Posted by: Dr Churchill | March 2, 2015

The Deliverance of Europe

It’s high time to talk about “The Deliverance of Europe”
It’s time to talk about the Liberation of Europe from it’s Hun Master.
It’s high time to face reality and fight forward to deliver all of Europe from slavery.

Because the poverty that is coursing throughout the periphery of Europe today is an evil policy that only slave masters could conceive.

And proof of this is how Greece has been reduced to this evil.

And the rest of Europe is soon being driven to this abject poverty that enriches only one tribe. The most cohesive of European tribes — the Hun Germanic one.

Close your eye and ears to the constant hum of TV noise and mass propaganda passing for news these days and you’ll see what I see. Follow my cue and connect the dots and soon enough, with closed eyes you can see a distinct pattern emerge clearly. Just look at the Big Picture and you can’t fail to discern this. place all over Europe today.

Just look where am pointing at, and you’ll see it. You don’t need to watch 1984 [the film] or read the book, by George Orwell, or even go into conspiracy theories… Just be open to investigating the Big trends and you’ll see the creeping fascism falling all over EUrope like a giant evil curtain of despair.  It’s the Big creeping trend that underlies all those conservative political actions, such as Austerity and Homogenuity of Integration, that is taking place today in Europe and emanating from Brussels and Berlin.

And it is heavy on the hearts and mind of people too.
Proof of this is the bondage Greece has found itself in. The once proud country been driven to abject poverty by the German policy of Austerity.

You will come to know this as the “experimental” fascism policy of subjugation, that is foisted upon all the other nations of Europe… at varying degrees.

It’s the evil policy that all of you feel deep into your hearts and it is the very policy that will inexorably lead all of the nations of Europe to the same evil fate — the indelible bondage of poverty and subjugation.

Remember my words: Where Greece goes all other European nations will follow.

Poverty and injustice are the worse forms of violence on the face of this earth. And poverty inflicted upon people by design, is a great evil, as Gandhi and Martin Luther King both — cautioned us against it.

And that is the purpose of my speech today before you, because we need to engineer all over again “The Deliverance of Europe”

This time is the Deliverance from the claws of fascism, from the yoke of slavery, from the jaws of poverty, upon which the whole continent of Europe has fallen, victim to the rising curtain of Economic Nazism that blights everyone’s hopes, and dreams.

Young people of Europe do not make plans for the future anymore.

Eighty percent of them are psychologically depressed.

They don’t marry, nor have children anymore.

I’ve seen these signs in Darfur and in South Sudan on the inexorable march of vacant human beings staring at the abyss of civil war and their body reacting to that dismal reality by “choosing” not to reproduce.

That is why we need the Deliverance of Europe today…

And if you don’t understand what “The Deliverance of Europe” means — I shall take you back a couple of centuries to a pivotal oration that Lord George Canning delivered at Parliament on his day of honour.

Thus I am also called today to speak of the need for the Deliverance of Europe today because this is the most pressing issue that the simple and poor nations of the European Union need to address today more than anything else.

I speak here today because mot people still don’t see the present danger of the German Hegemony bleeding Europe dry as it prepares to engross us all in another devastating world war soon as she is ready, fattened, and fully militarized.

We are aware of the German plans to conquer Europe fully and of the fact, that these plans have not abated by their sound defeat in the previous world conflicts that they instigated, and that they drove Europe and the rest of the world into the most terrible conflagration and horrific bloodshed, we’ve ever seen.

And now they are up to it again.

And if you don’t understand this — then am here to enlighten you.

So hear me out and if you still can’t see “The Deliverance of Europe” today as the most urgent business of the day — you shall soon reconsider your views.

“I for my part still conceive it to be the paramount duty of a European member of parliament to consider what is good for Europe…

I do not envy that man’s feelings, who can behold the sufferings of Spain, and who derives from that sight no idea of what is meant by the deliverance of Europe.

I do not envy the feelings of that man, who can look without emotion at Greece – plundered, insulted, trampled upon, exhausted, covered with ridicule, and horror, and devastation – who can look at all this, and be at a loss to guess what is meant by the deliverance of Europe?

As little do I envy the feelings of that man, who can view the peoples of Italy driven into insurrection, and struggling for their freedom against the heavy hand of a merciless tyranny, without entertaining any suspicion of what may be the sense of the word deliverance.

Does such a man contemplate Poland groaning under arbitrary oppressions and exactions?

Does he turn his eyes to Holland trembling at the nod of a foreign master?

And does the word deliverance still sound unintelligible to his ear?

Has he heard of the rescue and salvation of Greece, by the appearance and the triumphs of the American fleet?

Does he not know that the Democracy of Great Britain today maintains its existence at the point of the sword?

And is his understanding, and his heart, still impenetrable to the sense and meaning of the deliverance of Europe?



Thanks to George Canning whose Oration I paraphrase today…

The text above, comes from a speech I delivered at the special meeting of the parliamentary committee of the House of Lords at the Portcullis House of Parliament in Westminster during the debate about the issue of further European Integration.

The House of Commons has been the longest serving Democratic Parliamentary body the world over, and it was my honour to share my thought in a speech there, and to warn the British MPs of the dangers of European Integration under the German yoke.

A Thousand Years of continuous Democracy is the greatest gift that England and Great Britain have delivered to the world, and as that light remains burning — we are assured of a future for Humanity with Dignity, Freedom, and Democratic Liberty.

These were the thoughts coursing through my mind and that is how “The Deliverance of Europe” speech was reborn, by Yours Truly, on this day a little over two hundred years after George Canning first delivered it in the House of Parliament, when faced with a similar despicable disgrace of enslavement of Europe.

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