Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 18, 2015

Syrian Refugee Crisis & Relief — Think Tank Meeting of the Churchill Society @ St Mark’s Anglican Cathedral in Seattle on Saturday December 19th



Contact: Executive Director Ms Virginia C. Winslow or Assistant Director Ms Jessica DiPietro

 Conference to take place in Seattle, WA. on Saturday, December 19th, at St. Mark’s Cathedral

 ”Why My State Won’t Close its Doors to Syrian Refugees”

(Syrian Refugee Crisis & Relief — Think Tank Meeting of the Churchill Society Saturday 19th Dec. @ St Mark’s Anglican Cathedral in Seattle)

On December 19th, 2015 the Churchill Society is partnering with a variety of local relief organizations to host a forum on the Syrian refugee crisis. Discussion will take place at the global, national, and local levels, and a high degree of guest participation is encouraged.

 Notable speakers include: Dean Steven Thomason – St Mark’s, Dr Mark Markuly – Seattle University, Dr Jawad Khaki – Muslim Association of the Northwest, Sahar Fathi – Leadership Development, Arsalan Bukhari – Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Quratulain Khan – CEO of Americans for Immigrants and Refugees, Mahnaz Eshetu – Director of the Refugee Women’s Alliance, Jonathan Scanlon – Senior Advocacy Advisor at OxFam America, Dan Samuelson – Office Director of World Relief Seattle, Dr Pano Kroko, and many others.

Organized by the CHURCHILL SOCIETY the foremost International Forum and Think Tank organization and Dr Pano Kroko.

Today, with strong opinions all across the globe, people in America are struggling to understand what the Syrian Refugee Crisis means at all levels of our society. Our renowned panelists will shed light on what these issues mean close at home. 

 This Churchill Society Think Tank Meeting takes place at St. Mark’s Cathedral, 10th Ave E, Seattle, WA [Bloedell Hall] Capitol Hill.

 9:00am – Coffee, Tea & Registration, 9:30am – Leadership Keynote, 10:00am – Global Panels, 11:00am – National Panels, Noontime Lunch, 1:00pm – Local Panels, 3:00pm – Roundtables, 4:00pm – Workshops, 5pm Closing Keynote Speech by Dr Pano Kroko on our State, on our Union, on our Economic Development & on our Democracy {E Pluribus Unum}, 5:30pm Cocktail Reception & Networking…


 RSVP and learn more here at:

Tickets and support for Syrian Refugee Relief here:

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