Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 7, 2021

When has life stopped ?

Be yourself and keep o n moving with the last amount of drama, even though it all seems so pointless…

Yet I want to remind you that in then midst of this disaster of epic proportions that we are threading our way through, in this epidemic — we must always hope for new life to appear and keep this “Hope” burning like a candle in the midst of darkness.

Let us keep the Faith and know that we are living in Grace, because the new dawn of life — unbidden, unseen and yet all powerful, will soon appear.

After all, when has life stopped?


When has a new thing not happened ?

Not ever — in our memory…

And when has it been so difficult to carry on?

Many many times, in our history…

Remember the Holocaust?

As our life comes a halt, or even to an end — there is some distant ray ofnhope.

Because even inside Auschwitz, same as inside all of the death camps, there was already a new life somewhere out there — to carry the struggle.

And that is why the struggle for Justice and Peace is still going on.

Life flows on..

It always continues its inner workings even and especially when we are dead.

Not a single atom stops regenerating inside us or outside of us.

So, let us be a part of this drama of Job’s trials and tribulations, for as long as the Almighty has planned for each one of us, and let’s do this willingly.

So, let us play this game with gratitude — because only then — individually and collectively, we can go back to the source of our soul.

And perhaps go home happily – when it’s our time to go.


Dr Churchill


And let us carry on the struggle happily — if at all possible — because we all need to roll with the punches and learn to carve out a new way of living for the future.

And don’t forget to be brave; because that too shall pass.

So, please be yourself because as Oskar Wilde used to say:

“Everyone else is taken.”

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