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SpyGate – Chapter Fifty Two – Smoke Screen


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.
“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill
This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill
Copyright 2018
Chapter Fifty Two
“Smoke Screen”

The “Destroy Trump Media” ramps up…

Apparently Trump’s ex manager Paul Manafort makes a deal and the world is coming to an end.


Earlier it was Trump’s ex-attorney Michael Cohen who was making a deal with the prosecutor and he was telling all kinds of lies, giving feedstock to corrupt cop Robert Mueller, who in turn was hoping to implicate President Trump…


Maybe both men have a legal strategy to find ways to plea bargain in order to get some reduced sentences from the federal prosecutor… but in reality they are victims in the primordial battle between good and evil.

They are pawns sacrificed in President Trump’s war to drain the swamp and in that respect we have to accept their loss as President’s Men often fall in battle.

President Trump in a recent interview discussed a wide range of topics, including Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and Jeff Sessions, as well as Rod Rosenstein and other corrupt cops like Mueller and the top brass of the FBI and DOJ that are all now coming undone at the seams.

Former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo also spoke to the press about this, and said that he believes Michael Cohen is naturally making up stories to get leniency from federal prosecutors in his criminal case, and in no way those stories involve anything against the President.

He just plays the game of Public Relations expertly… and is also playing the game of patiently waiting for his enemies to fully expose themselves before he strikes them fiercely.

And indeed, Michael Cohen, who was President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, actually struck a plea deal with prosecutors admitting to violating federal campaign finance laws by arranging hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal “at the direction” of then-candidate Trump during the 2016 race.

In total, Cohen pleaded guilty to five counts of tax evasion, one count of making false statements to a financial institution, one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution and one count of making an excessive campaign contribution.

Further, Caputo said it is interesting that Cohen as recently as February insisted that the payments to Daniels and McDougal were on the up and up, but when he was faced with federal charges, he changed his tune, in order to get a reduced sentence…

Trump took to Twitter in the following morning to speak about Cohen, and said that Cohen was “making up stories” with this tweet about him:

Donald J. Trump

If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!
5:44 AM – Aug 22, 2018 – 138K – 107K people are talking about this.

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 2.52.43 PM

Yet the President felt markedly different for his former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort who this past week pleaded guilty to two felony criminal charges lodged against him in Washington, and agreed to “cooperate” with prosecutors as part of his plea agreement.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson accepted Manafort’s guilty plea in federal court after special counsel Robert Mueller unveiled a superseding indictment against him and a plea agreement in a court document on Friday morning.

When reading from what he called a “cooperation agreement,” Andrew Weismann, a prosecutor on Mueller’s team, said part of the agreement includes “the completion of successful cooperation.”

When asked if he agreed to “fully and truthfully” cooperate with Mueller, Manafort said, “I do.” That cooperation is expected to include interviews, document production and testifying in other proceedings.

President Trump is not named in Friday’s filing, nor is his role with the campaign. But Trump and his allies have been worried that Manafort might agree to cooperate in Mueller’s investigation into possible Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 election as part of his plea deal. Paul Manafort, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to a commit a number offenses against the United States and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice — two of the seven crimes he was originally charged with in October. He is facing a maximum of 10 years in prison.

As part of the deal, federal prosecutors will drop the five remaining charges against him: money laundering, tax fraud, failing to disclose foreign bank accounts, violating federal foreign lobbying law and lying to the Justice Department, but the court filing suggests that Manafort has admitted to all of those actions.

The veteran political operative was convicted last month in Alexandria federal court on eight of the 18 charges of bank and tax fraud brought against him. He has not yet been sentenced. As part of the Washington plea deal, federal prosecutors have agreed to drop the remaining 10 charges on which the jury was deadlocked.

Manafort’s bond was not discussed Friday, which means he will remain jailed in an Alexandria detention center. He has been behind bars since July after Jackson revoked his bond for witness tampering allegations.

All charges stem from Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference and possible connections to the Trump campaign. Manafort could have combined both cases into one but declined.

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s current lawyer, said that today’s Manafort plea has “nothing to do with President Trump or the Trump campaign,” because “the President did nothing wrong” as it was also evident from the plea deal of Paul Manafort with the Prosecutor.

Naturally the President took to Twitter over this and fired up this tweet in support of Paul Manafort:

Donald J. Trump

I feel very badly for Paul Manafort and his wonderful family. “Justice” took a 12 year old tax case, among other things, applied tremendous pressure on him and, unlike Michael Cohen, he refused to “break” – make up stories in order to get a “deal.” Such respect for a brave man!
6:21 AM – Aug 22, 2018 – 87.7K – 70.8K people are talking about this.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 7.38.44 AM

So the Deep State has scored a couple of sweeping victories in this battle, and convicted two men associated with the President but they have got nothing on the President and on his Campaign and that is the significant story that you do not hear from the MSM.

Because the reality is far different than what we see & hear from the MSM and from the crazed Social Media.

Because besides the important business of the country that the President prosecutes each and every day — he has to deal with all that porn stuff, the playboy hookers, and the pornstar attorney pimping Stormy Daniels. And the fact that the mouth & the treasure chest of Stormy Daniels are working hard and overtime, at BJ-ing the horny males, and all the skin heads, and the demented bar denizens, all over America, in order to keep her pimp Avennatti, flush in cash, clothed in plush yet outmoded Armani suits from the 80s, and cruising in his pimp-mobile Cadillac, while wearing a feathered fedora hat — is inconsequential.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.29.25 AM

Fun as they are — all the pornstar frolics and the Mueller exploits, at rooting out overdue  tax obligations, are all a sad sideshow, used by the Deep State to distract us from the real important business of the nation, and from the earth changing deals that are going on behind the scenes… since the Mass Media chooses to not cover any of the momentous successes that this President is winning.

And instead they focus to educate the young about Stormy Daniels treasure chest…

And they do this because…

Because there is still a Coup D’Etat going on, and because there is still a concerted effort to overthrow this President and to destroy this Country’s Presidency, in order to not only hide the incredible success that Donald J Trump is having, in contrast to what the Dems have been doing for the last fifty years, that they have been majorly in power, directly or indirectly — but in order to take away the freedom of an independent people to choose their own Leader as this Republic, it’s laws, and it’s Constitution require.

And that’s the only deal that we need to look for protecting, in order to uncover the Orwellian nature of the Deep State’s work with the Democrats in the here and now.

This is an experiment in Self Government. A government by the people, for the people and from the people. And not a government by elites, for the elites, and from the elites…

And that is why the Obama cabal and the Bankster elites, are still working hard at their Coup D’Etat. And we get solid validation of that fact, when we see the pvssy John Kerry another elitist, along with the Clintons who have been the servants of the elites all their adult lives, undermining our Country in treasonous ways. It is a fact that when John Kerry the ex-Secretary goes and speaks with the Ayatollahs of Iran, those bloody dictators, in order to sabotage our President and our Country, and destroy our Foreign policy — it is a crime. It is treason for Kerry to bolster and support these radical  Muslim Jihadist terrorists by telling them to hold-out, because the Administration of Donald Trump will come to a sudden end, and asking the Iranian Theocratic nihilists, to wait Trump out…

And this is the proof of how low the Dems and the Elites of this country have stooped, how low they have gone, and how deep the conspiracy against our President and against our Country really is.

This is the proof of the Coup D’Etat against our country in all it’s glory. Obama’s, Kerry’s and Clinton’s collusion with the Iranian regime of nuclear terror and islamic muslim jihad, that seeks to annihilate Israel and the United States.

How low is that…

And do you think that this is the end?

It;’s not even the beginning of the end…

Because as always the fish stinks from the head on down.

But we are Americans and we know how to fight.

And of course we also know how to hold our noses and our breath too…

And we don’t need this smelly fish anymore, so we can throw it out with the garbage so the alley cats can have a go at them.

Because this time the deluded Democrats, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, are not fooling anyone.

They are certainly not fooling the American people anymore, because we have already been fooled far too many times by the silver tongued hypocrite, when back in April of 2016, President Obama and his Justice Department adopted a novel Hillary Clinton defense strategy of concocting a new type of crime for the law books.

The creative Obama White House folksy heroes, came up with the brand new fantastical crime of  — “Transmitting classified information with an intent to harm the United States.”

And indeed we were fooled.

And yes we were really fooled because we wanted to believe that such corrupt political vermin like Hillary, could never be our State Department head. And because of that we were fooled when Obama deadpanned in perfect legal English, that she and her crimes, did not cross that high threshold.

And yes, we were fooled when they came up with this novel legal banana peel: “Transmitting classified information with an intent to harm the United States.”

New Law?


Yes seri bob.

A brand spanking new law…

Made up by the Obama White House.

And of course up till then no one was claiming Hillary Clinton had committed this newly established crime, that was not even part of the code:

The newly mined crime of, transmitting classified information with an intent to harm the United States.

And thus with the friendly media, the Democrat MSM, and the left coast liberal socialist Social Media complicit help — they peddled the narrative that Hillary and her co-conspirators, could not be convicted, absent this “malicious intent.”

And thus they sold this “banana peel” of a new legal definition, in a desperate effort to make the publicly known evidence of Hillary’s crimes seem “weak” and unprosecutable…

Meanwhile, they quietly hamstrung all the FBI investigators in Hillary’s email and other crimes of corruption and pay-to-play schemes, in order to frustrate the evidence-gathering process, and to whitewash her, and thus make her the “Heir Apparent” to the corrupt Obama government, that was sending containers full of hard cash to the Ayatollahs of Iran.

But when damning proof of conspicuous criminality and conspiracy of Hillary Clinton’s State Department tenure became overwhelming, and the revelations about her criminal enterprise and the Clinton Global Initiative mounted — the Obama administration stepped in, and dismissed the whole criminal investigation.

And while they were at it — they also attempted to reclassify Hillary’s crimes as misdemeanors, by rewriting the legal statute, and making up fake laws, in order to impose an imaginary “intent standard” and thus by offering many other absurd rationalizations for not applying the statutes as written in the case of Hillary Clinton … to successfully exonerate her.

After a long time of hiding the Truth, the uncovering has begun and we now know that it wasn’t FBI Director James Comey’s decision to exonerate Hillary – but it was Obama’s.

Indeed it was a purely evil Obama decision to exonerate her, and to cover up her crimes, in order to get her to be the blotto alcoholic President Madame Secretary that can continue the Obama policies of destroying this great nation. And it makes perfect sense when a “Puffer” stoned out of his gourd sees an alcoholic hag and decided that he can control her and force her hand on every turn for the benefit of the fat cats and the banksters that were never harmed after they destroyed our economy twice in this young part of the century already.

As you might recall “No Bankers Were Harmed” during Obama’s Presidency and that is why the recovery was so weak and anemic after the Great Recession of 2008. And Obama and the Wall Street Banksters were hoping  to get some more of the same in order to continue raping the country…

And they partnered with the “For Sale” Deep State bureaucrats like Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein, and with Obama — in order to stop the possibility of changing the course of the Country, because they absolutely needed Madame President to continue their party on the back of hard working American people.

But here comes this upstart and upturns the apple cart and disrupts their game. Trump had to be stopped at any cost because he could not be bought by the banksters. So he had to be assassinated politically.

He was popular, so they concocted this evil scheme to sink his chances by presenting him as a stooge of the ancient enemy of America – Russia.

Except they forgot that the American public can read between the lines and cannot be fooled as easily as the Media think they can fool us.

So the American People overwhelmingly elected President Donald J Trump, and now they are surely going to give him another overwhelming mandate to shake down the cherry tree in these Midterm Elections of 2018…

Yet now that all the electoral cherries are all falling on President Trump’s lap, and his judges are getting elected and the Tax cuts give more equity t the American people, and the Russia collusion story has backfired — the left has gone all ape-shit over their desperate need to cover-up their humongous SpyGate crimes and the attendant political scandal.

So the crazed Democrats and the nerves Elites have all resorted to again gaslighting the President for Hillary Clinton crimes, and that’s why they are gathering the “hoes” the hookers, and the pimp attorneys, in order to muddy the waters and poison the well…

But covering up this bad boy is not gonna be easy…

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 12.54.33 AM

The thing to understand, and what has always been the most important thing to understand, is that James Comey the altar boy that now belatedly has found religion — was out in front, but he was not calling the shots.

On the GOP side of the world, the people and their ire are in an uproar and on a daily full-throttled rampage & outrage over the revelation that former FBI Director James Comey began drafting his statement exonerating Hillary Clinton in early April of 2016 – more than two months before he delivered the statement at his now infamous July 5th of 2016 press conference.

The news appears in a letter written to new FBI Director Christopher Wray by two senior Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans, Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey Graham. Pundits and the Trump administration are shrieking because this indicates the decision to give the Democrat nominee a pass was clearly made long before the investigation was over, and even long before key witnesses, including Hillary Clinton herself, were interviewed.

It definitely shows, that the fix was on.

News Flash … :

This is not news, because we all knew that with Obama and Hillary Clinton, the fix was always on.

Remember Benghazi?

But we digress…

Now, let’s think about what else was going on during April of 2016:

Somehow the conspiracy to hide Hillary’s emails during her tenure as Secretary of State is full on, and they have to come up with a strategy and a plan to hide them in plain sight and to throw a bone at all of us as well via the few emails that they released…

So they got some help from the left coast technologist giant businesses, and their leftist snowflakes like the billionaire bosses of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon, that know how to hide things in the cloud, and conveniently invent reality and fake news while hiding, throttling, and outright banning the Conservative voices, above and bellow…

Our Deep State at work is further exposed as Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) the current chairman of the House Freedom Caucus when discussing the latest Strzok-Page text messages that were freshly released by the DOJ.

The latest text messages from the anti-Trump officials inside the DOJ & the FBI, show how they were both busy feeding anti-Trump articles to the press, in order to prepare the case for the spying on the Trump campaign. The newly released documents obtained by the House Oversight Committee reveal that illicit lovebirds, and office sex-mates, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, were discussing a strategy to leak unverified information to the media in an effort to damage President Trump.

When Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, did his investigation he talked about the fact that one reporter had 13 different individuals at the FBI who were feeding him information. Literally thirteen spies, spilling the beans illegally. Thirteen spies, stool pigeons, informants breaking their oath and working against the United States Constitution, against their oaths, and against their principles of which they apparently have none.

In a total Orwellian fashion, and there was certainly a huge “official leaking” strategy going on from the FBI and from the DOJ. The most troubling aspect of all of this is that, the deep state worked overtime to confuse us.

We also know that there was no FISA court case but rather that Rod Rosenstein simply signed off on the warrants to wiretap the Trump campaign. Maybe now is the time to remember Devin Nunes memo about what they took to the FISA Court… Immediately, the FBI & DOJ started citing the media reports they caused to be generated, in order to buttress and support the salacious dossier and make it look as if it were a real thing and a verified report — which we know that was never. The salacious dossier is not valid, it was never proven, it wasn’t corroborated, it wasn’t credible, and it was simply a product of fabricated information by an “opposition policy shop” in Washington DC, called FusionGPS that was paid by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

But the FBI & the DOJ used media reports to buttress and support the dossier, against the very principle of JUSTICE or ETHICS, and MORALITY. Instead, the FBI bosses, James Comey and his corrupt cohorts, were leaking like crazy information to the press, and the DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein of the Deep State leaking to the rest of the media, so that they were then could use the articles generated in order to buttress the very salacious dossier, as a valid and verified document that they were then using in order to obtain the FISA court warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.42.00 AM

But beyond the scenes they had to exonerate Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton in order to have Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton, as the absolute and inevitable monarch of America, Madame President Hillary. The most corrupt person in American politics was going to be the Queen Hilary, because the Deep State had already decided that this evil person was deeply in the pockets of the Big Banks and the Big Money and Influence.

Thus, on April 10th of 2016, President Obama publicly stated that Hillary Clinton had shown “carelessness” in using a private e-mail server to handle classified information, but he insisted that she had not intended to endanger national security, which is not an element of the criminal statutes relevant to her e-mail scandal. The president acknowledged that classified information had been transmitted via Secretary Clinton’s server, but he suggested that, in the greater scheme of things, its importance had been vastly overstated.

This is precisely the reasoning that Comey relied on, when he ultimately absolved Clinton:

On July 5th of 2016, FBI director James Comey publicly stated that Clinton had been “extremely careless” in using a private email server to handle classified information, but he insisted that she had not intended to endanger national security (which is not an element of the relevant criminal statute). The director acknowledged that classified information had been transmitted via Secretary Clinton’s server, but he suggested that, in the greater scheme of things, it was just a small percentage of the emails involved.

Obama’s April statements of 2016 are the significant ones. They told us how this was going to go. The rest is just details…

On April 10th Obama offered the obvious explicit comments about the case of Hillary: He did not want the “inevitable” Democratic nominee, the candidate he was backing to succeed him — Hillary Clinton, to be indicted. Conveniently, his remarks, inevitably echoed by FBI Director James Comey, did not mention that an intent to endanger national security was not an element of the criminal offenses Hillary Clinton was suspected of committing – in classic Obama fashion — he was urging her innocence of a strawman crime while dodging any discussion of the crimes she had actually committed.

As we also now know – but as Obama knew at the time – the president himself had communicated with Clinton over her non-secure, private communications system, using an alias. The Obama administration refused to disclose these several e-mail exchanges because they undoubtedly involve classified conversations between the president and his secretary of state. It would not have been possible to prosecute Mrs. Clinton for mishandling classified information without its being clear that President Obama had engaged in the same conduct. The administration was never, ever going to allow that to happen.

What else was going on in May of 2016, while Comey was drafting his findings (even though several of the things he would purportedly “base” them on hadn’t actually happened yet)? Well — the Obama Justice Department was leaking to the Washington Post that Clinton probably would not be charged, and that her top aides, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and even Huma Abedin’s husband, the moron pedophile Anthony Weiner, were all considered cooperating witnesses with the FBI and DOJ, rather than malignant co-conspirators and traitors to their country…


Well, I know you’ll be shocked to hear this, but it turns out the Obama Justice Department had fully adopted the theory of the case as announced by President Obama in April of 2016. The Washington Post explained that, according to its sources inside the investigation, there was “scant evidence tying Clinton to criminal wrongdoing” because there was “scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in the handling of e-mails.” Like Obama, the Washington Post and its sources, neglected to mention that Mrs. Clinton’s felonies did not require proof of “malicious intent” or any purpose to harm the United States – just that she willfully transmitted classified information, was grossly negligent in handling it, and withheld or destroyed government records.

The Obama Justice Department was simultaneously barring the FBI from asking Mills questions that went to the heart of the e-mails investigation – questions about the process by which Clinton and her underlings decided which of her 60,000 e-mails to surrender to the State Department, and which would be withheld (it ended up being about 33,000) as purportedly “private” although a goodly percentage were not.

This was the start of a series of Justice Department shenanigans we would come to learn about: Cutting-off most all the key areas of inquiry, offering inexplicable immunity deals to admitted criminals,  declining to use the grand jury to compel evidence, agreeing to limit searches of computers in order to miss key time-frames when obstruction occurred, agreeing to destroy physical evidence in laptop computers and mobile pohones, failing to charge and squeeze witnesses who made patently false statements, allowing subjects of the investigation to act as lawyers for other subjects of the investigation in order to promote the charade that some evidence was off-limits due to the attorney-client privilege, and so on — were all criminal acts designed and perpetuated by the DOJ & the FBI in order to fully exonerate Obama and Hillary from their self evident serial criminal misconduct.

There is a way – a notoriously aggressive way – that the Justice Department and FBI go about their business when they are trying to make a case. That was obviously not the case here, because in regards to Hillary Clinton’s crimes — they were “trying to “unmake” the case” and thus make “this thing” go away without raising too many eyebrows.

Knowing all these things, as we now do and as we have for a year — I’m baffled by complaints that James Comey allegedly made “his” decision not to charge Clinton before key witnesses were interviewed. The main issue is not that witnesses hadn’t been questioned; it is that by April 2016, restraints were already in place to ensure that witness interviews would be fruitless, and that any incriminating information they accidentally turned up would be ignored or buried.

The decision not to indict Hillary Clinton was not made by then FBI Director Comey. It was made by President Obama and his Justice Department – Comey’s superiors in the chain of command. If you want to say Comey went along for the ride rather than bucking the tide, as he concedes doing, when Lynch directed him to call the Clinton probe a “matter,” not an “investigation” — that’s fair. But the fact that James Comey already knew in April of 2016, what he would say in July of 2016, has long been perfectly obvious. The Obama administration was going to follow its leader. What Comey ultimately stated was just a repeat of what Obama was openly saying in April 2016, and what the whole of Obama’s Justice Department was leaking to the press in May of the same year 2016.

The bottom line is this: In April of 2016, President Obama and his Justice Department adopted a Hillary Clinton defense strategy of concocting a crime no one was claiming Clinton had committed: to wit, transmitting classified information with an intent to harm the United States. With media-Democrat complex help, they peddled the narrative that she could not be convicted absent this “malicious intent,” in a desperate effort to make the publicly known evidence seem weak. Meanwhile, they quietly hamstrung FBI case investigators in order to frustrate the evidence-gathering process. When damning proof nevertheless mounted, the Obama administration dismissed the whole debacle by rewriting the statute (to impose an imaginary intent standard) and by offering absurd rationalizations for not applying the statute as written.

That plan was in place and already being implemented when Director Comey began drafting the “findings” he would announce months later. But it was not Comey’s plan.

It was Obama’s plan to exonerate Hillary Clinton from the beginning…


Dr Churchill


Thinking hard and understanding the circuitous route by which the Deep State and the Bureaucrats of the Security Agencies of the United States acted — makes it clear that they work like any other fascist security apparatus, and like the very machinery of a Totalitarian State.

This is what patriots need to rebel against, and overthrow, the same way that the Citizens of a Democracy sought to overthrow the STAZI, and the GESTAPO, and the KGB, in other fascist countries, because when the politicians find it comforting to use this Orwellian apparatus to steal the Liberty of the people, and to enslave them — it is incumbent upon the American Citizen to seek redress through armed rebellion and overthrow of that tyrannical secret government.

And I fully understand that this is a difficult subject to comprehend.

So that is why I find it so important to read and understand the subtext of Orwell’s book 1984. And while we are at it, please read his other book Animal Farm, where the President of a country, or as the case might be the leader of the revolution — in our case Donald Trump, and in the book, the old horse that was elected by the people to lead them to Freedom, gets sold to the glue factory to be killed and his meat to become conserves, whereas his bones to be made into glue..

It is also important here to understand the depth of hate and the magnitude of depravity that the Democrats carry against the principles and against the people of our country.

Because that’s the crux of the matter here, and that is why evil fools like Hillary Clinton and her ilk, always talk about despising our fellow citizens…

Because these persons like Hillary — hate themselves as any successful alcoholic does. So it is not surprising that this alcoholic hag, carries such deep despairing hate towards our People and towards our Republic. And their hate against the American People is further evidenced when we see how cheaply Hillary and the Democrats along with their corrupt security service bureaucrats — sold our Country & our Constitution down the river. Because that is what they did, when they conspired to sell our Uranium to our Russian enemies, and colluded to surveill, spy, and sabotage the Presidential candidate Trump, as they attempted to foist on him their own crime of Russian collusion.

And they would have done that to any other Candidate simply because that person was not Madame Secretary, who “deserved” to become the next President because it was somehow her turn, or because her vagina wanted it so badly.

And why do you think the leftists Democrats do all that noise for?

Because of their indelible lust of power, and because of their insatiable thirst for money, wealth, & personal gain.

Nothing else.

No lofty ideals here.


Only theft & rampage.

And maybe some rape & pillage too.

Because rape & pillage is the biggest business amongst the Democrats, at least when Bill Clinton is around in the midst of the “loot party” that is really what they call the Democratic party of America, all those Democrat party insiders like Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, and the unforgettable Debbie Wasserman Schultz…

The “Loot Party” is right.

Yet for me the Democrats now resemble more the “Loon Party” rather than the “Loot Party” — but that’s a story for another day.


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 9.14.19 PM.png


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