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SpyGate (Chapter Twenty One)


This book details the evidence and the reasons behind the recently failed Coup D’Etat against the American Democracy.

“This is the most important existential threat that our country has faced since the inception of this Republic” —Dr Churchill

This Book was written by Dr Pano Churchill
Copyright 2018
Chapter Twenty One

“Justice is coming”

The fairly corrupt FBI has now been known to give a pass to all of Hillary Clinton’s associates, friends and colleagues, and did not examine any of their many communications devices.

Apparently the FBI decided to leave them all “unexamined” because the dirty Cops claim that they feared that if they were to search those mobile phones, blackberries, and laptops — far too many crimes would be found…

And obviously, the Deep State couldn’t afford to have that much crime coming out from Hillary and from the DemoRats who have just now come back up to the surface for air…

Now the DOJ report of IG Horrowitz confirms that ex-FBI boss James Comey was committing the same type of email violations as Hillary Clinton. Indeed, the much anticipated report from the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General Horrowitz about the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation was publicly released on Thursday and has given rise to all kinds of justifiable anger against the FBI and it’s top brass trying to topple a popularly elected President.

Thursday’s report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz was, “All killer, and no filler.”

There were so many jaw-dropping moments in there of, “No, wait — FBI employees can’t do that, can they?” that it transformed an actual government report into a veritable page-turner.

Within all of that, some small moments of irony and significance were bound to get lost in the shuffle. It’s perfectly easy to overlook minor gems in the report when you’ve got a new text message from Peter Strzok promising to “stop” Donald Trump and another FBI agent passing on information to Clinton campaign head John Podesta at the same time he was trying to get his son a job with the Clinton campaign.

One of those minor gems, however, comes when you find out why the FBI didn’t investigate the mobiles, the blackberries, the iPhones, the iPads, the laptops and all the other communication & email devices of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle of adjuncts and advisors, and well compensated “friends.”

The FBI didn’t want to investigate any further because apparently they reasoned that there was nothing in either “not crooked” Hillary Clinton’s history or the emails the FBI had already investigated that led them to believe they should search anyone else’s phones or emails.

In other words, the FBI deemed “crooked” Hillary Clinton “clean as a whistle.”

Not a chance.

It’s not that the FBI didn’t have a criminal and were searching for a crime: They knew they had a crime and a criminal, and they even had all the evidence they needed. to put her away for good.

Yet, what was truly needed to do justice, was a non-biased investigative agency with people who were willing to put all the pieces of the puzzle together so the whole picture could be seen in total.

This was not about fear of doing the right thing and uncovering more crimes than what the American people can handle…

It’s about lack of will.

Wherever’s there’s a will, there’s always a way.

The FBI agents never even got Hillary’s computers or hard drives. She had the company that set up her server give the FBI a report that said what she wanted. She then bleach bit and smashed all hard drives and blackberries, and communication devises and cellphones — that she could get her hands on.

Sadly it appears that the IG report is also a white wash of everything. While our government thinks we are really dumb, same as Hillary thinks everyone is a deplorable and despicable person — the rotten to the core FBI knew if they said what really went on in the Clinton-Obama White House and Department of State — a few of us might catch on.

So for the IG, it was much easier to give us a few texts that scream of bias rather than expose Hillary Clinton’s crimes and treasonous affairs at State. Indeed this hag did everything to give the Russians and the Chinese and the North Koreans all of our secrets and then she also flipped us off, for good measure, and now Robert “F-turd” Mueller is putting Manafort in jail for financial crimes committed a dozen years ago when he “shaded” a little, the IRS returns of his business.

Apparently, there are two sets of laws in America.

Yes, sherrie-bob.

Hillary walks off into the forest like Alice in wonderland, with her cronies, while dirty cop Mueller is talking and threatening anyone and everyone that has even been in the same room as President Trump in the past decade looking for a crime, any crime that would put the President in jeopardy.

It is a shame that there is people out there who don’t care that the democrats did all these illegal things that put our nation in jeopardy.

Sheeple and people of leftist corrupt ideology, are so crooked — they feel like the ends justify the means regardless of what the truth and justice might be. There are people who love Obama and hate Trump so much, that they are willing to live under sharia law or are willing to give up jobs and money to punish the honest truthful Americans who support the President.

I’m not sure why is that, but I see it everywhere.

What is that causes people to be blind as to what is good and bad, is what Jesus said that folks he wants to “lose” will call good evil, and evil good, and we are seeing that with our own eyes now. We need to pray that we put patriots into congress and Senate, and thus get rid of these evil doers and the demorats and rinos in November lest they destroy this Republic.

The desire for power, the lust for wealth, the hate of self and country, turns the head & heart of many leftist Democratic people. But what I find hard to understand is when the evidence points to the guilt of the parties involved, there is enough hate towards the President that they would rather support the corrupt side than to stand up for the truth.

Hence seeing evil as good & good as evil.

Finally, this IG report proves that the FBI has become an organization that is ignoring/breaking the law rather than enforcing it. The FBI needs to be dismantled and replaced. They cannot seriously be charged any longer with upholding the law – they have broken it themselves. They swallowed the Obama Koolaid and the Clinton come, and they are all now wearing the blue dress like Monica Lewinski.

Methinks we should replace everyone at the FBI above the rank of janitor, because these agents and managers there and their lawyers are all fragile in the head snowflakes that believe there is a special set of laws, called a “Permanent Free Pass” for Hillary Clinton, and the DemoRats, and another harsh and unwieldy for everybody else.

Sad eh…

It’s so sad methinks I’ll have a decent cry to wet my liberal eyes. Not. I’d rather grab my patriot weapons ands start organizing militias to fight against totalitarian rule of the Deep State and the Secret Security agencies.

But why are you crying?

It’s the to rally and revolt…

Of course you’re right to be sad, but this is not the time for defeatism, and I bid you not to be disappointed by this IG report – or even by Comey’s, or Hillary’s comments, and don’t you dare think they will get away with all that in the end, because there’s something called the law of nature, and nature’s laws are strictly enforced: “Everything depends on everything else.”

That’s where the saying “What goes around comes around” comes from.

While we should not wish anyone any ugliness, there is punishment for any crime. People do to themselves what they don’t want anyone else to do them. Clinton, for example, is out peddling books today, drunk and angry, and is a totally irrelevant old hag signing copies inside Costco next to the meat locker…

Serves her right.

And there’s more to come for her.

She will enter the meat locker called Federal penitentiary.

Comey has been deemed “incompetent.”

Just imagine what that word means to a man: Useless, untrustworthy, disloyal and so on.

I know what you’re thinking…

Who is the Russian Agent now?

Who is the person that exposed all of our National Security secrets to the KGB, to the NKVD, or to the FSB, or to any number of the other signals intelligence agencies our enemies have deployed against us?

he answer is simple: Hillary.

That is who the Russian agent is…

Hillary the songbird with the open server in the bathroom.


Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 11.00.41 AM

She gave it all away by sheer stupidity, and elementary school criminality.

That’s the alcoholic mind at work.

Apparently she still uses Blackberries, because she still thinks that they are secure and because the government was amongst the last users of this superannuated mobile platform, but given Clinton’s tendency toward antiquated technology, I’m surprised her office computer wasn’t a Commodore, or a Sinclair.

One can only imagine Hillary screaming through her door: “Huma! Can you help me for a sec? My 2400 baud modem isn’t connecting to State Department system.”

Also the FBI didn’t check the email devices of Clinton’s inner circle, and none of the mobile phones of all the other people around her…

Why on earth wouldn’t they do that, especially since her circle of supporters were most likely interacting with Hillary , her mobile devices and with her server, with great frequency — if, in fact, their email accounts weren’t placed on the bathroom Russian server in the first place.

The rationale the IG report gave — or one particular part of it, at least for the FBI’s omission to examine other devices — is pure gold as seen here: “We found that the FBI team and the prosecutors decided together to generally limit the devices they sought to those that either belonged to Clinton or were used to back-up or cull Clinton’s emails.”

This is what the IG report states on page 153: “The team provided, among others, the following reasons for placing this limitation on the scope of the investigation: (1) the culture of mishandling classified information at the State Department which made the quantity of potential sources of evidence particularly vast; (2) the belief that Clinton’s own devices and the laptops used to cull her emails were the most likely places to find the complete collection of her emails from her tenure as Secretary of State; and (3) the belief that the State Department was the better entity to conduct a ‘spill investigation.’”

Now, leaving behind the part about “belief that the State Department was the better entity to conduct a ‘spill investigation’” let’s move on. Nothing to see here…

But why is it that when it comes to the Obama administration and its tendrils, everyone assumes that there’s absolutely no conflict of interest in letting an entity investigate itself?

Isn’t that why the Carter administration signed the legislation establishing the office of the inspector general in the first place?

The point that is highlighted here, should tell you everything you need to know about the Obama-Clinton era White House & State Department — and, in particular, the crooked political officials that hung around Hillary Clinton.

Put another way, the FBI agents thought that they might find so much classified information on unauthorized devices, servers and systems, that they would become lost in the maze.

Horowitz, in what can only be described as a generous admonition, counters by noting ‘that this excuse fails to acknowledge that the team was not required to take an all-or-nothing approach. For example, a middle ground existed where those devices belonging to Clinton’s three top aides — which the team determined accounted for approximately 68 percent of Clinton’s email exchanges — would have been reviewed, but devices belonging to other State Department employees would not.’”

A very generous admonition, this. Methinks that you’ll agree, that is the case…

A culture of laxity at the State Department is hardly a surprise. I mean, what do you think started this whole mess? But the tacit admission that the FBI’s search of Classified materials, would simply find too many crimes committed by Team Clinton on other devices, ought to be a wake-up call of dramatic proportions.

In other words, it wasn’t just Hillary Clinton being a doddering old lady, a drunk hag, a lush semi-functioning alcoholic, claiming that she didn’t know what a (C) in parentheses meant.

It means “Classified” in case you were wondering.

It was a whole army of people around her who were almost certainly breaking the law by mishandling classified information. The IG report admits as such, even as it notes that those tasked with conducting an independent investigation didn’t out of fear of finding people around Clinton guilty.

This fact alone ought to be reason to fire every person involved with the investigation, up to and including James Comey. I think Trump may have gotten there already…

However, there’s a more important thing to take away from this abdication of responsibility, and it goes to media narrative that stinks to high heaven…

The general media take-away from the IG report is that that it didn’t make either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump look bad. This is in spite of the fact that nearly everything we’ve seen from this has been irregularities involving Clinton and/or her campaign. Yet they don’t even report that the IG report notes the FBI refused to look into Hillary Clinton’s friends’ devices because they thought they’d find worse crimes in there.

On the other hand, it does raise the question: If the FBI won’t touch it out of fear it’s too much for them to handle, how bad could the violations of the Hillary Clinton circle be?

Now we know that the Democratic Party, helped build our system of inverted totalitarianism, but their willingness to break the rules and flout the law is legendary.

It is not sheer stupidity on their part but perceived bravado, since she was held up by many on the left as the savior Madame President.

Yet this was the same party that steadfastly refused to address the social inequality that led to the selection of herself at the Democratic convention and the insurgency by Bernie Sanders, who saw the primaries being totally rigged and stolen by his alcoholic hag opponent.

The Hillary camp of remoaners, is deaf, dumb and blind to the very real economic suffering that plagues over half the country, and the flyover Heartland.

It will not fight to pay workers a living wage.

It will not defy the pharmaceutical and insurance industries to provide Medicare for all.

It will not curb the voracious appetite of the military that is disemboweling the country and promoting the prosecution of futile and costly foreign wars.

It will not restore our lost civil liberties, including the right to privacy, freedom from government surveillance, and due process.

It will not get corporate and dark money out of politics. It will not demilitarize our police and reform a prison system that has 25 percent of the world’s prisoners although the United States has only 5 percent of the world’s population.

It plays to the margins, especially in election seasons, refusing to address substantive political and social problems and instead focusing on narrow cultural issues like gay rights, abortion and gun control in our peculiar species of anti-politics.

In an open and democratic political process, one not dominated by party elites and corporate money, these people would not hold political power. They know this. They would rather implode the entire system than give up their positions of privilege.

This is a doomed tactic, but one that is understandable. The leadership of the party, the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, are creations of corporate America. In an open and democratic political process, one not dominated by party elites and corporate money, these people would not hold political power.

They know this, quite well, but they would rather implode the entire system than give up their positions of privilege. And that, I fear, is what will happen. The idea that the Democratic Party is in any way a bulwark against despotism defies the last three decades of its political activity.

Indeed, the Democratic party is the very guarantor of despotism.

Trump has tapped into the hatred that huge segments of the American public have for a political and economic system that has betrayed them.

He may be a bit of a narcissist, but he loves the simple American people and the folks all around the country love him too. And of course they like him even more when he adeptly ridicules the system they despise. His taunts directed at government agencies, the deep state, the crooked Hillary and the nut job Comey, along with the corrupt FBI establishment, and the established Globalist elites — fully resonate with people for whom these agencies, laws and elites have become hostile forces.

And for many who see no shift in the political landscape to alleviate their suffering, Trump’s invective are at least cathartic.

The Democrats choose their allies and appointees based on their personal loyalty and fawning obsequiousness to Hillary Clinton. And promptly, she will sell anyone out. She is corrupt, amassing money for herself as she made $25 Billion from her Washington, D.C. gig as Secretary of State alone.

She dismantled government institutions that once provided some regulation and oversight. She is an enemy of the open & democratic society. This makes her dangerous. Her turbocharged assault on the last vestiges of democratic institutions and norms means there will soon be nothing, even in name, to protect us from corporate bankster totalitarianism.

But the warnings from the architects of our democracy against creeping fascism, are risible. People like MAdelein Albright and other academic pundits, show how disconnected the elites have become from the zeitgeist of the ordinary American people.

Because today, none of these elites have any credibility left. They built the edifice of lies, deceit and corporate pillage that made their election rigging against Bernie and against Trump, and the witch hunt by the dirty cabal of the FBI against the President possible…

And the more they now attack President Trump and he counterattacks them with his dementing tweets that cause DTS to all leftists and DemoRats, he takes these elites to the toilet and makes them drink “brown rain water” straight from the hopper-pooper bowl. And the more the elites cry out like Cassandras, Russia-Russia-Russia, the more Trump savages their disastrous kleptocracy pillaging the country as it swiftly disintegrated under the Obama-Clinton rule.

Today, the country refuses to critique or investigate the abuses by governmental & corporate power — a corrupt practice which has destroyed our democracy and economy, and orchestrated the largest transfer of wealth in American history.

The press is one of the principal pillars of Hillary’s despotism. It chatters endlessly like 17th-century courtiers at the court of Versailles about the foibles of the monarch while the peasants lack bread. It drones on and on and on about empty topics such as Russian meddling and a payoff to a porn actress that have nothing to do with the daily hell that, for many, defines life in America.

The corporate press is a decayed relic that, in exchange for money and access, committed cultural suicide. And when Trump attacks it over “fake news,” he expresses, once again, the deep hatred of all those the press ignores. The press worships the idol of Mammon as slavishly as Trump does. It loves the reality-show presidency. The press, especially the cable news shows, keeps the lights on and the cameras rolling so viewers will be glued to a 21st-century version of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” It is good for ratings. It is good for profits. But it accelerates the decline.

All this will soon be compounded by financial collapse. Wall Street banks have been handed $16 trillion in bailouts and other subsidies by the Federal Reserve and Congress at nearly zero percent interest since the 2008 financial collapse. They have used this money, as well as the money saved through the huge tax cuts imposed last year, to buy back their own stock, raising the compensation and bonuses of their managers and thrusting the society deeper into untenable debt peonage.

Sheldon Adelson’s casino operations alone got a $670 million tax break under the 2017 legislation. The ratio of CEO to worker pay now averages 339 to 1, with the highest gap approaching 5,000 to 1. This circular use of money to make and hoard money is what Karl Marx called “fictitious capital.” The steady increase in public debt, corporate debt, credit card debt and student loan debt will ultimately lead, as Nomi Prins writes, to “a tipping point—when money coming in to furnish that debt, or available to borrow, simply won’t cover the interest payments. Then debt bubbles will pop, beginning with higher yielding bonds.”

An economy reliant on debt for its growth causes our interest rate to jump to 28 percent when we are late on a credit card payment. It is why our wages are stagnant or have declined in real terms—if we earned a sustainable income we would not have to borrow money to survive. It is why a university education, houses, medical bills and utilities cost so much. The system is designed so we can never free ourselves from debt.

However, the next financial crash, as Prins points out in her book “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,” won’t be like the last one. This is because, as she says, “there is no Plan B.” Interest rates can’t go any lower. There has been no growth in the real economy. The next time, there will be no way out. Once the economy crashes and the rage across the country explodes into a firestorm, the political freaks will appear, ones that will make Trump look sagacious and benign.

And so, to quote Vladimir Lenin, what must be done?

We must invest our energy in building parallel, popular institutions to protect ourselves and to pit power against power. These parallel institutions, including unions, community development organizations, local currencies, alternative political parties and food cooperatives, will have to be constructed town by town. The elites in a time of distress will retreat to their gated compounds and leave us to fend for ourselves. Basic services, from garbage collection to public transportation, food distribution and health care, will collapse. Massive unemployment and underemployment, triggering social unrest, will be dealt with not through government job creation but the brutality of militarized police and a complete suspension of civil liberties. Critics of the system, already pushed to the margins, will be silenced and attacked as enemies of the state. The last vestiges of labor unions will be targeted for abolition, a process that will soon be accelerated given the expected ruling in a case before the Supreme Court that will cripple the ability of public-sector unions to represent workers. The dollar will stop being the world’s reserve currency, causing a steep devaluation.

Banks will close.

Global warming will extract heavier and heavier costs, especially on the coastal populations, farming and the infrastructure, costs that the depleted state will be unable to address.

The corporate press, like the ruling elites, will go from burlesque to absurdism, its rhetoric so patently fictitious it will, as in all totalitarian states, be unmoored from reality and be just plain old fake news all the time 24/7/365.

The media outlets all sound as fatuous as the Clinton Global Initiative press releases, and soon enough will develop a Double Speak worthy of Orwell’s 1984.

And, meanwhile the little children will die in the streets of Haiti as they are now not able to be exported as fresh meat for pedophiles all around the DC sick DemoRat world of Podesta, Weiner, Billy the Goat, Epstein, and all the other pizza gate or no pizza gate, pesos out there who thought the federal government was a giant piñata filled up with glorious sex, treasure cash, and pirate loot, for their pleasure to swing at it and get their fill…


Dr Churchill


It is impossible for any doomed population to grasp how fragile the decayed financial, social and political system is on the eve of implosion.

Yet, all the harbingers of a coming collapse were visible during the Obama-Clinton imperial presidency and nobody batted an eyelid about it.

Because the DemoRats had pedophilia on their mind and not governing.

Only now President Trump attends to our terrible problems bedeviling our society, such as the crumbling infrastructure; the chronic underemployment and unemployment; the indiscriminate use of lethal force by police; political paralysis and stagnation; an economy built on the scaffolding of debt; nihilistic mass shootings in schools, universities, workplaces, malls, concert venues and movie theaters; opioid overdoses that kill some 64,000 people a year; an epidemic of suicides; unsustainable military expansion; gambling as a desperate tool of economic development and government revenue; the capture of power by a tiny, corrupt clique; censorship; the physical diminishing of public institutions ranging from schools and libraries to courts and medical facilities; the incessant bombardment by electronic hallucinations to divert us from the depressing sight that has become America and keep us trapped in illusions.

Yet, we thank God that Trump is our President now, because we have already suffered all the indignities and the usual pathologies of impending death — and yet we are now coming up alive the other end…

Oh Lord, thank you for the bullet we dodged by sending Hillary to the outhouse instead of the White House.

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