Posted by: Dr Churchill | December 3, 2019

Voting is the POWER you have…

I was reading a friend’s letter and couldn’t but notice his seriousness about the Democratic process and the power that it holds to bring about change…

So here are the words of a friend who cannot take anybody who talks about wanting change in their community but doesn’t vote — seriously…


“Voting is the POWER.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 9.06.31 AM

Too many people are focused on the results of crime while ignoring the causes. Why focus on what the President said or didn’t say. Go lookup your cities Mayor, the City Manager, Commissioners, Judges, any elected officials. Hold them accountable, EVERYDAY. Be consistent.

These are the people crating your neighborhoods. They decide if they want to issue permits to add another liquor store on the corner (RIP Mike Brown). They decide if its “in the budget” to add a park in a lower income neighborhood (RIP Tamir Rice). They decide if they want to send your family member to jail for 5 years for victimless crimes like selling weed or cigarettes (RIP Eric Garner). These elected officials are the ones deciding how much money these schools are receiving and whats in the budget for mental health (Get Well Charles Kinsey).

Gun violence is a direct result of a wave of hopelessness.

Kids just growing up but never being raised. Being ignored more and more and shoved in front of screens instead of books. Many have no identities.

Don’t let the internet raise your kids the same way the streets shouldn’t be raising them.

They will become desensitized and numb to violence and death.

These kids watch everything you do and how you move and mimic you or whoever you let around them.

Get informed. Use the internet to your advantage. Enroll your kids in technology camps to understand how and why computers work and how to code them. Encourage them to think outside the box and promote creativity. Buy them a $10 stock on Robinhood. It’s simple.

School teachers should never be the only qualified teachers in a kids life. I see a lot of people say the news isn’t covering this or that which maybe true but more importantly after you learned this “Untalked about news”, did you share it with the younger generation?

They might act like they aint listening but we know better. Kids are easily influenced. Who is influencing your kids? If you can’t mentor your child help them find one. Give them a purpose for life other than graduating high school. Help them find opportunities.

Giving one kid your attention for 10 minutes could change their lives.”


Dr Churchill


Still looking for the name of this friend who sent me this message that came down the pike and straight into my newsfeed…

Looking for the author in order to acknowledge and thank him/her, for these words of real strong wisdom.

PLMK if it is you.



So let’s all get together in strength and glory so that we can go out and VOTE and finally win one, for the country and for love of Liberty, because only the Independents can sort out the divisions and the bigoted hate rife with dishonor that is playing out the drama between the Dems and the Reps and all their stupid nonsense…

Let’s all vibe together and make our tribe strong…

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 3.08.34 PM

The Lincoln party leads forth with the 13th amendment all over again, only this time we are fighting mental slavery that is so prevalent in our country today…

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