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Why is the VC industry choosing to avoid risk altogether?

The year of the puppy is prepped to be a very lucky year for the nascent blockchain FinTech industry, and for that of the digital currencies.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 1.01.59 AM

And perhaps it is all tied up to the fact that the mainline VCs are consciously choosing to avoid risk altogether and the onus of finical results production falls on the shoulders of the new class of ICOs.

So as we see the issues of the Venture capital industry mounting — we ought to ask the question: “What are the root causes of problems in the VC industry?”

And also ask the attendant question “How can the future of venture capital shape up?”

And also this one: “Is the VC Industry at a terminal fall, or at a crossroads?”

Let’s attempt to answer these questions in a clear sequence:

Indeed, the year 2017 was an interesting year for venture capital, with a confluence of events occurring that could be seen as a watershed moment for the industry.

Some of these, such as the rise of ICOs, could trigger a gradual disruption of the industry’s current incarnation.

Taking these themes as a genesis for this article and, after previously addressing the portfolio strategy of VC, I wanted to take a look now at the industry’s issues and provide a view on the future of venture capital.

In 2017, I spent some time fundraising for a VC. firm and I have to say that it’s a very difficult and opaque process, with mixed messages sent from both sides. Framing this experience against some of the wider issues that are prevalent in the industry, it gave me some thoughts about how the industry can evolve, along the lines of:

Regaining the information advantage — Deploying improved fund structures — Taking the VC platform concept up a level — Alternative Business Models and Top Level Suggestions for the future — Understanding the present macro-economic threats currently in the VC market:

Venture Returns Are Underperforming the stock market by a lot…

Venture capital returns are sluggish, with recent index data from Cambridge Associates showing that the asset class largely underperforms public markets and private equity (Chart 1), with ten-year returns being below 15%. Considering that a standard target return for a VC fund should be 20%, you could see how the patience of LPs could be tested from this continual underperformance.

As previously noted, VC returns show tendencies of following power law distributions, thus, on an index level, the “home run” returns of the masters get diluted by the pretenders. Pitchbook data actually shows that this gap between the best and the rest is widening over time. Corroborating the view is the fact that when a fund becomes “successful,” its fortunes accelerate as it gets access to the best deals, due to the positive signals attached to a check from that fund.

The VC industry generates weak returns, but the best funds are getting better

As an alternative asset, venture capital will always be worthy of consideration within diversified portfolios. Indeed, data shows that VC returns have an inverse correlation of 28% to public markets. But to me, the data trends show that continually weak returns and the widening disparity of them could result in the VC industry splintering into two segments. For the best funds, it will be business as usual, but for the rest, access to capital may diminish as investor pessimism increases.

All the Venture Capital Exits Are Taking Far More Time, and the IPO window is largely shut.

Exits are the lifeblood of the VC market, enabling managers to crystalize paper gains and ultimately return proceeds to LPs. “Positive” exits come in the form of IPOs or M&A, and it is the lack of the former that is holding the VC industry back (Chart 3). The median time to exit by IPO for a venture-backed startup is now 8.2 years, and the resurgence of the IPO market is seemingly always around the corner—without it, funds either have to wait it out or pray for an M&A windfall. With exit figures remaining static and the number of investments following an upward trend, there are now 11.3 new investments per exit (Chart

The IPO numbers for the VC industry have not increased, and exits are not growing proportionally to investment rounds, instead many companies choose to remain Unicorns and stay n the baby pen for ever and ever….

A trend of longer holding periods for investments will have negative implications on IRR performance and increased stress on returning investor capital in a timely manner. There are no indications that IPO exits will pick up, and the prevailing theme is that startups would prefer to remain private. With large sovereign wealth funds providing IPO-esque capital in later rounds, staying private could be a far more attractive proposition over the distractions and disclosures of public markets.

The Silicon Valley VC Culture and Scandals Have Exposed Systemic Issues ravaging the VC Market and the VC industry.

Indeed the year 2017 saw some high-profile cultural issues in the VC industry come to light (e.g., here, here, and here). An overall binding theme throughout was how the VC market positions itself as a gatekeeper in the industry—as a conduit of power that can decide the fate of companies and entrepreneurs with irrational and subjective measures. Social Impact investors Mitch and Freada Kapor noted that the cultural norms of the VC industry could actually be incongruent towards finding compelling investments:

“Many VCs won’t take a pitch from an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a “warm intro” — someone known to the firm has to introduce the entrepreneur. This shuts out all kinds of talent from people not in existing social and professional networks. Warm intros are antithetical to meritocracy; it’s who you know that matters, not the merit of your idea.”
With backlash comes consideration, and that may result in less—or more stringent—allocations of capital to VCs. Investors may shun funds by investing directly, or via other channels, and startups themselves may take a closer look at the credentials from whom they raise.

Today, more than ever, the VC Industry Has More Competition from non traditional elements.

Until relatively recently, if a startup needed a significant investment of capital, its only choice would be venture capital firms. Fast forward to 2018 and there is an array of funding sources for entrepreneurs to choose from.

Other investment institutions that in the past would be passive LPs in VC funds are now investing directly. Retail investors too now have a share of the action—what started with the JOBS Act led to equity crowdfunding, and now we are living within the mania of ICOs.

Some highlights of increased investment activity from non-VCs are:

LPs directly investing in startup funding has increased from between 40 to 60 deals each year through 2008-2011 to now at almost 100 a year.
Sovereign wealth fund investments in startups have risen from $2 billion in 2010 to over $13 billion in 2016.
Equity crowdfunding was estimated to have reached $4 billion a year in the US in 2016, with annual growth of 100%.
The number of corporates investing in startups has doubled in number from 2012-2016 and now accounts for 24% of US venture deal participation.
In June 2017, money raised from ICOs surpassed early stage investing for the first time (Chart 5). Over $1 billion alone was raised by projects in December 2017.
ICO fundraising surpassed VC investment in June 2017

Venture capital is facing more competition for deals due to the increased popularity of these other sources of capital. A 2017 Preqin survey noted that 49% of VC managers reported an increased level of competition for deals. It’s no longer a foregone conclusion that a VC will be rolled out the red carpet for investment solicitations.

What Are the Root Causes of the Problems in the VC Industry?

Information Advantages Are Diminishing for Venture Capitalists

The emergence of mutual funds in the 1990s, and then the emergence of online stock brokering in the 2000s, has empowered personal investors to take charge of their own equity stock plans and investments. Gradually, technology created resources that largely offered the informed investor the chance of a level playing field relative to institutional investors and brokers, so now, a full 30% of high net worth individuals in the US, are self-directed investors, and they represent the fastest growing segment.

The VC market is displaying characteristics suggesting that its access to information is being democratized in a similar manner. Many of these new resources are free and accessible for all; for example, look at the evolution of the “industry tools”:

Private Rolodexes are now LinkedIn — Trade journals are now Techcrunch et al —
Company directories are contained on Crunchbase and AngelList — Elevator chatter exists on social media — What may have been an opaque and closed VC industry, has opened up, which in turn has bred healthier competition — For new or unproven VCs, the only advantage they have over a non-venture investor would be their network and reputation — Reputation is vital, but as the returns and probabilities show, earning-it, is not easy.

And for the majority of average/new/unproven funds that just scout deals through channels available to everyone, a question has to be asked from the investors’ perspective, of whether they want to pay the 2% management fees for the pleasure of doing this.

I was involved in attempting to raise a seed-stage fund in Asia, and all the traditional LP bases of family offices were losing interest in investing in VC funds. This was partly due to their children returning from grad school bitten by the VC bug, but also due to a view that they could just avoid paying fee/carry expenses by following rounds that the local VC funds were initiating.

The means that the incentives in the VC Industry Are Misaligned and the information gap has been mitigated…

The lifetime of a venture capital fund and its incentive structure may be suboptimal from an investor perspective.

Venture capital vehicles are structured as closed-end funds with a finite life, typically ten years at a maximum. At the end of this, distributions must be made to LPs and the fund terminated. While exit proceeds can be distributed in the form of shares from unrealized investments, it’s not ideal, and funds need to have cashed in or written off investments prior to the fund’s expiration.

Referring back to the section about exits, it’s taking longer for investment returns to be crystallized. This presents GPs with situations where they have to cajole an investment towards an exit, in order to meet the capital payback obligations. This may indeed be suboptimal for the LPs or entrepreneurs, as investments might be sold out too early, thus leaving plenty of value on the table, or been sold at a great discount.

Bigger round sizes now means bigger VC funds, which means bigger management fees under the “2 and 20” model. Management fees are meant to enable the fund to sustain itself and to pay for legal work and dealflow costs. However, the VC industry in its current manifestation is not scalable—the activities of a $10 million fund will be along similar lines to that of a $100 million fund, although the latter will pocket an extra $1.8 million of management fees per year.

GPs should only be interested in their carried interest bonuses, yet the culture of larger fund sizes provides more comfort from management fees, which might not be optimal from an incentivization perspective.

Diane Mulcahy sums it up very directly: “Given the persistent poor performance of the industry, there are many VCs who haven’t received a carry check in a decade, or if they are newer to the industry, ever. These VCs live entirely on the fee stream. Fees, it turns out, are the lifeblood of the VC industry, not the blockbuster returns and carry that the traditional VC narrative suggests.”

Are There Better Options for Entrepreneurs for Startup Funding? Yes, such as the increased supply of capital in startup funding has moved bargaining chips slightly in the direction of entrepreneurs. This has afforded them concessions with regards to the governance of their businesses, such as maintaining more control at a board level. This nullifies one of the value-adds that VCs typically offer, in the form of strong corporate governance counsel. One reason for all of the drama experienced at Uber in 2017, was due in part to its former CEO being provided a very liberal reign over its board.

There will always be demand for smart money, but the temptation for many to look for easy, passive money is becoming strong.

ICOs are a fascinating innovation worthy of an article of their own, but many of them are simply not appropriate use cases of blockchains and just murky attempts at raising quick cash, without giving away equity, or accepting governance terms.

ICOs present a tough choice and an even tougher situation for the venture capital community of adherents because if they participate in them, they will be seen as legitimizing a movement towards token-based passive investing that makes them no different from “Joe Public” — yet if they ignore ICOs, they contradict their very own existence and their “Raison D’Etre” of always looking out for the next-generation disruptive innovation to invest on…

So, how Can the Future of Venture Capital Shape Up? The answer is simple: VCs Need to Get to the Front of the Next Information Advantage

Despite increased access to information, the best funds and venture analysts will still retain the intangible skills of being able to parse wide swathes of information and find the best deals. One way that the VC fund of the future could stand out, get to the front of the queue on deals, and be efficient cost-wise would be to use big data to greater effect. This is something that may be scoffed at by purists, but a tandem approach of quantitative with qualitative decision making would allow funds to spot leading indicators quicker and mitigate biases.

Chart 6 below shows what InReach Ventures achieved using proprietary machine learning tools to build dealflow in Europe. Within a year, it collated over 95,000 companies, of which 15,000 were reviewed and then 2,000 engaged with. It also allowed them to spot a hidden gem called Oberlo, which was later acquired by Shopify.

The future of venture capital could involve using machine learning to manage deal flow selection

Arguments against this would cry “this is a quantity over quality approach!” But I think this displays an interesting angle to overcoming behavioral biases and showing how the VC industry could scale.

American Angels, has tested an initiative it calls “DOTs = Capital as a Software Service” which aims to automate the investment pitch and decision process. Startups apply online and go through selection steps without any human intervention. Its initial results showed some interesting contrarian trends that give credence towards giving all startups a level playing field with an objective non-human filter:

In our pilot, we evaluated nearly 700 companies and committed to funding several dozen of those, across various countries and many sectors, without a single traditional venture pitch. In fact, in most cases, the data-driven approach allowed us to reach conviction around an investment opportunity before we ever even spoke to the founders.

If Investing in Talent Is Key, Then Finding this Resourceful & Great Talent Earlier than your Competitors, is the Goal… because that’s how your company can scale the wall and outcompete the competition.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.39.41 PM

The earlier that you spot and invest in a startup with potential, the better. Historically, that would constitute making a set of small seed investments, then following on the winners in later rounds. Yet as investment rounds have gotten bigger, the concept of “historic seed” has become Series A, and now pre-seed is seen as the path to being the first institutional check in a company.

Being the first check writer, is one of the best differentiators that an active VC investor can take to stand out and outperform newer, less experienced investors. One way that VCs can take this even further is to go back even earlier, before the pre-seed round… to before the startup has even been born.

Finding inspirational talent that does not yet have an idea could be one part of the future of venture capital. Taking an equity stake in their “future idea” would be a way to encourage raw talent to go away with the backing some financial resources and see what they come up with.

Human talent is regularly seen as the core ingredient of success in a startup, superseding the business idea. A Gallup study claimed that highly talented entrepreneurs outperform their peers in year-on-year profit growth by 22%. Finding and connecting talent does not go unnoticed.

A Bay area VC, Mark Suster defines his job as being the “chief psychologist” and claims that: “We’re supposed to be good judges about which entrepreneurs and executives have both the most clever ideas and the right skill sets to do transformational things against all odds.”

Company builders have followed this style to an extent, but the great talent that they have are never the “true” owners of their business because they are salaried employees with reduced equity ownership. Spotting talent is what VCs do best, and they should go to the habitat of talent and get in their ear before they even have an idea.

The VC Market Should Adopt New Fund Structures to Align Incentives

The typical VC LLC model has been around for years and moves to change it could align interests more clearly between investors and the management team.

In 2017, when I was involved in a VC fund’s fundraiser, we were faced with two issues: the emerging market paradox of slow exits and overly cautious investors. Two such ideas that we floated to mitigate them gave me insight into how funds could employ better structures to align interests.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.31.11 PM

Evergreen Funding to Alleviate Time Constraints and Build Continuity

Experiencing a resurgence in popularity within private equity circles, evergreen structures take the form of having “infinite capital” through investors buying shares in a holding company. The management team then invests them when and as they see fit. Berkshire Hathaway shows a famous example of this model.

An evergreen fund affords the management team the advantages of having no timing constraints and being able to hold investments as long as optimally necessary (Figure 1).

Timing advantages of evergreen funding in venture capital fund structures

Proceeds from investment exits can also be reinvested back into new deals and allow for a true legacy corporation to emerge. Running the fund more as an ongoing concern also allows for more prudence over costs, fewer fundraising distractions, and flexibility to deviate opportunistically from a fixed investment thesis.

Sounds good, right? The only downside to this utopia is convincing investors to part with money into an illiquid holding company vehicle with potentially very long payoff timescales. Yet when you consider how LPs continually invest in VC, take proceeds, and invest again, an evergreen could be more of a cleaner and long-term commitment to the asset class.

The ICO craze has seen proposals for VC “token” funds to be raised in an evergreen manner. However this is an unnecessary and potentially foolish endeavor, because there is no need for a VC fund to be built on a blockchain, since all the “Token Holders” would have no control over their investment, the majority of the benefits would sit with the manager, and secondary markets would be incredibly illiquid.

Deal-by-Deal Pledge Funds for the Unproven and Hungry Investor

This is an ugly (for the GP), but very pure form of venture capital whereby a manager scouts deals and then presents them to an investor base, who can elect whether to invest or not. By allocating funds to a pledge fund (a commitment to invest), the manager has assurance that the capital is in place and ready to be allocated — if the opportunity seems appropriate enough.

This can be seen as ugly due to the fact that deals can be lost due to the holdups and corralling for approval. It also is seen as undesirable for the manager due to insecurity over fees to cover their expenses during the formative stages.

I think these kinds of arrangements will come back in fashion due to their clear alignment of interests. The VC has an excellent carry incentive, as they will earn per-deal carry and they do not have to worry about a collective fund life. The investors also get an element of control over what they are investing in and being expensed—it also gives them more involvement of being “in the game” from the deal selection decision. I can see this being a necessary route for new VCs to take to prove their worth, similarly to search funds, which follow a similar opt-in-out approach.

Widen the Scope of Platform Services as a Differentiator

Offering platform services has been one way that VCs have sought to enhance their reputation and enact positive influence upon their investments outside of the boardroom. A typical play is to have an in-house expert on hand to assist portfolio companies with activities such as human resources and marketing.

For large funds, this proves to be an asset, reinforcing their quality of investment monitoring and access to dealflow. For smaller firms, allocating the budget to do this is more problematic. When you invest in a company, you’re empowering them with the financial resources to go out and improve their organization. Providing them intensive aftercare services can breed complacency, distract them, and cloud their judgment. This increases in magnitude if other investors in the same company are offering similar benefits.

But with capital supply sources more varied, outside of strong governance skills, platform services are one of the only strong differentiators VCs can offer startups. So what do the unproven funds do?

There are other ways that funds could add value to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to mutually enhance reputation. To put it in perspective, if we look at a map of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, investors only really occupy two parts of it.

Stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem are legion but the true pillars of the House of Entrepreneurship are few an far in between…

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.05.15 PM

Assessing the reasons for why startups fail, yes, capital is an important one, but there is an array of problems that entrepreneurs face in their burgeoning company lives. Building out a wider and leaner reach of platform services into the entire ecosystem is one way for funds to broaden their network, reputation, and chances of success. This doesn’t have to come in the form of headcount, but simply more outreach and effort in the indirect channels that affect the fortunes of the portfolio. Going back to using data more strategically, machines could provide a platform service, without the need for headcount. SignalFire uses technology to sift through employment data to help its portfolio companies

In Louis Coppey’s article, he talks about having a vision of curating a wide network of advisors that can assist virtually—this is something small funds can do too, as it’s far less capital- or human-intensive.

The platform doesn’t necessarily have to be directly provided by the fund—it could be stimulated on a portfolio level. I’ve seen Slack groups of portfolio companies where they are encouraged to help each other out, but contributions can often be lopsided in accordance with the fortunes of each respective company. Offering a more holistically tangible incentive, such as a portion of carry to all the portfolio founders, could be one way of stimulating cohorts to create their own platforms without physical interventions from the VC, thus enabling the VC to focus on wider market initiatives.

Get Leaner, Go Earlier, and Get Focused

Despite middling returns, venture capital remains a glamorous industry. For many, it offers the intersection of financial dealmaking with the ability to make tangible and positive interventions post investment.

The growth in popularity of the VC industry has seen new funding competition emerge and behavioral preferences change, which can be incongruous to the traditional model of venture capital. I’m not saying that the industry is going to die out at all—instead, just making a case that certain changes could be made to ensure that LPs get a good deal and VCs deploy their talents in an optimal way.


Dr Churchill


My vision of the future for the “rest of the pack” is that a combination of the following will occur:

Machines will take over half of the role that associates currently perform.
New funds will have to go back even earlier in the lifecycle to find companies.
Generalist investment theses will only be reserved for proven “home run” funds or growth equity-focused ones.

The closed-end legal model will evolve into structures that align timing and incentives better.

The emergence of ICOs could act as the catalyst for this change, and one now hopes that its relevance makes the now an important time to act…

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The President just followed me on Twitter…

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about trust.

Last year I had more than a Million and a half Twitter followers and because I supported Donald Trump for the Presidential elections, my friend little boy Jack Dorsey of Twitter removed all of them from my account and shut me down for a few months and when they released my account it had only 700 followers…

Nice work twitter twats. Nice work if you can get it, and if you want to be a real p.o.s. like the fascist little boy Jack Dorsey that managed to get Twitter to it’s knees… Well done Jackie boy. Now go get stuffed.

But the thing is that even now that I have my account the Twitter moronic twats keep remove my followers daily. So what one to do? This and with all the other news of fascist Democrats that’s coming out — it might appear that we are living in an untrustworthy world.

In a world where you cannot trust anybody.

Indeed, who can you trust, when you keep getting surprised each and every day with the level of corruption and criminality never before seen in America?

After the Florida school shooting, there are a lot of people that now advocate for taking our guns away…

But whose interest do they serve?

Whose interests do the Gun control freaks serve?

And do we know, who are these people screaming and shouting as they gear up and scheme with the Democrats and the Internet trolls and Propaganda bots, to take away our guns?

I’ve come to know something about it recently form a personal experience…

Because indeed I’ve had a recent experience with two scam artists that showed up for one of my Angel Investors class and tried to gain my confidence to become my trusted confidants and associates.

I played along and got to engage with them in order to find out their true designs and soon enough they revealed themselves to be spies (no shit) for Iran…

To make matters worse they engaged in dangerous espionage against the United States while in front of me, they were playing the innocent all American immigrant. Yet these dangerous people, that supposedly came to America because they were prosecuted for practicing the Bahai faith…

What hogwash…

This couple fo full blown spies are verdant Muslim operatives practicing their jihad and seeking to overthrow our democratically elected government and get another Muslim loving Obama-Clinton loser in the White House, so that we can give them another bunch of Billions and support the development of the Ayatollah’s nuclear weapons…

Imagine that.

Muslim Iranians sabotaging our Democracy in favor of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama policies that favored Iran and the crazy Mullahs, that seek to turn the World into a nuclear winterland, just so their teleological jihad will be completed and their Islamic dictatorship will be enforced throughout the nations of this Earth.

What deluded bastards. A couple of vermin, spies of the lowest quality, that have come to the United States because of the lax immigration controls and the silly raproachment with the Theocrats of Tehran that the stupid administration of Clinton-Obama looked to carry favor with…

And now we have the stupidest spies in the world — those scions of Tehran that are loose in SeaTac and Tukwila, stockpiling weapons, and propagandizing against President Trump and in favor of the Democratic party. We now have these losers amongst us, because Tehran uses the money we gave them to pay us back in this way. We deserve that backstabbing since the spy handlers of Tehran believe that Hillary Clinton and her sidekick and extreme muslim Huma Abedin, along with the cryptomuslim Ellison, and all the other globalists of the Democratic party, are the people they want to see in power in the United States because it serves their interests.

And that’s why the Iranians employ their domestic spies to unleash propaganda against ourselves and cause divisions and rancor that might incapacitate the president and make his actions less effective, sine they are really afraid of Donald Trump…

Why Iranian propaganda about taking away the guns of American citizens?

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 7.11.10 AM

Because they are a bloody ruthless dictatorship and they have perfected the art of suppressing dissent at home and are trying their hand here in America too. Of course here in the US, they are doing this in conjunction with the Democratic party, because the Democrats too, have perfected over the years the art of suppressing dissent in the same way as practiced by authoritarian governments everywhere.

Indeed, for most of human history, the solution was simple. Plentiful use of brutal force. Punish people severely enough when they step out of line, and you deter potential protesters. As for the ones that persist — there are bullets, disappearances, secret jails, entrapments, family pressures, children abductions and worse..

But why go through all that trouble when in the age of the internet and during times of Mass Media “fake news” and yellow journalism — there are easier ways to tame dissent and use Goebbels style propaganda to influence friends and foes alike?

Today’s Iranian spies in America, use sophisticated marketing funnels to target their propaganda towards the people that are easier to accept their message and thus be influenced in favor of their cause.

Namely the Iranian spies target primarily, the young Millennial Democrats, and their brethren, Generation X, and Generation Y, vehemently along with all those disillusioned extreme leftist Democrats and Bernie Sanders socialist followers — with a message of “Why not try-on a hijab?” or “Why don’t we try to have Sharia law in America?” and all those silly yet catchy messages, such as those aimed at the easily influenced young ones, who are told that under Islamic Finance — you don’t have to pay your credit card debt anymore (interest-free).

Iran’s strategy, for the nightly news is that the government actively manipulates its population, but that it shouldn’t necessarily appear that way to its citizens. Part of the reason for this is the Mullah’s unusual approach to propaganda, which is to avoid refuting skeptics, or defending policies, and instead they choose to flood the TV & digital space with funny & happy news, and with shows about the twin evils of the world as they see it: USA & Israel.

So the Dictators of Iran, in the name of their muslim god Allah and his prophet Mohammed, along with his grandson Ali — are always in a fighting mode as they stream propaganda in the form of frequent and massively networked newsposts by an army of human bots, that flood the Persian walled garden of the Internet, with the opinions and the thoughts of the Government minders and the nanny state. All that interspersed widely through the day, with funny shows, commentary, and religious discussions on television and on the radio about the Evil “Hamrica” and the satan of “Yisrail.”

And here’s what the strategic logic behind this approach might be, at least as it appears this those of us who are not authoritarian stooges.

Methinks, the main purpose of Iran’s spies and propaganda is distraction, division, and incapacitating ambivalence, that freezes the citizens of this Democratic Republic and prevents us from defending our interests at home and abroad.

This is truly the goal of the Iranians, and their partners, the Hezbollah and the Muslim Feminist Pussy hat wearing combine that walks the streets of American arm-in-arm with the Iranian spies and stooges.

This much is evident because their elaborate marketing funnels, their blogs, and their posts, along with their comments — are all highly coordinated within certain time periods, and the posts are written uniformly over time, but always the same talking points prevail. They’re actually really bursts of News that combined make the Network vibe in a certain way that is to the liking of the censors, and  the watchers of Iran’s oppressed population at home and abroad. By unleashing many slightly different lots, of similarly themed posts, at the same time, they achieve greater reach and longevity for the basic talking points the government and the deep state espouse. The basic idea seems to be to flood the internet with a positive spin, on the political noise, in order to drown out any complaints or bad news, and distract from more serious or problematic issues that concern the people, and might lead to unrest, demonstrations, and rebellion.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.18.11 PM

And they believe this is the most effective way to control political discourse, much like the handlers of CNN and the other fake news networks in America, coordinate all their talking points with the deep state that feeds them the daily news cycle’s seemingly interesting, yet innocuous to the Propaganda Meisters’ main interests and politically profitable concerns.

Because I think that both the Iranians, and therapies in America are all Mass Media Masters of Content and Marketing, because they have realized that Democratic politics in the Untied States of America, is all about controlling the narrative, blinding the people through propaganda, misleading the population, and succeeding in their aims by setting the agenda of their choice. And while they do their dastardly work — they are appearing to the useful idiots and the willing fools, as if they work for your own political benefit, since they invariably support tried and true policy proposals of the Democratic party — albeit twisted ever so slightly to reflect their own nasty bias too.

And they are rather effective because they not only own the media — but they own the leftist progressive Hollywood cadres, the Entertainment industry, and the US Academia as well. Yet, even though they control 95% of the information flow, they’re not satisfied, and they want 100%. But that is always impossible as long as we have still some independent churches, some libertarian clubs, some conservative think tanks, and some other free community organizations and independent political parties like the Lincoln party.

So if you see the same policy at play between Iran’s spies in America, coordinating policy proposals with Obama and crooked Hillary Clinton operatives — you know that you hit upon the motherload of propaganda crimes, foreign political influence corruption, and undue collusion of the Democratic party and Iran.  Because indeed, even inside the cyberspace where politicians and government officials want people to talk only about the American issues that reflect well on them, and only about those issues that polarize the American citizenry, and do not paint a bad picture for the Democratic party — they are carefully sowing the seeds of destruction. The Iranian spies calculation is pretty simple: If they engage critics on issues that are complicated, or reflect poorly on the government, they only amplify the attention those issues receive. So their approach is to ignore the criticisms, and shift attention to other topics, and they do that by deluging the internet with propaganda that puts the American Democratic party in a brilliantly positive light, and consequently, they present President Donald Trump as a sinister bully and a women’s “player.”

Of course, on the face of it, this is not too bad, yet something more sinister, is that the authorities in Iran permit just enough criticism to offer the illusion of dissent, but they make absolutely certain that there’s never enough criticism to spark any kind of collective action. Therefore, no more Green Revolutions, or the Spring or Winter Tehran rebellions. That is why Iran not only monitors the online information environment, in order to collect information about the public, and what they’re thinking, and in that sense, what they want people communicating freely about — but they also mange to sow discord in America and undermine the President of this open and transparent country.

Yet, another problem arises when you have too many people criticizing the government at the same time. That’s when they react, because there is a constant risk of collective action, mass protest, or demonstrations, that might become something like the Green Revolution, all over again — and that is exactly what the Iranian dictatorial government apparatchiks want to avoid at any cost, so Iran’s government does its best to distinguish between useful criticisms, of the kind that helps them figure out how to satisfy the citizenry, and dangerous criticisms, of the kind that might lead to mass protests and public unrest or even the overthrow of the Koran totting black guard of Mullahs and Mujaheddin jihadists.

And the Ayatollahs, have got the game down pat, because they usually bid their time, and wait until the shy public reveals itself, and even the normally circumspect Iranians, reveal their harsh criticism of their government and speak openly about the possibility for major mobilization against the government — before they engage in overt censorship, and they swoop down on there unsuspecting opponents, and shut them down hard & fast, by beating the demonstrators senseless, by jailing the major public dissenters, by eliminating countless of protesters, and even by criminalizing and picking off one by one, all of the seemingly innocuous bloggers.

A new Foreign Policy study reveals that Iran, is the leading innovator on this front, of how the Iranian government fabricates social media posts for propaganda — which shows how Tehran, with the help of a massive army of government-backed internet commentators, floods the world-wide-web in Iran and in America, with pro-Iranian-regime issues propaganda. We estimate that there are more than a million of these Iranian government contractors, but that is a deep state secret of Iran and the Ayatollahs, so the numbers might very well be inaccurate.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.52.20 AM

I think that historically a lot of people in Iran, have thought it common knowledge about the things the government has done wrong, that are detrimental to the regime. Starting from the stupendous corruption that robs each person of basic dignity, and going down the list — you are bound to find tons of rightful grievances. Yet you can’t talk about it anywhere in Iran, and not even in America because on Facebook or Twitter, the moment that you start talking the Iran mess, and their nuclear weapons, and the Obama-cash that made they weapons program possible — they unleash their spies and their bots, so that they will shut you down in zero time.

Not only in the blogosphere, not only in the public square, not only in the University or at work — but everywhere else too. So you can only do one thing. Just grin and bear it. This is because of the idea that any criticism is detrimental to the regime, and has to be squashed. What we find in Iran, is that the slightest of criticism, can be very helpful to the regime because it can allow them to identify the perpetrators and respond accordingly. Yet they don’t want this criticism to exist in the Untied States because they cannot very well engage in a daily regiment of political assassinations within the US borders. So they instead choose to unleash their domestic and international spies to do the dirty job, and since they cannot control the conversation fully on their own — they employ the Democratic party to do their bidding within the United States of America…

But the type of common knowledge that’s really dangerous to the Iranian regime is knowledge of protests, or other forms of collective actions, or rebellious activities by ethnic, or religious minorities or by any other discontented groups, taking place anywhere in this vast country. That’s the major threat for the regime, because it can spread so easily. We’ve seen this over and over throughout world history: Regimes are most vulnerable when small protests escalate into something much broader. This is what Iran’s government is determined to avoid at any cost and that is what they try to prevent, by seeding the web constantly with “manufactured consent” comments, disseminated through their million strong  army of tin soldiers of propaganda.

And this is what’s different about Iran’s approach in the content of the propaganda: The government doesn’t refute critics or defend policies — instead, it overwhelms the population with positive news about the government, that they call “cheerleading content” in order to eclipse bad news, and divert attention away from actual problems, that might fester and erupt.

This has allowed the Iranian government to manipulate citizens mental scales of balanced reporting, without appearing to do so. It permits just enough criticism to maintain the illusion of dissent, and only acts overtly, when fears of mass protest, or collective action arise. Does this smack of fake news policies to you?

Yet, in order to learn more about Iran’s internet propaganda machine — we need to see how successful Iran has been at manipulating its population and, more importantly, how their brand of online propaganda has become a model for the propagation of authoritarianism in the Internet during the digital age of total information overload.

Indeed, it has become a giant problem, and it surely isn’t just me thinking about this issue of trust in the Mass Media, and in the News providers, because in America things are not very much different than what happens in Iran.  Today, all of five companies, control 100% of our News distribution systems, and that’s a recipe for totalitarian abuse and authoritarian corruption. Have you ever asked yourself this Question: Why is it that in America all the news is moving in the same direction?

At least in Iran it’s just one “owner” of the Mass Media and that one is Ayatollah dictatorship that makes up the government. In America we delude ourselves when we speak of plurality in Mass Media ownership. And this is the brokenness in our system, that we need to repair soonest. And that is why the competitive landscape of America’s journalism, can’t keep variety on the menu. Just turn on the Fake News and you’ll be blown away, by the same talking points over and over again. Switch channels and you see the same things. It’s all the same, in all venues, and no variety whatsoever…

Just like Iran.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.55.59 PM

At least in Iran the government acts as the regulator of a huge, complicated, and pretty fundamental thing – the information exchange, and the news we all consume for the reasons of Societal betterment. In Iran it is well understood by the Citizens that they are not free and cannot be trusted with a butter knife. That is why the Iranian people, are not allowed to have guns, and only the secret police, the police, and the military have weapons. Weapons that are often turned against their own citizens to subjugate them and when they kill them — they charge their families for the price of the bullets as well. Imagine that barbarity.

Yet why is this the method of propaganda by Iran, successful inside America too? Is it because of their spies dong such an excellent marketing job? Or is it something else entirely?

Could t be that they have some real American help in the form of insiders from the Democratic party that are gibing assistance and succor to this enemy of our country?

We need to answer this question urgently.

We absolutely need to answer it, because we have to make some sense out of this collusion between the Democratic Party and the Islamist militants and spies soonest. At least soon enough because we need to act and fight this propaganda, before we lose our Free Will, our Liberty, and our Democracy — and we end up like the oppressed Iranians.

We need to act, before we completely lose interest and appetite in consuming independent news, and we become alienated, and hardened divide nation of fools, like the Democrats… Because that is exactly what Tehran wants to accomplish at any cost.

But what is it that America wants?

And what does the America n government want for the good of it’s citizens?

Maybe it wants the same like the CNN leadership wants, and that is to keep on watching — in order to avoid their diminishing value, because they are found to be mostly Fake News.

The difficulty with online propaganda, and we’re seeing this in Iran, and in some other states around the world right now, is that it doesn’t function overtly like traditional forms of censorship. Most people object to blatant censorship. But online propaganda is a form of participation as well as form of censorship, so it’s difficult to know what the right policy is.

People want to introduce information on the web en masse, and that means a lot of noise and opinions and bots and commentators. Are there ways of regulating all of this without censoring ourselves? I think that’s a really hard question, and I don’t have the answers. But I think the world will have to struggle with this new reality of online propaganda, because it isn’t going away.

Yet, they all know that this Mass Media News Providing Business, comes with responsibility, and particularly about transparency of who owns, and who shares that responsibility, amongst the Corporate Citizens that own this country’s Mass Media assets, and thus enforce their point of view through, their direct ownership of their Mass Media empire.

China’s approach “strategic distraction,” but it’s really about undercutting the possibilities for organized dissent. Regimes have always tried to capture people’s attention and redirect it in less dangerous directions. The only thing new about Iran’s operation, is its use of the internet.

Research shows that people trust friends and family first, then celebrities, then government, then industry, then politicians, and last the Mass Media, who produce the loads of fake news.

But, let’s ask the primary question: “Why do people need to trust the Media in the first place?

We’re glad that people trust their families first and foremost, and then trust government to do their job, but mostly don’t trust the Mass Media, although they trust businesses to live up to their responsibilities.

People trust the integrity, competence and fundamental honesty of a business whenever they put food on their child’s plate, when they start up their car, when they put their savings in a bank, or when they show up for work in the morning… Business management and logistics are the trust ingredients, and the mechanisms behind how those products and services reach the end user, are so complicated that not one person could possibly understand or investigate them all, or live with the doubts – so as a shorthand, they use ‘Generalized Trust” to orient their decisions. It means that many more decisions can be automatic, not reflective, which saves a lot of time and energy.

But according to Edelman’s trust barometer, trust itself is hanging by a thread.

Trust in institutions is at an all-time low. Johan Thorbecke had this to say back in 1850s: “Trust arrives on foot but leaves on horseback” or rather on a fast uber…

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 6.31.11 PM

We traced the corrosion of trust back to a time when people put their faith in a political system and a legislative executive… and next… lost it. We wonder whether we are entering the age of regulation by customer expectations, administered through the social media, or whether one personally likes what is said or not, and that’s eventually good for democracy. Yes, alongside the space for doubt, the vacuum gets filled up with noise, offensive blether and out-and-out lies, so it’s easy to block one’s ears to anything you don’t want to hear; dissenting voices can build a constituency invisibly and ‘suddenly’ explode in anger.

So it’s natural for people to seek a signal they trust. And it looks like they trust people and organisations they like – not just because the products and services are good, but because they act in a way that is in accordance with their values. Research says that, at least when it comes to the News, people expect famililarity, clarity and honesty. Honesty, not just in what is said, but in not obscuring the things that matter, and in being truly honest in covering all angles of the New without an obvious political agenda.

What matters obviously depends on who you are and how high the stakes are.

What we’re seeing is that what matters in News, is far more than the price we pay for the acquisition of these News, but it also means that we care for the important things like the provenance of these News, and the method of Collection of the News that matter to our lives. Yea re savvy now because the production of fake news has become the biggest industry in today’s News World. Some things of course are too political, and some people are so emotionally invested, that they find it difficult to know, lest they have to change what they believe. But even there, interest is demonstrably growing, in getting the real deal…

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.59.20 AM

We all live with a certain level of cognitive dissonance, but when people find things aren’t what they thought, they feel like their trust has been abused, and they get pretty cross. Companies, not just Mass Media companies, but especially News companies, would do well to understand that customer trust now depends on hard work, and the promise to not to fall short of people’s expectations. And as we are seeing the shift from consumer, to citizen, to advocate — with people choosing to make values based decisions and to support purpose based organisations, the Consumer, the Citizen, the Customer – are all empowered.

And it’s best for us to recall that it’s all the same person at the end of the day. Perhaps it’s not just about what’s cheap, believable, and convenient any more, it’s also got to be other things as well.

We have also seen businesses actively and aggressively using these rules for competitive advantage – and also have seen other businesses at the opposite end of the spectrum, ceasing to exist because they didn’t see it coming. Once it starts to affect the bottom line, it’s not just big talk.

“Trust costs you money, lack of trust can cost you your business”

It’s been reassuring to hear influential people in heavyweight businesses in profit-focused industries like automotives, banking, and high-tech say that they have to do the right thing, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s now core to their bottom line.

And I’ve been a huge supporter of that ethical rule of doing business. And the President is a good business person too, and as such he must have been fond of me, as I just found out, since he now follows me on Twitter too…

Well done Mr President.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 9.13.34 PM

About time too…

So, finally, what can we all do to earn and keep trust?

The brand and the PR communications people can’t do it all.

They can help manage crisis smartly, obviously, but, perhaps honesty, competence and integrity now needs to be on show at all times – not just when you’re up against the wall.

Research shows that transparency builds trust, even, and especially, when no one is watching…

Don’t bother with gaining “Street Cred” in Social Media. That’s children’s game.

Don’t collect Likes on Facebook, because it doesn’t mean anything.

Being a good corporate citizen truly and throughout your business is what builds trust.

Treating your staff fairly and treating your clients and customers decently is also what builds trust.

Having a business culture in accordance with decent principles & classic American values builds trust, and having the guns necessary to enforce that trust, is what truly builds a healthy community, and a safe society too.

Keep your guns well lubricated, clean and never aimed at anyone. But above all of that — stay true to goodness and the American way, with your inner compass always pointing to True North.

And don’t let any stooge of the Ayatollahs try to take your guns away.

Because the next thing you know — they will also take away your Democracy and your beloved Republic.

That’s it.


Dr Churchill


And that is why the Iranian propagandists want the US government to take aways the guns of the people and to shred the 2nd Amendment.

Because they see the alignment of their dictatorial ideology with that of the US Democratic party that is aligned with them and their issues.

And for the Ayatollahs to succeed — they want a docile American public. And they know that if you take aways the guns from the population, they will become the sheeple that the Democrats need to continue their cooperation with Iran unopposed by anyone else.

That is what needed for the Iranian regime to get their load of nuclear weapons unopposed by any American government of the future…

Nothing else is needed, because ultimately, it’s what people say to each other about the issues, that truly matters.

And that’s why propaganda primarily aims at undermining the trust of the American people towards their own government.

But Thank God, we have a great Leader who understand all that and is opposed to the Iranian ayatollahs fully.

And his actions speak mountains. And that is what really builds trust amongst the American public towards it’s President and Warrior in Chief.

Hail to the Chief.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.23.18 PM

Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 20, 2018

Zen & the Art of Leadership

These words to me really sound unspeakably lame… but for some God awful reason they also make sense.

You know they make the same kind of sense like a heart attack must be making some kind of sense to the poor bastard having it right now.

Or like a hard core Management class from HBS business case study porn, that gives a hard-on to the middle management types…

Or like the Alpha male of the silverbacks that are lording it over their tribe, very much like the Donald really lords it over this tribe of Americans that constitute the great nation.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.36.24 AM

See how quickly we degenerate to the basics of the gutter language of the true leader that’s unafraid of talking shit as long as it’s some deep awful truth-shit.

It’s like Harambe talks in the zoo, but at the same time Harambe protects the child that wandered in his enclosure and cradles the young one in his arms…

Sadly the guards mistook the intentions of the silverback gorilla and shot him and that seems to be the history of humanity too… because the moment one of or leaders is judged to be so far superior and beloved by the people and it becomes too powerful for the corrupt special interests and the deep state rats — he gets assassinated like JFK who was universally beloved and like Donald Trump whose character assassination is playing out on the daily News and in the nightly television channels.

So we need to be brave like the Chief Executive of this country who is a straight shooter and works tirelessly for the people even when the mass media only try to present his as only talking about grabbing pussy.

The headman speaks and tells us to go fuckin’ “Carpe Cattulus” and we get all tidy about it.

Wonder Why?

Maybe because he is a fighter?

We need to sometimes fight. Because somethings are worth fighting for.

Of course true wisdom suggest that we should never fight but wait out our enemies to wash down the river and Sun Thou says, and as, this President waits patiently, speaks positively, releases easily, sees benefit in everything and envisions a future of abundance for all Americans and for all of our Partners and Allies, knowing that all needs will be met at the right moment, in the right way.

Because President Trump knows that if you think your life is a struggle — you will always be struggling.

Contrary to that, if you think your life is a breeze, your attitudes and actions will convey lightness and ease and your Life will indeed be a breeze.

And that is how you build a life of Leadership that attracts everything you need, and much more.

Make today a breeze not a battle and enjoy the results of positivity and winning energy for Good and Sundry.

And we do… find the Zen in our Leadership this way too.

Why not?



Dr Churchill


Get it?

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 4.17.11 AM

May Harambe rest in peace and may his children be liberated from mental and physical slavery…

Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 16, 2018

The so called RussiaGate is actually the MediaGate…

The rise of the Social Media News, and the polarization of the Mass Media News Outlets, along with their usage of the Internet for propaganda, has become the story of the liberal leftist utilization of propaganda, the corrupt media bosses use of yellow tinted Democratic party support, and the miasma of the social media companies, along the gross corporate mismanagement of the Mass Media News Outlets, that have truly destroyed traditional media institutional credibility, beyond repair.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.40.06 AM

Now we can fairly well call all of the Mass Media, as “Yellow Journalism,” and as “Propaganda Journalism,” if not straight up “Nazi Press” as inspired by Joseph Goebbels himself.

And as newspapers and magazines around the country go bankrupt when the publishers and their owners can’t figure out how to make money off the new digital advertising model, an entire generation of journalistic experience, expertise, and ethics, is getting lost, their replacement are the yellow propaganda type of journalism that is perpetuated by the Social media barons who are dyed in the wool Democrats and socialists fit for the Nazi black cloth of Gestapo and worse.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.14.37 PM

Yet it is quickly being replaced as one Obama White House official famously explained, by 27-year-olds who “literally know nothing.”

Or even better, by 17 year-olds who truly know jack-shit, instead of the old type of green shaded journo, wearing sleeve protectors, and thick half glasses to work… with ink smudges all over their stubby nose and fingers digging deep in there to find the truth.

Yet, along with myself, there are many others who have argued over the last year that the phony Russia collusion narrative is not just a symptom of the structural problems with the press, but rather the revelation of it’s downfall.

Because the first vehicles of the Russiagate campaign were not bloggers, nor young journalists, nor high school grads — all writing articles that were lacking wisdom or guidance and thus went on to wave-off a piece of patent nonsense the fake dossier by Mr Steele, truly was.

No Serie-Bob.

These folks were journalists at the top of their profession.

They were editors-in-chief, they were byline worthy columnists, they were top of their profession specialists, and they all appeared to be carefully reasoned and studied writers, who were seasoned in precisely the subjects that the dossier alleges to cover.

These were the so-called experts on the subjects of elections, foreign policy, and national security. These journalists didn’t get fooled. They volunteered their services and sacrificed their reputations in order to serve as partisan of the Democratic candidate for president that at the time appeared to be a shoe-in for the White House, and a sure bet for trading of influence to go with their support of a famous “Play-For-Pay” secretary.

So the good and the great amongst the journalistic community, all willingly chose — with their eyes wide open — to perpetrate a hoax on the back of all Americans, and deny the electoral choice of the American Citizens, against both the letter and the meaning of our Constitution, and even more damaging, against the electoral wishes of the American public and our Democratic Republic.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.44.48 AM

That’s why, after a year of thousands of furious allegations concerning Trump and the Russia collusion story have been proven to be fully unsubstantiated — the American press will not report the real scandal.

The Mass Media press will not report a scandal in which it plays a leading role, because obviously, when the reckoning arrives, as it usually comes at the end of the “drunken orgy of partisan fabrications” that the Russia-Collusion-gate is, they are likely to be seen not as the symptom of the collapse of the “Honest-Abe-American” press, but as the root cause of it.

So indeed from now on, this is going to be referred as the DNC-Gate, and as the Hillary/Obama-Gate as well, because as soon as the truth started coming out, the Media stopped reporting the Russia collusion story, because they were the ones that helped create it, in the first place… and don’t want for this debacle to be renamed “The Yellow Media Gate.”

Because as we now increasingly find out — not only was the mass media press that played an instrumental and fundamentally active role in the Trump-Russia collusion story since its inception — but it was that same yellow press led by the likes of NYT and CNN, that actually gave birth to it.

So today more than half the country’s citizens want to know, why the press won’t cover the growing scandal now implicating the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, and threatening to reach the State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, and perhaps even the Obama White House, but the other half cowers under the pretense of the CNN mafia and the other fish-wrapping paper type of journalism like that of WaPo, and the NYTimes.

Because after all, the release last week of a less-redacted version of Sens. Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham’s January 4 letter showed that the FBI secured a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to search the communications of a Trump campaign adviser based on a piece of opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 7.10.34 PM

Let’s keep in mind here that the Fourth Amendment rights of an American citizen were violated to allow one political party to spy on another.

And if the press had done its job and reported the facts — then it wouldn’t just be Republicans and Trump supporters demanding accountability and justice. Americans across the political spectrum would understand the nature and extent of the abuses and crimes touching not just on one political party and its presidential candidate but the rights of every American.

That’s all true, but still generally irrelevant.

The real reasons the press won’t cover the story are suggested in the Graham-Grassley letter itself: It is because Mr Steele was indeed a Media snitch… a stool pigeon, a simple media informant, and a low class one at that…
The Senator’s letter details how Christopher Steele, the former British spy who allegedly authored the documents claiming ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, told the FBI he wasn’t talking to the press about his investigation. In a British court, however, Steele acknowledged briefing several media organizations on the material in his dossier.

According to the British court documents, Steele briefed the New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo! News, The New Yorker, and CNN. In October, he talked to Mother Jones reporter David Corn by Skype. It was Corn’s October 31 article anonymously sourced to Steele that alerted the FBI their informant was speaking to the press. Grassley and Graham referred Steele to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation because he lied to the FBI.

The list of media outfits and journalists made aware of Steele’s investigations is extensive. Reuters reported that it, too, was briefed on the dossier, and while it refrained from reporting on it before the election, its national security reporter Mark Hosenball became an advocate of the dossier’s findings after November 2016.

BBC’s Paul Wood wrote in January 2017 that he was briefed on the dossier a week before the election. Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald likely saw Steele’s work around the same time, because he published an article days before the election based on a “Western intelligence” source (i.e., Steele) who cited names and data points that could only come from the DNC- and Clinton-funded opposition research.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 6.20.14 PM

An outline from the Grassley-Graham letter points to an even larger circle of media outfits that appear to have been in contact with either Steele or Fusion GPS, the Washington DC firm that contracted him for the opposition research the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee commissioned. “During the summer of 2016,” the Grassley-Graham letter reads, “reports of some of the dossier allegations began circulating among reporters and people involved in Russian issues.”

Steele was helped by all these news media outlets in planting the Carter Page story, and then giving it to the FBI and the DoJ to use for spying on the Trump campaign…
Indeed, it looks like Steele and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson may have persuaded a number of major foreign policy and national security writers in Washington and New York that Trump and his team were in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Those journalists include New Yorker editor David Remnick, Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg, former New Republic editor Franklin Foer, and Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum.

That’s why we call all of the CNN / NYT / MSNBC and the Social Media Facebook & Twitter, collectively the “Mass Media Yellow Journalism” and “Propaganda Journalism” if not straight up “Nazi style Press” as inspired by Goebbels himself, since all they do is to peddle fake news, and promote fake stories, that only serve their own party, and do not serve our Republic, our Citizens, nor our Nation.

As proof of that, we can see the Foer story that was published on “Slate” magazine, on July 4th of 2016 where the Russia collusion story appears to be the central theme. Titled “Putin’s Puppet,” Foer’s piece argues the Trump campaign was overly Russia-friendly. Foer discusses Trump’s team, including campaign convention manager Paul Manafort, who worked with former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovich, a Putin ally; and Carter Page, who, Foer wrote, “advised the state-controlled natural gas giant Gazprom and helped it attract Western investors.”

That’s how Page described himself in a March 2016 Bloomberg interview. But as Julia Ioffe reported in a September 23, 2016 Politico article, Page was a mid-level executive at Merrill Lynch in Moscow who played no role in any of the big deals he boasted about. As Ioffe shows, almost no one in Moscow remembered Page. Until Trump read his name off a piece of paper handed to him during a March interview with the Washington Post, almost no one in the Washington foreign policy world had heard of Page either.

So what got Foer interested in Page? Were Steele and Simpson already briefing reporters on their opposition research into the Trump campaign? (Another Foer story for Slate, an October 31, 2016 article about the Trump organization’s computer servers “pinging” a Russian bank, was reportedly “pushed” to him by Fusion GPS.) Page and Manafort are the protagonists of the Steele dossier, the former one of the latter’s intermediaries with Russian officials and associates of Putin. Page’s July 7 speech in Moscow attracted wide U.S. media coverage, but Foer’s article published several days earlier.

The Slate article, then, looks like the predicate for allegations against Page made in the dossier after his July Russia trip. For instance, according to Steele’s investigations, Page was offered a 19 percent stake in Rosneft, one of the world’s energy giants, in exchange for help repealing sanctions related to Russia’s 2014 incursion into Ukraine.

Building an Echo Chamber of Opposition Research is the true intent of the Media to cause the Democrats to win another election and if they lose to find ways to impeach a President that was duly elected by the people…

Many have noted the absurdity that the FISA warrant on Page was chiefly based, according to a House intelligence committee memo, on the dossier and Michael Isikoff’s September 23, 2016 news story also based on the dossier. But much of the Russiagate campaign was conducted in this circular manner. Steele and Simpson built an echo chamber with their opposition research, parts of the law enforcement and intelligence communities, and the press all reinforcing one another. Plant an item in the open air and watch it grow—like Page’s role in the Trump campaign.

Why else was Foer or anyone so interested in Page? Why was Page’s Moscow speech so closely watched and widely covered? According to the Washington Post, Page “chided” American policymakers for an “often-hypocritical focus on democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change” in its dealings with Russia, China, and Central Asia.

As peculiar as it may have sounded for a graduate of the Naval Academy to cast a skeptical eye on American exceptionalism, Page’s speech could hardly have struck the policy establishment as shocking, or even novel. They’d been hearing versions of it for the last eight years from the president of the United States.

That was President Obama that is now being caught spying on Candidate Trump n order to support his own secretary in her bid for the Whiter House…

Nice gig if you can get it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 12.47.39 PM

In President Obama’s first speech before the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), on September 23, 2009, he insisted that no country, least of all America, has the right to tell other countries how to organize their political lives. “Democracy cannot be imposed on any nation from the outside,” said Obama. “Each society must search for its own path, and no path is perfect. Each country will pursue a path rooted in the culture of its people and in its past traditions.”

Obama sounded even more wary of American leadership on his way out of office eight years later. In his 2016 UNGA speech, the 2009 Nobel laureate said: “I do not think that America can — or should — impose our system of government on other countries.” Obama was addressing not just foreign nations but perhaps more pointedly his domestic political rivals.

In 2008 Obama campaigned against the Iraq War and the Republican policymakers who toppled Saddam Hussein to remake Iraq as a democracy. All during his presidency, Obama rebuffed critics who petitioned the administration to send arms or troops to advance U.S. interests and values abroad, most notably in Ukraine and Syria.

In 2016, it was Trump who ran against the Republican foreign policy establishment—which is why hundreds of GOP policymakers and foreign policy intellectuals signed two letters distancing themselves from the party’s candidate. The thin Republican bench of foreign policy experts available to Trump is a big reason why he named the virtually unknown Page to his team. So why was it any surprise that Page sounded like the Republican candidate, who sounded like the Democratic president?

Yet one wonders, why the Democratic Left and the Libtards don’t like the veracity of some of Obama’s ideas coming from a Republican President?

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 11.47.59 PM

On the Right, many national security and foreign policy writers, heard and were worried by the clear echoes of Obama’s policies in the Trump campaign’s proposals. But how come those journalists writing from the left side of the political spectrum, failed to see the continuities between the policies from the two men?

Writing in the Washington Post July 21, 2016, Applebaum explained how a “Trump presidency could destabilize Europe.” The issue, she explained, was Trump’s positive attitude toward Putin. “The extent of the Trump-Russia business connection has already been laid out, by Franklin Foer at Slate,” wrote Applebaum. She named Page and his “long-standing connections to Russian companies.”

Did Applebaum’s talking points come from Steele’s opposition research?
Even more suggestive to Applebaum is that just a few days before her article was published, “Trump’s campaign team helped alter the Republican party platform to remove support for Ukraine” from the Republican National Committee’s platform. Maybe, she hinted, that was because of Trump aide Manafort’s ties to Yanukovich.

Did those talking points come from Steele’s opposition research? Manafort’s relationship with Yanukovich had been widely reported in the U.S. press long before he signed on with the Trump campaign. In fact, in 2007 Glenn Simpson was one of the first to write about their shady dealings while he was still working at the Wall Street Journal. The corrupt nature of the Manafort-Yanukovich relationship is an important part of the dossier. So is the claim that in exchange for Russia releasing the DNC emails, “the TRUMP team had agreed to sideline Russian intervention in Ukraine as a campaign issue.”

The reality, however, is that the Trump campaign team never removed support for Ukraine from the party platform. In a March 18, 2017 Washington Examiner article, Byron York interviewed the convention delegate who pushed for tougher language on Russia, and got it.

“In the end, the platform, already fairly strong on the Russia-Ukraine issue,” wrote York, “was strengthened, not weakened.” Maybe Applebaum just picked it up from her own paper’s mis-reporting.

For Applebaum, it was hard to understand why Trump would express skepticism about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, except to appease Putin. She referred to a recent interview in which Trump “cast doubt on the fundamental basis of transatlantic stability, NATO’s Article 5 guarantee: If Russia invades, he said, he’d have to think first before defending U.S. allies.”

Thus the echoes of a conspiracy and of Russia-gate started picking-up steam and spreading wildly, as we see in an article published the very same day in the Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg made many of the very same observations. Titled “It’s Official: Hillary Clinton is Running Against Vladimir Putin,” the article opens: “The Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, has chosen this week to unmask himself as a de facto agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” What was the evidence? Well, for one, Page’s business interests.

Trump’s expressed admiration for Putin and other “equivocating, mercenary statements,” wrote Goldberg, are “unprecedented in the history of Republican foreign policymaking.” However, insofar as Trump’s fundamental aim was to find some common ground with Putin, it’s a goal that, for better or worse, has been a 25-year U.S. policy constant, across party lines. Starting with George W.H. Bush, every American commander-in-chief since the end of the Cold War sought to “reset” relations with Russia.

Starting with George W.H. Bush, every American commander-in-chief since the end of the Cold War sought to ‘reset’ relations with Russia.
But Trump, according to Goldberg, was different. “Trump’s understanding of America’s role in the world aligns with Russia’s geostrategic interests.” Here Goldberg rang the same bells as Applebaum—the Trump campaign “watered down” the RNC’s platform on Ukraine; the GOP nominee “questioned whether the U.S., under his leadership, would keep its [NATO] commitments,” including Article 5. Thus, Goldberg concluded: “Donald Trump, should he be elected president, would bring an end to the postwar international order.”

That last bit sounds very bad. Coincidentally, it’s similar to a claim made in the very first paragraph of the Steele dossier — the “Russian regime,” claims one of Steele’s unnamed sources, has been cultivating Trump to “encourage splits and divisions in the western alliance.”

The West won the Cold War because the United States kept it unified. David Remnick saw it up close. Assigned to the Washington Post’s Moscow bureau in 1988, Remnick witnessed the end of the Soviet Union, which he documented in his award-winning book, “Lenin’s Tomb.” So it’s hardly surprising that in his August 3, 2016 New Yorker article, “Trump and Putin: A Love Story,” Remnick sounded alarms concerning the Republican presidential candidate’s manifest affection for the Russian president.

Citing the “original reporting” of Foer’s seminal Slate article, the New Yorker editor contended “that one reason for Trump’s attitude has to do with his business ambitions.” As Remnick elaborated, “one of Trump’s foreign-policy advisers, has longstanding ties to Gazprom, a pillar of Russia’s energy industry.” Who could that be? Right—Carter Page. With Applebaum and Goldberg, Remnick was worried about Trump’s lack of support for Ukraine and the fact that Trump “has declared NATO ‘obsolete’ and has suggested that he might do away with Article 5.”

Yet we ought to ask ourselves this: Where Did All These Echoes Come From?
This brings us to the fundamental question: Is it possible that these top national security and foreign policy journalists were focused on something else during Obama’s two terms in office, something that had nothing to do with foreign policy or national security? It seems we must even entertain the possibility they slept for eight years because nearly everything that frightened them about the prospects of a Trump presidency had already transpired under Obama.

Whatever one thinks of Obama’s foreign policy, it is hardly arguable that he ceded American interests in Europe and the Middle East in an effort to avoid conflict with Russia.

The Trump team wanted to stop short of having the RNC platform promise lethal support to Ukraine—which was in keeping with official U.S. policy. Obama didn’t want to arm the Ukrainians. He ignored numerous congressional efforts to get him to change his mind. “There has been a strong bipartisan well of support for quite some time for providing lethal support,” said California Rep. Adam Schiff. But Obama refused.

As for the western alliance or international order or however you want to put it, it was under the Obama administration that Russia set up shop on NATO’s southern border. With the Syrian conflict, Moscow re-established its foothold in the Middle East after 40 years of American policy designed to keep it from meddling in U.S. spheres of influence. Under Obama, Russia’s enhanced regional position threatened three U.S. allies: Israel, Jordan, and NATO member Turkey.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.29.23 AM

In 2012, Moscow’s Syrian client brought down a Turkish air force reconnaissance plane. According to a 2013 Wall Street Journal article, “Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan raised alarms in the U.S. by suggesting that Turkey might invoke NATO’s Article V.” However, according to the Journal, “neither the U.S. nor NATO was interested in rushing to Article V… NATO was so wary of getting pulled into Syria that top alliance officials balked at even contingency planning for an intervention force to protect Syrian civilians. ‘For better or worse, [Syrian president Bashar al- Assad] feels he can count on NATO not to intervene right now,’ a senior Western official said.”

Whatever one thinks of Obama’s foreign policy, it is hardly arguable that he—wisely, cautiously, in the most educated and creative ways, or unwisely, stupidly, cravenly, the choice of adjectives is yours—ceded American interests and those of key allies in Europe and the Middle East in an effort to avoid conflict with Russia.

When Russia occupied Crimea and the eastern portion of Ukraine, there was little pushback from the White House. The Obama administration blinked even when Putin’s escalation of forces in Syria sent millions more refugees fleeing abroad, including Europe.

One wonders, was there anyone paying attention when this happened in the first place?
Surely it couldn’t have escaped Applebaum’s notice that Obama’s posture toward Russia made Europe vulnerable. She’s a specialist in Europe and Russia—she’s written books on both. Her husband is the former foreign minister of Poland. So how, after eight years of Obama’s appeasement of a Russia that threatened to withhold natural gas supplies from the continent, did the Trump team pose a unique threat to European stability?

Is it possible that Goldberg never bothered to research the foreign policy priorities of a president he interviewed five times between 2008 and 2016?
What about Goldberg? Is it possible that he’d never bothered to research the foreign policy priorities of a president he interviewed five times between 2008 and 2016? In the last interview, from March 2016, Obama told him he was “very proud” of the moment in 2013 when he declined to attack Assad for deploying chemical weapons. As Obama put it, that’s when he broke with the “Washington playbook.” He chose diplomacy instead. He made a deal with Russia over Assad’s conventional arsenal—which Syria continued to use against civilians throughout Obama’s term.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 11.07.55 PM

Again, regardless of how you feel about Obama’s decisions, the fact is that he struck an agreement with Moscow that ensured the continued reign of its Syrian ally, who gassed little children. Yet only four months later, Goldberg worried that a Trump presidency would “liberate dictators, first and foremost his ally Vladimir Putin, to advance their own interests.”

Remnick wrote a 2010 biography of Obama, but did he, too, pay no attention to the policies of the man he interviewed frequently over nearly a decade? How is this possible? Did some of America’s top journalists really sleepwalk through Obama’s two terms in office, only to wake in 2016 and find Donald Trump and his campaign becoming dangerously cozy with a historical American adversary?

All’s Fair in War and Politics, but breaking the Law is not a permissible offense. Right?
Of course not. The Democrats in the White House, aided their Democratic friends in the Media so that they enlisted their bylines in a political campaign on behalf of the Democratic candidate for president, crooked Hillary Clinton, and rehearsed the talking points against Trump, as Steele later documented. But weren’t the authors of these articles, big-name journalists, embarrassed to be seen reading from a single script and publishing the same article with similar titles within the space of two weeks? Weren’t they worried it would look like they were taking opposition research, from the same source?

The stories were vessels built only to launch thousands of 140-character salvos to sink deep into the memory hole.
No, not really. In a sense, these stories weren’t actually meant to be read. They existed for the purpose of validating the ensuing social media messaging. The stories were written around the headlines, which were written for Twitter: “Putin’s Puppet”; “It’s Official: Hillary Clinton is Running Against Vladimir Putin”; “Trump and Putin: A Love Story”; “The Kremlin’s Candidate.” The stories were vessels built only to launch thousands of 140-character salvos to then sink into the memory hole.

Since everyone took Clinton’s victory for granted, journalists assumed extravagant claims alleging an American presidential candidate’s illicit ties to an adversarial power would fade just as the fireworks punctuating Hillary’s acceptance speech would vanish in the cool November evening. And the sooner the stories were forgotten the better, since they frankly sounded kooky, conspiratorial, as if the heirs to the Algonquin round table sported tin-foil hats while tossing back martinis and trading saucy limericks.

Yes, the Trump-Russia collusion media campaign really was delusional and deranged; it really was a conspiracy theory. So after the unexpected happened, after Trump won the election, the Russiagate campaign morphed into something more urgent, something twisted and delirious.

So then they played the game of “Quick, Pin Our Garbage Story on Someone Else” so when CNN “broke” the freshly rehashed and reheated story that was co-written by Evan Perez, a former colleague and friend of Fusion GPS principals, it became NEWS.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 6.32.32 PM

And the NEWS was that the Obama administration’s intelligence chiefs had briefed Trump on the existence of the dossier.

This bit of news, not only cleared the way for BuzzFeed to publish the document, it also signaled the press that the intelligence community was on their side. This completed the echo chamber, binding one American institution chartered to steal and keep secrets to another embodying our right to free speech.

We now know which ethic prevailed.


Dr Churchill


Now that Russiagate is no longer useful as a part of a political campaign directed at Trump, it morphed and became a “disinformation” spying operation directed at the American public.

Further since the Russiagate story, was no longer part of a political campaign directed at the presidential Candidate Trump — it was obviously useful as a disinformation operation pointed at the American public, as the pre-election media offensive proved to all those that had resonated more fully with the fake dossier that is now out there, sailing on the push of wind and the pull of tides, in the open sea.

You see, “everything we published about Trump and Putin is really true” said the dirty yellow press. And now there’s a document proving it.

Or at least that’s how the story goes…

Yet, what the press corps neglected to add is that they’d been reporting talking points from the same opposition research since before the election, and were now showcasing “evidence” to prove it was all true.

The reason the media will not report on the scandal now unfolding before the country, how the Obama administration and Clinton campaign used the resources of the federal government to spy on the party out of power, is not because the press is partisan. No, it is because the press has played an active role in the Trump-Russia collusion story since its inception. It helped birth it.

To report how the dossier was made and marketed, and how it was used to violate the privacy rights of an American citizen — Page — would require admitting complicity in manufacturing Russiagate. Against conventional Washington wisdom, the cover-up in this case is not worse than the crime: Both weigh equally in a scandal signaling that the institution where American citizens are supposed to discuss and debate the choices about how we live with each other has been turned against a large part of the public to delegitimize their political choices.

And again, please keep in mind that’s why we call all of the CNN / NYT / MSNBC and the Social Media as represented by Facebook & Twitter — collectively titled the “Mass Media Yellow Journalism” and “Propaganda Journalism” if not straight up “Nazi style Press” as inspired by Goebbels himself, since all they do is to peddle fake news, and promote fake stories, that only serve their own party, and do not serve our Republic, our Citizens, nor our Nation.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 7.15.26 AM

Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 16, 2018

Why you need an open mind to land on this earth safely…

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.49.08 PM

Please follow through on my flight of fancy, because we are going to jump off, of a perfectly good airplane and start hurling towards the earth at a constantly increased rate of speed, until…

Now for the purposes of this exercise — let’s assume that your mind is like a parachute…

Yes it is and this is how it works:

Your mind functions best, only when it is open — very much like a parachute, that helps slow down your descent, from the skies up above, as you speed towards the earth.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.50.52 PM

But when it is not open — again much like a closed parachute — it speeds you to the ground, and thus rather quickly, you meet the earth, crash, and die…

Because if your parachute (mind) is not open on your descent from the skies, then your crash is assured.

Same as when your mind is closed, fully packed with what you already know, unable to allow fresh ideas, or opposing points of view, and thus leads you to erroneous assumptions, and wrong-headed conclusions — that are a crash in the making.

Because when your closed mind assumes that it knows it all, and when the fully shut mind assumes exactly, what others are thinking about you — you are usually, dead wrong…

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.44.37 PM

Because the mind is like the parachute in its functionality. It needs to be open and only through positive clarification — it becomes thus. Indeed the mind’s good functioning, is not determined by how we form and hold firm to our opinions. Nor is it determined by how we fight tooth & nail in order to hold fast to our well formed opinions, and keep the prosaic views we hold about our world — but by how flexible we are, towards changing our opinions and ideas, in light of a changing reality, new circumstances, fresh evidence, and new people in our lives.

The flexibility, the resilience, and the capacity to pivot are the trademarks of an open mind…

Mind openness, much like an open parachute works best when the jumper has been trained through academic or other learning to keep an Open Mind throughout life because knowledge itself changes constantly as new discoveries are assuredly coming down the pike constantly.

Yet most people know what they know and keep their minds tightly closed around what they’ve got in there. And of course that attitude guarantees the certain intellectual and perhaps physical death, of the jumper…

Mainly because the functionality of the parachute is determined by it’s being open, thus protecting the jumper, by slowing down the rate of descent, as he speeds towards the earth.

But, when it is closed — it is nothing but extra weight, speeding you down towards the earth…

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.45.44 PM

This is the same as the fact that the intelligent & understanding mind never assumes, never jumps to conclusions, and doesn’t hold fast to any opinions amongst those ideas, that we tend to hold dear and close to our chest for far too long… to do us any good.

Therefore, my advise to you is this:

Please keep changing your mind.

Dr Churchill


Because we know now that there are always many more points of view, than what are visible at first pass.

And we also know that seeing each one of them, and examining them closely, is much more rewarding, entertaining, and enlightening…

Since we at least remain open and flexible to roll, once we hit the ground, and thus avoid grave injury, breaking our back, or even death.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.52.33 PM

Smart eh?

After all, the difference between stupidity and genius is that even geniuses have their limitations, whereas the stupids — not so much…

Waking up, next to her, it was right then & there, she was there, and waking up was necessary, no more fitful sleep in the hands of Orpheus — but death sleep, with clarity and precision, that the otherness that we might have known as Love will surely kill and disembowel you — in a way deliberate, for you become aware of what is happening, become aware with full consciousness of what is lacking from this place, time, and life we lead, like red oxen tied to the yoke of sorrows & morrows.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.31.53 PM

Asleep, it might have been a dream, a hint of the unconscious, a trick of the brain, but fully awake, this strange and unknowable otherness was a palpable reality, a muscle spasm, when you pull your arm from under her heavy breast — a fact, not an illusion, nor a dream, a penetrating glance and the sunrise gaze, line of mountaintops from the stone steps of Persepolis, dead Kings bidding you forth and beckoning you “Be Immortal my Friend — Be Immortal.”


That’s the otherness of time and loss, yet love is in there too, as all those spoke about this “otherness” that descends upon me as a white cloud and makes me eerily lost in it’s moist down there mist… counting time for the Ten Thousand Kings, immortal and interned in the sands of Time immemorial.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.32.06 PM

Love, Lust, and Circumstance, upon close examination are not something holy, jolly, or extraordinary. They are not the edges of the Father, the Son, and the Holly Spirit, nor are there some mysterious energy triangle, nor a light emanating form up high gifting language skills and oratory — but it is the three of them coming together that allow man to become divine, in the sense that we become something beyond personhood, time, and thought.

Our mind is caught in a time-warp that makes us lust after the thought of being there and being in Love with “La Vie en Rose” of this otherness… but it is Grace that takes over when in bondage to the betrothed, slave to the behold, and freed from earthly care to God and Woman alike.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.24.37 PM

Our body is willing, yet our mind is weak, reeling, and lost, because she can’t comprehend, and our bodies can’t understand, what is happening all around us as we descend to Hades for one more time to bring up the beloved of our eternal spring of youth.

Our senses revolt and cries of danger up ahead drown out the voices of pain and expectance of imminent carnage, but what this mayhem seeks to do, is to turn out the light that escaped the darkness of drudgery that everyday life is — when this other love has left the building. But when Eros’ arrows sailing from the arms of little “Puttis” knock you down in the carnal mud of existence — our new awaking becomes a white-ou,t lost high up in the mountains, walking towards the cliffs of wonder when this awful moist mist descends upon us and enters our olfactory senses causing complete loss of bearings, scrambling our moral compass, and delivering us a soaked consciousness, trembling in tribulation of social intercourse, bearing a pure thought that our logic cannot, ever, not ever, comprehend.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.23.40 PM

So it is not stillness we should look on St Valentine’s night, but a massacre to make all living things come to be understood in those awfully few moments of “petite Mort” and in the far too many moments of memories that pretend to be any little thing like love.

Don’t bother the traveller of time, to tell the awesome truth that Life starts and ends with Love. Ask Rumi instead. He knoweth it all too well, as he cried sleepless all of his effing half life after “Azzizam” passed down the river Styx to Hades marble cold embrace.

Why on Earth did he then write all about love and took all of our words so that nobody can ever tell it like it is without borrowing his words?

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.14.29 PM

Because maybe this thing is eternal and needed a Homer to bring it forth as the battle of good and evil is waged for the light of Love as this other reward.

This thing, red hot and misunderstood, cuffs our senses in a bondage of tight wraps and rope art of illusions that can’t be analyzed, nor understood, but felt like the welts of the body basking in the afterglow of intimate harshness and abandoned debasement…

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.13.46 PM

Should you be shy about it — please don’t forget that without this immensity of strength and without the intensity of energy — our love-life, and all of our otherness-in-love existence, becomes trivial, tasteless, and sorrowfully commercial…

Dr Churchill


For if you have not got the strength to live in lust, and grasp the circumstance — You shall know the misery you feel deep in your heart when you know that Nobody ever wants you.

And then what, but suicide awaits you, loveless and small, embracing the bridge railings with fervor, as you are scaling over her, to fly away…

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.15.25 PM

Here is where you live like an eagle for a moment brief, and feel Life’s wind cool on your skin as nobody else feels the moment.

Let other lesser men live long and hard like sheep — fear holds them tighter than ropage, and gripping their heart is old age and worse infirmity to boot.

Fear not…

Fear nothing.

Nothing to fear, because death is eternal.

And so is Joy…

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.13.31 PM

You can think only of the known.

Yet, you cannot think of the unknown.

You cannot concentrate on truth…

The moment you think of the unknown, it is merely God.

Seems that truth cannot be thought about, because if you think about it, it is not the truth nor fun and joy…

The 16th president of these United States, Abraham Lincoln, was born exactly 209 years ago this Monday, in Hodgenville, Kentucky, of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and yet he became President of the “Divided States of America” after which, he struggled mightily, to reunite this great nation under God and Constitution… And he will always be remembered through his brilliant words echoing today in the lips of every free person that knows and recites his “Gettysburg Speech.”

Delivered on the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, the “Gettysburg Address” is known as the greatest speech in the world – and certainly as one of Abraham Lincoln’s most defining moments of creating legends, a reborn Union, and living history.

Four months earlier, 46,000 soldiers from both sides of the Civil War had been killed or wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg, in Pennsylvania.

Altogether, only 273 words, were delivered by Lincoln at the official dedication ceremony for the National Cemetery at the battle site, on November 19th of 1863, where the tall President called upon the fundamental principles of the United States as the Declaration of Independence and the Union’s ideals proclaimed “a government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.01.03 PM


The speech’s legacy and lasting impact has seen American schoolchildren throughout the years taught to recite the historical phrasings, while subsequent Presidents are also said to have used the speech as a map for governance these United States of America today…

The exact words Lincoln spoke at the dedication ceremony come to us, from five known copies of his speech, extant in the president’s handwriting, and attributed directly to the short lived, 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln.

Of those speech copies, the most often reproduced, including on the walls of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, is the “Bliss Copy” – named after Colonel Alexander Bliss, as written below:

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

–Abraham Lincoln (Gettysburg, November 19, 1863)

Today, we all recall the Gettysburg address as the best speech in history — yet President Lincoln also offered the equally weighty Emancipation Proclamation, and many other speeches and writings, filled with some of the most iconic imagery and flourishes of writing, oratory, & rhetoric.

But is good to also remember some of his other great words of wisdom, such as these ones that are so eternal that can and will serve a great purpose to be used amongst us, to this day as well…

“Stand with anybody that stands RIGHT. Stand with him while he is right and PART with him when he goes wrong.”(Oct. 16, 1854 in a speech he gave in Peoria, Ill)

“A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half-slave and half-free.” (June 16, 1858, in Springfield, Ill)

“I am rather inclined to silence, and whether that be wise or not, it is at least more unusual nowadays to find a man who can hold his tongue than to find one who cannot.” (Feb. 14, 1861, in Pittsburgh)

“I have never studied the art of paying compliments to women. But I must say that if all that has been said by orators and poets since the creation of the world in praise of women were applied to the women of America, it would not do them justice for their conduct during this war. I will close by saying, God bless the women of America!” (March 18, 1864 in Washington, D.C., at a Patent Office Fair)

“I happen temporarily to occupy this big White House. I am living witness that any one of your children may look to come here as my father’s child has.” (Aug. 22, 1864 in an address to the 166th Ohio Regiment of the great Army of the Potomac)

This Monday again, is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, who was born Feb. 12th of 1809, in Kentucky. He was the 16th president of the United States, serving from 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lauded as one of this nation’s best and brightest leaders, Lincoln is credited with freeing the slaves through his Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation, which was delivered on Jan. 1, 1863, stated that slaves in the “rebellious states henceforward shall be free.” It was a symbolic gesture at best, because at the time that it was written, the North had no control over any states in rebellion, and the proclamation did not apply to border states, Tennessee or even some “parishes” of Louisiana.

Lincoln was the greatest hero to all the black people, because he brought forth the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, that was passed Jan. 31st of 1865, and ratified Dec. 6th of 1865, that abolished slavery by declaring: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

And thus he was entered into the mythology of black folk all over the United States that he liberated and reunited as the United States of America, once again. Right then after his assassination, he became the stuff of legend and folklore, and as legend goes, some time shortly before the election of 1860, a man came upon a plantation near Marlin, Texas, some 20 miles southeast of Waco: “Though nobody knew who he was, the plantation owner took him in as a guest. The stranger paid close attention to how the enslaved people working on the plantation were treated—how they subsisted on a weekly ration of “four pounds of meat and a peck of meal,” how they were whipped and sometimes sold, resulting in the tearing apart of families. Eventually, the stranger said goodbye and went on his way, but a little while later he wrote a letter to the plantation owner, informing him he would soon have to free his slaves—“that everybody was going to have to, that the North was going to see to it.” The stranger told the owner to go into the room where he’d slept, and see where he’d carved his name into the headrest. And when the slaveholder went and looked, he saw the name: “A. Lincoln.””

At least that’s what happened according to Bob Maynard, who was born a slave and recounted the story as an old man in an interview with an employee of the Federal Writers’ Project (FWP), a New Deal program created to put writers to work and enrich American culture. In 1936, the FWP began collecting interviews with former slaves, amassing thousands of pages of oral histories which, though often filtered through the racism of white interviewers and their supervisors, provide an invaluable snapshot of how more than 2,000 survivors of slavery lived and thought.

Nearly 40 of those interviewed claimed Abraham Lincoln visited their plantation shortly before or during the Civil War. They said he came in disguise as a beggar or a peddler, bummed free meals off his unsuspecting white hosts, snooped around to find out what slavery was like, and told the slaves they would soon be free.

Virginia Newman claimed “Lincoln came through Jasper County, Texas, in a large carriage. He shook Newman’s hand and called on the white population to free their slaves.” “Some folks say dat ain’ Abr’am Lincoln,” remarked Newman, “but I knowed better.” –Library of Congress

The stories weren’t limited to one corner of the South. Lincoln didn’t just visit central Texas; he also visited the Mississippi Delta, the Kentucky Pennyroyal, and the Georgia Piedmont. In fact, as late as the 1980s, African Americans in the South Carolina Sea Islands claimed that Lincoln traveled there in 1863 to announce the Emancipation Proclamation in person; some even said they knew the exact tree under which he stood.

Though there’s no evidence Lincoln actually made any of these incognito visits to the South, and there is ample documentation to suggest these visits were wholly fictitious, still it’s important that many former slaves believed he did, as this is the mythical quality of personal history that makes our nation solidly united and unified under the “All Men Were Created Equal” doctrine.

Yet today, many historical debates over emancipation, focus on whether the much vaunted an truly wanted Liberation, came from the top-down, or the bottom-up, approach of History. Indeed, some people question the obvious wondering if Lincoln freed the slaves, or the slaves freed themselves?

And it is to this fallacy that the stories of Lincoln coming down South suggest many freed black people didn’t see this as an either-or question.

Did the Black Folk need Lincoln? Sure.

But real emancipation wasn’t something Lincoln could just decree from on high.

He had to come down South and get his hands dirty.

Some even described him as taking on the guise of the trickster popular in black folklore, a sort of Brer Rabbit in a top hat.

When former slaves claimed Lincoln had paid them a visit, they weren’t just inserting a beloved president into their story—they were inserting themselves into his story.

African Americans were understandably wary of associating Lincoln too closely with their emancipation. Doing so, after all, implied freedom was a gift from a benevolent white man that could be easily taken away. Indeed, the former slave Charity Austin recounted that, when Lincoln was assassinated, her owner said Lincoln’s death meant they were slaves again, and he kept the ruse up for a year, making them work in black mourning cloth. In 1908, some 30 years before the Federal Writers’ Project began interviewing former slaves, a white mob in Springfield, Illinois, enraged by recent crimes allegedly committed by African Americans, lynched two black men and burned down black homes and black-owned businesses, finally driving roughly 2,000 African Americans out of Lincoln’s hometown. The mob shouted: “Lincoln freed you, we’ll show you where you belong.”

African Americans were not foolish enough to think their welfare would be the utmost concern of a white politician. As Frederick Douglass said, Lincoln “was preeminently the white man’s President,” and they were “at best only his step-children.” But this didn’t mean Lincoln couldn’t be a useful ally, especially if his own self-interest aligned with theirs.

In the stories of Lincoln coming down South, he was rarely concerned first and foremost with the welfare of black people. In one story, for example, his animosity towards the slaveholding class was seemingly motivated by a perceived insult rather than a moral opposition to slavery. Lincoln had supposedly visited a plantation in Jefferson County, Arkansas, asking for work. The owner replied that he’d talk to him once he’d had dinner—without inviting the stranger to eat with him. As J. T. Tims, a former slave, explained, his owner “didn’t say, ‘Come to dinner,’ and didn’t say nothin’ ’bout, ‘Have dinner.’ Just said, ‘Wait till I go eat my dinner.’” And when he finished eating, he found the stranger had “changed his clothes and everything” and was looking over the slaveholder’s business papers and account books. The stranger whom the slaveholder had treated like poor “white trash” had revealed himself to be a powerful man.

It didn’t bother African Americans if Lincoln emancipated them only to punish the white South. They didn’t need him to be a saint. But they also knew he wasn’t a king; he couldn’t just make emancipation happen on his own. If the enslaved people of the South needed Lincoln, then he needed them too.

And so in the stories told by freedpeople, there’s a Lincoln who worked with slaves to end slavery. He attended nightly prayer meetings held by slaves in secret. He asked them what their lives were like and what they needed from him. After the war broke out, he encouraged slaves to join the “Yankee army” and “fight for your freedom.” And at the war’s end, according to one account, Lincoln gathered up all the Confederate money in Georgia in a big pile at the state capitol and asked the oldest black man there to set it on fire.

Lincoln didn’t just work with African Americans; he became a familiar figure in black folklore. Like Brer Rabbit, and indeed like most slaves, the Lincoln in these stories often had to resort to guile and deception in order to get what he wanted. But he also had a certain degree of latitude that wasn’t possible in slavery, allowing survivors of slavery to vicariously enjoy his exploits.

In one account, for example, Lincoln, disguised as a peddler, came upon some white women sitting on a porch in North Carolina. He looked so hot and tired that one of the women, Miss Fanny, brought him a “cool drink of milk.” He had a drink and then asked Miss Fanny how many slaves they had, how many of their men were fighting for the Confederacy, and finally what they thought of “Mistah Abraham Lincoln.” At that point the plantation mistress, Miss Virginia, declared no one was to speak that man’s name in her presence, and she would shoot him if he ever set foot on her property. “Maybe he ain’ so bad,” her guest said, chuckling. A few weeks later, Miss Fanny received a letter from Lincoln revealing himself to have been the peddler, thanking her “for de res’ on her shady po’ch and de cool glass of milk.”

Though the story didn’t explicitly involve emancipation, by making a fool out of white slaveholders Lincoln presaged the ultimate downfall of the southern slaveocracy. But that wasn’t all. By behaving like a trickster from black folklore, Lincoln was signaling—or rather, black storytellers were signaling—his solidarity with African Americans.

To that end, Lincoln also often duped his white hosts into giving him food. In Perry, Georgia, he enjoyed some “chicken hash and batter cakes and dried venison.” In Raleigh, North Carolina, he had a rather enormous breakfast of ham and gravy, biscuits and grits, “poached eggs on toast, coffee and tea,” and waffles with “honey and maple syrup.” Food was often a focus for black trickster characters like John, Brer Rabbit, and Aunt Nancy; after all, slaves frequently had to cheat and steal from their enslavers in order to get enough food to survive. It was fitting, therefore, that when Lincoln returned to Perry, Georgia, to emancipate the slaves, he did so by allegedly urging them to raid the plantation smokehouse: “Help yourselves; take what you need; cook yourselves a good meal!” In the stories told by former slaves, emancipation wasn’t just an abstract matter of rights—it meant seizing, at long last, the product of their labor.

Rev. Wade Owens saw Lincoln give a speech in Appalachian Georgia, where he proclaimed, “For people, by people, and through people.” / Library of Congress

Of course, these stories about Lincoln were told within a specific historical context. The people interviewing the former slaves were employees of the federal government, and most of them were white. Many were members of groups like the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which valorized the Lost Cause. Some were even descendants of folks who owned the very people they were interviewing.

So the survivors of slavery had every reason to believe their white interviewers would present their stories in a way that bolstered white supremacy. And telling a quaint story about Abraham Lincoln was a clever, and perhaps also relatively safe way, to push back against that perceived wrong against the dead president, so beloved of all the American People…

Using Lincoln was especially powerful at a time when many Americans had co-opted Lincoln as an icon of white supremacy. The 1915 blockbuster film The Birth of a Nation, in addition to denouncing emancipation and venerating the Klan, depicted Lincoln as an enemy of the radical abolitionists and suggested that, had he lived, he would have supported immediate reunion with the South at the expense of black civil rights.


Dr Churchill


In general, white Americans celebrate Lincoln in a way that made the Civil War a story about white people, and the Black Americans similar celebrate Lincoln in a way that makes him their own and that he gave his life for their Liberation.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, is how black folk remember the sacrifice of the 16th President of these United States…

Still after his assassination, white and black people came together, and remembered, and even spoke of Lincoln in the same breath as Robert E. Lee, considering them both American heroes in different capacities.

And awe have to remember that today, same as the popular story that says that once upon a time, President Lincoln came upon the battlefield and had comforted a dying Confederate, who didn’t know who the tall man was, and that is when Lincoln derided his own recent address at Gettysburg. it was then that the dying rebel assured the tall gentleman, that these were “beautiful, broad words” which reminded everyone, amongst those that heard them — that they were “not Northern, or Southern people, but American people even when they were fighting and dying against each other.”

What a great story to tell your grandchildren…

Such a sentimental reunion of North and South was, of course, wishful thinking, because often times, when African Americans were included in Lincoln’s story, it was in an accompanying role, mostly forgetting the thousands upon thousands of black men who had lost their lives fighting for the cause of these United States during the Civil War that had split this country apart.

And after all this was not even how the real survivors of slavery understood their relationship to Lincoln, as they loved him dearly and made him a part of their family story, because they always felt that he wasn’t far-off and aloof; but that he had worked hand-in-hand with black folk for the emancipation proclamation dn for their eventual liberation even after he was already dead and buried, his ghost and his legacy carried forth all of his PEOPLE — the black Americans freed to be simply Americans all over again.

They said that he listened to the slaves’ stories, and that he made fools out of the slaveholders, and that he urged black people to fight on for Liberty and country.

And as Charlie Davenport remembered, “Lincoln came through Mississippi “rantin’ an’ a-preachin’ ’bout us bein’ his black brothers.””

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 8.50.43 PM

Perhaps the black Americans weren’t truly related by blood to President Lincoln, and yet he was always seen as a real stepfather to all of them, and as a True Father to this Nation.

But for the freed slaves amongst the Black American People — he was truly kinfolk.

And at a time today, when many Americans are remaking Lincoln into a symbol of division, patriarchy, and of white supremacy — and are going about flatfooted, wholesale erasing the black people from the story of the Civil War altogether — the stories of the real survivors of Slavery are saying something entirely different, (through their memories of Lincoln coming down South). They are saying, that their lives and their stories were not wasted, nor can they be erased.

They are telling us, that themselves, and their stories, would never be forgotten.

They are telling us, that they’d been there, the whole time.

And perhaps we should heed their stories, and also make an effort to learn something from them. Something pivotal. Something that might be useful to all of us today, if we only choose to recall these awesome legends as some of the founding myths of our nation, and as some truths incarnate — now that our nation is again sorely divided, pained, and forlorn…

Let us then allow Lincoln’s haunting image to come back, on his birthday — in order to heal our divisions, to help us forgive & forget, and to ease our pain, as he so often did during his lifetime, towards all those enslaved under the harsh physical slavery, and those under the even harsher mental slavery, of another time nearer and similar to that faced by our own country today.


Please, Share this story, and pay it forward. Please give it as a gift to others, because our nation deserves some measure of healing today, lest we go down the wrong path of history and wallow in the grip of hate, enmity, and division — all over again.

To Note:

Dr Pano Churchill, is the acclaimed leader and president of the Independent political party named after the 17th President Abraham Lincoln.

Keep in mind, that the Lincoln Party today is the third party/ Same as Lincoln’s Republican party, was the (new) third party, at the time of his electoral victory against the Democratic party and against the Whig party, that brought him as the People’s choice, into the White House to assume the Leadership of  these United States… ten days into the Civil War that had already started.

To get into the leadership and win the White House — Lincoln had campaigned selectively & strategically, and we see this because he had indeed won the electoral college vote, but not the popular vote concentrating his limited resources to the states and places that mattered during his constrained campaign.

Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 9, 2018

Man’s Search for Happiness

Man’s Search for Happiness.

This is the title of my new book, that deals with the modern issue of lack of Happiness amongst people that enjoy perhaps too much of a good thing in wealth, material comforts, safety, and security.

As always, I start with a Question to You:

Where do you find your happiness?

Think about it for a moment please…

I also will attempt to answer that question alongside of you.

Because it is my Search for Happiness that pushed me to write this book titled: “Man’s Search for Happiness” and subtitled: “The Philosophy of a Happy Mind”


Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.04.44 AM


And because as I am thinking of myself as a Leader– it always connects me to the basic values of what that means… and being Happy is right up there on top of the list.

And as I counsel my students that it is the ultimate art of living as a Leader, to strive to be happy, living and working full of purpose, within a meaningful life. That’s how you lead people to the promised land.

And indeed, the Art of Living that directs the purpose of our existence demands for us to seek Meaning and therefore find Happiness in that pursuit.

Victor Frankl’s treatise on “Man’s Search for Meaning” details the process quite well. Man’s Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl, chronicling his experiences as an Auschwitz concentration camp inmate during World War II, and describing his psychotherapeutic method, which involved identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about, and then immersively imagining that outcome.


Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 12.52.30 PM


Imagine to have quality of life inside a Nazi concentration camp, as a Jew waiting to be killed in the gas chambers and then fed into the crematorium ovens…

Now try to further imagine that you will have to find your own Happiness in that environment at that time as an inmate…

Heavy stuff.

Yet happiness, even in those dire circumstances, is the true index of quality of life, because without happiness, not only life becomes dry and meaningless, but you are sapped from the will to go on, and from allowing yourself to live forth in peace.

And I want to add something here that you wouldn’t know, because far too many Nazi concentration camp inmates committed suicide, in weird and painful ways — well in advance of their captors marching them into the crematoriums. Indeed we have to further assume that many whose will to live was sapped, and those who had lost the will to live-on, simply allowed themselves to pass aways and die from severe depression and related causes.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.42.22 PM

Indeed suicide comes in many forms and in many colors, but as I am always reminded by living in Seattle the suicide capital of the world — I myself am responsible not only for my own happiness, but for the modicum of happiness of all those people around me, and of those that I lead forth, as well.

I am responsible, because with happiness, even the most difficult life of the inmates in the Nazi concentration camps — it becomes bearable and in subtle ways even fulfilling and at times even wonderful, as Victor Frankl writes from that awful vantage point…. about the power of the Human Spirit to live in Grace at that most dire of circumstances.

Happiness is a simple as holding your children around you in your arms after a good day’s work…


Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.26.36 PM


So who are we to complain bitterly about our depression or about our unhappy lives when we live in the most blissful time that this human race has ever seen in history?

Of course everybody shares their own private and heavy burden, but putting things into perspective — Thank God — we do not have Nazi concentration camps feeding people alive and dead alike, into crematorium ovens today.

However we also face challenges today, and severe attacks that cause our happiness to escape us — but it is now that we have to remember that we need to fight and fight hard to find and keep our Happiness against those soul snatching hungry-angry-grumpy people out there, like those fashion models that I used to date, that seemed to be angry all the time because they were terribly hungry all the time and substituted a good dinner with alcohol down their pretty gullet and coke up their tiny French noses.

Yet I am always happy because I am a Leader and a true Fighter, and as it turns out, it is only the warriors amongst us that understand that happiness is something worth fighting for, and a great boon for my people, because it is an infectious feeling that immediately lifts the sagging spirits of yourself and of the people around you. And that’s what a Leader needs to impart all around himself.

Because He…


Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.57.46 PM


Why else do you think all those models and movie actresses keep coming to hang and be around me as arm candy or as parts of my posse and beautiful people entourage?

Seems to me that happy people keep themselves happy and make all those around them happy too — because they know the little ways to appreciate themselves and to see the humour and magic in each moment and in each other, and make happiness a commodity that is easily given as a contagion.

Yet, it is good to know the other side of the coin itself, because generally speaking simpletons, sheeple, and fools are generally grumpy, or upset, because they have decided that they are only going to be happy at some point in the future, when all of their strange and mundane, simple needs have been satisfied.

If that ever happens….

Yet for me, spreading happiness all around me is easy, like when I give bars of chocolate and flutes of champagne to my skinny Models and Actresses, and they perk up like sunshine lit them up fully. But being mostly hungry  during their days — are mostly angry with themselves and the world…


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 4.24.39 AM


Contrary to that nonsense, me as the penultimate Warrior, am always happy. Indeed I try  to keep happy, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Even when going to battle to die — I be HAPPY.

And that’s what makes this warrior a Happy Leader, and what makes the simple happiness the ultimate discipline of truth, beauty, and honor.


Dr Churchill


As for my arm candy models — best they start looking into Tinder, CraigsList, and maybe Twitter and FB effed-up Social Media, in order to find their happiness because I have recently decided to fire them all, and from now on, to only surround myself with happy and self illuminated women, and not lithe “little girls” and spring chicks…

I’ve decided to focus exclusively on women that are beautiful and smart, and happy from within, and living under their own accord, lives of meaning, purpose, and service to the World and to themselves.



Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.19.42 AM


ICOs are set to replace seed financing in the next few years, as we see two major antithetical trends in startup development. And as VC financings for fundable Startups have been progressing in totally opposite directions — there may be a fairly significant & opposing correlation.

ICOs are exploding as a startup fundraising mechanism but at the same time seed funding is showing a steep global decline. Professional investors opt to invest larger amounts of capital in mature startups and seed investors are fast disappearing.

Judging from reports and deal-traking as the Major Stock Markets lifted in November 2017 with the new administration of President Donald J Trump’s optimism and positivity,  all the money went back towards Wall Street public companies thus depriving the Startups from the much needed Capital and immediately thereafter, there was an implosion of early-stage VC funding.

Amid record amounts of capital raised by VCs worldwide, and a sharp rise in the number of private “unicorns” valued at Unicorn levels of many Billion dollars and also absorbing many Billions in private capital — the regular early stage Startups have suffered greatly.

Early stage Angel capital for seed investments and the follow on tranches has literally dried up overnight.

That is the reason I’ve got the idea of the Innovation and I created the DOTs, in order to remedy that situation.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 12.26.27 PM

And that’s the reason for the ICOs…

But while ICO skeptics have been bashing them as ponzi nightmares that may create the next crash, lack of seed has gone largely undiscussed. And it isn’t the basic lack of startup funding that is likely to cause a crash — but if no one can raise money to ‘start’ a startup in the first place, then the whole Ecosystem will falter and fail.

Ergo a New Dot.Bomb crash.

Yet today, the reason given for the Angel and VC seed funding decline is the suction effect of the huge UNICORNS out there that suck out all of the oxygen in the room. Because when UBER sucks out all of the early stage investment since ti is not going for the overdue IPO — the rest of all the Startups that don’t get seed funding, suffer.

Then, we have the problem of maturation of mature and scaling up of good StartUps in the various fields such as mobile apps, Crypto, Blockchain, Tokens, Bitcoin, Fintech, and SAAS, which by comparison make all other smaller StartUp investments seemingly poor and unattractive as alternatives for those fast growing companies.

But given that seed funding had peaked in 2014, it also pointed to an inherent problem with the fundraising model itself, as investors eventually pulled out of seed rounds completely, as they did not earn any of their expected returns.

Also, we consider the disadvantage of the vastly increased legal environment, because by law, Angel investors must be given, all of the legal protections which shareholders have won over the years from the large companies and this presents a rather expensive regulatory burden that all of the small Startups need to deal with as well… And even after an Angel seed round closes, a fairly significant part of a startup’s budget goes to pay the lawyers who work-out the vesting schedules, the IP issues, the Board foundational, the Stock Equity agreements, the Team equity compensation, the Options and other Stock sharing agreements, and much much more. But even after all of that, ultimately the investors have no protection from the risk of a Startups’ likely demise, since over 95% of all startups fail, and almost always, leave no liquidity behind that an Angel could recoup in order to move his remaining funds to other more favorable investments, or hedges against the vagaries of the Startups.

So basically, the only way of winning as a seed Angel investor, is a scattergun approach where you invest in many, many Startup seed rounds, and hope by the law of power averages, that one works out. But the reward/risk ratio for seed investors seems to have been too high to make great profits for the ones who are not part of the secret cabal that gets into the Real Unicorn deals — that Dr Churchill keeps for his special friends that are part of his posse and of his Business Angels’ entourage.

The early birth of the DOTs coincides with the start of the ICOs who were in fact actually birthed due to the complete lack of seed funding for any cryptocurrency projects from 2013 onwards. Indeed the DOTs by Dr Churchill were first created in 2013 and came onto their own in 2014 and thereafter. By now we have worked out all the bugs and are moving full steam ahead.

And although a new breed of Bitcoin cryptocurrency millionaires abounds in San Francisco and Seattle — at the present moment they all run scared as the Bitcoin is exposed for the bubble that it truly is. Also since most of the Bitcoin entrepreneurs and Bitcoin paper Millionaires, got there by bootstrapping, working hard and living sparsely, keeping second and third jobs, relying on support, while enduring ridicule and far too many difficulties — they persevered just in order to keep their blockchain bitcoins and their other cryptocurrency projects alive, since no seed funding was anywhere available, or easy to find…

This was in large part due to the awkward relationship between technology and property law.

Looking at Bitcoin, we can easily see that it is not an Organization, nor is it a real or even visible Corporation, it has no CEO, nor does it have company headquarters, or any employees, and it doesn’t have any visible leadership — but is is a shadowy secret cabal of string pullers that manage to subvert the good will and graces of all the young believers and bitcoin miners around the world with fake paper profits that are now going to be taxed and burden all of them with the IRS and the SEC too.

But back in 2013 all of Bitcoin and their community were playing at the nefarious and criminal game of the Silk Road, and all the other dark web criminal enterprises and all the other crypto-currencies were mostly the same in supporting illegal activities.

Obviously there was not a shred of legal protection for shareholders and nothing of accounting and accountability was available.

Therefore, all the real Seed, Angel, and Venture Capital investors, stayed as far away as possible… as reasonable human beings ought to.

Then the FBI moved in to clean up the dark web and the Silk Road, but it is a giant job and the Police authorities around the Globe, have only started to clean the surface of this vast criminal community.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.04.44 AM

However, aside form the criminal element, it was the need for funding in this investment-free-zone that birthed the ICOs and the new clean and transparent digital currency named DOT.

That, and an understanding that approaching seed investors was a zero sum game that forced Dr Churchill, to pilot the first ICO for the Startups using DOTs the summer 2014 and carried on until today and beyond, now with renewed emphasis and vigor through the American Angels society.

Dr CHurchill’s main incentive was to enable all the StartUp founders to give up their day job so they could focus and work full time on their StartUps in order to succeed and create the great new companies and services the world needs.

This  is the way that the ICO process through the DOTs was born and spread throughout the world of Startups back in 2014, and continues on to this day undaunted by the hiccups on the road to stardom.

And that was the most interesting thing, as far as Dr Churchill was concerned, about what he was doing to help the Thousands of the Startups that he always wanted to help.

And indeed today all of the American Angels and their leader, Dr Churchill, are amazed at the amount of Capital, the various Startups raised through their ICOs, and as this coincided with the official birth channel, of DOT’s — this success has vastly exceeded the expectations of what Angel investment people and StartUppers, thought we could ever get.

Dr Churchill is an Innovator, a Business Leader, an Inventor, and a Technological Entrepreneur with deep High Finance and Macro-Economic knowledge, who knows the ins & outs of Startups and who has helped thousands of Start Ups to get started, funded and scale up. In this process, he observed the discombobulations and the angularities, and he decided that he wanted to build something and needed some money to achieve it.

And this is the nub of the issue. The trend from the Business-Angel investment seed tranche of the StartUp to the time of the same StartUp’s ICO, actually goes hand in hand with the broader movement that “software is eating the world” and of the “fat tail of the Internet” and “The Rise of the Crowds.”

The decline of VC seed capital fundraising, and the rise of ICO-DOTs, points to the fact that startups are technology projects firs,t and companies second. The ICO companies normally have a company structure attached none the less, and ICO-DOTs may better support the entrepreneurs and investors that create and invest in them.

At this time, it is important to know that digital and other alternative currencies have become a popular topic as pure strength alternatives within the Bitcoin space, not only because we have of course the original Bitcoin forks, but we also have the DOT’s and the BitcoinCash, the Etherium, the Litecoin, the Primecoin, and myriad others, all of them introducing alternative mining algorithms with novel properties.

Properties, such as the PPCoin that DOTs utilize in order to replace power consumption and even coin-mining entirely with a non-costly alternative, such as Ripple creating a cryptocurrency network that can store credit relationships and user-defined currencies.

And then, we have over seventy more cryptos, setting up and getting ready to run with new ones being created as we speak…

However the one particularly interesting project that has received the largest amount of real world investors and Business Angels and StartUp Founders’ attention over the recent years and months, however, is the mighty DOT that is a true hedge against the Tulip-mania and against the vagaries of criminality, and the economic crashes that occur almost daily, with the bitcoin illegal leadership and criminal supporting enterprises, every time the Law moves in and arrests some of their leaders and Mafia types lording it over the Bitcoin slave miners that seek easy profit and instead get chained to this awful enslaving game…

And that is one of the key differences between Bitcoin that is a secretive Cryptocurrency facilitating illicit trades and criminality masked behind a wall of anonymity, and the totally legit and legal DOTs that represent the Green Fields, and the Blue Sky of Open-Airy-Transparent-Visible- Digital Currency environment.

In addition to that there is the fact that for StartUp it is far easier to utilize the DOTs because rather than trying to bootstrap an entirely new blockchain, as every other cryptocurrency does, the DOT seeks to create an entirely new network of currencies, commodities and securities away from Bitcoin itself and away from the world of crypto and secret hacking stuff and the nameless criminal enterprises the Bitcoin has consistently supported and allowed to thrive within it’s many secretive folds…

The concept of an alternative fiat currently not relying on Bitcoin, set to take advantage of its powerful and secure network backed by petahashes of mining power is our new idea.

The general concept first appeared in form as a secure timestamping system to store the DOTs in people’s own blocks. Because DOT users can also use the Bitcoin blockchain to store every transaction — as a back up. Philosophically, the best way to think of DOTs is as an alternative way of making sense of Bitcoin transactions; just like the Bitcoin protocol takes a series of transactions and parses them to determine how many bitcoins are in every address at any particular moment, the DOT protocol also takes the available Bitcoin transactions and parses them to extract data relevant to the DOT-ICO American Angels network, so that we have a huge success in all of our ICOs for the young StartUp companies.

New protocol layers on top of the bitcoin protocol will increase bitcoin values, consolidate our message to the world, and concentrate our efforts, while still allowing individuals and groups to issue new currencies with experimental new rules.

The success of our experimental currency protocol layer will enhance the value and success of the foundational protocols, but will leave behind in the dust, all of the cryptocurrencies because the world is tired of the secrecy and the drug dealing associated with it.

From a less philosophical standpoint, the practical advantages that a DOT protocol has on top of Bitcoin are essentially twofold. First, DOTs can leverage the high degree of fame, popularity, and security that the Bitcoin network gains from its popularity and its high level of mining power. Second, it becomes much easier to create protocols that interact between Bitcoin and DOTs, and potentially with other blockchain protocols and Fiat currencies to come in the future.

The project formally launched on July of 2013…

Why have the DOTs seen so much attention?

User-defined currencies – like the DOTs are beautiful because anyone can create their own ICO on the American Angels network.

The most ambitious feature of the DOTs is the help StartUps to rise up…

Self-stabilizing currencies, however, potentially offer an efficient means of doing this. A self-stabilizing currency works as follows. First, the currency’s creator, who has no further involvement once the currency is up and running — picks a currency or commodity that the currency would follow, and finds a price mechanism for that currency. They then take this information, along with some other metadata such as an “aggression factor” to indicate how closely the currency should track the underlying index, and publish it as a transaction. This is the Bitcoin method of coin creation and tracking, and that is what caused the Tulip mania we experience today that parallels the Bitcoin bubble to the Tulip-bulb bubble and the economic crash of the Dutch economy in the 1600’s that sunk Amsterdam for ever and destroyed the Dutch empire.

From that point on, the DOT protocol itself simulates a sort of central bank for this currency, creating units out of thin air and selling them to anyone who is willing to pay the market price.

In theory, the idea of a self-stabilizing currency sounds very seductive; if successful, it provides a way for users to store any currency in the network without having to trust that a centralized issuer has the funds to back the currency up, which is the weakness that Fiat currencies have. Because even though the price feeder can potentially manipulate prices for their own benefit, they have no clear incentive to cheat the way that asset backers do – namely, by running away with everyone’s funds.

However, the Dollar-pegged currency does have the obvious advantage over all others and that is the strength of the Almighty GreenBack and the United States government.

To that end, community members who have attempted to generate any amount of DOTs via ICOs through the AmeriKan Angels that act as the purveyor of the ICOs for all Startup companies, have the unique advantage over all other coin ICOs.

This scheme has the advantage that coins will be distributed in a fair way, but without wasting resources or privileging anyone, but by backing self-issued currencies for StartUps and serving as a medium of trade between the various user currencies, most of which will be too small to have highly liquid markets directly between each currency pair.

All alternative cryptocurrencies and digital currencies also benefit from this mechanism that the DOT development introduces into the world at large…

With DOTs however, implementing double-spend-proof transactions and the advanced features at the same time will require some additional thought.

What is the future of the DOTs going to be?

There are definitely many new features around the corner. One interesting idea is the concept of limited accounts, which will allow users to set up accounts that can spend from a particular source of funding but once up to a set maximum within a prespecified timespan. This will have two main use cases. First of all, it can be used as another safe mechanism for storing a savings account, limiting the losses from the limited address getting hacked. Second, it can be used as a Coinbase-like “recurring subscription” feature – for example, I might give a person a limited account for $? per day in exchange for a VPN subscription. Other developments include a bounty for a DOT, and much further into the future we may even see DOTs serving as the base of a decentralized market.

Anyone interested in looking more into the DOT startup software FinTech project, can check out the American Angels website, the various DOT development tools and the Angel Investors community.

If you want to purchase DOTs in order to invest in the StartUps check out the DOTs  order book, or buy directly at where the Mobile App resides as well.


Dr Churchill


Lots of knowledge to digest and that is why for our Startups we have DOTs to allow us to finance them and to grow our own Unicorns through digital currencies.

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We are building UNICORNS here:

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Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 6.06.34 PM

Dr Churchill offers his STARTUP-MBA about LIFE SCIENCE this March — from 10am to 5pm, March 9th until March 19th — at the University of Texas in Austin.

We are holding this Innovation Master Class Startup Week at the Library in the University of Texas in Austin, for full working hours each day from 10am to 5pm and it is a full MindMelt Innovation. A real Rocket building class…

This version of our famous Life Science Innovation Start Up Weekend & Startup Week, is the full blown Start-Up MBA that is a true Master Class @ University of Texas, with Health, Life Science, BioTech, BioInformatics, BioPrinting, and BioMedical Talent… takes place at the Library.

Come and join us for five hours on Saturday and for another five hours on Sunday. From 10am to 5pm on all the days until Monday March 19th of this year 2018.

Come and get your spot as a Co-founder in one of the coolest and smartest StartUps to grace the halls of Academia and Industry.

We’ve got fully formed companies with IP and Strategic direction that you can join up, and we also have early stage Startups that we will accelerate. Come do this or bring one of your own StartUp ideas to develop and accelerate.

If you dare — RSVP now at:

Come along and let’s do some BioTech, some BioMed, and some BioHacking Life Science together.

Let’s get together to treat disease.

Let’s get together to treat pain.

Let’s get together to hack Health.

Let’s get together to hack our own selves.

Let’s get together to develop new techniques to repair our bodies.

Let’s get together to develop new techniques to repair our minds.

Let’s get together to do Bio-printing,.

Let’s get together to develop diagnostics.

Let’s get together to solve the Big Problems of Medicine.

Let’s get together to Democratize Medicine.

Let’s get together to make our Hearts healthy.

Let’s get together to fight viral diseases.

Let’s get together to fight bacterial disease and infectious diseases.

Let’s get together to deal with chronic illness.

Let’s get together to repair damaged skin.

To fix damaged hearts.

To fix damaged livers.

To heal the Heart through antivirals, and regenerative Medicine.

To fix our brains through regeneration.

To offer biohacking solutions.

To field new medicines that can treat Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and other degenerative brain diseases.

Let’s use BioPrinting to repair organs like a damaged leaky heart, where a specialized catheter can be used to deliver “bio-ink” or stem cells mixed with nutrients and other growth factors to effect a difficult repair and rejuvenation…

Let’s use the CRISPER process to fix anything that’s part of our body’s DNA code. Lets improve healing through a process that involves creating 3D printed structures that can replicate, for example, a layer of skin or a blood vessels.

Let’s innovate and create global firsts, going beyond areas where scientists have already succeeded in recreating body parts like bones, but functioning organs are still some way off.

Let’s go extra large in general 3D printing of tissue which is still relatively unsophisticated at this stage and many groups around the world are working on the science, so we can innovate beyond our neck of the woods….

Let’s dream big and experiment wide…

Join us for the AMAZING LIFE SCIENCE STARTUP WEEKEND and STARTUP WEEK of Dr Churchill’s Accelerator Life Science & Medicine Innovation that comprises the Full StartUp MBA @ the University of Texas on this awesome SXSW week experience…

This time around the Accelerator Innovation Master Class focuses strictly on Life Sciences, Medicine, Pharma, BioMed, BioTech, BioEngineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Sciences for solving the big human problems of Disease and Chronic Illness that will kill all of us…


Please share this in your Social Media as a Thank You for the effort we all put to make this a Great Success and the Start of Ten Worthwhile StartUps.

Some interesting details…

Read on if you are keen on reading but it is far more important to RSVP first and foremost and prepare yourself to give  a week of your time to change your Life.


Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 2.04.44 AM

Join us for this awesome STARTUP MBA, MASTERMIND, at the U of TEXAS campus, in Austin TX, where Dr Pano Churchill, convenes the Medicine and Life Science Tech StartUp Weekend as the first Accelerator — where He teaches his famous Innovation Master Class at the beginning of the Fall Quarter. If you want to participate in this Life Sciences and Medicine Accelerator, or if you know of someone with exceptional talents, or of a CEO who needs to surround themselves with a solid Founding Team of Co-Founders in order to move Fast Forward their BioMed or BioTech or BioEngineering StartUp — You should tell them about this and ask them to RSVP here bellow:

This particular ACCELERATOR IS A MASTER CLASS because it has an emphasis on BIOENGINEERING, BIOTECH, BIOMED, COMPUTER SCIENCE, IBioInformatics, BioEthics, INTERNET OF THINGS, MEDICINE, Medical Data, & ALL LIFE SCIENCES, as enhanced with the tools of Systems Biology, Network Genetics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotech, and Smart pill near field communications, and imaging against the main killing Diseases like Heart Disease, Cancers, Diabetes, etc.

If you want to join us please RSVP herewith. And sent your CV/Resume to the Organizer and highlight your StartUp ideas, and your deep domain expertise, ONLY IF YOU WANT TO BE PART OF THE COURSE.

Additionally You may speak to those who handle the Special Domain Expertise of your fields, such as Computer Science, BioEngineering, and BioTech, BioMed, and the Technology Transfer Office, or the Patent Library. However most important is to evolve your Ideas towards a StartUp, and even bring your own already formed early stage StartUp company into the ACCELERATOR MASTER CLASS, so that You can enjoy the benefits of getting a complete Team and the launching Rocket Fuel of this Accelerator Class.

We are an Interdisciplinary mix of Deep Domain Experts and Hackers for Life Sciences and Medicine with a focus on BioEngineering and we utilize all other UW Scientific disciplines such as Nanotech, Smart Pills, Space Tech, Wireless & Internet technologies, Wi-Fi, RFID, near field communication, MRI, Imaging, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps, Integrated Biohacking, Systems Biology, Smart Medicine, Materials Science, and Nano-Engineering for New Pharma. We are investing in Medical and Biotech solutions. We are working on the intersection of Biotechnology, Medical Protein Science, Genetics, Telomeres, Nano Technology Engineering of Smart Pills, Chemistry, and Disease prevention, early recognition, and cure of catastrophic illnesses, and pushing the boundaries on Life Extension. This is the same Startup Weekend Bootcamp as it was first offered by Dr Churchill at the world’s top Graduate Schools and Engineering Universities, over the last twenty years, and has spawned hundreds of successful StartUps, and created thousands of useful products, services, and in turn thousands of companies…

For this iteration of the Innovation Master Class, there are a few available spaces still, so if you have specialized talents, and a team with domain expertise, or novel ideas and want to built a company and a product or service, in any of these areas above or other great ideas — please contact us. Our Medicine, Biotech, Biohacking, Sustainability, Tech, Green, Energy, Clean Innovation & Entrepreneurship Start Up Weekend Bootcamp is all about Business Solutions to our Social, Environmental, & Economic Issues. Business education, like life itself, is a continuous process of growth and effort. A Master Class steeped in the classic Japanese tradition of “Kaizen” — always innovating, always perfecting — our Technique of creating and synthesizing great Tech StartUps has become so potent that we are able to condense and compress between Six months, to Six years, worth of StartUp creation, incubation, and acceleration, all condensed in a week of Constant Assembly. We are creating founders’ teams, and building mentoring interaction, facilitating company building, along with Innovation Tech start up teaching, and financing the Start Up companies we create.

Please Network and Share openly on your Social media and Networks for Sustainable development, Business Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Engineering, BBMs etc. Logistics & Details: Post Graduate and Graduate Student Participants for this program are solely selected by the University and their Professors. The criteria of selection are to bring together the best & brightest entrepreneurial spirits on he basis of willingness and talent to create a Start Up enterprise. This Facebook event page is just for information purposes only. Thus if an entrepreneur affiliated with the University, wants to join the Open Green Innovation Start Up Weekend, @ University — he/she must apply properly to the University’s Professors and relevant academic faculty. However there are few spots available for community working members of the Angel Investors group too…

Sample Class Keynote:Pano Kroko – LeWeb Student Warm Up, with Pano Kroko [Chairman of the Environmental Parliament] Keynote during LeWeb from ESGI University Paris Dec 2012 LeWeb — Here is a view of the kind of class I offer — Fresh off the Youtube press:

And here is the StartUp MBA on the Bus in Europe:

Start Up Innovation Creation Record: As you know am a legendary Angel investor and I write more than one hundred X-large checks each year. Usually more than 100 checks all across the world each year. Over the course of time, we have founded over two hundred successful Start Ups and many more that have become part of the ecosystem in various incarnations. Acquisitions, strategic exits, IPOs etc are all around in dome form. A good thirty percent of them are still alive and kicking as independent entities solving big problems and employing smart people who care about our world. That’s some record…Here are some Examples of some other Big problem solving Start Ups I support and the program, we work through the Universities across Europe, Asia and the US this year.

Forbes magazine review for our StartUp MBA in Paris:

Paris Startup Weekend Goes Green: Winner Wants to Sell Insects as Food for Kids = An Abundant & Sustainable Protein food source, already being used in 2/3 of the world but not in developed western world… Processed insect protein tastes great and is nutritious without the toxins, chemistry and antibiotics associated with red meat. It’s a great idea because by Replacing our meat culture with this source of protein we can improve our health, preserve mammals, and also save all the primary forests from turning to pasture such as the Amazon rainforest, and also preserve all forested lands, wild pastures and great grasslands all across the world.

Energy, Finance, Emergent Complexity, Mobile Communications, the rise of the Commons, Crowdsourcing, the Internet and our State of the Art Science and Technology along with Complex Life bottom-up rules — all manifesting themselves strongly in this new Millennium, — we are provided with the greatest opportunity for Disruption ever. Well, then Go Ahead and make a Start Up. See this video bellow as a boost of your Innovation morale and start thinking of what Great Industry Goliath You want to disrupt. Over here and you are going to be thrilled by an incredible source of Discovery done through the power of the Internet with a lone young thinker and doer making miracles…

Also it is very important to send an email message right here. This ought to come from all the Founder participants, with a page containing TEN startup ideas. The page will contain ten killer ideas and we must have this from all student/participants involved. The participants should also email me the 10 startup ideas list as well as bring a hard copy [analog] to the INNOVATION StartUp MBA bootcamp. Each person chosen, self selected, given the opportunity, or assigned by the University Professors to participate in the Open Innovation Master Class by Dr Churchill, has to email in advance and also bring along their personal list with his/hers ten [10] most likely Start Up ideas he/she wants to pursue or wanted to pursue since childhood. Just fill one page with a short paragraph describing each potential Start-Up and write two lines describing this start Up in some detail of execution. An Executive Summary type of description in two short lines at most, for each startup idea, and a total of ten ideas all together. All ten must be written in a single piece of paper printed double spaced. This is the final ticket for admission in the Master Class and please come prepared to defend those ten precious ideas with your peers and meet your dream team as well… Also be ready to abandon them and become part of another team with a most winsome idea for an innovative Start Up or simply a better team and execution horizon.

Be Flexible. The best ideas always win…

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 12.33.55 AM

The StartUp founders, students, participants, and all attendees have to be aware that this great knowledge doesn’t come cheap. The normal costs of participating in this Innovation Master Class amounts to £50,000 GBP per participating student tech entrepreneur, yet we offer a steep 50% discount on this side of the pond in order to familiarize StartUp people with the style of Innovation MASTERMIND Dr Churchill offers. For more info, one can get the One hour information class, (webinar) which is offered on a scholarship basis “GRATIS” by Doctor Churchill who chooses to defray these costs because he wants to engage in new business creation and not just in the management theory behind Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and New Company setups. But the cost of the Tuition doesn’t mean anything when the outcome is a C-level position in a great StartUp in the fields of Life Science. To qualify simply RSVP here and send in your CV and a “Thesis” statement. Alternatively you could also be invited by Friends, of the American Angels, or by one of the many CEOs supported by Dr Churchill. Relational knowledge is disseminated and students are trained to comprehend and foster their own business growth, find their own meaning, and direct their own efforts, in a sustainable entrepreneurial fashion. Therefore in our Master Class we create viable sustainable and successful businesses that are expressions of the one continuing conviction that by education, by leadership, and by means of institutions formed for the purpose, it is possible to greatly improve the quality of life, to create wealth and jobs, and to build a better society. Training future business executives as students to become responsible leaders, includes exposing them to opportunities, teaching them to think creatively, showing them how to act in innovative ways, and learning how to go about doing business in different ways.

The world, the new economy, and all the smart businesses, in Tech and Science are seeking employees who have these skills and even the students themselves, many of whom aspire to become entrepreneurs, in order to find meaning and serve as leaders — look for these opportunities, and flock to Dr Churchill STARTUP MASTERMIND ACCELERATOR & Innovation Master Class targeting advancement in their chosen field of study.

In this edition of the Accelerator Innovation Start Up MBA, we focus on a couple of simple things: “We believe that education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think” — Albert Einstein

Over the course of the years, more than two hundred of the New successful Companies that are still alive today – have been created out of the over a Thousand Start Up Companies that got initially started out of this Master Class Weekend in it’s many iterations. We beat the odds of the one out of ten companies surviving because we combine incredible Human Capital and Associated Talent with this Accelerator for Innovation Method of creating long term valuable products and services, through the marriage of Technology, Business Acumen, and Social Entrepreneurship. Quite a few startups that went on to become Billion Dollar Companies in Technology sector, were created this way and got their initial rocket fuel here, in order to manage to scale and reach escape velocity. We create New Companies in Energy, Finance, Internet, Software, Mobile, Internet & Web Services, SAAS, Communications, Human Services & Products, Consumer and Shared Economy, disruptive efficiencies, strategic initiatives, Healthcare, Biotech, Nano, Life Sciences, Brain & Mindfulness, Computing, and we also create companies that offer Clean Energy Services, Green Technology Solutions, Environmental Remediation, Financial Services, Social Network services, Communications solutions, Mobile Tech engineering, Infrastructure engineering for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation and also for Agricultural and Food production advances, Biotechnology, Medicine, Economic investment, Financial Innovation for Green Energy and Clean Tech, and Public policy nudges. Think of it: Two hundred living companies that have maintained their Sustainable Vision giving awesome value to the World and their customers are now with us because of our Master Class. They are companies founded by also getting wealthy and relevant in the process to sustain themselves in order to be able to give value for the long term. What’s better than that?

Dr Churchill, started his global tour this auspicious year, at the Far East end of the globe in China’s Beijing Tsinghua [Qinghua-Xinghua] University over the weekend of January 12th and 13th and then continued eastward to the US for the second half of January and the first part of February at the University of Washington in Seattle. Next class will be in Texas for the month of March and then in Europe followed by one in China, and then back to America during late June at Stanford University in Silicon Valley for the Summer. Follow our schedule and get into our class because this is the best time to Innovate and start a great entrepreneurial company.

Because of your interest in getting this far, You are invited to come learn how to participate in Great Innovation. You learn how to start new companies in Life Sciences, Medicine, Pharma, Medical Devises, Genomics, Mobile, Internet, Green Energy & Sustainability, Clean Energy Technology, Greentech, business, how to embed new innovation policies in your multinational company, how to enrich your Society, make your government better, strengthen our Democracy, & how to innovate within your enterprise, by utilizing ultra flexible, and agile innovation techniques. We also invite you to come to connect with finance and PE ventures, and also with Green Capital leaders for business opportunities, scaling up and strategic resource Co-operation.

Your mind will truly explode in this amazing MASTERMIND by Dr Churchill…

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 12.05.33 AM

Yet one might rightfully ask:

Why go all out and make all this Effort?

My answer is simple:

Because it’s a Matter of Life and Death.

If we are to survive as a species, we must make positive innovation part of the mainstream learning in business, technology and society. Same as we should do in general education in order to teach People Change, Adaptation, and Mitigation, towards Climate Change, Resource Constraints, and Environmental chaos. After all, Innovation springs from the freedom to observe nature, see patterns, think freely, and connect ideas in new ways. Unfortunately our schools and universities generally allow us to connect ideas only in prescribed ways. Sometimes these methods lead to new insights, but more likely they lead to rote learning. Why is it that when one asks a first grade class which of them can draw, all of them eagerly raise their hands, but ask the same question of a high school class, and only one or two admit to having artistic skills? What convinced those who decided they could not draw? Why do we not encourage everyone to draw, even if they do so in their own ways? Great artists break the rules — and new ground — all the time. That is how they become great artists. We need schools and universities to be places where innovation happens routinely. Instead we share stories of how the great innovators left school to allow themselves the freedom to pursue their dreams. Turning this around is not equivalent to pruning the branches of the education tree — it is akin to grafting a new root system to it, and we have yet to develop the techniques for wholesale reinvention at that level. We must innovate in order to begin to understand where to start in order to create our new economies. Resilient economies that can sustain us through the resource and recession crises. The multi – Trillion pound economy of Green Innovation will not wait in the wings for the US to pull it’s act together but will surely and eagerly move to China and elsewhere where people will have it…

So it is important for us to create the StartUps that matter, through Innovation.

So come participate, innovate, solve Big problems and start up great companies. It’s also an opportunity to connect with the Environmental Parliament and it’s Business Sustainability agenda, and a good time for arranging cooperation, civic action, engagement, policy advocacy and delivery — and also schedule other public speaking engagements of Dr Churchill in the approximate territories covered in this cascading Public Teaching & Speaking Tour around the globe. The Green Tech Start Up Innovation Tour started from Beijing Tsinghua University as the starting point this January and in your University in the next months… It is a very auspicious year for Green Tech and Clean Energy Entrepreneurship, because in the year, we expect to break many grid parity records and launch the thousand new Green Enterprises that will mark the dawn of the New Era of No-Carbon Energy.

This is a Master Class addressed to the Leaders. Because there is no more important issue for today’s and tomorrow’s business and society leaders, nor for the problem solvers, or for the engineers, the scientists, the business people and all the entrepreneurs — than climate change. And there is no more important place in the effort to control greenhouse gas emissions than the United Europe because of the leadership Europe has shown in the Green Economy Political Agenda worldwide. And as we learn from past failures and successes we move to a place of clear vision populated by serious successes. At our Master Class we allow failure to be as powerful a learning mode as success. Because we see learning being all about risk. Unlike regular learning institutions that are anything but risk tolerant. There are good reasons for that, except when it comes to learning. At all the Universities teaching theories — we deceive our students when we do not make it clear that knowledge is not absolute. Truth is the result of generations of observation, experimentation, exploration, refinement, pushing the boundaries of our experience, and rational scientific thinking… Yet truth builds on failure as much as success, but failure is anathema to today’s learning institutions. We must instill in students the drive to learn, and to help them see the vital role of failure in discovery. We need to expect our halls of learning to question their own processes and strategies, and their own success. We measure things, but spend little time on understanding what we should be measuring. We know great innovation always comes from the refinement of an initial idea, but we teach in and administer schools as if there are absolute certainties that we must never question. How can we ensure that the next series of great discoveries will be made? That is a challenge whose dimensions and starting places are elusive enough to be considered a truly wicked problem and we are solving it by building the methodology for success through the Innovation Start Up process.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 12.52.30 PM

This year Dr Churchill will teach this abundant resource of his Innovation Master Class at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and then at the University of Washington in Seattle, followed by Stanford University Engineering School in Palo Alto, in Silicon Valley California during the following weekend, and Harvard and MIT in Cambridge, Boston [early February], followed by the Master Class offered at the IESE in Barcelona during the GSMA Mobile World Congress; and then the fabulous and must attend “London Open Innovation Weekend” at the ESCP London’s Premiere Business Management University, during the first weekend of March. The ESCP school of Paris, is the oldest management school in the world since it was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte. And to this day ESCP claims to be the best MBA Business Management University in the world, with graduates in leadership positions [proving the point] throughout Europe and the world, in commerce, industry, banking, and government. But , sthey are not entrepreneurial, and are certainly not Innovators — and that is what we aim to fix with this MasterMind class of Dr Churchill.

And now this Life Science Innovation Start Up Weekend and BioTech Master Class offered by Dr Churchill provides the global Start Up network with the moorings in BioTech, BioEngineering, BioMedicine, Advanced Medical & Health Technology, BioPrinting, and BioHacking. All scientific pursuits that make Life healthier and longer. THis Innovation Startup Weekend fosters monumental growth of ideas and out of bounds entrepreneurial leaps. This version of the US tour of the Life Tech, Open Health & Medical Innovation, is the famous Start Up Weekend Class where we focus in the region of the United States most likely to spawn the Future of BioTech as it intersects with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and the Internet of All Things and of the Future, with it’s Libertarian and Free Thinking Independent and Democratic traditions, that place the People and the Patients in charge of their Health and WellBeing. So come one and come all and invite your free spirited friends who converge here from all over the world and who have started the new Mobile communications revolution within the human body…

This is the great StartUp MBA, that is a MASTERMIND course, that brings forth the Future of BioTech as it intersects with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and the Internet of All Things and of the Future, with it’s Libertarian and Free Thinking Independent and Democratic traditions, that place the People and the Patients in charge of their Health and WellBeing.

So come one and come all, and invite your free spirited friends who converge here from all over the world and who have started the new protein and hormone communications revolution within the human body… Well, we are getting some heart here too.

Heady Stuff…

So let’s do this because there is no more important issue for today’s leaders, for the problem solvers, for engineers, scientists, business people and entrepreneurs, than climate change — and no more important country in the World in the effort to control the spread of killer Diseases and population Malfeasance.

In particular — Dr Pano Churchill’s ACCELERATOR MASTER CLASS is an intense Start Up weekend on Innovation at the most prestigious Business Management and Engineering Schools, will focus on shifting the Intellectual and Entrepreneurial Energy of the dynamic students and professors, towards a sustainable future of HEALTHCARE by scaling the solutions already used and innovating through all the science and technology based tools & applications available to us today. Accelerating Medical and Pharma and BioTech, and Engineering solutions for the Big Problems of today, and designing the future through entrepreneurship is the hot topic that Dr Churchill has offered in his ACCELERATOR and Innovation Start Up Master Class to MBA and Engineering graduate students at the best Universities across the world and this is what He is doing again at Stanford’s Innovation Start Up weekend this year and on to the rest of the US, Europe, and beyond. From Tsinghua, to Stanford, and MIT, to UW, Harvard and NYU, and from Imperial to Oxford and Cambridge, from ESCP London to Sorbonne in Paris and IESE in Barcelona, and from Waseda-U, to Shanghai University — this INNOVATION Start Up Weekend Master Class, has spawned over two hundred sustainably successful BioMedical and BioTech companies. Most of these companies are still alive today, and hordes of others not with us anymore. All together more than a Thousand StartUp companies have been built.

And even the ones who bite the dust – still have given us education, valuable insights, directions and serviceable iterations of ideas and many exits. When we fail, we fail forward and start another StartUp all over again. Over a Thousand companies have been launched through this process. Because of this record it is a must attend event for all aspiring and technically able MBAs, engineers, techies, geeks, designers, web and mobile entrepreneurs and even academics or Social scientists interested in Innovation and the proliferation of innovative practices throughout Society, Business, Institutions, Governments and all of the organizations that make up our world. This is a great Master Seminar Accelerator course that helps to launch and begin a fast track process for scale of healthy StartUp enterprises geared to addressing the challenges of today. Because we can solve all problems with the leading Innovative and Inventive companies of tomorrow, when the best human capital from chemistry, physics, technology graduates, engineers, Business Masters and all the other scientific discipline graduates — come together here to formulate the neural networks and links the pathways to product orientated thinking. This is also a great Innovation Master Class for those involved and innovating in government, public policy, Academia, and business bureaucracy, as well as for those working on the C-level executive suite, of international large and middle scale enterprises.

We tend to change slowly as people and yet as members of the Human Family methinks that we are smarter than that… And if you need a Pep talk to get it — here it is:

We are better than that because we have Medical science and technology becoming continuously more affordable and democratically available to all of us. Because of that, we are conducting a Master Class on solving the Big Problems via Innovation as an empirical application for the United State’s transition from the Affordable Care Act,  towards the Health Security of the American People via private enterprise solutions and market based cost conscious mechanisms.

Next, we’ll be making FemBots out of robotic innovation and biomedical body mechanisms blended with artificial intelligence. AI and body printing will result in this human bounty…

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 4.24.39 AM


And here are the 10 Lessons on Innovation and Creation of Solutions from none other than Albert Einstein the very founder of Photovoltaic technology in transmuting Solar radiation to electricity, and the very reason why he received the Nobel Prize:

1. Follow Your Curiosity because as he always said and I quote him here: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

2. Perseverance is Priceless: “It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

3. Focus on the Present: “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”

4. The Imagination is Powerful: “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

5. Make Mistakes: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

6. Live in the Moment: “I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.”

7. Create Value: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

8. Don’t be repetitive: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

9. Knowledge Comes From Experience“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”

10. Learn the Rules and Then Play Better: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

This is the aim of this MASTERMIND Seminar: Coupling American Yankee ingenuity with entrepreneurial innovation in advance of Medicine and Medical Biological Technology innovation modelling — successful locally and iterated here and across the globe. In this Master Class we can add greater depth to a practical understanding of America’s technological innovation landscape, business and government systems and the country’s current and future role in a globalized Medical and Life Science Economy.

Dr Churchill focuses on America’s specific methods and technologies of Biotechnology intersecting with Computer Science, via science based Tech Start Up development.

After all in the human experience it is the various crises that give us pause and lead to precipitous shifts, and momentous change.

And this is how business helps us solve the Health Care dilemma, because the potential for leap frogging is tremendous and the entrepreneurial rewards enormous. This is the time of Disruption. So come join us. All the Dead Poets advise You: CARPE DIEM = Seize the moment. The American nation’s ability to innovate, deploy, accelerate & escalate, its use of Medical Advancement and Pharmaceutical Technology also demonstrates US’s ability to leapfrog directly to the latest and most prevalent of the available Biological technologies long term. Because ultimately, there is a real competition and the Innovators will win BIG. Yet this is not a zero sum game but rather a large cooperative effort to address the big problems of Health, Wellness, and Disease Management.

We are in it together and the smartest minds are innovating along these lines currently at the top schools and labs across the world. And the winning team of this Open Innovation weekend will get funded Monday morning, when the leading Angels, VCs and PE friends of Dr Kroko, will convene to hear the newly hatched Start Up teams present during the “Pitch&Demo” show and competition Champagne & Caviar brunch… Be prepared to be challenged and placed in danger of changing your ideas, your Life, and your future. Come willing to get on the Edge and beyond. Come to be real and to find out what you want to do with your Life and the Destiny you can create.

So come join us on this intensive Master Class Weekend Bootcamp for StartUps, so we can foster the second wave of Innovation to keep the momentum going forward. INFO: What Do We Teach and practice during the Innovation Start Up Master Class Weekend? We teach by Doing. WE PRACTICE and practice again and again, the building method and the process of Creation of a new Start Up with the BEST VIABLE PRODUCT & SERVICE to solve the big problems of the world today. The starting talks for the ACCELERATOR are at the Library Auditorium, and that is where the ACCELERATOR Innovation Master Class will be held.

An INNOVATION of the Mind indeed … and we gather to attend the lecture of Dr Pano Churchill, Chairman of the Environmental Parliament and his ACCELERATOR Master Class for Entrepreneurs. The Master Class opening talks are at the University school and it is assisted by the leading Professors with domain expertise, and with the best of breed Venture Capital representatives of the VC industry and Private Equity firms from all over the West Coast. Because these VC firms, as well as the global firms from America and China are always scouting our Master Class for the next Twitter, Square, Google, and Seattle Wireless, to be discovered through our ranks.

Indeed the bounty of this God’s green earth is endless — if you know where to look at…

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 2.07.51 PM

Dr Churchill will be speaking and sharing the methodology of building companies for Clean Energy, Clean Tech, Green Tech and Green Innovation. Building companies that are keen on solving the Big Problems and tackling the serious issues pertaining to Climate Change, Biotechnology, BioMedicine, Biogenetics, Geoengineering and all things Green.

This Innovation Revolution will not be televised and all the Entrepreneurs along with the great Scientists wishing to build the businesses of the future and willing to participate in this New Revolution are invited. Please Network this invitation to your circle of Founders and Business friends and email your StartUp team contacts and especially the young people building Start Up products & services across the world. Then come to this must attend Master Class that will be cosponsored through Stanford’s Engineering, Computer Science, Software, and Management School Professors, and through the EP university team. For the extreme entrepreneurs, who are not associated with the school — you can volunteer to help for this event and thus earn your tuition fees and attend.

We offer this Master Class also to the hackers and the outsiders of the University community, but also to the ultimate insiders, the BioEngineers, the BioTechnologists, and the Computer Scientists along with the MBA community, because innovative Start Ups are now urgently needed in order to amend our world, solve the Big Social Problems ahead, change the steeply slopping downwards road we are on, and help adaptation by creating a future worth living. A new emergent complexity is needed right about now. This is the only way. We must innovate in order to be able to adapt. Survival of the fittest is the survival of the ones most able to change, and thus adapt. And this new economics of adaptation, will rewards us mightily. Our civilisation, humanity and our local and networked economies will benefit not only by the New Medicine, the New Pharma, and the New Biotech, but also we shall make the financing case for these innovative StartUps because there is a lot of ANGEL CAPITAL, and easy money available from the Angel Investors, the American Angels, and from the small local VCs of the City, along with Private Equity Capital, as well as money from the the Jobs sector, from Industry, Institutions, and from various Friends and Family of the University community, from the various government acronyms, like DARPA, ARPA, NASA, DOD, NIH, NHS, WH, and from the ACA, FDA, Energy department, from the Environmental Agency, Small Business Administration Development, the American Business Union, the Environmental Parliament and Green Capital, the Accelerator — and it’s all designed to augment your chances of future success. So come join us on this ACCELERATOR MASTER CLASS because we’ll guide you to create a Company that solves the big problems. Come because it’s Your Future and You better care…

The Methodology starts here: In order to create new innovative Start-Ups, we must first consider what exactly we mean by the term “innovation”.Innovation is “the introduction of something new”. We differentiate innovation from both invention and improvement as follows: Innovation differs from invention in that innovation refers to the use of a better and, as a result, novel idea or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea or method itself. Innovation differs from improvement in that innovation refers to the notion of doing something different. Latin innovare = to change, rather than to be doing the same thing, only better. These new and different things come about in varying degrees. There are different levels of innovation such as “core”, “adjacent” or “transformational” towards new Start-Ups and strategic enterprises, towards existing company’s current products and brand new assets. Innovation needs collaboration, and feeds into three levels of innovation: “incremental“, “breakthrough”, and “transformational”. Meanwhile, the three levels of “incremental”, “substantial”, and “radical” can be easily transplanted with the three stages aboveThere are many more ways to depict these stages. Yet for our Innovation purposes, we want to CREATE start ups in the space of our Master Class: So we start here in three simple Panoisms : 1) You can do anything you set your mind to, with adequate perseverance, intelligence, passion & skill. 2) Everything that can be converted from an atom to a bit, will be and you can create products based on this premise all day long. 3) Do you want to live a life pushing paper around or do you want to build products that change people’s lives? So Go Forth & Innovate.

After all, Innovation Excellence is what it’s all about for both Public and Business Creation, Entrepreneurship and Management or Administration.

ACCELERATOR MASTER CLASS is open for RSVPs here and now:

And the fecudinty of your ideas to be realized through your own StartUp.

This much is guaranteed….

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Please do share herewith:

Please Network and Share openly on your Social media and Networks for Sustainable development, Business Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Engineering, BBMs etc. Logistics & Details: Post Graduate and Graduate Student Participants for this program are solely selected by the University and their Professors. The criteria of selection are to bring together the best & brightest entrepreneurial spirits on he basis of willingness and talent to create a Start Up enterprise. This Facebook event page is just for information purposes only. Thus if an entrepreneur affiliated with the University, wants to join the Open Green Innovation Start Up Weekend, @ University — he/she must apply properly to the University’s Professors and relevant academic faculty. However there are few spots available for working volunteers and EP practitioners or Green Capital members who will be admitted gratis. Please let me know here, if you want to volunteer for this Open Innovation MASTERMIND StartUp-MBA of the year.

Sample Class Keynote:Pano Kroko – LeWeb Student Warm Up, with Pano Kroko [Chairman of the Environmental Parliament] Keynote during LeWeb from ESGI University Paris Dec 2012 LeWeb — Here is a view of the kind of class I offer — Fresh off the Youtube press:

And here is the StartUp MBA on the Bus in Europe:

Start Up Innovation Creation Record: As you know am a legendary Angel investor and I write more than one hundred X-large checks each year. Usually more than 100 checks all across the world each year. Over the course of time, we have founded over two hundred successful Start Ups and many more that have become part of the ecosystem in various incarnations. Acquisitions, strategic exits, IPOs etc are all around in dome form. A good thirty percent of them are still alive and kicking as independent entities solving big problems and employing smart people who care about our world. That’s some record…

Here are some Examples of some other Big problem solving Start Ups I support and the program, we work through the Universities across Europe, Asia and the US this year.

Forbes magazine review for our StartUp MBA in Paris:

Paris Startup Weekend Goes Green: Winner Wants to Sell Insects as Food for Kids = An Abundant & Sustainable Protein food source, already being used in 2/3 of the world but not in developed western world… Processed insect protein tastes great and is nutritious without the toxins, chemistry and antibiotics associated with red meat. It’s a great idea because by Replacing our meat culture with this source of protein we can improve our health, preserve mammals, and also save all the primary forests from turning to pasture such as the Amazon rainforest, and also preserve all forested lands, wild pastures and great grasslands all across the world.

Energy, Finance, Emergent Complexity, Mobile Communications, the rise of the Commons, Crowdsourcing, the Internet and our State of the Art Science and Technology along with Complex Life bottom-up rules — all manifesting themselves strongly in this new Millennium, — we are provided with the greatest opportunity for Disruption ever. Well, then Go Ahead and make a Start Up. See this video bellow as a boost of your Innovation morale and start thinking of what Great Industry Goliath You want to disrupt. Over here and you are going to be thrilled by an incredible source of Discovery done through the power of the Internet with a lone young thinker and doer making miracles…

Also it is very important to receive an email message right here. This ought to come from all the Founders, CEOs, &  participants, with a single page containing up to TEN startup ideas. The page will contain ten killer ideas and we must have this from all student/participants involved. The participants should also join this FB group and email me the 10 startup ideas list as well as bring a hard copy [analog] to the INNOVATION StartUp weekend camp. Each person chosen, self selected, given the opportunity, or assigned by the University Professors to participate in the Open Innovation Master Class by Dr Kroko, has to email in advance and also bring along their personal list with his/hers ten [10] most likely Start Up ideas he/she wants to pursue or wanted to pursue since childhood. Just fill one page with a short paragraph describing each potential Start-Up and write two lines describing this start Up in some detail of execution. An Executive Summary type of description in two short lines at most, for each startup idea, and a total of ten ideas all together. All ten must be written in a single piece of paper printed double spaced. This is the final ticket for admission in the Master Class and please come prepared to defend those ten precious ideas with your peers and meet your dream team as well… Also be ready to abandon your ideas, and become part of another team with a most winsome idea for an innovative Start Up or simply a better team and execution horizon.

Be Flexible, because the best ideas always win… and it is not necessary for them to be coming from your brain. Indeed everybody has great ideas, but very few people execute upon them.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.32.26 AM

So come and ACCELERATE your StartUp this Weekend at this University library. Come camp out with the best of us: Grab your laptop, your toothbrush, vitamins, your sleeping bag, your best positive mind and your awesome entrepreneurial zeal, and come spend a weekend with me and become enlightened with all of us and pursue the most lofty goals you can think of. Last things is to advise you to not forget to bring your condoms… because ideas have sex and it gets messy… And we believe in practicing safe sex. — ROFL — Just checking to make sure you are still reading this far… We are practicing the intercourse of ideas, knowledge and intellectual disciplines to foster the New Solutions for our Big Problems.

On this iteration of the BIOTECH ACCELERATOR MASTER CLASS we are not necessarily going to solve the problem of Death, but we are certainly going to solve some of the problems of Life and Healthful living against disease and illness.

Now… Why we do this? Because we can compress six years of company building into a few days and hours.

And because we proved over the years that it works.


–Dr Churchill

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And because as Albert Einstein always said: “One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts,” we need to get ourselves out of the box of comfortable thinking and school type business ideation. —Albert Einstein

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”
-Albert Einstein

Please RSVP on this MeetUp and register here your interest to participate in Dr Churchill’s famous INNOVATION & ACCELERATION MASTERCLASS. Scientists, Hacker, Coders, Internet Mermaids, StartUp Founders, Engineers, Designers, PHD candidates, Doctors, MBAs, and all technical talent are welcome to apply right here.

Come built it, accelerate it, and fund it. Keep in mind that in the crazy and volatile financial weather you cannot always enjoy the out of this world valuations designed for funding the Unicorns of Silicon Valley… and instead, we must be smart and pursue real values for our StartUps so that investors can follow through with investment scheduling commitments.

The Format of the BioTech and BioMed Innovation Master Class is the same as this last class that was offered at the University of Tsinghua in Beijing CHINA, last Spring, that graduated a Dozen new StartUps in Smart Medicine, BioTech, BioInformatics, in Green Tech, and in Clean Energy.


Still you ought to RSVP here on this MeetUp:

To Your Best Future…


Dr Churchill


This MasterMind with Dr Chruchill is only $25,000 for the whole week in Austin Texas alongside the Master.

Yet for those early birds, and for you, the price is only $15,000 USD provided that you sign up by the 15th of February of 2018.

And from February 15th until March 1st, the price rises to $20,000 USD.

And from then on it is the full price of $25,000 USD.

When payable in full you receive a 10% discount.

No discounts available when the tuition fees are paid in installments, in credit card payments, and othere ways. However, we will seek to accommodate your special needs as best we can.

There exists also a form of financial aid for those in our community that might not be able to afford the full scheduled price, becuase we would like to make it possible for all young people to particiapte. Please communicate your need to me directly herewith. –Thanks…

Mind you, this MASTERMIND conference represents a great opportunity for CEOs and C-level team types, as well as any kind of Corporate Leader that wants to up their INNOVATION and SUCCESS game.

And as such it gets filled up early and you might miss it, if you wait, considering that people rush to get the early bird tickets knowing that they will get the full MASTERMIND course along with the StartUp-MBA degree experience, the continued education certificate, the STARTUP-MBA degree, and the MasterMind — all in a week with Dr Churchill in AUstin Texas.

It is Austin where the SX-SW takes place from March 9th until the 19th, and this is where you will also meet with many of Dr Churchill’s famous creative, innovative, and inventive Super Successful friends in the world of Business StartUps, or in the world of StartUps in the Music, Film, and Entertainment Production Industry, as well as hanging out with those most successful Creatives, and with the SX-SW conference leaders and the famous Speakers — the Movers and Shakers of our World.

Afterwards, and while basking in the aftrerglow of this Great MasterMind, and after you get the whole of the MASTERMIND experience of the STARTUP-MBA week from March 9th until March 16th, we will spend the last two days, together with the last two days of the SXSW experience of the great closing parties and all the entertainment this amazing conference has to offer… (17th & 18th)

This is a real Executive Bootcamp StartUp MBA, and it’s not for the faint of heart…


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 6.02.04 PM

If you dare jump and RSVP now at:


After, and this Great MASTERMIND experience of the STARTUP-MBA week lasting from March 9th until March 16th, we will spend the last couple of days together financing the StartUps and enjoying the true Life Science — LIFE — by participating in the celebration of the SXSW experience while partaking in the great parties and all the entertainment this amazing conference has to offer during the 17th & 18th peak days of creativity, connections, networking, with the rich & famous and sharing moments of joy, fun, friendship, along with a healthy dose of fame.

And although, this is a real Executive Bootcamp StartUp MBA, and it’s not for the faint of heart — the last two celebration days, are GRATIS for everybody who comes to our MeetUps and spreads this message (widely in the social nets) and is socially connected to Dr Churchill’s Twitter account, where we like to see this MeetUp broadcast.


So now that you are informed, please RSVP and socially share this at:

If you dare — RSVP now at:



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