Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 13, 2022

The Tragic Comedy of Life…

Here are some drops of wisdom from Charlie Chaplin who worked hard all his life to entertain people and make children laugh because himself was such a melancholic man, who still managed to live to a young age of 88 years of a solid good life.

He was a great actor, a prolific writer, a comedian, and a man of the world — and thus he left behind a great volume of treasure for all of us to share.

He felt deeply the tragedy in all of our lives, starting from his very own, and yet he lightened the burden we all share, by turning it into a comedy…

Think about it for a moment…

And please tell me this:

Who has not seen his slapstick comedy, and who amongst us hasn’t laughed at his jokes, sympathized at his misfortunes and cried at his efforts at unrequited love in one of his many black and white silent and yet, not silent movies?

Who has not gained in happiness, wisdom, and growth through comedy, and in a peacefully entertaining way by seeing his many works?

Who can deny the serious love that he gave to his art and transferred to us, via his excellent craft?

Who has not seen at least one of his eternal films that reflect the inner nature of the “gamin,” “the orphan,” “the loveless child” hiding in plain site inside all of us?

He gave his all over his many years on this planet, but he also shared his quest for Humanity’s Peace and his anti-war message resonates fully today in his speech from his Film “the Great Dictator” that so aptly describes today the situation in the war of Ukraine.

Yet, if you want to summarize his overall contributions — here are few of his most resonant messages:

“Peace trumps everything in the world, and warring dictators are nothing but emotionally immature scoundrels, bullies and unfulfilled children.” 

“Nothing is permanent in this world — not love, not happiness, not even our problems.”

“Keep on walking in the rain because no one can see your tears.”

“The most wasted day in life is the day we do not laugh.”

“The six best doctors in the world are: Sun, Rest, Exercise, Modesty, Self respect, Good friends.”

“Stick with these things in all stages of your life and enjoy healthful living.”

“When you see the moon, you see the beauty of God.”

“If you see the sun you see the power of God.”

“If you look at yourself in the mirror, you see God’s best creation. So believe that.”

“We are all just tourists here, God is our travel agent and he has already determined our routes, bookings and destinations … trust him and enjoy life.”

“Life is just a journey.”

“Live today to the fullest because tomorrow is not guaranteed and in fact it might be no more…”


Dr Churchill


Indeed in these days that Peace has been torn asides and the fabric of our lives has been rendered clean of impurities — we can truly see what kind of life we ought to live, and we truly understand whose side is that of God, and whose not.

And as a gentle reminder — here is a Speech from Charlie Chaplin’s film, “The Great Dictator”

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