Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 3, 2011

Moving on to peace

Protests for freedom and democracy, rock.

The Arab world is now the center of change and appropriately rocked with young fresh voices in concert with the rest of the world.

Yet the Arab people are surprisingly mature and realistic now. They do not want to be represented or even connected in the minds of people the world over with the terror images. They just want to join the world as equals, not as recipients of foreign aid and certainly not crushed under the heel of that military aid and the misguided war on terror.

They do not like to be memorialized with the image of a wide eyed crazed jihaddist, lost in religious trances and mouthing deep verses, like so many opium addicts from Afghanistan — the growing heaven of opium poppies — are frequently seen in prosaic stereotypes visible in all television trash products of the west, like ”24” as well as pictured in the simplistic US military intelligence briefings and Hollywood canned content.

Because not only the mainstream Arab Peoples are nothing like that, but because the newly roused Arabs detest any association with these racial stereotypes and reject these race baiting images. The largely secular, professional, proletarian and fiercely demonstrating Arabs are like you and me and fairly conservative and somewhat apolitical.

Because Democracy — you would agree — is considered an apolitical ideology today.  Even though it causes so much bloodshed to be gotten. So for the Arabs fostering their future, being a Democrat is a non particularly ideological and certainly not a religious act, but a heroic action.

Just that these Arab rebels are keen on simple Democracy and human rights goals is telling…

It’s telling all of us and their current shaky leaders, that they aspire to a shared government, a free life and the pursuit of happiness. They aspire to getting their human rights and those rights being respected by their governments. And by the way, they want their governments to be elected…  Elected by themselves in a democratic fashion.

Fancy that…

And nowhere these heavily politicized public protesters are exhibiting branded political ideologies besides the basic Democratic aspirations. And that in itself is very political and very ideological and is a two thousand year old philosophical doctrine of sharing governance and power with those governed.

A Democracy, by the people, for the people and from the people is all the people want.

Now that is radical thinking.

And if you think the people aren’t serious about it, consider this is not just a revolution – this is one awakening – it is a gigantic strike against corruption and betrayal. And it could bring some serious setbacks and even more chaos, for the utter lack of civil mechanisms for the peaceful transfer power, but that is expected and welcome because we can built those much needed mechanisms.

And if you are wondering if they will last till they win, believe me, they will win because these Arab awakening revolutions are cries for the opportunity to live with dignity. These are not just revolts for democracy, they are struggles against destitution and debasement. It only happens that Democracy — people have figured out — is the only way they will ever get what they need.

Because of that You do not see the modern Arab uprising and it’s people going about mourning Osama bin Laden’s killing or Mubarak’s heat attacks and certainly not increasing terror fools’ fold.

Nobody from the Democracy aspirants of the Arab world is going to mourn him anymore than people would mourn Mubarak, Gaddafi or Ben Ali’s passing from history.

Because in the Arab world people are wise and have wizened up and they know that OBL, al Qaeda and assorted militaries and companies are already dead, buried and irrelevant to their just struggles.

So as my friend Robert Fisk says, a fitting epitaph goes like this: ” A middle-aged nonentity, a political failure outstripped by history – by the millions of Arabs demanding freedom and democracy in the Middle East – died in Pakistan yesterday. And then the world went mad.  The Americans were drunk with joy. David Cameron thought it “a massive step forward”. India described it as a “victorious milestone”. “A resounding triumph,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu boasted. But after 3,000 American dead on 9/11, countless more in the Middle East, up to half a million Muslims dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and 10 years trying to find Bin Laden, pray let us have no more “resounding triumphs”.

Still a useful big bad bogey man for the West and America, useful in justifying mammoth defense spending, huge standing occupation armies traipsing around the islamic lands, and enriching armaments industries, OBL is an anomaly because in the Arab and the rest of the world, he is completely irrelevant. Because him and his group now are a political idea well beyond it’s expiration date. Because time is long and we were all fed the fears of lunatics and now this liberation from fear is all we ever wanted…

Osama bin Laden was as much a part of the old Arab order and theocratic aspirations, and part of the old gerontocracy same as were the now extinct Presidents of Egypt and Tunisia who were swept away by the popular movements this year. And similarly irrelevant for the many more to come.

OBL, is part and parcel with the old leaders in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere in the Arab world who were removed and even those who are still battling for their political lives against a groundswell of unrest. The very leaders who fed Islamophobia to the world as a means to maintain them in style and comfort while oppressing their people and denying them their just human rights. Let’s hope this will bring an end to the racist Islamophobia, but don’t hold out for a fast change.

The timing of the kill and the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death has been convenient and represents a part of this change watershed moment. But it also needs to be seen as a false flag perhaps. Because it is too convenient for the purveyors of an ever lasting terror war in the interests of Cheney’s bush and Companies and their partners, the fossilized fossil fuel regimes of the Gulf. And for the current White House and President Obama this represents the beginning of a time of Peace.  And even if this is another instance where the tail wags the dog — as proven by the current US military leadership shake up — it still is a welcome change. A step towards a long lasting peace. A mere step, but at least the Peace now is on sight.

Because OBL was one of the kind of leaders that were also behind this Orwellian idea of constant conflicts and holy wars and crusades. He was a proponent of these wars resulting in the misery of people, and steeped in the religious fervour and gerontocracy, the idiotic franchise of theocracy, the shameful defeats of the Arab people’s human rights and the resultant stagnation that the Arab world has been living through for many decades.

Now, his death certainly adds to the infamous historical list of erased leaders that the modern, moderate and democratic Arab world is currently writing.

The new Arab world is in want of a free Middle East which is in sharp contrast to an Islamic Caliphate that the man espoused. And that places Osama Bin Laden squarely together with those who oppressed the Peoples of the Middle East for centuries, before this year of a sea change.




For us, for the new generation of Democratic aspirants around the world and especially for the Arab populations rocking the Change tune and seeking freedom, the young Tunisian who set himself on fire and ignited a revolution is a far bigger hero than bin Laden ever would be.

Because OBL vision of spreading death and mayhem, of seeking martyrdom and stoking jihad has been replaced by more human friendly aspirations such as free elections, good governance and an end to corruption.

And as the world turns, this is the end of his fifteen years of  fame.

So let’s forget bin Laden and his cohorts and let’s remember a real hero for a change:

The young peddler of fruit, named Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire on December 17th 2010, on the street where he plied his trade against the corrupt government and this led to the Tunisian revolt and the whole of the Arab Awakening. Now that’s a man to remember…

Let’s hope that now we will smarten up.

I just hope that we will choose to wind down the war on terror.

And I hope that we’ll invest in Peace building and development now.

There is a time for war, there is a time for Peace…

Time to replace arms with plough shares, now.

Let’s all hope that we will move on to PEACE.

Let’s all work to renew and celebrate life.

Onwards to Peace now.


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