Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 23, 2014

Last Chance Saloon

We seem to be the species of last chances.

Last minute chances come and go with ferocious frequency.

Sometimes we miss the plane and sometimes we make it as the gate is closing.

Climate Change is like that too…

Take for example this last year of near Scottish independence, and the shattering of many comfortable myths, when all three of UK’s regions, Scotland, England, and Wales, had their wettest winter and their hottest summer on record.

It’s like the announcement of the Airplane gate closing…

This is a record setting rain, flood, and heat year. Most of all of these climate extremes, packed in a single year, since the time of Isaac Newton, and certainly since the creation of the physical sciences laboratory taking temperature and atmospheric weather measurements. That is record setting stuff since serious meteorological records keeping began in the United Kingdom.

That’s something…

It’s not exactly the biblical floods that Noe endured but the next best thing…

But let’s be patient – we still have some time because the plane hasn’t taken off yet.

And this week, we will witness yet another of these wettest events, as wet behind the ears, politicians are denying the need to do something drastic about it.

As the half a Million people who demonstrated and protested in the streets of New York against Climate Change Inaction spoke in body politik — their leaders are convening at the United Nations halls to discuss, disambiguate, and dissemble, the truth that is staring them in the face.

So as the leaders get together and dissect “mosquitos” — this week promises to be the last chance moment and a simple test of Leadership.

Do we have Leadership or not?

Will we get on the plane or will we miss the flight?

It’s good to know that this is the Last Flight getting out of “Saigon” burning … by the way.

It is this sweaty moment, that we have to decide whether we will betray all future generations through a general lack of Understanding, Leadership, and Will, so we can all sleep soundly hoping that it doesn’t rain cats and dogs tomorrow…

In all likelihood we will all be at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York this Thursday to listen to world leaders, among them, UK’s David Cameron, Barack Obama, and more than 120 other political leaders from around the world, — outlining how they intend to address the growing threats affecting humanity, from climate change.

The Climate Summit has been convened by the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, in order to try to build high-level support for efforts to reach an international agreement to avoid dangerous levels of global warming, which is due to be discussed and finalized in Paris next year.

The ambition is that countries will outline how they intend to stop the exponential growth in emissions of carbon dioxide [CO2] and other greenhouse gases, heating up the planet and it’s atmosphere, within the next decades. And then to discuss how to put us on a path towards zero CO2 emissions; by the second half of this century.

A tall order about waiting to board a flight on an aeroplane that is already taxiing down the runway.

Since we are caught without a global treaty on climate warming CO2 emissions, as the planet flexes it’s stormy muscles… it will be very hard to callback the plane at the gate, for the world to get in and thus escape the floods, disasters, and super storms, leading to all the other catastrophic impacts of the global average temperature rising by more than 4 degrees Celsius above its pre-industrial levels.

The consequences of creating a climate not seen on Earth for millions of years, will not be suffered primarily by us but by all those Peoples, who will be still here next century.

If you have children you know what that means… That is if there are any people left alive after the incoming deluge…

Because by then, if the climate has warmed by four degrees or maybe much more — the Earth is likely to have passed a number of tipping points, such as irreversible melting of the Greenland ice sheet, soil too hot for agriculture, ocean acidification, flooding of all the major coastal plains and cities where almost 90% of us live, and many other tragic and dramatic consequences of our inaction and tardiness to act.

Forget London, Tokyo, New York, and all other cities that will be submerged. Ninety percent of the Human Civilization and People will be lost. A dark age will descend upon us all over again. Surely some people will survive on mountaintops and High Lands, fighting each other with bows and arrows. Survival will be a nasty business red of tooth and claw.

But we’ve had plenty of warning. Because leading up to this dismal future there are already sudden thrusts and terrible consequences of our malfeasance, manifested in all the readings of our Environment and ecosystems failures.

Let us wake up now and act because we cannot and should not expect a linear and gradually accelerating and potentially irreversible disruption of lives and livelihoods. This thing it will be massive. Much like the thrust of the engines at full tilt to achieve lift off velocity, the planet will awake and shake up all it’s fury suddenly to adjust to the new equilibrium.

The massive despiciation will not happen like the slowly cooking frogs of the French example. It will all come down to a sudden and terribly powerful storm system that will shatter all of our illusions, and put heed to our very lives.

And even though nearly all of us will be gone by the start of the next century, it is we who have to determine this week and in the next few months whether we live or die.

Forget about minding for our descendants of the 22nd century who will have to cope with the risks created by a climate that modern Homo-Sapiens, less than 250,000 years old, has never experienced.

This choice of our inaction in the face of cataclysmic threats — is shockingly criminal when seen from the perspective of the scientific evidence of sudden and devastating climate change that has now been assembled.

But we have been wilfully blind because we have constructed an economic and political system that leads us to disregard this Existential threat in order to care about our “Money” and we thus sacrifice our own lives and well-being and even the very existence of our children and grandchildren to the altar of the Money God.

We make decisions about our economy based on models that discount the future greatly. We place a discount value on all things far afield, so that the further in the future someone is born, the less they are worth to us or to the system. Especially if we are not going to be alive then… This means that the horrible impacts of catastrophic Climate Change on our children’s children, and on all other Peoples we don’t intimately know, are simply dismissed out of hand.

We are investors and users of the most criminal industry on Earth — the Fossil Fuel Industry. We are killing species at a rate not seen since the last Great Despiciation and we think that as a species we are immune to the same fate as our neighbouring species that get lost and radically diminished.

We listen and watch the Media companies that are owned by the same owners of the Fossil Fuel cartel. And the sad thing is that although we know their complicity in the biggest Crime ever perpetuated in the face of this Earth — we still trust them to set up our minds.

We elect politicians that work for and get funded by that criminal Fossil Fuel industry and supported by the Fossil Fuel Media and yet we don’t bat an eyelid when we are required to subsidize this bunch of criminals and we have to fork over all of our wealth and power. Further we have to hand over our lunch money to just drive ourselves over to work so we can shell out our hard earned capital to them in order to power up our lives and thus allow them to oppress us further.

All that when we’ve been given plentiful sources of Free Energy available for the harvest. Abundant Sunshine, Winds, Waves, Tides, Geothermal, electromagnetic, and even Air-Tesla energy that we can safely use for all of our needs.

And we listen to no reasonable argument so long as we are glued on the TV of the Fossil Fuel industry criminals spewing Propaganda and hatred of anything decent and clean.

We are like the three little monkeys — No see, no hear, no speak — as pure economic evidence mounts of the many Growth and Development Opportunities arising out of the Clean Economy.

Report upon report and study upon study proves unequivocally that we are facing a Death Threat such as we have never faced before and we can survive and thrive by simply shifting to a New Energy paradigm.

Another major report arrived across our desk about “The New Climate Economy” that shows us how many of the actions we have taken so far are actually causing us harm because they were compromises with the Fossil Fuel industry.

And yet the report explains that if we were to take the correct action in order to prevent future generations from facing huge risks from climate change — we would also have other more immediate economic benefits, such as growth and economic development and direct health effects such as reducing local air pollution, and preventing premature deaths and asthma related deaths of children and adults and reducing heart disease and cancers etc.

Yet we still choose to hold public discussions about whether climate change is real…
And we discuss with the newspapers and TV personalities that in reality they act as PR agencies of the Fossil Fuel Industry, and we are involved in discussions that are mediated by newspapers and broadcasters, who are obsessed with spreading doubt about the very existence of Climate Change. Of course they know that doubt, uncertainty and fear breed Discord and thus we are for ever perpetuating controversy about whether there is a problem, instead of focusing attention on what should be done to fix it.

Yet the day of Reckoning is near. And as few of the editors of our national media bother to cover the mounting evidence that the UK, the US, Europe and the World in total are already experiencing climate change — we remain blissfully unawares.

Science and Simple Measurements tell us that our last seven warmest years and four of our five wettest years on record have all occurred from 2000 onwards. This year has so far been both the warmest and wettest since records began three centuries ago and officially back in 1910, and has included the rainiest winter we have seen.

But worst of all, we have constructed a political process that focuses on narrow, near-sighted concerns rather than on the profound long-term challenges that we face. In doing so, we have undermined the legitimacy of our democratic elections by alienating many young people who are turning their backs on traditional party politics, not out of apathy, but out of sheer disgust and disillusionment.

It is a symptom of how little politics has to offer the young that none of the leaders of the three biggest political parties in the House of Commons, or in the European Parliament have made a major speech on climate change since the last election more than four years ago.

Meanwhile, the Tories, the Ukip, the general Media and political scepticism and denialism, and the US Republican party unscientific bend, have all surged in popularity, mainly among older and Conservative or ignorant arteriosclerotic voters.

This popularity of deniers and hiding of the Truth is scary, because the Tories and Republicans in government, are taking anti Climate policies to a new level, while embracing outright denial of climate change as part of their laughable energy policy that pledges a revival of coal, the dirtiest of the fossil fuels.

It is little wonder then that there will be a record low turn-out of young voters in the general election of the UK next May, even though whichever party wins will help to decide whether there should be a strong international agreement on climate change.

And so there will be no Global Climate Agreement on sight…

Our best hope is for young voters to express their despair about our dismal politics, not by boycotting the general election as some have advocated, but instead by speaking out loudly and fiercely, and forcing potential MPs to confront long-term issues such as climate change in the run-up to the next general election.

In doing so, they would ensure that their best interests, and the best interests of future generations, are not betrayed by those political leaders who will decide nothing this year — hoping to kick the can down the road so they can decide nothing substantial in Paris next year either…

And thus whether the world will avoid dangerous climate change, or drown and get cooked in it — is all left up to chance.



But I think that it is really up to us and it is our Responsibility to Set Things Straight.

The Fossil Fuel Industry does what it has to do but we are ultimately responsible for our situation.

Because it is us that remain passive while the World is going to hell in a handbasket.

When was the last time you acted against Fossil Fuels and the criminal industry that handles them and profits from the general misery of the planet and it’s people?

But some of us act because we know that the true meaning of responsibility is in remembering and acting solely if need be to enhance our ability to respond.

And whatever we may think, say, do, or feel in private or in our political lives – these are our responses for which we, and no one else, are responsible.

This is easy to see but hard to live, for we have been taught to believe and think the opposite.

So we don’t consciously choose our response, we react instead, and then we blame others for our reaction.

No wonder we feel imprisoned by others and our circumstances. The enlightened, on the other hand, have broken the spell, they see the illusion. They take full responsibility for their response abilities and as a consequence, they always hold their own destiny in their own hands.

So the United Nations meeting tomorrow is really the Last Chance Saloon and Ban Ki-Moon is the veritable barman serving up the whiskey to the assembled cowboys and cowgirls..

Do you really think there will be any breakthroughs there?

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