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Return To Zion

The U.S. embassy was moved to Jerusalem, a few days back, on May, 14th of 2018, which is exactly 70 years after the re-founding of the State of Israel.

And because 70 yeas ago the Jewish people resurrected Israel as the Jewish state, in May of 1948, we’ve come together to celebrate the rebirthing ceremony…

Seventy years is a completed life time, as the Psalmist states: “The years of our life are seventy years”.

Seventy years in Jewish outlook is an historical time unit, representing a significant chapter in human history.

Seventy years after the first Temple was burned by the Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar and the Jews were driven into Exile, the exile ended and many returned to Israel and rebuilt Jerusalem.

Seventy years signifies completion and full circle.

Yet, the Muslim jihadists, through sword and blood, confiscated Jerusalem’s holy mount by erecting a mosque where the Temple once stood. They did so, as they have throughout centuries of armed invasions, to make a monument to their conquest of the land and to erase its previous, legitimate history. Jerusalem was never part of Islam’s liturgy, nor is it mentioned in its Koran. The mosque was protecting as a religious site, though it served as an outpost for domination and rule over those who were not Muslim. Only in the last few years, in an attempt to deny the Jewish nation her rightful and historical attachment and sovereignty to Zion, has the Islamic world suddenly made Jerusalem important to them. Mecca and Medina are their holy places, whereas Jerusalem is but a political expedient.

Many good-willed American presidents pledged to move our embassy to Jerusalem, but out of fear of Arab riots and backlash, they allowed themselves to put off the decision for a later date. The United Nations and virtually all of the countries of the world were either afraid to relocate their embassies or, in their ultimate negation of the right for Israel to exist as a Jewish state, never even considered moving their embassy to Jerusalem. They were either afraid or were rejectionists. Many organizations spoke the proper words, but when push-came-to-shove chose to accept the delays and kick-the-can-down the road. What makes President Trump different from all previous presidents is that beyond speaking positively about the move, he actually is doing it.

Trump is a man of action. And, he is a man of conviction and fortitude who acts upon what he knows to be right. He is refreshingly fearless. He believes in Israel, indeed seems to love the country. He knows the centrality of Jerusalem in the scheme of Zion and is making truth happen. He understands symbolism and knows there is no greater sign of support and symbol of friendship than moving our embassy to Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem. He will not be cowed by threats of jihad.

In President Trump we are reminded of the ancient King of Persia, Cyrus. It was Cyrus, among all the kings of the world, who declared that he would make provisions for the Jews to restore themselves in the land of Israel/Judea and, indeed, Nehemiah, and others before him, began rebuilding the walls surrounding Jerusalem, Zion. No one knows if Cyrus was a man 100 percent above sin. But Cyrus was a king, not a priest; and it’s the job of kings to create history and do those things that are grand and historic, to do those things regular people are not empowered to do.

When President Harry Truman in 1948, against the will of his State Department and others in the media, voted to recognize the State of Israel, he said casting that vote in the U.N. made him feel he was following in the steps of that great Persian king, Cyrus. He told friends how he remembered reading in his bedroom about Cyrus in the Old Testament, while listening to the late night train whistle as it sped through the countryside of Missouri. Truman fulfilled a prophecy – and made history, good history.

By officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the name of the United States, the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, President Trump is making good history, doing what is right, proving principle over timidity, demonstrating friendship. Though not a “holy roller,” President Trump is fulfilling prophecies – the prophecies of Zachariah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. I am happy to be living on this day when miracles are made through the acts of mortals, by strong men above their peers.

Many were instrumental in bringing this day about, beginning with England’s Home Secretary Lord Balfour, who a century ago in 1918 declared that: His Majesty’s Government looks favorably upon the return of the Jews to their ancient homeland and to therein establish a state of their own in the land and boundaries of their ancestors. Credit goes to Winston Churchill; LBJ who helped her in the ’67 War; and Richard Nixon during the Yom Kippur War; Ronald Reagan and earlier American presidents as far back as the 19th Century who were Christian Zionists.

Credit also goes to the current Evangelical Christian community and its leaders and to many non-liberal Jewish individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, too many liberal Jews have traded in their Judaism for multiculturalism and leftwing intersectionality. They have detached themselves from their historic identity with the Promised Land and currently find their promise in hedonistic and anti-Trump causes. They have chosen faddishness over eternity. For them, Israel is but a yawn.

The move of the embassy by Mr. Trump to Jerusalem is indicative of the great measure of this man. To me, a man is great when he forthrightly speaks his mind, follows through on his pledges, demonstrates friendship, feels responsible to protect those who he’s entrusted to protect, cares about right over wrong, and is willing to battle all those arrayed against him while he’s doing the right thing. That is the measure of a great man. Mr. Trump is a great president, displaying characteristics we have not seen in decades.


Dr Churchill


Congratulations, Mr. Trump, for what you have done, and congratulations, Israel, for being restored to the glory your prophets promised, and to your people who have toiled in earthly and transcendent purpose.

Through Trump’s intersession, and hard work — ancient prophecies will be fulfilled, and veritable truths will be realized with the United States embassy move to Jerusalem, Israel’s legal capital.

It will also be a day when we will remember the strength and courage of the man who made it happen: President Donald Trump.

Over the past decades the United States Congress was sincere when voting overwhelmingly to relocate our embassy from Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest city, to Jerusalem, Israel’s dedicated capital. It made sense; after all, every country in the world decides the location of its capital and embassies are located in those capitals. It also was the right thing to do.

Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel ever since King David 3,000 years ago consecrated Jerusalem as Judea’s capital. Soon, he drafted the plans for The Holy Temple and almost immediately thereafter his son, Solomon, built the palaces and ancient temple on those lofty hills. Everyone knows this.

As far back as Abraham, the hills of Jerusalem and Mt. Moriah have played a pivotal role among the Hebrews in their ancient biblical land.

For millennia Jewish hearts and prayers were directed toward a return to Zion, Zion being the synonym for Jerusalem itself. No other people or nation who temporarily traversed the land between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River has made Jerusalem a centerpiece of their theology, history, spiritual yearning, nor the zenith of their joy and celebration. No one but the Jewish people has cultivated it and made the land blossom and its cities flourish.

Yet, until now when President Trump had the courage to undertake the embassy move — this much promised action had not happened…

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Because the Dawn….

Because the dawn,
comes up right before,
the colored sky.

Because the moon loons,
right before the sun,
this is the darkest hour.

Because in the far future,
despair will rise up,
before the peace,
never forget who you can be.

Made of Christ and sorrows,
made of tendons, sinews, and blood,
made of gray mush pretending to be

Right now,
be tall — wherever you are right now,
be strong for you’re just taking a break,
wherever you are right now,
don’t give up.

You know, don’t give in,
never surrender,
not to fear, nor to werewolves
who see you holding up the cross
and they howl their despair…

Dr Churchill


Holding up a cross to werewolves
is all that matters today…

Finally Mr McCain confirms his dirty role in the Democrats’ fictional Russian dossier that led to the Comey, Rosenstein, & Mueller putsch of the fake Russia investigation of President Donald J. Trump.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.33.32 AM

We finally can see how this “Russia-Russia” investigation is just another illegal “putsch” for a Coup D’Etat. Because now we can be certain of the origins of the “smear works” by peeking inside Senator John McCain’s upcoming book, where he admits that he is the one who “handed” to Mr Comey of the FBI, the infamous “dossier” of unproven allegations about Presidential candidate Mr Trump, at the behest of Hillary Clinton, who asked and paid for the “dirty dossier” full of fake & salacious sexual innuendo against President Trump, through her “high class bordello” pretending to be a law firm Perkins Coie.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.33.54 AM

Finally, it comes out that Mr McCaine is a brazen ideologue and an apologist for the DemoRats, and this nugget of unvarnished and sloppily hidden TRUTH, comes out when he goes at great pans to defend his dastardly betrayal of our country, and his naked attack against Free & Fair elections, as some kind of pathetic patriotic “duty.”

This pathetic little man is the Rosie O’Donnell of the Senate and like Rosie he is equally corrupt and suspect in his works and words.

After all we can judge a book by it’s cover and a man by the company he keeps…

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.29.39 AM

According to McCain’s publicist, he acknowledges in his upcoming book titled “The Restless Wave” that he personally met with then FBI director James P. Comey, and gave Comey the “dirty porn dossier” full of unbelievably salacious material that was manufactured in Russia against then Candidate and now President. Donald J Trump.

Mind you this was a fake photography album, all of “photoshop” fake photos that portrayed the President as some kind of sex-stud or an aged porn-star engaged in bedroom aerobics and acrobatics, and generally doing amazing feats of bed-sports, with several leggy & busty Russian hookers, who are all “glad handling” his twenty inch boner…

That’s the “pornographic dossier” that Hillary Clinton thought would defeat the President and that Perkins Coie paid for, and Mr McCain gave to the FBI to smear the President.

McCain writes in his new book: “I received the opposition research against Trump from Hillary Clinton, and then agreed to give a copy of what is now referred to as ‘the dossier’ to Mr Comey of the FBI.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.40.54 AM

This is what the Arizona Republican then said as he continues to write in his book. That is unless “his book” was “ghost-written” by one of his staffers, or an author for hire.

Still Mc Cain persists in saying: “I reviewed the contents of the Trump porn dossier.”

“The allegations were disturbing, but I had no idea which, if any, were true.”

“I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done.”

Should have done?

Or at least this is what the Hanoi songbird McCain says in singsong voice.

This is what the Americans fighting the North Vietnamese had to says about McCain. They said that he was the yellow belly songbird who tattled on all of his American comrades who were languishing in the swampy prisoner of war camp and he gave away all the strategic secrets of the US Air Force that he was supposed to be serving. SO his friends languished in the awful torture gaol of the VCs  —  while after his “cooperation” with the enemy, Mc Cain was released and exchanged because of his overtures to the North Vietnamese and his betrayal of his country’s armed forces, when he was captured and interrogated…

Anyway, let’s let the bygones, be bygones.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.47.51 AM

But, McCain is still a traitor.

McCain further said, that he went to see Mr. Comey “at his earliest convenience, handed him the dossier, explained how it had come into my possession.”

“I said I didn’t know what to make of it, and I trusted the FBI would examine it carefully and investigate its claims. With that, I thanked the director and left. The entire meeting had probably not lasted longer than ten minutes. I did what duty demanded I do,” Mr. McCain wrote, according to the Daily Beast, which received advance copies of the book, due out May 22.

The pornographic dossier, was actually manufactured and compiled by a former British spy in the pay of Democratic opposition researchers, and was also published “raw” by Buzzfeed in January 2017, and was then picked up and further reported-on by other CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and all other Mass Media outlets, that are still seeking to find ways in order to destabilize our President and to weaken our Republic — and that is why they persist with their Coup D’Etat of an investigation started from some porn that is easily available on Porn-Hub, Red-Type, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or any other self respecting porn site…

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.43.00 AM

Yet back in the heated 2016 elections, Mr McCain, was outed as the man who put they pornographic compilation at the hands of the FBI — but he refused to acknowledge this, or to even to tell the truth about his and Hillary’s involvement, in wanting to change the results of the US presidential elections by deploying pornographic smear-material against Candidate Trump…

The terribly disturbing thing is, that Mr McCain, did not acknowledge his involvement with the beginnings of the FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign through the fake porn dossier, that himself gave to Comey, the FBI Director at the time.

And thus it is now proven beyond any doubt, that Senator McCain colluded with the Clinton campaign in an effort to sink Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and that makes him a huge liability for our Democratic Republic’s health and honor.

Mr McCain now needs to step away from politics and go home to retirees who want the destruction of our country — bu not by the vast majority of Americans.

So now, please go in peace.

Me and the American public demand this of You. Go ahead and relax Mr McCain, your efforts are all appreciated, but now You’ve got to go.

And although this article will surely be controversial, and it might even be seen as one of my far more reaching writings, that run the risk of ticking off everyone — it is important to tell the truth at the face of blistering attacks and opposition.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.40.26 AM

It’s refreshing to stand unafraid and stare death in the eyes in front of blistering attacks from all the entrenched enemies of freedom and the American way.

I dare say openly now, that Mr McCain must go off into the sunset, before he gets carried off the floor of the Senate by four pall bearers. He is not the Pope of Politics, so why does he expect that?

He has not been appointed for Life. He is not Royalty either…

Go in the name of the Lord.

Go home John.

You’ve done far too much damage for any good that you might have served.

That’s all I have to say on this pathetic subject. Sadly whenever you combine politics, treason, and death, especially when using a political lightning rod to do it, people on both sides tend to get upset.

But I don’t care, it has to be said: “John McCain needs to retire from the Senate immediately and preferably yesterday.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.35.29 AM

Albeit with yesterday being gone — he needs to retire today, and certainly before tomorrow.

Senator McCain’s absolute need for a sunset clause, is also about the fact that far too many career politicians, as they approach their hospice care years — still stay in office far longer than they are able to do the job.

And of course with McCain being brain damaged, visibly demented, and doing harmful things against our Republic from the ground floor of the Senate — he is the most dangerous example of malevolent angry old man to walk the floor of our Capitol, and he is the most visible, example of ageism and corruption anywhere in public governance.

Well played Mr McCain, either old age, brain cancer, or dementia will get you, and you can go off now, thinking that you showed that upstart Trump a thing or two, on behalf of your bosom buddy Mrs Clinton.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.29.39 AM

Well played, but you forgot that President Trump is a player himself.

And if Trump is a player — he is a far better player than McCain could ever hope to be.

So now Trump needs to play Mr McCain and Clinton’s “dirty baby” Mr Mueller, and his fake news investigation, and beat them at their gaming best.

The President, needs to defy all of Mueller’s moves and completely disregard, disrespect, and disenfranchise the petty prosecutor immediately and unequivocally.

Because if Donald Trump does not shut down figuratively and literally the Mueller gravy train — he will be complicit in collaborating in the destruction of his own presidency.

Therefore, he must refuse to be questioned by the FBI, or by a grand jury, or by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or by any of Mueller’s malevolent minions.

So what if Mueller subpoenas the President?

Indeed, and especially if Robert Mueller subpoenas the President of the United States Donald J Trump, as he has threatened to do — the President should absolutely ignore the subpoena, and toss it in the round file as his executive privilege and the Constitution afford him to do. Same way as he can get two scoops of ice cream — he can throw this stinking wrapping paper of evil intent into the garbage can.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.28.39 AM

And if Mueller then gets a hissy fit, and goes off huffing and puffing all the way to the Supreme Court, he probably will not be heard, and if he is heard — the Present will get a summary judgement against him.

And even if by some fluke of chance or weather that drives the Supremes blotto — the ill fated Mueller monkey will surely lose.

But let’s allow the Devil’s advocate to do his job here too, and let’s assume for a minute that Mueller could win an order from the Supremes, for Trump to comply with the subpoena and testify in front of a grand jury…

Again, there is the moment that President Trump must assert his authority and he should defy the court fully and openly. Because of his Executive Privilege and the Constitution — he should defy that too…

He should defy all of it, because the only institution that is empowered to prosecute a president is Congress. If charges against Trump are to be brought, this is the arena, this is the forum, where the battle should be fought and the fate, and the future of the Trump presidency, could ever be decided — if there is a strong proof that something untoward has indeed happened … he should pray for deliverance.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.20.39 AM

Save for the joint Houses of Congress, President Trump should defy all of it, because the only goal of Mueller’s prosecutors is to take down Trump on the cheap and make it a “Thought Crime” to be the President of the United States, if you are not a monkey dancing to the tune that the Deep State commands you to dance to…

President Trump should avoid all of Mueller’s entreaties because if these clowns can get him behind closed doors, and make him respond in detail to questions — to which they already know the answers — any misstep by President Trump could be converted into a perjury charge.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.33.32 AM

Since in this crooked poker game the deck is stacked against him, since Trump has to score 100 on a memory test to which Mueller’s team has all the answers in advance, while Trump must rely upon memory to get any of them right.

Remember what happened to General Flynn?

Why take this risk?

By now, witnesses have testified in ways that contradict what Trump has said. This, plus Trump’s impulsiveness, propensity to exaggerate, and often rash responses to hostile questions, would make him easy prey for the perjury traps prosecutors set up when they cannot convict their targets on the evidence.

Mueller and his team are the ones who need this interrogation — not the American people and certainly not President Trump or our Republic.

As a matter of fact the Constitution prohibits this nuisance into the White House, but so far the President hasn’t invoked that yet.

Yet for now — the President should stay strong and defy the Deep State and all of it’s Monkeys, Muellers, and McCains included.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.49.27 AM

And the President has to maintain his Churchillian qualities in order to further succeed.

My Grandfather Winston Churchill’s formula for success was simple: Action + vision + courage + determination = SUCCESS

And Trump doesn’t want any kind of success either. He wants the kind of success that is impossible, the one with the great odds against it — as indeed the success that speaks to the hearts of the people is when he negotiates and achieves the release of our American brethren, the hostages held in jail in North Korea.

And that is why the people love him so much.

The American people love him greatly.

Trump rocks the boat but who cares…

He knows how to win…

And that is all that matters.

President Trump is winning everything for the American people, and to keep it that way, he has to steer clear of the Unholy Inquisition that Mueller represents. My Evangelical Christian friends all say that the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is a Satan worshipper and a lout who thinks like a fox wanting to corner a fast rabbit — but the rabbit they are hunting now, is the “US” and us.

All of us American patriots, Conservative Constitutionalists, and Faith warriors — are being marked as enemies of the Deep State, and hunted down mercilessly.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 8.03.27 AM

Methinks that Mueller is the dancing monkey, but someone else is the organ grinder behind him, always winding up the organ of the Russia investigation and collecting the “profit” as in “political pennies” from this awkward performance of a Coup D’Etat against our Republic.

But we will stand on the way and preserve our President and we are going to put a quick stop to all that.

The American people will all rise-up, as a well armed and well regulated Militia, and will stand on the way of the usurpers, and man all the barricades, in order to protect our President.

And still the President needs this bit of sage advise form my Grandfather, and if you can take it to him — all the better: “Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never—in nothing great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

Trump needs to understand that, and to go ahead and dismiss this special prosecutor because that is the only way to unmask fully the Organ grinder behind the dancing and Russia-Russia screaming monkeys…

Do you happen to know who that evil organ grinder might be?

Any ideas?

Think about it …

And then follow the money trail, or the bread crumbs, as they might lead you to.

In conclusion, Mr President, please: “Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never—in nothing great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

Never give in — never surrender.

Never allow the organ grinder or his monkeys cut you off.

We need the progress, the jobs, the prosperity, and the success that your winning always brings forth.

We don’t need to stop our Victories becaue of these monkeys and these organ grinders.

Pr President, I implore you to never surrender to the Organ Grinder of that dancing monkey Mr Mueller.

As a matter of fact never surrender to any organ grinder either.

Unless you have in front of you these other types of “Organ Grinders”  that are far more entertaining, musically orientated, and perhaps far more gifted in their “grinding” so that it can be a therapeutic treatment for all that ails a man…


Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.39.03 AM


Dr Churchill


Because indeed, a man needs his rest and after two years, Mueller’s Russia-gate investigation has produced no proof of the foundational charge — that Trump’s team colluded with Vladimir Putin’s Russia to hack and thieve the emails of the Clinton campaign and of the DNC.

As for the fake dossier — we all know what a piece of garbage that was.

Yet that piece of garbage started the FISA wiretapping warrant that led to the Mueller investigation.

Garbage in — garbage out.

Now having failed in the garbage investigation, the snoopy dog Mr Mueller & Co, have followed a fresh scent and now seek to prove that, even if Trump did not collude with the Russians, he probably interfered with their own wiretapping, illegal spying, and presidentially interfering investigation.

If that is not a bunch of Deep State fascists pushing for a Coup D’Etat in America today — I don’t know what it is.

It certainly is a Hitlery “putsch” same as the putsch from the National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler that gave him absolute power, when he staged his own Coup D’Etat and killed the German Democracy at the time of the Weimar Republic’s waning days…

Simply put:

Dirty Cop Mueller & Co, want to take down a President.

But Presidential assassinations are a really bad thing as JFK’s blood letting proved.

And since we know what’s coming — we need to stand up and declare that these dirty cops and the peons of the Deep State, should not be allowed to practice Regicide today…

So let’s now replace the Deep State organ grinder Ms Clinton and her monkey McCain with some real organ grinders that can get an erection out of the American pubic…

Albeit a musical one only.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.37.00 AM









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Using the viral hashtag #shareastoryinonetweet people from across the globe have told of defining moments in their emergency services careers.

Doctors, police officers and paramedics have shared inspiring and heartbreaking stories of life in the emergency services.


Hampshire police sergeant Andy Wakely shared a tale of his unlikely relationship with a 99-year-old who called 999 because their television broke.

He wrote:
“You called 999 cos your TV broke on Xmas eve. You had no family. You were 99 yrs old.
I couldn’t fix it so got you my old one from home, I installed it for you so you weren’t alone at Xmas.
You died in the February, I went to your funeral, No-one else did.”

Amy Overend (Neonatal Ward Nurse) wrote: “I placed you in the arms of your mum for the first time since you were born. We took off your ventilator, and you took your last breath, your parents kissed you goodbye. You saved 3 other people but your parents said I saved you & them. I cried with them”


Many twitterers shared heartwarming tales of gratitude from those whose lives they had saved.

US doctor Sasha Hillcutt said:
“You were hit by a car right in front of me while walking your dog I ran to you, did CPR, didn’t think you’d live I was burned out, empty, ready to quit med 6 mo later, you called me on Christmas Eve & told me I saved you And you ended up saving me.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.23.36 AM


SC 3188 wrote:
“My story isn’t amazing
You are 99 and thought u were being burgled
I kept you company
I reassured you
I made you tea
I listened to your life story & I was amazed by it
Im happy the smallest thing meant so much to you & you went to bed knowing you were”


Another surgeon wrote: “You were shot in the abdomen while holding your infant daughter. I repaired your stomach and liver and removed your kidney & part of your pancreas. It’s been 10 years. You still send me a Christmas card every year.”

Others told of those people that they were unable to keep alive.

Chris Fraser wrote this on #ShareAStoryInOneTweet:
“I attended your RTC. I saw the member of public doing CPR.
We worked in the heat, tired and drained hoping to get you back.
We tried everything, we couldn’t save you. You were only 20.
I watched as your family said goodbye. I’m sorry.”


Trauma surgeon Duncan Dew told of the harrowing moment he held a dying cyclists hand after witnessing a crash aged nine.
He said:
“I saw the car pull out & shouted for you to stop, but with your helmet on you couldn’t hear me. I felt the grip of your hand weaken as we waited for the ambulance. I am so sorry I couldn’t shout louder. I am so sorry I couldn’t do more to save you. I was 9.”

In the cheap seats.. @MrCheapSeats wrote this:
“You don’t know me, you died before we arrived. You’d just turned 16. I had to go and tell your mum. When I got there, I watched her through the window before knocking on the door. She was singing to the radio while ironing. It broke my heart.”


Dr Churchill



Another american physician added:
“I was a 19 year old kid in an Ambulance transferring a 80yr old nun to pallitive care. I asked if she was afraid of dying. Her reply “make a difference every day and you won’t be.” I am trying.”

A loving nurse said:
“You came to me after your husband was diagnosed with a traumatic head injury & said “He wouldn’t want this. I need to let him go.” Because you couldn’t, I sat bedside & held his hand as he passed. You still write to thank me every year on the anniversary.”


Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 13, 2018

Iran’s Duplicity is War Wisdom

On Monday, April 30, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, publicly unveiled 100,000 secret Iranian documents, pilfered by Mossad, proving the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) is diplomatic cover for Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and should be abandoned.

And that is exacts why Trump did not re-certify the Iranian JCPOA compliance procedures for the maintain ace of the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

The Iran Nuclear Deal is now dead in the water and the President’s decision makes a good support of the comprehensive technical-legal case that has been presented about how Iran is violating the JCPOA.

Critics of JCPOA were not surprised by Iran’s cheating on the nuclear deal.

Iran is doubly dishonest and fairly well disposed to cheat on JCPOA as a totalitarian state and as a matter of religious obligation.

The Islamic principle of “taqiyyah” justifies deceiving infidels to gain advantage in the global jihad.

For example, a military textbook Passive Defense by the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Martyr Lt. General Sayad Shirazi Center for Education and Research, as published in Tehran in 2010, declares Iran’s intention to lie and cheat, in order to get nuclear weapons.

“Passive Defense” claims Iran has practiced military deception for 32 centuries, “The use of deception in war is as ancient as armed conflict itself . . . With the Greek occupation of Troy . . . the first recorded war in history took place, and the famous story of the Trojan horse also happens to be the first recorded example of deception in war. Numerous such examples may be found in the 3,200 years of the country’s military history.”

Even the title of the Iranian Army military textbook “Passive Defense” is deceptive, as it defines “passive defense” as acquisition of “nuclear capability” that could guarantee “complete destruction of the opponent.”

“Passive Defense” advocates adopting Russia’s revolutionary military strategy of “Sixth Generation Warfare” that would achieve a quick and decisive victory by attacking the U.S. technological Achilles Heel — the national electric grid and electronic systems that support critical infrastructures — by a variety of means, but especially nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack:

“As a result of not having the other destructive effects that nuclear weapons possess, among them the loss of human life, weapons derived from electromagnetic pulses have attracted attention with regard to their use in future wars. The superficiality of secondary damage sustained, as well as the avoidance of unnecessary human casualties, serves as motivation to transform this technology into an advanced and useful weapon in modern warfare.”

“Passive Defense” describes at length, and with adulation, the history of Russian cheating on nuclear arms control treaties. One can almost hear Iran’s laughing Russian mentors, regaling their Iranian hosts, perhaps in a conference room at Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Reactor, with stories about how Moscow successfully cheated on treaties and concealed their nuclear strength from the stupid Americans.

According to Iran’s military textbook “Passive Defense”:

· “In 1968, the Russians established a special program called maskirovka to coordinate their deceit and trickery program in the Army Chief Command and managing and implementing the satellite deception program . . . Ogarkov followed the deceit program studiously…Some of the methods and techniques of satellite deceit . . . include . . . Creation of artificial and deceptive roads and missile stations.”

· “The Russians dug large coastal tunnels in order to hide over twenty nuclear submarines from the eyes of Western satellites.”

· “Submarine . . . covers were used to camouflage Delta class submarines in order to throw the West off with regard to the real numbers in terms of submarines and ballistic missiles in their arsenal.”

· “In 1970, one of Russia’s…satellites took images of a special operation, which showed off their ability to hide their SS-16 missiles and SS-20 from detection. Russian authorities explained the purpose of this action was to . . . make any necessary corrections . . . with the intent to deceive the enemy.”

· “It was discovered in 1984 that Russia had completed construction on four large tunnels, each of which could hide the largest submarine. The tunnels were dug along the coast and at sea level, and were capable of hiding the monstrous Typhoon submarine, which was 557 feet long.”

· “Deceit Strategy Command tried to mislead America’s Central Intelligence Agency about the preciseness of the ICBM and SS-19 missiles by creating explosion trenches…brought about by the collision [impact] of warheads and digging false explosive openings [craters] in the ground in locations farther away from the target. . . . in order to mislead American experts and analysts in their evaluation of the precision of SS-19 missiles, so they would think the missiles were not very precise.”

· “The Russians tried to hide two other kinds of missiles; SS-24 with ten warheads and SS-25, which had been significantly hidden from satellites due to aggressive camouflage and the capability to place its launch pad on rails and hiding it in . . . tunnels and night tests.”

How’s that for the nation that delivers kabobs in ambulances in order to evade the traffic jams and the traffic police and give their people hot zesty kabobs in minutes…

Do you want some warm nukes with that kabob, mister?

Dr Churchill


Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 11.37.00 PM

And if you are still thinking that Iran is not cheating on the JCPOA, like Mr Kerry thinks — then you are a moron and a willing and useful idiot for the Ayatollah regime of crazy Muslim jihadists.

Because if you believe them — then Iran’s masters of deceit have won, since apparently, they happen to know us better, than we know ourselves.

And as seen in their military textbook titled “Passive Defense”: “The key point here is that deception can be more effective when used on the basis of the opponents’ known theories.”

The German philosopher Goethe is famous for saying: “We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves.”

This statement is more than a philosophical truth.

We can call it a guide to designing and planning deception, and a warning to those who do not want to be deceived.

Do you remember 9/11 and how you felt after those dastardly Islamic terrorist attacks against our country?

Do you have a foreboding that something similar is unfolding now?

Do you see the signs of a far worse fate to come?

Do you know that a Coup D’Etat from the Deep State against our country will be far worse than 911 ever was?

Do you understand that?

Just asking…

Because we hear today, that the special prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating donations to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee…
Apparently Mueller and his investigators have questioned several witnesses about their contributions, and one of the people interviewed is Thomas Barrack, a longtime Trump friend who handled financing for the president’s inaugural committee.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 7.30.19 AM

The unfortunate Mr Barrack, is not a poor man, but besides the fact that his name is an unfortunate incident — he still managed a measure of success as a real estate investor, who became the Chairman of the Inaugural Committee, at the behest of President Trump, in order to assist and organize the solemn inaugural ceremony, and also the public adoration celebration at the steps of the Capitolium in front of the joint Houses of Parliament, of these Untied States.

As you might recall, because Mr Barack has wealthy friends — he managed to pull-in more than $100 million for the inauguration. That was more than double what was raised for former President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, and that rattled the DemoRats so much, that they called in the Police… to sniff around and then grab a culprit, since the Dems suffer from that brain eating disease called TDS…

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.35.53 AM

And the TDS illness that has befallen the Dems, causes them to clearly not believe that people would be willing to offer their own capital to see the newly elected President celebrate and be feted by the American Public.

It is truly mind boggling because far too many people offered a bit of money to help have a festive day dusting the cobwebs from the previous Administration of the Trannies, the LGBTQs, the Gays, and the Pedophiles, who literally seethed with disappointment that they couldn’t enter the kids bathrooms any longer.

That’s all the beef that Obama-Clinton have against the President and nothing else. That’s it. No kidding. But they want to prosecute him and impeach him for blocking their access to kiddie porn too.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.38.04 AM

Thus they called-in the dirty cop Mr Robert Mueller to investigate the inauguration donations, and the donors, because the DemoRats all suffer from an acute case of TDS otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Indeed, the crazy Libtards, Mueller, Maxine, Comey, Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Warren, Rosenstein, McCain, Reid, Sessions, & the rest of these comedians, who all together want to believe that a prosecutor has the power to remove a president.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.36.53 AM

HOWEVER a little thing called the CONSTITUTION says NO!

The only way a sitting U.S. president could ever be removed is by Congress bringing articles of Impeachment against the President and then casting a vote within the United States Senate, that results in an absolute two thirds majority for Impeachment.

And that little thing is the way that it ever can be done.

A two thirds majority vote in the US Senate…

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.37.41 AM

That is why actual Presidential impeachment has never happened before in our history.

And that is the only truth, despite what special counsel Robert Mueller, the crazy Libtard CNN & Mass Media bloviators, Chucky Schummer, Maxine Waters, fired Comey, crooked Hillary, gayly muslim Obama, geriatric Pelosi, Pocahontas Warren, deep state Rosenstein, Wrey, & Sessions, and all the rest of these comedians, who all want to believe that a prosecutor with an ax to grind has the power to remove a United States President from power.

Good Luck with that…

Because we have a little thing called the CONSTITUTION that says NO!

Hold your horses.

Don’t run out in the face of the storm.

No, not so fast buckaroo … don’t go out on a limp here, unless you want to be pelted with hail the size of tomatoes, pomegranates, and melons.

Sadly the Democratic Party adherents of the Saul Alinsky rules for revolutionaries — don’t believe in our Constitution anymore, and they spout all this nonsense because they want to fool the American voters once again…

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.35.38 AM

And they think they can do this by promising their imminent and again inevitable and historically necessary Victory in the midterm elections, so that they will magically get the Two Third majority in the Senate to impeach the President and bring Hillary back from the land of the undead.

That’s the spiel they give to their die-hard resistors and revanchist revolting pseudo-revolutinaries who are simply paid AntiFa agitators for the DNC-Soros-Steyer Coup D’Etat Chinese agents and Desperadoes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 7.49.54 AM

And of course in order to provide the undecided voters who are fooled by the CNN mafia and by the Deep State Coup D’ Etat machine — they keep the Mueller Special Prosecutor investigation gong on life support, so they can give their desperately obedient and foolish people a measure of hope that if they get up from their CNN induced stupor and go out and vote for the crazy libtards — they will attain the super majority necessary to “kill” this Republic.

However, this is a pot-smokers’ marihuana induced dream, and impossible to come to pass in the light of day. And if you don’t believe me — let’s bet on it. And it gets even better if you are a weed eater, weed smoker, or weed digester, puffer, imbiber — because I’ll give you greatly better odds.

Ten to One.

Because this is a pure character assassination plot against a sitting president.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.26.05 PM

Yet, still I’ll give you these terrific odds, because I know the improbability and the impossibility of this liberal dream, to unseat and kill a sitting President like Lyndon Johnson killed the beloved by the people president JFK back in the days that papa Bush was leading the CIA and had travelled to Dallas to oversee the assassination as well, in order to assist the designs of the then VP the racist and ugly human being LBJ…

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.31.17 AM

To repeat that horror — No Thanks — because that would indeed be a terrible nightmare for our Democratic Republic, and for our people.

But of course, we are not gonna let that happen again today. Although we put up with a lot of garbage from the Dems and their stupidity — we are not going to allow that to happen and we will protect our President and the Constitution.

Because the proof of why this illegal witch hunt for a presidential impeachment is an impossible scenario, rests within the Constitution of the United States.


Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 11.17.10 AM

You can find it in there because, the founders and the framers of this country, back in 1776 in Philadelphia, decided that they wanted to built a mechanism that will make it possible to remove a president if necessary… by the super majority of the Senate, yet still make it impossible to impeach a president in the course of a putsch or a Coup D’Etat by the disgruntled and disgraced assassins of our Constitutional Republic.

The framers wanted to offer this Constitutional shield protection in order to protect the President from an assassination and a Coup D’Etat by a doggie style, droopy ears, and lidded eyes, special prosecutor who looks like Pluto the Disney animation dog…

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 8.30.21 AM

And that is why the Super Majority of Two Thirds in the Senate came to be necessary in order to enforce articles of impeachment…

And the framers wanted to maintain the possibility of removing a tyrant should that occasion arises, or an invalid, or an unstable person, but also to provide a venting mechanism so that passions can be also exercised in order to stop the assassins from conspiring and colluding with CIA, FBI, NSA, and many other secret societies that can find benefit in themselves and ample reasons to kill the President.

And of course such a plan is in the works as we’ve seen in the staging of the “Kill The President” play masquerading as Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, as it was staged and played in Manhattan’s Central Park around the time of the inauguration.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.26.33 PM

I am indeed wondering if anyone will ever investigate the producers of that President killing show in the park, for conspiracy, collusion, or worse…

Yet I know that the FBI would rather interrogate and investigate all those that gave $100 dollars for the Inauguration ceremony as yours truly did. And I am writing these words as am surely now awaiting the special prosecutor’s summons… delivered like a bone in the mouth of a dog named Pluto.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 8.30.47 AM

Methinks the dog named Pluto, will have a particular difficulty keeping that nice juicy bone in his mouth once he comes in contact with this particularly ferocious english bulldog…

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 8.32.01 AM

And that is why the Founders chose the Two Third majority in the Senate to pass impeachment proceedings, after exhaustive hearings and judicial reviews in front of the joint house of representatives.

They chose the US Senate to be the August body of wise heads, that will contemplate the issue at length and then decide with an absolute two thirds majority to achieve.

They wanted to make the potential impeachment — not an easy thing…

Because they did not want to have a US president threatened day-in and day-out with “screaming banshees” calling for impeachment, as a pretext and a smoke screen for their all too obvious push for a Coup D’Etat.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 12.25.22 PM

Which is exactly what’s happening today.


Dr Churchill


Yet this Coup D’ Etat is a much more dangerous proposition today because we have a prosecutor who believes and acts as if he has the power to remove a duly elected acting US President, and he has all the support of the Mass Media and of the Deep State, and they all together want us to commit suicide like 9/11

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.31.36 AM

And then we have a DemocRat Party waterboarding the whole country so that the plantation slaves believe their BS, and the rest of the sheeple can hold with that unbelievable and illiberal belief, too.

And they collude with the enemies of our country — the islamists, the Chinese, the Arabs, and the Deep State operatives who have their own agenda and want to tear us apart.

That is what happens today.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.24.35 AM

Our combined enemies want to deprive us of our Liberty and of our Power, ad they have sought to sow discord and division in order to break up our Republic that is the last beacon of light shining across this earth.

So they simply want to destroy our country, in an act of sabotage that is hundred times more destructive than 9/11 ever was…

So, I beseech you to remember 911 and how you felt then and to ask you to put a stop to this horrid mess that the Deep State and the Mass Media has brought us to the brink of…

Time to sit down the foolish Pluto special investigation and to move on forward to the truth.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.25.32 AM

Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 11, 2018


Jesus said to her:

‘Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.”


“The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

–John 4:13-14

Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 10, 2018

Deliverance — ⏰3AM Call ANSWERED!

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 8.13.58 AM

What a Glorious Picture.

The three Americans hostages being greeted by @POTUS and @FLOTUS at Joint Base Andrews. One detainee holds up peace signs as our Grand Old Flag waves right behind him.

Incredible night.

God Bless America!

Finally we have someone at the helm, who answers the call of duty at 3AM unlike the idiots who wouldn’t even take the call from Benghazi

Thank God for that somebody…

If any other POTUS would have freed hostages it would have been celebrated by every channel, media platform, and social network — but not this one.

Why isn’t that the case now?

Because all the headlines are being manipulated to bash President Trump while his accomplishments are omitted by all of the Fake News & the leftist propaganda peddlers.

Thank God, now we are all awake — because we too, are no longer Hostages

However far too many of our brothers and sisters are still mired in mental slavery to those peddlers of socialist propaganda who want to undermine our country because their little hobby horse isn’t still sleeping inside the White House…

Those American people, that are still being held hostage by CNN and the crazy libtards –we have a responsibility to liberate and free their minds as well.

And we are doing it one person at a time, one victory at a time, and one prayer at a time.


Dr Churchill


🇺🇸This is what we Hired Him for!
🇺🇸Keeping ALL Americans Safe!


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 8.12.09 AM

Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 9, 2018

Let nothing disturb you…

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing disturb you,
let nothing frighten you,
everything passes,
but God stays.

Pacience reaches it all;
he who has God
lacks for nothing,
God alone suffices.

Lift your thinking,
raise up to heaven,
let nothing anguish you,
let nothing disturb you.

Follow Jesus Christ
with an open heart,
and, no matter what may come,
let nothing frighten you.

See the glory of the world?
It’s vainglory;
it is not everlasting,
everything passes.

Yearn for the celestial
that lasts forever:
faithful and rich in promisses,
God doesn’t change.

Love it the way it deserves
inmense kindness;
but there is not fine love
without the patience.

Confidence and alive faith
let the soul mantain,
that he who believes and hopes 1.
reaches it all.

Although harassed by hell
one may see himself,
he who has God
will defeat its rage.

Come abandonment,
crosses, misfortune;
God being your treasure,
you lack nothing.

Go, then, wordly goods
go, vain happiness;
even if everything is lost
God alone suffices.


Dr Churchill


Love is all…

Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 8, 2018

Two roads diverged in Washington State…

Two roads diverged in Washington State…

In one of these roads lies the slice of the state where the One Percenters and the members of the leftist liberal elites of the ballooning “Digital Economy” named for software publishing, technology ventures, internet sales, and the electronics industries which largely support economic growth as seen in Seattle, Bellevue, and in the surrounding cities and suburbs — live and thrive…

And then there is the other road that leads to the Heartland of Washington state to Bellingham, Ellensburg, Vantage and beyond the Columbia river crossing to Yakima, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and all the rest of the agricultural Washington.

This blog-topic today is also spread out in two parts as these people need to be described differently in order to be addressed properly, deferentially, and united — yet somewhat separate…

So we will start with the Rich & Famous that represent only the top One Percent 1% percent of the people in absolute numbers in our multi dimensional, multi cultural, multi religious, and multi climatic, State of Washington.

It is good to know that the State of Washington is represented with all of the 7 distinct regions of weather, climate, and soil, that represents more diversity than any other state of the UNION and yet we are all somewhat united in the whole, as a single State with various diverse regions and people.

It is the same with our electoral and voting preferences, since we should be able to choose for ourselves whatever party and whomever individual we decide to represent us in our state and federal government and beyond.

We are united as Citizens of this State and yet we are not being consulted as such whenever we deal with the distribution of power across the land. Mainly because the powerful and moneyed coastal elites manage to always swindle the voters and take in their electoral choices far more than the less than half of our State that fits in their geographic and political distribution,

And of course they do this through hook and crook since the government of the State is always in the hands of the Democrats and the Olympia machinery is stacked against the independent thinking voters or those that have Christian values and Conservative orientation…

And thus this is considered the Blue state, in all electoral results of the past fifty years — even thought the division between Blue vs Red is not unequal.

It is up to the King County elections commission under Dow Constantine that gave Hillary Clinton, the 93% division of the electorate body in Washington state this past Presidential elections of 2016.

Apparently in the 2016 elections Hillary Clinton won the presidential election in Washington state with a whopping 54.3 percent of the vote, which represents a slightly reduced percentage from what President Obama achieved in Washington State back in 2012 with his Hope & Change message. Yet even after the Obama-Clinton eight years during which “No Banker was Ever Harmed” for the crashing of our economy that impacted heavily the citizens of Washington state, still ours was among the eleven states in which Hillary Clinton although losing against Bernie Sanders in the primaries, still outperformed Barack Obama’s winning margin from the presidential general elections of 2012. In 2016 according to Washington State records President Donald Trump received 38.1 percent of the state’s vote.

Yet if you go granular and look closely, you might see that the County that gave the decided advantage to Hillary Clinton was King County where the blatant corruption and theft of the independent votes and the dismissing of the conservative votes, gave Hillary Clinton an astonishing 72% OF THE TOTAL VOTE. And of course that smacks of corruption because even if you running against a dead man — you simply can’t get that high in the polls unless your name is Stalin, Pol-Pot, Mao Ze Dung, Lenin, Saddam Husein, Muammar Gadaffi, or crooked Hillary. To avoid further embarrassment the King County executive later revised this unreal percentage downwards to 69.8% that still helped Hillary carry the whole state but looked a little better on paper when people questioned the validity of the elections in Washington state.

As you can easily see, from this map of the voting counties of Washington state — this was decidedly proof of the regular corruption of the Democratic party supervisors of our decidedly undemocratic elections … within Washington state, as long as the office of elections is controlled by corrupt Democrats who have been in power for far too long for their own good, or for the good of the citizens of this state.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.00.53 PM

And this map above explains rather handily the way the State votes for important things, it also shows why the election rigging and the corrupt elections officials have elevated the craft of rigging and stealing elections to an art form.

Blue West vs Red East, is what Washington state appears to be, and with some independents in between counties, as well as in the Heartland of the state — we’ve got a pretty unbalanced situation that takes advantage of the weak and leaves them prey to the mighty “One Percent” who determine the fate of the politically weak ones to be subservient to the powerful coastal leftist elites who are lording it over all others…

Yet even thought the electoral map is a strange one — this state is really interesting, mainly because of it’s diversity, and for the quality of people that it is made up of. Now for a state being as diverse as Washington and it’s geography, which spectacular, at almost every turn — is a boon and a handicap too. Since Washington has seven distinct physiographic regions, spanning eastwards from the rugged Pacific coastline and soaring volcanic peaks of the Cascades, to the middle deserts and to the fertile fields of the Columbia Basin — there is not a uniformity of terrain any more than there is a uniformity of citizenry.

And while it’s tempting to delve deep into the geology that created such a diverse landscape over millions of years, starting form the biblical sized floods, to the glacialy formed canyons, the incredible lakes, the mountain peaks and the riverbeds, along with the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states — the fact that we live in an open and always evolving geological smorgasbord — not only drives the geography, the climate, and the agriculture, but also the economic, social, and even the religious nature of its’ many people who have evolved here like the peaceful volcanoes staying happily dormant until the and totally cause a New Pompey in a matter of minutes.

But after talking about the weather, it is also proper, to get serious and dispense with polite conversation in order to say the hard things, because the One Percenters are far more potent amongst their quiet influence that extends well beyond and besides Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Jeff Bezos, and the Starbucks crazy dude, and their mini-me imitators, amongst their legions of employees, and imitators. These are the “one percent” lackeys, the corrupt politicians, who fully enjoy the trappings of the One Percent class of clueless inequity, ignominy, and inequality — and also call the shots on behalf of the ‘Mentally enslaved liberal leftist population of this state who vote and behave as they are being told by the media and their iconic yet moronic leaders.

And yet all of these same people apparently suffer from the very same egomaniacal guilt-complex, in their wish to alone enjoy their exalted status — while they are attacking anyone else who wants to reach for primacy. That is why the scion of private education Bill Gates finances “Common-Core” fr your kids, while he likes what he received and he sends his own children to get at the same education at the very private and very expensive Lakeside school.

And instead of wanting to uplift everyone’s education or at least to give others the same chance to have a “private education” for their children — he wants everyone else to receive the pitifully sad crumbs of “Common Core” shithole style public education. And that is why he wants to deprive the people without any hope for affording the “Lakeside” education, from getting a simple voucher to take their children to a parochial school, or to any kind of charter school. Because he thinks that he knows best what is good for them, and he will make sure to force it down their throats as they do with the sterilization vaccines in Africa ramming them down people’s brown skin, without even bothering to tell them why.

The duplicity and the infamy of these individuals who aspire to a two-tier society with double standards and double speak, even in our own State of Washington, is not lost on me.

Neither is the irony of those apparently being toasted around town for saving the world — being the worst of the worst in their application of their hateful ideology of exclusion and enforcement.

Nor is the irony of seeing that their children get top college educations, and enjoy automatic placement in Ivy league schools and universities, and then go on to have good internships that will lead to great jobs, so that their parents feel better about themselves, and sleep soundly at night knowing that not only they have got enough money stashed away to help themselves meet all of this life’s challenges, but they also have more than enough dough to provide for their children’s trust funds, and for their children’s children until the sun goes dark…

And all that becomes possible because Uncle Sam has a good Tax System that allows them to shield the vast majority of their capital gains from taxes because of the charitable foundations that they have created and run for a lifetime of being tax scofflaws.

Of course, they object to anyone else getting a tax break and as Jeff Bejos has demonstrated they want house their tax windfall to “Screw the President” especially now that the Resistance is a comfortable thing to belong to. Revolution, resistance, revancism, – are all great new words to learn because they might come to be useful in this day and age of crazy doublespeak and Orwellian doublethink.

And so these errant and shifty super-rich also receive the adoration of the peasants and the right of prima geniture, along with the validation from the social networks they control, the newspapers they own, and the willing and unwilling legions of self described lackeys. And they use this token of adoration so they can automatically bolster their feelings of well being, and their tiny itchy bitchy egos, by looking at the news that never stops reminding them of their amazing intelligence, their smart quotes about saving the world, and of their wish to share their awesome good fortune by helping the poor.

And as if this fawning society built around them is not enough — they get to grow and socialize their children alongside other parents who can afford Au-pairs that will talk to them in French, and who will read books to them, and then to endow their kinds with specialized tutors to help with homework, and with other attendants that will drive the kinds to plenty of stimulating things to do, classes to take, and cool places to recreate and sharpen their minds if not soften their character…

So it is these people who travel in airplanes above this flyover part of Washington state, and go anyplace across America except in the hinterland, and they would much rather take European vacations, and they go many times per year to San Francisco, and New York, but never get caught traveling to Spokane WA, or Ellensburg, or Vantage Washington n the Heartland of this great state that has all seven climate zones and is as diverse as any other.

It is these One Percenters that always drive the brand new TESLA automobiles, and that they are claiming to be saving the planet doing this — while in reality they are consuming all of our resources at a rapid rate…

Yet it is these uber-consumers, the “One Percent” citizens of Washington, and denizens of Seattle-Bellevue, and of King County, that are laying out and claiming their turf, on the coastal plains of Washington state. And it is these new fangled Social activists wanting t save everyone else through their new found “Special Malthusian Wisdom” who see economic growth all around them, but not for any of the lesser ones, the poor, or all of the others. And yet it is these pessimists who choose amongst our educational and governance programs amongst the many exciting possibilities for our own future, as if they provide crumbs from their table to the supplicants and the beggars…

Yes. Sad as it may be, the worst thing is that these are the very people — The One Percent — that they make the plans, they influence the policies, they choose the career politicians of both parties, and they seem to want to manage all the problems of our state from the basic traffic solutions, to suggesting tolls for visiting the cities we built, and the highways we have, all the way to deciding what the public transit should look for all others — so they can drive unhindered on the HOV lanes of the sky with their private helicopters flying above all nasty traffic snares bellow them — and therefore count themselves as really lucky to be Washingtonians, and to live amongst the “stupids” the “micro serfs” and the foreign slaves of the dark races, that work slavery type hours, for meager wages, in their software farms.

These One Percent citizens, of this blessed Sate, of course rarely visit the Heartland of the State, and they certainly never go to where the other 99% percent of the Washingtonians live.

These uber-rich folks never visit the low-wage sector of our economy either. Nor do they go to the agricultural Washington, or to the Nuclear Reservations spilling radiation at will… and irradiating all other Washingtonians including themselves if they ever drink the water, breath the air, or eat the food this Washington state shares amongst all living things here.

The “One Percent” never go to visit the Indian reservations of Grace county.

The “One Percent” helicopter riders never go to the Central District “CD” the capital of unemployment and drug abuse in Seattle’s heartland.

They never go to visit the White Center, where each night there is at least one murder committed, unbeknownst to the authorities…

The One Percent jet set, never go to see the other slums and the ghettos of Seattle, where unemployment tops 73% amongst the predominantly black and latino population, as it does in CD, and in the White Center, otherwise known in the local slang, as Nigga-town and Rat-City respectively.

The One Percent world saviors, have no reason to go there, because it is easier to go pretending to save the world in the wilds of Africa in Zambia, in Equitorial Guinea, and in Ghanna. Because today’s white hunter in Africa, is the CEO of the BG & MG foundation dropping in to see the black kids being saved. And this is what you do if you want to be received as the Messiah. It is a far better gig than going to the local ghetto where you might get shot at, just for your pains to come visit, or to just be seen as a white dude driving through… Nobody is going to receive Billy G. driving into the ghetto of Seattle as a hero, with a Messianic complex.

And a good thing it is because some type of mayhem might ensue.

And that is not necessary a bad thing.

And the reason why Bill Gates and his brethren from the One Percent class, don’t want to show up in the ghetto, is not that they will be eaten alive, but it is that they do to want to become too chummy with the Bloods, and the Creeps, and with the other black gangs, and with the Latino creepy gangs, or with all those fine citizens that perform the drive-by-shootings in their daily routines. So Billy G. does not want this kind of friends because this type of friends tend to shoot up things and people as they are high on crack, and so the swanky set of the One Percent, don’t want these people showing up and doing their drive-bys in person, in the plush Medina suburb of Bellevue.

Because that is, where Bill Gates lives, and there are no black or Latino people there, but these fine folks of color and culture, are quite frequent in the White Center and the CD ghetto, of Seattle…

So this America of ours has many differences and that needs to be celebrated but not in a Socialist way, like Adolf fvckin Hitler, and his national socialists did, and administered policies like those of Hillary Clinton and with her exact version of disdain and hate for all those she didn’t agree with…

Take for example this following absurdity:

Medina on the Eastern lakefront of Bellevue is where Bill Gates and his family live in a funky mansion with multiple car garage that now includes Adolf Hitler’s armor plated Mercedes Benz 700 “Grosser” that he bought this year for upwards of Seven Million USD. And then my friend Bill dares to complain about why some people call him “Dr Menghele” for providing contraceptives and sterilization vaccines to the unsuspecting Africans and to all the poverty stricken Third World peoples, who implicitly trust the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to help them take better care of their health… whereas all Bill G. cares for, is to provide a Malthusian solution to the “Rich People’s” problem of fearing the issue of global overpopulation.

Yet, here, in the rest of the State of Washington that is not made up of Microsoft software money — there is the world of shrinking possibility for the rest, for the 99% of the Washingtonians whose world is already shrinking to the level of non existence.

And if you go to visit the agricultural Washington, you too can see that the world of these other Washingtonians has shrunk in a terribly dramatic fashion.

Typically Washingtonian and American kids, along with ordinary people are literally abandoning the jobless part of the state in droves, because these folks are burdened with farm debt, illogical tax burdens, bank loans with no hope of repayment, and are all anxious about their insecure jobs if they now have a job or a farm any longer at all. And of course they cannot compete with the Mexican agricultural workers’ cheap labor — so they choose to up-stakes and leave to find sunny pastures elsewhere and they usually end up in the dark and rainy side of the state, because that’s where the jobs are.

And these are not the worst losers of the Mexicanization of Washington state, because there are the many others of the 99% who are getting sick and dying younger than they used to, because the Hanford Nuclear reservation is spewing uncontrolled radiation hither and tither unchecked. And all that stuff is getting not the Columbia river that is the lifeblood of this state but also it’s most massive reservoir of potable water and aquifer refiller.

These people — the down winders — along with all the other Washingtonians cannot get their health sorted by the crumbling Obamacare that they have trouble paying for, since the premiums have gone sky high, but they cannot abandon that altogether either.

Family life is also uncertain here, in the other Washington, so much so, that people often don’t partner-up and don’t get married for the long-term, even when they have children together.

Ads for their kids, if they go to college, they have to work two jobs while doing it, and then have to finance it by also going heavily into debt, and of course they will never come back to Kititas county or Pasco, or tri-cities, because there are no jobs there. Or at least there are no decent paying jobs, that would allow them to pay back that school debt.

These Washingtonians are the ones that I’ve spoken with, these past years that I’ve been campaigning across the state and they are now at their wit’s ends and as God fearing Christians they are living it all up to the Good Lord.

And that’s all they can do, because they are not thinking about the future logically, since they are focused on surviving the present, after the ten bloody years of the Obama Clinton cabal that drove most of them into bankruptcy.

And you can’t blame them, because the world in which they were raised-up, is now MIA. If not missing, that world is being rapidly replaced by another Washington state, and that is a world into which they are a sad minority, and the majority is made up of illegal aliens largely from Mexico, and from seasonal agricultural workers from some real “shithole” countries beyond America’s Southern border.

And indeed this part of Washington is very different from the one Washington and the One that is advertised by our good Governor Inslee, and by the brigades of PR and the two Democrat women senators that spout out constant nonsense about the all-inclusive and largely imaginary America, that no longer exists.

This Washington state that they were taught to believe in, whether in their churches, or in their schools and in their town halls — has ceased to exist and that is a bloody shame.

And because the members of the One Percent act as if they own these people, and Washington people are feeling that they are owned, or at least are being “acted upon” — there is a budding tension of discontent with the Marie Antoinettes of Seattle and Bellevue — people like Jeff Bejos of Amazon battling constantly the elected President through his mouthpiece the Washington Post and his rabbit dogs pretending to be some kind fo incorruptible journalists, and with Bill Gates owing and secretly driving Adolf Hitler’s automobile while admonishing the world to help the very people he seeks to sterilize in the dark parts of Africa and of the Third World…

So it seems to me that what happened is that Washington State’s middle class, that rose triumphantly in the post-World War II years, buoyed by the victory against the forces of darkness, and the worldwide success of “Pax Americana” along with the “Marshal Plan” and the very many programs of returning to a Peace time production, that gave the great mass of workers and their families wealth, health, and pension benefits that provided security…

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 4.21.28 PM

The sad soap-saga started just a couple of years after the ’67 “Summer of Love” because apparently just around 1970, the productivity of workers began to get divided from their wages. Corporate attorney and later Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell galvanized the business community to lobby vigorously for its interests.

And it seems that Johnson’s War on Poverty was replaced by Nixon’s War on Drugs, which sectioned off many members of the low-wage sector, disproportionately black, into prisons. Politicians increasingly influenced by the FTE sector turned from public-spirited universalism to free-market individualism.

As money-driven politics accelerated (a phenomenon explained by the Investment Theory of Politics, as Temin explains), leaders of the One Percent group, became increasingly emboldened to ignore the needs of members of the low-wage sector, or even to actively work against them.

Therefore this uniquely One Percent America’s underlying racism has a continuing distorting impact to all the rest of us, and while they present themselves as Liberal Elites — they secretly do to people what the AG of New York state did to women who fell under his control. Hard bitch-slapping followed all the liaisons of New York State Attorney General “The Law Is Me” Eric Schneiderman who is a feminist and a #MeToo female hero that just last week gave an address to the Women of New York and got an award for Feminist of the year, and also spoke at the Women’s March of 2017 and was also the choice of NOW in New yrok and endorsed by these pussy hat wearing feminists…

Well done women of New York. You elected the guy — now, let’s see how is that working out for you…

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.59.44 PM

But on the broad and fertile fields of Washington state, nurtured by the mighty Columbia river — the majority of the low-wage sector is still white, with blacks and Latinos making up the balance, but the Washington state politicians learned to talk as if the low-wage sector is mostly black and latino, because it allowed them to appeal to racial prejudice, which is useful in maintaining support for the structure of the One Percent economy — while hurting everyone of the 99% in the low-wage sector. The desire to preserve the inferior status of blacks has motivated Democratic party policies against all members of the low-wage sector.

Sadly the presidential race of 2016 both revealed and amplified the anger of the low-wage sector at this increasing imbalance. Low-wage whites who had been largely invisible in public policy until recently came out of their quiet despair to be heard. Unfortunately, present trends are not only continuing, but also accelerating their problems, freezing the dual economy into place in the bonds of the easily triggered leftist liberal elites of Washington state.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 4.55.52 PM

We’ve been digging ourselves into a hole for over fifty years, but at least now, we know that we have to stop digging, or at least stop those that dig on our behalf…

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.30.12 PM

Because if we start spending more on domestic, rather than military activities, then the middle class of our State — would flourish or at least it will not vanish as quickly. The effects of technological change and globalization could be altered by political actions. We could restore and expand education, shifting resources from policies like mass incarceration to improving the human and social capital of all Americans. We could upgrade infrastructure, forgive mortgage and educational debt in the low-wage sector, reject the notion that private entities should replace democratic government in directing society, and focus on embracing an integrated American population. We could tax not only the income of the idle super rich, but also their capital.

The cost of not doing these things, is incalculably high, and even the rich will end up paying for it, as our state becomes a California where nobody is safe to get out of their gated communities.

There is a movie titled: “Hidden Figures” that recounts a very dramatic and yet true story about three African American women who were excellent mathematicians and teachers of algebra, calculus, and arithmetic, and understood their Maths rather well. And yet these brilliant mathematicians were condemned to a life of teaching only black students in segregated colleges. Yet once we had as a nation a “Moonshot” through the amazing work of a visionary President John Fitzgerald Kennedy — these women’s fate completely changed when they were tapped by NASA to contribute to the landing on the moon and to the overall program of space exploration.

Yet by comparison today we are losing the ability to call for Moonshots, and therefore to award people like that with the incredible responsibility to do the difficult and the amazing things that we all know that they can do… even thought they come from humble beginnings.

Indeed, we have a structure that predetermines winners and losers based largely on the accident of DNA section of the two XXs coupling with the Y chromosome.

So it is that in our state of Washington we are not getting the benefits of all the people who could contribute to the growth of our economy, to the advances in medicine, or science, or space exploration, or into any other pursuit which could improve the quality of life for everyone — including some of the One Percent rich people’s and their kids lives too.

This exploration of inequity and inequality within our State of Washington has provided for me with an cautionary tale, an alarm bell, and a giant red flag, because it illustrates the trajectory that will continue to accelerate as long as the “One-Percenters” from the liberal leftist enclaves of Seattle in the Western coastal part of the State are permitted to operate and to manage our state, as a plantation that they own for their own pleasure.

We must counter that immediately because these One-Percenters see our state the same way that they see our country. And I’m here to tell you that they see our country and state as a shithole made up of stupid people that elected Donald Trump and that they alone somehow know how to fix that…

Idle rich knowing how to fix our country…

Where have I heard that one before?

Dr Churchill


Please do keep in mind that within America’s borders the One-Percenters operate and lead solely for themselves at the expense of the majority, and yet they buy the majority vote, due to the corruption of the Plantation politics that their friends in the legislature enact for them.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.58.31 PM

As an example you can see that they distort the reality for the Washington state voters since they own the local and state media, and also because the own both the Democratic party lady Senators from Washington state, the state Governor, and the legislature, and of course the two silly local party apparatus, that believe that even without a robust middle class, America is going to go on voting Democrats for the next Two hundred years as LBJ said for the black Americans in his famous quote about giving the Blacks some support through Great Society programs and at the same time disenfranchising them so that when Lyndon Johnson gave support to the Blacks and the Minorities — he did it only with the express purpose to buy their votes in exchange.

It is obvious now that the Great Society social programs and placing minority people on permanent dole from the government, meant only one thing for LBJ and for the Democrats ever since:

It meant that this whole “Help the Weak” was designed as a vote buying scheme and an election rigging ploy all along and from the get go in day one…..

And my Black Republican friends like Martin Luther King were well aware of that depravity of LBJ and warned us against it.

“I’ll have them niggers, voting Democratic for two hundred years.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 5.57.59 PM

The America I know, and the Washington State that I know & love deeply, along with the great Washingtonians that I’ve come to Know & Love — not only they are not going to allow our communities, and indeed our very own Washington state to revert to a developing-country’s third world “shithole” status, but it has also become increasingly evident that they will engage in significant and rather serious social turmoil and peaceful civil disobedience to prevent this from happening in the United States.

And wait until you see what civil rights fighting from the Conservatives will look like, and remember that this form of resistance has not been seen in generations…

But we are ready to employ all mean necessary to fight against the tides and stay strong as sticks in the mud, in order to prevent that awful thing from ever happening here in our Heartland.

Today, few if any of the Washingtonians realize the gravity of our situation, by reading between the lines and discerning the real news that matter as is evidenced here in the Trump administration’s achievements for all Americans and of course for Washingtonians of all stripes and political spectrum colorations…

So while the Democrats and the Media scream 24/7 about the Mueller “Hoe riding story” of the porn chick Stormy Daniels, and her amazing connection if not outright and direct involvement in the “Mueller Russia Investigation” — altogether hoping to create a separate reality for the idiots who believe the mainstream Media and the Hooker as a reasonable symbol of the Democratic party — the “REAL” Reality comes knocking at the door detailing the results of Trump’s work as President and his achievements in office during his first year in office as listed bellow in sequential form:

  1. Now under President TRUMP, the US has a booming economy, with the lowest unemployment measured in peacetime.
  2. The Denuclearization of North Korea is proceeding apace.
  3. The USA Embassy in Israel has been moved to Jerusalem as was promised more than fifty years ago.
  4. Now Iran is going to be held accountable for it’s severe perfidy in secretly developing nuclear weapons, while under the Iran nuclear weapons ban treaty.
  5. Trump/Pompeo achieved the release of American prisoners freed by the rogue regime.
  6. And now we also can claim that the US infrastructure is going to get upgraded.
  7. All old, Trump has achieved in the first year in office amazing results, and above all else we now see that the American Prestige & Citizen’s Pride in being American has been restored.


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