Posted by: Dr Churchill | November 10, 2014

Speaking at the Irish Parliament this morning about How Democratic Networks can save Europe from the Violence of Poverty caused by Corruption, Disenfrachisment, and Disempowerment of the Citizens

Speaking at the Dail [The Irish Parliament] in Dublin this morning with a bunch of Great Independent Politicians about our need in Europe to fight corruption through Technology and Citizenship.

I spoke at the Dail, amongst other things, about the EUropean Austerity led poverty, and national subjugation, due to massive Corruption at the centre of EUrope and of what needs to happen to avoid another massive conflict the likes of which we haven’t seen in hundred years.

I spoke of our need to empower Liberty, Democracy, Privacy, and Citizenship across the whole of Europe in a harmonious and balanced way in order to avoid the ravages of the Previous World Wars emanating in Europe from exactly these same conditions we course thorugh today.

My thesis as a Political and Technological Innovator stands that by building New Social and Political Networks based on connected Technologies and by protecting the information sharing of whistleblowers revelations, and empowering citizen journalism and network sharing in our economies — we will not only enjoy the wealth of Networks but we will also be able to rid our Society and the European Union as a whole from the evil virus of massive Corruption.

On the day after the Anniversary of the Hundred Years since the Great War — we best rememnber the conditions that led to that bloodbath and recognize that the same conditions exist today.

The time is ripe for change. Massive change is coming down the pike whether we like it or not. It is indifferent to the Human Progress where we like it or want to stop it — but we must recognize it for what it is and address it.

We need to flow with this change to the ends of our bearings and inform our own constituencies that the flow of istory is like a mighty river. We can channel it to the good or…

It can be change that will serve us as Good People or destroy us as Sleeping Morons. It can be devastating, or rewarding. Our call.

And Yes — we can manage change…

And it is our choice of which path we will take this time around to reduce the inequity, the corruption, and the imbalances destroying Europe today.

That is why we are building a new Social Network of Citizens and Political actors along with empowered Humanity, in order to set our common house straight.

We will fight both corruption and apathy. We shall win the battle of imbalances and tribal strife within Europe, but above all else we will be able to govern and advocate from the middle through building Three Simple Things:

These are the main Policies I advocate and recognize as being ultimately necessary to rebuilt our Democracy: 1) Public Sector Reform, 2) Political Reform, and 3) Building an Economy for Entrepreneurs.

That’s all.

And that’s the focus we need to have in our Policies and Advocasy amongst our peers and constituencies in order to change Europe and our nations today for the best in order to avoid another massive war. T

Let’s engage in European Nation Building. That’s all it’s required. All the rest will follow…

And by following this path — we shall also be able to stop and punish the corrupt misdeeds of the mighty and fully corrupted Eurocrats, their German paymasters, and powerful industrial and Financial banking lobbies, who in partnership with the local small minded and politically motivated elites, are wreaking havoc throughout Europe today.



Time to bring down that wall…

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