Posted by: Dr Churchill | January 29, 2022

Our Land of Liberty, Hope and Dreams, is trashed by our own hand…

Dear Fellow Americans, 

Have you read about President Biden’s Ambassador to the United Nations? 

Have you heard that she is telling her fellow ambassadors from around the world that “white supremacy” is “weaved into America’s founding documents and principles” ? 

Can you imagine being told that America’s glorious founding principle is one of white supremacy? 

Can you even deign to imagine that the principle that “all men are created equal, endowed by God with inalienable rights” even remotely embodies the idea of white supremacy?

Can you imagine being told the same thing about our cherished Constitution, which is responsible for America becoming the freest, most prosperous nation in human history?

Me neither…

Yet, that is what America’s United Nations Ambassador is promoting these days. And her lies are truly reprehensible. 

But even more reprehensible is the fact that so many K-12 and college students in America are being taught this same false narrative.

Too many young Americans are not learning what makes America an exceptional nation and a beacon of liberty for the world. Instead, they learn that our great nation’s history is essentially a history of injustice—that America at its heart has always been racist and is undeserving of respect.

Is it any wonder that so many younger Americans today feel an increasing attraction to socialism and other ideas destructive of liberty? 

Is it any wonder that there is decreasing support among young Americans for basic liberties that past generations have revered and taken for granted? 

Is there any debate that our basic liberties such as freedom of speech are eroded each and every day?

This work is the surest means of defending liberty—which is why we make every online course available free of charge to any citizen wishing to learn. 

Your support is critical to our success. 

As you know, we are directly or even indirectly accepting donations and lobbying support from anyone that is remotely connected to the military industrial complex or to the two main political parties that cause this grave threat of partisanship and thus cause tears in the fabric of our country. And that is why we can remain true to our mission on behalf of independence, liberty, and free will. 

This independence also means that all of our work, especially our national outreach efforts on behalf of liberty, which includes our Senatorial campaign, are entirely dependent on the support of private citizens, like you, who understand the importance of independence, liberty and free will.

So — can I count on you today to help fund the promotion of our Great American Story of Freedom, in this land of hope and dreams to millions of Americans nationwide and thus expand our reach into the U.S. Senate through your efforts with a generous tax-deductible campaign support gift?

Please make your best tax-deductible gift is send over as a campaign contribution here at 

Please proceed using this secure link, at the website because we deeply appreciate your partnership in promoting the kind of intelligent patriotism, that is essential to preserving our Liberal Democracy and our free government as a beacon to the rest of the World, and as a jewell of Free Will in our own national and personal lives.  


Dr Churchill


We are also looking to get a new Fundraising and Campaign Finance Director — so if you know of anyone or you are keen on helping us get the job done– please holler…

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