Posted by: Dr Churchill | February 18, 2015

Empathic Leadership

Leading motivational speaker and sales wizard Harry “Zig” Ziglar claimed, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” The trick to this often boils down to how you order these priorities. If you can make helping others succeed a top priority, you’ll find it’s never repaid.

But you’ll also find that more often than not, it isn’t – and you can’t let that make a difference.

There’s plenty of genius in emotional intelligence, just as there is genius with intellectual intelligence.

Yet people with high Emotional Intelligence or EQs are far better than simply high IQ individuals because they are able to coalesce into a team leadership position organically, without being demanding and demeaning assholes.

And they not only relate well with all others, but they also have a situational awareness that leads them to the right decisions, and always hold a clear sense of priorities and focus.

Those two last qualities are not only vital because focus and correct decision making are the keys to winning as none other than Winston Churchill taught us, but they are also “strange” qualities that omehow come from within and are especially hard to teach.

After years of searching out this type of person for business leadership roles, I’ve concluded that they exist and are identifiable because they all share several common traits.

  1. The Leaders who have the gift of Empathy coupled with a high EQ and blessed with high IQ are the best leaders for our companies. They like to play team sports and include all others i the game. They participate but they do not watch sports, and they help all of the players to be included in the team.
  2. The Good Empathic Leaders are quietly self-confident. The brashest people I know are generally insecure. It’s often the quieter ones whose waters run deep, and who are truly unafraid when they’re under stress. So don’t confuse outward confidence with inner strength – they can be inversely proportional. When the chips are down, it’s often the stable personalities who don’t blink in front of the hurricane, that people want to follow.
  3. The Empathic Leaders take the long term view. Everyone is self-interested – this is to be expected. However, those who make good leaders, good partners and solid contributors can discern second- and third-order consequences. They have the ability to “see around corners,” and they anticipate the long-run and the all-things-considered wisdom of the options before them. They also make decisions with an enlightened self-interest that takes into account others’ perspectives.
  4. The Empathic Leaders are kind. This is something that is key in human relationships and yet it costs nothing to you. It costs nothing and yet it gives tremendous satisfaction to offer a helping hand, to give a small gift of recognition, to help someone n need, to say a kind word, and to always strive to include and lift other peoples’ spirits.
  5. The Empathic Leaders don’t look for a quid pro quo. The people who others wish to see succeed often do things without any anticipation of reward and without keeping a scorecard. The trick is to find those who love to win, but who have the emotional intelligence to want others to win, too.
  6.  They are never short-term or selfish. Those empathic leaders never make getting ahead of others, the  top priority of their career. Instead they strive to succeed collectively and accomplish their visionary      goals.
  7. They will always find it easy to change when their behaviour or decision making is counterproductive.
  8. They are responsive to kindness and practice compassion.
  9. While people may not always remember or repay good deeds, the empathic leaders nearly always         remember all deeds and forgive those that hurt them, but will often look for opportunities to repay in     kindness the kind ones.
  10. They Good Leaders are never vengeful or spiteful. Unfortunately spiteful behaviour and vengeance are the qualities most often seen at play in the C-suite and all over the executive chambers of our corporate world but those who make such behaviour a habit will find themselves with no teammates and no cheerleaders either.

So follow these practices and try to be a Cool and Collected Leader instead of an A-list A-hole Bossman.

Do this and Life will smile upon you. Success and Career advancement will follow soonest.

So Be Cool… Be Collected… Be Genial…

Make these your habits that shape your personality.

In short time of practice, all of these qualities will make you a Genius Leader.

Cool and collected is the leader who doesn’t mind the bollocks and doesn’t remember the slights thrown his way. The Good One keep giving and sharing their good fortunes with all others. And don’t worry about reciprocation. The world is not made that way.

Do your Good and let it sail away…

The trick is not to change your course when the favour isn’t returned.

If you can live your life in such a way, you will find that many wonderful friends, colleagues, and teammates, will root for You and quietly work on your behalf because they all want you to succeed.




And if this doesn’t work, for you — then you can carry on trying to be an Azhole and see where that gets you…

Let me know how this works for you.

Am waiting on tenderhooks

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