Posted by: Dr Churchill | September 26, 2014

Aesthetics of Democracy

Am writing a new book after my best seller “Democracy” and it is almost like a companion.

Only this time it bridges the chasm of Politics and Art.

It is called “The Aesthetics of Democracy” and it’s core tenet is that art and the aesthetic in general are the founding condition of the possibility of establishing social and political democracy.

The idea is based on Socrates, Plato’s and Aristotle’s experiences and examinations of contemporary Philosophical and Economic evidence and finds that Democracy is historically shaped by Aesthetic Conflict.

I believe that Aesthetics and Morality derived from that set up an opposition of east and west that shapes all contemporary cultural politics.

There is a way of outwitting this potentially dangerous struggle of east and west grounded in an aestheticism and a validation of sensory experience.

I propose a new model of cultural Democracy, based on a revitalized and positively valorized notion of capabilities in order to avoid the hypocrisy of the Oligarchies currently ruling us.

But let us remember also the great poet Walt Whitman’s significance to contemporary democratic theory — through his poetry and artful writing.

Whitman was neither a theorist of moral or aesthetic individualism nor a theorist of communitarian Democracy, but rather a proponent of the democratic sublime virtue.

Whitman’s account of “aesthetic democracy” emphasizes the affective and poetic dimensions of the True nature of the political life of government by the people, from the people, and for the people.

As for Whitman, so it is for me: The popular attachment to democracy requires an aesthetic component, without which we are rudderless flaying ourselves like sails loosened in the wind.

That is why am aiming to enact the required reconfiguration of popular sensibility through the depiction of the people themselves as a sublime aesthetic, world-making power for Democratic Innovation.

Through aesthetic translation of the vox-populi, we can only hope to engender a robustly transformative democratic political process.

I have found the resources for political regeneration in the poetics of everyday citizenship, in the democratic potential of ordinary life, and in the suffering of those who don’t have access to Justice and Democracy…

Maybe you are one of them.

If so cry out please.



My idea of a vibrant and alive Democracy through modern political innovation, is a Renaissance whose roots lie in Robespierre and Machiavelli, but whose contemporary strength lies in its potential for an ethical encounter with crowdsourcing wisdom of Government.

Let’s see Democracy as an Innovation ever evolving and we will win it back…

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