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Do You wanna talk about Mass Extinctions?

Today we are faced with droughts of unprecedented scale, ocean acidification, super-storms, and vastly accelerating Climate Change.

We know the root cause of this to be fossil fuel burning that pushes the content of CO2 in the atmosphere to well beyond 400ppmv of Carbon dioxide particles per million…

And we are quite concerned that this is unsustainable, because we receive the news of massive species extinctions. We are now going through a massive despeciation event due to the human impacts on the planet — so massive is our footprint on this destruction, that we call this geological era the Anthropocene Era.

But as Herodotus – the first Historian – said: “There is Nothing New under The Sun”

And perhaps on the issue of Catastrophic Climate Change, the record bears him out quite well indeed.

So much so that my friend George Monbiot has compiled a pretty conclusive list of the evidence that much like what is going on today — in the distant prehistoric past, the CO2 in the rapidly warming atmosphere was the leading cause of catastrophic Climate Change that in turn led to the Mass Extinction of all species. It was the burning of fossil fuels due to volcanic eruptions and the Siberian Basalt Traps which led to such rapid CLimate Change that caused the Ecosystems to collapse to the point that they could no longer support any kind of Life.

And here is the pre-historical evidence as it accumulates, and as George thoroughly researches it.

“It now seems that climate change was the commonest cause of mass extinction in the Earth’s prehistory.”

“In the media, if not the scientific literature, global catastrophes have long been associated with asteroid strikes. But as the dating of rocks has improved, the links have vanished. Even the famous meteorite impact at Chicxulub in Mexico, widely blamed for the destruction of the dinosaurs, was out of synch by over 100,000 years.”

“The story that emerges repeatedly from the fossil record is mass extinction caused by three deadly impacts, occurring simultaneously: global warming, the acidification of the oceans and the loss of oxygen from seawater. All these effects are caused by large amounts of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. When seawater absorbs CO2, its acidity increases. As temperatures rise, circulation in the oceans stalls, preventing oxygen from reaching the depths.

The great outgassings of the past were caused by volcanic activity that was orders of magnitude greater than the eruptions we sometimes witness today. The dinosaurs appear to have been wiped out by the formation of the Deccan Traps in India: an outpouring of basalt on such a scale that one river of lava flowed for 1500km. But that event was dwarfed by a far greater one, 190 million years earlier, that wiped out 96% of marine life as well as most of the species on land. What was the cause? It now appears that it might have been the burning of fossil fuel.

Before I explain this extraordinary contention, it’s worth taking a moment to consider what mass extinction means. This catastrophe, at the end of the Permian period 252 million years ago, wiped out not just species within the world’s ecosystems, but the ecosystems themselves. Forests and coral reefs vanished from the fossil record for some 10 million years. When, eventually, they were reconstituted, it was with a different collection of species, that evolved to fill the ecological vacuum. Much of the world’s surface was reduced to bare rubble. Were such an extinction to take place today, it would be likely to eliminate almost all the living systems that sustain us. When plants are stripped from the land, the soil soon follows.

The latest research into the catastrophe at the end of the Permian is summarised in two articles by the geologist John Mason on the Skeptical Science site. The strongest clues all seem to point to the same conclusion: that the extinctions were triggered by the eruption of an igneous belt even bigger than the Deccan plateau: the Siberian Traps.

As well as CO2, the volcanoes there produced sulphur dioxide, chlorides and fluorides, causing acid rain and the depletion of ozone. But because the residence time of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is greater than that of these other gases, it’s likely to have been the major cause of extinction. The change of state – including a rise in oceanic temperatures of between six and ten degrees – was too sudden and sustained to permit the majority of lifeforms to adapt. The onset of mass extinction coincides with a giant carbon spike “so distinctive that it serves as a marker-horizon all over the world”.

So where did the carbon dioxide come from? Some of it would have bubbled out of the magma. But, enormous as the eruptions were, this alone seems insufficient to account for either the total volume of emissions or the ratio of isotopes (the different atomic forms) of the carbon entering the atmosphere. Fossil fuel seems to fill the gap. The volcanoes exploded through the Tunguska sedimentary basin, cooking much of the coal, petroleum and methane it contained. Particles of coal fly ash have been found in rocks as far away as the Canadian Arctic. Rising temperatures might also have destabilised methane hydrates – a frozen form of natural gas – causing the kind of runaway feedback that terrifies some climate scientists today.”


The geological record suggests that fossil fuel burning eliminated most life on Earth in the past instances of Climate Change…

Dr Kroko


And what about what is going on today?

According to a paper published in 2013, the current rate of ocean acidification, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, is faster than at any time in the past 300 million years.

During the Permian mass extinction, the eruption of the Siberian Traps through the Tunguska basin seems to have produced between one and two gigatonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Today fossil fuel burning produces 30 gigatonnes a year.

Take a note of that…

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Everything is Joy

First you seek…

Then You start Seeing…

After that you start teaching yourself how to see.

How to see without human eyes.

Right then You change.

You start learning to see with the eyes of the Heart.

You get to become a Seer. A Visionary. A Deep Thinker…

And that’s the point when you start learning to see.

And when You start learning to see — to really see the World as it truly is — you start recognizing that everything is Joy.


Everything is Joy.




Truly everything is Joy

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Acceptance is the secret of happiness.

“The call for carbon pricing is unanimous,” Gerard Mestrallet, CEO of the French energy company Engie, said at a conference in Paris this week.

“It’s loud and clear. Carbon pricing is the right signal, the right tool.” he said.

The IMF points out that with currently low fuel costs, there is an opportunity to raise taxes without putting economic pressure on consumers..

The US Congress is not thinking of raising the gas tax following the release of the IMF’s report, saying an increase would help save lives and protect the environment.

Indeed it’s unlikely that Congress will act on the issue anytime soon. Despite the recent introduction of a bill to create a national renewable portfolio standard, and the upcoming Clean Power Plan which seeks to limit carbon emissions from the electricity sector, there does not seem to be much political appetite to raise taxes on dirty fuels. In fact, Secretary of State John Kerry argued this week that private industry has to move first.

One way or another, the need to cut down pollution from energy sources is clear, according to the IMF’s report.
“In summary, environmental damages from energy subsidies are large, and energy subsidy reform through efficient energy pricing is urgently needed,” the report concludes.

The world pays $5.3 trillion a year in hidden costs to keep burning fossil fuels, according to a new report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This is in addition to the $492 billion in direct subsidies offered by governments around the world — write-offs and write-downs and land-use loopholes.

In case these numbers are too big to imagine, $492 billion is enough to buy every taxable property in the city of Boston nearly five times over. Basically, governments buy oil, gas, and coal producers five Bostons every year.

It’s hard to imagine $5.3 trillion a year. It’s about a third of America’s gross domestic product. It’s enough to buy 55 Bostons. And it’s the amount of money it costs us, every year, to make up for the damage caused by fossil fuels.

Usually, subsidies refer to direct financial assistance from a government, but this report calls all public costs subsidies — not just direct assistance, but also the amount spent to deal with the damage of pollution by fossil fuels.

The crazy thing is that the bulk of this money spent to deal fossil fuel damage isn’t even for climate change mitigation, which makes up about 23 percent of the costs, the IMF found. (Arguably, devastating climate change will cost humanity much, much more than $5.3 trillion a year, but how do you put a price on Miami?)

Most of the expenditures calculated by the IMF represent “environmental change.” Specifically, local air pollution makes up 46 percent of the costs. This makes sense, when you consider that air pollution kills 7 million people per year, putting a considerable financial burden on worldwide healthcare systems.

The researchers point out that the local impacts means that correctly pricing energy would make financial sense to individual countries, and “therefore is beneficial even in the absence of globally coordinated action.” Correctly pricing energy means that users would have to pay at the pump or in their electricity bill or what their energy use actually costs.

It’s been shown that higher energy costs do change behaviors. For example, Hawaii, which has the highest electricity prices in the nation, is finding ways to go 100 percent renewable.

The IMF concluded that the best way to correctly price energy is through taxes. “While there may be more efficient instruments than environmental taxes for addressing some of the externalities [hidden costs], energy taxes remain the most effective and practical tool until such other instruments become widely available and implemented,” the IMF said.

Dr Kroko


In the lead up to the United Nations’ climate negotiations in Paris this fall, how we curb carbon emissions is a burning question for many policymakers, and a carbon tax — widely seen as the most effective way to change behavior — is getting mixed backing.

A small group of business leaders, have perhaps surprisingly come out in favor of a carbon tax. But they represent a tiny minority and appear to be a red herring, false flag action group.

Posted by: Dr Pano Kroko | May 24, 2015


If there is blood — your future will be short…

Thoughts are fast and agile flying vehicles.

Transporting and transcending us all over the place in a moment’s notice.

They operate through thinking quietly – like magic carpets.

They are sense guided like flying carpets on which the human soul rides across eternity.

They offer Rest and Relaxation for the mind & spirit.

Yet this comes only when we allow the pure thoughts to flow through our mind…

Pure Thoughts are maybe less than One percent of all that the mind produces.

These are the only pure thoughts.

The thoughts which carry thankfulness, gratitude, grace, and good tidings for ourselves and others.

These thoughts are pure.

Just forget the reptilian monkey mind churning out thoughts.

Forget the mind clutter, that represent upwards of 99% of your mind’s voluminous output.

Scratch that and focus on the crystal clear sunlight filled thoughts of loving kindness.

Turn the inner dial to strictly selective – and allow only the best thoughts to come through.

This is how You do it.

Do this and see yourself being transported through the Power of Thought.

Business, Life, Relationships, it all starts flowing.

Go well with it and navigate the Pure Thoughts highway of the skies.

This is Flow.

It’s not so much going with the flow…

As it is being in the flow.

And refreshed by the flow.

That’s how You flow…



Be the flow.

It’s a good discipline to follow because…

Follow this to flow.

Because when we have powerful, and positive thoughts for others, guess who experiences them first…

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Algorithm for Living

I put this simple list of Living together for You, because You need it.

And because Life is best lived like an Art.

Who needs it?

You know Who…

So here it goes:

A. Forgive & Forget; Free your heart from hatred and you’ll find Solace and Happiness. And along the way You’ll be able to focus your Mind to what really matters.

B. Don’t Worry — Be Happy; Free your mind from worries, because worry doesn’t solve anything and it keeps you from finding your Mojo.

C. Simplify to Quantify; Live simply to understand what it’s all about. Only then you can take stock of Life.

D. Share, Give, Help all you can, and then some. The Hand That Gives Retains the Perfume; Give more to find meaning in Life.

E. Let Food be thy medicine; Eat better to cure whatever ails you. Food is the best method to stay alive.

And please don’t forget that this journey through Life is all about Living.

Living & laughing.

Living, Laughing, and Loving.

That’s All.

Dr Kroko

Do these simple as arithmetic and soon enough, Health, Happiness, & Success, will follow.
And then maybe… You will see.
So maybe some day You’ll Thank me for this…

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.45.48 PM

“Papa Francis” has some really evolved views on the Earth and the Environment we all share and that allows us to have this beautiful existence right here.

Catholics are the biggest frozen majority the world over, and they’re right in the middle of the pack on the issues of the environment because for so many years they had no Leadership.

Now finally the moment has appeared that the leader has arrived bringing a message of Hope.

Pope Francis gets it and here is proof of it:

Now that Pope Francis has issued a splendid Encyclical to speak of the Integral Ecology about the relationship between the People and Planet will come to be seen and discussed by two Billion people across this Earth…

I’ve seen some of the early drafts and inputs of this Encyclical, and I can tell You it’s a REVOLUTIONARY text…

It is written in Latin and is as Great a Document as any that have come out of Vatican in it’s two thousand years of splendid history.

Here is a view towards what to expect to see in a few weeks coming out from Rome:

Protestants, Episcopelians, Presbyterians, and all other Christians are way too conservative to accept Science and Facts as the reasons for the global warming and the runaway Climate Change.

As for the other remaining Christians — they are all splintered in tiny warring minorities to really count in big numbers, so we call them “The Others”

And these “Others” are so involved in their own polemic that they are truly only seeing their own nose while smiting their face as the Environment is concerned.

What to do?

Dr Kroko


Yet there is Hope…

There is hope because Francis gets it.

The Pope, incidentally, also appears to accept evolution and science as fact.

And he also happens to Love his People deeply.

And that is a really good thing.

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You thought … what ?

You thought the water was yours to thirst after…

You thought the air was clean to breath after…

You thought that Love was pure to lust after…

You thought the blue was yours to look after…

You thought the sky was black to keep after…

You thought that Love was lost to pine after…

You thought the Light was yours to shine on ever…

You thought that Love was Yours till Death do us under…




Why did you think that?

Now, You know better…

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My entreaties about the Environment go indeed unheeded…

They go unheeded because the enemies of Science and Intelligence are winning…

The idiots are bringing new vigour to their game.

It’s like the lament of Yeats that springs to mind from deep within the poet’s soul:

“The centre cannot hold . . . because the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”




Why are the idiots so certain to appear stoned?

Or really Be made of Wood?

And stoned stupid

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