The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, would have been 91 years old if he were alive today…

That is provided that he had not been assassinated on April 4th of 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Yet, he did, and now through Covid-19, many other activists who had fought long and hard for Civil rights for all — have passed away.

Martin Luther King died fighting for the same thing that the protesters in 300 American cities fight today for the same Civil Rights — after the George Floyd’s lynching by the Police.

Great Civil Rights leaders who fought and died this year are the ones bellow — to whom we owe a debt of Gratitude for their work since they fought to liberate African Americans, and many others. Especially the most affected Minorities that suffer the present day tyranny and mental slavery of racism, and discrimination.

These people fought for all of us, as well as for Affirmative Action, and now that all old people are reaching the end of their natural lives, and yet these men and women died this past year and need to be remembered for their good works:

• Juanita Abernathy, 87, of Atlanta, campaigned, marched and organized for voting rights and school integration in the 1950s and ’60s. She was the wife of the Rev. Ralph Abernathy.

• Unita Blackwell, 86, of Biloxi, Mississippi, also pressed for voting rights. In 1976 she became the first black woman to be elected a mayor in Mississippi when voters chose her to lead Mayersville.

• Leah Chase, 96, was best known as a Creole chef who owned Dooky Chase’s restaurant in New Orleans, but her eatery also was a place where civil rights activists ate and discussed strategy.

• John Conyers, 90, of Detroit, was a Democrat who holds the record for longest-serving black lawmaker in Congress. He first was elected in 1964 and was a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus.

• Elijah Cummings, 68, a Democratic congressman from Maryland, helped integrate a Baltimore swimming pool as a preteen while whites attacked him with bottles and rocks.

• Damon J. Keith, 96, of Detroit, went to law school after being forced to the back of the bus when he returned home from World War II. He served in the federal judiciary for more than 50 years.

• Baxter Leach, 79, of Memphis, was a leader in the 1968 sanitation workers strike that brought King to the Tennessee city. He carried one of the “I Am a Man” placards while marching to City Hall.

• John Walker, 82, of Little Rock, Arkansas, was a lawyer and state representative who worked to desegregate Little Rock schools and brought civil rights cases against private businesses.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. appears on one TV screen and then another and another as his impassioned voice wells up.

Those iconic words, “I Have a Dream,” reverberate long after you’ve heard them. It’s an idyllic moment from 1963’s March on Washington and at odds with the gritty reality that King lived. Stabbed, stoned and jailed nearly 30 times, he led the civil rights movement for only a dozen or so years.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 1.48.40 PM

Since his death in 1968, many have stepped up to carry on his legacy. Here are a few of them, who since the mid 1960s, helped many African Americans to find their path to the voting booth, even though they were obstructed by literacy tests, poll taxes and intimidation.

After a five-day, 54-mile protest from Selma, Alabama, to Montgomery, in which marchers such as future U.S. Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, were bloodied and bruised and a minister was killed, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Yet voter suppression persists, same as systemic and endemic RACISM, discrimination, and police brutality as well as White Supremacy and the famously undying redneck’s naked White Trash petty racism and the passive aggressive racism of the passive-aggressive liberal whites and the elites of the liberal wealthy states of the coastal cities and rich Cadillac fake liberals of the Democratic party…

One brilliant Civil Rights leader now can be found in the person of Dorceta Taylor, 62 who always had this to say about Martin Luther King:
“In King’s day, we fought to drink from the same fountain. Today we fight to drink the same quality water,” says Dorceta Taylor, who has a doctorate in environmental sociology. She’s a professor at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability in Ann Arbor.

The campus is an hour’s drive south of the predominantly African American city of Flint, Michigan, where residents have suffered toxic lead levels in the water since 2013. King often spoke out against pollution, overcrowding and the need for parks — issues that today would be considered a call for environmental justice.

Even the Montgomery bus boycott ties into this, Taylor points out: It ushered in a year of carpooling.

So that Flint residents feel that same sense of self-sufficiency, Taylor provides grants for gardens, allowing them to grow some of their own food. She also secures scholarships for students studying the environment at her university, knowing one day they will take the reins.

And yet those years led to voting rights legislation, desegregated facilities throughout the South and an awareness that, left unattended, America’s deep racial and economic wounds would continue to fester. When his home was bombed in 1956, he put haters on notice: “If anything happens to me, there will be others to take my place.”

Another Civil Rights leader of today, is the natural leader of people and preacher, Rev William Barber, who was just 4 years old and living in the Midwest when King visited the Mississippi Delta and saw a teacher divide up an apple while trying to feed eight children. The hunger and misery King witnessed inspired the Poor People’s March on Washington: a caravan of more than a dozen covered wagons — with slogans such as “Feed the Poor” painted on the side — that traveled from Marks, Mississippi, to the nation’s capital for a six-week protest.

Barber nurtured this seed that King sowed, cochairing the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. The organization plans its own March on Washington this year, on June 20.

Like King, Barber, pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in Goldsboro, North Carolina, is known for his compelling oratory, decorated civil rights record and inclusive vision for humanity.

“Prophets believe that what they proclaim on any day can be transformed into real action,” Barber says.

Another Civil Rights leader is Patrisse Cullors, an artist, activist and cofounder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, says that people often see Martin Luther King as a “superhero.” But his everyday roles as a community organizer, father and husband move her the most.

The mother of a 4-year-old son named Shine, Cullors is a former senior fellow with the MomsRising organization, where she wrote about maternal mortality. Pregnancy-related deaths for African American women over 30 are four to five times higher than for white women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Like King, whose acts of civil disobedience often landed him behind bars, Cullors has long been outspoken about the need to overhaul the criminal justice system, particularly around its treatment of black and brown people. Her initiative to reform Los Angeles jails will be put to a countywide vote March 3.

Another is Rashad Robinson, who remembers that in Martin Luther King’s day, people relied on word of mouth to promote campaigns such as the 1960 sit-ins that ended lunch counter and restaurant segregation across 26 Southern cities. But as head of Color of Change, Rashad Robinson and his team update old-school organizing, connecting with their million-plus members via social media and turning around online petitions quickly to press corporate and government leaders to take action.

Color of Change backed the successful passage of a New Jersey bill prohibiting discrimination on the basis of hairstyle to protect African Americans’ economic and civil rights. Organizers also are in the midst of circulating an online petition to end inhumane conditions at a Mississippi prison and are educating African Americans on the importance of participating in the census.

Before Color of Change, Robinson, of New York City, was senior director of programs for GLAAD, formerly called the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and he continues to explore how racial justice and the LGBTQ movements can work in solidarity.

One other Civil Rights leader and noteworthy African American Leader is Bryan Stevenson, who works at the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama. As a lawyer, Bryan Stevenson and his team have won reversals, relief or release for more than 135 prisoners who were wrongly condemned on death row.

Sometimes Stevenson takes a break to visit a sanctuary that is walking distance from his office. At this church, now called Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, King joined forces with the Women’s Political Council to stage the Montgomery bus boycott.

Back in 1955, African Americans swore off the city’s segregated buses to demand equal treatment for equal fare. Stevenson has advocated for more than 30 years on behalf of the poor — often African American — who lack the resources to secure equal justice.

In 2018, he opened the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, also in Montgomery. His passion for his lifesaving work is showcased in the motion picture that came out late last year, Just Mercy, starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx. It is based on Stevenson’s 2014 best-selling memoir of the same name.

And there are a lot more Civil Rights leaders out there that take their inspiration from Martin Luther King and bring about change that all voters have long said they want.

Simple things like access to affordable health care are one of their top priorities, and when the Cheetos Man slashed access to affordable Health Care for many millions of Americans — it was when came the greatest health crisis to hit America and the World, in memory.

Indeed, nothing like Covid-19 has ever hit our world and the is certainly the worst pandemic to emerge in our midst for many many generations of people…

But the coronavirus pandemic is not just a complex issue — but it is a Civil Rights issue at best, because as of early July, COVID-19 had stricken more than 2.9 million people in the U.S. and cost nearly 130,000 American lives — predominantly amongst people of Color.

And of course, since no one sane enough is expecting for it to be contained before Election Day — we best prepare for some major disruption.

Yet, at the same time, the pandemic has sidelined tens of millions of people of color and especially poor workers and the poorest of the poor, as it threatens the future of countless small and medium sized businesses, that are either owned or operated by minorities and people of color…

And then, as if this wasn’t bad enough — in late May, came the third national crisis, when hundreds of thousands of Americans of all ages took to the streets after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the racist Minneapolis police force — that publicly lynched this man, having been emboldened by the racist rhetoric of our errant President the Orange man extraordinaire…

George Floyd, was an African American man, and a peaceful person, who was arrested without protest, and then was murdered by the criminal Minneapolis Police, in the middle of the street and all completely in public view.

George Floyd was taken form us, unjustly and prematurely, over a questionable $20 dollar bill, when a Minneapolis police officer pinned his head down in the gutter, by squashing the neck of George Floyd, and thus asphyxiating him — on purpose.

This murdered had a badge that allowed him to do what he did, and thus murdered George Floyd by keeping his knee pressed deep under the weight of a 260 pound muscled man, deep on George Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes.

He did this, while four other police officers assisted in this very public lynching of an unarmed and handcuffed man, and all that transpired under the gaze of hundreds of people (sheeple) who were afraid to get involved…. and yet took plenty of video to document this public murder by the people who are tasked with keeping us safe.

So, will it still be health care that drives voters in their election decisions this November? Will the cries for criminal justice reform keep up until the election? Will that iconic phrase from campaigns past — “It’s the economy, stupid” — resonate again? Or, as older voters go to the polls in what’s expected to be record numbers, will they focus less on individual issues and more broadly on leadership and vision?

Voters are evaluating candidates through a different lens than they might have absent the pandemic or racial-justice protests.

Let’s face it, the landscape has changed permanently, with the pivotal issue in this campaign now being Civil Rights, Integrity and Honesty.
Because now with the pandemic, it’s even more important to have this conversation about Racism and Civil Rights going forward — and to honestly discuss how are we going to deal with this thing going forward…

People now want candidates who can express clearly that everybody in America should be treated equally, fairly and with justice.

And yet, that very message is not being clearly articulated now, although this election is going to be dominated by the debate over police reform.

Still, health care is likely to remain a top-tier issue, particularly for senior voters, because health care is always a predominant issue and passionate electoral issue, especially now that the pandemic, makes people even more interested in the belief that health care should be decoupled from employment and should be universal.

This is especially important right now, because as of July 2020, more than 40 million Americans are unemployed, and upwards of 30 million more people could lose their employer-based health insurance, due to the failed economy and the desperate economic situation for the Minorities and the Minority owned businesses.

Ironically, health care is becoming a bipartisan issue, yet now it has become a rather more polarizing issue because all the minorities suffer whereas the white folks are impervious to it.

Still very many folks who identify as center-left or Democrats are talking more about the public health and safety concerns related to the virus — while those who are center-right or Republican are more concerned about this big gorilla being an economic concern…

Perhaps, the tug of war, between the haves and the have-nots, wanting to get back to work and the importance of letting science drive public-health decisions for the wealthy elites, will make all the difference in these elections and beyond…

And of course, we need science to guide us as we bring the economy back — yet, obviously, we have to bring it back, or the whole country is going to go bankrupt, and thus while some voters are zeroing in on candidates who offer future solutions — we all need to look for those that woill bring the future solutions, NOW and into the present.

We need to ask what are we going to do NOW, so that the next time there’s a virus like this, we will be more prepared.

And if somebody who is running needs to explain how they are going to have a plan in place for other pandemics — is not the way to answer that question…

Best tell mw how and what have you done now for solutions, instead of asking me to wait and see if your plan will work next time around…

Because preparing for the next one, while allowing the one we ar facing now — fester — is a Fool’s Erarnd.

And that means electing leaders who can work with both sides of the aisle, like an Independent only can.

That is why now, people want someone who’s gonna put our country first — not themselves and not their party first.


Dr Churchill


For example, the candidate I’d vote for is going to have to put more priority on the minorities, as well as on the older and more fragile populations all across the United States of ours.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 30, 2020

Overcoming Racism in America Today…

“Many Americans have begun to understand that overcoming racism requires a transformation of the systems and teachings and structures of our society. Yet few have been willing to articulate exactly what changes are needed. Building on the platform of Black Lives matter, we at Tikkun, our movement for a society based on love and justice (see the book Revolutionary Love: a Political Manifesto to Heal and Transform the World), and our interfaith and secular humanist welcoming Network of Spiritual Progressives, put forward the program below as a starting point for discussion about what it would mean to change our societal arrangements to support the dismantling of racism in the 21st century. If after reading this article below you want to engage in a discussion of it, join our zoom based Torah study this coming Saturday morning where we will discuss these issues as part of the analysis of the assault on Moses for having a Black wife (or lover)–info for that at

Our anti-racist program includes creating an educational system and transforming media and the legal system so that undermining racist ideas and practices becomes one of their central goals. We will provide material support and champion those institutions and social practices that are most successful at fostering respect and caring for previous targets of racism. And we will foster education and public policies that help people understand why racism is counter to their interests and why solidarity with Black and Brown peoples and other groups that have been systematically excluded, marginalized, and targets of violence actually serves their interests and values.

If we want a loving and caring society that truly values the lives of Black and Brown peoples, and all people of color, we need to recognize and come to terms with how our country was founded and the impact of the past policies on the present. We also need to acknowledge and transform present day policies and practices that are discriminatory. The issues addressed in our Path to a World of Love and Justice are all relevant to the issues of institutional and individual racism in our society. Without a fundamental challenge to the economic and political practices of capitalist society there will always be some groups left out or left far behind, and those people will be encouraged by the most wealthy and powerful to find a scapegoat in some “other,” so it is unlikely that racism can be eliminated without this larger transformation. But, on their own, the policies we’ve suggested in the other parts of our program and even the emergence of a powerful transformative movement aimed at the goals of the New Bottom Line are inadequate to address the harm and trauma with which Black and Brown peoples live.

We need your support to bring the kind of analyses and information Tikkun provides.
Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution.

Even while celebrating those who have taken to the streets to protest racism, we are simultaneously witnessing at this time in history a continuation of the pervasive fear of black bodies and a denial that black lives matter; this is coupled with a rise of white terrorist and hate groups that no political party challenges, increasingly brutal and often racist police forces influenced by right-wing extremist worldviews, and the impotence of the news media and police to unveil the existence of underground hate groups that are becoming more visible and vocal. Today, blatant racism and violence, particularly against African Americans, Native Americans and Latin Americans, are manifesting in the form of extrajudicial police violence and killings, a school-to-prison pipeline that has resulted in more African American people in jails than were enslaved in the past in our country, the dumping of toxic waste and chemicals in communities where Black, Brown and low-income and poor white people live, unequal educational opportunities beginning before children even start kindergarten, and so much more.

Manifest destiny and American exceptionalism justified the genocide of Native Americans and deadens protest against present racist policies that keep Native Americans on reservations. These principles still inform and drive domestic and foreign U.S. policy resulting in oppression and violence at home and abroad. America’s ruling elite continues to use war to expand territory, to gain access to resources, and to increase its power. The military industrial complex leads to profits for private industry at the expense of the safety and welfare of Black and Brown communities at home and abroad.

Racism, however, is not only a structural problem built into the economic, political, and cultural heritage of our societal institutions, but also a psychological issue. It becomes particularly prominent when large numbers of people are alienated and in pain because they feel “dissed” by the society in which they live. They experience this pain because they buy into the ideology of the competitive marketplace with its insistence that we live in a meritocracy in which we “create our own reality” and hence we have no one to blame for the pain in our lives but ourselves. The resulting painful self-blaming is often dealt with through alcoholism, drug abuse, or other forms of addiction, but the pain remains.

In response to that pain, reactionary movements or leaders come forward and tell people that the reason for their pain is because of some “Other” (primarily African Americans or Latino/a, but also refugees of every sort, Muslims, LGBTQ people, feminists, Jews, or even all liberals or progressives). As Tikkun editor-at-large Peter Gabel puts it, racism and other forms of “othering” allow people to develop a “false self” in which they imagine themselves as worthy and powerful through seeing themselves as members of an idealized “white race” that provides them with a substitute sense of worth and value covering over their inner emptiness and sense of valuelessness. Yet because this sense of collective value is what Gabel calls “false” or imaginary, many people feel constantly under attack from an imaginary demonized “other” which in the historic context of the U.S. is African-American people, Latin, Muslims, Jews, or immigrants or refugees who they imagine are “taking over” and trying to recreate the experience of humiliation that already gives many white people deep pain and has led to the highest rate of suicides among middle aged white men. To undo this dynamic will take fundamental transformations in the way we organize our society so that people no longer feel humiliated. To move in this direction, we will need millions of people to be trained in empathic communication so they can help others dismantle their inner self-blaming, recognize that their alienation is caused by the values and daily operations of the competitive marketplace, and mobilize people to change that economic system. The Network of Spiritual Progressives offers such a training in what we call “prophetic empathy” on zoom (info and signing up to get information about the next training at

Institutional racism is maintained also by the largely unconscious assumption of white supremacy that is internalized by many white people in white dominant societies around the world, though particularly in the U.S.. Overcoming the racism embedded in U.S. educational, legal and other systems requires white people to actively commit to becoming aware of the white supremacy that permeates their lives, exposing it, understanding how it diminishes the humanity of white people, and seeking to undo it.

We believe that the system of racism, sold to whites as “privilege,” actually hurts white people, divides them from people of color who are badly needed as allies to overcome poverty, homelessness, unfair distribution of wealth, and also demeans their own humanity and creates fear and distrust throughout their lives. No—this “privilege” of whites is actually a curse. We must not participate in a general demeaning of white people in this society or ignore the ways in which their lives have been negatively impacted by living in a society that uses racism to pit groups against one another. We refuse to perpetuate divisions based on race, class, gender, or ethnicity. We recognize that unity amongst all peoples, badly needed to overcome the variety of oppressions and distortions of living in a society based on selfishness and greed, cannot be fully achieved without dismantling racism. The vision of “a caring society” put forth in Rabbi Lerner’s book Revolutionary Love, would lift up all peoples. That requires not only a change in consciousness, but also a fundamental transformation of our economic and political systems. Keith Ellison, Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, who indicted the 4 policemen in Minneapolis who murdered George Floud, indorsed Rabbi Lerner’s book this way: “The caring society is the only realistic path for humanity to survive, and in Revolutionary Love Rabbi Lerner lays out a powerful and compassionate plan for building that caring society. I love this book. Please read it and join with others to build the movement that can enable these ideas to reshape our society that so badly needs this vision.” (To read the endorsements by Gloria Steinem, Cornel West, Medea Benjamin, Ariel Dorfman, Riane Eisler, Henry Giroux, and others, go to

Yet the transformation needed cannot be achieved by attempting to recreate socialist forms that speak to economic equality but miss the deeper transformations in how we relate to each other, to the Earth, and to our own inner development as loving and caring human beings. To address these systemic problems, we believe we need a New Bottom Line so that all our institutions are determined “successful” or “productive” or “rational” based on whether they prioritize the well-being and needs of the people who live in our country and the world and the planet itself, rather than whether they maximize money and power. And, in addition, we need to engage in specific activities and adopt particular policies that address the problems that constitute or unconsciously perpetuate racism.

Among the steps a loving and caring society will take:

Reparations for slavery and the past destruction of Native American populations.

A guaranteed income for every adult in this society sufficient to pay for healthy food, housing in healthy living conditions, clothing, energy bills and transportation, and a “living wage” for all working people.

A Global and Domestic Marshall Plan that re-directs monies from our Gross Domestic Product to communities that have suffered from unfair distribution of resources and wages, including white, black and brown working class people in the U.S. and around the world, and also “undocumented” workers and all migrant laborers who work in our fields, hotels, etc. who have then been deported to their native lands, separating and devastating families.

Equal funding for all public and private childcare centers, preschools and schools no matter where they are located in the U.S. or the income level of the families that are served by those schools. If wealthier parents are allowed to provide better schooling, better paid teachers, more options for study and for individualized attention at the schools which their children attend, their children will inevitably have greater resources than those who have gone to less funded schools. If parents know that the schools serving the poorest communities set the standards for what their own children will be offered in public and private schools, they will have a stronger incentive to make sure that all schools have these same benefits that are now primarily available to school districts with higher incomes and private schools partially financed by wealthy parents.

Higher level salaries for teachers who teach in communities with lower average incomes than the wealthier communities to ensure that all schools have highly qualified teachers.

Required courses at every level from 4th grade through college that explain to students the legacy of slavery, discrimination, classism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and their ongoing impact on the lives of all of us today. Such courses will teach techniques to address racism, empathic communication, and insights that help in overcoming racism.

Media must dedicate at least one quarter of their prime time viewing to shows that aim to creatively challenging racist practices, prejudice and biases.

Create a truth and reconciliation commission to generate a highly visible public tribunal to put our country on a path toward truly facing and healing the legacy of slavery and the treatment and slaughter of Native Americans, and the ongoing discrimination we see today.

To help ensure that schools become learning environments for all children rather than school-to-prison pipelines for some, we support the adoption of restorative justice as a primary form of response to wrongdoing in schools and in the criminal justice system as a whole.

Funding for jobs, education, and housing for people being released from prison.

In recognition that many police departments have unequal policing that results in the loss of liberty and life for black and brown peoples all over this country, every community that has a police force which has faced significant numbers of complaints about systematic abuse or profiling of African Americans or other minority groups must establish a publicly-elected police review commission that has the power to fire both individual police and replace the leadership of that police force, and the ability to impose heavy civil fines or criminally indict police and police leadership for violating the civil rights of people within their jurisdiction.

Mandatory training for police officers in anti-racism, bias and prejudice and comprehensive screening and vetting of applicants to help ensure that police officers are not racist. Mandatory training in de-escalation and nonviolent responses when conducting stops and arrests.

Any surveillance equipment that police departments request must be reviewed by a civilian board that includes members of the communities that are and will be impacted. If body cameras are used, any tapes from those cameras must be made available to family and community members when an officer’s actions are in question.

A wholesale rethinking of policing including demilitarizing of police forces, reducing and eventually eliminating higher levels of surveillance, and creating more transparency, accountability and transformative and restorative policing and justice models.

Full access, guarantees and protections of the right to vote for all peoples through universal voting registration, automatic voting registration, pre-registration for 16-year-olds, same-day voter registration, voting day holidays, enfranchisement of formerly and currently incarcerated people, local and state resident voting for all undocumented people, and a ban on any disenfranchisement laws. Criminalization of all attempts by government or private organizations which seek to prevent people from voting, or from voting by mail, or by not providing adequate voting places for people of color or poor people, or undermining voting by mail, or who come up with other ways to prevent voting by people of color or other disenfranchised populations.

In recognition that poor and disempowered communities often bear the brunt of environmental devastation and destruction, we promote the Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that, among other things, mandates that all corporations with incomes of greater than $50 million a year have to prove, once every five years, a satisfactory history of environmental and social justice to a jury of ordinary citizens who can hear testimony from people throughout the world who are impacted by that corporations practices.

These are places to start. We must also encourage public celebrations of communal solidarity and caring for others not yet fully part of our communites. Through music, dance, art, rituals, and other paths that speak to the heart, we shall create a new ethos of caring across all racial, gender, religious, and national lines and unite the human race to take on our most serious challenge: repairing the environment from two hundred years of abuse.”


Dr Churchill


We’ve got to become our brother’s keeper and this is the surest way to overcome racism in America today…

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.07.43 AM

And the wise words about Revolutionary Love come from my Rabbi Dr Michael Lerner, and are here for all of us to read…

Indeed the above expert comes from my friend Rabbi Michael Lerner who was one of the original “Seattle Five” and holds a Ph.D. in philosophy (CAL 1972) and a second Ph.D. in psychology (CAL 1977), is the current editor of Tikkun, executive director of the Institute for Labor and Mental Health, rabbi of Beyt Tikkun Synagogue-Without-Walls in Berkeley, chair of the international Network of Spiritual Progressives, and author of 12 books, most recently Revolutionary Love published by the University of California Press (more info about this book at

Lerner was recently described by Professor Cornel West of Harvard University as “one of the most significant prophetic public intellectuals and spiritual leaders of our generation.”

Keith Ellison, Attorney General of the State of Minnesota, says: “The caring society is the only realistic path for humanity to survive, and in Revolutionary Love Rabbi Lerner lays out a powerful and compassionate plan for building that caring society.”

Talking about his book “Revolutionary Love” Gloria Steinem, a founding editor of Ms. Magazine, says “Michael Lerner takes the universal qualities wrongly diminished as ‘feminine’—caring, kindness, empathy, love—and dares to make them guides to a new kind of politics that can challenge the cruelty, competition, and dominance wrongly elevated as ‘masculine.’”

Indeed, my friend Rabbi Lerner’s book “Revolutionary Love” opens our minds and hearts to a fully human way of living and governing, and as a Political Leader myself — I heartily recommend it to all of us who wish to put the scourge of Racism behind us as a People and as a Country.


Dr Churchill

Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 29, 2020

Do you still believe the CIA?

Of course only convicted idiots believe the CIA, but that goes without saying because any assertion made by professional spooks is as far from the truth, reality or evidence, as you can possibly get.

And it feels really dumb that this needs to even be said, but there you have it…

Of course the mainstream media outlets which publish anonymous intelligence claims with no proof are just publishing CIA press releases disguised as news.

The most influential news outlets in the western world uncritically parrot whatever they’re told to say by the most powerful and depraved intelligence agencies on the planet, then tell you that Russia and China are bad because they have state media.

Imagine if a compulsive liar who you know for a fact constantly deceives people in order to hurt and exploit them told you your neighbor is going to kill you if you don’t kill him first, and you go and kill your neighbor immediately. That’s how dumb believing the CIA is.
Now, if you were magically transported from a sane world into this one you wouldn’t understand how everyone’s freaking out about claims that Russia paid the Taliban to attack an occupying force instead of the fact that the US empire is an occupying force all around the planet.
Gonna quit this gig and become one of those experts they bring on MSNBC to look at the camera and solemnly say that whatever’s in the news today is “right out of Putin’s playbook”.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.32.22 PM

“International law” only exists to the extent that the international community collectively agrees to enforce it, which means it only applies to nations that can’t control the collective narrative. That’s why so much energy goes into these cold war narrative control campaigns.

This is pretty much the US State Department’s entire job in modern times, by the way. That’s why almost everything that comes out of Mike Pompeo’s mouth is geared toward manipulating the international narrative in some way. It’s literally his entire job.

Wanting Biden because he’s not Trump is the same as wanting cancer because it’s not heart disease.

The only fun thing about Biden winning will be getting to ask QAnoners “So… was this part of The Plan?”

If you don’t support dismantling the US police state stop pretending you want real change in America, because you don’t.

Whenever I see someone tweeting that the police brutality protests are sowing racial division, I check out their other posts and it generally turns out that they themselves are actually quite keen on racial division, since right now America looks pretty much how you’d expect a country to look after a lockdown threw tens of millions out of work and the government’s response was to give them $1200 and tell them to go suck a dick.

Naturally, right-wing narrative managers get people fixated on nonsense like Antifa coming to take your statues and guns and way of life for the exact same reason liberal narrative managers do the same thing with Russia and Trump’s tweets: it keeps people from focusing on the real stuff.

Indeed, the US has switched from helping ISIS and Al Qaeda affiliates take over Syria to targeting Syrian civilians with starvation sanctions and preventing the nation’s reconstruction. It’s important for America to do these things, because otherwise victory will go to the bad guys, because whenever someone creates something cool that people are excited about, it’s amazing how quickly manipulative types rush in to co-opt it and steer it toward their own interests. This is what happened when America rose to power, just a lot bigger and with a lot more interest. And as long as dissent is relegated to the fringes, there is no actual free speech.

Saying you have free speech because you’re allowed to make blogs or Youtube videos is like saying you have free speech because you can dig a hole in the ground and say whatever you want into it.

We have a media system which creates an inverse correlation between one’s access to influential platforms and how dissident their speech is. Allowing people free speech which has zero meaningful impact is not allowing free speech at all…

The opposite of life isn’t death, it’s habit.

Dying is an inseparable part of living; someone on their deathbed is just as alive as someone in their prime, and in many cases arguably more so.

If life has an opposite, it’s sleepwalking along on old conditioned mental habits, being stuck in a life denying rut.

If it were possible to scare people into averting climate disaster it would have already happened. You can scare people into a state of paralysis so they’ll stand frozen while you wage wars against “terrorists” and “dictators”, but for mass-scale positive action, fear is useless.

Love is All.



Dr Churchill


We’re just going to have to wake up.

As a species.


Because we now need a drastic transformation in our entire relationship with thought since this is going to be required, and there’s just no getting around this.

And as it stands, this transformation is going to be in the exact opposite direction of fear.

According to our President the “Chinese virus” is nothing but a simple flu that shall pass soon as we stop testing and looking for it.

Yet according to teleological thinkers predicting that we are finally entering a new era of love, mindfulness, and free money for all that presages the end times.

There are also those who say now is the time to speak out against fear and then are those who fear too much…

One thing is certain, and that is that the decisions being made at this moment will have ramifications far into the future.

Or, as Obama’s chief of staff put it after Lehman Brothers fell in 2008: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 7.48.35 AM

By now it must have dawned upon you that this crisis might last a year, or more.
And maybe even longer.

And that anti-crisis measures imposed temporarily one day — could well become permanent the next.

No one knows what awaits us this time. But it’s precisely because we don’t know because the future is so uncertain, that we need to talk about it.
On 4 April 2020, the British-based Financial Times published an editorial likely to be quoted by historians for years to come. The Financial Times is the world’s leading business daily and, let’s be honest, not exactly a progressive publication. It’s read by the richest and most powerful players in global politics and finance. Every month, it puts out a magazine supplement unabashedly titled “How to Spend It” about yachts and mansions and watches and cars, but on this memorable Saturday morning in April, that paper published this: “Radical reforms – reversing the prevailing policy direction of the last four decades – will need to be put on the table. Governments will have to accept a more active role in the economy. They must see public services as investments rather than liabilities, and look for ways to make labour markets less insecure. Redistribution will again be on the agenda; the privileges of the elderly and wealthy in question. Policies until recently considered eccentric, such as basic income and wealth taxes, will have to be in the mix.”

What’s going on here? How could the tribune of capitalism suddenly be advocating for more redistribution, bigger government, and even a basic income?

For decades, this institution stood firmly behind the capitalist model of small government, low taxes, limited social security – or at most with the sharpest edges rounded off. “Throughout the years I’ve worked there,” responded a journalist who has written for the paper since 1986, “the Financial Times has advocated free market capitalism with a human face. This from the editorial board sends us in a bold new direction.”

The ideas in that editorial didn’t just appear out of blue: they’ve travelled a very long distance, from the margins to the mainstream. From anarchist tent cities to primetime talk shows; from obscure blogs to the Financial Times.

And now, in the midst of the biggest crisis since the second world war, those ideas might just change the world.

To understand how we got here, we need to take a step back in history. Hard as it may be to imagine now, there was a time – some 70 years ago – that it was the defenders of free market capitalism who were the radicals.

In 1947, a small think tank was established in the Swiss village of Mont Pèlerin. The Mont Pèlerin Society was made up of self-proclaimed “neoliberals”, men like the philosopher Friedrich Hayek and the economist Milton Friedman.

In those days, just after the war, most politicians and economists espoused the ideas of John Maynard Keynes, British economist and champion of a strong state, high taxes, and a robust social safety net. The neoliberals by contrast feared growing states would usher in a new kind of tyranny. So they rebelled.

The members of the Mont Pèlerin Society knew they had a long way to go. The time it takes for new ideas to prevail “is usually a generation or even more,” Hayek noted, “and that is one reason why … our present thinking seems too powerless to influence events.”

Friedman was of the same mind: “The people now running the country reflect the intellectual atmosphere of some two decades ago when they were in college.” Most people, he believed, develop their basic ideas in their teens. Which explained why “the old theories still dominate what happens in the political world”.

Friedman was an evangelist of free-market principles. He believed in the primacy of self-interest. Whatever the problem, his solution was simple: out with government; long live business. Or rather, government should turn every sector into a marketplace, from healthcare to education. By force, if necessary. Even in a natural disaster, competing companies should be the ones to take charge of organising relief.

Friedman knew he was a radical. He knew he stood far afield of the mainstream. But that only energised him. In 1969, Time magazine characterised the US economist as “a Paris designer whose haute couture is bought by a select few, but who nonetheless influences almost all popular fashions”.

Hard as it may be to imagine now, there was a time when the defenders of free market capitalism were the radicals
Crises played a central role in Friedman’s thinking. In the preface to his book Capitalism and Freedom (1982), he wrote the famous words:

“Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.”

The ideas that are lying around. According to Friedman, what happens in a time of crisis all depends on the groundwork that’s been laid. Then, ideas once dismissed as unrealistic or impossible might just become inevitable.

And that’s exactly what happened. During the crises of the 1970s (economic contraction, inflation, and the Opec oil embargo), the neoliberals were ready and waiting in the wings. “Together, they helped precipitate a global policy transformation,” sums up historian Angus Burgin. Conservative leaders like US president Ronald Reagan and UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher adopted Hayek and Friedman’s once-radical ideas, and in time so did their political adversaries, like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

One by one, state-owned enterprises the world over were privatised. Unions were curtailed and social benefits were cut. Reagan claimed the nine most terrifying words in the English language were “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”. And after the fall of communism in 1989, even social democrats seemed to lose faith in government. In his State of the Union address in 1996, Clinton, president at the time, pronounced “the era of big government is over”.

Neoliberalism had spread from think tanks to journalists and from journalists to politicians, infecting people like a virus. At a dinner in 2002, Thatcher was asked what she saw as her great achievement. Her answer? “Tony Blair and New Labour. We forced our opponents to change their minds.”

And then came 2008.

On 15 September, the US bank Lehman Brothers unchained the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. When massive government bailouts were needed to save the so-called “free” market, it seemed to signal the collapse of neoliberalism.

And yet, 2008 did not mark a historic turning point. One country after another voted down its leftwing politicians. Deep cuts were made to education, healthcare, and social security even as gaps in equality grew and bonuses on Wall Street soared to record heights. At the Financial Times, an online edition of luxury lifestyle magazine How to Spend It was launched a year after the crash. Where the neoliberals had spent years preparing for the crises of the 1970s, their challengers now stood empty-handed. Mostly, they just knew what they were against. Against the cutbacks. Against the establishment.

But a programme?

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 12.22.01 AM

It wasn’t clear enough what they were for.

Now, more than a decade later — crisis strikes again.

And this one is a crisis that is more devastating, more shocking, and more deadly than anything we’ve seen before.

More like nothing we have ever seen before.

According to the British central bank, the United Kingdom is on the eve of the largest recession since the winter of 1709.

And in the space of just three weeks, nearly 17 million people in the United States applied for economic impact payments.

Please keep in mind that in the 2008 financial crisis, it took two whole years for the country to reach even half that number.

And unlike the 2008 crash, the coronavirus crisis has a clear cause. Where most of us had no clue what “collateralized debt obligations” or “credit default swaps” were, we all know what a virus is.

And whereas after 2008 reckless bankers tended to shift the blame to debtors, that trick won’t wash today.

But the most important distinction between 2008 and now? The intellectual groundwork. The ideas that are lying around. If Friedman was right and a crisis makes the unthinkable inevitable, then this time around history may well take a very different turn.

In one of those low-budget press syndicated blogs, that excel in spreading fake news, this article’s title about the impact of French economists hit the nail right on the head: “Three Far-Left Economists Are Influencing The Way Young People View The Economy And Capitalism,” headlined the far-right website in October 2019.

I remember the first time I came across the name of one of those three: Thomas Piketty. It was the fall of 2013 and I was browsing around economist Branko Milanović’s blog as I often did because his scathing critiques of colleagues were so entertaining. But in this particular post, Milanović abruptly took a very different tone. He’d just finished a 970-page tome in French and was singing its praises. It was, I read, “a watershed in economic thinking”.

Milanović had long been one of the few economists to take any interest at all in researching inequality. Most of his colleagues wouldn’t touch it. In 2003, Nobel Laureate Robert Lucas had even asserted that research into questions of distribution was “the most poisonous” to “sound economics”.

Meanwhile, Piketty had already started his groundbreaking work. In 2001, he published an obscure book with the first-ever graph to plot the income shares of the top 1%. Together with fellow economist Emmanuel Saez – number two of the French trio – he then demonstrated that inequality in the United States is as high now as it was back in the roaring twenties. It was this academic work that would inspire the rallying cry of Occupy Wall Street: “We are the 99%.”

In 2014, Piketty took the world by storm. The professor became a “rock-star economist” – to the frustration of many, led by the Financial Times who were seen as mounting a frontal attack — he toured the world to share his recipe with journalists and politicians, and his main message was: “Tax the Rich.”

That brings us to the young economist Gabriel Zucman, who on the very day Lehman Brothers fell in 2008, this 21-year-old economics student started a traineeship at a French brokerage firm. In the months that followed, Zucman had a front row seat to the collapse of the global financial system. Even then, he was struck by the astronomical sums flowing through small countries like Luxembourg and Bermuda, the tax havens where the world’s super-rich hide their wealth.

Within a couple of years, Zucman became one of the world’s leading tax experts. In his book The Hidden Wealth of Nations (2015), he worked out that $7.6tn of the world’s wealth is hidden in tax havens. And in a book co-authored with Emmanuel Saez, Zucman calculated that the 400 richest US Americans pay a lower tax rate than every single other income group, from plumbers to cleaners to nurses to retirees.

This young economist doesn’t need many words to make his point.

However, when his mentor Piketty released another doorstopper in 2020, coming in at 1,088 pages, Zucman and Saez’s latest book can be read in a day, concisely subtitled “How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay” and it reads like a to-do list for the next US president.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 7.32.56 AM

The most important step?

Pass an annual progressive wealth tax on all multimillionaires.

Turns out, high taxes need not be bad for the economy.

On the contrary, high taxes can make capitalism work better.

Keep in mind that back in 1952, the highest income tax bracket in the United States was 92%, and the economy grew faster than ever…

Five years ago, these kinds of ideas were still considered too radical to touch. Former president Obama’s financial advisers assured him a wealth tax would never work, and that the rich with their armies of accountants and lawyers, would always find ways to hide their money. Even Bernie Sanders’s team turned down the French trio’s offers to help design a wealth tax for his 2016 presidential bid.

But 2016 is an ideological eternity away from where we are now. In 2020, Sanders’s “moderate” rival Joe Biden is proposing tax increases double what Hillary Clinton planned four years ago. These days, the majority of US voters, including Republicans, are in favor of significantly higher taxes on the super-rich. Meanwhile, across the pond, even the Financial Times concluded that a wealth tax might not be such a bad idea.

But could we go now beyond champagne socialism?

“The problem with socialism,” Thatcher once quipped, “is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Thatcher touched on a sore spot. Politicians on the left like talking taxes and inequality, but where’s all the money supposed to come from? The going assumption – on both sides of the political aisle – is that most wealth is “earned” at the top by visionary entrepreneurs, by men like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. This turns it into a question of moral conscience: shouldn’t these titans of the Earth share some of their wealth?

If that’s your understanding, too, then I’d like to introduce you to Mariana Mazzucato, one of the most forward-thinking economists of our times. Mazzucato belongs to a generation of economists, predominantly women, who believe merely talking taxes isn’t enough. “The reason progressives often lose the argument,” Mazzucato explains, “is that they focus too much on wealth redistribution and not enough on wealth creation.”

In recent weeks, lists have been published all over the world of what we’ve started calling “essential workers”. And surprise: jobs like “hedge fund manager” and “multinational tax consultant” appear nowhere on those lists. All of a sudden, it has become crystal clear who’s doing the truly important work in care and in education, in public transit and in grocery stores.

In 2018, two Dutch economists did a study leading them to conclude that a quarter of the working population suspect their job is pointless. Even more interesting is that there are four times more “socially pointless jobs” in the business world than in the public sphere. The largest number of these people with self-professed “bullshit jobs” are employed in sectors like finance and marketing.

This brings us to the question: where is wealth actually created? Media like the Financial Times have often claimed – like their neoliberal originators, Friedman and Hayek – that wealth is made by entrepreneurs, not by states. Governments are at most facilitators. Their role is to provide good infrastructure and attractive tax breaks – and then to get out of the way.

But in 2011, after hearing the umpteenth politician sneeringly call government workers “enemies of enterprise”, something clicked in Mazzucato’s head. She decided to do some research. Two years later, she’d written a book that sent shockwaves through the policymaking world. Title: The Entrepreneurial State.

In her book, Mazzucato demonstrates that not only education and healthcare and garbage collection and mail delivery start with the government, but also real, bankable innovations. Take the iPhone. Every sliver of technology that makes the iPhone a smartphone instead of a stupidphone (internet, GPS, touchscreen, battery, hard drive, voice recognition) was developed by researchers on a government payroll.

And what applies to Apple applies equally to other tech giants. Google? Received a fat government grant to develop a search engine. Tesla? Was scrambling for investors until the US Department of Energy handed over $465m. (Elon Musk has been a grant guzzler from the start, with three of his companies – Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity – having received a combined total of almost $5bn in taxpayer money.)

“The more I looked,” Mazzucato told tech magazine Wired last year, “the more I realised: state investment is everywhere.”

True, sometimes the government invests in projects that don’t pay off. Shocking? No: that’s what investment’s all about. Enterprise is always about taking risks. And the problem with most private “venture” capitalists, Mazzucato points out, is that they’re not willing to venture all that much. After the Sars outbreak in 2003, private investors quickly pulled the plug on coronavirus research. It simply wasn’t profitable enough. Meanwhile, publicly funded research continued, for which the US government paid a cool $700m. (If and when a vaccine comes, you have the government to thank for that.)

But maybe the example that best makes Mazzucato’s case is the pharmaceutical industry. Almost every medical breakthrough starts in publicly funded laboratories. Pharmaceutical giants like Roche and Pfizer mostly just buy up patents and market old medicines under new brands, and then use the profits to pay dividends and buy back shares (great for driving up stock prices). All of which has enabled annual shareholder payments by the 27 biggest pharmaceutical companies to multiply fourfold since 2000.

If you ask Mazzucato, that needs to change. When government subsidises a major innovation, she says industry is welcome to it. What’s more, that’s the whole idea! But then the government should get its initial outlay back – with interest. It’s maddening that right now the corporations getting the biggest handouts are also the biggest tax evaders. Corporations like Apple, Google, and Pfizer, which have tens of billions tucked away in tax havens around the world.

There’s no question these companies should be paying their fair share in taxes. But it’s even more important, according to Mazzucato, that the government finally claims the credit for its own achievements. One of her favourite examples is the 1960s Space Race. In a 1962 speech, former president Kennedy declared “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

In this day and age, we also face tremendous challenges that call for an enterprising state’s unparalleled powers of innovation. For starters, one of the most pressing problems ever to confront the human species: climate change. Now more than ever, we need the mentality glorified in Kennedy’s speech to achieve the transformation necessitated by climate change. It’s no accident then that Mazzucato, alongside British-Venezuelan economist Carlota Perez, became the intellectual mother of the Green New Deal, the world’s most ambitious plan to tackle climate change.

Another of Mazzucato’s friends, US economist Stephanie Kelton, adds that governments can print extra money if needed to fund their ambitions – and not to worry about national debts and deficits. Economists like Mazzucato and Kelton don’t have much patience for old-school politicians, economists, and journalists who liken governments to households. After all, households can’t collect taxes or issue credit in their own currency.

What we’re talking about here is nothing less than a revolution in economic thinking. Where the 2008 crisis was followed by severe austerity, we’re now living at a time when someone like Kelton, author of a book titled “The Deficit Myth” is hailed by none other than the Financial Times as a modern day Milton Friedman.

And this lady bellow is the ultimate Christian girl to marry and open up a home…

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 12.31.31 PM

Maybe a home with a red light upfront, but a home none the less.

And when the Financial Times wrote in early April, that government “must see public services as investments rather than liabilities”, it was echoing precisely what Kelton and Mazzucato have contended for years.

But maybe the most interesting thing about these women is that they’re not satisfied with mere talk. They want results. Kelton for example is an influential political adviser, Perez has served as a consultant to countless companies and institutions, and Mazzucato too is a born networker who knows her way around the world’s institutions.

Not only is she a regular guest at the World Economic Forum in Davos (where the world’s rich and powerful convene every year), the Italian economist has also advised the likes of senator Elizabeth Warren and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the US and Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon. And when the European Parliament voted to pass an ambitious innovation programme last year, that too was drafted by Mazzucato.

“I wanted the work to have an impact,” the economist remarked drily at the time. “Otherwise it’s champagne socialism: you go in, talk every now and then, and nothing happens.”

But how do you change the world?

Ask a group of progressives this question and it won’t be long before someone says the name Joseph Overton. Overton subscribed to Milton Friedman’s views. He worked for a neoliberal think tank and spent years campaigning for lower taxes and smaller government. And he was interested in the question of how things that are unthinkable become, in time, inevitable.

Imagine a window, said Overton. Ideas that fall inside this window are what’s deemed “acceptable” or even “popular” at any given time. If you’re a politician who wants to be re-elected, you’d better stay inside this window. But if you want to change the world, you need to shift the window. How? By pushing on the edges. By being unreasonable, insufferable, and unrealistic.

In recent years, the Overton Window has undeniably shifted. What once was marginal is now mainstream. A French economist’s obscure graph became the slogan of Occupy Wall Street (“We are the 99%”); Occupy Wall Street paved the way for a revolutionary presidential candidate, and Bernie Sanders pulled other politicians like Biden in his direction.

These days, more young US Americans have a favourable view of socialism than of capitalism – something that would have been unthinkable 30 years ago. (In the early 1980s, young voters were the neoliberal Reagan’s biggest support base.)

But didn’t Sanders lose the primaries? And didn’t the socialist Jeremy Corbyn suffer a dramatic election defeat just last year in the UK?

Certainly. But election results aren’t the only sign of the times. Corbyn may have lost the 2017 and 2019 elections, but Conservative policy wound up much closer to the Labour Party’s financial plans than to their own manifesto.

Similarly, though Sanders ran on a more radical climate plan than Biden in 2020, Biden’s climate plan is more radical than that Sanders had in 2016.

Thatcher wasn’t being facetious when she called “New Labour and Tony Blair” her greatest achievement. When her party was defeated in 1997, it was by an opponent with her ideas.

Changing the world is a thankless task. There’s no moment of triumph when your adversaries humbly acknowledge you were right. In politics, the best you can hope for is plagiarism. Friedman had already grasped this in 1970, when he described to a journalist how his ideas would conquer the world. It would play out in four acts:

“Act I: The views of crackpots like myself are avoided.

Act II: The defenders of the orthodox faith become uncomfortable because the ideas seem to have an element of truth.

Act III: People say, ‘We all know that this is an impractical and theoretically extreme view – but of course we have to look at more moderate ways to move in this direction.’

Act IV: Opponents convert my ideas into untenable caricatures so that they can move over and occupy the ground where I formerly stood.”

Still, if big ideas begin with crackpots, that doesn’t mean every crackpot has big ideas. And even though radical notions occasionally get popular, winning an election for once would be nice as well. Too often, the Overton Window is used as an excuse for the failures of the left. As in: “At least we won the war of ideas.”

Many self-proclaimed “radicals” have only half-formed plans for gaining power, if they have any plans at all. But criticise this and you’re branded a traitor. In fact, the left has a history of shifting blame onto others – onto the press, the establishment, sceptics within their own ranks – but it rarely shoulders responsibility itself.

Just how hard it is to change the world was brought home to me yet again by the book Difficult Women, which I read recently during lockdown. Written by British journalist Helen Lewis, it’s a history of feminism in Great Britain, but ought to be required reading for anyone aspiring to create a better world.

By “difficult”, Lewis means three things:

It’s difficult to change the world. You have to make sacrifices.
Many revolutionaries are difficult. Progress tends to start with people who are obstinate and obnoxious and deliberately rock the boat.
Doing good doesn’t mean you’re perfect. The heroes of history were rarely as squeaky clean as they’re later made out to be.
Lewis’s criticism is that many activists appear to ignore this complexity, and that makes them markedly less effective. Look at Twitter, which is rife with people who seem more interested in judging other tweeters. Yesterday’s hero is toppled tomorrow at the first awkward remark or stain of controversy.

Lewis shows there are a lot of different roles that come into play in any movement, often necessitating uneasy alliances and compromises. Like the British suffrage movement, which brought together a whole host of “Difficult Women, from fishwives to aristocrats, mill girls to Indian princesses”. That complex alliance survived just long enough to achieve the victory of 1918, granting property-owning women over age 30 the right to vote.

That’s right, initially only privileged women got the vote. It proved a sensible compromise, because that first step led to the inevitability of the next: universal suffrage for women in 1928.

And no, even their success could not make all those feminists into friends. Anything but. According to Lewis, “Even the suffragettes found the memory of their great triumph soured by personality clashes.”

Progress, it turns out, is complicated.

The way we conceive of activism tends to forget the fact that we need all those different roles. Our inclination – in talk shows and around dinner tables – is to choose our favourite kind of activism: we give Greta Thunberg a big thumbs up but fume at the road blockades staged by Extinction Rebellion. Or we admire the protesters of Occupy Wall Street but scorn the lobbyists who set out for Davos.

That’s not how change works. All of these people have roles to play. Both the professor and the anarchist. The networker and the agitator. The provocateur and the peacemaker. The people who write in academic jargon and those who translate it for a wider audience. The people who lobby behind the scenes and those who are dragged away by the riot police.

One thing is certain. There comes a point when pushing on the edges of the Overton Window is no longer enough. There comes a point when it’s time to march through the institutions and bring the ideas that were once so radical to the centres of power.

I think that time is now.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.24.54 AM

Because this photo shows you a real gas station in Africa where a litter of gas can save your life.


So now that things fall apart, the economic neoliberal ideology that was dominant for all of these last 40 years is dying.

And we do not know, what it is that will replace it.

As a matter of fact — nobody knows.

Of course, it’s not hard to imagine this crisis might send us down an even darker path, if we lack imagination — but that is another gospel lesson…

The fact remains that our rulers will use this crisis to seize more power, restrict their populations’ freedom, and stoke the flames of division, racism and hatred.

But things can become vastly different.

And we can expect better outcomes, thanks to the hard work of countless activists, visionary leaders, like yours truly, and many young academics, networkers and agitators, with whom we can all huddle together and try to imagine another way to the FUTURE.

Indeed, this pandemic could send us down a path of new values, of new virtues, and of a brand new future, as it always happens…

Because if there was one dogma that defined neoliberalism, it was that most people are selfish, and it is from this cynical view of human nature that all the rest followed – the privatizations, the growing inequality, the privations of the poor and the erosion of the trust in government alongside the destruction of the social net and the public sphere, or the Commons.

And all that trust that was built over many many years is now all but gone…


Dr Churchill


Now a space has opened up for a different, more realistic view of human nature: that humankind has evolved to cooperate. It’s from that conviction that all the rest can follow – a government based on trust, a tax system rooted in solidarity, and the sustainable investments needed to secure our future. And all this just in time to be prepared for the biggest test of this century, our pandemic in slow motion – climate change.

Nobody knows where this crisis will lead us.

But compared to the last time, at least we’re more prepared.

Ahhhh America,

Why do you hurt me so much?

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 12.30.49 PM

Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 24, 2020

Devil’s letters to his nephew…

Here is a timely excerpt from the book “Letters of the Devil to His Nephew” by C.S. Lewis, author of the Chronicles of Narnia…

The book “Letters of the Devil to His Nephew” was published in 1942.

The Devil’s Letters to His Nephew, by C S Lewis:

The Question is and always has been this:

“How did you manage to bring so many souls to hell at that time?


“Because of fear.”

Question: “Ah, yes. Excellent strategy; old and always current. But what were they afraid of? Fear of being tortured? Fear of war? Fear of hunger?


-Fear of getting sick.

But then, no one else got sick at that time?


-Yes, they were sick.

-I’m sorry.

-Nobody else was dying?

-Yes, they died.

-But there was no cure for the disease?

-There was.

-Then I don’t understand.

-Since no one else believed and taught about eternal life and eternal death, they thought they had only that life, and they clung to it with all their strength, even if it cost them their affection;

They did not hug or greet each other, they had no human contact for days and days; they lost all their money;

They lost their jobs, spent all their savings, and still thought themselves lucky to be prevented from earning their bread;

They lost their intelligence; one day the press said one thing and the next day it contradicted itself, and still they believed it all;

They lost their freedom; they did not leave their house, did not walk, did not visit their relatives;

It was a big concentration camp for voluntary prisoners…!

They accepted everything;


As long as they could overcome their miserable lives one more day.


They no longer had the slightest idea that He;

And only He;

He is the one who gives life and ends it.

It was like that;

As easy as it has ever been.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 1.23.58 PM


Dr Churchill


From the book “Letters of the Devil to His Nephew” by C.S. Lewis, the Christian author of the Chronicles of Narnia.

This book was published in 1942.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 17, 2020

People are hurting…

Americans, Britons, and all the Peoples of this world, have had enough …

… and are marching for justice in unprecedented numbers. In small towns and big cities across the country, thousands of people are giving voice to the grief and anger that generations of black Americans have suffered at the hands of the criminal justice system. Young and old, black and white, family and friends have joined together to say: enough.

The unconscionable examples of racism over the last weeks and months come as America’s communities of color have been hit hardest by the coronavirus and catastrophic job losses. This is a perfect storm hitting black Americans. Meanwhile, the political leadership suggests that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. The president who promised to end the “American carnage” is in danger of making it worse.

The past three months have been a global experiment to test whether modern economies built on social interaction are compatible with methods for tackling a pandemic that haven’t changed much, since the Black Death epidemic of the middle ages, or since the 1918 influenza — the infamous Spanish Flu, that was truly just another annual Chinese strain of the flu virus that had proved to be particularly potent and unusually lethal emanating from that country where people are customarily eating live wild animals and avian species.

Live sushi anyone?

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 6.10.56 AM

Aside from China, and North Korea, for the rest of the world that still produces some reliably true statistics — the grim reaper has spoken and the economic results are now in.

Lockdowns are toxic.

Home incarceration, house arrest, shutdowns, lockdowns and social distancing, is what really killing us.

Killing us truly and figuratively.

And this is the tragedy for a shut-down world, where the memory of people used to driving every day to their work spaces, and come home after some shopping or entertainment, or where people commuted to work on the underground, on buses or riding commuter trains, just to spend eight hours with their colleagues at the office, go to the neighborhood bodega or a fast food lunch spot, and at the end of their workday, perhaps doing a bit of shopping, and then heading off to the pub, the theatre or the football … is now a distant dream.

Both America and Great Britain have imposed severe restrictions towards the end of March, and by the end of April, according to initial estimates by the Office for National Statistics, the economy had shrunk by 25% in Britain and by a similar percentage in the US.

Unemployment in the United States has skyrocketed with some states like Nevada clocking in at 30% and the same being true in most US states as well as England and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Of course, now we have to be optimistic, but the data tells us a grim tale, and yet even these grim statistics under-represent the problem, because of the difficulty in getting data from cities and states where companies and shops and all other enterprises have been forced to close down, amongst the many that have shuttered their doors forever…

Little by little, restrictions are being lifted, yet life is not going to return to normal for quite a while, at least as long as face masks are obligatory on public transport, diners have to stay six feet apart in restaurants and all customers are discouraged to browse in shops, to use public transport, or to even fly.

For the rest of 2020 and even this decade and beyond — any type of recovery will be even slower in the event of a second wave of infections, or of an annual return of cases — something that the history of past viral flu pandemics suggests that it is quite likely to happen.

So if the recurrence of this massive problem is probable — then we are truly and royally screwed.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 12.15.11 AM

This Wuhan Covid-19 epidemic is bad enough, yet the resultant panic seems to be the sort of mental virus that sticks around for a long time, if not ever…

And although the number of new cases has been on a downward trend for weeks as a result of the severest curbs on the UK and the US populations ever imposed during peacetime, and the arrival of warmer weather — one has to wonder about what happens in the autumn when restrictions have been further eased and climate turns cold as worldwide temperatures in the Northern hemisphere start to drop again?

And what if the downward trend of infections and disease, is reversed, does the government lock down the economy a second time?

The answer is almost certainly not.

No, the governments will not impose this type of Draconian restrictions ever again.

Just the thought alone for the possibility of a second wave of Wuhan Coronavirus in the Fall — spooked financial markets last week, and saw share prices crashing, much like in the early stages of the crisis, because investors understood that measures taken to control the pandemic would result in much weaker corporate profits.

Markets subsequently rallied, because the tentative easing of lockdown restrictions raised hopes of a V-shaped recession, but then they had second thoughts after an increase in new Wuhan Covid-19 cases in a number of the United States, mainly in the south.

As an example, the city of Houston in Texas is mulling the possibility of ordering people to stay in their homes under lockdown, in a form of “Collective House Arrest” all over again.

Yesterday a complete shutdown has been imposed in Beijing China, after the city reported many new cases of Covid-19 after almost two months of relative calm and quiet…

This see-saw response and erratic behavior of this epidemic, is likely to be the template for the months ahead, to be alternating between complete lockdowns, a shutdown, and also a more targeted or localized approach to shutdowns, rather than a blanket ban on all socioeconomic activity throughout the country.

It is now evident that political leaders are going to be wary of reimposing full lockdowns, as they have every reason to be.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 12.22.01 AM

For a start, it has become clear that there is no such thing as “the science” when it comes to Covid-19. Immunologists have different views about infection rates and possible mortality outcomes in the same way that monetarists and Keynesians differ over economics.

Governmental ministers feel that they have no option but to adopt a safety-first approach and order a complete shutdown as they did when this pandemic crisis first broke out in March because there was a genuine risk that an uncontrolled pandemic would overwhelm the health care sector.

Mainly because simple analysis showed that every single person who had contracted the virus — was infecting three others.

Of course, now, three months later and with the benefit of hindsight — things look rather different.

The Health Care Systems coped well, and the extra capacity installed through the hospital sectors was not even needed.

The R number – the reproduction rate at which the virus spreads – has come down from three to one or just below one in the past months and now people are mainly asymptomatic as “Herd Immunity” has kicked in.

Additionally, massive evidence of the nasty harmful side effects of the lockdown and Collective House Arrests have also emerged. The number of suicides is way up, and indeed it is so high that the cities supress it and do not report it under pain of death!

Predictably domestic violence has increased hundred fold, as have spousal murders and “murder-suicide pacts” that see whole families decimated fully.

Communal mental health is suffering beyond belief.

Unemployment figures are out of this world, and the new figures released this past week illustrate the human cost of a 29.4% drop in national output in just one month.

In England alone, the jobless total is heading for 3 million this summer, despite the fact that the government is currently paying a third of the workforce.

As the Institute for Fiscal Studies pointed out last week, the crisis has deepened Britain’s class, ethnic, gender and generational divides. Young people are the least likely demographic group to be infected with Covid-19 but they are being particularly hard hit by the lockdown. The cost of school closures for all children, but especially those from poorer households, will be high. The 18-24 age group are most likely to end up unemployed because many of them work in hospitality, retailing and leisure.

The likelihood that Covid-19 will resurface a second and perhaps a third or fourth time makes the case for a measured approach to future lockdowns even stronger. All the evidence is that six months without going to school is more than twice as damaging as three months. The same applies to youth unemployment. The longer the time workers spend out of work the deeper the scars.

Getting young people to abide by a second lockdown would be not just problematic, but downright impossible.

Because naturally, they want to go to work.

People want to go out and play.

They thirst to go to the local, in order to meet their mates.

They harken to go on demonstrations and express their anger and disgust at the racist attitudes of the Police state that kills its citizens wantonly.

Still many just want to go out and have some fun.

And because the younger generations know that they are at a very low risk from infection — they will never be willingly and compliantly sequestered again, under any governmental order for Collective Punishment via House Arrest.

Lockdown or not — our American freedom loving people will do their own cost-benefit analysis, and will not comply Government orders again.

At any rate, it is quite clear already that most people have decided that Covid-19 is a risk they are prepared to accept as part of daily lives like automobile accidents, and drug overdoses or even the seasonal flu that altogether kill far more people than the Wuhan Coronavirus ever could.


Dr Churchill


And now it is the Economic War that we have to win against China, and because of that — countries such as Britain and the US must let their societies open up fully and start operating as near to normal as possible, or they will be shut down permanently as economic powerhouses.

And if they haven’t already done so — governments all over the Free World, will conclude that the economic, social, health and educational costs of full lockdowns are just too high and that somehow we have to learn to live with Covid-19 as normal free & Democratic societies all over again.

Because when governments take strong decisions for all of us — we the Free Citizens end up being killed by the minions of the obedient bureaucracy who have run amok, like the unjustly and untimely destroyed thousands of people inside the nursing homes of New York State where Governor Cuomo, sent all the Covid-19 patients of New York, in order to be sequestered in the most egregious example of Criminal Government Bureaucracy in America since the Trail of Tears and Extermination against our First American nations’ brothers and sisters.

If that’s not an example of Mass Extermination like the German Nazi “Final Solution” that we now know as the Holocaust — you tell me what it is.

Please do not ever forget that.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 6.06.59 AM

So if the government comes knocking — go out the other way to save your children and do not even think of obeying mass vaccinations from those that want to thin out the human “herd” of sheeple.

Because there is such plan to be enacted by my good and errant ex-friend Bill Gates and the evil WHO along with the likes of those evil doers who have the ear of those executives in Government — who think that they know better what’s good for you and for your children than yourself…

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 7.51.32 AM

And this is exactly what happened in Germany of the 1930’s and all over Europe and the World in the 1940’s through the rise of the Third Reich and Imperial Japan, along with the Axis of Evil partners and allies that harvested humans for burning and extermination in an orgy of bloodlust and evil doing.

Let us not forget the white panel vans that pulled outside of the nice bourgeois German homes where the Mothers of autistic children turned over the child to the nice Doctor and the nurse who swiftly placed that person inside the back of the van and closed the door securely while raving up the engine to cover the cries of the kid inside as the Doctor turned on the valve, unleashing the cyclone gas that killed the child inside amidst horrific cries for his Mother and for Help.

Then the Nazi Doctor and the nice German nurse, walked up to the House and gave the Good Fraulein & proud German Mother, a receipt for services rendered and asked for the payment for the Extermination Services offered…

Do we want to see that again?

Well, it seems that we already saw it in new York state.

The nursing homes death camps are as close as we got to that inside these United States in the year of the Lord 2020.


And for the Great Conspiracy Theorists amongst us — here are some more crumbs…

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 7.52.07 AM

But do not fret, because …

Because our Great and Loving God shall come again.

He shall come and he shall not keep silent.

And he will order a great fire to devour all evil doers in front him.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 16, 2020

Some wonderful news….

Some wonderful news… now from the clinical trial field, where besides HXQ, and even for those few and extreme cases where Hydroxylochloroquine has not quite stopped the virus from messing with their systems — dexamethasone now proves to also be a last resort life-saving drug against the Wuhan Coronavirus for some extreme cases amongst those that are already on ventilators…

In addition we now know that we can combine Hydroxylochloroquine along with plaquenil because together they can all be used to great effect, when treating the last stage Covid-19 patients who are already intubated and breathing assisted by the ventilators.

So finally we have some really great news that do not involve the chimera of a deadly and ineffective vaccine…

“For patients on ventilators, it cut the risk of death from 40% to 28%. For patients needing oxygen, it cut the risk of death from 25% to 20%.”
In the US, the death rate on a ventilator is 80%, 90% in NYC. In the UK it’s only 40 – 50%.. NYC got the really bad Italian strain, but wondering why else the difference.
Also, these investigators know full well that plaquenil + zinc is more effective and safe (must be given early) than dexamethasone. They unethically or ignorantly used extremely high toxic doses in their study on plaquenil.

Nonetheless, this is great news, because plaquenil and zinc can be used early and dexamethasone late!”

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.52.53 AM

Chart above shows this old drug’s effect on patients who are intubated and attached to the automatic ventilating machines because they require oxygenated air to be forced into their lungs, in order to breathe and stay alive.

And thus we now know that this cheap and widely available drug can help save the lives of patients seriously ill with coronavirus, because the low-dose steroid treatment dexamethasone is a major breakthrough in the fight against the deadly virus, UK experts say.
The drug is part of the world’s biggest trial testing existing treatments to see if they also work for coronavirus.

It cut the risk of death by a third for patients on ventilators. For those on oxygen, it cut deaths by a fifth.

Had the drug had been used to treat patients in the UK from the start of the pandemic, up to 5,000 lives could have been saved, researchers say.
And it could be of huge benefit in poorer countries with high numbers of Covid-19 patients.

About 19 out of 20 patients with coronavirus recover without being admitted to hospital. Of those who are admitted to hospital, most also recover, but some may need oxygen or mechanical ventilation. These are the high-risk patients whom dexamethasone appears to help.

The drug is already used to reduce inflammation in a range of other conditions, and it appears that it helps stop some of the damage that can happen when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive as it tries to fight off coronavirus.
The body’s over-reaction is called a cytokine storm and it can be deadly.
In the trial, led by a team from Oxford University, around 2,000 hospital patients were given dexamethasone and were compared with more than 4,000 who did not receive the drug.

For patients on ventilators, it cut the risk of death from 40% to 28%. For patients needing oxygen, it cut the risk of death from 25% to 20%.
Chief investigator Prof Peter Horby said: “This is the only drug so far that has been shown to reduce mortality – and it reduces it significantly. It’s a major breakthrough.”

Lead researcher Prof Martin Landray says the findings suggest that for every eight patients treated on ventilators, you could save one life.
For those patients treated with oxygen, you save one life for approximately every 20-25 treated with the drug.

“There is a clear, clear benefit. The treatment is up to 10 days of dexamethasone and it costs about £5 per patient. So essentially it costs £35 to save a life. This is a drug that is globally available.”
Prof Landray said, when appropriate, hospital patients should now be given it without delay, but people should not go out and buy it to take at home.
Dexamethasone does not appear to help people with milder symptoms of coronavirus – those who don’t need help with their breathing.
The Recovery Trial has been running since March. It included the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine which has subsequently been ditched amid concerns that it increases fatalities and heart problems.
Another drug called remdesivir, an antiviral treatment that appears to shorten recovery time for people with coronavirus, is already being made available on the NHS.

The first drug proven to cut deaths from Covid-19 is not some new, expensive medicine but an old, cheap-as-chips steroid.
That is something to celebrate because it means patients across the world could benefit immediately. That’s why the top-line results of this trial have been rushed out – because the implications are so huge globally.
Dexamethasone has been used since the early 1960s to treat a wide range of conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Half of all Covid patients who require a ventilator do not survive, so cutting that risk by a third would have a huge impact.


Dr Churchill


The drug is given intravenously in intensive care, and in tablet form for less seriously ill patients.

So far, the only other drug proven to benefit Covid patients is remdesivir, an antiviral treatment which has been used for Ebola.
That has been shown to reduce the duration of coronavirus symptoms from 15 days to 11, but the evidence was not strong enough to show whether it reduced mortality.

Unlike dexamethasone, remdesivir is a new drug with limited supplies and a price has yet to be announced.

The man who was pictured carrying a counter-protester to safety during a violent demonstration involving far-right protesters in London yesterday has spoken out, saying “It’s everyone against racists.”

The powerful photo showed a Black Lives Matter supporter, now known to be personal trainer and grandfather Patrick Hutchinson, carrying a suspected far-right counter-protester to safety over his shoulder.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.07.43 AM

Immediately shared far and wide, the photo quickly became known as ‘the photo’, showing that even in the most divisive of circumstances, people can come together against violence.

Now, Patrick Huchinson who was seen as the Gentleman carrying the counter-protester to Safety has spoken out saying: “It’s Everyone Against Racists” when asked to speak about why he carried the man to safety…

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.07.58 AM

Violent clashes broke out in central London on Saturday as far-right protesters gathered in Parliament Square, supposedly to ‘protect statues’ but with the main aim of clashing with Black Lives Matter protesters, who had planned to gather yesterday to address racial inequality.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 9.06.03 PM

After attacking police, the counter-protesters later clashed with BLM supporters in Trafalgar Square and near Waterloo Station, where Patrick Hutchinson rescued the nearly unconscious man. In an interview with News, the grandfather of two, Mr Patrick Hutchinson said: “It was a very scary fighting scene filled with lots of people.”

Mr Patrick Hutchinson said it was like a stampede, adding: “When I first arrived at the hectic scene, there were people trying to protect the unconscious man who was down on the pavement, but unsuccessfully. He was under grave physical harm. His very life was under threat.”

Mr Patrick Huchinson explained that just before he picked the man up and put him over his shoulder, a group of protesters had put a “little cordon” around him to stop him receiving any more physical harm. As they did that, he thought: “Well if he stays here he’s not going to make it.”

He continued: “So I just went under, scooped him up and put him on my shoulders and sort of started marching towards the police with him whilst all the guys were sort of surrounding me and protecting me and the guy I had on my shoulder.”

“I could actually feel strikes and hits as I was carrying him, so these guys were probably taking some of that themselves on their person.”

In a social media post yesterday, Patrick shared a number of photos of the incident alongside the caption: “We saved a life today… It’s not black v white it’s everyone v the racists! We had each other’s back and protected those who needed us.”

Here is Patrick Hutchinson rescuing counter protester:

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.08.42 AM


Dr Churchill


Downplaying the notion that he is a hero, Patrick said he isn’t the only one who deserves credit, because as Mr Patrick Huchinson says: “Without the men who surrounded him and offered him a protective little cordon as he carried the man to safety — he likely would have been trampled by the crowd.”

Later reflecting on the moment he intervened, Patrick thought of George Floyd, who died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers last month when Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes, Patrick told the Newscaster: “If the other three police officers that were standing around when George Floyd was murdered, had thought about intervening and stopping their colleague from doing what he was doing like what we did, George Floyd would still be alive today.”

Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 15, 2020

Wait a moment…

In the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police, protests and demonstrations have been an almost daily occurrence in many cities across the world.

The most recent demonstration in London involved clashes between protesters, police, and those believed to be far-right counter-protesters.

However, an image captured among the protests – of a Black Lives Matter supporter carrying a suspected far-right protester to safety over his shoulder – has been shared far and wide, showing violence and division is never the answer.

As the image shows, the white, suspected far-right man is clutching his head after receiving an injury. Carried by a black Black Lives Matter demonstrator and flanked by police, the white man is carried to safety away from the crowds.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.41.29 AM

The protest was taking place outside Royal Festival Hall in central London. The white man was badly beaten, Metro reports, before other protesters stepped in to protect him.

Throughout the day, there had been clashes between far-right activists and anti-racism groups.

Groups of far-right activists, many organised by Britain First, had gathered at Parliament Square in a bid to ‘defend’ memorials after the statue of Winston Churchill was defaced, and the statue of Edward Colston, a 17th century slave trader, was torn down in Bristol.

Anticipating clashes with far-right groups, Black Lives Matter cancelled a protest that was planned for Saturday, June 13. London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged people to stay away from the city, as the risk of violence increased due to demonstrations being usurped by counter-protesters. However, peaceful protesters holding placards still gathered at Trafalgar Square.

Black Lives Matter Protester Carries Injured Counter-Protester To SafetyPA Images
Clashes between BLM protesters and far-right groups occurred later than day, and more than 100 people were arrested, with offences including violent disorder, assaulting police officers, possession of an offensive weapon, possession of class A drugs, being drunk and disorderly and breaching the peace.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has condemned the far-right counter-protests as ‘racist thuggery’, and warned those being violent and aggressive will be dealt with by police.

According to Met Police, six officers received ‘minor injuries’ after ‘pockets of violence’ broke out in London, with far-right groups attacking police and journalists with smoke bombs and projectiles, Metro reports.

A prominent statue of Winston Churchill in London has been covered up over fears it could be vandalized, as it and other monuments in the U.K. have become a rallying point for anti-racism demonstrators.

Authorities fully encased the statue of Britain’s wartime leader in the city’s Parliament Square less than a week after it was defaced during a protest against the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.47.39 AM

The total shrouding of the Churchill statue quickly drew rebuke from U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who called it “absurd and shameful that this national monument should today be at risk of attack by violent protestors.”

“The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square is a permanent reminder of his achievement in saving this country – and the whole of Europe – from a fascist and racist tyranny,” Johnson tweeted on Friday.

The city also plans to protect central London’s Cenotaph War Memorial and a statue of Nelson Mandela.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.48.35 AM

A Black Lives Matter protest that had been planned for Saturday was canceled, as The Guardian reported, over safety concerns because of far-right counterdemonstrations planned for the same time.

The counter-protest organizers say they’re holding a “defend our memorials” event, the newspaper reported.

On Friday, hundreds of people gathered in central London for a separate anti-racism demonstration, Reuters reported.

Last weekend, protesters spray-painted “was a racist” on the Churchill statue’s plinth.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.46.59 AM

Much like in the U.S., anti-racism protests reignited debate in the U.K. over monuments linked to racist practices throughout the country’s history. Activists are calling for the removal of monuments to figures tied to the British slave trade and imperialism. In some cases, protesters have taken matters into their own hands.

In Bristol this week, protesters toppled a statue of Edward Colston, a British slave trader. There are also growing calls to remove a statue of noted imperialist Cecil Rhodes — namesake of the Rhodes Scholarship — from the Oxford University campus.


Dr Churchill


Some fifty five years after my grandfather died and was put in the box — he is now placed inside a box once again…

That must be a first for anyone, and here is where Churchil excels…

Still, the record of Churchill, whose stewardship of the country during World War II is widely valorized, has long been controversial. He has faced particular scrutiny over statements and decisions he made regarding Britain’s colonial endeavors and over his views about race and religion.

For example, Winston Churchill often spoke in jest and one such time, he said that he did not think Native Americans or Aboriginal Australians had been mistreated and stated that “a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.”

Now that is a pretty Darwinian attitude for the old bulldog, but there you have it.

Not bad Winnie — not bad.

You managed to offend a whole new generation of easily offended folks…

And thus your memory lives on … !

Posted by: Dr Churchill | June 13, 2020

We’ve been played…

We have been played…

Indeed, we were lied to, both about the Wuhan coronavirus mortality rates, transmission, and seriousness, and also about the resultant unjustified house arrests of all Americans and the need for mass lockdowns.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.47.16 PM

And here’s the proof that our leaders used a scary health emergency to subvert our democracy and remove the constitutional protections for Liberty that have been guaranteed since the founding of this country.

They indeed removed the Constitution wholesale from our Republic, and they keep on doing so, and you know it too — because while millions of Americans remain subjected to unprecedented restrictions on their personal lives, their daily lives, their family’s lives due to the Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns that continue in most places we are living under it, you definitely know that the rioters and the looters are somehow magically unaffected by it…
And yet as a result of this “Massive Lie,” tens of millions of people are now out of work and perhaps permanently unemployed.

A huge number of them have no prospects of working again. Many thousands of small businesses are closed and will never reopen. More Americans have become dependent on drugs and alcohol, seeing their marriages dissolve, and become clinically depressed and driven to suicide…

Some of you have delayed your weddings, your baptisms, your ceremonies, bar mitzvahs and allotter mysteries of faith, .

Americans were banned by the government from visiting their dying parents, and then also barred from burying their loved ones in proper funerals and thus are now and forever unable to say goodbye and find closure for their loss…

Let that skink in for a moment, because Free American people were not allowed to say goodbye to their dying parents. No goodbye Mom..

No goodbye Dad.

No goodbye to our dying elders.

Still some Americans died and many more will die of cancer because they couldn’t get cancer screenings, while some unknown number have taken their own lives in despair.

Meanwhile in Seattle and elsewhere many other people have flooded the streets to protest, to mass gather and even to riot, because bottled up rage and frustration take many forms, as it does in Seattle where the rioters have taken over the city.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 7.32.56 AM

Talk about our leaders being tone deaf, because in the midst of all this Chaos and Anarchy, the Seattle City leaders call for more closures and more social distancing and keeping non-essential businesses shuttered.

But do they ever think and consider the cost inherent in shutting down the business?

Because indeed the cost of shutting down the business of the United States that is enterprise, and also denying our citizens the desperately needed contact with one another, is extraordinary. And although it might be hard to calculate in an accounting precise form — that cost has been staggering.

Yet, the people responsible for doing all of this — now say they would do it again, and that they have no regrets about it.

They say: “We faced a global calamity. COVID-19 was the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu. That flu killed 50 million people … We had no choice. We did the right thing.”

That’s what they’re telling us.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.48.43 PM

But is it true?

The answer to that question is and emphatic No.

And it matters greatly, not just because the truth always matters, but because we rubbished the Constitution for the length of this lockdown, while we wasted upwards of twelve trillion dollars from our economy, and destroyed any credibility that our leaders ever had…

And because this was the biggest decision our leaders have made in our lifetimes, they were able to make it so morosely wrong, that we must question their sanity — let alone their rule.

Yet, they lord it over us because we let them.

Indeed, their power comes from us, but we behave as if we do not know that … and we allow them to take all that power and use it against us.

Because today, as a matter of public health, we can say conclusively say that the mass incarceration of all citizens under House arrest and the general American lockdowns were absolutely not necessary.

So now the truth seeking begins anew, and the main question becomes: “Are the politicians, our bureaucrats and our unelected public officials at all levels of government — worthy of that power bestowed upon them by fearful, panicked and simply scared out of their minds people?

Yes — of course, they are.

But that is not a conversation the politicians or the mass media want to have right now.

And as things stand — they don’t have to have that conversation.

Mainly, because all of us are distracted and mesmerized by the rioting the popular insurgency and the looting rebellion — going on everywhere outside our doors…

If you follow the news it would seem that some career politicians have just created a separate country in Seattle, by abandoning the police department there, and also any pretense of governing, and thus presenting the Capitol Hill area of Seattle as a gift wrapped box of candy, to the military wing of the Democratic party — the ANTIFA faction — hoping that this example will be mimicked elsewhere across the country and thus spread anarchy throughout the nation, showing the world that the United States is ungovernable and causing the US government to collapse…

That is the conspiracy plan of Governor Jay Inslee, King County executive Dow Constantine, and Mayor Jenny Durkan, who all together had a conclave and agreed to allow the seeds of terror be unleashed upon the citizens of Seattle, to scare them straight to the polls to vote Democrat all over again.

Do you get that?

Its a big provocative move, but we are intelligent enough to see the conspiracy of the Mayor of Seattle along with the Governor and the Police chief, to abandon the Capitol Hill East Police Precinct building to the hands of the ANTIFA militants, in order to sow discord and hate all across America and then show to the World that America is ungovernable.

But what the people will soon realize is that only Seattle, King County and Washington state are ungovernable, and not the rest of the country… and all these errant people in leadership will at least lose their jobs, but they will not suffer much else — unlike the people of Seattle who have already suffered enough…

So if you think it’s worth to assess whether or not they are in fact still lying to us about the Wuhan coronavirus and their response to it — you can judge by yourself about whether they are lying to us about the fact that they intentionally abandoned Seattle to the ANTIFA militant Democrats, or not.

And the short answer to this question is: “Yes, they were lying then and are most definitely lying to us now.”

Because as a matter of public health, we can conclusively state that the lockdowns were not necessary.

In fact, we can prove that.

And here’s the most powerful evidence: States that never locked down at all — states where people were allowed to live like Americans and not cower indoors alone — in the end turned out no worse, and in many cases far better, than all the states that established mandatory quarantines.

Like the state you probably live in, and the state that requires that you wear that mask that you are still wearing, and breathing through the reduced and highly polluted air, filled with microfibers that are inhaled and go on to choke your lungs with each breath you take…

Indeed, the states that locked down at first but were quick to reopen have not seen explosions of coronavirus cases. And all of this is the opposite of what they said would happen with great confidence.

The media predicted mass death at places like Lake of the Ozarks and Ocean City, Md. — places where the middle class dares to vacation.

But those deaths never happened.

In the end, the Wuhan coronavirus turned out to be a dangerous disease, but a manageable disease, like so many others.

Far more dangerous were the lockdowns themselves.

For example, in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, panicked and incompetent governors forced nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients, and as a result, many thousands died, and they died needlessly.

This is all a remarkable story, but it’s going almost entirely uncovered. The media would rather tell you why you need to hate your neighbor for the color of his skin. The media definitely don’t want to revisit what they were saying just a few weeks ago, when they were acting as press agents for power-drunk Democratic politicians.

We were all played.

Corrupt politicians scared us into giving up control over the most basic questions in our lives. At the same time, they gave more power to their obedient followers, like Antifa, while keeping the rest of us trapped at home and censored online.

Back then, news anchors were ordering you to stop asking questions and obey, like Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor said: “All right, so while most Americans are staying inside — or should be, right, if they’re not out protesting like fools — they’re not happy about being told to stay home. Staying home saves lives. And the rest of us should be staying at home for our mothers and the people that we love, and to keep us farther apart, will ultimately bring us closer together in this cause.”

Our collective conscientious actions — staying home. Oh, if you love your mother, you will do what I say. It turns out cable news anchors don’t make very subtle propagandists.

And then Memorial Day arrived in May, and some states started to reopen. Millions of grateful Americans headed outdoors for the first time in months, and the media attacked them for doing that. They called them killers.

Going sunbathing in the beach is now a crime…

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 6.33.54 PM

I like that kind of crime just fine…

Swimming with your kids, they told us, was tantamount to mass murder.

Claire McCaskill, MSNBC political analyst: “Frankly, a lot of the people in those crowds — they thought they were, you know, standing up for what the president believes in and that is not to care about the public safety part of this.”

Robyn Curnow, CNN host: “Look at this. I mean, this is kind of crazy, considering we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. I mean, as one person quipped, you know, that’s curving the curve. That’s not flattening it.”

Don Lemon, CNN anchor: “Massive crowd of people crammed together, as if it were just an ordinary holiday weekend despite the risks of a virus that has killed more than 98,000 people. Boy that montage was the opposite of a MENSA meeting. Has that much dumbness been captured on tape ever?”

The above statement was from Don Lemon of CNN speaking on May 25th.

That was just over two weeks ago.

“Ninety eight thousand people are dead. How dare you leave your house? You don’t work in the media. You’re not essential.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.51.13 PM

But it didn’t take long for that message to change completely. In fact, it took precisely five days.

Here’s the same brain dead news anchor you just saw less than a week later. He is no longer angry, about Americans going outside, as long as they are rioting, burning and looting and not doing something sinful — like swimming with their children in the lake, the CNN anchor is delighted by it.

Don Lemon, CNN: “And let’s not forget, if anyone is judging this — I’m not judging this, I’m just wondering what is going on. Because we were supposed to figure out this experiment a long time ago. Our country was started because — this is how: the Boston Tea Party. Rioting. So don’t — do not get it twisted and think that, oh, this is something that has never happened before. And then this is so terrible, and where are we in these savages and all of that. This is how this country was started.”

Yes, don’t judge… This is how this country was started — by looting CVS and setting fire to Wendy’s.

Of course, if you took American History, you would have known that…

Apparently, Governor of New York state Andrew Cuomo’s brother, must have been in the same history class because he had the exact same reaction. Or they just happened mohave received the same talking points to read on the air … and here is Chris Cuomo: “America’s major cities are filled with people demanding this country be more fair, more just. And please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. Because I can show you that outraged citizens are the ones who have made America what she is and led to any major milestones. They are here to yell, criticize, blame, and shame. Citizens have no duty to check their outrage.”


So, one minute those Americans breaking away from their “House Arrest” lockdown orders — were mass murderers for going outside, and now the new order by the media is that we must go out and riot or else. we are Un-Americans…

Because apparently, the “change” has come and now we are awake, and thus the ones who are out mass rioting, burning, looting, and spewing hate against America, all of a sudden are some kind of Founding Fathers of the Republic, and you still sitting at home wearing a mask over your mug — well, you are a moron and you know it.


Because the looters and the ANTIFA terrorists burning up Seattle and other cities — must be patriots.

Surely, they are like the founding fathers of this nation.

Or at least they’re today’s American heroes…


Now, if any of this or even if the whole of this thing seems like a pretty abrupt departure from the lockdown orders that you have received so far — please fret not.

Because public rioting is medially recommended because it is not a health risk, as long as it helps the Democratic Party’s prospects in the November election.

Rioting will not spread the coronavirus, but you getting out of your house will…

Sounds implausible, but we can be certain of that, because last week, hundreds of self-described public health officials signed a letter saying so.

They announced that the Black Lives Matter riots are a vital contribution to public health.

In effect, they’re an essential medical procedure.

But that doesn’t mean you get to go outside.

You don’t.

Thanks to coronavirus, you do not have the right to resume your life, and if you complain about that — then you are labelled as a “white nationalist.”

That is their professional conclusion.

Does a single American believe any of that?

No, of course not.

It is too stupid even for CNN to repeat, so they mostly ignored it.

That’s an ominous sign if you think about it. It means these people are done trying to convince you, even to fool you.

They’re not making arguments, they’re issuing decrees.

They think they can.

They no longer believe they need your consent to make big decisions to run the country. Once the authority stops trying to change your mind, even by deceit, it means they’ve decided to use force — and they have.

During the lockdowns, people whose loved ones died were not allowed to have funerals for them.

Think about that.

It’s hard to think of anything crueler, but it happened to a lot of people. They claimed it was necessary.

Yet we all know that it was absolutely a LIE and it was not necessary at all…

And we know that now, because George Floyd whose death came to be seen as politically useful to the Democratic Party, and was given three funerals and not a word about any health risk from those gatherings was uttered.

Naturally Black Lives Matter and George Floyd RIP,  has been a catalyst for questioning authority and that isn my mind is far more important than the agenda of the Democrat ANTIFA insurrectionists, as they have used Seattle, the biggest city and the economic engine of Washington state, to stage an armed rebellion against the whole nation.

And it is an organized Democrat military wing ANTIFA insurrection fosters by those charged with governing this all too Democratic Washington State, the Democrat run City of Seattle and the King County where the Executive is my old friend Dow Constantine a West Seattle native and soy boy par excellence (ex bar tender), who decreed that giving up control of the City to the armed thugs and terrorists of ANTIFA is akin to a block party with music and all…

Pray tell, is this how your block party looks like?

Seattle where all nonessential businesses are allowed just 15 percent capacity to operate, in Capitol Hill under the ANTIFA regime — no such restrictions are evident any longer…

As for the rest of the city of Seattle, the King County and the State — you can pretty well judge for yourself what that business limiting restriction has already done to any small family run business.

Indeed, the effect of that restriction has been economic disaster and shutdown, because most small businesses run on very tight margins, and they can’t survive for long under this lockdown and in fact, many have already failed, with all of Seattle becoming a basket case of shuttered shop windows.

So, what is an enterprising small business owner to do?

This is my recommendation of what they should do, if they want to keep their business afloat, and if they want to do as they please with their business, with their lives, and with the lives of their children as well as the lives of all others they come into contact with…

They should join ANTIFA.

Because, obviously, in Seattle Washington, the members of ANTIFA can do whatever ANTIFA wants them to do. And who is ANTIFA but the militarized wing of the Democratic party wanting to bring back Hillary or Hitler or whatever insanity they deem necessary in order to destroy this country.

In Seattle Washington this much is obvious, because they have taken over an entire six-block section of uptown Seattle, where they now hold a constant orgy of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, with guns and riot gear that they stole form the armory of the abandoned Police department, and apparently that is all just fine with the King County Executive Dow Constantine, with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, and with the failed Governor Jay Inslee, who alongside state and local health authorities — are not only approving the fact that in this ongoing young people’s party with guns and drugs, where there is absolutely no social distancing since even open air copulation is rampant and encouraged — no medical precautions are required.

Hell, they don’t even need to use condoms, because they are essential porkers, and at any rate all these ANTIFA shemales are either metrosexual, asexual, alternative, or only shoot blanks anyway…

And as anyone knows the ANTIFA are the biggest racists there is, but the Media will not tell you that, because they want to keep you in the plantation for ever and ever.

And that is why they indoctrinate your children into the virtues of subtle racism to keep them in line with the principles of the Southern Democrat party… and maintain them inside the plantation where everything is provided to you as long as you surrender your Liberty and Free Will.


Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 6.06.08 PM

Another reason to join the haters ANTIFA and their ilk, is to be able to dance in the streets at will, especially, if the bacchanalian Roman Orgy is in your blood…

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.50.55 PM

Or if you think that you really are a Cool Cat in Seattle — you have to wear the mask to prove it…

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 5.49.54 PM

So lets all join ANTIFA and see how long this party will last…

And what will become of this hopeless city once the cool bandidos with the bandannas decide to administer swift social justice for the people and establish their own Gestapo, Stazi, KGB, and all other types of Socialist Paradise secret police services they always seem to come up with…

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 6.20.20 AM

And then lets wait and see how long before the ANTIFA gestapo starts seting up the guillotines and hoping heads off in Seattle.


Dr Churchill


Are you getting the picture?

Is it adding up to a message?

Yes, the message is we were played.

We were all played.

Corrupt politicians scared us into giving up control over the most basic questions in our lives.

At the same time, they gave more power to their obedient followers, like Antifa, while keeping the rest of us trapped at home and censored online.

In other words, they used a public health emergency to subvert democracy and install themselves as monarchs. How were they able to do this?

The sad truth is, they did it because we let them do it.

We believed them, therefore, we obeyed them.

If there’s anything good to come out of this disaster, it’s that none of us will ever make that mistake again.

And just to take away the message of how ANTIFA trains its members to cause terror and harm all across America — here is that video for your home training needs if you truly decide to join ANTIFA in Seattle or elsewhere now that your city’s Police fails to protect you.

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