Posted by: Dr Churchill | May 21, 2015

Leadership according to Francis on the Environment, People, and Planet

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“Papa Francis” has some really evolved views on the Earth and the Environment we all share and that allows us to have this beautiful existence right here.

Catholics are the biggest frozen majority the world over, and they’re right in the middle of the pack on the issues of the environment because for so many years they had no Leadership.

Now finally the moment has appeared that the leader has arrived bringing a message of Hope.

Pope Francis gets it and here is proof of it:

Now that Pope Francis has issued a splendid Encyclical to speak of the Integral Ecology about the relationship between the People and Planet will come to be seen and discussed by two Billion people across this Earth…

I’ve seen some of the early drafts and inputs of this Encyclical, and I can tell You it’s a REVOLUTIONARY text…

It is written in Latin and is as Great a Document as any that have come out of Vatican in it’s two thousand years of splendid history.

Here is a view towards what to expect to see in a few weeks coming out from Rome:

Protestants, Episcopelians, Presbyterians, and all other Christians are way too conservative to accept Science and Facts as the reasons for the global warming and the runaway Climate Change.

As for the other remaining Christians — they are all splintered in tiny warring minorities to really count in big numbers, so we call them “The Others”

And these “Others” are so involved in their own polemic that they are truly only seeing their own nose while smiting their face as the Environment is concerned.

What to do?

Dr Kroko


Yet there is Hope…

There is hope because Francis gets it.

The Pope, incidentally, also appears to accept evolution and science as fact.

And he also happens to Love his People deeply.

And that is a really good thing.

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