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Happy Easter — Congratulations — We swept Washington with 73% of the vote…

Hi Folks,


Thanks to You, we swept Washington State with three fourths of the popular vote in the primaries.

The primaries in Hawaii and Alaska were even better for us with 80% Sanders sweeping wins in Alaska, and in Hawaii, and Washington Democratic caucuses.
Keep this in mind that Bernie Sanders won the Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii states handily and with extreme margins.

Surely this Democratic presidential caucuses will remain unforgettable to all of us…

Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Alaska, Washington and Hawaii Democratic presidential caucuses on Saturday by decisive margins — victories he hopes will spark a Western states comeback and help him cut into frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s substantial lead.

“We knew things were going to improve as we headed west,” Sanders said later at a rally in Madison, Wis.

“We are making significant inroads in … We have a path toward victory.”

Sanders won Alaska 81-to-18 percent; 68-32 in Hawaii and 73-26 in Wshington over Clinton, with all precincts reporting.

Washington was the biggest prize, 101 delegates, followed by Hawaii with 25 and Alaska with 16.

Going in the contests, Clinton led by roughly 300 pledged delegates.

Sanders, a democratic socialist, on Saturday acknowledged his struggles in recent contests across the South, with its strong conservative voting bloc. But he remained optimistic about upcoming contests in the more liberal West including those in Oregon and California, which alone offers 546 delegates.

The latest headlines on the 2016 elections make Bernie Sanders the biggest name in politics now. The next Democratic and Republican primaries are April 5 in Wisconsin, and we are scheduled to win there as well…

“Birdie” Bernie Sanders is very popular amongst the younger and more progressive Americans, as he continues to connect best with the Latino-Hispanic, Asian, and African-American voters just as well as he connects with the white middle class families.

Sanders now will win a huge bunch of delegates in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and the other states to come along this week, and all of them are elected to the Democratic convention in July in Philadelphia — where Bernie will win the people’s vote for the Presidential Nomination.

Before Saturday, Clinton had a 1,223-to-920 lead on Sanders in so-called pledged delegates, who are bound to candidates by their states’ primary elections.

It takes 2,383 delegates to clinch the nomination.

Sanders was expected to do well in Washington, considering residents of Seattle, the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest, are among the most liberal in the country and campaign contributors.

Sanders drew more than 50,000 supporters to a rally Friday evening at Safeco Field in Seattle WA. And by Saturday afternoon, the state appeared to be having a record voter turnout, which has helped Sanders’ campaign.

In Spokane WA, the second biggest city of the state of Washington — a huge line of Sanders Democratic caucus participants had already snaked around a school parking lots and the surrounding streets by Saturday morning.

“I think one of the biggest things is free tuition for students in public colleges and public universities, and getting big money out of politics” said Sanders.

Sanders clearly is not paid for nor is owned by the billionaires and the Major Banks and Big Corporations.

Sadly most all of the Washington state’s Democratic establishment leadership had endorsed his opponent Hillary Clinton. These establishment Democratic machine people, include crony capitalist Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, Jay Inslee [state gov], Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, relative of Patty Murray, and the general Washington Democrat congressional house delegation that is tied up by special interests and lobbyists to the pantsuit of Hillary Clinton.

Like the dynasties of old and the corrupt autocratic lineages of North Korea with Kim Il Sung, and now Kim Jung Il, the “Supreme Dear Leader” — the career politicians that make up the Democratic establishment of the State of Washington, have more than thirty years of continuous corrupt Democratic rule that has ravaged the state.

Just note the continuously failing state of the education standards of the public education system in Washington to understand the damage of running corrupt dynastic politics for far too long.

Sanders nailed it when He said that we need CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN… and that we need to improve the educational system all around us. That is what the Senator was speaking about when he decried the poor state of education in the State of Washington that has the lowest rankings of our Public educational systems. And maybe the free public colleges and universities education is truly needed — in order to stop producing those “Poorly Educated” people that resonate with Donald Trumps’ hate speech… and remain clueless and racist all their lives.

Yet today we have Patty Murray an elementary school physical education teacher come Senator of Washington State who is now running television ads telling Washington State voters to THANK THE GREAT LEADER “PATTY” FOR HER CRONY CAPITALISM OF A QUARTER CENTURY AT THE SENATE BUILDING A CORRUPT DYNASTY…

Now if you were living in North Korea, you would understand that kind of shit, because over there — they run the same kind of television advertisements for their “Dear & Supreme Clueless Leader”

So how do you feel about “Patty Il Junk Murray” and her TV ads in Washington State and how do you feel about her attachment to $iLIARy today, after the people of the state spoke volumes against them both ?

Still, regardless of Patty — Seattle and Washington state people are optimistic about Sanders who entered Saturday’s contests on an optimistic note after winning more delegate than Clinton in three contests earlier this week — in the Idaho and Utah caucuses, despite losing the Arizona primary to the former secretary of state’s corrupt political machinations that closed down the polling stations in the center of the state in Phoenix and Maricopa County and thus left all the Sanders people unable to cast their vote.

That’s how Clinton uses Democracy for her personal benefit. Patty and Hillary use the lax oversight of Democracy as a way to steal elections and disrespect People’s vote. They are both corrupt liars and we should all wash our hands clean from them…

Yet despite all the nasty attacks, and dirty Politics, “Birdie” Bernie Sanders, has done significantly better than Clinton and her mini-me Patty Murray, in the Primaries and in all of the Democratic caucus contests, and the Washington state primaries and in all the Western and Northern states — having now won overwhelmingly 9 of the last 11 contests.

Most of Sanders’ total of 14 state Victories in this primary-season, have been in states with large and active Democratic populations that are also much needed if we are to win the General Elections against the Republicans in November.

“Birdie” Sanders still needs your help and a surge of voters to the primary polls in order to get the numbers needed to clinch the Democratic Presidential nomination, and the optimism and fundraising numbers, which also include collecting more than $140 million from 6 million donors really help.

Six – 6 Million – million people’s small campaign contributors of an average of $27 are really helping the Sanders campaign win against the corrupt Super Pacs, and against the Lobbyist and the Billionaire class, because the Six Million Americans represent the Middle Class of people with a face & name, a pulse, and a heart, that has the capacity to vote honestly for what is Good for this Great Country.

That is the difference the Sanders campaign makes compared to the Clinton machine with her lobbyists, with her money bags, with her Super Pacs that did not hold a single public event in these three bellwether North-West states where we could hear Hillary’s and Patty’s views. Instead they had events with contributors who could pay from $2,700 – $50,000 per person in the houses of Billionaires like the Founders of Costco…

Yet Sanders spoke in front of 50,000 people yesterday in Safeco Field in Seattle in a free public event. His that for a difference now when you see the sea change after the Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii results were announced, and the Sanders campaign moved to Wisconsin, and California…

And while Sanders faces a steep path to the Democratic nomination, his path to Victory against the funny Republican candidates is fully warranted.

In contrast, the news is not so good for his opponent Hillary, who after this string of defeats must reconsider her campaign and viability in light of the changing nature of these Elections. And Hillary must reconsider running because her continuous losses highlight the concerns about her corruption, her untrustworthiness, and her lack of support among the younger voters, among the men & women in Middle Class families, and among the Minorities, for her bid.

The vaunted Clinton delegate advantage, before Saturday, has also dissapered as her lead has evaporates to 1,128-to-949 delegates, once these last three states, rooting for Sanders and swept by “Birdie” are included.

Based on this new count, Birdie Sanders only needs to win 53% of the remaining delegates from state primaries and Democratic caucuses, in order to have a majority of those delegates by June’s end and to win the nomination.

And guess what?

Together we can do this.




Happy Easter

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