In this time of the pandemic brought to us courtesy of China — am awed by the magnitude of effort and sacrifice made by so many to helpHope that none of You will be left behind in the darkness during this shift towards totalitarianism that is taking place in America today, all the while patriots are fighting to reach the City of Light and liberate all of those bondages in this brand new Cave of Socrates.

And I also hope that once You see the Light you shall choose to remain free like an endangered species of People living in Liberty and not under solitary confinement in this new vast E-Gulag that our purposeful & evil geeks like Fauchi, and my old friend from Seattle Bill Gates and many others, are setting up a Siberian gulag for all of us…

Because during this Covid-19 shutdown of our economy and the lockdown of our people, it appears that all across America, the “lights” have literally gone out.

The rampant murderous and criminal racism exhibited by the white Minneapolis police officers that literally lynched a handcuffed black man in the middle of the downtown streets in plain view of citizens and curious onlookers as well as citizen journalists — has caught the attention of the whole world:

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 8.53.47 PM

And yes, the lights are going out in America but not just because of RACISM but because of POVERTY too, since the two are intertwined and are limping along in our country’s consciousness destroying the Civil Rights gains of the last half century if not more…

And I am not talking about the storefront lights on the burned down and looted main streets of Minneapolis — St Paul, or about any other City’s overhead street lights or about any other kind of electrical bulbs going off…

I’m talking about a vastly more important kind of light…

Am talking about the kind of light that signals HOPE as it emanates from within the individual citizens of this Great Country.

I’m talking about how all over the country, American hearts and minds are going dark as they are losing hope in our most basic social agreement of American citizenship.

I am talking about the pursuit of happiness through the attainment of the goals that each one of us defines as their personal and private version of the American Dream.

I am talking about this extraordinary “thing” because the looming darkness is what worries me most about the wicked issues facing our country today.

And I know that if you think about it, and if you look closely at what’s happening, even for a moment — you will also agree with me, and perhaps even try to help me address this sea-change from taking root within the realm of our Constitutional Republic.

Because this kind of light that is dimming is the only light that has escaped from inside of us, and it is the light that shines when we live with a purpose, when we are learning how hard work leads to success, and when we believe that we are being treated fairly. That last one is about knowing that success is possible for everyone in America, and thus we can recognize our own power to have control over our own lives and destiny.

This is the light that we all see, as it radiates outwards from those people amongst us who are fully engaged in a productive career, and return home with a sense of accomplishment, and adequate renumeration that gives them a measure of independence, a happy home, and a loving family within.

And this is the light, which should be burning bright inside us, and also emanating outwards for all our brethren to see and to guide their steps forth, all across America.


But this very much needed light is now, being replaced with a kind of animosity we haven’t seen in our country for more than 100 years.

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the angry political rhetoric…

Bernie Sanders’ type of Gulags in America and the Concentration Camps that Joe Biden and Alexanrda Ocasio Cortez’s virulent socialism want to bring about are unsurprisingly soaring in popularity — these days that Covid-19 occupies the news, but few Americans truly know why front-men like Bill Gates, Fauchi @ Brix amongst others are truly doing to our Constitutionally protected freedoms.

And what’s coming next will be an even bigger surprise to most Americans because it includes socialism’s soaring popularity, and one crackpot scheme after another to remove our freedoms, to place us all inside an E-Gulag, and to of course rob all of our Nation’s private and communal wealth and give it to undeserving others — like direct payments from the government to all citizens (universal basic income), totally free health care (Medicare for all), and most shockingly, demands for slavery reparations and other payments for the removal of past grievances for LGBTQ crowd of Queers, and for any other claimant that the Democratic leaders want to Kingly and Richly compensate with Prince’s ransom, through the People’s purse.

Here is where you need to pardon me for saying something so “politically incorrect,” but I don’t think anyone alive today was ever a slave or a slaveholder.

And we fail to intellect or even estimate the power of Innovation to upend the bondage of Slavery and the Plantation system of American South, just as much as Abraham Lincoln’s meteoric rise to power and his fundamental wish to emancipate the people.

Old honest Abe was assisted in his pursuit of Liberty for his fellow Americans who had darker skin and were beholden to the plantation economy, by the mechanical innovation of the Memphis Cotton Gin machines that made even the cheapest cotton-picking laborers, redundant.

Yes it was a moment when unemployment came to the Plantation and made slave holding a rather expensive and largely unnecessary luxury.

And it was the Cotton Gin machines that set the American South on the path to war, just as much as the Democratic party’s fiery gospel that black people were their property and had to remain in bondage forever and ever…

And here comes Abraham Lincoln and he steps into the breach of the Civil War like a ferocious Angel of God, and an Emissary of the Gospel of the fulfillment of our Constitution: “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.”

And thus the Civil War was executed and while humanity gained enormously, many, many people were left behind in the American South, where deep poverty remains even to this day, the scourge of the land.

And the rest os part of the annals of history, where the American blacks rose to prominence and fame and contributed massively to the culture and to the business of our Country as they helped usher our American Innovation Economy and Enterprise forward through their recoil of their pent up demand for gaining not only the necessary victuals but gaining real wealth and catching up for lost time.

And if you think that we owe the descendants of slaves a pot-full of gold at the end of the rainbow — please forgive me for saying that the Black Americans I know, hate this idea of further re-engaging our American brothers and sisters in the institution of slavery by trying to make them mental & physical dependents of the largesse of the Nanny State once again, as if they are back in the old plantations of the Democratic party ruled South…

And if you don’t believe me — just see what happens to most all of the Lottery winners and where they end up within a year or two after they receive their windfall. And if you want to take this argument further — please just try to imagine the bill our Native American brothers and sisters will soon present to our Democratic leaders for imminent payment as soon as they see the largesse of our Treasury falling upon the other dissatisfied segments of our Society.

Likewise, have you ever known anyone who has received health care at a VA hospital or sought exclusively all of their medical help from Medicare?

It’s a complete disaster.

But that’s what a government monopoly in health care looks like. Why would anyone want that?

These ideas are all the result of the “lights” going out, all around the country.

And there’s a reason it’s happening, which very few understand.

There’s a reason so many Americans are losing hope — losing their sense of independence and their dignity. There’s a reason so many people are turning to the failed plans of socialism.

It’s because most Americans are being left behind… in a way we’ve never, ever seen before.

The gap between the rich and the poor has always existed. But never, ever, on this level. And never with this speed.

Every day, thousands and thousands of Americans are ascending into an entire new level of wealth — something even beyond what millionaires could afford a decade ago.

And, instead of plateauing, these changes are continuing to power this new class higher… turning millionaires into billionaires, and billionaires into multi-multi-billionaires and beyond.

On and on it goes… for the few who understand what’s happening.

But what about everyone else?


Dr Churchill


And with all of this endemic racism in our country — we are all feeling left behind and left out in the cold — all over our country, and now I see that more and more people are giving up on even the idea of the American Dream.

That sucks and it sucks big time.

Yet people who give up seems to me that they don’t understand what’s happening… or why.

And no one on either side of the political aisle will explain it — probably because they don’t fully understand it, either.

Most Americans only know that even though they work harder every year, they end up with less and less, and with even more debt.

We don’t need socialism in America.

What we need is a better understanding of how this new economy thing works.

Then we can all go to work after the reopening and so that more and more people can benefit, and the United States can continue to be the greatest place for anyone to rise up and make their own way.

Believe me, the more people understand this — the better it is for all of us.

And that includes you.

No, it’s not too late.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and fix this shitte.

Are you with me?

George Floyd was murdered for being a black man.

Simple as that.

According to the officers, George was singled out and stopped for suspicion of buying cigarettes with an imperfect $20 bill…

For the love of Christ, again a young black man in America, is arrested, handcuffed, tortured and murdered — at the hands of the dirty cops, on a public street during broad daylight.

George cooperated with the arresting officers, and he was handcuffed.

Then, he was paraded back and forth across the street, from Cop-car to Cop-car as if he were a piece of meat, a trophy, a hunted animal.

George still cooperated.

And the four cops carried on with their charade.

But when he asked for water — all hell broke loose.

A murdering white Cop, with the support of three others, all threw George down onto the gutter of the concrete street, and placed a chokehold on his neck, fully intending to strangle him.

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 12.14.24 AM

George found himself handcuffed and under the knee of a white man weighing more than 200 pounds, pressing his knee directly on the trachea of this black man’s neck.

George Floyd cried…

No attention was given to him.

He then cried out for some water.

Nothing was give to him.

He then cried out for his deceased mother.

No response and no letting go of the pressure on his neck…

George Floyd then realized that he could no longer breathe.

He cried out for mercy and he begged for his life.

His nose bled and he lost control of his bladder.

Yet the murderous White Officer kneeing him on the neck with the full weight of his body — never once cared.

He never diminish the pressure on this innocent Man’s neck, continuing to block the air from reaching George Floyd’s lungs, and thus now oxygen could get into his bloodstream.

George blacked out.

Yet he remained trapped and handcuffed under the weight of an officer’s knee.

Onlookers tried to intervene only to be threatened with pepper spray. Even when he lost consciousness, the weight of that knee stayed firm on his neck.

When first responders demanded they check for a pulse, the cops refused. When off-duty medical personnel begged for the officer to get up, they refused.

America watched a man being killed in broad daylight for 10 agonizing minutes.

For shame…

Dr Churchill


I understand people will dig through everything he’s done wrong in his life.

I understand that people will roll their eyes at this.

We will see his mug shot and he will become a villain even though surveillance video does not support police claims that he resisted arrest.

But there is no crime that justifies this punishment.

Whether he has a criminal history or mental health issues, there is no justification for the death of this man, whether white or black, and let us remember that his name was George Floyd, and may his death not be wasted, because his Life really matters to me, and I surely hope it matters to You too.

God bless his souls and may he rest in eternal peace…

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 12.13.49 AM

With the infamous murder of an unarmed civilian at the hands of the Minneapolis police, now is the time to remember that black lives matter just as much as any other life, and the four dirty cops should be brought down and charged with murder one.

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 12.11.04 AM

That is if we want to continue de-escalating the racial tensions that threaten to engulf our nation once again.

And for that it is important to remember the words of RFK upon hearing of the assassination of Martin Luther King and sharing these awful news with the people of Indianapolis.

It was here that Robert Kennedy used the immortal word of an ancient Greek Dramatist Aeschylus, who first voiced these words in describing the pathways of wisdom and humility through the awful pain of death and injustice, in order “To tame the savageness of Man and make gentle the life of this world.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 12.15.35 AM

Certainly this was the greatest speech ever delivered by RFK and one for the ages, and it was the spirit moving RFK and the fact that it was never prepared, or written by a speech writer, and it was never read from a piece of paper, while there are numerous speeches that are life changing and timeless, they were almost all written and thought of much more than this speech that was delivered impromptu and straight from the heart .

This one was only written in Robert’s heart and delivered unaltered and unedited by an honest man whose heart was full of Love, Justice and Compassion.

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 12.15.17 AM

Here is RFK’s speech:

“I have some very sad news for all of you, and I think sad news for all of our fellow citizens, and people who love peace all over the world, and that is that Martin Luther King was shot and was killed tonight in Memphis, Tennessee.
Martin Luther King dedicated his life to love and to justice between fellow human beings. He died in the cause of that effort. In this difficult day, in this difficult time for the United States, it’s perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in.

For those of you who are black – considering the evidence evidently is, there were white people who were responsible – you can be filled with bitterness, and with hatred, and a desire for revenge.

We can move in that direction as a country, in greater polarization – black people amongst blacks, and white amongst whites, filled with hatred toward one another. Or we can make an effort, as Martin Luther King did, to understand and to comprehend, and replace that violence, that stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land, with an effort to understand, compassion and love.

For those of you who are black and are tempted to fill-be filled with hatred and mistrust of the injustice of such an act, against all white people, I would only say that I can also feel in my own heart the same kind of feeling. I had a member of my family killed, but he was killed by a white man.

But we have to make an effort in the United States, we have to make an effort to understand, to get beyond and go beyond these rather difficult times.

My favorite poem, my favorite poet was Aeschylus. He once wrote: “Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own de-despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”

What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black.


We can do well in this country. We will have difficult times. We’ve had difficult times in the past. And we will-we will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; and it’s not the end of disorder.

But the vast majority of white people and the vast majority of black people in this country want to live together, want to improve the quality of our life, and want justice for all human beings that abide in our land.


(Interrupted by applause)

Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.

Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people.

Thank you very much. (Applause)”

Robert F. Kennedy – April 4, 1968


Dr Churchill


But best hear it for yourselves:

Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 26, 2020

Memorial Day Afterglow

A dozen years ago, two Marines stood their ground…

They stood and fought the Evil in their sights.

Indeed, they gave up all of their tomorrows and died heroically in order to save the lives of all their brothers in arms…

These two marines were remembered today on Memorial Day, because of their unbound bravery and Leonidian sense of duty.

Twelve years ago, these two brave young men, who had just met in the morning duty roll call in front of their barracks in then lawless territory of Al Queda controlled terrorist stronghold named Ramadi, al Anbar, in Iraq during the height of the war.

These young braves came from two different Americas.

As indeed they had arrived at the Marines from separate walks of life, and had literally just met when they were told to stand guard in front of the entry control point, protecting their outpost barracks…

They took uncovered and exposed positions on the main road leading to their compound.

Literally a few minutes later, they were staring down a big blue truck packed with explosives.

With this particular shred of hell, bearing down on them, they stood their ground unafraid, and leaned into their duty bravely.

Indeed, Marine Lt General John Kelly shared this story a couple of years afterwards, and just four days following the death of his own son in combat.

This was the moment in history when Marine General Kelly chose to eulogize these two other people’s sons, all the while remembering his own son’s sacrifice for his country — in an unforgettable manner.

Here is the transcript from Marine General Kelly’s speech on Memorial Day of 2010 to celebrate the day with the memory of the Fallen Marines and to remind us all of the abundant blood spilled and the awesome sacrifice of our fallen brothers in their duty to protect the Liberty of all Americans and the Safety of all the rest of the world…

Now hear the words of this panegyric speech, straight from the lips of U.S. Marine, General John Kelly, who had just lost his own son in combat just four days earlier and no doubt transcended his feelings during this speech:


Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 11.52.42 AM


“Two years ago when I was the Commander of all U.S. and Iraqi forces, in fact, the 22nd of April 2008, two Marine infantry battalions, 1/9 ‘The Walking Dead’ and 2/8 were switching out in Ramadi.

One battalion in the closing days of their deployment going home very soon, the other just starting its seven-month combat tour.

Two Marines, Corporal Jonathan Yale, and Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter, 22 and 20 years old respectively, one from each battalion, were assuming the watch together at the entrance gate of an outpost that contained a makeshift barracks housing 50 Marines.

The same broken down ramshackle building was also home to 100 Iraqi police, also my men and our allies in the fight against the terrorists in Ramadi, a city until recently the most dangerous city on earth and owned by Al Qaeda.

Yale was a dirt poor mixed-race kid from Virginia with a wife and daughter, and a mother and sister who lived with him and he supported as well. He did this on a yearly salary of less than $23,000.

Haerter, on the other hand, was a middle class white kid from Long Island.

They were from two completely different worlds. Had they not joined the Marines they would never have met each other, or understood that multiple ‘Americas’ exist simultaneously depending on one’s race, education level, economic status, and where you might have been born.

But they were Marines — combat Marines — forged in the same crucible of Marine training, and because of this bond, they were brothers, as close, or closer, than if they were born of the same woman.

The mission orders they received from the sergeant squad leader I am sure went something like: “Okay you two clowns, stand this post and let no unauthorized personnel or vehicles pass.” “You clear?” I am also sure Yale and Haerter then rolled their eyes and said in unison something like: “Yes Sergeant,” with just enough attitude that made the point without saying the words, “No kidding sweetheart, we know what we’re doing.” They then relieved two other Marines on watch and took up their post at the entry control point of Joint Security Station Nasser, in the Sophia section of Ramadi, al Anbar, Iraq.

A few minutes later a large blue truck turned down the alley way—perhaps 60-70 yards in length—and sped its way through the serpentine of concrete jersey walls. The truck stopped just short of where the two were posted and detonated, killing them both catastrophically. Twenty-four brick masonry houses were damaged or destroyed. A mosque 100 yards away collapsed. The truck’s engine came to rest two hundred yards away knocking most of a house down before it stopped.

Our explosive experts reckoned the blast was made of 2,000 pounds of explosives. Two died, and because these two young infantrymen didn’t have it in their DNA to run from danger, they saved 150 lives of their Iraqi and American brothers-in-arms.

When I read the situation report about the incident a few hours after it happened I called the regimental commander for details as something about this struck me as different. Marines dying or being seriously wounded is commonplace in combat. We expect Marines regardless of rank or MOS to stand their ground and do their duty, and even die in the process, if that is what the mission takes. But this just seemed different.

The regimental commander had just returned from the site and he agreed, but reported that there were no American witnesses to the event—just Iraqi police. I figured if there was any chance of finding out what actually happened and then to decorate the two Marines to acknowledge their bravery, I’d have to do it as a combat award that requires two eye-witnesses and we figured the bureaucrats back in Washington would never buy Iraqi statements. If it had any chance at all, it had to come under the signature of a general officer.

I traveled to Ramadi the next day and spoke individually to a half-dozen Iraqi police all of whom told the same story. The blue truck turned down into the alley and immediately sped up as it made its way through the serpentine. They all said, “We knew immediately what was going on as soon as the two Marines began firing.” The Iraqi police then related that some of them also fired, and then to a man, ran for safety just prior to the explosion.

All survived. Many were injured … some seriously. One of the Iraqis elaborated and with tears welling up said, “They’d run like any normal man would to save his life.”

What he didn’t know until then, he said, and what he learned that very instant, was that Marines are not normal. Choking past the emotion he said, “Sir, in the name of God no sane man would have stood there and done what they did.”

“No sane man.”

“They saved us all.”

What we didn’t know at the time, and only learned a couple of days later after I wrote a summary and submitted both Yale and Haerter for posthumous Navy Crosses, was that one of our security cameras, damaged initially in the blast, recorded some of the suicide attack. It happened exactly as the Iraqis had described it. It took exactly six seconds from when the truck entered the alley until it detonated.

You can watch the last six seconds of their young lives. Putting myself in their heads I supposed it took about a second for the two Marines to separately come to the same conclusion about what was going on once the truck came into their view at the far end of the alley. Exactly no time to talk it over, or call the sergeant to ask what they should do. Only enough time to take half an instant and think about what the sergeant told them to do only a few minutes before: “ … let no unauthorized personnel or vehicles pass.”

The two Marines had about five seconds left to live. It took maybe another two seconds for them to present their weapons, take aim, and open up. By this time the truck was half-way through the barriers and gaining speed the whole time. Here, the recording shows a number of Iraqi police, some of whom had fired their AKs, now scattering like the normal and rational men they were—some running right past the Marines. They had three seconds left to live.

For about two seconds more, the recording shows the Marines’ weapons firing non-stop…the truck’s windshield exploding into shards of glass as their rounds take it apart and tore in to the body of the son-of-a-bitch who is trying to get past them to kill their brothers—American and Iraqi—bedded down in the barracks totally unaware of the fact that their lives at that moment depended entirely on two Marines standing their ground.

If they had been aware, they would have know they were safe … because two Marines stood between them and a crazed suicide bomber.

The recording shows the truck careening to a stop immediately in front of the two Marines.

In all of the instantaneous violence Yale and Haerter never hesitated.

By all reports and by the recording, they never stepped back. They never even started to step aside. They never even shifted their weight. With their feet spread shoulder width apart, they leaned into the danger, firing as fast as they could work their weapons.

They had only one second left to live.

The truck explodes.

The camera goes blank.

Two young men go to their God.

Six seconds.

Not enough time to think about their families, their country, their flag, or about their lives or their deaths, but more than enough time for two very brave young men to do their duty … into eternity.

That is the kind of people who are on watch all over the world tonight—for you.”


Dr Churchill


Now it is your time to bask in the afterglow of this story of sacrifice for you and your family, and for the “Rights” of All Americans, as well as for the dedication of these young men protecting our edifice of Freedom that affords us to be that “Beautiful Shining City up on the Hill” that the best and brightest people from all over the world aspire to come visit, work in and even be and live with us.

Now, please let that warm feeling sink into your heart.

And let us remember that sacrifice, because as America is now gearing up for another giant confrontation with a massive and evil enemy, we must take stock and take heart, because this is the kind of martial spirit warranted if we are to win this fight; and Thank God that we’ve got plenty of this spirit within our hardened men-at-arms, serving all over the world today.

Serving gallantly for your sake.

Let us now Thank God for that…

And May the Good Lord Bless America.

The evidence is clear that the Chinese Communist Party covered up for weeks the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, but what we don’t know is why. One emerging theory is that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab. Beijing denies it, but the world deserves a full accounting of what China knew and when.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 4.38.55 AM

Yet, while we are awaiting for that answer till the cows come home — the early stage warnings from the intelligence community about the Wuhan Virology institute laboratory workers perishing from a new viral infection from a virus that they were genetically enhancing via CRISPR methods to give the Coronavirus added “Gain of Function” capability for effective human to human transmission — were alarming enough, extensive enough, and terribly worrisome; to the extent that the US military and its executive branch leaders should have reacted instantly, swiftly and forcefully; right from the time we knew about patient Zero in Wuhan.

Patient Zero as US President Donald Trump acknowledged; was the novel coronavirus (nCoV) researcher working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.28.35 AM

Intelligence sources said that the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease, virus is a bioweapon, that was enhanced inside the Wuhan Virological epidemiology laboratory, that is the only military grade security bioweapons facility in China.

The initial transmission of the virus was from this “patient zero” who worked at the laboratory. The lab employee was accidentally infected before spreading the disease among the common people outside the lab in Wuhan city.

The Wuhan wet market that China initially identified as the place of origin of this highly pathogenic and transmittable infectious disease, is a fish market that never sold any bats. However, China blamed the wet market to deflect blame from the laboratory, since they are closely together and linked in geographic proximity and Chinese propaganda is always a bot off kilter…

Indeed, we now know that the virus was being studied inside the Wuhan Epidemilogical Virology laboratory in an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to “demonstrate that its efforts to identify viruses and use the bioweapons in order to deploy them in combat situations are equal or greater than the capabilities of the United States and because of never having sinned the Bioweapons moratorium convention, and thus lacking any conscious restraint or legal inhibition — their bioweapons are vastly more potent, lethal and far more effective than anything the world has ever seen up to now.

At the daily White House briefing, the President of the United States now has high confidence that while the coronavirus is a naturally occurring virus, it emanated from the level IV biocontainment facility of the virology & epidemiology laboratory in Wuhan, Hubei province of China.

To save face, the Chinese leadership now concedes that because of lax safety protocols, a researcher whom they call an “Intern” was infected, and she went on to infect her boyfriend, and then went to the hair dresser salon, and the markets of central Wuhan, in the City from where this New Sars type-2 viral infection began to spread throughout China because of all the travels for the New Year celebrations and then it got unleashed worldwide…

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.28.16 AM

China initially made efforts to cover up the outbreak, in what could be the most extensive propaganda effort as well as the costliest government cover-up of all time, seeing as China has corrupted and coopted the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations, making both part of the propaganda cover-up from the very beginning.

US embassy officials in China raised concerns about the insufficient biosafety at the Chinese government’s Wuhan Institute of Virology where deadly viruses and infectious diseases are worked on “Gain of Function” for more than fifteen years in a row, yet nothing has ever happened.
And although the institute, located quite close to the Wuhan fish market, is China’s first biosafety level IV laboratory, the US state department had warned in 2018 about the “serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory”.

And now because the US knew all that from day One and yet it failed to respond to the COVID-19 looming epidemic back in November, or even December and January — that SARS TWO (Covid-19) epidemic, has now become a true global pandemic.

Indeed, a far more robust, effective and quick response could have saved many thousands of lives across the board and across the whole world — yet this delay has the silver lining of this ominously dark and pregnant with rain cloud, that has caused us to inch inexorably closer, day by day, to an intractable state of conflicting wants and gives, between the two remaining Superpowers of this World.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.28.04 AM

And of course, in a not entirely unexpected but potentially fateful twist from diplomacy to other means of negotiation, mainly due to the failure of transparency, truth & trust in our transnational communications and negotiations — this viral biological warfare will surely escalate to a thermonuclear conflict.

This will surely be the first hot mess that the United States has engaged against China, since the Korean war that saw the two nations wrestling in a contentious and fairly well disastrous for both sides raven’s break-up fight for Supremacy and control of the Inchun peninsula and the Pussan corridor…

We are now all sleep walking towards war, and we best admit to that fact, lest we daydream of a Victory, yet end-up in a terribly humiliating defeat.

Much like the last US vs Sino-Korea, the conflict was not so much strategic, as ideological and so it is today.

And that is why, I say that the more we can come up with ways to de-escalate the tensions and start again to work together for PEACE, with truth & transparency as well as goodwill for all, during this global public health crisis — the more we will be able to move forward as partners in rebuilding the global economy, instead of wrecking what’s left of it completely, through the advancing flames of a Thermonuclear war and the resultant Nuclear Winter that will cull half of the World’s population if not more.

Methinks, that would be a better future for all concerned, because we know from the Asian financial crisis of 1997, as well as the 2008 Great Recession, that we are terribly interconnected and we need to act in unison for the global economy to bounce back without the benefit of a war to stimulate demand of all things and war time production highs…

And indeed peaceful economic stimulus and development, would be better if we are ensuring that we are all flourish together across borders and across classes of citizenry.

And I truly think that there is an opportunity right now to tone down the rhetoric, to think about the global health crisis as one of cooperation, and to create the basis upon which we can all build brotherly trust & true international cooperation, so that we can all try to get back to business of peacetime activities.

And that is to make plowshares out of the steel of war.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.28.35 AM

Yet, both sides, instead of following my councel — the epidemic has instead strengthened the hard-line positions and the adherents thereof, in both countries, and thus the resultant political pressures stemming from the pandemic, make it much harder for leaders to back away from escalation to the level of the end of diplomacy and the beginning of Diplomacy by other means.

Still for four months now, and as the virus killed tens of thousands and wreaked economic havoc around the world, officials of the two superpowers have heaped blame on each other, in an effort to divert attention from the pain of the crisis and from their own missteps.

President Trump has frequently referred to the novel coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan virus,” for the city that was the original epicenter of the outbreak, as White House Executive and other US administration officials have quietly pressed for international censure of China’s culpability in the health crisis.

And their Chinese counterparts have also seized on this Covid-19 medical emergency in order to attack the network of manufacturing and other economic ties that have grown between the two countries over the last 40 years, in an effort to gain global influence at the expense of the incumbent superpower the seems to be teetering punch-drunk and hanging onto the ropes of this very real pugilistic ring, where the crows are sitting in the gallery as Spectators to this blood sport threatening to engulf the whole world…

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.28.58 AM

Beijing, through its state-owned media and political operatives, has slammed the “racist and xenophobic” statements and actions of America’s “irresponsible and incompetent” political elites, and they have gone so far as to officially state via the CCP mouthpiece, that the U.S. military actually started the pandemic in Wuhan…

Meanwhile, the tariffs that Trump imposed on billions of dollars in goods from China — and the counter-tariffs from Beijing — remain in place, adding to the cost of trade at a time when many businesses are struggling to stay afloat.

The punitive duties also have affected badly needed protective medical gear such as masks, gloves and goggles, many of which are made in China.

It was revealing of just how hostile US-China relations have become that they couldn’t even bring themselves to just kind of hold their noses and reach out to one another to coordinate their efforts during this time that the world needs a bot. of TLC from all the powerful national leaders…

Still we must not give up on that special relationship, as many other China experts, former politicians and diplomats, from all across the globe and the political spectrum — have just released a joint statement, calling for renewed efforts to cooperate between Washington and Beijing. And of that is not like hearing the tom-toms of war and acting to prevent it — “the diplomats urge Beijing & Washington, to find the resolve to work together to contain and defeat the virus at home and abroad. China’s factories can make the protective gear and medicines needed to fight the virus; its medical personnel can share their valuable clinical experience in treating it; and its scientists can work with ours to develop the vaccine urgently needed to vanquish it,” is what the statement said.

Now, whether either side is prepared to back away from confrontation remains in doubt, because Chinese leader Xi Jinping has pressing political reasons to keep playing hardball, fully knowing that President Trump has a hostile Congress and will never get War powers passed through the House, as needed before he engages in armed conflict with China.

Yet, as the US death toll from this epidemic mounts higher and higher peaks, and the economic pain hits more Americans, the pressure on President Trump to act has increased manifold, as is the case also when we will be dealing with a global recession, that will undoubtedly seed voices of populism, nationalism and global supremacy, as both the American and the Chinese people will be looking for vengeance and for someone else to blame.

There is also ample evidence that President Trump’s China message is finding bipartisan acceptance in Congress and in corporate America, which has grown increasingly unhappy with a relationship with China that it had long sought to strengthen and expand.

And with November’s election on the horizon and the economic gains President Trump had planned on taking credit for, all but wiped out — the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Executive, is likely to intensify his bellicose verbal attacks on China and to frame any criticism of his administration by the media or Democratic opponent Joe Biden, as being pro-China.

“One way we could still win this election is by turning it into a referendum on China,” said the main Trump campaign advisor…

Also contributing to the growing disenchantment with China have been Beijing’s continued crackdowns on dissent and human rights, its aggressive military moves in the South China Sea and the cutting down of Hong Kong’s independence movement amongst other factors, yet mainly because the human and economic toll of the coronavirus has introduced a white-hot element into the dynamic between the two countries.

On the Chinese side, the US criticism of the nation — and the economic pain inflicted by the tariffs — has stirred waves of nationalistic resentment.

Public anger, and the Chinese Communist Party’s massive response to fight the epidemic, has strengthened Xi’s grip on power and made it easier for him to pursue a crackdown on dissent.

Many in China chafe at Trump’s effort to blame them for the pandemic as both unfair and factually wrong. They see China, with its isolation of Hubei province and other hot spots, as a model for how to contain and conquer the disease. Many also see China as having reached out to help other countries as its own crisis has abated.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.29.24 AM

There’s a narrative widely accepted within China that the country has been able to bring the virus under control and “that China is — if not the savior of the world — at least sort of doing more than its fair share to help the rest of the world,” said David Bachman, a China specialist at the University of Washington in Seattle.

And public resentment in both countries is likely to be intensified by the rising economic cost of the pandemic, as both economies are expected to see their sharpest drops in decades, with millions of people thrown out of work, businesses crippled or destroyed, and political leaders facing a unique crisis in which conventional stimulus and other time-honored economic policies seem ineffective.

As the economic pain spreads, analysts say it will probably make compromise more difficult even if deescalation would benefit both sides.

Now, if you ask me personally, I don’t think there’s any way in hell things get better from here, because an increasingly authoritarian China, mixed with a global growth downturn, mixed with a domestic recession, mixed with a populist president, mixed with an election year, equals an increasingly factious discourse on China, and a bellicose stance on hawkish maneuvers of a simulacrum to war.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.30.39 AM

In the months ahead, China’s economy is expected to suffer its slowest growth in more than 40 years, and could even turn negative for the first time since the mid-1970s.

That could threaten political stability if the Communist Party fails to make good on its compact with the masses to keep improving their economic well-being in exchange for compliance with an authoritarian and often repressive system.

But there are signs that China’s economy may fare better than many in the West are projecting. Factories have largely resumed operations, with electric power usage returning to 95% of what it was this time a year ago, said Nicholas Lardy, a China economy expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Trade will undoubtedly suffer with slumping demand from recessions in Europe and America, but Chinese exports exert only half the weight they did on the U.S. economy in the 2008 financial crisis. What’s more, Beijing hasn’t felt the need to spur growth with massive credit or provide anything close to the $2-trillion relief package that the U.S. passed last month.

If the Chinese thought they were heading for a major downturn, Beijing would have injected a lot more stimulus than it has. I think that’s qualitatively probably the single most important indicator. It’s the dog that didn’t bark.

Yet, for President Trump, the antagonism with China has for now only centered on trade. He has led a tit-for-tat tariff war with China, eroding what for many years had been seen as the ballast in the relationship.

In January, there was a glimmer of hope that tensions might ease: The two sides struck a large trade deal in which the Chinese promised to buy billions of dollars more in American farm products and other goods.

But the trade deal signed in January is already dead in the water, and there’s no possible way that the targets now are going to be met, so that’s going to be a source of dissatisfaction on the American and the Chinese side as well…


What’s more, the pandemic exposed America’s heavy dependence on China for critical medical supplies and drugs, as well as many other manufactured products, and now because of the outbreak’s fractured supply chains now dominated by China, this has prompted many more American firms to make plans to relocate operations back inside the United States as they rearrange their own global business relationships. And obviously all these disruptions came at a time when corporate America was already growing disillusioned with the old relationship with China’s intransigence and rapacious appetite for getting the best of each and every deal.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.32.44 AM

Adding to the flames is the oil thrown into the fire, through Beijing’s persistent refusal to prevent its companies from appropriating the intellectual property and know-how of American firms was high on a lengthening list of complaints, so whatever the outcome of the coronavirus crisis, it’s almost certain to accelerate long-term changes in the economic relationship between the two countries.

The pandemic has demonstrated the impossibility of the American and Sino-Han relationship being coupled closely together through the notion that free trade and globalization are going to tame China and make it more democratic, and I think this intellectual chimera has now been shown that’s a can of hot BS.


Dr Churchill


There is some hope still especially amongst the working level folks, as demonstrated by the goodwill among working-level officials in both countries to the extent that the Chinese CDC contacted the American CDC in early January about the coronavirus outbreakitute, well before the Chinese government admitted to the viral weapon having escaped the Level IV biocontainment unit of the Wuhan virology & epidemiology research institute.

Yet as History teaches us and the philosopher happens to agree on this one with the raven: War is the father of us all …

Or as Heraclitus of Ephesus said a couple of Millennia removed from today: “War is the father of us all, King of all….”

And you better believe it, much like when Darth Vader says this to the young Jedi knight:

“I am your Father…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 2.44.45 AM

Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 24, 2020

HK is rubbished…

The predetermined date that Hong Kong’s liberty and democracy died, was supposed to be the year 2047…

Yet that was just the illusory deadline that has come to symbolize the end of the territory’s way of life — but that too came early this year because the unofficial official end of Hong Kong has arrived.


The “end is nigh” now that China has moved to take away all of the city’s autonomy and semi-independence that was much ballyhooed fake PR and propaganda policy aptly two faced shady “One Country-Two Systems” illogical doctrine devised by the willy fox that bamboozled the Nixon-Kissinger duet — the wise and venerable, yet utterly ruthless Deng Xiaoping.

Because today in what is seen as one of the many aggressive actions by Beijing across the region, Hong Kong is shot squarely in the heart of their aspirations that have kept them hoping over the last many years of integration into China proper since their separation form Great Britain.
July 1st of 2047, was the official date when Hong Kong’s special status expires, according to the agreement negotiated with Great britain back in 1984, and yet Christmas for Beijing has come early this year and Hong Kong is the gift wrapped in bondage under the tree…

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.56.34 AM

Over the course of April and throughout May of this year 2020, and while most of the world’s attention was trained on the Wuhan coronavirus’s spiraling death toll due to the resultant epidemic illness termed Covid-19 — hardly a day passed in Hong Kong without news of arrested activists, scuffles among lawmakers, or bombastic proclamations from mainland officials about sending troops over the bridge to quell the rioters. And in a few weeks, all the long-standing norms of the 1984 agreement and the subsequent Civil liberties, were all rubbished at dizzying speed, because during that time, Beijing was also undertaking aggressive actions across all of Asia and the South China Sea and wanted to divert attention further away from those territorial annexations.

As an example, this past week, a Chinese naval ship rammed and sunk a Vietnamese fishing vessel in the contested waters of the South China Sea.

Still kore ominously, just off the coast of Malaysia, and well within the Malay country’s exclusive economic zone — a Chinese research vessel, accompanied by Chinese coast-guard and Chinese fishing ships that were all part of China’s maritime militia — began what they term as seismic, underground and sediment topographical survey work within spitting distance of a Malaysian oil rig platform.

Naturally, the standoff that followed drew warships from the United States and Australia, as well as from mainland China.

Next shameful actions came when the commissars of Beijing, declared that China had created two new administrative units on islands in the South China Sea that are part of Vietnam.

Today, Chinese officials are constantly pressing and reacting with predictable rage towards Taiwan’s successful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic that has won her many followers and many more “likes” as she begun a push for more international recognition and gaining her independence more fully as a Sovereign power in opposition to Mainland China’s authoritarian rule.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.54.19 AM

These madcap Chinese political and military battle moves were capped this week when China’s National People’s Congress announced that it would force wide ranging national security laws on Hong Kong in response to last year’s prodemocracy protests.

Yet, in doing so — Beijing for the first time — simply circumvented the city’s autonomous legislative process and began dismantling the “one country, two systems” framework under which Hong Kong has been governed since 1984.

This new Chinese offense against boot just Hong Kong, but against the whole World and its people, is setting up the stage for what is a fundamental shift in the territory’s freedoms, its laws, and how it is recognized internationally, but also it predetermines the fact that there will be conflict with China in the near future…

The announcement of this latest offense, came late Thursday evening and it stunned all the Hong Kong people, but none more so than its Pro-democracy advocates, HK lawmakers, all the resident diplomats of foreign powers, and many of the city’s 7.4 million residents, who awoke Friday morning and started questioning themselves and all others about Hong Kong’s real future.

Naturally, the HK stock market plunged, usage of VPNs and questions about Exit visas, all skyrocketed, and since the residents realized that the game was up — Hong Kongers started to pick up the pieces amid wonderment of whether 2047, the year in which China was set to take back full control of the city, had arrived more than two decades early.

Tanya Chan, the convener of the prodemocracy camp in the city’s legislature simply said: “Last night was a complete setback. I’m heartbroken.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.50.17 AM

And this speaks volumes of the opportunistic nature of the Forbidden City’s machinations that although much of the world has come to a standstill as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic unleashed by China’s fascist regime from the Wuhan bioweapons research laboratory at the Wuhan Virus Epidemiology facility — China’s global ambitions and grudge settling clearly have not stopped and if anything they have intensified and magnified.

Indeed, Beijing has offered provocations galore, garnished with a dash of propaganda and medical diplomacy, all pushing forward its narrative and the agenda of dominance, despite the unfolding public-health crisis that China has brought to bear at the expense of the whole world with the engineered virus they have unleashed upon an unsuspecting world that has caused a global shutdown.

And this is business as usual, for Beijing acting like a giant bully both in the South China Sea towards Taiwan and against all other neighbor nations, as well on the international propaganda front blaming the United States for all of the pandemic fallout, and the global uncoordinated response, as well as the obvious failure of WHO (World health Organization) that is now seen as an instrument of Beijing, once removed. So for the Forbidden City, it’s all the same, with Beijing going about its aggressive empire building as if it is time for business as usual, during a pandemic that they have caused, and this is a far more sinister approach to geopolitics than even Hitler’s burning down the Reichstag and blaming his opposition for it, and thus gaining the excuse to unleash complete Terror and shut down the German parliament for good, making himself a lifetime Dictator in 1933…

And just to place China’s unelected leader Mr Xi Jinping in context — he declared himself to be a Lifetime Dictator back in 2018 — so the parallels are stunning, and since “History Repeats Itself” we are in for a bloodbath.

Today, Beijing’s conduct has caused some alarm as it moves in Hong Kong to impose its will by decree, force and hateful prosecutions of all opponents to its dictatorial regime. And alhough China has failed to pass a law through its allies in Hong Kong that would allow extraditions to the mainland, it will, through the newly announced national-security legislation, effectively bring its law directly to Hong Kong targeting “secessionist or subversive activity” and “foreign and external interference,” while paving the way for mainland security forces to operate in the city, which, although part of China, has maintained its own laws, courts, and HK civilized police. The current Chinese mainland legislation gives the Forbidden City of Beijing’s commissars, a new tool with which to crack down on protesters and dissidents, and push forward Chinese authored and doctored pseudo-education that simply trumpets the successes of the Communist Party of China and of the Red people’s Army…

Go Figure…

Predictably during the paralyzing Covid-19 pandemic, the American response has been subdued and quite predictable by Beijing’s standard OP, and although Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it a “death knell” for Hong Kong’s autonomy, and US lawmakers unveiled legislation aimed at Beijing’s reach into the city, and although the State Department is preparing a report on the issue — all of these inactions are seen as anemic attempts and a side show, in order to show to the rest of the World, that we are actually doing something while we have fully accepted the Fait Accompli scenario that the Forbidden City has thrown at us.

Similarly, when the US Congress pushed for a bill that sought to defend Hong Kong protesters and sanction those who chip away at their freedoms, the vague and scattershot effort, coupled with President Donald Trump’s uncoordinated leadership, have left HK as well as all other countries in Asia questioning Washington waning influence in this most important part of the world, and seeing America as ineffective in defending their territorialism stemming from the ASEAN nations nationhood.

And today, we see great maneuvering success on behalf of the Forbidden City, because despite China’s abundant application of their unique mixture of soft and hard power along with mask diplomacy — Beijing has sought to dull criticism of its initial response to the coronavirus outbreak with some cheap medical aid, while still pursuing and pushing forth in all of its territorial, legal, and political claims as Beijing’s growing military and diplomatic might warrants.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.51.06 AM

This scares most all countries in the region that have not taken kindly to the Forbidden City’s massively aggressive maneuvers, like the sinking of the Vietnamese ship, for example, that prompted officials in Hanoi to lodge an official protest with China, although there is a growing belief among Vietnamese leaders that these types of responses are now insufficient.

And while Beijing, is getting into the mode of making the most of this opportune time when nobody is looking while hunkering down under the Coronavirus threat — China’s grabbing of the crisis and turning it into an opportunity for aggressive and expansive Empire building actions, have again given rise to the possibility of a lawsuit by Vietnam in an attempt to hold China to account.

Still, successful legal challenges to China’s maritime aggression are not unheard of, such as the one back in 2013, when the Philippines lodged a complaint challenging Beijing’s expansive claims of sovereignty over the South China Sea. Three years later, Manila was handed a victory when the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled in the country’s favor. By then, however, Rodrigo Duterte, who has been friendly toward China, had been elected president and he did not pursue the matter further..

And now, beyond China’s actions, its messaging has also had a largely negative impact on public perceptions, oscillating between ill-advised friendly overtures and pugnacious statements. Much of the latter has come through Beijing’s “wolf warrior” diplomacy, which has seen dozens of Chinese diplomats and spokespeople take to social media, predominantly Weibo, TenCent, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, in order to boast, attack, target detractors and sow misinformation — all the while parroting the Communist apparatchiks party line to a “t” while in most diplomatic palaces, Chinese embassy officials are characteristically undiplomatic since they are not making any attempts to calm things down or be conciliatory and that is to their detriment since it is seen as a bully tactic, an imperialist directive instinct and Hitlerian in nature.

Any other attempts by the Forbidden City to play nice with their favorite friendly nations, have been equally unsuccessful and more publicly embarrassing, such as when back in April of this year and while much of the Philippines was under lockdown — the Chinese embassy in Manila released a song and accompanying music video that were meant to promote being “friendly neighbors across the sea.”

The maudlin ballad “Iisang Dagat” (“One Sea”) was written by the Chinese ambassador, yet its timing was curious, coming just days after the Philippines had lodged a diplomatic protest over two incidents involving Chinese maritime aggression. The song was roundly panned and, perhaps aided by weeks of shut-in boredom, the perfect target for relentless online mocking and memefying by internet savvy Filipinos and Pinoy citizens, resident and netizens alike. An opinion piece in the Philippine Daily Inquirer declared that it had displaced Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” a song linked to a string of drunken bar fights, many of them deadly, to become “the ditty most likely to provoke a brawl anywhere it is sung.”

Apparently as long as Beijing maintains its claim to Philippine maritime territory, China can never expect the Filipino people to trust her, since she will always be viewed as stealing, through deceit, intimidation, and force, what lawfully belongs to the Filipino people.

Still back in the United States of America, the origin and the handling of the Chinese Covid-19 pandemic has helped accelerate growing bipartisanship in Washington around a more hawkish approach to China. And successive administrations have stated, though hardly fully articulated or implemented, goals of shifting focus, particularly in defense, to counter China and Beijing’s unabated aggression, diplomatic stumbles, and poor early response to the emergence of the coronavirus since these Sino-failures would provide an opportune moment for the US to reassert itself, but American actions have in the region, have not even begun since most of our fleet is incapacitated due to Covid-19.

Still, when the US sent ships to Malaysia to counter the presence of the Chinese survey vessel, Kuala Lumpur reacted with some hesitation, because some Malay leaders believed that the arrival of US vessels inflamed the situation, leading to further escalation by Beijing. Malay thinking goes that the US doesn’t think about the potential calamity they might cause other people with all their good intentions, and Malaysia is not the only place the American military is less than welcome, since this year, President of Filipinos Mr Duterte announced the termination of the US – Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement, a two-decade-old troop-rotation pact that aspired to closer military cooperation…

Unfortunately it is also an issue of timing, because the time difference between the US and most of Asia means that President Trump’s often unfiltered and seemingly unhinged outbursts, bookend the days’ news cycle in the East Asian time zones… President Trump’s press conferences run into the Asian morning, and as evening rolls around, he begins firing off his trademark bellicose, difficult to decode or even decipher tweets, and the usually reserved Asian people are pretty appalled at the lack of coherence in response from the United States, and that is drowning out a lot of other facts…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, during a recent call with Southeast Asian leaders said that Beijing had “moved to take advantage of the distraction” created by the pandemic. He also mentioned the findings of a recent report by the Washington-based Stimson Center that Chinese dams on the Mekong River, which flows through numerous Southeast Asian countries, cause severe drought conditions downriver. But Pompeo’s attempts to force Southeast Asian leaders to make a choice between the US and China fell on deaf ears, because by framing the situation as a competition in which countries had to pick sides, the call “played really badly in Southeast Asia.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.58.29 AM

Naturally Trump and Pompeo’s form of diplomacy as a bull in a China shop, is an unwelcome distraction breaking the facade of decorum at least as far as the seemingly serene and harmonious leaders of Asia want to present…

In Hong Kong, the new incoming Chinese legislation has made clear that this Confucian logic is certainly not the case, and that Beijing cares little about decorum or even harmony, peace and serenity when attempting to win over Hong Kong’s herts and minds, because even after 23 years, they still can’t win over the Hong Kong people with kindness and Confucian logic and they have now decided to resort to violence, just like they did in Tiananmen Square back in 1989 when they massacred everybody that stood in their way.

Yet today just desserts is what is expected as the “time machine” has come to see this HK suppression act as “Fait Accompli” for both Hong Kong and for the rest of the world sensing the weakness and impotence of Britains authorship of an agreement that they cannot enforce, although they are the signatory and guarantor of it since 1984.

So, if Hong Kong is like this already almost three decades before 2047, what will it be like after 2047 arrives?

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.57.48 AM

It is a question and a date that has hung over this city and its demonstrations these past several months, because when Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997, the two countries agreed on a 50 year transition period in which its liberties would be maintained. But as those freedoms have come under increasing threat from Beijing, including in the form of an extradition law that has triggered the worst political crisis in Hong Kong since the handover, 2047 has become more than just a distant deadline. It has come to symbolize the end of Hong Kong’s way of life and fundamental identity, the specter of its subsumption into mainland China.

Reflected in art, film, political discourse, and the way people see their lives, the idea of 2047, the prospect of a nightmarish final curtain, is an important factor in the persistence and intensity of the city’s current unrest, now in its sixth month. Hong Kong has long prided itself on being home to a well-trained police force, an independent judiciary, and a relatively free society, but responses to the current protests have upended that sense of security. A lack of accountability over police aggression, attacks on protesters and bystanders by police and triad gangs, as well as mass arrests, have fed into the notion that freedoms are being eroded at an alarming rate, that 2047, and life controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, are already happening. The death of a student who fell near a police clearance operation has sparked an escalation in violence in recent days: On Monday, a protester was shot in the stomach by an officer who fired a live round, and a man was set on fire after arguing with demonstrators.

In Hong Kong today, there is an ominous sense of a last stand like Alamo to what the Asian city feels like…

Five years ago, when demonstrators occupied roads in the heart of Hong Kong to demand democratic reforms, the urgency of the moment was already coming into greater focus. After the movement failed to win any concessions, new political parties emerged, calling for more radical measures such as self-determination or even Hong Kong’s full independence from China, and faith in the city’s political system fell precipitously.

Once those 2014 protests, the Umbrella Movement, awakened people to the political complexities at play, anxieties born about the year of the handover’s deadline had determined the way young Hong Kongers saw their own future, because they literally don’t know whether their home is going to exist after 2047.

When members of the public were invited to put questions to Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, at an event in September, a young man pointed out that she would be 90 years old in 2047, but he would be only 55. The expiration date might not matter to her at that age, he said, but it would still matter to him. “After 2047, do we have a future?” he asked.

Director Au himself has spent a great deal of time and energy considering what the future might look like for the city’s residents. “Dialect” a short film that Hong Kong filmmaker Au directed, was one of five works by different directors featured in Ten Years, a 2015 movie that depicted Hong Kongers’ worst fears as the clock ticks toward the end of the guarantee on the territory’s semiautonomous status. In the movie “Dialect” a taxi driver struggles to make a living because of new rules stipulating that he must speak simplified Mandarin, the official language of mainland China, rather than Hong Kong’s dominant language, which is the more melodic “Cantonese” spoken right here since time immemorial.

Yet another film set in 2025, “Ten Years” resonated with Hong Kongers when it was first released, envisioning events such as the imprisoning of activists and the quashing of an independence movement, the film has already proved prescient. Somewhat unsurprisingly, it was banned on the mainland, where it was declared a “thought virus” by the state-controlled Global Times newspaper and struggled to get a proper run in Hong Kong cinemas, despite sold-out shows. Au still sees the film as relevant now.

“The taxi driver in the movie, “is” the Hong Kong people, if we lose this battle” is what the Director’s view of the meaning of the movie all about.

Yet, these prevailing fears for Hong Kong’s future were not always so prevalent, because the origins of the 2047 deadline date back to the 19th century “Opium Wars” when China ceded parts of Hong Kong to Britain in perpetuity and leased one area, the northern New Territories, for 99 years, a period that ended in 1997. As that date drew near, the two nations opened talks to decide Hong Kong’s future fate, eventually signing the Sino-British Joint Declaration in the year 1984.

1984 right?

The year 1984, was when that ominous Sino-British Hong Kong’s handover treaty that laid out the terms of the handover, stipulating that Hong Kong would fall under the direct authority of Beijing was signed. Yet in the treaty were provisions that also awarded it a high degree of autonomy, under the “one country, two systems” formula that was devised by none other than the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, and it implied that Hong Kong would retain its capitalist system and other liberties unseen on the mainland, including an independent judiciary and freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the famous Hong Kong freedom of the press completely unfettered until the year 2047.

Thus the people of Hong Kong were assured and assuaged that all of these freedoms would be protected for at least half a century hence, and the hope existed that mainland China by that time would have grown secure for Democracy and thus the hope was maintained that instead of Hong omg losing its freedoms — mainland Chinese people would gain theirs … and that is what kept the Hong Kongers staying put in their homes and not seeking to escape to any other country taking with them their much vaunted entrepreneurial and commercially successful traits and wealth creating know how.

Obviously the Hong Kong people were fooled then, and now they are waking up to that reality.

Is Beijing going to convince them once again to stay?

Fat chance.

Deng Xiaoping, was the Chinese Communist Party’s most powerful leader when the 1984 agreement was signed, and he proposed the 50 year plan as a “bridge” that would foster stability and reflect commitment to Hong Kong’s special status, while he also set a line in the sand that made clear Beijing’s ultimate sovereignty. The agreement gave no specifics about what exactly would happen after 2047, but the fast paced liberalization of the Chinese economy under Deng Xiaoping, as assisted by Richard Nixon’s commercial and cultural openings towards the “forbidden city” had cultivated an international view that China’s political system would surely follow suit and open up accordingly.

And because life in Hong Kong back then — same as today — was far superior to that on the mainland in almost every respect, there was a great deal of hope that Hong Kong somehow would democratize China. Albeit slowly, securely and quietly.

Of mice and men …

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.50.17 AM

Plans were are made to unravel, rules are made to be broken and expectations dashed, while people are rubbished as I saw first hand the situation in Hong Kong when I went to speak to the young protesters of the Democracy movement and the umbrella rebellion back in 2014, in 2015, and in 2016, and met with the leaders of the young and aspiring independence movement that has now been crushed fully.

Indeed, all those high fallutin expectations for Democracy and Liberalization were ultimately undone by the massacre of many thousands of pro-democracy and pro Liberty protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989, so that while Hong Kong’s transition to Chinese sovereignty initially appeared to go smoothly — efforts by the China controlled HK government to enforce anti-sedition laws and regulations, and impose a patriotic curriculum on schools, foreshadowed future unrest, as they sparked huge protests and mass movement of average people and drove not only the young ones into the streets, but also the average middle aged workers and office drones.

And of course, over time, cultural expression followed the rich milieu of anti-conformist views about Hong Kong’s liberty & Democracy, and this has led some of HK’s artists to focus on the countdown to 2047.

Example is the 2004 film, ominously titled “2046” by the legendary Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, who filmed the story of a novelist who writes of a train that time-travels to the year of the title, where people go to recapture lost memories. Although Wong insisted that he did not want to make a political movie, he nevertheless posed this question in an interview with the English newspaper “Guardian”: “The Chinese government promised Hong Kong 50 years without change; 2046 would be the last year of this promise. Will this promise be kept? Will there be change?”

More recent works of art have also sought to tackle the subject. Oxygen, a short film by Yip Yuen-ching that won a youth-film award in Hong Kong in 2016, portrays the city 50 years after the handover as a wasteland where surveillance devices are implanted in people’s necks and the internet and media are fully controlled.

That same year, the artist Sampson Wong was part of a group behind an installation called Countdown Machine, one of the starkest visualizations of the deadline: It projected onto the facade of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper a countdown in seconds to July 1, 2047, when the 50-year guarantee on Hong Kong’s status expires. “Fate and time is so central to the discussion of Hong Kong,” Wong says. Part of an exhibition by the city’s arts development council, the installation was removed by organizers once its political message became clear to them.

While some believe that the time to discuss 2047 has passed — Hong Kongers still see the deadline as the most important reference point for relations with mainland China and the issue of Hong Kong’s identity under the One country – two systems doctrine.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.54.19 AM

Yet the realists know and sense that we are almost halfway there and it’s high time for to really start thinking about it before it’s too late. Drawing on real-life predictions of young and old Hong Kong residents for what would happen then, and from their visions of 2047 as described realistically for a new theatrical production scheduled to open in September 2020, we see that while the residents predictions given for this September production are almost universally bleak, we could take heart from the fact that the different generations are more united in their aspirations for Hong Kong than anyone till thought they would be.

With China a global superpower under the hard-line leadership of President Xi Jinping, the significance of 2047 in the minds of Hong Kongers has no doubt changed, and the deadline of 2047 has now become imminent as it has also been made real by circumstances unforeseen during the time of the handover agreement of 1984, and yet rather presciently and precisely described by George Orwell in his book 1984 so many years ago…

The current protests were sparked by a now withdrawn bill that would have allowed Hong Kongers to be extradited to China for trial, but they have grown into a much broader movement reflecting outrage at incursions on the city’s liberties and a renewed demand for real democracy. Au, the Ten Years director, told me of his fears that, as time went on, artists would find it harder to speak out on the issue as Beijing exerts greater control over Hong Kong, and the space for freedom of expression here shrinks. Already, protest marches are routinely declared illegal, demonstrators have been ordered not to hide their identities with face masks, and journalists report a worsening climate for the press.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.53.46 AM

Dr Churchill


The basic people’s sentiment around Hong Kong is simple:
“What we do now will determine our ending. The ending could be the worst ending. But still we’ll have a footnote in history that we did something.”

The actors are all on stage and waiting for History to repeat itself, but this chapter is not written as of yet…

Parallels are drawn with the Tiananmen Square massacre and this is fully expected as Hong Kong readies for a “Last Stand” in Hong Kong scenario and so is the rest of the World. But if we want to foresee the future — we should best see it as reading the tea leaves, the ancient art of divination from I-Ching and beyond, an art perfected by Sinologists over the many years of China study, from my earliest days to today.

Xi Jinping’s response will be predictably bloody and ruthless , because back in 1989, he applauded Deng Xiaoping’s quenching the Tiananmen Square’s Liberty demanding rebellion of the students and the workers in a cold and calculated mass murder bloodbath.

And so it seems that the die has been cast for this history to be repeated today in Hong Kong too…

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 8.00.27 AM

When China’s paramount leader Deng Xiaoping ordered the slaughter of the pro-democracy protesters in the Tiananmen Square massacre of June 1989, Xi Jinping was the party chief of Ningde district in Fujian province, over a thousand miles from Beijing.

So let us see how Xi Jinping would react to a similar situation today, and what are we to do, because thirty years ago, the US missed a historic chance to intervene to prevent the bloody crackdown and, in its wake, to labor to weaken the CCP’s chokehold over China.

Mark Twain is purported to have written that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. This lamentable past provides a valuable lesson for the United States and its allies to prepare for history’s rhyme, should it occur, and act against the life time Dictator Xi Jinping and his murderous clique of acolytes and fawning sycophants within the Politburo of the Communist party of China.

In the late spring of 1989, millions of people took to the streets in Beijing and other major cities in China to demand political reforms and a clean government. It was perhaps the largest peaceful protest in China since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power in 1949, and perhaps even the largest in the history of modern China.

What was unique about the pro-democracy movement that gathered in Tiananmen Square was that protesters came from within and outside the Chinese Communist system. They sought to make China a modern country with democracy and the rule of law as defining political principles of the country. Famously, they constructed a 30-foot plaster-covered “Goddess of Democracy” statue in the center of Tiananmen Square, which recalled the Statue of Liberty. Symbolizing the desire for democracy and freedom was the common dream of the Chinese people.

The historic movement was sparked by the death of Hu Yaobang (the CCP general secretary from 1982-1987), which sparked the seven-week protest and that soon captured the world’s attention. At first, protesters occupied the square in support of Hu. Seen as a reformer, Hu was popular among many Chinese citizens, but equally unpopular among the CCP hardliners. The gathering in memory of Hu turned into a popular movement for democracy.

But the hardliners led by Deng Xiaoping refused the moderate demands, and instead ordered over 200,000 soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to march into Beijing, and retake Tiananmen Square from the student protesters on June 4, 1989. The PLA attack resulted in thousands of deaths of the innocent. The exact casualties are still unknown because of the CCP’s cover-up and censorship of information concerning the event.

In the Soviet Bloc, the 1989 pro-democracy movement, at first in Poland, triggered a chain reaction that ultimately led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the communist governments of its satellites. In contrast, the June 4th massacre is a tragedy of modern China, which took the country in an unfortunate direction. The real cost of the massacre was that China lost the opportunity to become what China has been and, indeed, should be again; a great and sublime power.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.51.06 AM

Interestingly, after the bloodshed, Xi Jinping’s wife Peng Liyuan, a PLA pop singer, hosted concerts in which she sang for soldiers to celebrate their victory crushing the “counter-revolutionary riot.” However, Xi’s father, Xi Zhongxun, a CCP veteran leader, stood firm against Deng’s order to kill student protesters. The senior Xi openly criticized Deng Xiaoping for using force to slaughter the students. As a consequence, he was punished by being ejected from the CCP leadership and exiled to the south for nearly 10 years. Xi’s divided family history reflects today’s China. Those who survived the massacre were silenced, imprisoned or exiled. The CCP hardliners and their supporters dominated China’s politics.

Deng drew seminal lessons from the collapse of communism in the USSR and its Eastern Bloc allies. Accordingly, Deng recognized that the CCP’s economic performance would provide legitimacy. This solution worked well for decades. But the heady economic growth is waning, and consequently the party’s legitimacy also is vulnerable to challenge.

Xi drew a different lesson from the former Soviet Union’s collapse. He believes Soviet party leaders’ communist ideals and convictions wavered, and they lost control of its ideology. His determined solution is what may be termed “communist fundamentalism” and that means the return to traditional Stalinism, Leninism and Maoism, in order to ensure the party’s control of the commanding heights of ideology. This requires tightly controlling the internet to police thought and expression and preserve the party’s control. It dictates absolute loyalty from the military to ensure regime security. The subsequent measures he implemented, including high-tech mass surveillance, turned China into a super police-state, with little room for any dissent, and that is what he is doing in Hong Kong now too.

Yet despite the formidable power of this lifetime dictator’s heady and haughty authoritariansim, there is some hope, because of the undercurrents of civil disobedience and liberty minded resistance left amongst the people fo Hong kong and perhaps China too. Thus the tension has intensified between the Xi Jinping clique, including his old school leftist and nationalist supporters who hail him as a hero, and those who oppose this tyrannical regime apparatchiks old boys club, by advocating for political and civil rights and internet freedom, and include some within the CCP who embrace and defend Deng’s reforms and policies.

Xi’s mistakes and gross human rights abuses, such as suppressing tens of millions of Uighurs, and all of the millions of Hong Kong Chinese populations along with the mainlanders and after not missing a beat from the unleashing of the deadly Covid-19 virus upon an unsuspecting World, to corrupting the W.H.O. and the Untied Nations Man Rights Commission as well — all ensure that a random event may trigger massive civil disobedience and, in turn evolve into another Tiananmen protest.

To me it seems that this new directive against Hong Kong is exactly that “random event” that could prove the unraveling of China’s authoritarian regime of Mr Xi Jinping…

In sum, a new spark could occur at any time.

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 7.55.06 AM

And as an acolyte of Lenin and Mao, Xi’s natural proclivity is to use force and violence to hang on to power at all costs. This also means that he likely will use any means to crush dissent. Thus, the probability of repeating the Tiananmen tragedy is high under Xi — far higher than under his predecessors in post-Deng Xiaoping China.

As always in these circumstances I like to say that “We are a long way from home Alice … because a chaotic China is not in the best interest of the United States, just as much as a totalitarian China is not in our favor either.”

And who knows — maybe we’ll get a good compass, choose a good navigator and take some smart turns, and along the way we just might find our way home back to Kansas again.

Or not…

Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 20, 2020

Gaining a measure of Wisdom…

“Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget
falls drop by drop upon the heart
until, in our own despair, against our will,
comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”
― Aeschylus


Dr Churchill


Aeschylus (525 BC – 456 BC)

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 3.08.54 PM

Greek Αισχύλος , Ésquilo in Portuguese; Esquilo in Spanish; Eschyle en français; Eschil in romanian; Эсхил in russian.

Aeschylus, an ancient Greek poet and playwright, is often recognized as the father and the founder of tragedy. He is the earliest “Dramatourgos” and the supreme playwright amongst the three Great Greek “Dramatourgoi” tragedians whose plays survive extant to this day and age, and are still produced today throughout the world. The other two Great Dramatists-Tragedians being Sophocles and Euripides.

According to Aristotle — Aeschylus greatly expanded the number of characters in his dramatic plays, in order to allow for direct and educational moralistic conflict among themselves, since in the previous schools of the Dramatic arts the principal characters interacted only with the chorus.

Unfortunately, only seven of an estimated 70 plays by Aeschylus have survived into modern times; one of these plays, Prometheus Bound, is sometimes thought to be the best work of Aeschylus and the most revealing of the inner workings of this Great Poet…

At least one of Aeschylus’s works was influenced by the Persian invasion of Greece, which took place during his lifetime. His play The Persians remains a good primary source of information about this period in Greek history. The war was so important to Greeks and to Aeschylus himself that, upon his death around 456 BC, his epitaph included a reference to his participation in the Greek victory at Marathon but not to his success as a playwright.

There are no reliable sources for the life of Aeschylus, although he was said to have been born circa 525 BC in Eleusis, a small town about 27 kilometers northwest of Athens, which is nestled in the fertile valleys of western Attica, though the date is most likely based on counting back forty years from his first victory in the Great Dionysian dramatic play competitions amongst all the best Thespians of his day. His family was both wealthy and well-established, as indeed his father Euphorion was a member of the Eupatridae, the ancient nobility of Attica.

As a youth, he worked at a vineyard until, according to the 2nd-century AD geographer Pausanias, the god Dionysus visited him in his sleep and commanded him to turn his attention to the nascent art of tragedy. As soon as he woke from the dream, the young Aeschylus began writing a tragedy, and his first performance took place in 499 BC, when he was only 26 years old. After fifteen years, his skill was great enough to win a prize for his plays at Athens’ annual city “Dionysian” playwriting competition. But in the interim, his dramatic career was interrupted by war. The armies of the Persian Empire, which had already conquered the Greek city-states of Ionia, entered mainland Greece in the hopes of conquering it as well.

In 490 BC, Aeschylus and his brother Cynegeirus fought to defend Athens against Darius’s invading Persian army at the Battle of Marathon. Though Athens was victorious, Cynegeirus died in the battle. Aeschylus continued to write plays during the lull between the first and second Persian invasions of Greece, and won his first victory at the city’s “Dionysian” dramatic arts competition in 484 BC. In 480 he was called into military service again, this time against Xerxes’ invading forces at the Battle of Salamis. This naval battle holds a prominent place in “The Persians” his oldest surviving play, which was performed in 472 BC and won first prize at the Athens “Dionysian” dramatic arts competition that year.

Aeschylus was one of the many Athenian Greeks who had been initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries, a cult dedicated to Goddess “Demeter” based in his hometown of Eleusis.

As the name implies, members of the cult were supposed to have gained some sort of mystical, secret knowledge. Firm details of the Eleusinian Mysteries’ specific rites are sparse, because members were sworn under the penalty of death not to reveal anything about the Mysteries to non-initiates and thus we know very little about what transpired during these apocryphal yet life changing and wisdom affirming annual festivals.

Nevertheless, according to Aristotle — it was alleged that Aeschylus had placed clues about the secret rites in his seventh tragedy, Prometheus Bound. Accordingly, several ancient sources report that an angry mob tried to kill Aeschylus on the spot, but he fled the scene. Later he was accused of the crime in the Courts of Athens and when he stood trial for this offense — Aeschylus pled ignorance and although the court was packed against him, he was spared the death sentence because of his sequential brave military service as a veteran in the Persian Wars.

Aeschylus traveled to Sicily twice in the 470s BC and enjoyed greatly speaking and staging his plays at all the great amphitheaters of the world renown civilized cities of Magna Grecia… where he purportedly stayed till the end of his life in 456 BC.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.47.28 PM
–Painting depicting the “Plague of Athens” and titled “Plague in an Ancient City”  by Michael Sweerts, circa 1652–1654.

The Plague of Athens (Ancient Greek: Λοιμὸς τῶν Ἀθηνῶν, Loimos tôn Athênôn) was an epidemic that devastated the city-state of Athens in ancient Greece during the second year of the Peloponnesian War (430 BC) when an Athenian victory still seemed within reach. The plague killed an estimated 75,000 to 100,000 people and is believed to have entered Athens through Piraeus, the city’s port and sole source of food and supplies. Much of the eastern Mediterranean also saw an outbreak of the disease, albeit with less impact.

The plague had serious effects on Athenian society, resulting in a lack of adherence to laws and religious belief; in response laws became stricter, resulting in the punishment of non-citizens claiming to be Athenian. In addition, Pericles, the leader of Athens, and his two sons died from the plague. The plague returned twice more, in 429 BC and in the winter of 427/426 BC. Some 30 pathogens have been suggested as having caused the plague.

Sparta and its allies, with the exception of the city of Corinth, were almost exclusively land based powers, able to summon large land armies that were very nearly unbeatable. In the face of a combined campaign on land from Sparta and its allies beginning in 431 BC, the Athenians, under the direction of Pericles, pursued a policy of retreat within the city walls of Athens, relying on Athenian maritime supremacy for supply while the superior Athenian navy harassed Spartan troop movements. Unfortunately, the strategy also resulted in massive migration from the Attic countryside into an already highly-populated city, generating overpopulation and resource shortage. Due to the close quarters and poor hygiene exhibited at that time, Athens became a breeding ground for disease and many citizens died. In the history of epidemics, the “Plague of Athens” is remarkable for the one-sidedness of the affliction as well as for its influence on the ultimate outcome of the war.

In the History of the Peloponnesian War, the contemporary military strategist, general and ancient Athenian historian Thucydides, who was present and who had also contracted the plague’s disease himself and survived, describes the epidemic, as he writes of a disease that was coming from Ethiopia and passing through Egypt and Libya into the Greek world and spreading throughout the wider Mediterranean; a plague so severe and deadly that no one could recall anywhere its like, and physicians ignorant of its nature not only were helpless but themselves died the fastest, having had the most contact with the sick. In overcrowded Athens, the disease killed an estimated 25% of the population.

Such was the decimation of the people, that the sight and smell of the burning funeral pyres of Athenian citizens, caused the Spartans besieging the city of Athens, to withdraw their troops, being unwilling to risk contact with the diseased enemy. Naturally, most of Athens’ infantry, marines and expert sailors died because of the plague, and the Spartans did not want to assume a Victory such as this that was not befitting their honorable image as warriors and gentlemen.

And yet it is believe that the besiegers themselves had caused the plague to enter Athens by throwing via catapult, over the walls, the diseased bodies of the dead into the city of Athens, and thus the disease spread and decimated the defendants of the City along with its leader the courageous and wise Pericles and his two sons…

When the Spartan leadership saw the barbarity of their actions and the terrible results thereof, they withdrew lest the Gods smite them, for such a horrific and dishonorable crime that they and their allies had caused against man and God alike.

According to Thucydides, not until 415 BC had Athens recovered some of its strength and was keen to mount a major offensive, that due to the depleted resources of Athens in manpower and vigor along with experienced seamen and marines that their new foray into battle came to be known as the disastrous Sicilian Expedition…

Seems that History is repeating itself with a renewed ferocity these days…

And recently, came the first corroboration of the Athenian plague that was not revealed until 1994-95 when excavations in the military graveyards of Kerameikos revealed the first mass grave of that era where the dead were interned hastily, before the number of dead was so overwhelming that they had to burn the bodies in huge bonfires, the funerary pyres whose stench and awful sight even drove away the battle hardened Spartan troops that had laid siege to the City of Athens for the past two years…

Still upon this new discovery (circa 1995) of the Athenian mass graves from the second year of the Peloponnesian war, during the plague, it has become known that this is one of the first recorded instances of finding the gravesites of victims of suspected biological warfare in the history of Man & War.

And this is also the first major plague that hit the city of Athens, as modern day archaeologists and contemporary historians all agree as validated by the findings from the Athenian mass grave sites of that era concurrent and collaborating the historian Thucydides’ first hand eyewitness accounts of the Athens plague as a historical event, fully authenticated by the careful exhumation and examination of the massive internment gravesites of the “Demos Vima” the ancient Athenian cemetery of Kerameikos, where Pericles himself had earlier delivered his panegyric as a funerary oration and where he also came to rest alongside his two sons that were both killed by the plague.

Therefore, Thucydides, as well as all the other ancient and modern historians that covered the Peloponnesian wars attest to the biological warfare as supported by the DNA evidence stemming from the analysis of the remains inside the mass graves that have been used to both verify the massive effects of the plague, but also in an effort to identify the viral cause of the epidemic, which to this day remains obfuscated, as is supposed to be one of a cocktail of viruses and bacteria that seem to have been present at the remains.

So much like the engineered and transmogrified Wuhan Coronavirus that was endowed with genetic modifications and that has mutated and metastasized more than fifty different times — it is difficult to address as the exact one that was the main cause of the plague, yet back then as it is today, the combined effect of the various attributes and mutations of the virus is quite deadly as was intended to be, since that is the effect of weaponized biological agents…

Adjunct to that is the destruction of social and moral order of the Athenian Society, because the most forceful implications of the Plague of Athens were the deadly nature of the highly communicable and deadly disease, but also of the many and varied side effects and intended / unintended consequences of this biological weapons’ caused epidemic.

Many contemporary accounts of the Athenian plague graphically describe the social consequences of the plague’s epidemic consequences.

Thucydides’ own account clearly details the complete disappearance of social morals during the time of the plague: “The catastrophe was so overwhelming that men, not knowing what would happen next to them, became indifferent to every rule of religion or law.” Thus wrote Thucydides, in his book, “The History of the Peloponnesian War.”

This perceived impact of the Athenian plague on collective social and religious behavior echoes accounts of the medieval pandemic best known as the Black Death, although scholars have disputed its objective veracity in both instances, citing a historical link between epidemic disease and unsubstantiated moral panic.

During the years of the plague any fear of the law and the consequences of criminal activity had subsided in Athens and thus regular criminality became the order of the day…

Thucydides states that people ceased fearing the law since they felt they were already living under a death sentence.

Likewise, people started spending money indiscriminately. Many felt they would not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of wise investment, while some of the poor unexpectedly became wealthy by inheriting the property of their relatives. It is also recorded that people refused to behave honorably because most did not expect to live long enough to enjoy a good reputation for it.

Care for the sick and dead was spotty and all the doctors were overwhelmed as we see today happening in Italy, in America and most elsewhere…

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.47.46 PM

–Α reconstructed likeness of “Myrtis” an 11-year-old Athenian girl who died during the plague of Athens, and whose skeleton was found in the Kerameikos mass grave. Her reconstructed likeness and photograph thereof is provided by the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Another reason for the lack of honorable behavior was the sheer contagiousness of the illness. Those who tended to the ill were most vulnerable to catching the disease. This meant that many people died alone because no one was willing to risk caring for them. The dead were heaped on top of each other, left to rot, or shoved into mass graves. Sometimes those carrying the dead would come across an already burning funeral pyre, dump a new body on it, and walk away. Others appropriated prepared pyres so as to have enough fuel to cremate their own dead.

Those lucky enough to survive the plague developed an immunity and so became the main caretakers of those who later fell ill.

A mass grave and nearly 1,000 tombs, dated between 430 and 426 BC, have been found just outside Athens’ ancient Kerameikos cemetery. The mass grave was bordered by a low wall that seems to have protected the cemetery from a wetland. Excavated during 1994–95, the shaft-shaped grave may have contained a total of 240 individuals, at least ten of them children. Skeletons in the graves were randomly placed with no layers of soil between them.

Archaeologist and Kerameikos ancient mass graves from the era of the plague, excavator Ms Efi Valavani, of the Directorate of Hellenic Antiquities, has recently reported that “the ancient Kerameikos mass grave did not have the usual Athenian careful monumental character. She had this to say: “The gravesite offerings we found consisted of common, even cheap, burial vessels; black-finished ones, some small red-figured, as well as white lekythoi (oil flasks) of the second half of the 5th century BC. The bodies were placed in the pit within a day or two. These factors point to a mass burial in a state of panic due to the plague.”

During that time, refugees from the Peloponnesian war had immigrated within the Long Walls of Athens, inflating the populations of both the City of Athens and the port of Piraeus. The population had tripled in this time increasing the rate as well as the chance of infection amongst the crowded residents, with the plague epidemic assisted by the prolonged poor hygiene due to constrained water resource availability and the demands for fresh water by the increased population density within the City’s walls.

The plague also caused religious uncertainty and doubt. Since the disease struck without regard to a person’s piety toward the gods, people felt abandoned by the gods and there seemed to be no benefit to worshiping them. The temples themselves were sites of great misery, as refugees from the Athenian countryside had been forced to find accommodation in the temples. Soon the sacred buildings were filled with the dead and dying. The Athenians pointed to the plague as evidence that the gods favored Sparta, and this was supported by an oracle that Apollo himself (the god of disease and medicine) would fight for Sparta if they fought with all their might.

Indeed an earlier Delphic oracle had warned that “A Dorian [Spartan] war will come, and bring a pestilence with it”.

Thucydides is skeptical of these oracular dreams and the conclusions drawn thereof, and instead states that the Athenian people were simply being superstitious. He relies upon the prevailing medical theory of the day — Hippocratic theory — and strives to gather evidence through direct observation. He notes that carrion-eating birds and animals disappeared as a result, though he leaves it an open question whether they died after eating the corpses or refused to eat them and were driven away: “All the birds and beasts that prey upon human bodies, either abstained from touching them (though there were many lying unburied), or died after tasting them. In proof of this, it was noticed that birds of this kind actually disappeared; they were not about the bodies, or indeed to be seen at all.”

The plague was an unforeseen event that resulted in one of the largest recorded loss of life events in ancient Greek history, as well as the breakdown of the Golden Era of the Athenian empire, the Delian league and the most important ancient City’s internal societal order. The balance of power between citizens had changed due to many of the rich dying and their fortunes being inherited by remaining relatives of the lower class. According to Thucydides, those who had become ill and survived were the most sympathetic to others suffering: “Believing that they could no longer succumb to any illness, a number of survivors offered to assist with the remaining sick.”

The plague had also contributed to Athens’ overall loss of power and ability to expand. Many of the remaining Athenians were found to be “meticoi” (unlawful immigrants) who had forged their documentation or had bribed Athenian officials in order to hide their original status. A number of these people were reduced to slaves once they were caught. This resulted in stricter laws dictating who can become an Athenian citizen, reducing both the number of potential Athenian sailors, soldiers and marines, as well as the amount of political power the citizens had in the Athenian representative Democracy, but this also resulted in a steep decline of the rights that the “meticoi” had within the City of Athens.

The plague dealt massive damage to Athens that was already deeply involved for at least two years into the Peloponnesian War, and it was under Spartan siege. Athens was never able to recover from this terrible plague.

Athenian political strength had evaporated and the City was weakened beyond hope, as the morale among Athens’ naval forces and her armies, as well as the citizens had fallen sharply. Athens would then go on to be defeated by Sparta and fell from her position of being the major superpower in Ancient Greece, and the sole naval imperial power of all the ancient World, when Athens was the leader of the Commonwealth Alliance of 2,000 city states comprising the Delian Alliance (Symmachia tis Delou) that extended throughout the known and civilized world. At least the whole civilized Greek world “known to man” at the time.

According to Thucydides, in describing the Plague of Athens — the illness began by showing symptoms in the head, as it worked its way through the rest of the body. He also describes in detail the symptoms that the various victims of the plague experienced: “Fever, redness and inflammation in the eyes, sore throats leading to bleeding and bad breath, sneezing, loss of voice, coughing, vomiting, pustules and ulcers on the body, extreme thirst, insomnia, diarrhea and death.”

Historians have long tried to identify the disease behind the Plague of Athens. The disease has traditionally been considered an outbreak of the bubonic plague in its many forms, but reconsideration of the reported symptoms and epidemiology have led scholars to advance alternative explanations. These include typhus, smallpox, measles, and toxic shock syndrome. Based upon striking descriptive similarities with recent outbreaks in Africa, as well as the fact that the Athenian plague itself apparently came from Africa (as Thucydides recorded), Ebola or a related viral hemorrhagic fever have been considered, but these results remain inconclusive…

Given the possibility that profiles of a known disease may have changed over time, or that the plague was caused by a disease that no longer exists, the exact nature of the Athenian plague may never be known. In addition, crowding caused by the influx of refugees into the city led to inadequate food and water supplies and a probable proportionate increase in insects, lice, rats, and waste. These conditions would have encouraged more than one epidemic disease during the outbreak…

In January 1999, the University of Maryland devoted their fifth annual medical conference, dedicated to notorious case histories, to the Plague of Athens. They concluded that the disease that killed most of the Athenians at the time of the Athens plague, was a version of a typhus outbreak. Dr David Durack, consulting professor of medicine at Duke University wrote the summary of the conference thus: “Epidemic typhus fever is the best explanation, because typhus hits hardest in times of war and privation, it has about 20 percent mortality, it kills the victim after about seven days, and it sometimes causes a striking complication: gangrene of the tips of the fingers and toes. The Plague of Athens had all these features.”

Indeed, in most all typhus cases, progressive dehydration, debilitation and cardiovascular collapse ultimately cause the patient’s death.

This medical opinion is supported by the opinion of A. W. Gomme, who wrote a comprehensive annotated edition of Thucydides and who also believed typhus was the cause of the epidemic. This opinion is expressed in his monumental work Historic Comments on Thucydides, completed after Gomme’s death by A. Andrewes and K. J. Dover. Angelos Vlachos (Άγγελος Βλάχος), a member of the Academy of Athens and a diplomat, in his Remarks on Thucydides (Παρατηρήσεις στο Θουκυδίδη, [1992] I: 177–178) acknowledges and supports Gomme’s opinion: “Today, according to Gomme, it is generally acceptable that it was typhus” (“Σήμερα, όπως γράφει ο Gomme, έχει γίνει από όλους παραδεκτό ότι ήταν τύφος”). The theory has also found support recent in a study of the plague by Greek epidemiologists.

Symptoms generally associated with typhoid resemble Thucydides’ description. They include: A high fever from 39–40 °C (102–104 °F) that rises slowly, chills,
bradycardia (slow heart rate), weakness, diarrhea, headaches, myalgia (muscle pain), lack of appetite, constipation, stomach pains, in some cases, a rash of flat, rose-colored spots called “rose spots,” extreme symptoms such as intestinal perforation or hemorrhage, delusions and confusion are also possible.

However, still worth noting is that some characteristics of typhoid are at clear variance from Thucydides’ description. Scavenger animals do not die from infection with typhoid, the onset of fever in typhoid is typically slow and subtle, and typhoid generally kills later in the disease course. As typhoid is most commonly transmitted through poor hygiene habits and public sanitation conditions in crowded urban areas, it is an unlikely cause of a plague emerging in the less urbanized Africa, as reported by Thucydides.

A 2005 DNA study of dental pulp from teeth recovered from an ancient Greek burial pit, led by the orthodontist Dr. Manolis Papagrigorakis of the University of Athens, found DNA sequences similar to those of Salmonella enterica (S. enterica), the organism that causes typhoid fever.

A second group of researchers, including American evolutionary molecular biologist Dr. Beth Shapiro of the University of California, Santa Cruz, disputed the Papagrigorakis team’s findings, citing what they claim are serious methodological flaws. In a letter to the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Shapiro et al. stated that “while this DNA analysis confirms that the Athens sequence is possibly Salmonella, it demonstrates clearly that it is not typhoid.”

The technique used by the Papagrigorakis team (PCR) has shown itself to be prone to contamination-induced false-positive results, and the source burial site is known to have been heavily trafficked in antiquity by hogs, carriers of another Salmonella serovar that may have been confused with the one that causes typhoid fever. Nonetheless, the Papagrigorakis team assert that the basis of this refutation is flimsy, and that the methodology used by the Shapiro team has historically produced conflicting results.

Viral hemorrhagic fever is another likely candidate for the Athens plague, that makes it a more likely candidate, because Thucydides’ narrative pointedly refers to increased risk among caregivers, more typical of the person-to-person contact spread of viral hemorrhagic fever (e.g., Ebola virus disease or Marburg virus) than typhus or typhoid.

Unusual in the history of plagues during military operations, besieging Spartan troops are described as not having been afflicted by the illness raging near them within the city. Thucydides’ description further invites comparison with VHF in the character and sequence of symptoms developed, and of the usual fatal outcome on about the eighth day.

Some scientists have interpreted Thucydides’ expression “lygx kenē” (λύγξ κενή) as the unusual symptom of hiccups, which is now recognized as a common finding in Ebola virus disease.

Outbreaks of VHF in Africa in 2012 and 2014 reinforced observations of the increased hazard to caregivers and the necessity of barrier precautions for preventing disease spread related to grief rituals and funerary rites. The 2015 west African Ebola outbreak noted persistence of effects on genitalia and eyes in some survivors, both described by Thucydides. With an up to 21-day clinical incubation period, and up to 565-day infectious potential recently demonstrated in a semen-transmitted infection, movement of Ebola via Nile commerce into the busy port of Athens, the city waterfront docks of Piraeus, is also plausible.

Ancient Greek trade with African sources is reflected in accurate renditions of monkeys in art of frescoes and pottery, most notably guenons (Cercopithecus), the type of primates responsible for transmitting Marburg virus into Germany and Yugoslavia when that disease was first characterized in 1967. Circumstantially tantalizing is the requirement for the large quantity of ivory used in the Athenian sculptor Phidias’ two monumental ivory and gold statues of Athena and of Zeus (one of the Seven Wonders), which were fabricated in the same decade. Never again in antiquity was ivory used on such a large scale.

A second ancient narrative suggesting hemorrhagic fever etiology is that of Titus Lucretius Carus. Writing in the 1st century BC, Lucretius characterized the Athenian plague as having “bloody” or black discharges from bodily orifices. Lucretius cited and was an admirer of scientific predecessors in Greek Sicily Empedocles and Acron. While none of the original works of Acron, a physician, are extant, it is reported that he died c. 430 BC after travel to Athens to combat the plague.

Unfortunately DNA sequence-based identification is limited by the inability of some important pathogens to leave a “footprint” retrievable from archaeological remains after several millennia. The lack of a durable signature by RNA viruses means some etiologies, notably the hemorrhagic fever viruses, are not testable hypotheses using currently available scientific techniques.

Yet, what we know today is that the Covid-19 viral infection disease that has become todays massive plague epidemic has all the attributes of biological warfare due to the massive research and development effort paid for by the Dr Fauchi led Vaccination complex, that supported the Wuhan laboratory of virology that created this super attenuated bat originated Wuhan Novel Coronavirus to be able to jump from animals to humans in a short order and to be able to mutate faster than we can typeset its genomic code, and the Chinese researchers also endowed it with plenty of “gain of function” and then was unleashed to an unsuspecting world…

What remains to be seen now is the new balance of power and how that will have shifted in the near term, between the incumbent world empire, and the new claimant of power on the world stage.

And I shall let you figure out who those might be, and what the future might look like.

Cheers to your best of Health, & Wisdom and may Victory come to crown the glory of the Soldiers of Christ doing the just work of the Salvation of Humanity as a whole…

Similarly I pray that may the just God punish and smite the godless evil dwellers of the reptilian places that seek to defile Creation with their satanic bioweapons.


Dr Churchill


Methinks that karma is a Bitch, but Vengeance belongs to the Lord Almighty, so its out of our hands now.

Yet, we ought to now the Truth.

And because, History repeats itself — it is up to us to recognize the patterns and know their meaning for our future, so that we act accordingly and swiftly to gear up and bear the terrible fight that in turn will bring about the Salvation of the World.

Now, let us hope that our current leadership has been able to study the lessons of the far ago Peloponnesian wars and might be able to apply them to today’s reality through the awfully evanescent lenses of clarity that has come to us via the two millennial distance between the two plagues and the wars of global supremacy…

As for myself — am going to Athens to investigate further… because those who do not know history are want to repeat it… and that’s not at all who I am.

God Bless.

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Papagrigorakis, MJ; Yapijakis, C; Synodinos, PN; Baziotopoulou-Valavani, E (May 2006). “DNA examination of ancient dental pulp incriminates typhoid fever as a probable cause of the Plague of Athens”. Int. J. Infect. Dis. 10 (3): 206–14. doi:10.1016/j.ijid.2005.09.001. PMID 16412683. and the reply to it by Shapiro et al.
History of the Peloponnesian War 2.47–55.
^ Live Science article
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Dear Bishop Mark, Vicar Philip,

Hope that this missive finds you in good health and good spirit, because we need to be mindful of my appeal to my brothers in Christ within the the Episcopate, and the Clergy, as well as all Faithful folks, and the holy People of God and all the men and women of goodwill and honest principles of our nation: WE NEED TO OPEN UP THE CHURCHES NOW.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 6.05.28 PM

This Appeal is based on the facts that have shown that, under the pretext of the Covid-19 epidemic, the inalienable right of citizens of faith and the exercise thereof, have been grossly violated in this country, and the American Constitution has been torn asunder, when an element of the fundamental freedom to practice one’s own religion unfettered by the State and Government is blocked for any reason by Governmental fiat.

However we all know and share the Constitutional principle that since the State is prohibited from interfering with the Right to Faith and the Freedom to Pray at will, regardless of Creed, and is further prohibited from interfering with one’s own religious practices, including the exercise of freedom of worship, faith expression and movement to and from the temples, ingress & egress into churches, mosques and synagogues or into any other House of Worship — it remains up to you to stop hiding behind the cameras and the Facebook images and understand that You have to open up the Churches now and let my people be free, in order to partake in the mysteries of our faith.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 6.06.11 PM

Let us keep in mind that at this very moment and from the start of this epidemic, the Walmarts, the Banks, the Grocery stores and all other valuable community centers of business are open, so that people can feed the body and yet the Houses of Worship are closed so the Spirit of the People suffers from thirst and goes hungry.

Therefore I beseech you to become enlightened in the name of Jesus Christ and take the Revolutionary decision to reopen the Churches because otherwise God will smite you, since You have been and continue to, unjustifiably restrict the People’s Protestant Church from existing as Ekklesia is meant to be, in order to perform the Holy Sacraments and the Eucharist with those amongst the laity, that can intelligently choose to participate or not, in the ancient Chrisitan traditions that we hold to be the only sacred bond amongst us all.

Concerns for the public safety, must not, and cannot, become an alibi for infringing on the rights of the people of Faith, all around the world, and especially in our own parishes in the neighborhood we reside and respite.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 6.06.27 PM

Mind you — we can no longer deprive the civilians and the laity from their own agency and authority, as well as their duty to act wisely for themselves and common good, because at this point it has become particularly visible the growing doubt about the actual contagiousness, danger and resistance of the virus, now that many authoritative voices in the world of science and medicine have confirmed that the media’s and the Governor’s alarmism about Covid-19 appears to be absolutely unjustified. Therefore, we have reason to believe, on the basis of official data on the incidence of the epidemic as related to the number of deaths, that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedom of religion, freedom of faith, freedom of speech, and of controlling people and of tracking their movements. The imposition of these illiberal measures is a disturbing prelude to the realization of a tyrannical state that is akin to the era of Soviet Communism that shuttered all the churches and prosecuted the Chrisitans to the extent that they became a distinct and voiceless minority.

Let us not allow this to happen here now, and again please be reminded that the surest way to hell is paved with good intentions.

In conclusion this is your responsibility now:

Open Up the Church Doors Now, because the people need Spiritual Nourishment and the Community of Faith to heal and start feeling human all over again…

Thank You


Dr Churchill


It is high time now, for all good Christians to open up their Churches and rejoin in the sacraments and the mysteries of Faith.

Nail this thesis to the church doors and allow the spirit to reach the heart of the priests and laity alike.

God Bless You all.


Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 15, 2020

Sons of Prophets

Elijah (/ɪˈlaɪdʒə/ ih-LY-jə; Hebrew: אֵלִיָּהוּ, Eliyahu, meaning “My God is Yahweh / YHWH” or latinized form Elias (/ɪˈlaɪəs/ ih-LY-əs) according to the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible, was a prophet and a miracle worker who lived in the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign of King Ahab (9th century BC).

In 1 Kings 18, Elijah defended the worship of the Hebrew God over that of the Canaanite deity Baal. God also performed many miracles through Elijah, including resurrection (raising the dead), bringing fire down from the sky, and entering Heaven alive “by fire”. He is also portrayed as leading a school of prophets known as “the sons of the prophets”.

Following his ascension, Elisha, his disciple and most devoted assistant took over his role as leader of this school. The Book of Malachi prophesies Elijah’s return “before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD”, making him a harbinger of the Messiah and of the eschaton in various faiths that revere the Hebrew Bible.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.29.43 PM

References to Elijah appear in Ecclesiasticus, the New Testament, the Mishnah and Talmud, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and Bahá’í writings.

In Judaism, Elijah’s name is invoked at the weekly Havdalah rite that marks the end of Shabbat, and Elijah is invoked in other Jewish customs, among them the Passover Seder and the brit milah (ritual circumcision). He appears in numerous stories and references in the Haggadah and rabbinic literature, including the Babylonian Talmud.

The Christian New Testament notes that some people thought that Jesus was, in some sense, Elijah, but it also makes clear that John the Baptist is “the Elijah” who was promised to come in Malachi 3:1; 4:5. According to accounts in all three of the Synoptic Gospels, Elijah appeared with Moses during the Transfiguration of Jesus.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.27.32 PM

In Islam, Elijah appears in the Quran as a prophet and messenger of God, where his biblical narrative of preaching against the worshipers of Baal is recounted in a concise form. Due to his importance to Muslims, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians, Elijah has been venerated as the patron saint of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1752.

According to the Bible, by the 9th century BC, the Kingdom of Israel, once united under Solomon, divided into the northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah (which retained the historical capital of Jerusalem along with its Temple). Omri, King of Israel, continued policies dating from the reign of Jeroboam, contrary to religious law, that were intended to reorient religious focus away from Jerusalem: encouraging the building of local temple altars for sacrifices, appointing priests from outside the family of the Levites, and allowing or encouraging temples dedicated to Baal, an important deity in ancient Canaanite religion. Omri achieved domestic security with a marriage alliance between his son Ahab and princess Jezebel, a priestess of Baal and the daughter of the king of Sidon in Phoenicia. These solutions brought security and economic prosperity to Israel for a time, but did not bring peace with the Israelite prophets, who advocated a strict deuteronomic interpretation of the religious law.

Under Ahab’s kingship tensions exacerbated. Ahab built a temple for Baal, and his wife Jezebel brought a large entourage of priests and prophets of Baal and Asherah into the country. In this context Elijah is introduced in 1 Kings 17:1 as Elijah “the Tishbite”. He warns Ahab that there will be years of catastrophic drought so severe that not even dew will form, because Ahab and his queen stand at the end of a line of kings of Israel who are said to have “done evil in the sight of the Lord”.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.30.24 PM

As told in the Hebrew Bible, Elijah’s challenge to Baal and his priests and religious authorities is rather bold, direct and without any artifice, since Baal was the Canaanite idol-god responsible for rain, thunder, lightning, the waters of the rivers and the wadis and even the god of the morning dew and all thirst quenching for the plants the animals and the people…

Elijah thus, when he initially announced the drought, not only he challenged Baal on behalf of God himself, but he also challenged the priests of Baal and Jezebel the high priestess and wife of the King of Israel Ahab, and in a serious way, he challenged all the people of Israel as well.

After Elijah’s confrontation with Ahab, God tells him to flee out of Israel, to a hiding place by the brook Chorath, east of the Jordan, where he will be fed by ravens.

The prophet Elijah given name in Hebrew is Elias and it means “My God is Yahweh”, and may also be a title applied to him because of his challenge to those who worshipped the false idols of Baal, and their priests as Satanic people as they have come to be called the followers of Baal-Belzebul, who is always fond of fleshy delights and debauchery … and all those things that Elias renounced as an ascetic who had lived in the desert prosecuted and alone and fed by the ravens and the wild beasts that brought him the necessary victuals to survive, when the prophet Elias had come back from defeating the multitudes of the priests of the False God Baal — and Jejebel the mistress of the King of Israel wanted his head on the plater.

But let us not run ahead of the story…

When the brook dries up, God sends him to a widow living in the town of Zarephath in Phoenicia. When Elijah finds her and asks to be fed, she says that she does not have sufficient food to keep her and her own son alive. Elijah tells her that God will not allow her supply of flour or oil to run out, saying, “Do not be afraid… For thus says the Lord the God of Israel: The jar of meal will not be emptied and the jug of oil will not fail until the day that the Lord sends rain on the earth.” The widow then feeds him the last of their food, and Elijah’s promise miraculously comes true. God gave her “manna” from heaven even while he was withholding food from his unfaithful people in the promised land.

Some time later the widow’s son dies and the widow cries, “You have come to me to bring my sin to remembrance, and to cause the death of my son!” Elijah prays that God might restore her son so that the trustworthiness of God’s word might be demonstrated. 1 Kings 17:22 relates how God “listened to the voice of Elijah; the life of the child came into him again, and he revived.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.26.11 PM

This is the first instance of raising the dead recorded in Scripture.

This widow was granted the life of her son, the only hope for a widow in ancient society. The widow cried, “the word of the Lord in your mouth is truth.”

After more than three years of drought and famine, God tells Elijah to return to Ahab and announce the end of the drought: not occasioned by repentance in Israel but by the command of the Lord, who had determined to reveal himself again to his people.

While on his way, Elijah meets Obadiah, the head of Ahab’s household, who had hidden a hundred Jewish prophets from Jezebel’s violent purge. Obadiah fears that when he reports to Ahab about Elijah’s whereabouts, Elijah would disappear, provoking Ahab to execute him. Elijah reassures Obadiah and sends him to Ahab.

When Ahab confronts Elijah, he denounces him as being the “troubler of Israel” but Elijah takes notice of his hypocrisy and tells Ahab that he is the one who troubled Israel by allowing the worship of false gods. Elijah then berates both the people of Israel and Ahab for their acquiescence in Baal worship. “How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him.”

And the people were silent. The Hebrew for this word, “go limping” or “waver”, is the same as that used for “danced” in 1 Kings 18, verse 26, where the prophets of Baal frantically dance. Elijah speaks with sharp irony about the religious ambivalence of Israel.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.29.07 PM

Elijah proposes a direct test of the powers of Baal and the Jewish God. The people of Israel, 450 prophets of Baal, and 400 prophets of Asherah are summoned to Mount Carmel. An altar is built for Baal. Wood is laid on the altar. An ox is slaughtered and cut into pieces; the pieces are laid on the wood. Elijah then invites the priests of Baal to pray for fire to light the sacrifice. They pray from morning to noon without success. Elijah ridicules their efforts. “At noon Elijah mocked them, saying, ‘Cry aloud! Surely he is a god; either he is meditating, or he has wandered away, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.'” They respond by cutting themselves and adding their own blood to the sacrifice (such mutilation of the body was strictly forbidden in the Mosaic law). They continue praying until evening without success.

Elijah builds an altar from twelve stones, digs a huge trench around it, lays wood on it, slaughters another ox, cuts it up, and lays it on the wood. He then orders that the sacrifice and altar be drenched with water from “four large jars” poured three times, filling also the trench.[29] He asks God to accept the sacrifice. Fire falls from the sky, consuming the sacrifice, the stones of the altar itself, the earth and the water in the trench as well. Elijah then orders the deaths of the priests of Baal.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.29.57 PM

Elijah prays earnestly for rain to fall again on the land.

Then the rains begin, signaling the end of the famine.

Dr Churchill


We are the Sons of Prophets, so best we behave like that…

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.27.32 PM


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