Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 11, 2016

Winston Churchill Day

Happy Winnnie Day

Happy Winston Churchill Day — The Day dedicated to the Architect of Victory

On this day 76 years ago (May 10, 1940), after years in political exile as punishment for his opposition to Nazi appeasement and pacifism, Churchill was invited by the English King, George VI, to form a national government as the 61st Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

This he did, and then He went on to ask the English people and all those of the United Kingdom and of the Commonwealth, to fight in unison against the incoming Evil. And he alerted them to a coming time of blood and tears, that they had to persevere through until they either win or they lay dying choking in their own blood.

That was the Winnie we all love.

He decided to fight almost all alone against the rising tide of Nazi Imperialism and those wishing to throw in the towel, and he persevered. Indeed He won…
Two bloody years later once the tide had shifted the Americans came in the conflict to help right the wrongs, and fight for Justice and Humanity and to stand with Winston on the Right side of History.

That Unity gave us Victory.

Well done Winnie… we’ll always remember you.

Dr Pano Kroko Churchill


Indeed today is the best time to remember again grandpa “Winnie” and all those Men & Women, that are really prescient in our world — because they can SEE clearly the looming clouds of war and oppression — and are strong enough to stand up against the fashions and the populist errors of the day…

Let’s remember Winnie and act like him, because America is in front of a difficult choice and also because Europe is once again under the clouds of German imperialism and oppression and we must set ourselves apart from that Continent that is once again under the Hun jackboot and their Brussels minions…

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.00.15 PM

And let’s remember Winston Churchill’s words, because in America we are facing an existential threat against our Democracy all over again with a descendant of the awful Huns clamoring today for the US Presidency. A despicable demagogue of a man. A small minded selfish and mean spirited man, who reads Mein Campf by his bedside, and who idolizes Adolf fvckin Hitler.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.01.57 PM

So it’s time to get ready to fight again without slackening our efforts, or hiding away from our duty, and without fearing the time of blood and tears that will surely come.

But if we come together — we will win again as my old Winnie did against the forces of evil three score years and ten, ago.

Let’s unite to defeat the Huns both at home and abroad.

Time is running out.

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