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What Would Winston Churchill Do? (Chapter 8)


Jennie Jerome Churchill, Winston’s mother was now 41 years old and for the first time ‘alone’ in the world, and living on a very restricted income, since apparently she couldn’t even rustle up enough money to send Winston to Cambridge.

As it seems, for the time being, her best opportunity seemed to join her sisters in Paris. And there, as usual, new opportunities presented themselves, and thus after countless flirtations with British gentry, including John Delacour, Lord Wolverton and Lord Astor, Jennie fell in love with a fellow American, Bourke Cockran, who would become another of Winston Churchill’s many surrogate fathers…

And just as Jennie’s Parisian lovers came to be rather useful, when she decided Winston should learn French, so was now Bourke Cockran who became instrumental in introducing the 22 years old Winston, to the New York Society, and to her by now distant American family stemming from her own father — the Jerome clan of New York.

And this proved to be a prescient move, because Cochran did such a good job that Winston Churchill became so popular in New York, that he had to beat back with a stick, all the pushy New York debutantes and their marriage proposals. Indeed he was a man about town, largely unsafe from their (as he described) “unwelcome” advances that he took the next steamer out. Only when he was safely back in England, did Jennie set out to sing her son’s praises, because she was asked about him wherever she went. SO Jennie Jerome Churchill now found a new occupation, because she was determined to bolster her son Winston’s career – and she did so with great aplomb, and to some benefit no doubt towards Winston Churchill’s growth and acceptance into Society.

Yet despite all of Jennie’s pushiness, vanity, and compulsion, and her wish to be a perpetual debutante and a social butterfly — Winston learned the skills needed to be an admirable character at intrigue, social charm, and also a remarkably brilliant psychologist of the character of Men. Indeed his largely inattentive Mother, taught him to be able to “read” everyone at first glance, and discern the moods, and even change the conversation and the mood of the room swiftly. He had to learn these things, because living and meddling in a wicked world that required a quick response — he had to be resourceful and innovative, to survive. And he learned from his own Mother who managed all her complex social tasks with great aplomb — to be a good listener but even a better Speaker for his cause.

If Jennie Churchill was anything — she was a resourceful woman who was living amongst a rather difficult family, and a complex social situation, in what must have felt to her totally alien, being in a foreign country. Yet Jennie same as Winston, was an indefatigable networker, and was determined to make the most of life at the moment she lived. As she said: “When given oranges best make orangeade.” Indeed she did that, and also made orange gin & tonic, and far too many other things, because she was as resourceful as anyone could ever be and she managed things quite well for her family and friends. And this is something she instilled upon Winston too, and he proved to always be far more resourceful than anyone else around, including his bloody enemies. Winston’s mother among other things, managed the Randolph Churchill household, managed Prince Edward’s social life, managed her children, managed to start a literary magazine, and even took a whole hospital ship to South Africa to help the injured soldiers from the Boer War, where her son Winston was also fighting. Later, she also wrote and staged a theatre play, she took up interior design, and she also helped establish Winston’s political career by helping launch his aspirations.

Winston who had inherited her resourcefulness, always loved her, but she looked out for herself quite well too. Now, had she been married to Count Kinsky, thismight have been a very different story, because if she were absorbed in her life with a new husband, she might not have poured all her hopes into Winston – and the course of history might have taken a very different bend indeed…

But two years after Randolph’s death, she fell in love once again. At the Duchess of Devonshire’s fancydress ball, the highpoint of the London season, she met George Frederick Middleton Cornwallis, a 23-year-old contemporary of Winston’s. George Cornwallis was an exquisitely handsome lad, and dressed as a black slave, for the fancy dress party…

Jennie was immediately smitten with him…

Despite protests from her children, from her family, and from her long standing paramour, the Prince of Wales — she married George Cornwallis in 1900 in a grand Knightsbridge wedding. Winston stood gamely by his mother’s side.
But while Jennie thought George stood to inherit two large estates, he actually had no money at all. When he was declared bankrupt in 1914, she divorced him.

By the end of World War I, however, she had a new young admirer, Montagu Porch, the son of a Somerset landowner. She married him in 1918 at Harrow register office.

Porch was 32, Jennie 65, but she had not given up her lust for life. She took a part in a film, and she filled her life with travelling and decorating, because Winston, was now married to his Clementine, and making his way in the world of politics, and therefore was no longer so dependent on his Mother’s connections and resourceful “special friends.”

The end came out of the blue. One day, while visiting a friend in Somerset, Jennie, who was wearing some shoes she had just bought in Rome, slipped on the oak staircase.
A bad fracture ended in gangrene and amputation of a leg, and a couple of months later she suffered a fatal hemorrhage.

This is what Winston wrote about his Mother full of loyalty to the end: ‘I do not feel a sense of tragedy but only loss. Her life was a full one. The wind was in her veins.’

As for poor Porch, her young husband — he returned too late from a trip abroad to an empty house – and a mountain of his wife’s debts.

After all of Jennie’s excesses — this was perhaps a fitting legacy.

Only after his Mother’s “passing” Winston was able to reliably face the fact that his father was not Sir Randolph Churchill, but rather the Prince of Wales who later came to be the King of England Edward VII, and who during the original Isle of Wight holidays, had romanced young Jennie Jerome, and made her certain promises that led to biblical relations with her. And indeed as Winston came to find out Jennie’s relations with the Prince lasted for quite a while, and certainly well past her pregnancy and hasty marriage to the “willing” family man – Randolph Churchill — and the healthy delivery of baby Winston Churchill. Her relations with the future Sovereign were of course maintained thereafter, all the while the Prince became the King and was married with a proper princess who became the Queen. All for reasons of breeding the best heirs but also for satisfying the Royal lines, the political and the blue blood alliances, and above all else, the superstitions of this peculiarly English Royal tradition.

“Edward the Caresser” the King of England is actually the biological father of Winston Churchill, and a reasonable DNA test would prove that Winston was the Royal bastard. Now this might offend some people, but it will also gratify some others, who had already hitherto known this Truth.

Same holds for the royal Family that today would certainly want to claim Winston Churchill as one of their own, rather than maintaining the tired charade that the biological father of Winston was Randolph. So now we can all know that Winston Churchill’s biological father was the Man who at the time was the Prince of Wales, and who soon thereafter went on, to became the King of England Edward VII. He was indeed a man whom Winston Churchill resembled greatly in figure, face, head, and mannerism. But above all else he resembled the King in his peculiarly strong sense of an Air of Authority that exuded all of Winston’s actions and even his posture and walk.

The fact that hereditary biology supports the account of Edward being the DNA father, with Sir Randolph Churchill being the “family” father is evident when comparing the two. The apple always falls under the apple tree, and it was natural, that King Edward had a fondness for young Winston, whereas Sir Randolph Churchill exhibited a strong dislike to the son he regarded with suspicion and as a competitor for the fickle attentions of Jennie and the Sovereign. At any rate Winston was no scion of Marlborough, because he was not in the line of succession of the Dukes of Marlborough, and neither was he, the only male heir of the King – so he had to make his own fate and write up his own story.

He was certainly not an official scion of the English King and therefore not in any speedy line of succession to the throne either, and that seems to have been a good thing for the development of Winston Churchill who would take all kinds of extraordinary risks because he had to make a name for himself. After all he was not “The Heir” to anything, or anybody, and thus had the Courage of a Lion, that made him seem as if he had a death wish… but it also allowed him to take tremendous yet calculated risks and thus gain the fortuitous returns, that apparently made him accustomed to court Victory, and also turned him “famous” at a very young age, as a jolly & courageous young lad.

This pattern is to be repeated because many times during his long lifetime, Winston was saved by providence and providence alone — as he would fall in the most awful circumstances through his extreme risk taking, his playing the odds, and always due to his supremely adventurous and self assured disposition.

Yet fortune always smiled upon him, and he survived more than a couple of dozens of Assassination attempts and serious battle near misses from flying bullets, shrapnel and slashing swords and bayonets.

Indeed one would think of Winston Churchill as indestructible.


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.41.00 AM


And yet the same can be said of myself who have in my own times survived a few Assassination attempts myself…

The most recent assassination attempt against me took place inside the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle’s Redmond district where I was giving a speech on the 28th of February earlier this year.

That is when an unruly crowd of Microsoft snowflakes broke my speech into a riotous and ridiculous attack and they ushered me into a dark corridor where they banged my head against the solid post and against the wall a couple of times, thus causing me a serious hematoma on the left temple on the outer brain, and a serious condition that already has incapacitated my left side of the head and face, and continues to weaken the whole left side of my body.

Now this requires some special form of brain surgery to remove the blood clotting and compressing the brain — but we will manage this to the best of our ability and with whatever help my good Doctors can provide. Yet God willing and with your prayers we shall overcome. We shall overcome because we have work to do and we will not stop until we succeed in our pursuit of the United States election for the Senate seat on behalf of the Washington State. We will wrestle that seat away from the control of the corrupt liberals and will restore it to the Conservative majority that is at this moment making this country Great Again.

But first we have to alleviate that brain hematoma condition soonest, because otherwise I might get reduced to a situation similar to that of the Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking who is on a wheelchair immobile and having to speak through a tube that translates breath to words…

As a matter of fact, fortune might have saved me that awful day when I was set upon by the rabbit dingoes of the Microsoft attack squad, without a single Microsoft Security person coming to my aid. Shame on You Mr Satya Nadela, that you allow such rabbis crazy attackers like Mike Pell and his cohorts at the Microsoft Garage to violently attack a Candidate of the United States Senate, within your own Headquarters. Bloody shame on you, because you do not even understand that in this country of ours we respect Free Speech and we are ready to defend it with our own lives, as I have, and in the same way that we defend the Constitution of these United States, that allow us to live in a Free Republic of our own making.

And indeed fortune smiled upon me that day because the blunt trauma to the head that resulted to an immediate concussion and a contusion – did not kill me on the spot. Unfortunately after the incident I had drinks and dinner and then I tried to sleep alternating in cold sweats between bouts of vomit and lethargy. But I gather that fortune was upon me because I survived this assassination attempt. Sadly now, I am not very ambulatory and thus have to stay in bed for days and weeks on end, because when my face started fully drooping, and my left eye could neither open nor close, and my left ear cannot hear, and I have lost the sense of smell and the sense of taste — we found out that we are getting gradually worse by the day. Indeed since the left temple of the cranium had this massive trauma that was caused by the Microsoft islamic and crazy liberal militant attackers who boxed me on the head twice and caused significant brain swelling and compression of the nerves. Now, this trauma requires brain surgery to remove the pooled blood and evacuate the pressure on the brain and the nerves. And hopefully alleviate the worse effects. I of course had to seek specialist Doctor’s advise and Emergency Care and have been spending significant amounts of my time at the hospitals. So apparently this had been the end of the good fortune that has smiled upon me, because now I found out that the required brain surgery, only gives us a survival rate of less than 70%…

Not the kind of odds we like but there you have it…

So to hell with Lady Fortune, and I wish to not have no more of her supine charms because now we need help from the good God above.

Same as old Winston Churchill, the grandfather who when he was young — he enjoyed this diffident Fortune that she blessed us squarely upon the head, (literally) and put us into a comma. He from jumping from the bridge to escape his pursuers, and me escaping running into a dark corridor to escape the pounding from my pursuers — both of us running for our life.

It is thus his Life and mine that were spared many times over, from destruction, and from certain yet untimely death. A good break if you can catch it. But the blunt trauma to the head makes me now look like the Quasimod or the hunchback of Notre Dame de Paris — but that is Life.

Here is my ugly mug as it looks today, after this dastardly and treasonous Microsoft organized politically motivated and racist attack by the subhumans and by the CEO of that silly company an Islamist named Satya Nadela who is coming as a simpleton and a hateful snowflake engineer, who migrated from the horrors of Mumbai in the old Raj subcontinent of India.

Look and weep:


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.40.03 PM


Yet sad as this might seem — we have hope for recovery after a long treatment period and a certain type of brain surgery….

Yet to allow this assassination attack to take place inside the global headquarters of Microsoft because the Microsoft CEO Mr Satya Nadela refused to offer any form of Security to this Candidate for the United States Senate Dr Pano Churchill, for his official speech is unconscionable. And to go after the attack and further injure the leader of the American Political party — the Lincoln Party — is criminal. Because all of Mr Satya Nadela efforts today are at hiding this terrible attack under the collective power that Microsoft’s wealth and Public Relations propaganda machine can buy along with the buy out of the Redmond Corrupt Police department. It’s a nice job to have to be a CEO of a powerful and extra wealthy company, that hides it’s wealth in international tax heavens and hates our President — all the while pretending to be a good guy, whereas in reality they are a daft champion of Anti-Americanism and are full of Hate for our Liberty and Democracy. And they deprive good Americans from their well paying jobs, because they focus on hiring cheap “Software Slaves” as contract workers, and subcontractors from affiliated companies that bring over all these Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshis, as seasonal workers and contract employees and they pay them starvation wages. Talk about another instance of Slavery, perpetrated from a modern company. And is it any wonder that with that plantation type treatment, these people go ‘postal’ and want to join ISIS and perform acts of terror, inside Redmond town in Washington, in the Microsoft Company’s headquarters?

Because what else do you call those hate mongers, the Islamists, and the misguided Socialists, who rule Microsoft, but clueless and haters? And what about the infamous MicroSerfs that attacked me in order to stop my speech, and in order to silence this defender of Liberty and the staunchest Supporter of our own American Constitution in this State?

And then the little Satya Nadela of Microsoft tells our people that he does not think that it is his fault…

Now please remind me, where have we heard this line before… ?



Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 9.24.42 AM



They are all sadly lost to us because they believe that hate and violence might solve anything today and want to divide our country to pieces. They sincerely want to finance the sedition effort of the five Western States, and think this idiotic plan will succeed. All because their candidate didn’t manage to steal the elections…. Sad tools and daft binary individuals with out a trace of imagination or innovation amongst them.

Yet this is the leadership of Microsoft today and hope that somebody from the Board of Directors is listening because this is actionable intelligence to fire the CEO and all his minions and start from scratch with honest hard working Americans unwilling to become the Slave Farm that Microsoft has become with the thousands of contract workers form the subcontinents. That is how the Islamist have taken control of this company.

Perhaps time to change that… and maybe the IRS should also look into their nefarious tax avoidance practices and the Homeland Security and the Immigration Service ought to look into how they break all the Immigration laws customarily and that is why they fight the President’s Immigration Executive Order, and they go around screaming like chicken with their heads cut-off.




Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.46.39 AM



But the violence they loosened upon me at the time of my speech in their headquarters will surely be their undoing because we have watchful Leaders in command of our country and our Justice department is now getting ready to attack them and the corrupt Redmond Police department with a strong investigation.

And my advise to the snowflake Mr Satya Nadela is to be careful because Americans are just and honest people and things change fast here just like the changeable weather of Seattle. And as soon as the American people find out that their preferred Conservative yet Independent US Senate Candidate for the State of Washington, has been gravelly injured and yet remained alive and is fighting — they will flock to my defense.

Mr Nadela, methinks that your days sabotaging our country are coming to a swift end…

Count my words little man of Microsoft:



Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.42.32 PM



And I have no doubt that honest to goodness American people will start a massive boycott of Microsoft and cause the end of that terrible regime of Islamic fundamentalists having control of a great American company within our own country.  Ordinary and normal American people will surely listen to this clarion call for the cause of Liberty, Democracy, and Freedom od Speech.

As for myself I feel betrayed because I was assured of Microsoft Security by the senior engineer Todd Rawlings who apparently invited me only so that the militants can sequester me and attack me. It was a well orchestrated assassination attempt because these Microsoft militants attacked me knowing that there will be no Security of any kind and I can be a sacrificial lamb in their hands, once they sequester me inside their own turf.

Indeed I failed in my defense because I trusted that Microsoft would have their usual security personnel on hand at my Speech, same as they always have, by deploying the Redmond Police Department’s finest officers who moonlight with Microsoft, and also work there full time once they are out of the Police force…

Yet, because I was attacked while I was giving a political speech, having being invited under false pretenses by this Microsoft company leader, Satya Nadela through Todd Rawlings, and because both of these people do not tolerate the American Constitution that guarantees our basic human rights, our Freedom of Speech, and our basic freedoms — I fell for the trap they sprang, and was betrayed by the trust that I had placed not on them, but on the founders of that once great company. It was the Company I once knew, that was smart and innovative and all American, and it was led by great people, who are sadly not there anymore. Now there is an Indian racist and an extremist, at the helm of this multibillion dollar company and his attitude towards America is predictable and rather poor…

In the hands of these fools is where I suffered this betrayal and a dastardly attack against my Life. But for the Grace of God I would by now be dead… Yet providence summoned me and saved me, and I only have God to Thank for my being alive today. And I have the Good Doctors to also thank for a good survival outlook, and a positive prognosis. As for the future — we yet don’t know what it holds for this new Guardian of another “Thermopylae” today — but I assure you that should I survive this ordeal, I will run for the United States Senate position of the Washington State this elections of 2018 and we will win.

Count on it.

Because if anything I am a fighter and as long as  have a breath of Life inside of me — I will fight to win and to represent the American people and all the Washingtonians fully and well. Honest Politicking is what we need and not more corrupt politicians like Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell that all they do are to say Yes to a corrupt DNC and their lobbyists that line up their pockets with ill gotten gabs that make them store bought politicians like so many that we need to eject form the Capitol in order to drain the swamp…

And I promise you that I will fight on, because very much like my grandfather Winston — I am made of stern stuff and of a strong disposition. And of a certain temerity that allows me to withstand these barbaric attacks from the Asiatic forces of darkness, even when those hateful forces are located in Redmond Washington and are part of the Leadership of a famous company called Microsoft. A company that has certainly lost it’s way, it’s rudder, and it’s compass, in the hands of an Asiatic simpleton who is just a leader of the horde and who has no relation to our American values, nor any understanding of our Constitution, and certainly no respect for our Liberty.

Indeed it is a terrible thing to witness the distraction, and the loss of direction, of an once proud company like Microsoft. What a shame…

Yet my fortune to be alive today after suffering such an attack is the unique and special connection, between grandfather Winston Churchill, and grandson Dr Pano Churchill, above all else. Our long term survival against all odds… unites us firmly, and our resilience against assassination attempts from our haters and those Nazis, Islamists, or Communists, unites us even further into the fabric of Democracy and Liberty amongst this group of select Patriots that guard the Republic willingly giving our own blood to nourish the tree of Freedom for all Americans and indeed for all Free people of the Free world.

Of course Winston Churchill encountered death up close and personal many times, same as me, but his “times” were far more graphic, involving horses and swashbuckling, and due to length of time passed since — they also have become a lot more public, because his secrets can be revealed today, since the Official Secrets Act only lasts so long…

Winston was larger than life and whether he dodged bullets grazing his head, or hitting his tent when asleep, or even hitting his horse, and his comrades – he always seemed to escape with his life. Not exactly unscathed, but he was always wounded more deeply from those betrayals small and large, arising from those errant friends, or those amongst his intimate circle of friends, and trusted colleagues — than any wound the enemy inflicted upon his body.

Same as me now that I reflect that the betrayal of my Microsoft colleagues to guide me unsuspecting and without any security into the trap full of venomous snakes of the human variety — is the biggest betrayal there is and the deepest wound against my mortal coil…

Indeed Winston same as yours truly — hated betrayal, more than any other vice in life. And he did so because he had felt the sting of betrayal far too often in his multifarious life…

And so have I hated this betrayal — same as this instance where I was lured to give a speech inside Microsoft Headquarters under false pretenses only to be betrayed and driven to bear my cross up to my “Golgotha” where my persecutors sought to nail me upon the metaphorical cross of a slow and painful death due to blunt head trauma that acts like a delayed fuse bomb in the brain.

What bastards and losers can live inside the skin of seemingly ordinary Microsoft employees that are all MicroSerfs, self haters, and zombies against Liberty… in the placid and green campus in the little company town of corrupt Redmond city, next to Seattle…

Amazing betrayal of public trust from the leaders of this company town next to Seattle, that is mentally stuck n the 1800s when the ming towns were owned by Robber Barons of the mines, back when the Police was the company security force and the workers and the citizens had no rights. Somebody should clean their clocks and announce the arrival of the New Millennium because clearly these fools at the Redmond Police and the Mayor of the City along wth the liberal snowflakes of the City Council have missed the memo about the World living during the early years of the Second millennium AD [Anno Domini] after the civilizing influence of Jesus Christ…

And the fact of the matter is, that the current Redmond Mayor, and the Hillary-like Chief of Redmond Police are even worse than they appear to be; because the Redmond Police department is so steeped into this corruption along with Microsoft and the Mayor — that they are like drunks with their head inside the toilet bowl… Redmond, being a company town, Microsoft dictates to the Redmond City Police department, all of their actions and of course this causes them to cover this attack, and to not even arrest the attackers some three months after this dastardly assassination attempt against this Candidate for US Senate, occurred inside the Microsoft headquarters i the heart of their City.

Maybe now the new FBI director — whomever that might be — will get involved to investigate and solve this Public Corruption problem, and maybe the Justice department will handle this delicate matter of an assault against the heart of our Democracy… in a timely manner.


But at least my medical prognosis is not of an imminent death… Not yet… Unless … the fortune withdraws her protections and God figures he don’t need me anymore. But I am sure that is not to be the case yet.

So stay strong my friends. State strong, and keep me in your prayers.

As for the Doctors here is an example off my current state of affairs:



As you can see I have serious enemies not only because I am a legend in my time, but because I run for the position of United States Senator on behalf of this State of Washington that I have chosen to make my home since the time I went to the local college here the University Washington.

Now please imagine, that somehow I have managed to survive all these incredible attacks emanating from the sore losers of the Democratic party apparatchiks who fashion themselves to be fascists like the criminals that run North Korea across the Pacific today.


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 3.30.11 PM


And it is a fitting metaphor because North Korea targets Seattle with nukes, and yet we have to remain defenseless without even a simple Civil Evacuation Plan. We have to wait the nuclear bombs in our homes because the faulty liberals that run this State as a Soviet state for the last fifty years have decreed that we should have no protection from Nuclear Armageddon lest we anger our North Korean friends.

Imagine that… We have no escape plan, and certainly no evacuation plan, nor any defense plan — because the Dems have passed a stupid law that forbids us from making any public plans for this eventuality…. claiming that any defensible plan against a nuclear attack form North Korea, will be a detriment to Peace.

This is how crazy and mentally unstable as well as violent, the various mobs of liberal haters have become…


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.13.16 PM


As a further example of liberal hypocrisy and violence, here is a story today about a Tennessee woman, who was apparently discontent with her congressman’s remarks at a town hall held at the University of Tennessee-Martin, did what any normal, curious and courteous constituent would do to have her followup concerns addressed — she chased his car down, forced him off the road and started screaming and banging on their windows. You guessed it. The congressman, David Kustoff, is a Conservative. And indeed a full on Republican. And for Conservatives as well as for Republicans, all over the United States, it is open season and it is getting positively dangerous out there. This particular story ended with Wendi Wright, 35, being arrested and charged with felony reckless endangerment. And the specifics of her charges come down to this: She allegedly chased Kustoff and his aide, Marianne Dunavant, in her car as they drove from the town hall event, ultimately intimidating them to the point that they pulled into the driveway of somebody they knew. That’s when Wright got out of her car, approached theirs, and began to scream and rant, pound their windows and, at one point, reached inside their vehicle. She also stepped in front of their car to prevent the congressman and his aide from leaving, police said.  Wright ultimately left the scene — but was apprehended after she posted details of the incident to her Facebook page. And it’s that little facet of the story that seems most remarkable. Think about it: The violent snowflake Ms Wright, was so proud of her behavior that she put it out there for the world to see. She felt no shame; no need to hide her actions. The question we need to ask is this: Is Wright demented? Or just an average Democrat in the Trump era?

The New York Times on Monday stated that it would continue as sponsor of New York Public Theater’s production of “Julius Caesar,” despite a social uprising over the depiction of Caesar looking very much like President Donald Trump. CNN parent company Time Warner also remains as a sponsor of the play in which Trump, gets assassinated at the end. “We have sponsored Shakespeare in the Park for 20 years. As an institution that believes in free speech for the arts as well as the media, we support the right of the Public Theater to stage the production as they chose,” the New York Times said in a PR statement. While at least three major corporate sponsors have pulled their financial support over the hate spewing controversy, the two media companies remained steadfast in their support of Shakespeare in the Park.

Apparently the fact that they support the kind of hate that brought extremists amongst their crowd of followers, and they perpetrated the assassination attempts against us — is probably not very important on the mindless calculus of the New York Times leadership or that of the CNN head honchos, or of Microsoft for that matter.



Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.47.53 AM


Certainly, the atmosphere in the country has turned much more accepting of violence as a form of leftist political protest in recent months — since the rise of President Donald Trump, in fact. College campuses are filled with angry, ignorant students influenced by politically progressive and Marxist professors who don’t mind tossing a brick, or two, at building windows whenever a conservative speaker comes to town. Those are the University professors like the University of Washington ones and the Berkeley moffos, who set fires in the middle of the campus and on the streets because they are filled with hate and contempt inside their anarchy-nihilist stoned minds, and who seem to take whatever cause of the day — ISIS & Fem-Dom’s rights, for example, or climate change — and turn it into a vicious anti-Trump demonstration that always ends with cars ablaze, people injured, if not killed, and general mayhem inflicted on the community. This is the result of the rhetoric of the congressional halls of Democratic offices and of the Mass Media that are filled with calls to impeach Trump. And although it has been difficult to find an actual impeachable offense — reality be danged, they want to fire the newly elected president of this Democratic ad Constitutional Republic. And the media, the ever complicit media, don’t mind rising from the mud, when opportunity presents itself, so that they can join the revolution, the resistance, the anti-fa, the anti-this, and the anti-that, fray of idiots seeking to cause Civil War and tear down our Republic as well.

Because it appears to me that right about now, the Mass Media and the Globalists, the ex-overlords of this country, have joined the ISIS and Muslim fanatics, along with the Anti-Fa fascists, who align wth their regular paymasters, the Saudis, the Globalists, the Oligarchy, and the thieving mafia of the DNC, that are the US equivalent of the decapitating lunatics of Islam. And their target is one and only: Donald Trump and his conservative Americans, those supporters who elected him, in their last ditch efforts to drain the swamp of DC, and to make American Great Again…


Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 3.32.14 PM


Just a few days ago, police in West Virginia’s Capitol arrested a journalist, Daniel Ralph Heyman, who they said was “aggressively breaching the Secret Service agents to the point where agents were forced to remove him a couple of times from the area,” ABC News reported, citing an officer. Apparently, Heyman was also allegedly “causing a disturbance” by yelling questions at Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price — stupid questions, no less. Heyman, in a followup interview with the Associated Press, said he was “arrested after he repeatedly asked Price about whether domestic violence is a pre-existing condition under the Republican health care proposals and got no response,” ABC reported. Hey, Heyman: You probably got no response because there was no response to give. The question was aimed at inciting an emotional backlash; it had no basis in logic or fact. Heyman, of course, has now become the cause celebre for the media to talk about the First Amendment — from an anti-Trump point of view, of course. The whole fiasco could have been easily avoided. Price, just a short time later, held a public news conference where he fielded journalists’ questions. In other words: Heyman could’ve waited his turn. He just wanted to stir trouble. All this, meanwhile, comes on the heels of an appeal by a Huffington Post editor-at-large for leftists to simply hound those of the pro-Trump camp by following Republican politicians to their places of work, places of dining, places of living, and stand outside and protest and demand answers. Answers to what? Apparently, to why they’re Republicans, refusing to vote Democratic.


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.26.30 PM


And just yesterday we saw the failed political assassination of Congressman Scalise, the majority whip in the House, who was shot by a Liberal Snowflake. A seriously flawed buttercup who worked for Bernie Sanders and who was radicalized, and whipped-up into a furor, by none other than sweet little hysterical uncle Bernie Sanders, and by the liberal Mass Media of self haters spewing vitriol like Rachel Maddow. Anderson Cooper, and all ‘lemony’ faced and acid voiced others who show up on your TV consoles regularly to give yo the fake news…


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.26.05 PM


Today the GOP House Whip Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after being shot at the inter party baseball practice, along with four other people… Rep. Steve Scalise, a congressional staffer, a lobbyist and a member of the Capitol police force were shot Wednesday in Alexandria, Virginia, during a Republicans’ early-morning practice ahead of a charity baseball game. Federal law enforcement officials identified the alleged shooter as James Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, who died following a shootout with authorities.


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.25.22 PM


At least six people including Scalise, the third ranking member of the House Republican leadership, who served as the majority whip, were hospitalized along with two Capital Police Officers wounded after being shot by the political terrorist leftist assassin. Steve Scalise “the Whip” was in critical condition, after suffering damage to internal organs, and his injuries will require additional operations, according to the Washington Hospital Center’s medical update: “Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip, and the bullet traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding,” They also said this in a statement put out by Scalise’s office: “He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations. We will provide periodic updates.” A congressional staffer, Zach Barth, was also shot in the leg and has since been released from the hospital. Matt Mika, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and former congressional staffer, was also identified as one of those shot, yet he was out of surgery, and in critical condition as of Wednesday afternoon, according to a statement issued by his family.

Who is Steve Scalise?

Who is Steve Scalise? He is the third highest ranking member of the GOP Congress House Republican leadership, and he serves as the majority ‘whip’ meaning the person slated to keep order amongst the ranks of the Conservatives in Congress in order to speed up the discussions and the passage of Legislation and to keep things civilized with the House of Democracy that the Congress is often called…

House Speaker Paul Ryan said two members of the Capitol Police — Crystal Griner and David Bailey — were injured Wednesday.  In a statement, Capitol Police said Griner was in “good condition in the hospital having been shot in the ankle,” and Bailey “was treated and released having sustained a minor injury during the incident.” Trump made a surprise visit to MedStar Washington Hospital Center around sunset Wednesday.

He sat next to Scalise’s bed and spoke with the congressman’s family, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer. He also spoke with Griner and her wife, as well as hospital doctors.

A senior administration official said the mood inside the hospital was somber during Trump’s visit, which came hours after Scalise emerged from surgery still in critical condition after suffering a single rifle shot to his hip. Many more surgeries have to follow, because the bullet enter and caused havoc traveling inside the abdomen, and damaged internal organs and vessels that now all of them have to be reconstructed and the blood vessels stemmed.

Rep. Roger Williams, a Texas Republican whom Barth works for, was also hospitalized and released with an injury to his leg.

Lawmakers described a chaotic scene during the shooting. Many members of the congressional GOP baseball team were huddled in a dugout while Capitol police — who were part of Scalise’s security detail — and local Alexandria police engaged in a shootout with Hodgkinson. Congressional and law enforcement sources described it as a politically motivated “deliberate attack.” I would call it political terrorism. Same as it is, we should use the proper words to describe it. Fingerprint and firing traces were still being drawn on the two firearms recovered at the scene — an SKS rifle and a 9 mm pistol on Wednesday, according to law enforcement.

Naturally House Republican and Democratic leaders, called for unity, while President Donald Trump said in an address from the White House that “The prayers of the nation and of the World are with Scalise today, because He took a bullet for America.”

Trump calls for unity after GOP baseball shooting


President Donald Trump called for unity after GOP baseball shooting: “Congressman Scalise is a friend, and a very good friend. He’s a patriot. And he’s a fighter. He will recover from this assault — and Steve, I want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation, and frankly the entire world. America is praying for you and America is praying for all of the victims of this terrible shooting.”


Speaking colloquially President Trump said that: “Representative Steve Scalise took one for America.”

GOP head Paul Ryan also condemned the shooting and praised the Capitol Police on the House floor later Wednesday: “We are united. We are united in our shock. We are united in our anguish. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

When Representative Ryan closed by saying this, he drew a bipartisan standing ovation.


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Yet this is the tone and atmosphere of the country right now. And it’s one created, funded, and fueled, solely by the left, and the Hilary pining Mass Media of the fake news.


So what’s a good Republican got to do to stay safe?


The easy answer, of course, would be to hide and go underground — to keep quiet, to cower and run.


But this is what the Radical Left wants.


And why should they win?


The voters, after all, have spoken.


No, what’s called for in the face of these bullies is to fight harder.


Bullies don’t back down unless they’re met with a force that’s to be reckoned with, and only when they get kicked n the balls or hit squarely onto the nose.


And how do you best fight these brigades of well paid nihilists, self-haters, lying, deceptive, argumentative, angry, irrational, violent, socialist-minded partisans with intent on corrupting the Constitution and destroying the greatness of America?


With truth.


With courage.


With the full armor of God.


That’s how we fight them, by strength and prayer, asking for Divine Intervention and always expressing our Thankfulness that includes the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, and the sword of the spirit.

In the face of such overwhelming power, the permanent and indefensible evil these lunatic leftists and Islamic jihadists represent, can only flee in panic.

After all the snowflakes melt under the scrutiny of the Sun, and the strong warm light of the dawn of the New Day.

And so do buttercups…

They met away along with their brethren, the assorted vermin.

They all scurry and melt away when the light of the Sun shines upon them…


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In another story today, the sense of a divided America, is growing as do the attacks against us from the violent haters who masquerade as Democrats and Socialists, or Islamists and Feminists… because that is what represents my Microsoft experience where the attackers have continued their harassment against me even after their violent physical attack. And to this day they still attack me with various cyber attacks against my servers and websites, and they besmirch my good name through Libel that is directed by the all powerful Microsoft PR and legal machine. Imagine a large public Company attacking a candidate for the United States Senate and using Libel by sullying my good name through various libelous attacks and through their stopping the investigation of the Redmond Police department which they fully own and control. And by spreading malicious rumors about me and even using their wealth to buy my legal reps, and cause them to betray me, they cause further harm, and injury to me, same as they do through their spreading of misinformation against me. Indeed Microsoft has spread so many nasty rumors against me in an effort to discredit me, and cause me further loss of face, and business value, that they publicly libel me even in places and venues where I have speaking engagements scheduled for the future. Of course as you would expect, this brazen and systematic hateful libel action, against an incapacitated victim of a violent attack inside their Headquarters will not go unpunished. Because as soon as I recover some of my strength – we will report them to the FBI and to the Justice department. And we will also start a boycott against this nasty Company because they have been inimical to Justice and the American way. And that is why I call upon all of you, to pass this bit of news forward; so that we can alert the American public to their barbaric hateful ways, of libeling the brave amongst us — hoping to bring us down to their sorry level of slithering snakes and venomous haters.

Sadly here in Seattle it is a world full of wickedness and hate, that we have to live in -amongst these passive aggressive bipolar and hateful liberals who are always under the influence of the marijuana that is the legal herb today. And all the weak snowflakes smoke, vape, inhale and ingest cannabis in myriad different ways of getting seriously stoned and mentally jacked-up to the point that they go crazy and are violent and totally unaccountable of their actions. And indeed all of Microsoft is a big Cannabis factory where just walking out  in the green grass amongst the buildings, you can smell and even taste the weed, and you get an instant contact “High” just by breathing the air. Because nothing else is emanating in that Corporate Campus besides the smell of mental rot that cannabis smoking represents, and the liberal mindset of militant Islamists and America haters. Never mind that its a felony to be smoking marijuana in public — the Redmond Police department is owned by Microsoft and they never arrest anyone there. As a matter of fact they are also probably stoned and the Police people there really don’t give a damn. So keep on smoking MicroSerfs — you are really getting smarter by the minute… But as you are lost amidst the smoke of thousands and thousands of puffers and losers out there like your CEO please keep in mind that there is Justice at the end of the Rainbow and as the Arc of the Universe tends towards justice — your time for you just deserts has finally arrived.

As for the CEO Satya Nadela, he is a crooked person just as his Presidential candidate Hillary and just as corrupt. Clearly the fish stinks form the head on down in the company town of Redmond where the Mayor and all the City Council as well as the head of the Police department are all in the payroll of Microsoft in ways direct and indirect… Never have I seen a greater case of public Private Corruption that this nasty swamp of Microsoft and Redmond City and Police department. Time for the new head of the FBI to come around and clean this smelly stable full of bullshit.

Yet I chose to go speak there willingly, because I did not now any of these things n advance. When I agreed to speak at the Microsoft headquarters, I was fully expecting that a regular Microsoft Security detail and Redmond Police department security detail would be present to prevent just such an event from happening.  But apparently the security detail was turned down and neither Microsoft Security, nor the Redmond Police department deployed anyone to protect me. The company failed in a series of ways to protect me. instead the CEO of the company Satya Nadela chose not only to place me in danger because he knew that I am a well known leader of men and a Candidate for the US Senate, and a person that is known to be a strong Speaker on behalf of our Liberty and our Constitution, and that stance attracts tons of fanatics, mentally fragile, and self hating liberals.  So he held back any Security personnel from attending my speech and protecting me, while I was an invited Speaker inside his Company’s Headquarter Campus. And although I am known to be a person that attracts all the “moths” to my high intensity LIGHT emanating from within — the CEO of Microsoft Mr Satya Nadela failed me intentionally, because apparently he wanted to teach me a “lesson” that I will not forget since he is a supporter of the utterly corrupt Ms Patty Murray who has been the Senator from Washington State in the other Washington for a quarter of a century and has not ever done anything of value in these 25 years, besides being a corrupt party dog.  Worth noting the Senator Patty Murray is well known because her nephew is the accused pervert Mayor of Seattle Ed Murray, a sick person that has been accused by dozens of men as having molested them when they were mere children. This is the openly gay Mayor Ed Murray, who is not only a nephew of Senator Patty Murray that has put him there through her nepotism, but is also the Mayor of Seattle who has continuously been perverting the youth of the city, through his devious sexual ways and through the promotion of his errant and deviant sexuality. And Satya Nadela, the CEO of Microsoft, being himself a snowflake who supports Patty Murray, and the Mayor Ed Murray, are all peas of the same pod. And this is what I hear from people near the matter, and around the office of the CEO Satya Nadela of Microsoft. Allegedly the CEO of Microsoft, is also a weed smoker, an islamist, and a snowflake, and as such he doesn’t give a damn about anything other than his personal pleasures and his own libelous behaviour.

So I took an outsized risk without knowing the depth of idiocy prevailing that Company’s leadership and the risk backfired, and I got fully beat up. Yet I take the blame and the obviously heavy injuries from it — because the reason why we take Big Risks is for the support of our Cause. And I am willing to take any amount of risk in the cause of Freedom and Democracy. This is because these things are really worth it. And because I live a Life of principle — in defense of our Republic — I am willing to take all these extraordinary risks, even against my own Life. But I am always heartened by the admonition that through my example millions of others will follow and join the fight on the right side of History, by openly and unashamedly speaking up for Freedom and Democracy, wherever we are called to give a talk, or asked to speak up and exercise our First Amendment rights.


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.40.03 PM


This practice indeed, makes us even more human, than the opposite, and elevates us to a position far above that of our attackers who occupy the slimy underground. And we will win in the end after all the attacks, because this is our path to Victory, and their path to defeat…

Indeed all of my friends, were shocked when I foretold the violent future that has now become our every day reality. Back when I was attacked on February 28th in Microsoft, and I foretold all this — nobody believed it. Yet this is the “daily show” that we see on our newsfeed each and every day, as our nation descends onto the throes of a new Civil War, because of the impact this violence unleashed by the Democrats and the hateful fake news Mass Media, is having on our society and on the fabric of our country.

Just look at the Kathy Griffin “beheading” controversy, and also at the Julius Caesar play in New York city’s Central park, that shows President Trump getting brutally murdered. It’s as if all that starting with the assassination attack against me foreshadowed what happened on Wednesday morning at the ballpark n Alexandria Virginia… where the deranged Bernie Sanders organizer geared up with an AK-47 Kalasnikof machine gun, and sprayed bullets at the Republican Representatives as they were preparing for their game against the Democrats. He asked first to verify that those playing were the Republicans and not the Democrats and then he went and shot at them injuring gravelly five of them and putting the GOP Congressman Steve Scalise in critical condition.

And indeed it was this Wednesday morning, that we all discovered that an enraged Bernie Sanders supporter went to the GOP baseball practice and opened fire, because the shooter, that was later identified as James Hodgkinson, ended up critically injuring Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and four others, because the Mass Media voices told him to kill the President of the United States.

Clearly the Left is becoming increasingly violent as time passes, and they are now trying to take aim and murder people in cold blood and infant of their children — simply for having different political views than themselves.

The hate and the contempt these people exhibit against the other citizens of this Great Country, is quite unbelievable. But when you see the Mass Media talking heads spewing their hate 24/7 from their bully pulpit of TV as they are addressing fragile people — what can you expect?

This will not end well…

It will lead to civil strife and civil war. And then either we will win outright against them, or they will smother this Union, burn this country up, and reduce our Revolution of ’76 into the ashes of history.

And maybe this is all that they want to accomplish. A destruction of our beautiful country, because at the end of the day, we all know that the Dems are really working for the benefit of our enemies. Those people of the Global Oligarchy, who do not believe that “All Men Are Created Equal.”

We are at a boiling point. There’s going to be a civil war, because the political and ideological differences between Democrats and Republicans cannot be adequately explaining how the Democrats have become so  hostile and how the Conservatives need to be on guard. It seems left-wingers have proven that they are not much different from ISIS, who is also willing to blindly attack and kill innocent civilians and children, at play in a ballpark, just for their crooked belief system. Now this makes sense when placed in context and would certainly explain the way the Left coddles the Muslims and the ISIS militant islamic jihadists. Innocent blood is now on the hands of Obama, Clinton, Lynch,  and every liberal Mass Media host that encourage this behavior to continue unchecked by their crazy talk about resistant and revolution inside our country.

It is a natural outcome of the crazy talk, because if you start working-up people to a fevered pitch, with pithy metaphors, and scare tactics, as they are looking at the mainstream media, to get their news, then you ought to expect people to react with violence as they internalize the Hate and Contempt against the other side. Whatever the other side might be… or what they believe, we have no Right to attack them, because otherwise all of our liberties will be taken away from us one by one. So this is not business as usual, and we are not going to sit back and get violently attacked or even allow for our Liberties to be revoked.

When my attackers in Microsoft attacked me and tried to deprive me of my right to life and of my right to speak — I fought back, and they bashed in my head. But what I took away from this episode, is not that we can’t even SPEAK in public without harassment, but that we need to sacrifice ourselves in the Tree of Liberty that needs to be watered often with the blood of Patriots. Because every once in a while, we need to offer-up our blood, and even our lives if need be, in order to help our National experiment in Government by the people for the people, and from the people, survive as a Democratic and Constitutional Republic of these United States of America.

As for these phony political wars that presage the Civil war to come, trust me that we shall not go quietly into the dark night. Nor are we going to stop speaking and fighting for our Liberty.  And we are never going to stop living, as our beliefs and our principles dictate. Trust me — that is not going to happen. The crazy left and the mass media are infringing upon our liberties and the rights of our children. Standing down is not an option. Fear is not an option. Weakness is not an option. We shall persevere. We shall stand up and be counted. We will build our wall to protect our Union standing shoulder to shoulder next to each other. And we will stand together to bring an end to this terrible travesty of injustice and terror foisted upon us by the Islamo-Liberal Mass media haters.

We will do everything in our power to stop innocent people from getting hurt by leftist political terrorists, acting like ISIS terrorists. Hopefully all the people like me and like Steve Scalise who were attacked, will survive these attacks, and we will continue to speak the truth, and we can start moving this country in a positive direction, but where will this stop once the leaders start getting assassinated?

Where this thing will end if a Leader gets assassinated — is known because History has this nasty tendency of repeating itself. As you might know, the day when Julius Caesar was assassinated, by Brutus and Cassius amongst others — was followed by eight years of Civil War that destroyed the Roman Democracy for ever and was replaced by the Roman Imperium, for as long as it lasted.


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.20.47 PM



This is the Way, the liberals want to destroy our Republic and steal our Democracy and finish it once and for all. Simply because they don’t like Democracy and the rules that come with it, and instead prefer to act like criminals, and go out and assassinate the leading people of our society. Killing political leaders decapitates society and that is what the leftist marxists want to do at the end of the day.

Hope that the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Police will start treating these criminals with the seriousness this situation warrants, because we cannot continue in this direction. We can no longer afford to keep damaging our Republic in that horrible way. And let us reconstitute the old penalties so that any plot to murder any human being, based on politics, gets the perpetrator, a guaranteed life sentence, with no possible chance of parole.

Let’s think about that for a moment… Only severe penalties like a guaranteed Life sentence, will discourage political assassins form plotting and carrying out their dastardly deeds against our Democracy, and against our Democratically elected leaders. You probably do not know that the term for this kind of assassination is Democide and it has been in existence in the legal system since the time of Julius Caesar assassination in the ancient Rome.


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.20.10 PM


Roman law punished Democide with immediate death. English law also punished Democide by immediate death, and the body of the plotter, or assassin had to be drawn and quartered. Like the old Democide maniac Guy Fawkes experienced, when he attempted democide and was subsequently hanged, drawn and quartered.

Yet today the leftists are idolizing and glorifying political assassination like the New York Theater in the Central park, did with their presentation of the thinly veiled Trump assassination play.


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.19.04 PM


So maybe today, we should reinstitute the harsher penalties so that they should be appropriate for this crime of Democide, same as back then, because if we leave this festering wound to continue festering — it will surely lead to Civil War, and to the destruction of our Democracy, and perhaps even the death of our Republic.

And the Mass Media are also responsible for this heinous crime, because they not only encourage this behavior, but the mass media are also complicit because they promote it after it happens. Because as our media simply passes along the message that it is okay to attack, hurt, and even shoot, people, based on their differing political beliefs, or based on their elected position — how can Democracy in a civilized Society be maintained?


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.17.04 PM


Or are we going for the Old Testament rules that will equalize us all in misery.

Are we sliding back in the Dark Ages?

An eye for an eye?

A tooth for a tooth?

A life for a life?

If we do this — then we will all become blind, toothless… and fairly lifeless.

And soon enough we’ll be killing each other in the streets, hacking at each other with machetes, like what happened during the Civil War in Rwanda in the darkest part of Africa.

Is this what You want to see happening by spewing virulent hate?

Is this what the Democratic party wants for this great country?

Is this what You want to see happening for you and for your children?

I sincerely hope not, because I’ve seen civil war in God forsaken places in countries like Liberia, in South Sudan, and in Darfur, and in the Congo — and I can tell you it’s not pretty.

It’s like the movie, “Silence of the Lambs” with YOU at the dinner table.

Not a pretty sight… eating your own brain. Same thing happens when we engage in acts of Civil War.

Yet, I remain optimistic, because as Gandhi said:

“First they laugh at you, then they attack you, and then You win.”

That is if you don’t get killed in the process…

And let’s also remember Winston Churchill’s permanent admonition:

“When you are going through Hell — keep on going.”



Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 5.50.07 PM


A case in point of how good risk is always taken, is worth remembering, that President Trump has taken an outsized risk by running and wining the Elections of 2016…

Yet crazy people today in this divide country are calling for his assassination like this woman in the story bellow. One has to wonder if enraged liberals are simply unaware that calling for the assassination of the president is a federal crime?

I’m starting to think that might be the case, considering how many are making this very foolish mistake. But, then again, maybe they’re just that dumb…

Joining the bandwagon of what liberals seems to think is an acceptable form of protest, a Kentucky woman over the weekend urged anyone listening and able to assassinate Trump.

Taking to Twitter, Heather Lowrey wrote: “If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate” On e has to wonder if the violent liberal snowflakes are simply unaware that calling for the assassination of the U.S. President is a federal crime?
Same as it is to try to assassinate a US Senate Candidate. It is a federal crime, and not just a local crime…
Yet, I’m starting to think that the Liberals ad their Enablers, the local Democratic politicians that allow them to cause this much unrest, are all totally crazy, considering how many are making this very foolish mistake like the dodos of Microsoft. But, then again, maybe they’re just dumb, stoned, and stupid — due to their voracious consumption of the chronic stoner wed.

So joining the bandwagon of crazy ideas, that liberals seems to think is an acceptable form of protest, a Kentucky woman over the weekend urged anyone listening and able to assassinate Trump — to do so.

Taking to Twitter, Heather Lowrey wrote: “If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate”


This Heather clearly a demented and violent snowflake, brought upon her head immediately some severe consequences, in addition to Twitter shutting down her account. First, Heather Lowrey was fired from her job at the burlesque company “Va Va Vixens,” which released the following damning statement against her: “Please, know that we, at Va Va Vixens, do not condone the behavior of Heather Lowrey.

She was dismissed the moment we were informed of this incident. We have a zero tolerance policy for such. It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a divided nation. With so much hate and anger in the world, our hope is to be a sanctuary that welcomes all walks of life with open arms.

We do not condone hate by any party and will not partake in it. We in no way support negative behavior or malicious intent from anyone.” Second, she received a very scary visit from the Secret Service, which will now investigate her threat. Liberals need to understand that they might not like having Trump as their president, but threatening to kill him is not an acceptable means of protest.

One is troubled to figure out this behavior of the liberal snowflakes, because it appears to me that they are unhinged, and they are simply played and payed by those Oligarchs the sponsors of the DNC, who are seeking to start a Civil War and destroy this country. That is the only explanation that I have, unless these idiots, are purposely trying to get thrown in jail, for their troubles…

But we know better and we know that some puppet master is paying their keep and directing their actions while hiding behind the curtain of Corporatism, Globalism, and NeoCon oligarchical ‘respectability.’


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.00.40 PM


Yet, as political leaders we expose ourselves to considerable risk daily, because risk taking, is what made Donald Trump the President of the United States today, and risk taking is what propels me to seek the Untied States Senate position, on behalf of the great State of Washington in 2018, same as I have tried in 2016… with great results.

Risk taking was also Winston Churchill’s game when he was saved by the grandson of Charles Darwin, who actually saved young Winston from drowning in a frozen lake, where he had fallen through the broken ice, that he was walking upon.

Winston took the risk of falling through the notoriously thin ice of Oxfordshire because he wanted to treat the odds… Apparently Winston was walking on the thin ice, in order to determine its strength for ice hockey, and other ice skating games, during the deep cold winters of Oxfordshire…

He knew the odds , and he took them. Perhaps this legend illustrates the frequency with which Winston would take the odds, and fall into trouble, and yet emerge the other side fairly unscathed, even if relatively a bit worse for wear.

These are also the travails of the loneliest boy in the world, taking extraordinary risks, while stealing time away from tutors, and making fun for himself, while always running away from an unhappy household made up of an inattentive mother, a careless father, and a bunch of mindless tutors and nurses…

Of course Winston was always a “handful” and as his Mother said: “A young troublemaker will surely find trouble to boot, and Winston is surely such a precocious child.”

This pretty much describes me and my family to a letter… as well. Perfect education, yet inattentive child rearing, and distant fathering.

And maybe there are explanations for that too, because Winston’s father was aghast at young Winston’s lack of civility and progress at school, and the story goes that he apparently had decided to reform him through firm schooling within the Military Academy. Yet the fact remains that it was Winston who loved all things military, and particularly loved playing war games and staging the famous battles of Waterloo and Blenheim and all others, with his tin & lead soldiers in his bedroom — and that is the real reason why he wanted to go to the Sandhurst academy. Because this was the gateway of his ambitions and that all of it culminated with his entering into the Sandhurst Military Academy to pursue a career in the Army. So as it turns out it was Winston’s idea to go to the Military Academy, and he had to convince his father to let him join and that is why he failed in all of his other pursuits, in order to make this the only choice available to all concerned.

Well played Winston — Well Done. You aced the player’s game once again. Even though you were playing against your much older “father” who was himself quite willy…

In young Winston’s words: “It took me three tries to pass into Sandhurst. There were five subjects, of which Mathematics, Latin and English were obligatory, and I chose in addition French and Chemistry.”

“In this hand I held only a pair of Kings-English and Chemistry. Nothing less than three would open the jackpot. I had to find another useful card. Latin I could not learn. I had a rooted prejudice which seemed to close my mind against it.”

“Two thousand marks were given for Latin. I might perhaps get 400! French was interesting but rather tricky, and difficult to learn in England. So there remained only Mathematics.”

“After the first Examination was over, when one surveyed the battlefield, it was evident that the war could not be won without another army being brought into the line. Mathematics was the only resource available. I turned to them-I turned on them-in desperation.”

“All my life from time to time I have had to get up disagreeable subjects at short notice, but I consider my triumph, moral and technical, was in learning Mathematics in six months. At the first of these three ordeals I got no more than 500 marks out of 2,500 for Mathematics.”

“At the second I got nearly 2,000. I owe this achievement not only to my own “back-to-the-wall’ resolution-for which no credit is too great; but to the very kindly interest taken in my case by a much respected Harrow master, Mr C. H. P. Mayo.”

“He convinced me that Mathematics was not a hopeless bog of nonsense, and that there were meanings and rhythms behind the comical hieroglyphics; and that I was not incapable of catching glimpses of some of these.”
–Winston Churchill “My Early Life.”

Winston Churchill’s earliest exposure to education occurred in Dublin, where a governess started teaching him reading, writing, and arithmetic through his first reading book called ‘Reading Without Tears.’ With limited contact with his parents, Winston Churchill became very close to his nanny who taught him through love all things can be learned. And indeed with her little Winston learned tons of useful things, but above all else he learned to also love Mrs Elizabeth Anne Everest, whom he called his own “Woom” and whom he loved dearly. Over the years she served as his confidante, as his nurse, and most importantly as his Mother, because she was always there when he was in need of a surrogate to his always absent and unresponsive biological Mother socialite Jennie Jerome Churchill who always had bigger and better things to do than offer her charm and TLC to her little child.

So little Winston loved his ‘Woom’ deeply, and he cried into her plentiful bosom every time he got hurt or felt slighted by this unjust world that didn’t quite make him feel understood. Indeed the two of them became a pair conveniently called “Winnie & Woom.”  This unlikely pair of “Lovers” got along so well that people compared them to a house on fire, because they were always up to some form of mischief and merriment seeking to find laughter and happiness for little Winston’s penchant and melancholy mood. And thus Winnie & Woom, spent together the formative years of Winston Churchill’s childhood, and this unlikely pair was seen everywhere causing mischief and merriment, that certainly allowed for many happy hours of playing in Phoenix Park in Dublin, and also all around the Blenheim Palace, and the beautiful countryside of Oxfordshire, and beyond — when the family returned to old blightey.

His “woom” was his constant companion and confidante, and when they returned home, this reliance on a “trusted comrade” allowed young Winston to take always greater risks fully knowing that the “Woom” was nearby to rescue him, should he fall into scrapes with nature, with animal, or even man, as he was always wont to do — and seldom failed to escape a good steeple chase.

Therefore as he grew up – he always felt that there was an escape hatch that allowed him to escape from any difficult situation that he could have boxed himself into. He even carried this in his polo playing days… and many times he felt that he had to protect the damsel in distress even though his room was ten times bigger than him and ten stone heavier, and stronger…

Yet since Winston was already independent and rebellious by nature, he spent a lot of time outdoors, exploring and gadding about and that caused him to get a poor academic record and in many instances to fail in completing the approved schoolwork. Therefore he was transferred from school to school frequently, and was thus educated at three independent schools: St. George’s School, Ascot, Berkshire; Brunswick School in Hove, near Brighton; and at Harrow School from 17 April 1888 onwards.

It is worth noting that within weeks of his arrival at Harrow, Winston Churchill had joined the Harrow Rifle Corps, and expressly spoke that he will be a great shot to protect his room form all comers. Never mind that the aforementioned ‘Room” could very well protect herself far better than little Winston could ever do — still he turned out to be a remarkably good sharp shooter.




From then on, and for the rest of his Life, Winston always fashioned himself as Saint George, fighting and slaying the Dragons, in order to save the proverbial ‘Damsel in Distress’ awaiting his spirited charge riding fearlessly against the Dragon, on top of his white charger, and spearing the head of the beast…

He did this for the rest of his Life — whether saving Old England, or the Commonwealth, or the Empire, or the whole of Western Civilization — for him it was always this primordial battle of Good versus Evil. And most of the time he managed to save the praying and crying damsel. He fought always hard and saved her. Hell, he even saved her sometimes against her will. As might be said about Antwerp. And perhaps even be said about Greece… after the Communists had overrun the little country.

As an example we observe his frequent changes of focus until he found what he liked best. And thus when young Winston started attending Harrow School, he was listed under the S’s as Spencer Churchill. At that time Winston was a stocky boy with red hair who talked with a stutter and a lisp. Winston did so well in mathematics in his Harrow entrance exam that he was put in the top division for that subject. Yet, in a swift change of the waters, during his first year at Harrow, he was recognized as being the best in his school division for history.

Winston however had entered the school, as the boy with the lowest grades, in the lowest class, and he somehow managed to remain in that position.

Winston never made it into the upper school because he would not study the classics. Although he did poorly in his schoolwork, he grew to love the English language through his reading and writing for his own pleasure – on subjects that would never earn him school credit.

Indeed, young Winston hated Harrow School with all it’s traditions, and peculiar antics.

His mother never visited him there, and thus he resorted to writing long letters begging her either to come to the school, or to allow him to come home. His relationship with his father was completely broken, as we explained above, and thus Randolph, always remained a distant and insignificant influence.

Winston once, in a moment of candor remarked, that they barely spoke to one another. His father died on 24 January 1895, aged 45, leaving Winston Churchill with the conviction that he too would die young, and so he should be quick about making his mark on the world.

He had many near misses from sudden and traumatic death. As an example, at age 18, while visiting his aunt, Lady Wimborne, in Bournemouth, Winston run and slipped and thus fell down from a 30 foot bridge, and hurting himself so bad that he remained unconscious for more than three days and nights, and when he came about, he had a long way towards recovery, and was ordered to stay in bed for more than three months.

But he rallied and managed to once again recover fully.

This pattern of ‘accidents” and near death misses, was to be repeated so many times during his long lifetime that he came to believe that he was indestructible, because he was put upon this earth for a higher purpose, and that a Good God was watching out for him.

So he clamored to take as many risks as he could – undiminished by the fear of death that occupies the minds of mere mortals, at the faintest mention of imminent exposure to injury and death.

And that is how young Winston, came to be regarded as the most courageous young soldier, in all of his campaigns across the five Continents where he was shot at, and where he shot at people, often killing a few at a time – always – with the usual honor and compassion that a non grunge bearing military man reserves for his enemies.

As he said “I never shot a man in anger but nonetheless shot at plenty of them.”

In the day of the Festival of Britain in the summer of 1951, Winston Churchill visited the Dome of Discovery, and was taken up in a lift to a celestial telescope, where he was told, that he could view the outer space. He viewed the sky through the telescope for a few minutes, and then turned around and said: “Please take me down — I am far more interested in what is happening on God’s earth… “

And indeed the earth has had the benefit of Winston Churchill’s attention for almost a century; because he lived to be 90… and the fact is that as a boy he had even heard Mr Gladstone speak. So we might easily say that when Winston was past eighty with the authority of fifty years of Parliamentary experience behind him, with the mantle of Success and Glory wrapped securely around his shoulders, and with an ardour for life as fierce and fresh as ever, he continued to serve Britain in the role of elder statesman, and Ambassador of Goodwill to the World, to Conservative Causes, and towards the Common Wealth.

As his career was not only spectacular for its triumphs but also for the long, intense struggles, before he achieved his ambitions as a young parliamentarian, all the way to becoming his Majesty’s First Minister and the Wartime Prime Minister that successfully executed the Second World War against the Germans and their allies, thus saving the World from the recurrence of the Dark Ages of another Thousand Years.

Yet now through the 50 years removed from his passing, the colours of his “painting the canvas” of his Life are nearly dry, and the painting complete — and they offer a sharp and surprising contrast, because his dazzling gifts were acknowledged from the very first, yet it took him forty years to reach his goal, and it will take us a few hundred more to recognize his genius.

Let’s now talk about Resilience, Courage, and Perseverance….

Because, although Winston Churchill had a reputation for enjoying luxury, few men have devoted their lives more completely to intellectual pursuits, and intense suffering and Herculian labors to achieve their goals and aims in this Life of Service on behalf of others. He has never moved in social circles; idle conversation or aristocratic companionship has never had an appeal for him. As for his humble behavior towards all common men, it must be noted that although he hobnobbed with World Leaders, still throughout his life his closest friends have all been men from humble backgrounds who have made their own way to the top; Lloyd George, ‘F. E.’ Smith, ‘Prof Lindemann and Brendan Bracken, and Lord Beaverbrook. It was Winston Churchill who recommended the last two, now Lord Cherwell and Lord Bracken, for peerages. And let’s not forget that he spend far more time working with his gardener, his stable hand, and his bricklayer at ChartWell than with anyone of his other political or society friends…

Churchill often attended official functions, but he rarely could be persuaded to spend a weekend away from home. He was devoted to his wife, and idolized by his children, and was very much the master of the household. The one thing he always insisted upon was comfort, and his ideas on this subject were based, rigidly, on Victorian standards. On all important occasions and especially when guests were present — delicious food and well trained servants were regarded as an absolutely essential element of hospitality. And if he could help it, he never traveled without a valet, although he often times had the desire and the need to travel solo and incognito. Before the war, he once arrived at Maxine Elliott’s villa in the South of France by himself, and told his hostess with a broad grin: “My dear Maxine, you have no idea how easy it is to travel without a servant. I came here all the way from London alone, and it was quite simple.” Replied Miss Elliott: “Winston, how brave of you”

He was very flexible, and although he liked his schedule and any deviation from his pre-arranged schedule, in the name of other work, or opportune engagements, might have presaged Churchill with a curious cloud — he always rallied to the circumstance, he adjusted, and he ultimately made do, and even on occasion enjoyed himself. For example, Lady Megan daughter of Lloyd George tells the story of a time many years ago when her father Lloyd George and Winston Churchill went on a trip to North Africa together to visit the local Leaders. It was then that a prominent prince of the desert kingdom, gave a large dinner in their honour. The feast was served in the open and the guests sat in a circle on the ground around a huge cauldron of steaming food. There were no forks or knives and everybody was expected to help, himself from the common bowl and to eat with his fingers… Now the Prime Minister, Lloyd George who enjoyed anything out of the ordinary — at once flung himself into the spirit of the occasion. But Winston Churchill sat sullen and silent, glowering, and refusing to make a move of any kind. Some of the guests eyed him nervously, for fear their host would take offence at his sullen mood and especially if he doesn’t join in the dinner celebrations. After some studied hesitation, suddenly Winston relaxed his intent gaze from the proffered heap of food on the giant tray, he rolled up his sleeves, and with a fierce defiance, plunged his right hand into the mountain of rice pilaf growling: “Come on, Megan, to hell with civilization…”

Winston Churchill occasionally played a game of chess, when he wanted to distract himself, and he played tennis for exercise, but it was the game of polo, and his racing horses that held his real interest, and for visual entertainment he loved the theatre and he also had a weakness for romantic or humorous films. During the war he saw the film Lady Hamilton eight times and rewarded the producer, Alexander Korda, with a knighthood. The news of Rudolf Hess’s arrival in Britain is said to have been delivered to him while he was watching the Marx Brothers. Another one of his amusements was singing the old and familiar regimental and popular songs of his day. He always loved the sounds of the Scottish Highland bagpipes, and he had them included in all of his official functions. But he always loved to listen to a concert of them playing for his own private pleasure…

Indeed he loved the Martial music of the Highland bagpipers that have led men to battle since time immemorial.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.41.56 AM


During the last years of his life, he never missed an annual evening visit to Harrow during which all the old school songs were sung with the proper Scottish Highlands bagpipes music accompaniment.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.42.35 AM


However, Winston was always like a child about music, and a change of tune could turn him instantly from one mood to another. A story exists that during the war, his son-in-law Vic Oliver was playing “The Blue Danube” on the piano at Chequers, when Winston Churchill came through the door and slowly began to waltz. Suddenly Oliver jokingly struck the sombre chords of Chopin’s Funeral March. The Prime Minister broke off angrily, and left the room.

Winston Churchill’s recreations were simple enough, because he had derived his real pleasures in life from a great creative output, whether it is building houses, writing books, painting pictures, or making speeches, and leading the nation at war time and at peace time. Foreign Affairs is his thing and the mere thought of his lying-still was anathema to his principles and acute sensibilities. Once he remarked with a twinkle: ‘With all the fascinating things there are to do in the world, some people actually while away their time playing Patience. Just fancy that.’

Indeed very few people will accuse Winston of such a weakness… except that he liked to horse around literally…

It is a great tribute to Democracy that when war came Winston Churchill was clearly and unanimously accepted as the leader of the nation. The antagonisms and the quarrels that he had had with all three political parties, some of them stretching over nearly four decades, were put aside at once. Politicians and public alike recognized that by temperament, application, and genius, he was the one man superbly fitted to command the battle.

Never in history have the people of Britain been so solidly behind a Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill did not fail them.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.57.29 AM


At last the canvas was high and broad enough to work on; at last his brilliant colours were needed to depict the terrible and majestic glow on the horizon. He thrilled the western world to its mission as no other man could have done. The very fact that he saw life in terms of broad events rather than through the individual, which hitherto had been his greatest weakness, now became his greatest strength.

When he spoke of Man, he was thinking of Mankind; and the future of Mankind hung in the balance.

Yet it is good to also remember that Winston Churchill has had to fight for everything he got, because no man has aroused more heated opposition, or been more bitterly hated during his lifetime and beyond… than Winston Churchill.

And although he was one of the great orators of the day — while in politics he lost more elections than any other politician.

And as his career culminated to the leadership of the Conservative Party – we tend to forget that he spent three quarters of his life fighting Conservative Party leaders.

And in turn he was deeply distrusted by each political party whose seats he graced, and whose ideology he befriended — yet he was unanimously entrusted in 1940 with the life of the nation and the unequivocal support of Crown and every last Man standing in the Free World… to be the Knight Saviour of England, the Empire, the Commonwealth of Nations, and indeed the whole of Western Civilization.

And that is exactly what he delivered.

To that end we all owe him a debt of Honour and thus we have to wish him Good luck and Godspeed wherever he is…

Hoping of course that he is working feverishly on our behalf — up in the Heavens above….



To be continued…

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