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Goals, Forward Thinking, and Ethics, make your Life a Success story, more than anything else…

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

–Winston Churchill

My Grandfathers’ thoughts are really clear on the subject here — whereas my thoughts are a bit metaphysical, metaphorical and rather MetaRenaissance, and so my advocacy includes a pean to today’s needs, ideations, and manifestations, such as the essence of Survival of yourself, your family, your community and by extension the species as a whole.

“Success is Serendipity, in escaping from defeat, debacle, and even death, with gentleness, gusto, and gratefulness, in order to live another day and fight another battle for the future of Humanity.”

–Dr Churchill

Indeed there are zillions of Opportunities are all around us, but it is only when effort, fortitude and good fortune, or sheer luck meets preparedness, that we’re able to seize them, provided that we are equally prepared to meet the challenges along the way:

Yet, in my humble opinion — attitude is the key to achieving success in all areas of our life:

1. Positive mindset helps us stay motivated, optimistic, and resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.

2. Perseverance allows us persist through difficult times and overcome obstacles to achieve our goals.

3. Self-belief gives us the confidence we need to pursue our dreams and take risks.

4. Flexibility helps us navigate changing circumstances and adjust our plans as needed to stay on track towards our goals.

5. Practicing gratitude and appreciating the progress made inspires and energizes us throughout the path to success.

Five easy pieces to make Success your own MO and your own Friend going forward…

Do this because, actually, it always seems that the right opportunity will knock on our door when we have internalized the empirical attitude and thus are already prepared to answer the call of Opportunity waiting in our front doorstep.

Just open the door and start the dialogue…

So, once we answer the call — here are five ways we can prepare ourselves for success and harvest the fruits of our labours:

1. Set specific goals: Define our goals in every area of our life, personal and professional. Make them specific, measurable, and achievable.

2. Develop a plan: Once we have a clear set of goals, create a plan that will help us achieve them. Break down the tasks into smaller, manageable steps, and regularly evaluate our progress.

3. Build a strong network: Connect with people who can support and motivate us on our journey towards success. Surround ourselves with positive and like-minded individuals who can offer valuable guidance and advice.

4. Continuously learn and improve: To achieve success, we need to have the knowledge and skills required to take the right steps. Invest time in learning and upgrading our skillset to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Maintain a positive mindset: Stay positive and believe in ourselves , even when faced with challenges or setbacks. Celebrate our successes, no matter how small, and use them as motivation to keep moving forward.

6. Blend these practical active values, with the most important ethical qualities of your Life, and Victory will surely follow as your Success is guaranteed through your persistence in building a Life worth living.

Yet a dozen things is what I promised you, and that is why you ought to marry the six action items above with the six preambles to complete your package of a dozen simple things to make your life peachy, sexy, happy and rather enjoyable like a popsicle in the summer heat.

So do take the plunge into the ice cool waters and chill our a bit in order to enjoy the coming ice cone.

And in such a simple way you live, because a Life of Purpose is built upon these six little things, we shall call the six (6) Ethics of a decent Life that you ought to adhere to, if you wish to be the special Light in the world that words cannot describe but people feel it in your presence always:

  1. Before you Pray – Believe
  2. Before you Speak – Listen
  3. Before you Spend – Earn
  4. Before you Write – Think
  5. Before you Quit – Try
  6. Before you Die – Live

“Ethics: That one word in itself is profound as it governs our behavior and decision-making. Ethics are the very foundation of human interactions, enabling us to connect harmoniously, because Ethical behavior not only fosters personal growth and development but it also enables us to evolve forward in our own contribution to Civilization, Balance & Harmony. And since by maintaining these ethical values, we not only create our world, but also, the world around us — we can endow our people, our family, our friends and even the next generations, with our own qualities that supersede nature’s selection process.” 

–Dr Churchill

Or as other Great Thinkers have said before me:

“Critics Dialogues is a Guide for a Life Well Lived.”


“An ethic isn’t a fact you can look up. It’s a way of thinking.”

–Theodore Sturgeon

“Your attitude is either the lock on or key to your door of success.”

–Denis Waitley


Dr Churchill


Goals, Forward Thinking, and Ethics, make your Life a Success story, more than anything else…


Critics Dialogues by Plato about the Socratic Ethics:

“Ethics is the ability to recognize and impose upon ourselves the limits of what we speak, what we do , what we advise, advocate, and what is the right thing to do versus the possible thing to do.”

–Dr Churchill

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