Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 31, 2018

Summary of the State of the Union speech, by President Donald J. Trump

President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address Tuesday evening, and sacked all the sacred cows out there. He broke all the taboos of Washington establishment politics. Good on him. He rocked the boat and upturned the applecarts of all the petty bureaucrats, the mass media, and their barons… of the deep state establishment.

It was a true revelation that he spoke the blunt truth to all Americans, and to the rest of World as well. Indeed, President Trump alerted us all, that if we thought that the old models of leadership, the old ways of thinking about how America influences the World, the old ways of thinking about how America manages these complex issues that we’re all a part of, and if what we thought we knew and took for granted was good enough — it’s certainly not good enough today.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.15.15 AM

In his speech, whose theme was “a safe, strong, and proud America,” President Donald Trump emphasized the importance of compromise on the major issue of immigration, focusing on results when the Senate meets next week on legislation to protect young, undocumented immigrants from deportation.

He then spoke of Economic and Jobs Security for Americans, and introduced a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill.

He also spoke eloquently about the recent tax cuts, and the resulting strength of the US economy. He focused his National Security part of the speech by addressing the security threat posed by North Korea, promising a “campaign of maximum pressure.”

In his address, President Trump said that the US has entered a “new American moment.”

He added: “There has never been a better time to start living the American dream.”


Dr Churchill


Indeed this is as good a time to be, feel, and behave like an American, as any time in our history.

Thank You Mr President.

Let’s all work hard together now, to Make America Great Again.

God Bless and God Speed.

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