kill people and this is just what they did. Hope that Crooked Hillary and bipolar John Podesta have the blood of the innocent lynching victims upon their head.

That this day falls on the exact day of the 78th anniversary of the Kristalnacht that the Nazis unleashed against the innocent people who didn’t look like them on the eve of the 9th of November of 1938.

It appears that these hardened criminals and their hard headed stupid folks really took Hillary’s message to the core, because crooked Hillary was thrown out like a nasty dishrag, along with the brown water after washing the dishes.


But because this is the wish of the American people and some of You don’t like it — it doesn’t mean that you should throw out your civility, and along the way harm our Democracy, and our Liberty too.

We are All Americans, so let’s start acting like it.

Let’s get together to clean up our government, help drain the swamp.

Let’s clean up the sewer of Washington DC that allowed a turd like her and her cronies to hold sway for 30 years.

Let’s let the cats loose to attack and contain the rat infestation, that pollutes our Life and destroys our Republic, like the Cancer that it is.

And if you want to blame anybody — look in the Mirror.



Dr Churchill


And because there are many Law abiding Citizens in America  that voted for Donald Trump and against Corruption — we have this New President that is surely going to drain the swamp, and if you don’t like it, we’ll be happy to point you to the High Road…

Not that high road where you get stoned and go into your happy place, in the safe space of stupidity…

The other High Road…

The High Road that leads the rioting trash, the BLM mobsters, and the irredeemable stoners who can’t understand how Democracy functions, or who want to destroy our Republic — straight outta of this country.

Go be a Loser on somebody else’s basement…

And make sure you get to read this Memo:

This is our President and we are gonna fight for him, for our Human Rights, and for our Constitutional Republic.

And by the way, our aim with our guns is perfect.

We drop what we aim for.

This is not a game any longer.



So now let’s get together and pray for Peace and Unity, but let’s be prepared to fight for what we believe is right in this blessed country.

Let’s all pray together for our City:

And dread the Lord of Hosts, for he will smite you in his Glory as Isaiah 1:15 tells us here:

Isaiah 1: This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

The vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem that Isaiah son of Amoz saw during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

A Rebellious Nation

Hear me, you heavens! Listen, earth!
    For the Lord has spoken:
“I reared children and brought them up,
    but they have rebelled against me.
The ox knows its master,
    the donkey its owner’s manger,
but Israel does not know,
    my people do not understand.”

Woe to the sinful nation,
    a people whose guilt is great,
a brood of evildoers,
    children given to corruption!
They have forsaken the Lord;
    they have spurned the Holy One of Israel
    and turned their backs on him.

Why should you be beaten anymore?
    Why do you persist in rebellion?
Your whole head is injured,
    your whole heart afflicted.
From the sole of your foot to the top of your head
    there is no soundness—
only wounds and welts
    and open sores,
not cleansed or bandaged
    or soothed with olive oil.

Your country is desolate,
    your cities burned with fire;
your fields are being stripped by foreigners
    right before you,
    laid waste as when overthrown by strangers.
Daughter Zion is left
    like a shelter in a vineyard,
like a hut in a cucumber field,
    like a city under siege.
Unless the Lord Almighty
    had left us some survivors,
we would have become like Sodom,
    we would have been like Gomorrah.

10 Hear the word of the Lord,
    you rulers of Sodom;
listen to the instruction of our God,
    you people of Gomorrah!
11 “The multitude of your sacrifices—
    what are they to me?” says the Lord.
“I have more than enough of burnt offerings,
    of rams and the fat of fattened animals;
I have no pleasure
    in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats.
12 When you come to appear before me,
    who has asked this of you,
    this trampling of my courts?
13 Stop bringing meaningless offerings!
    Your incense is detestable to me.
New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations—
    I cannot bear your worthless assemblies.
14 Your New Moon feasts and your appointed festivals
    I hate with all my being.
They have become a burden to me;
    I am weary of bearing them.
15 When you spread out your hands in prayer,
    I hide my eyes from you;
even when you offer many prayers,
    I am not listening.

Your hands are full of blood!

16 Wash and make yourselves clean.
    Take your evil deeds out of my sight;
    stop doing wrong.
17 Learn to do right; seek justice.
    Defend the oppressed.a]”>[a]
Take up the cause of the fatherless;
    plead the case of the widow.

18 “Come now, let us settle the matter,”
    says the Lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
    they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
    they shall be like wool.
19 If you are willing and obedient,
    you will eat the good things of the land;
20 but if you resist and rebel,
    you will be devoured by the sword.”
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

21 See how the faithful city
    has become a prostitute!
She once was full of justice;
    righteousness used to dwell in her—
    but now murderers!
22 Your silver has become dross,
    your choice wine is diluted with water.
23 Your rulers are rebels,
    partners with thieves;
they all love bribes
    and chase after gifts.
They do not defend the cause of the fatherless;
    the widow’s case does not come before them.

24 Therefore the Lord, the Lord Almighty,
    the Mighty One of Israel, declares:
“Ah! I will vent my wrath on my foes
    and avenge myself on my enemies.
25 I will turn my hand against you;b]”>[b]
    I will thoroughly purge away your dross
    and remove all your impurities.
26 I will restore your leaders as in days of old,
    your rulers as at the beginning.
Afterward you will be called
    the City of Righteousness,
    the Faithful City.”

27 Zion will be delivered with justice,
    her penitent ones with righteousness.
28 But rebels and sinners will both be broken,
    and those who forsake the Lord will perish.

29 “You will be ashamed because of the sacred oaks
    in which you have delighted;
you will be disgraced because of the gardens
    that you have chosen.
30 You will be like an oak with fading leaves,
    like a garden without water.
31 The mighty man will become tinder
    and his work a spark;
both will burn together,
    with no one to quench the fire.”

The Mountain of the Lord

This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem:

In the last days the mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established

as the highest of the mountains;

it will be exalted above the hills,
    and all nations will stream to it.

Many peoples will come and say,

“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
    to the temple of the God of Jacob.
He will teach us his ways,
    so that we may walk in his paths.”
The law will go out from Zion,
    the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
He will judge between the nations
    and will settle disputes for many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares
    and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
    nor will they train for war anymore.

Come, descendants of Jacob,
    let us walk in the light of the Lord.

The Day of the Lord

You, Lord, have abandoned your people,
    the descendants of Jacob.
They are full of superstitions from the East;
    they practice divination like the Philistines
    and embrace pagan customs.
Their land is full of silver and gold;
    there is no end to their treasures.
Their land is full of horses;
    there is no end to their chariots.
Their land is full of idols;
    they bow down to the work of their hands,
    to what their fingers have made.
So people will be brought low
    and everyone humbled—
    do not forgive them.a]”>[a]

10 Go into the rocks, hide in the ground
    from the fearful presence of the Lord
    and the splendor of his majesty!
11 The eyes of the arrogant will be humbled
    and human pride brought low;
the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.

12 The Lord Almighty has a day in store
    for all the proud and lofty,
for all that is exalted
    (and they will be humbled),
13 for all the cedars of Lebanon, tall and lofty,
    and all the oaks of Bashan,
14 for all the towering mountains
    and all the high hills,
15 for every lofty tower
    and every fortified wall,
16 for every trading shipb]”>[b]
    and every stately vessel.
17 The arrogance of man will be brought low
    and human pride humbled;
the Lord alone will be exalted in that day,
18     and the idols will totally disappear.

19 People will flee to caves in the rocks
    and to holes in the ground
from the fearful presence of the Lord
    and the splendor of his majesty,
    when he rises to shake the earth.
20 In that day people will throw away
    to the moles and bats
their idols of silver and idols of gold,
    which they made to worship.
21 They will flee to caverns in the rocks
    and to the overhanging crags
from the fearful presence of the Lord
    and the splendor of his majesty,
    when he rises to shake the earth.

22 Stop trusting in mere humans,
    who have but a breath in their nostrils. 

  Why hold them in esteem?

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko Churchill | November 9, 2016

make america great again version 1.0

President Trump ushers in a new light through the cracks of the broken and corrupt system He has been elected to dismantle.

This is the break of dawn, that we’ve been awaiting for. It is for you and you need to love it because this kind of change makes you great, and allows you to be a leader through love, curiosity, and humor.

That’s the value of Change and Progress away for the morass of corruption and despondency. This is the mindset that you need to survive amidst a sobering electoral season, one in which we are sure to have found ourselves experiencing waves of feelings, gyrating from happiness to shock, from sadness to joy, from anger to peace, from shame to guilt, and from Love to Hate.

But in the end, all the feelings are just summed up in the elation of Victory.


We won and I have one message for you: Do not lose interest. Stay engaged because we have work to do, and because this is just a new dawn for America and we have plans to Make America Great Again, and we need your participation.

Yes, take stock of the situation, we need you too. Sure go ahead and make fun of the Losers and have a laugh at their expense but just today. From tomorrow you can’t taunt them, or belittle them, or cause them any anxiety, because they are humans too, and made of a sensitive matter, and have emotional natures, that are breaking down frequently, and are crying suddenly, or at will, and at every opportunity.

As a matter of fact, there has been so much crying going on from the liberals of California, the recidivists of New York, the Soviets of Seattle, and the millennial zombies from the rest of the Blue States, that the new Trail of Tears has in fact become a raging river, and all these crying “pussies” have to be congratulated for solving a giant problem for America: Drought and Desertification have been defeated.

So go ahead and Cry me A River…


You see the President Elect has just now been selected, and already the benefits have started accruing for all of us. He shows up on TV claiming his hard won Victory and there goes the problem of Drought and falling acquirers, getting instantly solved for the short and for the long run. And it’s a human powered, wholesome, organic, sustainable and locally produced, environmentally safe solution to boot.

So now we have decided to have a Great Society program to keep those Liberal pussies crying and the Cucks sobbing, and thus solve the drought problem of the whole State of California, Texas, Arizona, and Arkansas. Hell — we’ll fill up the Mississippi and the Columbia too through the tears of the sensitive crying game participants.

So please keep it coming for a few more months so we can at least go through the dry months of the coming Summer and then we’ll be fine and you can stop crying for the Autumn season and start again when Spring rolls around in 2017. If we manage to keep this in rotation we can really solve the problem long term and you’ll be employed as professional Crying Game Consultants.

Isn’t this a Good purpose for your lives?


Methinks it suits you fine…

So go ahead and feel your emotions, and express them, but do not give in to using tissue, but instead let them roll into the floor until we have a tide that will lift everybody’s boat.

Please do not try to justify your emotions with reasons or actions — just cry and keep on crying, and invite your friends to come cry with you in company.

Misery loves company and so do you love Misery…

But in the event that crying doesn’t suit you — just get up and join MAGA to Make America Great Again.


Dr Churchill


Also please do not make any big decisions today. Please do not leave the country. You are cherished and loved and your crying is very much needed here in your own country to combat the problem of drought in Californian and in many other states, and to fill up our reservoirs and make our rivers navigable again. And Thank You for providing the tears to accomplish this major task, so you know we need you…


And please do not forget to go High, as Michelle Obama and that other crooked Hillary told you. Follow their successful example and not only Go High but also Go big. Make a giant doobie and light up. Go ahead and get fvckin high. Get really really high. Higher than you’ve ever been. Go up and up and up, and when you pass the troposphere and reach fthe edges of the ionosphere and steer for the low earth orbit of satellites and space junk — just join them in circular or elliptical orbits around the Mother Earth.

You see another unintended benefit of the TRUMP leadership giving us the TRUMP bomb to get us humans in space without the benefit of rocketry and expensive space ships and dangerous & highly combustible fuels.

Go ahead and go high on the strength of your Giant Doobie as Michelle says, and let’s put Ellon Musk out of business, because who wants SpaceX if we can get there on our own?

So go high and if you happen to meetup with the International Space Station, knock on their door and give them a message of joy. Don’t forget to share that giant doobie with the occupants of this tiny house in the sky… and she with them the news of the TRUMP Presidency so they can start crying too and solve the water supply problem of the International Space Station.

On your way to outer space, please take along all these people in the photo bellow, because they need to cry a little more, and smoke a whole lot more, and fly many more miles before we meet again.

Don’t worry about gravity, because for these exalted figures lift off is effortless since their heads are already up in the clouds…


Anyway between crying, sobbing, and variously pitched cries for help — please alert them that this is a chance for change. Tell them that this is a new dawn, and gravity does not exist anymore. At least so long as you smoke your magic wand… and do karaoke crying.

This is your moment. Keep on crying. Hug it out. Blame the Aliens for your Loss. Blame your mother if need be — Freud will back you up… But keep on crying, and keep on smoking the giant doobie.


This is your calling and this is your purpose. That’s why you were brought upon this Earth for. Light up Bro/Sis/Tranny/Homo/ and the other 69 special orientations of sexuality seeking to find a bathroom to call their own out there in space.

Methinks — let it rip, wherever you are in your journey. What’s a little more space junk, space poop, and human excrement in Orbit?

Go get it.

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko Churchill | November 7, 2016

The Real Problem with Queen Hillary and her Court of Jesters, jokers, and hoes…

Clearly now we all know that our contributions to the Clinton Foundation over the years were … misplaced.

Mind you these were our charitable donations to the Red Cross via the Clinton Charitable Foundation that promised to deliver to the Haitians better, faster, and more effectively away form the local Corruption as the Clintons assured us that they are able to do.

Hillary told us in a convincing voice that more than 90% of the public’s contributions to Haiti that were routed through the Clinton Foundation were in fact helping Haitians on the ground, and not being subject to the Island style of laissez Faire Corruption.

So we all gave money in order to help the help the Haitians who had all become refugees inside their own island. Internally displaced people is what the Red Cross and other organizations called them. And all of us bleeding hearts, gave and gave again and gave some more, in order to assist the families of the victims, and all the other Earthquake stricken Haitians who had NOTHING. But nothing came from our money given to the Clinton Foundation. Nothing was given to the Haitian people. Not a red cent…

Yet we didn’t know any of that and like all sensitive people — we wanted to help the poor and destitute children of the Haitian paupers. We wanted to help with the much needed victuals, and with the absolutely bare necessities. The Red Cross appealed for simple things, like water, food, & clothing. And then they appealed for help with the Rescue of the people still alive and buried in the ruins. And that was met with an extraordinary Humanitarian response from the American people. And here lies the problem. The success of the effort piqued the interest of the Charity sharks, the Foreign Aid bureaucrats, and the State Department Crooked Hillary, and naturally the Clintons took it upon themselves to channel the money to Haiti because apparently the Clinton Foundation had some institutional expertise with sanitation, housing, and victuals — and we believed them.

The money poured into the foundation, but instead of helping the poor and destroyed Haiti — our cash, checkups, credit cards, and remittances, went to pay for the Clinton Court of sycophants and jesters, and for the direct enrichment of the Clinton family and towards the extraordinarily wasteful and ritzy wedding of their daughter Chelsea Clinton where caviar was treated like flour, and champagne flowed like rivers.


As for the destitute and starving Haitians, they regularly eat flatbread made out of dirt and earthen cakes made from mud with salt and used motor oil. And they eat this zero nutritional value staff just in order to satiate their hunger and quiet their bellies so they can sleep.

And the generous ordinary American people gave money, and gave more, and gave again and again.  And the Billions poured in and out of this tremendous windfall that was raised in the name of the Haitian people — the poor Haitians received in total 6 tiny houses (Six) that were actually built by the Red Cross. That is all they got in lieu of the many Thousands of homes the Clintons had promised to build in Haiti and never delivered, although they kept the Billions that the American people gave the foundation for that exact purpose.

This level of Corruption has been revealed from the leaked emails. This is horrible stuff. And yet this is not different from business as usual at the Clinton Foundation, and at the highest levels of the Democratic party Power, because out of all the running assets of the Foundation, only a measly 6% of the total Capital raised, ever went towards the needy recipients like the Haitian families after the 2010 earthquake. Because the Clinton money machine was run like a Mafia treasury. And the Cash — any cash – went through other further channels of corruption downstream, that also skimmed off the topmost of this less than the 6% pittance, that was left “unloved” from the Clinton’s dirty hands.

That’s the kind of Corruption that came out of the emails from Hillary Clinton, and this is what we found out from the leaked emails — while;e the Haitian children are still eating mud cookies.


Meanwhile the Clintons enjoyed the approximately $5 Billion USD that was raised to help Haiti rise up after the devastating earthquake that first killed around a Quarter of a Million people, and ultimately cost the lives of more than 800,000 people due to disease and attrition, and also destroyed practically all the homes and housing infrastructure in this half-island nation.

So today the emails that are currently roiling the US presidential campaign are not such a big deal to me, since I know the far more important situation that is unfolding at the Clinton Foundation. This whole charade with Comey and Loretta Lunch, is just a diversion and a sleight of hand from the puppeteers who try to obstruct and obfuscate the thing that they want to hide from you… And that stench you are smelling right now is the smell of the sewer that is reeking from the Criminal Corruption of the Clinton Foundation

Still for the rest of the People who see the email of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, as part of some unknown digital collection amassed by the troublesome Anthony Weiner — and if your purpose is to understand the clique of people who dominate Washington today, the emails that really matter are the ones being slowly released by WikiLeaks from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

Look at those first because they are the latest scandal in a year running over with scandals, but in truth their significance goes far beyond mere scandal: they are a window into the soul of the Democratic party and into the dreams and thoughts of the class to whom the party answers.


The class to which I refer is not rising in angry protest; they are by and large pretty satisfied, pretty contented. Nobody takes road trips to exotic West Virginia to see what the members of this class looks like or how they live; on the contrary, they are the ones for whom such stories are written. This bunch doesn’t have to make do with a comb-over TV mountebank for a leader; because for this class, the choices are always pretty good, and this year they happen to be excellent.

They are the comfortable and well-educated mainstay of our modern Democratic party. They are also the grandees of our national media; the architects of our software; the designers of our streets; the high officials of our banking system; the authors of just about every plan to fix social security or fine-tune the Middle East with precision droning. They are, they think, not a class at all but rather the enlightened ones, the people who must be answered to but who need never explain themselves.

What about the Hispanic and Latinos who are hoping to become legitimate citizens here? Some of them say: “We learned to fight back” like Good Dreamers who go out and campaign against Donald Trump, bit let us turn the magnifying glass on them for a change, by sorting through the hacked personal emails of John Podesta, who has been a Washington power broker for decades. I admit that I feel uncomfortable digging through this hoard; stealing someone’s email is a crime, after all, and it is outrageous that people’s personal information has been exposed, since WikiLeaks doesn’t seem to have redacted the emails in any way. There is also the issue of authenticity to contend with: we don’t know absolutely and for sure that these emails were not tampered with by whoever stole them from John Podesta. The supposed authors of the messages are refusing to confirm or deny their authenticity, and though they seem to be real, there is a small possibility they aren’t.

With all that taken into consideration, I think the WikiLeaks releases furnish us with an opportunity to observe the upper reaches of the American status hierarchy in all its righteousness and majesty.


The dramatis personae of the liberal class are all present in this amazing body of evidence. The high flying government bureaucrats. The quasi financial innovators. The High-achieving colleagues in government and Academia, or Industry outgunning each other by writing larger & larger donation checks to the Foundation in exchange for some favor or other. Ordinary Billionaires attempting to get jobs for their high-achieving children. Foundation executives doing fine and noble things. Mere Millionaires and other Mortals begging and groveling for token Prizes, dinner in the White House, sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom, and even the pretense of high academic achievement and appointed tenure in Universities across the realm.

This Clinton Court and their functionaries, jesters, bureaucrats and damsels in distress always getting rescued by Billy the kid — along with Hookers, Lolitas, and straight plain Hoes, all make up the cast of Characters that many novels will describe in the near future.

Of course this Clinton show would have been a veritable horror show, if it wasn’t so terribly funny. Certain industries loom large and virtuous here. Hillary’s ingratiating speeches to Wall Street are well known of course, but what is remarkable is that, in the party of Jackson and Bryan and Roosevelt, smiling financiers now seem to stand on every corner, constantly proffering advice about this and that. In one now-famous email chain, for example, the reader can watch current US trade representative Michael Froman, writing from a Citibank email address in 2008, appear to name President Obama’s cabinet even before the great hope-and-change election was decided (incidentally, an important clue to understanding why that greatest of zombie banks was never put out of its misery).

The far-sighted innovators of Silicon Valley are also here in force, interacting all the time with the leaders of the party of the people. We watch as Podesta appears to email Sheryl Sandberg. He makes plans to visit Mark Zuckerberg (who, according to one missive, wants to “learn more about next steps for his philanthropy and social action”). Podesta exchanges emails with an entrepreneur about an ugly race now unfolding for Silicon Valley’s seat in Congress; this man, in turn, appears to forward to Podesta the remarks of yet another Silicon Valley grandee, who complains that one of the Democratic combatants in that fight was criticizing billionaires who give to Democrats. Specifically, the miscreant Dem in question was said to be: “… spinning (and attacking) donors who have supported Democrats. John Arnold and Marc Leder have both given to Cory Booker, Joe Kennedy, and others. He is also attacking every billionaire that donates to [Congressional candidate] Ro [Khanna], many whom support other Democrats as well.”

Attacking billionaires! In the year 2015! It was, one of the correspondents appears to write, “madness and political malpractice of the party to allow this to continue”.

There are wonderful things to be found in this treasure trove when you search the gilded words “Davos” or “Tahoe”. But it is when you search “Vineyard” on the WikiLeaks dump that you realize these people truly inhabit a different world from the rest of us. By “vineyard”, of course, they mean Martha’s Vineyard, the ritzy vacation resort island off the coast of Massachusetts where presidents Clinton and Obama spent most of their summer vacations. The Vineyard is a place for the very, very rich to unwind, yes, but as we learn from these emails, it is also a place of high idealism; a land of enlightened liberal commitment far beyond anything ordinary citizens can ever achieve.

Consider, for example, the 2015 email from a foundation executive to a retired mortgage banker (who then seems to have forwarded the note on to Podesta, and thus into history) expressing concern that “Hillary’s image is being torn apart in the media and there’s not enough effective push back”. The public eavesdrops as yet another financier invites Podesta to a dinner featuring “food produced exclusively by the island’s farmers and fishermen which will be matched with specially selected wines”. We learn how a Hillary campaign aide recommended that a policy statement appear on a certain day so that “It wont get in the way of any other news we are trying to make – but far enough ahead of Hamptons and Vineyard money events”. We even read the pleadings of a man who wants to be invited to a state dinner at the White House and who offers, as one of several exhibits in his favor, the fact that he “joined the DSCC Majority Trust in Martha’s Vineyard (contributing over $32,400 to Democratic senators) in July 2014”.


Hilariously, in another email chain, the Clinton team appears to scheme to“hit” Bernie Sanders for attending “DSCC retreats on Martha’s Vineyard with lobbyists”.

Then there is the apparent nepotism, the dozens if not hundreds of mundane emails in which petitioners for this or that plum Washington job or high-profile academic appointment politely appeal to Podesta – the ward-heeler of the meritocratic elite – for a solicitous word whispered in the ear of a powerful crony.

This genre of Podesta email, in which people try to arrange jobs for themselves or their kids, points us toward the most fundamental thing we know about the people at the top of this class: their loyalty to one another and the way it overrides everything else. Of course Hillary Clinton staffed her state department with investment bankers and then did speaking engagements for investment banks as soon as she was done at the state department. Of course she appears to think that any kind of bank reform should “come from the industry itself”. And of course no elite bankers were ever prosecuted by the Obama administration. Read these emails and you understand, with a start, that the people at the top tier of American life all know each other.

They are all engaged in promoting one another’s careers, and they do this constantly and with an almost religious fervor.

And so does the Mafia from Sicily. The Koza Nostra, and the Camorra.

Yet they hold nothing to compete with the Clinton Court Mafia because the Clintons have such a big pull that they can control the Department of Justice of the United States and the FBI whole.

These days the ones in the know inside the FBI have a saying that Edgar Allan Hoover is spitting balls and thunderous Lighting some place not far from here, and is coming to get the dirty Clintons himself.


Dr Churchill


That is the Clinton Court of Jesters and Damsels, and everything blurs into everything else in this world of smoke and mirrors.

It’s complete dog & pony show, with the White House, he state department, the Big Banks, Sthe Big Pharma, the Big Agribusiness, the Silicon Valley high flyers, the nonprofits, the “Global CEO Advisory Firm” that appears to have solicited donations for the Clinton Foundation, and all others from foreign governments seeking favor from the State Department in a Pay to Play exchange, all the way to the spotted dicks of Dictators who can get a ‘Forgiveness Note” from Madame Secretary in exchange of a few $ Million USD to be dropped at the stroke of midnight in the coffers of the Clinton Foundation.


And as for the hapless government bureaucrats, it is a true revolving door program from influence to payback, to influence to industry and all around again and back. In the Clinton Court of Jesters, the High Executives go from foundation to government, to thinktank, to startup, to advocacy of Policy as Lobbyists, and back to Government Service and beyond. There are specific rules, Homage and honors. Big Bucks from Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Venture Capital. Foundation Grants. Endowed chairs. University Presidentships. Corporate Board Chairmanships. Even advanced degrees at the Universities without any requirement for attendance. It is a gilded society’s tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic and it feels that way, because as the ship of State and certainly the ship of the Clintons, and their Court, is going down, the orchestra is playing Classical music on the upper decks, and the stewards rearrange the deck chairs and offer blankets to all First Class passengers, so that these exalted people can enjoy the concert in comfort while the Plebs scurry for the life savers, and the few lifeboats already lowered in the water.

It is always like that for the Rich and Famous because the masses are poor. And like another Marie Antoinette — Hillary Clinton is celebrating with Music Stars, and other Popular attractions like Kim Kardashian and singer Beyonce and JayZ, and even Lady Gaga, that makes us all to gag with vomit as we witness this massive fraud unfold in front of our very own eyes.
These people like Podesta, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Loretta Lunch, and even Barack Obama and Michelle — all feel that they really don’t have to care about the common plight of the people, even though they all know that the Ship is going down. And they also know that the peasants are coming at them and their Court Jesters, with the pitchforks, and cocktail Molotovs — so the Clintons are not likely to come into view after tomorrows loss — knowing the fate awaiting Marie Antoinette throughout History’s many iterations.
Pride and Prejudice is not a good standard counsel, yet for the Clinton Court Jesters — the dance keeps on going as long as the music plays and the chairs are readied and the door keeps revolving. Their friends all succeed — regardless of their incompetence. These folks always by tradition break every boundary, disrespect the laws and promote a culture of Non Accountability — because they have gotten away from the repercussions of the Law for far too long, and they have developed their own fatal Hybris to an extent that is unseen since the time of the French Revolution.

But the One Big Boundary remains. Life always comes to an End and whatever lesson has to be learned — it has to be learned here on this Earthly journey. That holds true for the Clintons just as much as it holds true for Lady Gaga and it also holds true for the homeless veteran whom I met today and who is jazzed up to vote for Donald Trump tomorrow — hoping for a Better America for all of his remaining Tomorrows.

And Yes, I also admitted to voting for the Orange Julius dude because same as all those Veterans with PTSD that I support in their journey from homelessness to employment through technical and software education — I hope for a Better America tomorrow too.

Let’s all together gather to make America great again because this country is supposed to be a meritocracy and not a Clinton bordello full of Hoes and Johns.

I like the Liberal Dems like I like the Pugmies or maybe a little less, but I don’t have regular contact with the pygmies and their food made up of giant ants and termites — whereas the Democrats they always stick their ideology down my throat even though I am allergic to it.

And because if you aren’t part of this risotto and Cabernet quaffing group of miscreants and scofflaws, and if you don’t have Huma Abedin’s mobile telephone number and Hillary’s email address – you’re out.

Isn’t that email in the Clinton house toilet, still active someplace on the ether at the notorious email address:

Go ahead and send her some emails with your gripes, your sentiments, or your praises, raves and rants, and please always remember that if your name is not Chelsea Clinton, nobody at the Clinton Foundation will pay for your wedding and for your Hedge Fund either…

Hey don’t worry — these people are cheap. Hell, they will not even pay for the dirt hummus sandwich, the mud cakes, or the dirt cookies of the Haitian children either.

Incredibly, when we pointed out to the Clintons at the last CGI conference this past September in New York, how corrupt and callous they were to be stealing form the mouths of the starving babes — they told us that the Haitian children had received so much US Aid money that they didn’t even need bread, because they had cake…


So we looked and looked for the Haitian children’s cake, and we found something else entirely…

Mud cookies, and dirt cake, for the children. Would You like to taste some? After skimming all the tops, the Clintons will surely allow mud cakes, for all American children too. Just like they did for the Haitian ones.

Now Go out there and Vote for the Clinton Mafia, and then some time come back and tell me what kind of Consciousness You have, and How’s that working out for You.

Good Night & Good Luck.

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