Posted by: Dr Churchill | April 25, 2023

Those who champion the path of Peace, Truth & Justice must be cherished, preserved, and must never be defeated…

Because, when that which is peaceful, true and just is defeated, it will be labeled as useless, untrue, and unjust.

Sad as this is, it is a social reality of today, and one that can be observed throughout history’s long path to Destruction, War, & Chaos.

And this is exactly the reason why those who champion the path of peace, truth & justice, must not be defeated.

Of course Prophets are never welcome in their own land, and certainly never amongst their own people, but that’s another story as the old Ezekiel and Ellizah might say…

Still, there is onne Extremely Important Thing to Remember, and believe me, it is important is the following:

Being a Real Prophet speaking truth to power unafraid of the consequences — it is like taking a fast acting cyanide poison pill, that it will actually serve you faithfully as a good servant (albeit only once) and it proves the Wisdom & Sincerity of the Truth Teller; since the TRUE TELLING PROPHET WILL VOLUNTARILY DIE FOR HIS BELIEFS, VISIONS & QUESTS TO SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM UTTER DESTRUCTION.

Take as an example a story from the recent conflict of WWII, where in the Pacific theater of war, the Japanese soldiers believed and died under the ideal manifestation of “Honor” before death.

And their honor, was their Loyalty to the Emperor of the Chrysanthemum Throne, in its original meaning.

This attitude, depicts Japan’s military & security forces as well as the general populations’ WWII zeitgeist, because in a manner quite atypical of European WWII combatants and civilians — by August 1945 Japan was totally devastated.

After the Victory Day in Europe – VE Day — Japan had already lost 70% of all its soldiery, 95% of all its commercial fleet, 99% of its military fleet, 90% of its airforce, 80% of big city housing and commercial built environment (by fire), in Tokyo and most other large cities, two atomic bomb explosions on its two major industrial cities had completely incinerated Hiroshima & Nagasaki, and yet the Japanese armed forces and most importantly, the people of Japan, was unwilling to surrender, and CERTAINLY would not have surrendered, if the Emperor had not intervened.

Of course, this anomaly has led to serious speculation about the reasons behind Japan’s unwillingness to surrender, even after such overwhelming military defeats, destruction and mass death events, like those precipitated by the thermonuclear explosions and total citywide incineration resulting of the two bombs dropped by the “Enola-Gay” US Air Force B-52 crews.

One possible explanation for this resilience, is the deeply ingrained cultural value and belief in Japan, of the concept of “death before dishonor,” the importance of the “Samurai code” and the ordinary Gentleman’s face value.

Therefore, for all these reasons — surrendering was seen as an unbearable shame and dishonor for the country and its people, especially for the military leaders who had been promoting a “fight to the death before dishonor,” and the stoic mentality of every single one of its citizens — even the Geisha class that had nursed and nurtured and even bedded, all the “Kamikaze” pilots before their ultimate flights…

Many Geishas bore children after the 9 months of pregnancy, during the Mac Arthur American administration of Japan — bit that’s another story for a later time, because my recent sojourns in Japan and my fraternizing with today’s Geishas and their “Mihas” (World Mothers) taught me quite a lot about the offsprings of these Courageous Unions during the last desperate hours of defending the homeland, and having met some of these rather old, yet proud, and almost Octagenarian Geisha ladies — I can assure you that no other women around the World exhibit such Grace, Honor, and Dignity, save for my young lover and lost wife Ghazal, my sainted Mother Dimitra, and the recently departed Queen Elizabeth the Second, and also an old loving wife named Naz…

But it was not only the honor of the Geishas who acted like the wives of the Spartan warriors and Leonidas the Great, because there was another factor at work, and that was the perceived importance of the Cult of the Emperor in Japanese culture and politics, that regards the Imperial family like the family of the Queen Bee in the Hive of the honey bees…

And at this instance during the Second World War, the Japanese government, her military leaders, and the ordinary citizens — all saw the emperor as a symbol of national unity and identity, and they were unwilling.

At the very least they would never surrender without guarantees that the emperor would not be punished, deposed, or even demoted.

And thus it came to pass that it was eventually, the emperor himself, who intervened and announced Japan’s surrender, and that is when the military leaders, the government, and the Japanese people, finally accepted defeat.

Additionally, there were political factions within the Japanese government and military who were reluctant to surrender to the Allies, and even advocated for a last-ditch effort to fight to the death.

So, it took the combined efforts of the emperor, of the moderate politicians, and of all the elderly members of the military, along with the Geisha class — who after gaining satisfaction and assurances about the preservation of the Emperor and the Chrysanthemum Throne — they were ready to accept defeat, and to finally lay down their arms and swords, and bring about Japan’s surrender, without having to commit a massive in numbers public harakiri of all officers and enlisted men.

So, the overall reluctance to surrender in the face of overwhelming military defeat can be attributed to a complex combination of cultural, political, and military factors, and thus it was the last moment effort by the Geishas in a whisper campaign to the ears of all the powerful men in the Military government and the Armed Forces, aided by the intervention of the emperor, and the destruction wrought large in the cities of Japan, that was the crucial factor in bringing about the end of the war.

Now, PLEASE juxtapose that collective Stoic action of the Japanese people, with the collective Stoic mien, thought and action of the Russian people, who are even more stout, more melancholy, and far more powerful than the Japanese people were during the WWII battle of the empires… and try to understand what it is that we are sleepwalking into as our moronic administration pushes us towards WW3.

Do you feel that old sleepy Joe has the cojones to deal with the coming deluge?


Dr Churchill


And most importantly – do we really want to engage in WWIII now, against Russia, fully knowing that they are better armed with hypersonic Nuclear ICBM Weapons, Space Technology weapons, and Pulse weapons, as well as other exotic tech EM satellite weaponry; than NATO and American forces could muster worldwide?

Word from the wise: “When your ass is exposed and compromised — please don’t compare the size of your dick, and certainly do not engage in cockfights.”

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