Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 2, 2021

The Plain Truth & Common Sense from an Independent…

Happy New Year friends, and this time around a simple drop of wisdom, plain truth and common sense, for all of you.

This is what my New Year’s resolution is … because I am at the point of NOT giving a “Fvck” about what people think of me, so you can STOP with your private messages right now, and simply learn to love the plain truth of common sense that booms like a bomb in these quiet times…

Mind you — I am NOT left or right, because I’ve grown beyond the Division and Stupidity of the blood sport called Politics of the two big parties and I am a real Independent like my grandfather always were…

And I indeed much like Winston — have also played the two party system for many years, and have come to realize that regardless of labels — we are all ONE — and therefore I have no choice but to speak out and share the plain truth borne out of Common Sense and Love for All and sundry.

Indeed it seems to me that the name of the game our powerful “minders” play today, is the old “Divide & Rule” children’s game of psychopaths and sociopaths, and we are falling for that causing the division of our people, into red and blues.

And this is what I’m disgusted about, because it makes the lightly brained people start attacking each other because apparently — if you have a thought and or opinion outside the “proper narrative” you are quickly labeled and called a nasty name and then quickly vilified and crucified in public.

Yet, you already know that this is gaslighting — and that it is used as a way to STOP critical thinking. And it only serves to stop us from having a healthy conversation. And yet so many of you have written to me … overly concerned over my posts — like I’ve lost my mind.

Look, seriously now — I’ve never wavered on government dictated whole population solitary confinements, on needless lockdowns, on mandatory masked faces, on required vaccines, and on all the government overreach — because I have learned the hard way to question authority.

So please do not act surprised if I am against an overreaching government, against the endless lockdowns and the destruction of all of our people, or that I want to decide what is injected into my body or that of my loved ones.

Sure enough, all of the talking heads of my old party scream all day on TV and internet: “my body my choice” and “believe all women” but for some strange reason this doesn’t apply to vaccines or to my Mother, my daughter, or to any honest person, telling you that their child was injured by a vaccine.

I have watched people I love and respect, post the most hateful things about anyone who questions the narrative … and these are the same people who shame others and tell them to stay home (virtue signaling) and then post on Facebook, all of their photos from Mexico & Hawai, traveling and staying in a mobbed resort town, where having a great big party every night is what all the Gringo guests go over there for.

Yet, we all harken for a bit of Liberty, and we shimmy over South of the border — yet methinks that we must look at the whole picture in our home country, and not just spend our days in the US hiding behind the XL screens of our TVs, and living the sheltered lives of the well heeled few, or bicker in public like the Dallas housewives and the Kardashians — but we must also look deeply into the eyes of the people whose lives are being destroyed with these never-ending lockdowns, and ask their opinion about life too.

Remember lockdowns? You know the two weeks, that turned into ten and then into ten months, and now we are cowering waiting for whenever “they” might want to set us free.

Folks — we are all in Solitary Confinement and waiting like the Concentration camp members of the Jewish tribes of Israel for the gas to be turned on, while we are taking a shower.

Yet, we’ve come to understand that this is what happens when the ones in charge keep moving the goalposts, and when the propaganda consumes the lives of the people.

Now, I am not exactly sure of what happened or how we got here, but I care about the whole of our people and not just about the fat cats and the well to do. And I am really really sad, that the deadly drug overdoses, the suicides, the depression, and all the substance abuse and violence are all up to record levels.

And, if having a heart for the whole gets me labeled in the so many nasty hearts — so be it.

Sure — I think it’s great you are happy to get the Covid vaccine, but your selfies and posts about “we” is not going to change my mind about this vaccine, because I will not be shamed into anything and will not take a vaccine for the team, any more than I would, knowing that I did this with my child and she struggled and suffered mightily because of that, as it contributed to her passing.


Dr CHurchill


As for all else and for your “Game of Division” — you can stuff all of it because once we lose our civil liberties … there is NO turning back.

So, if your Covid vaccine works … you don’t need me to comply to make your immunity system work.

After all, this is not how science works.

Eat healthy, exercise, be energetic and optimistic, take your vitamins, and help your immunity system every day, but don’t expect me to live the same lifestyle as you, or shame you for not following my path … because I will continue to fight for civil liberties and continue to have an open-mind to explore new information and or possibilities.

And please keep in mind that as of — thinking independent, is not yet a crime…

And please remember — when the concentration camp and the solitary confinement of vast lockdowns turns the whole country and the whole world into a vast prison camp — it might too late for you to wake up and ask for freedom.

Love & Peace to All.

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