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Leadership means Strength — Strength needs Courage — Courage comes from the Heart

Leadership means Strength — Strength needs Courage — Courage comes from the Heart

That’s the First Decision every Leader has to make when they wake up in the Morning. Each and every Morning of their Lives.

Wake up, look in the mirror and decide to do this…

Decide to Be strong.

That’s the first Decision of the day, and all other decisions will come out of this one taken-up early in the morning.

Don’t look at the news because what’s happening outside, has got nothing to do with what’s happening inside.

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Maybe Congo is burning, or the Middle East is boiling over, or maybe Superman has a panic crisis all over again — who cares…

That’s their Lot — not yours. What is yours is the decision to be Strong. And remember that to be Strong is not to be unkind.

A leader has to be strong enough to extend Love to a poor and suffering humanity — but he has no business of internalizing their suffering.

To be strong is rather a nuanced way of being Courageous and Fearless.

And it’s a Good Way to be Free of Fear.

A Good Leader is able to help others but not be struck by their weakness.

A Leader needs Courage like a fish needs water. But he doesn’t need the paralysis of fear, the failure of uncertainty, the clinginess of doubt.

You don’t need all those FUDs either, because a Leader never fears, never feels uncertain, or doubts the purpose of our Being here, or the Mission of the Enterprise, and the Vision of our undertakings.

A Leader is not indecisive and since the only way to execute the Mission is with Courage and Determination — you’ve got to be able to decide fast on your feet.

And it’s not that Leader doesn’t have experience feeling the pangs of Fear. It’s just that they don’t allow the contagion of fear to grab their heart and cause it to cease from beating…

And Leaders remember that Courage comes from deep within. It comes from the Heart… And that’s where they look for reserves when thing are tough.

And when You need to decide. Do it like the Boss. Decide like a true leader does. Decide from a place of Strength and Succour. Look Deep within. Because being decisive is heartfelt. Great Decisions come from the Heart. The Heart is your strength center too. You know when a Life affirming and intelligent decision is heart-made. You know it in your Heart. You know, that to be able to Decide, is to able to move ahead without FUDs, and to be able to Lead others.

And it is vitally important to help others and give them the Gift of Vision too – but don’t take their neediness or indecision in return. Never take that gift of burden — it is their load to carry it to their private Hell.

That is an important lesson to remember. It is equally important to remember to offer Leadership to all those around us who need help… But don’t take their mental baggage as a gift from Hell. Especially when You lead people to battle — You need to be crystal clear on this. No need to be nice guys about it because People depend on you to Lead them on, not to hold their trembling hand. Lead them on to a better place. Lead them on to a better future in Life. Lead them on to progress and prosperity in Politics, in Business, and Medicine… Leadership shines in all fields.

But to Lead — you’ve got to lead from a pure place in the Heart.

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And to do this You should remain pure.

And to remain pure, you never-ever have to take the Trojan horse of Fear in. Never allow fear to intrude into your head, or allow it to nest into your heart. You should never-ever think of embracing the Fear that others bring to you, and are so eager to readily drop it to your doorstep, like some kind of orphaned baby.

Please be aware — You don’t need to adopt that bastard. Face it for what it is, and pass the baby back to the owner. Don’t touch it. Keep it at bay, and send it back home to where it belongs… cause it’s an infectious drop.

Fear infects the bravest and the best — but the Leaders have self control. We never embrace this bundle of shite.

Never embrace fear – domestic or otherwise. Just kick this particular bundle of joy down the street. Pass the buck back to the seller… And don’t forget to Do this with panache. Offer it back with a smile. Thank the fish monger and pass the stinky fish of fear back to her.

This is crucial — because being able to do this, is what distinguishes the Leader from the Followers. Having the Courage to face reality, by rejecting Fear, and going ahead to fight the battle with your resources — that is courage incarnate. It’s not about the size of your enemy, it’s about how brave you’re willing to be when leading your people to the fight.

And owning the strength to offer a swift kick in the ass to those that deserve it. It’s called shit-kicking…. You see — True Leaders never embrace the weaknesses of others. They Stay Strong. They help all they can — but from a place of Strength.

Leaders Never allow the weaknesses of others to come into their mind… They Keep their Psyche pure, by keeping their mind healthy, and their Soul intact. Leaders Never let others infect their enthusiasm through mental weakness. Because they know that other people’s fears — when allowed to enter — will soon become a part of You.

They’ll set up house in your head. And soon enough they’ll take over. So my Friends — Never accept other people’s fears, uncertainties, and doubts, because they are toxic poison for your life. And they limit your own path to Greatness.

A sick puppy never gets to travel far… And somehow other people’s fears infect your own fears too, and they all go ahead and have a party of their own — inside your head. Instead it’s best to let them go. You can very well live without them. Or simply limit the fears to sleep-time. Sleep-time for the “mares of the night” is enough space for fears…

Never invite them to your Day. Because FEAR is ultimately “False Evidence Appearing Real” and who wants that?

You only want your Heart to be strong. You need to get rid of fear so your mind will get strong too. Your Leadership will shine too when You stop allowing FUDs from entering your House. And by cutting off all those parsimonious pussies out there — You win the space to get & have the fun of True Warriors walking alongside you to the Battle. So do this. Practice this frequently and often…

And every time you go through this — Courage grows in your Heart. And one day You can become a True Leader. And then you can start feeling like Richard — Coeur de Lion. Richard the Courageous — Richard the LionHeart


Dr Pano

PS: Keep in mind that the only known Antidote to the Toxic Poison of Fear that is peddled all around like a virus — is to excise the purveyors of it, from your midst. Get rid of the Fearful ones to be able to thrive and prosper. Get rid of the infection and of their toxic poison, to be able to Go Forth. That’s how You go forth as a leader taking people to a place of Peace and Prosperity.

PPS: FUDs are for Pussies. [FUDs = Fears, Uncertainties, & Doubts.]

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