Having spent a few days now researching, meeting, necking and fact finding at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in the western region of the Red Sea of Saudi Arabia — I’ve seen the devastation that loss of focus can bring to any organization, especially one that is resplendent in comfort, luxury and easy living, securely couched by a big ass endowment from my friend the late King Abdullah…

Yet it now seems that the proverbial rug has been pulled from underneath the feet of all the wonderful and suave mandarins bidding time in this part of the desert.

Because time is nigh that the music has stopped, and the new King Salman, has asked to see results, and thus decide about the continued existence of this facility, or not– since after ten years of easy living, and not very much else going on, and certainly no commercial applications or earth shattering discoveries having come out of KAUST, he is feeling justified to pull the plug and let KAUST relapse to being a mirage in the Western desert like it’s brethren the “Economic City” nearby…

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 3.39.46 AM

And since our sincere colleagues seem to not hear the sound of silence and the tick-tock of the clock of history ticking, I decided to offer them a wake up call and a reality check, because no amount of “Impact Reports” from youthful Oxonians will mean anything to King Salman or his fairly ruthless son the Crown Prince, and his colleagues who are salivating about “repurposing” the XL endowment this great visionary research university has been blessed with by the old Founder King Abdullah — until they see the “True Benevolence” of scientific discovery coming out of these newly built and freshly repainted cloistered halls…

So I came here to propose to the wise and great, gray heads of the leadership of KAUST, like the President Mr Tony Chan, and the rest of the leadership like Mr Kevin Cullen, Mr Jason Roos, Dr Dillon Fritz, and Hattan Ahmed; to embrace a Globally significant project of developing a vaccine against the Extreme Antibiotic Resistant Tuberculosis, because this country needs this most urgently and the World doesn’t have anything to stem this looming pandemic…

If KAUST heeds my advise and accepts the challenge to invite me to cooperate with their scientists and laboratories to create this series of vaccines against MDR-TB and against XDR-TB, alongside the other variants of more ordinary Tuberculosis — we will be proving the greatest service to the Kingdom and to the World, and that one vaccine against the number one killer amongst all transmittable communicative diseases, will place Saudi Arabia on the map of Human Innovation.

Of course, this is a great gift and a glorious innovation on behalf of all humanity, but it will also be a tremendous glory for Saudi Arabia to be able to gift this vaccine to the world — all the while serving the benefit of it’s own citizens and also those of the West, because whenever you have a couple of million people congregating together each year — you are bound to have an extreme chance of developing an epidemic of XDR-TB since most of these people come from regions that already suffer the devastating disease.

Therefore I want to “open source” this vaccine and make it easily accessible and hugely affordable (Free) to all pilgrims who come for Hajj and Umrah and any other time to visit the Holly sites of the two mosques of Meccah and Medina, and inoculate all of the pilgrims upon arrival so we can stop the spread of the disease to all others pre-infection, and thus prevent the imminent pandemic.

Aside from that, the Saudi government will be given the right to manufacture the vaccines at large quantities, so that they can be exported as humanitarian aid to the world, thus increasing hundred fold the positive image of the kingdom for generations to come…

And also because from those to whom a lot has been given, a lot is expected from, in terms of philanthropy and generosity for the lesser ones, according to the Prophet and all the Faith leaders and teachers — we are eager to practice this gift economy toward the whole World.

So my dear friends and colleagues in KAUST and beyond, please come along and assist me in developing this most useful vaccine at KAUST, and I assure you that we will get two birds with one stone.

Because not only we shall save millions upon millions of human lives, from this killing epidemic of XDR-TB that is worse than the Ebola virus — but we will also regain the positive image of Saudi Arabia as a benefactor and a protector of the people who come to pray and traverse the tenets of their faith at the holiest places of Islam.


Dr Churchill

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.57.06 PM


Methinks, that in the balance of success, the significance of this discovery made at KAUST, and our contribution for saving our people and by extension our civilization from another disease induced collapse — will surely also save KAUST and allow it to be maintained for the long haul of History as the House of Applied Wisdom…

Mind you, this is an asteroid impact that I am helping Humanity escape and the more power you put behind your wish to assist in this monumental duty — the greater value your contributions will gain in the eyes of God and People alike.

God Bless and God Speed in your decision to stand with me and execute the biz-plan to build this vaccine on the novel way that I dictate and share gladly with you…


Time is precious and scarce right now as this epidemic has already started unfolding and we have nothing to stop it.

Being at KAUST in the Jeddah region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is like experiencing a mirage in the desert — come alive in real life, because this was the dream of a friend of mine from many years past…

King Abdullah…


King Abdullah whose legacy of quiet power, gentle demeanor, and massively successful statesmanship saved his nation from being embroiled in the all destroying wars of the daily vengeance of the Middle East and its influencers from abroad.

He charted a great course for reform and modernization of this nation and these people, always emphasizing that he ruled for the PEOPLE and in the name of the people alone, and that was his secret weapon and his success in straying away from the Sultans of War, that are so common amongst the “killer-tyrants” strong men of the Middle East.

Finally, today, we see his efforts blossoming, and all his work coming to fruition, because it always takes a decade or tao for an overnight success like King Abdullah University of Science and Technology to come to life and to appear as a sudden Research University in the Middle East.

Not to minimize his legacy on all other political and economic matters — but it was King Abdullah’s wish to educate his people in order for them to be able to compete on the Global stage of Science and Technological advancement, as equals to the West and the other rising powers, knowing fully well that the strength of a nation rests on it’s people.

So he avoided wars and adventures and he focused on serving his people a double dose of peace benefits and prosperity through education and openness….

These choices  of the late King’s policies have only started to pay dividends recently and are more pronounced as the calendar rolls forward. And if they are not inadvertently stopped — then we are no doubt in the greatest trajectory of success this peninsula has ever lived through.

Mark my words.


King Abdullah’s wish to avoid war and foreign adventures, is what kept safe the Kingdom, same as his immediate neighbors who were always meddling and probing to find excuses for going to war, and also kept his people safe from the voices of the war-harpies militating around him, coming from allies and so called friends, who actively sought and lusted for the spoils of war… so long as somebody else’s children died.

Yet, King Abdullah, proved his metal, by staying cool in the face of extreme heat, and he just kept his separate peace, along with his concise point of view, as a personal wish for Peace informed by the Push for modern development for his people, for his country , and for the world, as the primary focus of his administration.

And thus he achieved the true Arab Spring of Modernization that todays success, as seen through the current wave of openness of the Saudi society, testifies, as manifest through the various 2030 projects of the current Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman … who follows carefully onto the path built and operated by King Abdullah, regardless of their differing styles of leadership and character.

Yet, since it was King Abdullah who built the platform and the foundation for this societal development, that the current Prince MBS, is now taking full advantage of, utilizing the tethering ropes, and haphazardly pushing forth — I would say that everything that is taking place in the Arab Society of the Kingdom today, was written at King Abdullah’s table, since it conforms fully with his plans for an open and educated society.

Not for a totalitarian regime — but for an open, tolerant, inclusive and accepting of all differences benevolent Society for all Saudis to enjoy and thrive. That was the gospel of King Abdullah and I for one, along with the rest of the world, and the United States — truly hope that the current Prince will not stray far from that vision.

For as the ancient poet and dramatist Aeschylus admonished and as Robert Fitzerald Kennedy spoke of: “Let us dedicate ourselves to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.”

And that is why KAUST is the pivotal keystone in the edifice of the Kingdom’s infrastructure, because the World and not just Saudi Arabia needs that institution if we are to all move forth in benevolence and splendor clothed in the rich garments of science and advanced technological thought…

As for myself — I am honored to have been one of the Great King’s advisors, and also a student of his style of Statesmanship,, always giving good honest and truthful advise to the Great Man, but also training myself in the Arts of Statesmanship, Leadership, and Good Will under his stern tutelage.

And now, so many years later — I find myself at KAUST, and I feel both honored and humbled to share the goodness of his legacy, and to feast in the Great Man’s memories RIP.

Thus, I have today some valuable advise now to share with his People, all the Startupper who have congregated here at KAUST, hoping that like in the old days — they will heed my Councel and Excel, like the old King did, at all times and not just when it suited him.

Having been a veteran of a couple of Thousands of successful StartUps, a dozen Unicorns and an untold number of IPOs — I can safely vouch for the quality of the StartUps that I saw at KAUST world cup of entrepreneurship this weekend.

So here goes a bit of advise for the best StartUps, and I hope that the people running KAUST university take this to heart as well, because it is the pivotal manual for how to get the StartUps funded beyond the Angel investor level.

And as the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is itself a StartUp, with a great future in the hopes of becoming a true House of Wisdom of the Arab world in the years and centuries to come, and not just another wanna be university — I will lay these thoughts here for their benefit and their edification as well…

Because Ing Abdullah’s XL vision requires excellent actions, and magnificent success — if his dream is to become reality, for KAUST to become the beacon of Light and the Hope of the World, as King Abdullah wanted this University to be. And maybe it can serve us as another Library of Alexandria, or another House of Wisdom like the Library of Bagdad and the polyglot School of Babylon, so that whenever the West blows up itself in another show of self immolation as global pestilence, nuclear wars, or pandemics, can be — we shall have a depository of Wisdom to draw from in order to get out of the resulting dark ages.

As for now, I am hoping that all the competing StartUppers for the World Cup of Entrepreneurship are listening — because here go the tools that will allow them to win the Million dollar prize in Riyadh, and more importantly the money of the Tech and Science Investors like myself, on the road to becoming a Unicorn:

“How to get the Investors to fall in Love with You, your StartUp & your pitch deck, on first sight”

Seasoned Kahuna investors, get enough of a conviction about the Leader of a StartUp just from meeting with them and glancing through their pitch deck briefly, so that in a few seconds are at most in a few minutes, they receive the electric gut feeling, that tells them all they need to know about making a decision to go to bed with them or not…

Very similar to the simple human choice for recreational bonding, and coupling, the investor invested relationship is based on chemistry more than anything else.

We all know that Love is magical and all — but the question here is how can you replicate this magic, with just a pitch deck as a tool, and without having to marry the person, or get a mortgage for a sunny house up on the hill, with 2,3 children, a dog and three cats — just so that this great & seasoned investors can get excited about you and your mutual success and affection prospects, within just minutes of reading your pitch deck and your resume, through your in-person “lustful” meeting?

Can you couple with investors and vice versa without getting married to an ice queen, or a neurotic drama mama?

What kind of music are you playing?

Is it classic, mellow jazz, folksy tunes, and loving pop, or is it some kind of head banging metal hard rock, that makes people want to cover their ears?

And are there some secret musical notes for your upcoming nuptials, in there, that are certain to be heard and thus pluck the special strings of the heart of the listener?

Where are the musical high notes and the Spirit lighting arias, that I need to hear in order to open up my heart and my wallet?

Because if you hit the right musical notes for me — again this is just for me, in order to want to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a pitching entrepreneur, then consider yourself blessed.

Because the times that these notes hit and land on the right place in the heart, there are few and far in between, but they are always about the melody the heart hears and not just the mind…

So please go out there and make a pitch deck and a promo, that music for my heart and not just for my head, my mind and my ears.

Short of that — maybe make an effort to hit the piano keys in a harmonious, melodic & balanced way… and not in a discordant loud monkey sort of way. Because if we wanted makers to play the piano as some people do — what wold be the need for Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Keith Jarret and all the greats to even bother to come along?

And maybe, thinking of music, here are some of those key musical notes from my own repertoire, that reflect well upon the listener, and thus gladden the heart of any Big Investor Kahuna out there:

1) Can you realistically establish the problem for me in a way tat I can relate?
And can you make yourself, your Startup and your team’s capacity to solve the problem relatable to me?
And you to be careful here, because this is the first opportunity to grab the Investor’s attention, as it obviously represents your first opportunity to “sell” your startup conceptually to all of us…
So what is your objective here? If your objective is to demonstrate that the problem you are solving is significant enough in terms of importance, urgency, and size, then please be as specific, measurable, and accurate as you can, on the following points: 1) Make the biggest issue your headline. You could even devote an entire slide to it if you have enough conviction behind it. 2) Define what the impact of this pain is for your target market? 3) What is the cost to them when dealing with this problem? 4) Lost revenue? 5) High customer churn rates? 6) Employee dissatisfaction? 7) Not ready for the future? Answer all these carefully considering the data and not assumptions. Be truthful and brutally honest, because this s where you make it or break it.
And as always here are a few giveaways, gold nuggets, personal suggestions and diamond ideas, on how to portray these: Use images wherever possible to direct the eye and accompany them with impactful, short bullets or sentences.
This should be no more than 1 to 3 slides, max.
If the pain you are articulating is based on primary data you have collected, or it is from secondary sources, make sure you reference them all. The former is pretty much always better as it shows that you deeply researched your market and used that data to build your company hypothesis.

2) Can you adequately define the solution?
This is where you suddenly announce that you have the software ‘paracetamol’ to your target market’s headaches. This slide will provide your reader with the strongest prompt for them to continue reading your materials.
The goal here is to keep it Stupid Simple. To show that you have a killer solution to the problem previously mentioned is the key.
However, this is also the slide where the crescendo you have been building has the greatest chance of falling on a flat note. Here are some thoughts on how to maintain the beat: Be really precise about the articulation of your solution: “X is the X software that solves X” Nothing more. Nothing less.
Highlight the top three things your product offers to solve the problem
Use a single product shot, not multiple, to maintain reader attention and keep the copy very snappy.
Use easy to comprehend language. I often used the Mum and Dad Test when practicing my pitches as they are not the most au-fait with startups and were the best crash test dummies (love you, Mum and Dad!).
Keep it to one slide – if you can’t convey your company’s mission in under 10 seconds, you have a problem.

3) Why does this matter?
See above and please make it relatable to the Investors in the audience.
Your objective here and on this slide, is to show why your solution is the best one in the marketplace. This is not necessarily a competitor review, but rather a statement about how much better/different your solution is, than what is currently practiced or available from others, out there in the vast marketplace our World represents.

4) Here’s how it all works:
This slide is all about answering one of the most important (and frequently asked) questions in my repertoire: “Why Now?”. I have spoken a length about this question in previous blogs, but here are some quick ideas:
What has changed or happened to enable your company to exist, today?
What has changed in your target market’s business models to facilitate your product?
Has something become cheap that was once expensive?
Why is this hard to accomplish? Why has no one else done (or failed) to do this?
Slide ideas:
Again, keep it snappy, visual and brief
Maybe focus in on three points of differentiation that have the most impact

5) How big is the field?
Answer me correctly on this one, and then take my money right aways. Take my money already, because the true market size is always rather difficult to measure adequately, not only because the market size is uneasy to gauge but because you are unable to access the proprietary information that gives you that exact size. So go ahead and guesstimate, although we both know that in order to define the Total Addressable Market, you must master the market dynamics quite well. And by demonstrating the efforts that you’ve made in this regard — You are telling investors that perhaps you truly understand what size game you are after. Now, if the market is too small — it will not be interesting to early-stage VCs. If it appears to be too large, You will not be taken seriously.
Whilst this is an objective that we often gloss over, as if we somehow magically “know” it is always some humongous, really big & “huuuuge market” — please don’t underestimate the absolutely necessary significance of explaining in detail and quantifying carefully what the addressable market might be precicily. it is an important credibility check for investors and a useful test on how you view the size of the opportunity.
Make it focused and realistic. If you are developing a new search engine tool, do not estimate your growth on the market cap of Google. Base it on the number of users/customers/people using this particular tool in your target market. If the market is still embarrassingly massive, why not just state of the size of your home market and then add the global market as a footnote.

6) Traction?
Whether you are pre-seed or further along in your business lifecycle, the traction slide remains one of the most critical slides of all. This is your chance to tell the story of your hunt for product-market-fit.
If you are pre-seed, mention how many pilots you have run or how developed your pipeline has become.
If you are at the seed stage, talk about current revenue growth since launch and percentage change between these key points in time.Objective:
Demonstrate that your market is willing to use and pay for your product.
Show that interest is growing at a substantial, beyond steady, rate.
The data is 100% accurate
Slide ideas: Don’t try and massage the numbers by including non-recurring/scaleable consulting income. This is valued at lower multiples than subscription revenue.
Don’t include customers in your revenue line who have only just signed an LOI and not paid you any fees. This is not banked revenue
Do include projections and have a thorough spreadsheet that backs them up…

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 1.57.06 PM

7) Where is the Competition and what the heck are they doing to stop newcomers like yourselves from coming-in and stealing their breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even burning down their village and kidnapping their wives and children?
Again, this is a well-trodden subject that I will not labor on, however, it is expected piece of content that can be useful for an investor to assess a market, which she or he may not know much about.
And is your objective to be a pirate, a barbarian or a simple bloody looter, or is your effort a civilizing evolutionary process of conquest of the market?
Here is where it matters greatly to help your investors understand your pathways to penetrating and winning whatever opportunity exists n the greenfield of your competitive landscape. Investors know and understand that if they are interested in digging in more, they will need to do this anyway — so please provide the resources and your approach to do this fully knowing that you are not Napoleon Bonaparte — so please do not pretend… Of course, we expect you to have more check-in of these boxes than your competitors, but you need to tell us why. I would recommend focusing on competitors that are easily discoverable by investors and ensure that your knowledge of their current product suite is up-to-date. Also, be careful to not criticize them too much — you never know if the investor you are pitching in front of, has invested in them, or respects them for any reason. Please don’t trash talk anybody.

8) Conclusion and the reason for being here, plying your wares, is what the Business Model is all about. I can’t tell you how many pitch decks I have reviewed where I am excited about what I have read thus far, to only be disappointed with a missing or poorly written business model slide. Forget the J curve. Nobody who has ever played hockey could conceivably ever believe you…
Your highest objective here is to demonstrate how you and your StartUp can make money. So go ahead and tell us about your pricing model. Discuss your product up-sell suite. If you are pre-seed and don’t have any customers, clearly present a simple and sensible pricing strategy. Also, own the fact that you are nearly always under-selling your products and can always increase prices!
Slide ideas: Use this slide as another place to sell your company – what is the ACV (average contract value) for your product and how this has trended (hopefully it has gone upwards) since you launched.
If you are proud of your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) then tell us why – what nifty and thrifty ways have you developed to sell to your target market? Are you a growth hacker? If so, tell us how and what you did?
Ensure that your pricing model is simple, easy to understand, and appropriate. Don’t overcomplicate it and make sure it follows through to your 18-month financial model

9) Why You?
Why not? (this one can be answered with a question…)
This is all about telling us why you and your team are the most logical and credible people to build this company
Briefly mention your backgrounds, but don’t give us War and Peace, just the highlights.
Use clear photos that are professional, not your Instagram profile picture.
Slide ideas: I sometimes question the need for long lists of advisors. Only list them if they actively working with your company and are highly relevant.

9) What are you here for?
The most commonly missed opportunity in decks that I review is that the entrepreneurs do not make the right “ask” of the investor. How much money are you raising?
Your objective here is to clearly tell, how much money you are raising and at what valuation. All else can wait…
In one line, please tell us how much money you need and why.
Demonstrate what this amount of capital will deliver for your business? More revenue? More product development?
Add a few bullets about the use of capital:
How many people will you hire and what will they be doing?
How long will the money last you?
What is your deadline for hitting the goals (hint: 18-24 months)?

10) Finally it is time for the awfully dreaded appendices:
Just to be crystal clear, the appendix is not a place for sub-par slides to retire. This is a place for additional details that may be pertinent to your argument to stand proud and excite a curious investor.
Your objectives here are to include some more detail about your pipeline and which targets are in it.
Or, perhaps the objective is to present your calculations about your CAC or about your pricing model…
Perhaps, you can also provide a little more detail on your product sophistication or the back-end.

And that’s it.


That’s All Folks.

Wrap it up because it is officially a wrap.

The End.

Dr Churchill


Always an afterthought… yet most vital perhaps.

Pitching is an art, not a science – so although there is no right or wrong answer, to your madness or to your method, please make sure that you “totally own” your pitch deck & that you “grogg” your slides, practice them often in front of the mirror, so that you can recite them by-heart, and enjoy delivering the content.

Because ultimately and at the end of the day — conveying a genuine passion for the problem that you are solving in this World, and demonstrating Meaning and Purpose in your Life and your dedication for this StartUp business, is more important than anything else for all the rest of us.


My friend, please go out there boldly and play your music and be certain that the right audience for you, will surely appear….


The EWC, [Entrepreneurship World Cup] @ KAUST, is a boon for all concerned because these StartUps are far reaching, and for myself an enjoyable spectacle, because having been an advisor to King Abdullah, the founder of KAUST, [King Abdullah University of Science and Technology] where this Entrepreneurship StartUp World Cup 2019 takes place — I must admit that the results of this Vision we imagined together so many years back, has now come to full fruition with benefits streaming out of here for all humanity…

After all StartUps rock, and it is these soon to be Unicorns that will bring the World closer to a Dreamland where all of us can see to thrive as Citizens of the Magnificent Future of Humanity, where ether savageness of Man has been extinguished and where Insallah, we can all coexist peacefully, and peaceably.

Still when I wake up here at KAUST, it feels like I experience a mirage of the desert, in its blossoming reality: A grand research University in the sands of Saudi Arabia. A true House of Wisdom and a place of Light with a beacon to light my path here, and to force the point home, that it is wisdom and only wisdom that can attract the wayward sailors of knowledge, thought and imagination to the leeward shores of the Red Sea…

Indeed, King Abdullah was one of a kind.

God Bless.

And may the Good God, remember his good deeds and keep him in the palm of his hands…

May God Rest his soul and may history keep his legacy flowing as the best ruler in this corner of the earth, over the last few hundred years…

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 8.57.03 AM.png

Complex molecule synthesis via biocatalysis…

Biocatalysis refers to the use of living systems or their parts to speed up chemical reactions.

In biocatalytic processes, natural catalysts, such as enzymes, bacteria, viruses, et al, perform chemical transformations on organic compounds that are far reaching and transformative in their essential proceeds towards complete transformation.

Think alchemy, but consider it to be simple bio-organic chemistry and microbiology, for use in altering our natural environments to different and variables states.

Biocatalysis is also the process of natural sources, such as plants, fungi and microbes, that have historically provided compounds with potent pharmaceutical properties, to now being drafted to clean up our earth’s most polluted sites.

As the lead scientist of the Environmental Parliament and the Environmental University of Oxford – I first chanced upon this natural discovery by observe how nature takes over and finds ways to clean up nuclear devastated sites, like Chernobyl and Fukushima, as well as the sites of Windscales and even Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

In more recent years – I delved into the details of finding how the use of various bacteria that I had identified helped clean the soil from even the crystal salts that store the most of the radiation in the ground and thus give a twofer, reclaiming soil from rich irradiation levels to a lower level, far less acidic, and far less salty. Microbes helped me clean up Fukushima soils to the point of making it suitable for agriculture…


If we can enlarge the scope of that utilization of bacteria and microbial organisms to clean up and de-acidify and de-salt our most fragile ecosystems — methinks that we can open up vast new areas of land that has been damaged, to a new state of equilibrium that is fruitful for food production and agriculture.

And while it can be challenging to build complex natural products in a lab using existing chemistry methods, Nature has perfected these biosynthetic pathways, and the microbial organisms that thrive in some extreme environments can be transported and cause transformational change in the more ordinary ecosystems such as those of the Bay of Bengal regions of Bangladesh delta — a region that abuts the rising seawaters and as those low-lying areas, have suffered the frequent salt water inundation, as salt-water annually floods these lands, making them unsuitable for agricultural dude to the high salinity and acidity that is left behind.

Depriving large tracts of low long areas of agriculture form Peoples, and Nations that are already prone to regular famines, droughts and environmental catastrophes, makes for a nightmare of forced migrations of many millions of people who see the rising sea levels, devastating the soil that their agriculture is reliant upon, and thus causing a societal collapse due to their diminished ability to feed themselves.

Because when the soil agriculture gets diminished beyond hope — people up stakes and move.

Remember the 1920s dust bowl effect on America’s agriculture, and multiply y a thousand…

Climate refugees are a particularly unwanted lot of people, because they are considered economic refugees and as such are not protected by the provisions of lawful protections of the UN and the US laws and regulations, and as such are simply seen as patterns of Human Migration.

My related political work aims to change that, by giving equal protection rights to all climate refugees as those ascribed to political and faith prosecuted refugees who need and receive adequate protections from the body of Law.

However, and in addition to my work on the political and legalistic Human Rights agenda — my scientific environmental work, leverages the power of Nature’s microbial tools for building complex molecules to synthesize novel molecules with therapeutic potential, for both people and the land we inhabit, and for all other energetic processes we engage into, because the reactivity and selectivity of enzymes from natural product pathways are often unparalleled in existing chemical methods.

Both organic and inorganic chemistry can be changed dramatically and be transformed seemingly overnight into a highly desirable outcome…


Imagine a molecule that I have been working on that can trap energy from the sun and retain it for long periods of time, up until when we want to extract it for our use…
A new type of cheap battery?


Or even better a better way for photosynthesis…

All Human energy needs will be met rather inexpensively….

Paradise Redux?


But certainly the Alchemists’s stone is to be found herewith.

Dr Churchill


Enzymes with potential synthetic utility are used as a starting point for engineering biocatalysts with (1) broad substrate scope, (2) high catalytic efficiency, and (3) exquisite site- and stereoselectivity.

These biocatalytic methods are employed to efficiently synthesize biologically active complex molecules.

And this is something we shall be doing at KAUST in Saudi Arabia soonest…

God willing, we shall achieve Victory over Human Want and Human Need…

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The ruddy moon…

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 5.29.15 AM

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Choose your way…

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He who learns must suffer…

“And even in our sleep, pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”


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The Building of the Ship

“Build me straight, O worthy Master!
Stanch and strong, a goodly vessel,
That shall laugh at all disaster,
And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

The merchant’s word
Delighted the Master heard;
For his heart was in his work, and the heart
Giveth grace unto every Art.
A quiet smile played round his lips,
As the eddies and dimples of the tide
Play round the bows of ships,
That steadily at anchor ride.
And with a voice that was full of glee,
He answered, “Erelong we will launch
A vessel as goodly, and strong, and stanch,
As ever weathered a wintry sea!”
And first with nicest skill and art,
Perfect and finished in every part,
A little model the Master wrought,
Which should be to the larger plan
What the child is to the man,
Its counterpart in miniature;
That with a hand more swift and sure
The greater labor might be brought
To answer to his inward thought.
And as he labored, his mind ran o’er
The various ships that were built of yore,
And above them all, and strangest of all
Towered the Great Harry, crank and tall,
Whose picture was hanging on the wall,
With bows and stern raised high in air,
And balconies hanging here and there,
And signal lanterns and flags afloat,
And eight round towers, like those that frown
From some old castle, looking down
Upon the drawbridge and the moat.
And he said with a smile, “Our ship, I wis,
Shall be of another form than this!”
It was of another form, indeed;
Built for freight, and yet for speed,
A beautiful and gallant craft;
Broad in the beam, that the stress of the blast,
Pressing down upon sail and mast,
Might not the sharp bows overwhelm;
Broad in the beam, but sloping aft
With graceful curve and slow degrees,
That she might be docile to the helm,
And that the currents of parted seas,
Closing behind, with mighty force,
Might aid and not impede her course.

In the ship-yard stood the Master,
With the model of the vessel,
That should laugh at all disaster,
And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!
Covering many a rood of ground,
Lay the timber piled around;
Timber of chestnut, and elm, and oak,
And scattered here and there, with these,
The knarred and crooked cedar knees;
Brought from regions far away,
From Pascagoula’s sunny bay,
And the banks of the roaring Roanoke!
Ah! what a wondrous thing it is
To note how many wheels of toil
One thought, one word, can set in motion!
There ‘s not a ship that sails the ocean,
But every climate, every soil,
Must bring its tribute, great or small,
And help to build the wooden wall!

The sun was rising o’er the sea,
And long the level shadows lay,
As if they, too, the beams would be
Of some great, airy argosy,
Framed and launched in a single day.
That silent architect, the sun,
Had hewn and laid them every one,
Ere the work of man was yet begun.
Beside the Master, when he spoke,
A youth, against an anchor leaning,
Listened, to catch his slightest meaning.
Only the long waves, as they broke
In ripples on the pebbly beach,
Interrupted the old man’s speech.
Beautiful they were, in sooth,
The old man and the fiery youth!
The old man, in whose busy brain
Many a ship that sailed the main
Was modelled o’er and o’er again; —
The fiery youth, who was to be
The heir of his dexterity,
The heir of his house, and his daughter’s hand,
When he had built and launched from land
What the elder head had planned.

“Thus,” said he, “will we build this ship!
Lay square the blocks upon the slip,
And follow well this plan of mine.
Choose the timbers with greatest care;
Of all that is unsound beware;
For only what is sound and strong
To this vessel shall belong.
Cedar of Maine and Georgia pine
Here together shall combine.
A goodly frame, and a goodly fame,
And the Union be her name!
For the day that gives her to the sea
Shall give my daughter unto thee!”

The Master’s word
Enraptured the young man heard;
And as he turned his face aside,
With a look of joy and a thrill of pride
Standing before
Her father’s door,
He saw the form of his promised bride.
The sun shone on her golden hair,
And her cheek was glowing fresh and fair,
With the breath of morn and the soft sea air.
Like a beauteous barge was she,
Still at rest on the sandy beach,
Just beyond the billow’s reach;
But he
Was the restless, seething, stormy sea!
Ah, how skilful grows the hand
That obeyeth Love’s command!
It is the heart, and not the brain,
That to the highest doth attain,
And he who followeth Love’s behest
Far excelleth all the rest!

Thus with the rising of the sun
Was the noble task begun,
And soon throughout the ship-yard’s bounds
Were heard the intermingled sounds
Of axes and of mallets, plied
With vigorous arms on every side;
Plied so deftly and so well,
That, ere the shadows of evening fell,
The keel of oak for a noble ship,
Scarfed and bolted, straight and strong,
Was lying ready, and stretched along
The blocks, well placed upon the slip.
Happy, thrice happy, every one
Who sees his labor well begun,
And not perplexed and multiplied,
By idly waiting for time and tide!

And when the hot, long day was o’er,
The young man at the Master’s door
Sat with the maiden calm and still,
And within the porch, a little more
Removed beyond the evening chill,
The father sat, and told them tales
Of wrecks in the great September gales,
Of pirates coasting the Spanish Main,
And ships that never came back again,
The chance and change of a sailor’s life,
Want and plenty, rest and strife,
His roving fancy, like the wind,
That nothing can stay and nothing can bind,
And the magic charm of foreign lands,
With shadows of palms, and shining sands,
Where the tumbling surf,
O’er the coral reefs of Madagascar,
Washes the feet of the swarthy Lascar,
As he lies alone and asleep on the turf.
And the trembling maiden held her breath
At the tales of that awful, pitiless sea,
With all its terror and mystery,
The dim, dark sea, so like unto Death,
That divides and yet unites mankind!
And whenever the old man paused, a gleam
From the bowl of his pipe would awhile illume
The silent group in the twilight gloom,
And thoughtful faces, as in a dream;
And for a moment one might mark
What had been hidden by the dark,

That the head of the maiden lay at rest,
Tenderly, on the young man’s breast!

Day by day the vessel grew,
With timbers fashioned strong and true,
Stemson and keelson and sternson-knee,
Till, framed with perfect symmetry,
A skeleton ship rose up to view!
And around the bows and along the side
The heavy hammers and mallets plied,
Till after many a week, at length,
Wonderful for form and strength,
Sublime in its enormous bulk,
Loomed aloft the shadowy hulk!
And around it columns of smoke, upwreathing,
Rose from the boiling, bubbling, seething
Caldron, that glowed,
And overflowed
With the black tar, heated for the sheathing.
And amid the clamors
Of clattering hammers,
He who listened heard now and then
The song of the Master and his men: —

“Build me straight, O worthy Master,
Staunch and strong, a goodly vessel,
That shall laugh at all disaster,
And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!”

With oaken brace and copper band,
Lay the rudder on the sand,
That, like a thought, should have control
Over the movement of the whole;
And near it the anchor, whose giant hand
Would reach down and grapple with the land,
And immovable and fast
Hold the great ship against the bellowing blast!
And at the bows an image stood,
By a cunning artist carved in wood,
With robes of white, that far behind
Seemed to be fluttering in the wind.
It was not shaped in a classic mould,
Not like a Nymph or Goddess of old,
Or Naiad rising from the water,
But modelled from the Master’s daughter!
On many a dreary and misty night,
‘T will be seen by the rays of the signal light,
Speeding along through the rain and the dark,
Like a ghost in its snow-white sark,
The pilot of some phantom bark,
Guiding the vessel, in its flight,
By a path none other knows aright!

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 7.16.25 PM

Behold, at last,
Each tall and tapering mast
Is swung into its place;
Shrouds and stays
Holding it firm and fast!

Long ago,
In the deer-haunted forests of Maine,
When upon mountain and plain
Lay the snow,
They fell, — those lordly pines!
Those grand, majestic pines!
‘Mid shouts and cheers
The jaded steers,
Panting beneath the goad,
Dragged down the weary, winding road
Those captive kings so straight and tall,
To be shorn of their streaming hair,
And naked and bare,
To feel the stress and the strain
Of the wind and the reeling main,
Whose roar
Would remind them forevermore
Of their native forests they should not see again.
And everywhere
The slender, graceful spars
Poise aloft in the air,
And at the mast-head,
White, blue, and red,
A flag unrolls the stripes and stars.
Ah! when the wanderer, lonely, friendless,
In foreign harbors shall behold
That flag unrolled,
‘T will be as a friendly hand
Stretched out from his native land,
Filling his heart with memories sweet and endless!

All is finished! and at length
Has come the bridal day
Of beauty and of strength.
To-day the vessel shall be launched!
With fleecy clouds the sky is blanched,
And o’er the bay,
Slowly, in all his splendors dight,
The great sun rises to behold the sight.

The ocean old,
Centuries old,
Strong as youth, and as uncontrolled,
Paces restless to and fro,
Up and down the sands of gold.
His beating heart is not at rest;
And far and wide,
With ceaseless flow,
His beard of snow
Heaves with the heaving of his breast.
He waits impatient for his bride.
There she stands,
With her foot upon the sands,
Decked with flags and streamers gay,
In honor of her marriage day,
Her snow-white signals fluttering, blending,
Round her like a veil descending,
Ready to be
The bride of the gray old sea.

On the deck another bride
Is standing by her lover’s side.
Shadows from the flags and shrouds,
Like the shadows cast by clouds,
Broken by many a sunny fleck,
Fall around them on the deck.

The prayer is said,
The service read,
The joyous bridegroom bows his head;
And in tears the good old Master
Shakes the brown hand of his son,
Kisses his daughter’s glowing cheek
In silence, for he cannot speak,
And ever faster
Down his own the tears begin to run.
The worthy pastor —
The shepherd of that wandering flock,
That has the ocean for its wold,
That has the vessel for its fold,
Leaping ever from rock to rock —
Spake, with accents mild and clear,
Words of warning, words of cheer,
But tedious to the bridegroom’s ear.
He knew the chart
Of the sailor’s heart,
All its pleasures and its griefs,
All its shallows and rocky reefs,
All those secret currents, that flow
With such resistless undertow,
And lift and drift, with terrible force,
The will from its moorings and its course.
Therefore he spake, and thus said he: —

“Like unto ships far off at sea,
Outward or homeward bound, are we.
Before, behind, and all around,
Floats and swings the horizon’s bound,
Seems at its distant rim to rise
And climb the crystal wall of the skies,
And then again to turn and sink,
As if we could slide from its outer brink.
Ah! it is not the sea,
It is not the sea that sinks and shelves,
But ourselves
That rock and rise
With endless and uneasy motion,
Now touching the very skies,
Now sinking into the depths of ocean.
Ah! if our souls but poise and swing
Like the compass in its brazen ring,
Ever level and ever true
To the toil and the task we have to do,
We shall sail securely, and safely reach
The Fortunate Isles, on whose shining beach
The sights we see, and the sounds we hear,
Will be those of joy and not of fear!”

Then the Master,
With a gesture of command,
Waved his hand;
And at the word,
Loud and sudden there was heard,
All around them and below,
The sound of hammers, blow on blow,
Knocking away the shores and spurs.
And see! she stirs!
She starts, — she moves, — she seems to feel
The thrill of life along her keel,
And, spurning with her foot the ground,
With one exulting, joyous bound,
She leaps into the ocean’s arms!

And lo! from the assembled crowd
There rose a shout, prolonged and loud,
That to the ocean seemed to say,
“Take her, O bridegroom, old and gray,
Take her to thy protecting arms,
With all her youth and all her charms!”

How beautiful she is! How fair
She lies within those arms, that press
Her form with many a soft caress
Of tenderness and watchful care!
Sail forth into the sea, O ship!
Through wind and wave, right onward steer!
The moistened eye, the trembling lip,
Are not the signs of doubt or fear.
Sail forth into the sea of life,
O gentle, loving, trusting wife,
And safe from all adversity
Upon the bosom of that sea
Thy comings and thy goings be!
For gentleness and love and trust
Prevail o’er angry wave and gust;
And in the wreck of noble lives
Something immortal still survives!

Thou, too, sail on, O Ship of State!
Sail on, O Union, strong and great!
Humanity with all its fears,
With all the hopes of future years,
Is hanging breathless on thy fate!
We know what Master laid thy keel,
What Workmen wrought thy ribs of steel,
Who made each mast, and sail, and rope,
What anvils rang, what hammers beat,
In what a forge and what a heat
Were shaped the anchors of thy hope!
Fear not each sudden sound and shock,
‘T is of the wave and not the rock;
‘T is but the flapping of the sail,
And not a rent made by the gale!
In spite of rock and tempest’s roar,
In spite of false lights on the shore,
Sail on, nor fear to breast the sea!
Our hearts, our hopes, are all with thee,
Our hearts, our hopes, our prayers, our tears,
Our faith triumphant o’er our fears,
Are all with thee, — are all with thee!


Good News from the other side of the pond…

Hear – hear,

The parliament was opened with the Queen’s speech…

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 11.24.33 AM

Short version of 10 minutes:

Longer version of about an hour, with all the pomp & circumstance of Parliament’s opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KtHVw8HNXo

Looking forward to a Good, Great, & Godly future, for the United Kingdom, for the Commonwealth, and for the Special Relationship of the AngloSaxon speaking people, alongside the protection of the whole World.

And here is the parliamentary debate about this matter following the New Deal with EU about Brexit and all other matters. Hear – hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llcw16hnUas

Great Progress has been made with Brexit and with revitalizing the United Kingdom.

God Speed & God Bless.


Dr Churchill


About time.

And one should look at the specific environmental protections, the worker’s rights protections, as well as the new endangered species and indeed all animal rights protections that make the United Kingdom the best place on Earth with this forward legislation for ALL… sentient beings.

Observe therefore, the unwavering commitment of Great Britain and the whole of the United Kingdom, towards all human beings, other mammalian species, and especially the simple household pets & animals and indeed all beings…

And please, contrast that with the EU’s awful provisions for animals that not only allow, but indeed protect the practice of bestiality which is still fully lawful in several European Countries, and it follows the German example of our German brothers & sisters having sex with their German Shepherd pets as a form of free sexual expression…

But indeed this is a beastly practice that has been going on in Germany freely forever, and only in 2015, four short years ago, the courts of law woke-up and found this unspeakable act to be a Misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor like a traffic misdemeanor, deserving a small fine, as if it was just another speeding ticket, like driving fast on the Autobahn, or on the byways, the freeways, or the neighborhood streets, type of offense.

Bloody Shame…

Posted by: Dr Churchill | October 20, 2019

All things are possible with God…

I received a vision, a blessing, and a dream from God, and now I execute along that path…

Admittedly a difficult path, yet, I am reliably informed that nothing is impossible when you have a team of people who believe in God working alongside of you…

I know it hasn’t been easy.

But I am grateful for everything all of them have done, and above all else grateful to the Good Lord up above.

Grateful to You o God, because Lord, you live in the nothingness and thrive in the impossible.

Thank you for the dream, the visions and for your faithful support.

I am far from perfect, but I serve you Lord, with love that extends across the universe, and across time and space…

And as Rumi said — and I paraphrase here greatly — I love God so much that I get lost in the love of his eyes, that take me in with kindness compassion and care for when I am lost it then that I am found…

Or as the great spiritual goes — Once I was Lost and now I am Found…

Thank You


Dr Churchill


Remember, that all things are possible with God!

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 12.46.56 AM

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Lincoln Party, that is the home of the Independents, with presence in all fifty states, and thus a National Political Party, with a good chance of success, now that both main parties have become so toxic, that your own Mother wouldn’t allow you to join them…

And as this despicable Uniparty system has further broken down in the era of Trump, as this Trumpian zero sum game — is now played with the militias of the two main parties, duking-it-out into the public square and into the main streets of America, people are disgusted and are leaving the two party system in droves…

Because as we now see, the military wing of the Democrat party, the domestic terrorist organization Antifa, and on the other side the military wing of the Republican party, the Proud Boys — all exchanging blows and barricading behind nice words and false intentions, they are both attacking the center, the Independents, coming from the opposite sides of the simple issue of determining which of the two Toxic parties will govern America worse than the other.

And it is at this moment that the ordinary law abiding American Citizens are astounded with the brazen bigotry of both parties, and of the Mass Media that teaches people how to despise each other and nothing more… turning up the hate and derision 24/7/365 stoking the flames of civil war by throwing gasoline into the fire.

Yet, as these party dogs, the outraged militias, and the bozos who are following them, are gearing up for Civil War 2.0 — the Independents that represent the silent majority made up of 57% of this Great Country’s voters, are now looking to harvest the opportunity and savor the Grapes of Wrath — from the vines grown by all of us, and made into sweet wine for all those Americans who like to think freely for themselves.

And as our historical moment approaches — we are seeking to bolster our ranks with some quality Leadership people, and thus we start by looking for savvy Strategists, Organizers, and Fundraisers, who can assist us, with our 2020 Presidential Campaign that will be launched on Thanksgiving Day this November 28th.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 10.19.39 AM

Our platform is simple: The United States Constitution.

And we believe in Unity and work hard to bridge the political divide of hate & derision that the two main parties foster in order to keep their base locked-up firmly inside the plantation of mental slavery.

Because of the toxicity of the two main parties — today more than 57% of all Americans self-identify as Independents, thus making Independents the largest voting block, and the silent majority. Yet up to now, and in recent memory, they have never had a Candidate for the White House, and had to go to the polls holding their noses in order to vote for the less stinky Rep, or Dem, usual party dog-person.

We aim to change that with the incredible name recognition of Dr Churchcill — The American Churchill — whose Grandfather saved Western Civilization from the forces of totalitarian evil and the Axis of the German National Socialists of Adolf Hitler during the Second World War. Today Dr Churchill is the 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Lincoln party and his unmatched name recognition, work history, philanthropy and intellectual brilliance, will shine in the debates against both Dems and Reps, and will have a great chance to succeed in the race for the White House and beyond.

Because much like our namesake Abraham Lincoln squeezed through as the Third party Independent candidate in the 1860s elections who wanted to keep our Country UNITED, and with this platform, won the vote against the all powerful Whig party and the Democrat party, at a time of strong and virulent hate and division in our country — so can the Lincoln party of today also win, now that our country traverses through a similarly difficult time when Americans despise one another because of Politics, and the virulent hate unleashed by the two main evil political parties… and their Media mouthpieces.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 10.18.16 AM

So if you want to change the political spectrum and make History — this is your chance.

And as the pioneering explorer Ernest Shakleton once said: “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.”

As for me — I will say loudly what my Grandfather used to say: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

Thank You

Dr Churchill
Leader of the Lincoln Party and 2020 Presidential Candidate for America

KBO my friends KBO…

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 10.17.40 AM

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