Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 12, 2021

Raising a prayer to the Sky for Peace and Reconciliation in our World…

The acceptance of the other among us, in coexistence and in real brotherhood — is the only true biological foundation of the social phenomenon we call Civilization.

humanity, as we will see later, relevant contributions to the understanding of what life is, in particular, on the biological foundations that support (or should support) not only human behavior but also the social. Unlike the many thinkers who, throughout history, have made and continue to make, based on the social sciences, criticism of our world-system that is supported by market logic, Maturana has developed throughout his investigative trajectory the biological conceptions that demonstrate that we have been living, for millennia, under a civilizational paradigm totally incongruent with the processes of sustaining life, which has affected the most diverse dimensions of human experience: scientific, economic, cultural, political, social,

Because without love, without acceptance of the stranger, the other and the one who is different from us — there is no culture, there is no society and there is certainly no civilization.

And as you can understand — without all of that, well, there is no humanity whatsoever.

And in my mind — we all need to pray that we tame the savageness of our heart, because all it takes is a sky above our heads that allows us to breath freely, in order to let us all exist upon this bountiful earth.

And as you recall the beauty of this earth, the waters and the sky — is what gives poetry to the meaning that we all breathe together the same molecules of oxygen that all people and all species of animals, fauna as well as flora, have always breathed here in unison.

Grog that concept my friend — and you are already going to be a better person.

Understand the fact that you are sharing molecules of air with Jesus, Buddha, Socrates and even God himself, and be like them.

Do that and then go ahead and raise a sky-lantern in thankfulness because we need to raise a solemn prayer to the night sky for Grace and Deliverance from our internecine conflicts, praying that our enmities, hate and discord will subside soonest…

Here’s to life.


Dr Churchill



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